Fukushima Daiichi Worker: Nothing can be done except to leak radioactive water! — Honestly feel that we are dumping massive amounts into ocean — Will spread all over world, reaching Hawaii and US soon

Published: May 8th, 2012 at 11:44 pm ET


After The Media Has Gone: Fukushima, Suicide and the Legacy of 3.11
The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol 10, Issue 19, No. 2
By Makiko Segawa
May 7, 2012

Continuous Dumping of Contaminated Water

Possibly angry at this situation, on April 21st a 62-year-old nuclear worker broke the silence on the continued leakage of contaminated water from Fukushima Daiichi. Speaking to me, he requested anonymity for fear of losing his job. He supervises a construction site aimed at building a new facility to extract radioactive materials such as cesium and strontium from the contaminated water used to cool the plant’s crippled reactors. He revealed that the current facility removes only cesium and that other radioactive materials such as strontium cannot be cleaned up.

He expressed astonishment at the scale of the cleanup operation. “You know how much contaminated water is stored at the Fukushima Daiichi site? It is 200,000 tons. It is an enormous amount!” “In reality,” he said, raising his voice, “it is impossible to store that much water on site. So, it is obvious that some of the contaminated water has been leaked into the ocean.”

[…] “Everyone there knows that the amount of water is huge but does not speak about it. Anyone who works there understands that nothing can be done except to leak the water!” he stressed. “Everyone criticizes North Korea for its missiles. But what about Japanese morality? The contamination will spread all over the world, reaching to Kamchatka, Hawaii and the U.S. soon,” he added.

Toward the end of our conversation, he said, “You know, in Japan, there is ‘honne’ (honest feeling) and ‘tatemae’ (polite-face). “Our tatemae is that we are doing our utmost to stop the leakage of contamination, and our honnne is that we are dumping massive amounts of contaminated water into the ocean.” […]

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Published: May 8th, 2012 at 11:44 pm ET


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36 comments to Fukushima Daiichi Worker: Nothing can be done except to leak radioactive water! — Honestly feel that we are dumping massive amounts into ocean — Will spread all over world, reaching Hawaii and US soon

  • We know/knew they were lying !
    I raised these questions many months ago !
    Only one answer, it was being dumped into our life preserver !

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    more lies revealed. Tepco/Japan govt. wants us to eat them and die. Can't wait for the official investigation over this workers complaint. oh!, there wont be one? Gee, I didn't think it was legal to dump highly radioactive waste from NPPs into the ocean. These guys are making it up as they go!

  • Sickputer

    I am going to miss seafood from the oceans, but not as much as the people of East Asia:


    Great document with demographs and ocean charts. This population will be hugely affected by the spread if radiation. Eventually the entire world as all major oceans and seas are interconnected. The nuclear cabal is killing the planet for the continued existence of the human species. We will quickly become an endangered species, and possibly extinct. How long? My guess: less than two centuries or 20 generations.

    • Sickputer,
      Impoverished country's will be told NOTHING !

      REAL SICK !

      • One Tin Soldier – The Legend of Billy Jack

        One Tin Soldier" tells the abstract story of a hidden treasure and two neighboring peoples, the Mountain People and the Valley People. The Valley People are aware of a treasure on the mountain, buried under a stone; they send a message to the Mountain People demanding those riches. When told they can share the treasure, the Valley People instead decided to take it all by force. After killing all the Mountain People, the victors move the stone and find nothing more than a simple message: "Peace on Earth." Ironically, the valley people destroyed the treasure in pursuit of it.


    • omniversling

      There is an active group of 'earthlings' who are fully committed to genetically engineering the human species into a transgenic species with the capacity to 'seed' the rest of the omniverse.

      This sub-species would presumably need to be resistant to radiation, as what's happened on earth over billions of years is that the radiation that was widespread across the planet has been sequestered by bacteria into ore deposits (cyanobacterium that has been identified in the widespread highly radioactive 'black dust' now regularly being found in Japan).

      In conjunction with the formation of our atmosphere which assists in the shielding us from space radiation, life on earth has flourished inside the envelope of our atmosphere relatively free from the mutating effects of radiation. Until we split the atom. Tragic that within this essential atmospheric safezone, we've now introduced the same killer energies that it protected us from.

      We have entered the 'post-evolutionary epoch'. Perhaps the mutants will be the inheritors. What if that was the design inherent in the depopulation agenda.

      Horizontal gene transfer is 'infusing' inorganic traits into human beings. Morgellons Syndrome is one manifestation of this. (For more info see: http://www.youtube.com/user/skizitgesture Caution, this knowledge is distressing and disturbing). The eugenicists are attempting to create cyborg type synthetic lifeforms.

