Fukushima Evacuee: 50% of class with nosebleeds at same time — Immune system problems reported by many families (VIDEO)

Published: March 22nd, 2014 at 5:36 pm ET


Fukushima Evacuee Geoff Read, Public Meeting at the UK’s House of Commons in the UK, Mar. 10, 2014:

At 2:30 in

Geoff Read, Fukushima Evacuee:

Children have been experiencing health effects already. As Paul said, it’s important not to jump to conclusions. But it’s hard to understand why, for example, that a teacher I personally know witnessed 50% of his class with noses bleeding at the same time. And this is a recurring thing that we hear, that children’s noses are bleeding a lot.

There have been respiration problems and immune system problems reported by some teachers and many families. This is coming from lots of different areas.

Watch the meeting at the UK’s House of Commons here

Published: March 22nd, 2014 at 5:36 pm ET


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  • Many of the Japanese decisions to allow people to reenter some locations are based on the ERRONEOUS assumption that all measured radiation will remain external. Most will eventually become internal over time through air, food, and water.

    I have also done a study to show how much worse the internal radiation is, and the answer is 20 times to 112,000 times. Check out my study here, it is a good one.


    • Mack Mack

      Right, and they also say they can move back because health-physicists claim they don't see health effects from radiation-levels under 100 mSv.

      I'm not smart, but I can tell if one number is less than another number.

      And here is some info showing health effects at radiation levels LESS than 100 mSv —>

      * Increases in leukemia in children under 5 years of age who got 1.5 mSv to bone marrow.

      * A dose of 10 mSv to the embryo and fetus causes "a significant and quantifiable increase in the risk of childhood cancer."

      * A Canadian study found a "statistically significant excess cancer incidence and mortality risks for solid cancers” at an average dose of 6.5 mSv

      * An average dose of 34 mSv shows a significant "increase in solid-cancer-related mortality."

      * “a significant excess risk for acute leukemia was seen in individuals who died at younger than 20 years of age and who received bone-marrow doses from 6 to 30 mGy

      * At 40 to 70 mSv, a statistically significant increase in thyroid cancer risk was found


      • Mack Mack

        And here are more studies showing health effects at LESS than 100 mSv:

        * @7.3-21.3 mSv
        heart disease – increase in arterial hypertension risk

        * @8.6 mSv for men and 1.2 mSv for women
        “The study has demonstrated a strong positive association between radiation dose and the risk of Cardiovascular Disease mortality.”

        * @10 mSv = “The excess relative risk for both sexes, estimated to be 3.0% per 10 mSv” "for all cancers combined”

        * @10 mSv
        “All cancer mortality was estimated to increase 4.98%” “per 10-mSv cumulative dose received after age 45 under a 10-year lag, and 7.31%” “per 10-mSv cumulative dose received after age 45 under a 20-year lag”

        * @19 mSv
        “The most comprehensive study of nuclear workers by the IARC, involving 600,000 workers exposed to an average cumulative dose of 19mSv, showed a cancer risk consistent with that of the A-bomb survivors.”

        * @22.5 mSv
        “A mean cumulative dose of 22.5 mSv” = “A significant ERR/Sv was found for myeloid leukaemia.”

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Mack it is staggering when you see precise definitions of exposure and subsequent health consequences, thanks for posting this info.

          • Mack Mack

            You're welcome, NBO. And there is much more info out that showing health effects at radiation-exposure of less than 100 mSv.

            "Less than 100 mSv" is parroted over and over as the amount "health physicists" claim there are no health effects.

            However, Acute or Chronic, health effects do exist at doses LESS than 100mSv.

            • We Not They Finally

              Mack, again thanks for the great data. People can also check out fairewinds.org (Arnie Gundersen) for scientific research on so-called "low dose radiation" YES making people ill, especially children.

              One of the most disturbing recent articles on this website was that apparently, the children of Tokyo, all of them, show low white blood cell counts. That's a precursor to LEUKEMIA.

              Of course, they are supposedly not getting more than "the limit" of 20 msv/year. Well, obviously they are getting way more ANYWAY. (And not that even that is not already way too high for a child.) But every single child there is in danger of leukemia. That's not a manipulated statistic. It's EVERY SINGLE CHILD.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Thanks Stock, your site has a lot of good information.

