Fukushima forecast shows large radiation cloud over U.S. West Coast on April 14, 15 (VIDEO)

Published: April 14th, 2011 at 12:16 pm ET


Fukushima Potential Releases, Xe-133 Total Column for April 14-April 18, 2011, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), April 14, 2011:


*”These products are highly uncertain based on limited information for the source terms. Please use with caution and understand that the values are likely to change once we obtain more information on the overall nature of the accident.” –NILU

Published: April 14th, 2011 at 12:16 pm ET


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24 comments to Fukushima forecast shows large radiation cloud over U.S. West Coast on April 14, 15 (VIDEO)

  • Isaac


    All but around 10% of food crops are insect pollinated….

    Typically, between 75-135 Gy/s yields upwards of 75% sterility in most insects, with Lepidoptera being the most resistant, ( butterflys/moths )

    Anybody else consider this ?

  • xdrfox

    After all the readers here in Fl. were offline and no readings during the last month, I see a reading in a vegetable growing state such as Ca. one place having reading as highest readings as “138″ of I-133 on 4/4, from rain, but also seeing now readings of “150″ of I-133 here in Jacksonville Fl. on 3/31, Plant city is a large producer in Fl. of vegetables and fruits grown in Fl. no results posted but we have heard nothing like result incoming from Ca. about the grown foods.

    What specific tests is FDA using?

    : |

  • xdrfox

    Over the next few days, Compare this video date and times with readings at Monitor Information:
    across the US !
    I have done in past and read the numbers and stations LOWs/or goes off line !

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Staying inside until the 16th or 17th

  • Krista Cedars

    xdr – or anyone else who has some knowledge about these things –
    How bad would the worst-case scenario be? What is the worst that can happen?

    ANd I also wanted to thank you for all your work on this site…I appreciate having a reliable source of information about what’s really going on with Fukushima.

    God bless

    • xdrfox

      .03 is a low reading
      150 is a very high reading
      Kansas had 200
      The heavy consecrations of these clouds will have heavier amounts fallout on the lands they go over.
      Rain will collect these ( Deadly ) isotope particles on the way to the ground so does will be very much higher then dry/clear sky fall out !
      It is always up there just in different consecration but heaviest in the videos shows, these are plumes that are off gases from the reactors and spent fuel rods and they do not diminish in their danger other then half life’s.
      “half-life” would be: 50% in 8 days, 25% in 16 days, 12.5% in 24 days, 6.25% in 32 days, 3.125% in 40 days, 1.5625% in 48 days, .78125 in 56 days – so, in two months it’s down to about 1%. But, if each day the source of radioactive iodine is renewed, then in a very short time there will be radiation as it gets built up faster than it depletes, and so would other bad isotope’s with longer half-life’s!

      • mr. x

        If you look at Berkley’s milk results you will also see radio-cesium counts climbing as it continues to deposit.

    • xdrfox

      8 days is for the I-133 Isotopes the others have much longer half-life’s in the multiple years !

  • radegan

    The sorted RadNet analysis list 408 stations. Of those, there were 47 detections of Te132 – a bit under 12%. Many stations reported detecting Cs134, Cs136, and Cs137 – BUT only four places reported all of them and Te132. If you’ve watched animations of streaming particles curling out into the Pacific from Fukushima, then you can visualize the wave of particles streaming off the reactor and heading out into the Pacific and on to Hawaii to the SE, Alaska to the NE, and mainland USA dead ahead. The ‘hot’ wave was detected on the same day in Kauai and Salt Lake. Three days later, the same wave arrived at Nome, Alaska and Orlando, Florida.

    Date Place Cs 134 Cs136 Cs137 Te132

    3/21 Salt Lake 0.0141 0.0029 0.018 0.025
    3/21 Kauai 0.0611 0.0083 0.075 0.052
    3/24 Nome 0.101 0.012 0.13 0.12
    3/24 Orlando 0.0151 0.0014 0.019 0.024

    There is hardly any difference between readings for Salt Lake and Orlando three days later. And Nome, Alaska got about twice the dose that Kauai got. I think this brew left the witches kettle at Fukushima on the 18th.

  • radegan

    I had that made up into a nice table, but the site’s software crunches up all the spaces you put in to make it readable.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I like these warnings when a plume is coming in.

    Should be on the news for everyone to make the choice to stay in or not.

  • Esrin

    The way this works is simple. For those who have any discernment no proof will be needed to back up what I am saying here..
    The EPA, FDA, etc. will not publish the real numbers until it’s too late. By this I mean that after we (the American populous who were not prepared) have already been thoroughly contaminated then the truth will come out. The logic being that by the time we find out we will feel hopeless and powerless to do anything because it will be too late. Then everyone will continue to work and spend money so as not to not disturb the corporate bottom line and
    already deteriorating economy.

    The EPA is quietly starting to release numbers. They are breaking the horrifying truth to use slowly; at our own peril!

    This is a, if not the, defining moment for us all as human beings. Who do you want to be? The time for watching and waiting is over. It’s time to draw the
    line, stand up and be heard.


    and now we can add to that


  • Thinkofthechildren

    Why is it I can watch coverage of a war that means very little (that we are prob gonna bow out of anyway) but not a nuclear disaster that should be a 28 on the scale at least! (7 x 4 = 28) Don’t tell me our news isn’t propaganda! 200 stations and you can’t even get CNN to let you know the truth! God Save America!!

