Fukushima Evacuee: Everyone is worried… there’s no end in sight — Decontamination is impossible — If they’re not careful more people are going to start killing themselves (VIDEO)

Published: July 12th, 2012 at 6:37 pm ET


In Containment: The people of Minamisoma, 15 months after the meltdown – Part 2/5
Director/editor: Ian Thomas Ash
Camera: Ian Thomas Ash/ Koji Fujita
Published on Jul 11, 2012
Published by DocumentingIan

At 3:15 in

Odaka Resident: It’s been over a year so they say radioactive decontamination is impossible.


People are so worried about the future. Everyone is worried. There will be more suicides. There is no end in sight.

I just want the gov’t to start telling the truth. We just don’t know who to believe.

If they’re not careful more people are going to start killing themselves.

Published: July 12th, 2012 at 6:37 pm ET


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34 comments to Fukushima Evacuee: Everyone is worried… there’s no end in sight — Decontamination is impossible — If they’re not careful more people are going to start killing themselves (VIDEO)

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    "People are so worried about the future. Everyone is worried. There will be more suicides."

    Here's one to think about.

    Governor Jerry Brown in California just canceled the Healthy Families insurance program that covered 880,000 children. Most Californians don't have any or adequate health insurance anyway, and a recent national poll said 83% of doctors are thinking of quitting the profession if Obamacare (the US version of national health care) is implemented:


    We know the radiation kills the kids first. So now we are going to have hundreds of thousands, then into the millions worldwide, of kids with rad disease and no insurance or access to adequate medical care.

    At what point, with your child dying of rad disease, do you stop the suffering and give them an orange juice with a bottle's worth of Oxycontin? And who will be in charge of kids like this, where the parents are already gone from rad disease? Will our 'benevolent' government take over the role of child executioner? They've clearly shown a great willingness to kill off the human race already.

    This is a question millions of parents will be facing in the next several years. We adults will have to make the same decisions for ourselves, but it will be an easier decision to make. Not 'easy', but less of a personal torture than deciding when to stop your child's suffering.

    Thank you, GE.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      GE: They Bring Good Things To An End.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Just spoke to someone who runs a school. Adults not children attending. This administrator (San Francisco Bay Area) said lots of the students are telling this administrator they have very serious fatigue. They complete the day's work then go home "and sleep all day."

      I asked if the administrator knew for sure it began after 3/11. I was told yes, that was when it started, and there has been a "huge" increase in the number of people with chronic fatigue.

      According to this administrator, people are being mis-diagnosed with fibromyalgia and any other number of illnesses, but the administrator is sure it is related to Fukushima. And the word used was "huge" increase.

      The the person said he/she (protecting anonymity here) had an increase in fatigue, personally, since 3/11. So I shared some detoxification strategies, and pointed the person to this website.

      This is the first time I've heard lots of people are suffering from fatigue here in Northern California, since 3/11. I think the person I talked with is reliable. Am very concerned. Have noticed if I stop detoxification I also get serious fatigue which disrupts daily activities.

      • SuI33

        God that's heartbreaking. A lot of people are going to start having these symptoms and because of our leaders who work so hard to keep us safe everyday(!!) refusing to disclose the truth on this matter, many of the victims will just be 'wandering in the dark'.

        I'm sure if it happens to enough people and they're all in the same neighborhood they'll (hopefully) be alerted that something's wrong in their environment.

        The most sad thing for me (aside from the apathy of our public servant's who gotta keep that money machine rolling) is the apparent apathy of the people I've tried to talk to about this; even people who live out West. It's like they just don't want to hear it because they think ignorance is bliss. I guess I can sorta understand that if you're an adult and you're only thinking of yourself, but if you have children? Or even nieces and nephews? Don't you owe it to THEM to try and get the truth out?? It's like some people will not listen or take this news seriously until they're hit in the head with a proverbial two by four. But why wait until then? I dont understand it..

      • SuI33

        As for detoxing, I think that's the BEST thing all of us can do for our bodies at this point. Anything that's been proven to pull out toxic garbage from our bodies & boost our immune system, like Betonite clay. I started reading about it long before Fuku because an associate of mine used to live within a few miles of a nuke plant and of course she had all the classic symptoms: Nose bleeds, fatigue, headaches, metallic taste in mouth, painful lymph swelling, etc. As it turns out, her entire neighborhood was experiencing the SAME symptoms. Wonderful stuff this nuclear energy. A lot pickled foods like Kimchi are also great detoxifiers.