      • glad you can make use of it, spread the word. visit site that are usually on the Blue pill and give them TRUTH

        stock out

      • atomicistheword

        Guys there is a dullard that is deaf and blind attacking this site on YouTube, not only does he deny the atomic blast and radiation, he claims there is no radiation in the atmosphere. Personally attacking Dana in the crudest of manner. This creation of propaganda claims to be ill with influenza, let's hope that he repents from attacking mother nature and seeking his reward.

        This person goes by the identity Ry Dawson.

        "Responding to some ENEnews tool about Fukushima."

        "The guy was European but still couldn't pronounce TH sad and has
        the name beautiful girl danna but its a man."


      • jec jec

        Now we can go to the ENENEWS webcam blog for March 20th..and see..smoke/emissions plumes erupting from the reactor buildings. Good to have the documentation!! And Nuckelchens videos..of 3/21 area mind blowing…
        March 20, 2014 at 5:37 pm · Reply

        TBS/JNN cam 6:33 JST lots of white smoke. It does not act or look like regular sea mist marine layer fog, rather it seems to erupt from the left and waft heavily to the right of the screen moving fast.
        Big waves are starting too.

        • GQR2

          Jec yeah for sure, there were some big emissions to be seen Nuckelchen's video from that date is intense. Its only from time to time one gets the impression they're seeing the invisible made visible. Its only a matter of time before that plant falls into the sea,sinks right down. Everyday it pops into view is a surprise to me!

    • Wyakin Wyakin

      Stock, et al. Good narrative and links. I’d add the following:

      “[the]fundamental principal of radiotoxicology was perverted when physics was invaded by an army of barbarians unschooled in biology and unwilling to bow or recognize the power of ionizing radiation to alter healthy living systems.” (Zimmerman, 2009)

      In the eyes of the nuclearists who possess egomaniacal antisocial personality disorders, all that matters is the extension of power and the will to achieve domination of nature. They disregard the health of the planet and the sanctity of life. Everyone on the planet has been terrorized by their catastrophic detonations and the multigenerational mutagenic assault on DNA through toxic waste dispersion.

      Mountains of radioactive waste (trash) have been created which are impossible to dispose of or safely contain. The nuclear jokers try to bury, burn, evaporate, dilute, dump, ignore, vitrify, cover, partially filter, etc. their waste. Pathetic efforts that will come nowhere near to actually addressing the length of time needed for nuclear trash to deteriorate to safe radiological levels.

      The unsuspecting unfortunates who work or live in the wake of the nuclearist activities, and any of the rest of the populace exposed to the nuclear biological offense (that’s everyone) are sacrificed without hesitation or remorse.

      • Wyakin Wyakin

        “Bearing testimony of their triumph over the earth, every living creature on the planet pays tribute to their conquerors by carrying within their molecular structure artificial radionuclides created in manmade radioactive infernos and discharges over the earth.” (Zimmerman, 2009)

        Stock’s blog, Mack’s links, and BEIR 7 all have at least one thing in common: demonstration of the use of fraudulent science or gross misrepresenation of the facts by nuclearists to minimize the impacts of ionizing radiation on the populace.

        In the same manner, may we not forget the perversion of environmental science and finance, often from unofficial ambassadors visiting here on ENENEWS from the DOE: "NP is clean, carbon free, and inexpensive.”

        If the statement of the NP industry and its cronies is true, I’d like to see a NP industry check written to the US Treasury for at least $100 Billion USD for the approximate value of US taxpayer subsidized NP indemnification since 1948, and a complete cessation of NP taxpayer subsidies from this day forward.

      • Wyakin, great stuff, so true Ego corrupts

  • 2ndTrumpet

    stock – thanks for posting this info and the info about WIPP on nukepro. You broke it down so that even I could understand it and actually get a grasp on where we are with all this stuff. Really, I/we, the radiation-information challenged people appreciate it. Cheers!

    • De Nada, it took a while to break it down, but I think it is useful, spread the word! visit sites in New Mexico.

      When they revolt, WIPP is toast, when WIPP is toast, nuke is toast.