      The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

  • Surely no surprise from any regular visitors to this site!

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Sadly, no, Mark. We all knew instinctively (and I have even wondered if some of the fog and steam at night as seen on the live Fuku webcam was being caused by stealth dumping of said irradiated Strontium water into the ocean next to Fuku?)

      But hearing it from this TEPCO worker here, it nevertheless makes me sick to my stomach.

      My beautiful Pacific Ocean I have loved soooo very much since I was a child, spending hours playing in the water and sand at our local Southern California beaches. My beautiful Pacific, whose refreshing ocean air and soothing sounds of its waves, ever returning to the shore, which brings me so much solace.

      If there is ANY sense left in our governments of the world, NOW is the time for a concerted INTERNATIONAL effort to stem the dumping of this poison into our ocean! What are they waiting for? Another meeting? More red tape? We are talking ECOCIDE here! Killing of the life in our ocean which will have consequences up and down the entire food chain!


      /rant, but not the end of my furor at the paralysis of our governments of the world. 🙁

  • Sickputer

    Make that 10 generations (20 year intervals). iPhone fingers!!

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    70% of oxygen comes from phytoplankton in the ocean.

  • truthseek truthseek

    Discharging directly into the environment on all levels.
    This is not any surprise… Not even worthy as a headline.
    (no offense meant ENENEWS)

    I (many) have long held this to be the case.
    It .only. makes sense, as there is no infrastructure
    to support any fashion of maintainence or
    routine (SAFE) operation.

    There is no established plumbing or power to
    preform tasks on a normal measure.
    Mad Max all the way baby!

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi truthseek, agreed, we knew it happens. Nevertheless I think it's good to dig the story up, as in fact there's no info recently from Tepco about the capacity of the storage tanks.
      Besides, it's always good to see a worker speaking up…

  • Ron

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

    I don't like defeatism or hysteria, it's often annoying and counterproductive. On the other hand it's alarming, man's power to ruin. In the not-to-distant past it would have been impossible for any single thing we did to have a major effect. Nowadays one tiny mistake and the world is ravaged. One tremor of the ground and it's domino time. One push of a button and it's all gone. It's scary when you realize that those in charge of the future are genetically not that much different from chimpanzees (98% identical DNA).

    It's frightening when you realize that there are soulless people in power, whether corporate or political, who are apparently fine with a ruined planet. So what, big deal. They have no love for life other than their own and no particular love for the earth. It's simply about money and control. About the here and now. The future can go get screwed.

  • Our leaders have there hand engaged in the coconut !
    Past post enlighten !

  • howardtlewisiii

    Deqr Japan, can you please tell us who in America provided the supervision for installing the Fukushima nuclear facility? I keep coming up with the Rockefeller/Bush influence from after WWII. These people have shown continuity in creating environmental disasters by intent. The World Trade Center and the Deepwater Horizon oil well were both built to self destruct on command. This would seem crazy unless one had studied the precursors to wars throughout history. My impression is thast the Rockefeller/Bush crowd is a aerious detriment to peace and survival on earth. The three most stupid activities by biped organisms in he history of this planet, and they did all three. Not far down the list is greed and overpopulation.

  • Ron

    I've always had a particular disgust of people who view their fellow man as expendable, implements to be used then discarded. Beetles to be squashed underfoot if need be. Valueless. Automatons. What gives someone the right to make such decisions about others?

    The military is like that. Send ten thousand men to take that hill. Many will die of course and in a year the enemy (by virtue of being from another country) will retake it. Then we'll send another ten thousand and the whole thing starts over again. And the men, following a piece of waving cloth, march dutifully and patriotically to their deaths.

    The nuke, and other destructive industries, thinks that way too. They know full well a certain amount of people will get cancer and die horrible deaths from their product. Lives will be torn apart. But they've learned the art of rationalizing. Anything can be rationalized. These deaths are "acceptable losses" in the interest of the greater cause, that being the prolongation of their particular business (fill in the blank).

    Maybe they imagine that they are good people providing a valuable service. I once heard that a hostage taker in a middle eastern country told his American captive that "no man ever thinks that he is evil".

    I hate cynicism, but it's hard not to be.

  • Urban27

    From the beginning everyone in nuclear safety, knew this is something almost impossible.
    What happens if they dont cool with water, the melted cores will be too hot and melt more and vaporize. The vaporized gases are terrible. But then it will also be so hot that it melts itself deeper.
    Pouring on water keeps the melted fuel cooler, not giving off so much gases, at least not so dangerous gases.
    And that water is of course also terrible contaminated, having been in direct contact with the melted fuel cores.
    So either vaporized fuel gases, or water solution.
    From the beginning it was said about these water cleaning systems they can only take care of cesium, all other isotopes are left in the water. And it was already then said it could only take 50 percent of the cesium.