  • thank you all who are posting accurate #’s. our gov .ows it to the people to know the truth & make some decisions as to what we need to do for protection,if there is any,f:rom this deadly crime. all i can find out is the same budget info on the news channels & non of them seem to give a darn about this huge problem we face. weeks & months of this must be adding up to some freekesh ammounts. dose any one know how to calculate this ? how much have we rec on the west coast allready? what should we stay away from & is there any way to sta somewhat protected??? help ! anyone with this knowledg. the gov .nor the national news has failed us & this is BIG& getting worse. who gave japan the ok to dump all of the radioactive h2o in the ocean? why dont they stor it at the sight? that whole area is a dead zone now & for cents to come. that should be stoped. NOW. ITS NOT THERE OCEAN TO KILL.

  • Shelby

    The scary implication of all this “lack of information” on the mainstream news is that the “news” is not free, or truthful, or independant. The major news sources are being told what to say, when. This is a major “wag the dog” scenario, and a good part of American society is buying right into it.

  • Bay Area Grams

    Listened to Chris Bisby, nuclear expert, on Alex Jones the other night say the French advisers are telling Japan to seal it up with concrete while American advisers are saying to “Bomb it into the Ocean” How the hell would they be able to do that one has to wonder. I’m telling my kids to feed their families canned food, beans, rice and filtered water no milk or dairy products. Good luck everyone we are going to need it we have the most useless leaders the world has seen to date. They are liars and whore mongers at best and will be guilty of murder of the worst kind murdering the most innocent among us our children.

  • sueec

    Thanks for all your intel on the radiation releases. I am in Australia and there is no mention of fukushima on the news channels anymore. Does anyone know if the cloud has/is blowing our way (esp east coast)? When will the world take action on this?? UN?? NATO??WHO??

  • Esme Cannette

    More radiation is released into the environment by burning coal, I’m being serious. They release the equivalent radiation of one Chernobyl every month. So you might be wondering, then why isn’t there a “radioactive cloud” from the coal power plants. The reason is because they are releasing radioactive isotopes of mainly thorium and uranium, which exist naturally inside the Earth. The Japanese reactors are releasing radioactive isotopes of cesium and iodine which don’t exist naturally. They are called “fission fragments”. They get created when the uranium and plutonium atoms inside the reactors are split to release energy. This process does not occur readily in nature. Only a special isotope of uranium-235 is able to undergo fission, but uranium-235 is very rare, only 1 part in 140 of naturally occurring uranium is uranium-235. Plutonium-239 can also undergo fission, but it is not naturally occurring, because it’s radioactive half-life (the time it takes for it to decay) is much less than the age of the earth. The half-life of uranium on the other hand is over 4 billion years, which is why there is so much uranium left on the earth. Now this leads me to the cloud, cesium and iodine are normally NOT radioactive, nearly ALL of the isotope of cesium and iodine on the planet are stable. However, the iodine and cesium created from the fission fragments have extra neutrons, since they were created out of giant atoms of uranium and plutonium, which tend to have lots of neutrons. This makes the fission fragments highly radioactive, which means they decay quickly (go back to being stable isotopes by releasing radiation). Their half-life is on the order of 30 years, which means after 30 years, half of them will have decayed and gone back to being stable. The higher the half-life, the less of a threat the radiation is. Most of the radiation being detected at Fukushima is from highly radioactive isotopes that have a half-life of seconds or hours, which means a sample of that material decays very quickly which releases the energy in short bursts. This is what they’re talking about when you hear things like “the radiation has spiked around the reactors!” Now to my point about the cloud, since it’s made of iodine and cesium, which don’t occur naturally, it is extremely easy to track, even if it’s releasing ridiculously low amounts of radiation. The radiation that’s released by the coal industry is in the form of naturally occurring uranium and thorium, which is impossible to track because there is so much of it EVERYWHERE! Which means you are SURROUNDED by a radiactive “cloud” at least 1000x larger than the one from Fukushima, we just can’t track it. If you’re worried about radiation exposure, then perhaps you can try to spend an extra 10 or 15 minutes out of the sun than you normally would. That should balance out your exposure level.

  • Esme Cannette

    It may sound callous, but it’s true. This nuclear accident is barely anything compared to other historical industrial accidents. Especially when compared to the BP Oil Spill. People are needlessly freaking out because they hear the words “nuclear” or “radiation”. And since most journalists are clueless when it comes to science, they misinterpret what the scientists are saying, then people read these news articles and take the misinterpretations to the next level. Then the wackos go to work and claim the government is staging a cover up and lying, but really we are all just victims of a distortion chain resulting from a lack of science education.

    Japan had entire towns completely wiped off the map by a devastating tsunami and all people are talking about is the nuclear power plants. It needs to stop. A similar earthquake/tsumani is a certainty to occur within the next several hundred years in the American Northwest near Seattle. Instead of learning the lessons from the tsunami and beefing up our own earthquake/tsunami prepardedness everyone is in a tissy about radiation and nuclear power, which to date has killed something on the order of 10,000x fewer people than the coal and oil industry.