      • There are at least four other nuclear waste sites that are taking nuclear garbage.

        The one in Texas is an approved class I, II and III waste facility.. They are taking the worst of the worst..

        It is sitting right on top of the largest aquifer in the US..

        • earthsmith earthsmith

          They were told of the aquifer.Tom Smith, an energy and environmental specialist at Public Citizen in Austin TX said " that maps previously showed an aquifer under the site. The maps were more recently redrawn after testing to show the aquifer ending northeast of the site, but testing was done at the Texas Tech University System, where the chancellor, Kent Hance, was once a lobbyist for WCS.
          There is also Harold Simmons
          WCS is owned by Valhi Inc., which was controlled by Mr. Simmons a billionaire investor who was quite chummy with Rick Perry.
          Mr.Simmons passed away in 2013.

        • what are the classes, do you have an article?

          You have great information, but not user friendly format, nor are recent articles easy to find. Just saying….as I plan nukepro migration to WordPress…..

          • earthsmith earthsmith

            I know stock, my apologies but I am limited in my technological capacities due to current finances and having wanted to get off the grid a while back. I hope to do better soon and this old phone does not let me cut and paste without mayhem occurring.
            But that info was from a physical NYT article on January 21, 2014 in the business section. It also talks about what states signed onto the pact.
            Seems they are allowed low level waste and spent fuel also hazardous non-radioactive waste. I still have the article but should be able to be sourced online.
            Texas set up the compact with Vermont and Maine but Maine dropped out after closing it's only reactor…not sure where that waste went….maybe buried near some important waterway knowing the industry but can't say for sure since I have not researched it yet

            • earthsmith earthsmith

              I also have an interesting article about Pantex near Amarillo Texas and it's superfund cleanup. Says there are 12,000 plutonium pits .The soil is contaminated by solvents depleted uranium and traces of plutonium. While the ground water has solvents, remnants of high explosives,chromium and other chemicals and of course it sits right above the Ogallala Aquifer. That article was in a local paper The Daily Reporter…. January 22 2014…www.dailyreporter.com

  • Nick

    Hemoglobin molecules are being targeted by plutonium atoms, replacing iron.

    Coagulation also is dependent on collagen. If those molecules are messed with, then bleeding.

    Our world is rotting.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Endless clean energy for all. Becomes endless horrible toxins for all. Here a belch there a puff, everywhere on Earth the dragons breath of death penetrates deep. Right. Clean energy. Check.

    There be warnings in the wind this Spring for allergies from hell.


    Pollen attracts radionuclides,

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Bedlamies now functioning as health physicists since given a new anti-psychotic drug. IQ's amaze doctors and professors. Now available by simply clicking on this ad. Hurry as stocks are diminishing quickly as those eager to have genius IQ are depleting our stores. First 100 applicants will receive a free bottle with first super mind package. Don't wait or your neighbor will start surprising you with his new found abilities.

    Or, fascism and ignorance are in tight embrace. Keep in mind with 7 billion people on planet earth that means at least 6 billion are spares. Yes, at the level of application it seems rather distressful to see children destroyed in order to benefit the wealthy few. But that is just lack of vision. Or, perhaps that is just the propaganda. Make sure your psychiatric medication has been checked for hypersensitive types who still experience compassion and sympathy. Remember sacrifice is what this world needs most at this time. By filling out form below you can set an example for others. Funeral expenses paid as well as crematorium costs. Be a leader. Pain free demise guaranteed.

  • muffin

    The media will soon say nose bleeds are to be expected every 28 days or so in developing children.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    It's just nosebleed season. Ya know, happens all the time. This is not a public health issue. Nothing to be alarmed about. What's on tv? (sarc)

    • jec jec

      It a simple allergy, you know, an allergy to radiation. "Nothing to see here, move along. Smile…"

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        They will blame it on the ozone or climate change , and while they are at it make a vaccine

  • GQR2

    Its hard to imagine the feeling a teacher must have looking out on the class of kids who are having simultaneous nose bleeds!! Those poor people,poor all of us.
    How does an society ignore that,how does the global cabal get away with this? That much denial is insane. Horror is unfolding.

