Fukushima Daiichi worker dies — Had been preparing cover for Unit No. 3

Published: March 1st, 2013 at 2:31 pm ET


Title: Status of TEPCO’s Nuclear Power Stations after the Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake
Source: TEPCO : Press Release
Date: February 28, 2013

At around 9:20 AM on February 25, at the material storage of cooperative company in Hirono Town, Fukushima Prefecture, a cooperative company worker who was engaged in the preparation for cover installation on Unit 3 Reactor Building reported being sick. The worker was transported to the medical clinic in J-Village. As cardiopulmonary arrest was confirmed at the clinic, an ambulance was called at 9:35 AM. After cardiac massage was performed, the worker’s pulse was recovered at 9:54 AM. At 10:10 AM, the worker was transported to Iwaki Kyoritsu Hospital by ambulance. Later, we received an announcement from the main contractor that he was pronounced dead by a doctor at 11:32 PM on February 27.

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Published: March 1st, 2013 at 2:31 pm ET


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21 comments to Fukushima Daiichi worker dies — Had been preparing cover for Unit No. 3

  • weeman

    And another one inhaled radioactive dust
    And another ones gone
    Another one gone for good

  • tjharleycjmp

    and radioactive cesium directly damages the…..


  • nedlifromvermont

    … time to send in Superhero Jeff Immelt of General Electric to do the dirty work … surely all his money and power make him immune to the nasty radiation his company insists on making money from … heck he can get there on his own corporate jet …

    Memo to Jeff: they were never safe! That's why we're not allowed to talk about safety issues. (Good One) The US Insurance Industry figured this out in the fifties, while you and I were still in diapers …

    also, Mr. Immelt, Sir, they were never cheap, and your company's efforts to market an inexpensive one, the Mark One series, which blow up quickly, was unintelligent on its face …

    also, Mr. Mass Murderer, nuclear power for electricity was never necessary to power the economy of any present or future. Cold, hard fact.

    You might have noticed GE's move away from nuclear power, lately, … why not give us a clean break, and start the clean up and tear down, while we still can?

    Save your soul, if there's anything left.

    Stranded, coastal nuclear power plant islands, anyone??? Can you say, "Stupid?"

    peace …

  • Anthony Anthony

    Its been almost a person every three days as of late. I know they are likely considered unrelated and coincidental but as an industry, Workers Comp wont see it as unrelated, necessarily and they will be theoretically taxed higher now as an industry. The deaths have a damning business financial effect.

  • Sickputer

    Must have been the summer heat induced the heart attack. Oh wait…it's like 48 degrees there…


    (Yamashita! I need another excuse!)

  • skizexq skizexq

    So let's just have some more fine "tuna"-fish sandwiches and foget aboud 't (sic).
    Eat more sushi, from Japan.
    It is good for you.

  • 3 big earthquakes on Kamchatka coinciding with the Full Moon – the perigee, eclipses and equinox still to come…
    I can't make my mind up about whether it's another nail in the sinking of Honshu, or an oppurtunity for the plate to frre itself up Northwards. More to come, by the looks of Infra Red..

  • RADS

    It's too bad these people are dying in VAIN. 2 years and no progress, and there never will be any.

  • We Not They Finally

    Untimely deaths from heart attacks amongst the young (even children) became commonplace at Chernobyl. Cesium destroys the heart muscle, and there are lethal doses of cesium all over the Fukushima area and as far south as Tokyo. But the general population (I mean everywhere) needs to know that cesium displaces potassium in the body, so fortifying the body with potassium helps. Carrots, bananas, potatoes, bee pollen, all good sources. Of course that food may be radioactive, but we all have to eat, so still best to fortify the body with minerals.

  • ion jean ion jean

    It saddens me very time I think of a family member who died of heart failure that the real cause was a combination of Cs137 and nutritionless 20th c. corporate food products.

    We in N America were Nuked Bad by our own government…the ONLY way to fix ourselves now is a clean organic local diet no msg aspartame or fluoride, adding important herbs like fresh rosemary cilantro oregano adaptogens like Chaga tea or other medicinal mushrooms, ashwaganda, st johns wort to keep your spirits high, Yerba mate and bananas and red wine as the tannins majorly reduce absorption as you are either externally exposed or consuming irradiated food…limit sugar and other white powders, get Plenty of Sleep, use pink salt, bathe in it too! Find Beauty somewhere every day and our bodies will heal ANYTHING at any age (wish my family knew this in time)

  • Yes, we all agree, no one died of 100,000,0000,000,000 Roentgens of exposure to radiation, which would cause instant death.

    That means no one can EVER die of radiation poisoning, because that would mean they would have to be in the middle of an atomic explosion to die of radiation..

    Wrong again! They would not die of radiation, but rather from external forces operating on the molecules of the body, which means natural death from natural causes, not radiation.