Fukushima Forecast: Radioactive particles to be concentrated over Midwestern US on April 1, 2 (VIDEO)

Published: March 29th, 2011 at 3:55 pm ET


Fukushima Potential Releases, Xe-133 Total Column for March 29-April 2, 2011, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), March 29, 2011:

* Although xenon is not toxic, its compounds are highly toxic – CRC handbook of chemistry

Published: March 29th, 2011 at 3:55 pm ET


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40 comments to Fukushima Forecast: Radioactive particles to be concentrated over Midwestern US on April 1, 2 (VIDEO)

  • Helena

    The reason I am sharing the information from Dr. Len Horowitz is because I have read his books since 1998. I don’t have the money to purchase his own supply of health products, but if you read all the material he provides, you will be able to make your own choices and do your own shopping. PROTECTION FROM RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT is a must. The ‘experts’ are divided, and most of them are compromised by affiliations with the nuclear industry. As I have pointed out in other comments, Rosalie Bertell and Helen Caldicott and Molly Ivins are researchers who have devoted decades to studying the effects of those “acceptable levels” we are not supposed to worry about. Guess what? We SHOULD be worried.


    by Dr. Len Horowitz

    March 13, PART I:

    March 16, PART II:

  • xdrfox

    Poison particles from nuke plant found in AT LEAST 12 U.S. states as Japan is put on ‘maximum’ radiation alert
    By Richard Shears
    Last updated at 9:33 PM on 29th March 2011

    Traces of radioactive iodide from Fukushima leak now found in Alabama and Washington

    Number of states to find radiation traces increasing every day
    Japanese PM: Country’s worst crisis since WWII
    Hundreds or pregnant women flee at-risk areas

    Radiation from the Fukushima leak has been detected in at least 12 U.S. states and is believed it will reach more in the coming days as Japan is put on ‘maximum’ alert.

    The Environment Protection Agency confirmed that radiation was found in air filters in Alabama and in rainwater in Pennsylvania


  • Helena

    Here’s a better video.

    Watch the 2005 documentary “The True Battle of Chernobyl” – revealing never before seen interviews with Chernobyl scientists, Gorby himself, and surviving workers, and the only photographer out of four who lives to tell the story. Only a few out of the 500,000 Russians (yes, 500,000) who were brought in to the Ukraine to build the sarcophagus and clear the area, were still alive at the time – some kind of quality of life, since they were only alive because they required hospitalizations every year. The head nuclear Soviet “expert” committed suicide. Of the 500,000 emergency workers, only 200,000 were still alive just a few years later. There goes your ‘official death toll”. The Video runs 90 minutes. Do you have the guts to watch it?


  • aether

    Has anyone else been throwing up or had headaches?

  • AMERICAN IDOL LIBYA nothing to see here move along American Idol Libya Nothing to see here move along

  • xdrfox

    The flue is going around !

  • ConradN


    The dose rates you’re receiving from Japan right now may or may not have long-term effects on your health, but there is no way they can have this kind of immediate effects on you.

    One needs real HIGH levels of radiation to feel any short term effect at all, probably 100 thousand times more than what you’re receiving from Japan right now.

    Don’t worry, you’re in no immediate threat. But have a thought for the workers at Fuskushima NPP, they do face the radiation levels where one can feel it!

    • Slick Vick

      How would you know what he’s recieving??? Maybe he was caught in a rainstorm and got bombarded with radioactive materials.. Plutonium has been leaking for at LEAST a week..

      Do you have some real numbers to know what you’re even talking about? Are you even aware of the elements and compounds that are leaking?

      • Jerry

        How would anyone know the dose they are receiving? The only measurements we get are measured in less-than-a-chest-x-ray units or less-than-a-transcontinental-flight units.

        • ConradN

          Only when you receive HUGE amounts of radiations (1 Sievert at least) can you feel acute radiation sickness. AFAIK, only those working at Fuskuhima NPP could encounter these extremely high rad levels.