  • Sheesh, that is just a background nosebleed…probably from the harmless dental xray

    • Joe Ebslap Joe Ebslap

      Are we sure that these people haven't been hitting themselves in the nose with some bananas? Can't rule it out…

      • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

        "Background nosebleed" Bwhahahaha, yep!
        I'm getting ready for terminology like this in the press 😛

        • bo bo

          Pretty soon there will be:
          'natural background cancer'
          'natural background war'
          'natural background debt'
          'natural background unemployment'

          Natural background – EVERYTHING

  • Even when they discuss background at all, be ready to slap them back with how even their background is a lie right out of the gate.

    They pretend background is 6mSv, and really it is less than 2 mSv.


  • chevvvy chev


    write it 100 times on the blackboard, Bart Simpson

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Over 3000 People Cite Severe Nosebleeds & Radiation Type Symptoms in 11 Days.
    Oct 1 2013

    "Takahiro Katsumi has been following an unusual trend on twitter in Japan. People began posting complaints of severe nosebleeds, then the complaints grew and grew with more people every day citing the problem. Many of these also included complaints of nausea, fatigue and other symptoms similar to the run of complaints found among the population in Japan right after the 2011 triple meltdowns. Most of the nosebleeds have been severe with many unable to stop the problem


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Caused by radiation exposure ..and a sign of childhood (also adult) leukemia..

    Childhood Leukemia Symptoms

    "The most common type of leukemia that affects children is acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a severe medical problem marked by excessive lymphoblasts due to white blood cell cancer. The common victims of this particular type of disease are children within the age range of 4 to 12 years old. Factors that may increase the risk of this serious medical problem include genetic disorders, exposure to radiation and cancer therapy"


  • Nick


    My boss got one the other day, a real gusher. He says he gets them frequently, must be the dry air, etc.

    I wrote on another thread about soil issues (litter build-up, etc), but the nosebleeds are another "uptick" that I have noticed.

    The signs are all around us of The Fukushima Experiment.

    • Angela_R

      Nick, "The signs are all around us of The Fukushima Experiment"
      Nick, it not just radiation from Fukushima, radiation is accumulative. The link I am posting below only refers to the Strontium, but there were other radioactive elements.

      Until a week after viewing a documentary about a nuclear test off the Coast of Australia, which was unearthed and posted here on enenews, I had forgotten the series of nose bleeds I had had at that time. We were never told and were unaware of the plume that travelled across our country. At the time I lived in Brisbane which was actually well over a thousand (possibly close to two thousand) miles from where the nuclear tests took place.

      However here is the description, with geiger counter readings, shown for Brisbane. Since viewing this I have heard from a woman whose mother miscarried a deformed fetus. Her doctor remarked at the time that there were others and that they were caused by the tests. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbbSEkyPtkY.
      I suspect, as time went on, they tempered the explosive material used.

      • Angela_R

        sorry, the above link is only Part 1, there are five, each around 9 minutes; the others parts are on the same YouTube page.

  • How Cesium And Strontium 90 Can Kill Children And Adults Fairly Quickly; via @AGreenRoad

    • Socrates

      Very good information! I need some help with the German language in the video but much useful information with references provided by Dr. Goodheart.

      90Sr is coming to the West Coast. Get ready because there appears to be no way to stop it at Fukushima as the cores burn into concrete and mudstone and water transports 90Sr and 134/137Cs into the Pacific Ocean. The currents will bring it across the ocean where it will back up and swirl around on the continental shelf in the Pacific gyrus. The 90Sr will achieve maximum concentrations over the next decade and will persist for 150 years in all probability.

      Children need large amounts of calcium. 90 Sr is a calcium mimic and is taken up into bone and teeth.

  • tsfw tsfw

    Get the children out of there!!!! We must protect the children above anyone else and we must do it now!

    • Socrates

      We need to protect our children on the West Coast. We must resume the Tooth Fairy studies.

      Joseph Mangano will do the studies but requires funding. JFK stopped the madness of above-ground testing when he saw SAT scores falling and children accumulating 90Sr in their teeth.