    • truthseek truthseek

      Urban 27, yes it's like saying / thinking this Mountain Lion is a great pet as long as it never gets of it's cage or loose in the house. This deadly Black Momba snake is great as long as it never gets out of your sight. sheeese!

  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    I read all the reports, especially for cooling and water injection
    I found reports of 10000L / hour up to 23,000 liters / hour.
    If I take the 8 times (8 points for cooling, 4 pools, 4 reactors) multiplied by 24 hours.
    So in the best case 240 000 liters / day
    it is highly enriched in cooling
    and contaminated and, oh ABRAKADABRA, it disappears for the most part
    I dont now the large number of tanks, on the off-road only appreciate
    but only a very small fractional is really what they catch.
    and it is probably also the least contaminated
    which they absorb it's easier and cheaper for them

    without public pressure against it is still very very long stay that way!

    they will not build a dense pool around which could cool it, to reduce the leakage it is cheaper for them
    No Closed Pool around and under this area to catch any
    so ,´in future the float any like today by the way in the P. Ocean …… who have the power who can make what hi want ist like the same all time

  • andii

    Another leak! TEPCO has been tranferring radioactive water from the basement of reactor 2 turbine building to waste water processing building. 09/05/12 @12:45 (noon) someone spotted a spray of water coming out of a burst pipe.
    Surface water measured at 300-400 mcSv/h. TEPCO said, they will check the pipe from now on.

    err, they haven't been checking!? I wonder if it was released on purpose….

  • patriot9878

    Why care everyone just dump your septic waste from your boats and when you drain your oil just drain in the bilge and pump it directly into the water. Just dump toxins from the farm all the containers with deadly toxins just dump them into the water. When you build on water just punp your septic right into the rivers. They tell us to not pollute the water and be careful and then these guys dummp millions of gallons of toxins into the ocean. Then they dump all this nuke waste. Just dump your garbage off your boat into the water. If you have old oil in drums drain into the water. If the water is messed up I don't know how you could clean it.

  • many moons

    There goes TEPCO doing everything they can to save a penny. Every decision they have made has been to save the company money…

    No evcuations
    why….save money!
    Why didn't the Fuku workers have the needed gear to protect themselves…save money
    Why are they dumping whatever they can into the ocean…save money.
    They people are criminals and need to be treated that way.

    If they have a way of containing 1,000 gallons then use the same method to contain 20,000 gallons andso on…THE OCEAN IS NOT AN OPTION>>>IT's NOT TEPCOS PUBLIC TOILET-you can buy containers you can't buy an ocean!!!!!

  • openeye openeye

    IMPORTANT NEWS FOR OUR WELL-BEING: Mike Adams will be interviewing Arnie et al regarding impending / increasing Fukushima radiation dangers to No. Hemisphere when he hosts the Alex Jones show this Friday. Details at http://www.naturalnews.com .

  • Satori

    Kurion Company claims to have removed 8.5 million Curies of radiation from Fukushima water containment areas in first year of operation at Fukushima. CEO says entire USA yearly decontamination for 104 commercial nuclear power generating plants is 500,000 Curies.

    If Kurion's number is accurate, with the size of the Fukushima radioactive water containment pools, the amount of radiation is incredible. No government report confirms these levels, that I know of.

    "We had removed 8.4 million curies in the first year" at Fukushima, said Raymont. Putting that into perspective, the entire U.S. nuclear fleet disposes of 500,000 curies in total, according to the CEO.


  • Anthony Anthony

    I totally respect and understand where this guy is coming from. He is being honest. I can relate to the ‘honne’ (honest feeling) and in a crisis find that the ‘tatemae’ (polite-face) leads to confusion and a rise to anger in me as I just want the truth of things so we can survive this… together.

  • pahldixon pahldixon

    Once again, please please people, look at Carnivora and Bioage Superfood, so as to make your bodies able to withstand existing, and soon to be radically increasing, radioactive particle exposure. You can find links and info at fallout-protection.blogspot.com and oceanradiationremedy.wordpress.com. Biosuperfood successfully helped exposed people and animals around Chernobyl. Carnivora eliminates mutant cells. — Must haves for this new MAD MAX world!

  • RutherfordsGhost

    For an industrialised nation like Japan not to have this cleaned up by now is a sad admission.

  • StillJill StillJill

    pahldixon,…I followed your post yesterday and did some homework.
    The biosuperfood is quite expensive,…way too much for myself,…and some others here I suspect. The carnivora, maybe.

    I shall look into it more,…as I don't want to miss anything that may help. So,…thanks for the nudge.