          Consider the people in Itate Village, they’re located 40km NW of Fukushima. For some reason their soil was heavily contaminated, so that they receive rather significant rad rates (Greenpeace is trying to convince the Japan Manistry into having them evacuated).

          Well, even there, and based on the measures done by Greenpeace experts, they only receive 10 microSieverts/hour, that is only 0.00024 Sieverts/day, far, far, FAR below anything that could induce acute radiation sickness.

          – People who live only 40km away of Fukushima are at no risk with regards to acute rad sickness,
          – You live several thousand km away,
          – At the moment, there is just no chance in hell you could have acute rad sickness from Fukushima.

    • jimbojamesiv

      What if you drank bad milk or irradiated grain?

      Would one feel the effects within several months?

  • Angel

    I didn’t know there was a herbal remedy that detoxifies you and gives you immunity from radiation?

    All those people in Chernobyl should of had personal stocks of seaweed extract and ZeoLife.

    I’m glad people like Dr. Horowitz exist to sell us what we need to survive this calamity.

  • Jim

    For the last few days there is ringing in my ears- I never had that before.

  • Jerry

    Embrace the beneficial effects of radiation. Maybe it’s like Ann Coulter says. What else can we do? All meltdowns are unsolvable problems. You have half a million pound blobs of molten u-235 or pl-238 that are 5500 degrees–twice the melting point of steel, and so radioactive that it would kill an unprotected person in 16 seconds. These reactors will contaminate the earth. The best we can hope for is to reduce the level it poisons the biosphere to a point that life can survive.

  • Jerry

    After 25 years or more, Chernobyl continues to melt into the earth. The millions of tons of cement that entombs it has cracked and continues to emit radioactive material into the environment. If the sarcophagus isn’t reconstructed, in a few years it will resume full meltdown.

  • Instead of helping the Japanese solve this catastrophe as soon as possible, Europe, America and Canada have better things to do blowing things up in Libya with depleted uranium. More death for us because of their humanitarian concerns for the Libyan rebels. And this bastard Harper wants Canadians to re-elect him. And they will, because the mass media, (owned by the chosen people) just love him. Why not, he took 14 billion of an Unemployment Benefit surplus and squandered it on armaments, in order to make the middle east safe for, well you know whom. People stop voting for any and all of these bastards, stop shaking their hand and treating them as celebrities, and instead boo them everywhere they go. All politicians no matter what party, they are all the same. They are parasites who have never had a job. They live very well extorting money from us. People everywhere unite and turn on these vile people. They are literally killing us. What will happen when more of these slow motion nuclear bombs go off somewhere? I am already scared to breathe the air, but I must.

  • A caption on a story on Rense says “Japan workers losing race to save reactor” No they and all of us are losing race to save this planet. My god were do we go from here? This heavenly planet is becoming hell.

  • Reality

    The US alone has conducted over a thousand nuclear bomb tests over the years. Many within US borders and we all aren’t dead.

    • xdrfox

      But we have lost many, a teenage friend, leukemia, Cancer many people I knew over the years bed side night stays, Cancer RIP Mom !

    • jimbojamesiv


      My thoughts almost exactly, but I wonder if that begins to explain why so many Americans suffer from a variety of diseases, which perhaps we shouldn’t, including cancers, and the lots of other things wrong with us.

      I don’t believe in chemtrails, but I do believe that the atomic testings, 3 mile island, chernobyl and so many other toxic spills into the air, and especially water, significantly added to our problem, and the corporations, they probably don’t mind at all.

      Heck, I bet cancer institutes rake in the dough close to the nuclear power industry. What am I talking about I bet cancer treatments make more than nuclear power.

  • Reality

    Then stay out of the sun, don’t eat bananas, brazil nuts, get an x-ray or any number of other things. There is radiation all around us all the time. In our bodies, on our bodies and all around our bodies. Yes, radiation in large enough amounts can cause cancer but it is not the only thing that can cause cancer. Cancer has been around a lot longer than the atom bomb or Chernobyl.