      Needless to say, we will see sharp increases to and past above-ground testing levels just from Fukushima. We must have testing of discarded baby teeth and testing of milk on an ongoing basis.

      The Diablo Canyon NPP study by Mangano, et al. shows that reactors cause many illnesses without triple meltdowns. Permissible discharges are NOT safe. It is POLITICAL not science.

      Tooth Fairy studies are ongoing in Japan. The government will keep the results secret. Demand better from our government. Demand better for your children.

  • SadieDog

    Fukushima residents allowed to stay at home overnight…

  • jec jec

    The attached video should be viewed with care as it shows what radiation does to animals in a test situation. Very graphic, its animals who suffer with many side effects; how different are humans in this situation?
    Note the comment on fevers..and the fact they are testing with ONE major exposure, not long term..

    While awful to watch this is the first honest demostration, test showing the effects of radiation on mammals and birds. Nasty.

    • Sol Man

      Screw that man! Just how does radiation affect the genome of man?!!
      Let us get past every other living being for the moment, please!
      It is our babies!!!

  • tsfw tsfw

    How modern radiation limits were set by Hiroshima cover up


    Docu Atomic Wounds

  • Homo Insapiens Homo Insapiens

    School children at desks
    Crimson trickling from nostrils
    Hormesis it's not.

    • bo bo

      at last, they look up
      away from their phones
      to keep
      their nose from bleeding

      • GQR2

        Fee u koo s. ?
        (my roomie has been studying Japanese for a couple of years now and had this break through in fluency).
        Talk about turning Japanese..gives it new meaning!
        fuku is gonna become synonymous with bad things vs. good fortune.

        • bo bo

          That letter 'fuku' – if you recognize it is printed on the sleeves that throwaway chopsticks come in for chinese take out in the U.S.

          The letter means good luck… I interprete this connection as being – we're gonna need lots of it soon.

  • Folks I assume many of you would like to eliminate nuclear plants.

    San Onofre is a victory, 2 reactors are shut down (by mismangement and bad parts), Kewaunee, also a victory(unable to compete with 14 cents per kWH retail price of natural gas and solar), Crystal River in Florida, yet another victory (failed repairs)

    How can we make these even bigger victories? By making sure the Corporation absorbs the full costs


    How #$%^$&$%& stupid is this? The management broke the law, did an illegal steam generator changeout, pretending it was like for like remove and replace when it was nothing of the sort, then the poorly designed and built replacements wore out 20 time faster than expected, and it blew up in their faces. And they tried to lie, cover up, and still restart these dangerous old machines with fauls parts that were already degraded.

    Shareholders need to learn….if you invest in nuclear, your financial destiny is riding with the corporation management. If you invest in nuclear and it blows up, you will lose all.

    Nuclear is NOT classic utility investing with safe year over year returns. Nuclear can be safe or cheap to buildin and run, not both. Nuclear will never pay over 2% a year for new plants.

    DO NOT screw the ratepayers!

  • stock,
    hope you saw my links on the wipp thread, do you prefer to pick up things of note here or as comments on nuke pro or via email?
    I am far from the best researcher here, but i do find a truffle now and then that may help destroy this illusion the weapons complex has put out as atoms for peace.
    you can click on my handle here to go to my blog as well.
    trying to scrape up funds for a gmc300 detector.
    wishing everyone a good day seems so,, disingenuous anymore so if somehow I can help make the days of lies come to an end I will be able to say,, i tried.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    If a conscientious and responsible government had evacuated everyone from the area according to a high standard of safety, we would be congratulating the gov.

    If they had placed rats in various places most would consider that prudent as it would be a good opportunity to learn more about the effects of radiation. PETA might object.

    Billionaires like Bill Gates donate huge sums of money to vaccinate children — possibly not as philanthropic as it appears. Billionaires might donate research money if the subjects of a radiation study were humans of various ages.

    If we view the current goings on in Fukushima Prefecture as a vast, long term medical experiment, we might be close to the truth. The USA has often done these unethical studies. The Nazis apparently did them. Governments like to play God.

    To me this makes sense as there is easily enough money here and there to relocate all the people–but certainly the children. So obviously there is a diabolic curiosity to see what will happen. I believe this would be classified as a crime against humanity.