        Now I know we're not allowed to talk about religion but I will say I have something of a spiritual background and I believe that raising one's vibration is also an important key in all of this. I won't go into details because I don't want to unintentionally offend, but this article by Dr. Sircus contains some of that idea. Some food for thought.

        "We have to learn about natural detoxification and chelation protocols for ourselves and our children and we have to prepare ourselves spiritually, for it is not going to be a picnic surviving the 21st century.

        The best solution to radiation poisoning, some have said, is to raise the vibrational level of the person higher than the level of the radiation."


    • Max1 Max1

      … Linking to proven conspiracy political sites is a give away.

    • hbjon hbjon

      Often people with debilitating illness and are suffering horribly will contemplate suicide. This is not new. The thousands of untold stories of coping with their new diseases and inscruciating pains will not be told. Instead of the unpleasant details you will hear that the suicide rate has increased x percentage. The fact is, suicide becomes an option when physical pain has reached an unimaginable and unbearable degree. The physical pain of ones brain tissue melting or internal organs shutting down, for instance. Brain melt= stress. However, we will be made to believe sadness was the cause.

    • sadtexan

      I dunno about that 83% figure. The group who produced the data (Doctor Patient Medical Association) is a lobbying firm which exists to defeat the ACA. They are also closely aligned with ALEC. There's a very good chance that data was manipulated to serve a particular message purpose.

      That said, I agree that a) kids are the canaries and b) we have to do *something* to care for them. Unfortunately, we are doing such a poor job of taking care of our people even before the radiation, that an uptick in cancers and circulatory illness is the last thing the US needs right now. We will all suffer as a result.

    • dka

      From Canada or France, the US health care system has been known to be the worst one among all the industrial countries.
      Mostly we think because americans lack education.
      Everywhere in the world, Obama's government reform is praised.
      It is so sad that some americans are ignorant about this.
      But if does anything, it will help many people who will/would suffer from radiation contamination that would not have been helped otherwise. I just thought you might have wanted to know the truth.

      • OT but I want to reply: Intelligent Americans have rejected Obama's health care "reform" because it is a massive grab bag for insurance companies. It has nothing to do with providing quality health care to Americans. This reform will cost me and my husband and additional $10K a year – and we do not live in the US! (Unless an American has residency and/or proof of insurance, overseas Americans will still have to pay for this reform.) Every study (save for the one provided by the US government) has shown that health care costs will increase under Obama care – and it does not cover 15-120% of Americans.

        I will not pay $5K a year for my own insurance, or $100K in 20 years so I can subsidize someone's Type 2 Diabetes treatment because their diet was limited to HFCS and MSG. Why do I have to pay for IVF treatment for an infertile woman? Why must I pay more to cover the emphysema treatments for a smoker? The only way to control health care costs is to make people responsible for their health. Then doctors would be forced to heal instead of suggesting $20K in useless tests to pass on to the insurance company. Europeans pay less because in the US we pay more. The Canadian pays $5 for birth control. The manufacturer charges the US dr/hospital/ins co $10 for the same pill. There are no limits to the amount ins comps can bill the US government. Ins companies wil profit heavily from Obamacare. Why should I have to subsidize insurance profits, too?

        • dka

          10,000$ a year? What is your income?
          US is becoming the mexico or the brazil of North America.
          Wake up!

        • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

          Kelly: Obama has succeeded in getting a health care bill into established law, something that every advanced nation in the world did long ago. Repeal fantasies aside (never gonna happen), this is a good start towards Medicare For Everybody.

          On the great insurance company money grab, Kelly, we agree. I look at it this way: Suppose the cost of health care is roughly 1/3 doctors and hospitals, 1/3 pharmaceuticals, and 1/3 insurance costs. Which of those three costs does not treat a single patient, nor cure a single disease? That is a cost that should be eliminated in order to reduce the overall cost of providing health care. Medicare For Everyone!