    We’re all gonna die alright. But it won’t be from the small amount of radiation coming over from Japan.

  • John

    Dr. Horowitz (a dentist not trained as an MD) does not do humanity any favors…

  • Joey

    As Edgar Cayce said, “the greater portion of Japan MUST go into the sea” he didn’t say will, he said must. How this will happen I’m not sure, maybe Mother Earth will do it, maybe Aliens, if it is Aliens, who will help, then you can bet that this will be used as the start of the Alien wars by the powers. Monsters everywhere, even inside me, but I will contain the critter and shine light upon my fellow gremlins, no matter what the cost to my own existence.

  • Art

    Beam me up scotty ,no sign of intelligent life here at all ….the false patriots aka patriotards are out in force following false constitution and patriot truth movements and truth websites that are controlled ….


    The Nuclear Radio MAN !
    POINTS HIS Sky Writers !
    TO Impact Revisions !
    A Tragic Rendition !
    The Spheric Condition !
    ……MASSIVE Transistions !
    A Conjested Prediction !
    Hiding In Politicians !
    Fukashima Transmissions !
    Sent To Send…
    And Dial In….
    A Deadly Signal…
    To Those That They Care !
    Not To Be Friends !
    His Phone is Still Ringing…..
    And Now He Is Pretending !
    To Drop Down a Charge !
    To Fall From The Sky !
    Some will Run…
    Some will Hide…
    And Some Come Out OF IT !
    Slightly Fried !
    And Burned All OVER !
    From The Inside !

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Rain was very ‘hot’ in Pennsylvania.

    paid government liars
    paid media liars
    just like 9/11


    IT Came IN From Japan !!!!
    Anna NUCLEAR Radiated Radio Man!
    To Lie TO Us!
    And Spew All He Can !!
    Their Must Be some How! Some way !
    To get Them Out Of Japan!
    Or They May Be Fried And Scorched From Inside Their Glands !
    I heard Its All Over The Land !
    You can Ask Uncle Sam!
    But He Thought It Was Spam!
    Fried In A skillet !
    That Came From Japan !
    Thinking It Was SUICIDE !
    OF A Few Nuclear Radio Men…
    Only Today !
    He Is Ready !
    For His JET !
    To Get In !
    And Fly Far Away !
    Where No One Knows Him !
    Except For Those !
    That Have Interest In Him.

  • Kim

    Well peeps, they weren’t satisfied with breaking our savings piggy bank four times.

    They weren’t satisfied with destroying all hope of single payer for health care to families

    They weren’t satisfied with the 1970’s resolution that nuclear power was “unsafe” and therefore the EPA must monitor all remaining plants that pass inspection, yet those little ole deregulations, and paid off inspectors, have sold US out as sitting ducks, for whatever super unnatural chemical chain reactor experiment, on how many die world wide.

    I sure hope it’s not too painful, the insurance companies are sure to deny any pain on the way out of the death sentence.

    I also hope you are individually mature and spiritually connected to God, and await “HIS” judgment NOT Man’s on his neighbor, he’s definately coming after this. It has always been beyond Man’s control to control his inquisitive search of power, knowlege and science. They found the haarp weapon in one of Iraq’s pyramids. Now they are using it.

    Oh yeah, no better than Daffi in LIBYA.
    Now they want the whole planet to themselves even if they have to live in the underground, hydroponic garden bunkers they built.

    Pray people. Pray for justice and peace on the way out. Cancer hurts.

  • justme

    This is only the beginning. The radiation is going to circle the globe MANY times….the half-lives of the various radioactive elements differ tremendously…

    “I am become death, destroyer of worlds”- Oppenheimer- on viewing the Trinity test…some of the scientists actually debated on whether on not the test itself would ignite the atmosphere.

    We have been using radioactive power near mere mortals never meant to survive such an environment, should something “go wrong.”