  • http://apnews.myway.com//article/20140323/DACNGTNG0.html

    World leaders gather for Hague nuclear summit

    hypocrisy of the highest order engaged at warp speed.

  • For those who may have missed it, I did a pretty good writeup on WIPP so that the average non-scientific person could understand what is going on there. Send this one to those around you who have resisted taking the time to understand the dilemna we face….which is simply put, get all this radiation under proper management and stop making more of it, or face a nasty extinction.


  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    They want us to be humanitarians. We are their cover. Look! See the kind and charitable Americans. How they smile.

    We should become the chorus. 'Observe how the Beast is destroying weak nations all around the world. What does Fate have in store for these bloodless villains?'

    First we would need to stop being their smiling idiotic cheerleaders. But can we stop our foolish ignorant grins?
    Perhaps destiny will give them what they want and then destroy the whole planet so that their victory is empty.


  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    I am so afraid because when I had lyme , of course before they diagnosed it , I seen 9 specialists and had so much radiation , heart colon X-ray's barium , had a radiation intervention for a grapefruit sized fibroid , all 4 years ago … Then out for three years with the homeless during 311 ..I had pneumonia that they ordered rads to breath .. Now I'm so afraid when I go to hospital they will give me more and think I'm crazy when I say no.. Any suggestions , I'm in boston and have my pick of the best hospitals ..I'm not done with life yet .but if I have learned anything here it's the accumulation of this shit and much more I've endured ..I was hoping for a MRI but as insurance goes I have a fight and will be shown the door .. Pain is in my lower area ..as well as cervical spine .. If anyone wants to email me please help me with suggestions .. Chronic pain sucks when the climate is the way it is and that has to change with the cancers coming .. I'm sorry to go on so but I need too and not minimizing anyone's condition .. ..I'm over

    Report comment
    Sorry off topic I posted there too but need help and suggestions email is rrnicosia@gmail.com

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    I. Seem to be loosing posts ..but I sprout to and am 56 , I just gotta give in and go to a doctor ..but if don't want a cat scam or X-rays anymore ..it's been 4 years since I had them all with the 9 specialists it's chronic lyme but not what I have now that I'm not sure of because it's in my lower abdomen .thank you for your post

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      clamshellernh, ultimately your have to use your best judgment from your past medical experience. I live in Colorado and took a recommendation from my OBGYN who delivered two of my children in Toronto when I moved to Colorado. I went to that doctor and to the University Hospital of the Univ. of Colorado.

      You can ask for recommendations from your 9 specialists. I had heard that the teaching staff of a hospital connected to a university can be more up to date with the latest medical information.

      You can phone the operating room of a hospital and ask for a recommendation from a nurse there. You can check out specific doctors on the internet and get a lot of information on the internet. Only you can decide how to balance traditional and alternative medicine based on your own medical needs. Basically you are going to have to trust someone. I've heard if you participate in the decisions as to the particulars of your own health care you are supposed to do better. Ultimately, it is your life and you are the one who will bear the consequences of medical decisions. So they are yours to make. Just try to get as much information as you can so that you can make the best decision that you can.

      There are lots of books at amazon.com on cancer therapies. I spent about $800. on books for my daughter. I gave her so much information that it was confusing. But she made her decisions and she is still alive and cancer free right now.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        I might have made different decisions, but I'm 73 and at the end of my life and live alone. And she is younger and still living with her husband who supports her and got her all kinds of help both traditional and alternative both in terms of doctors and herbal and supplemental and nutritional advice.

        You want to do the best you can in your circumstances to hopefully have no regrets.

        My daughter's father died of a rare sinus cancer, so she expected to die, but she is still alive.

        All we can do is our best.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        I went thru the nine specialists 8 years ago to only find chronic lyme ..from another doctor .. That did not follow the cdc protocol …all those tests were from docs attempting to fin nod my problem then I got the tumor at 50 that's when I had the radiological intervention , now I am 56 and I have pain and am afraid I got cancer from all the radiation and procedures .. And when I do go in they will think I'm crazy when I say no more radiation tests it's in my lower abdomen .. Maybe the tumor grew back I'm making myself crazy but afraid of the tests so what do I do . And yes we have the best teaching hospitals in boston but that means nothing I have no doctor either but mass health .. I would like to hear of alternatives I can ask for ..an MRI is impossible to get with my insurance . I eat macro and some fish and lacto . I grow my oun sprouts ..and anything else I can right now in the house in winter ..I have peas started and mixed greens that I put on porch when it's 40 or above , also I had a certified org farm for 30 years before nasty divorce .