          Paying your taxes is good citizenship, as is providing care for all those who are ill. I do not want to live in a nation so cold and cruel that those without money are also without health care. Have a little compassion!


            @philipupnorth: I recall an account from someone who suffered under the Stalinist. He lambasted the west for having compromised with the Soviets on a host of issues. He said that it was these very compromises that fed and extended the life of the repressive system they unnecessarily endured. So, rather than come up with a system that should've excluded the insurance companies, we acquiesced to their greed and must now endure several more decades of their deadly control. Should we also apply your compromising position to nuclear power? At what point do we look this corporate trash in the face and say "NO MORE!!!" to their control over our lives?

    • nedlifromvermont

      … We bring good things to life … GE Jingle

      Oh yeah Mr. Jeffrey Immelt???

      Time for you to earn your millions of dollars in blood money … and testify to Fukushima ….

      What? Can't seem to find anything to say? Anything at all?

      Time to head over to your whores at the NRC with some more bags of hush money for your toady friends!

      GE. Westinghouse, Tepco, NRC … Your collective silence speaks volumes.

      Time for another Nuremberg Show Trial starring Jamie Diamond, Barack Obama and Jeffie Immelt for killing the world!

      Peace …

  • Lily

    I have just learned about this site. I didn't know there was still a problem there.
    WoW, I will tell everyone I know. This is very scary.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hi Lily. We're so glad you're here. Yes, please do share what you learn here with everyone you can.

      Over the past 17 months, many of us have gone from fear, to anger, to depression, to resignation, to the determination to do something. Sometimes it has happened over and over again.

      Fear not, you're not alone. See the Forum area for specific ways in which you can act to protect yourself and your loved ones.

      You can start with detox baths, taking your shoes off and leaving outdoors, getting a HEPA filter for your house (certainly your bedroom). There are other relatively simple things you can do to help protect yourself.

      Armed with knowledge, you can help yourself and others.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        I mean, we run the gamut of emotions. This is a support group for many of us, as well as a site where we find news and share information. The administrator(s) and founder(s) of this site have done an outstanding job in designing and maintaining this site. IMHO it's one of the best news sites on the Web.

    • Max1 Max1

      Hi Lilly,
      Welcome to ENE

      • Lily

        Thanks for the warm welcome. No one has done that for me before.
        I will be busy reading a lot of your posts for a long while. Thank you for all of information. I have learned alot so far. Some of it I dont understand though. xxooxxoo

        • richard richard

          hi lily. speaking from my perspective i didn't understand much when i was suddenly required to consider nuclear chemistry and engineering. so don't feel uncomfortable there, we've all been going thru a steep learning curve.

          there are many professionals around here that do contribute some pretty solid information, but it can be overwhelming as well (imho).

          i'm curious how you came to "know there was still a problem there", and then you arrived here 😉


          @Lily: "Some of it I dont understand though." is why most of us value this site. No one of us understands it all. Yet, in combination, we're a force to be reckoned with. Welcome to the good fight Lily…

          • SuI33

            Welcome Lily. PLEASE get the word out!

            Aftershock – That's the only way we're going to get through this; as a community of shared interests, the interest of LIFE over PROFIT.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    J" … people may start killing themselves" Just have to comment on that headline. Wasn't there a story published here a week or two ago where a man reported he was furious because he witnessed his wife lighting herself on fire? She was very depressed after the Fukushima accident, her husband said. There have been reports of many people committing suicide in Japan after the Fukushima accident. Some of the suicides might be dismissed as a failure for evacuees and refugees somehow "not adjusting" to being foreced from their homes.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      I'm grammatically challenged today. "might be dismissed as a failure of evacuees" that is.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "Some of the suicides might be dismissed as a failure for evacuees and refugees somehow "not adjusting" to being forced from their homes."

      Oh, I don't know, HT, it worked so well for the Native Americans.

      Our government has a long history of 'dealing' with the 'useless eaters':


    • Lily

      Please do not tell me. What a horrible way to go. What pain have must been felt.
      No person on earth should ever feel this way. It is like taking the whole world upon your shoulders.
      May she be at peace.

  • Great video report. Make it roll!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Sadness and despair is befalling the people.
    And..Noda is too much of a coward to meet with the protesters.

    [Ajisai revolution] Noda rejected to talk to protestors