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Here is a book with different protocols:

          How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day Plastic Comb
          by Bill Henderson (Author), Andrew Scholberg (Author)

          This is free and I watched all these videos:

          I look at recipes here:


          Here is the cancer tutor:

          There are, I understand, 100 different kinds of cancer. And I can’t give recommendations as to what will help a particular person.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            I, myself, used traditional therapy (chemo and surgery) along with my own alternative protocol which I formed from reading many different sources. I used a second medical opinion to refuse some traditional therapies.

            My daughter's physician told here that they have a committee which determines what protocol to follow. She said that every doctor might have a different opinion on what to do. Every doctor knows that cancer is scary and there are many different ways to treat it.

            When I had a skull fracture I refused a cat scan. I told the doctor I would rather die from a skull fracture than die of cancer. They saw me for months (it was a workers' comp injury). I as already totally disabled and as a substitute teacher I can turn down any job offer and can say I'm not available any day and can cancel out any day I don't fell like working or walking to work.

            Anyway, in this particular case, I wasn't interested in having an actual diagnosis of a skull fracture, and it wasn't ever diagnosed as such.

            I wouldn't advise anyone to go it alone, but to receive medical assistance. There are certified, medical physicians who practice alternative medicine.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              (Sorry for the typos). And traditional doctors are very good at diagnosis.

              At my medical center, when I was worried about skin cancer, I went to a doctor from Asia who is a dermatologist. He looked at my hair for a long time before telling me that I didn't have cancer. I went to him from a recommendation from my insurance agent. Also he practices at the medical center I've gone to since 1968 in Boulder, CO.

        • zogerke zogerke

          clamshell, don't know if this is useful, i worked with an immunologist who had me keep an OCD ish food diary and symptom diary. we figured out which foods were triggering my inflammation. when i control my inflammation, which is an auto immune response, my pain is manageable. for me it is glutens/ soy/ dairy. i hope you find someone you feel comfortable with to help you through the health labyrinth.

          anne, i never knew that angle on rice versus millet, thank you, i will be exploring that.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            I can't eat gluten at all. I read that they have hybridized the wheat so much that many people now can't eat gluten even if it is organically grown. I'm sure the GMOs haven't helped and I read that pesticides are also a factor in people not being able to eat gluten.

            The bit about rice and parasites I read from Hulda Clark.

            I do eat some rice now because I get it free at the food bank and need to work more to earn enough money to stick to my strict diet. But I turn down anything with any animal products or gluten at the food bank and they help me with that.

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              It's more the GMOS hybrids have been around for thousands and thousand of years look at the American Indians and corn , as I was attempting self diagnosis I also thought gluten and wheat , seems to be a big thing now and GMOS have been around for decades … They also can destroy all life , that's why I say let's join with them ..they are big and now the report from chernoble with things not decomposing ..we are in for a shit storm with compost as well as plants not growing to bear fruit …we need to start studies ..it's on my list to talk to Harvard university on it .. Also get some grants that they give out like candy ..I can't write for shit but have to put some proposals together , now that I am single again I can. Pursue any and all my passions ..

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    I am also a certified herbalist and homeopathic I make my oun tinctures bla bla bla .. So I have that covered .. I just can't put this off too much more because pain itself is a killer of joy and everything else . Maybe I should just get some heroin and go out with a smile , snarc

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Medical doctors have much better and cheaper pain management than heroin. My daughter had anal cancer, and she opted for radiation and chemo. She no longer has cancer, but she does have severe pain. She is prescribed Oxycontin. She has to see a pain management doctor every month and have blood testing done. She no longer has cat scans because she has been cancer free for several years. She looks really healthy. No doctor is going to let you suffer from pain. Her pain management doctor told her that she uses a smaller dose than most people. And when she had radiation and chemo she didn't need to be hospitalized as most people need to on that protocol. I'm sure it is because she uses supplements and herbs advised by a Naturopathic medical doctor who is in practice with an oncology doctor. I know one of these is Resveratrol. I expect that the Oxycontin will kill her, but that is her choice. She didn't want to become adicted, but she has very severe pain without it. She also goes to a physical therapist who helps her with the muscles and nerves which were damaged by the radiation.

      Her Naturopathic doctor advised intravenous vitamin C, but I think that was too expensive for her. She also took something made from wheat. Of course, you can grow and juice wheatgrass yourself for a lot less money.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        I've grown wheatgrass from spelt which is a non-hybridized ancient grain similar to or a kind of wheat. Right now I'm now growing quinoa indoors which I'm going to try to establish outdoors. I've grown millet outdoors and buckwheat outdoors and indoors in the past. I've grown corn (popcorn) shoots indoors (you just eat it; you don't have to juice it).

        If you can't afford a juicer, you can just chew wheatgrass and spit out what is left over. Or you can use a blender and some water to grind up the wheatgrass.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          “It contains Vitamins A, B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 12; C, E and K. A teaspoon of wheat grass contains around 15mg of Calcium, 8mcg Iodine, 3.5mcg Selenium, 870mcg Iron, 62mcg Zinc, and many other minerals. There are four other special components of wheat grass, which make it particularly valuable. These – not in any particular order – are:
          • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
          • P4D1
          • Muco-polysaccharides
          • Chlorophyll.
          “SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE (SOD), (an anti-cancer factor): There are three enzymes known to have significant anti-oxidant activity. One of these is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), which is present in wheat grass.
          “It has been found that cancerous cells have a deficiency or a complete lack of SOD. So, if you supplement your diet with wheat grass you will almost certainly be helping your body to avoid, or deal with, cancerous conditions. Anti-oxidants have the ability to mop up free radicals and so reduce or avoid cell mutation. Mutation is part of the first stage of cancer formation. Part two continues next week Just what are these ‘anti-oxidants’ we hear so much about these days – such as Superoxide Dismutase? During normal metabolism (i.e. activity of the cells) our body produces waste products with active atoms attached – looking for something to combine with. These are ‘free radicals.’,,,”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          I meant spit out the cellulose which humans can't digest.

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          Heroin is so much cheaper and stronger than anything else , you can get a bag for ten dollars that will last you all day ..I have wheatgrass all over my house and spelt and chi and rye .. I'm a gardener remember , I need a grinder though

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            If you buy drugs off the street, you never know what you are getting. And your addiction will just keep growing. Definitely not a good idea to rely on criminals who only want to make money and have no morals at all. They add chemicals to street drugs to make them even more addictive. And everything off the street is full of toxins such as dioxins, GMOs, and pesticides. Also you can get Aids from needles. You can't get hope or quality of life from heroin. All you can get is severe depression. And if you use heroin, no alternative medicine will prevent or cure cancer.

            I'm very sorry if you are already addicted. Please do not try to sell anyone else on such self-destructive behavior.

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          Thank you as it's been years sines I've been at it and while I'm still making things your comments are somewhat of a refresher course

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Reveersitol I make from Japanese knotweed and sell it , it is great for lyme too , it can backfire on you if you don't know what your doing , jap knotweed grows everywhere you use the root and it's huge and cut it with a skill saw.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        She can do a c flush take 1000 MSG and hour till she gets the runs , that says she's saturated then she needs to taper down . Look up Linus Pauling

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    I have read all the books including everything by michio Kushi , Ralph moss gerson . If you understood macrobiotics you would see a lot of gerson in it . I do not ever want chemo ..but I don't even know if I have cancer ..I have been holing off , I stopped all dairy again and pain has lessened celiac ibs ..tumor again ..pain moves funny I'm reading a book now that I went to the signing on pain a nation of pain by foreman
    What a great read ..do you know in medical school they only get 3hours of pain study …and no less they did not believe that children had pain .. Now perhaps with what this Harvard medical doctor has written they may have to look ..can you imagine esp now with the new cancers arriving from fuku ect..