Part II: Fukushima girls have 3 times more thyroid NODULES over 10 millimeters than boys — Also 56% more medium-sized nodules than boys

Published: September 17th, 2012 at 2:43 pm ET


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The latest Fukushima thyroid survey results are available here:

About 700 more boys were examined (21,382 vs. 20,678), yet girls had considerably more medium and largest sized nodules.

Smallest: No Nodule – Nodule under 3mm

  • Boys: 21,254 (4% more boys than girls)
  • Girls: 20,450

Medium: Nodule 3.1mm – Nodule 10mm

  • Girls: 172 (56% more girls than boys)
  • Boys: 110

Largest: Nodule over 10mm

  • Girls: 56 (Over 3 times more girls than boys)
  • Boys: 18

Published: September 17th, 2012 at 2:43 pm ET


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9 comments to Part II: Fukushima girls have 3 times more thyroid NODULES over 10 millimeters than boys — Also 56% more medium-sized nodules than boys

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Here's some info on nodules in children from a peer-reviewed source that clearly indicates the incidence in children is less than 1.5%. As we all know the real numbers are frighteningly higher in Fuku.

    However, in the much more commonly read and easily modified Wikipedia it says nodules are common in children, and then doesn't cite a source.

    This wikipedia entry is just another example of the pervasive campaign of misinformation in the enormous risks of uncontrolled pediatric exposure to radiation. The pro-nuke argument that nodules are normal in kids is a lie.

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      Admin, could we have a clarification on the tables in this and the last post. Reviewing I see the previous one with alarmingly high rates of nodules, this one has very very low rates of nodules? Are these from different studies? Sorry if I'm just slow on the pickup….


        The table in the previous post is for thyroid "cysts." This table is for thyroid "nodules." They are from the same study.

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        @faraway, i don't think that i have the expertise to go and write on wiki, but, you bring up a good point. Maybe people who know the lingo and can express it plainly can go and edit wiki. It'd be great if some of the researchers and doctors did this, too. About the difference between cysts and nodules – i'm confused, here, too. Perhaps one study has defined the nodules as cysts while the other has simply observed the presence of nodules without exploring further?


      Even anti-nuclear physicians seem to have misconception about what is normal in children as you can see in this article.

      Fukushima Medical University claims the high number of nodules and cysts is due to highly sensitive ultrasound equipment. Yet we don't even have a control group studied with ultrasound equipment of the similar sensitivity. The truth is nobody probably knows for sure how thyroid gland really behaves under continuous radiation exposure. Even though I-131 might be gone now, after doing the initial insult, there are other radionuclides such as Cs-137, Sr-90 and also I-129 with half life of 157 million years. In addition, thyroid gland does not exist independently within a body. Endocrine system is a complicated system and endocrine organs are interdependent on each other.

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        I agree. We don't know how the thyroid behaves under continuous radiation exposure. Excellent point. So, i see this research simply as an alert that many children's bodies are responding to an environmental stimuli, and from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, all cysts and nodules, while initially the body's mechanism to encapsulate an irritant in the cell, are all forms of stagnation and congestion – the cells becoming inundated with toxins – be that from radiation, hormones askew, too much ongoing fear and uncertainty, chemicals and substances, or all of the above. There is an environmental pressure. Cysts ad nodules do not form without one. For a medical researcher to suggest otherwise is to completely fail to understand the endocrine system. But, that is what i expect from Western medicine these days – a lack of understanding of most bodily processes. They do not know how to interpret a disease process that may be caused by what is perceived as a beneficial and lucrative industry within their society. They simply haven't the insight, the training, nor the will to be able to do so.

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          Of course they know exactly "how the thyroid behaves under continuous radiation exposure." This is one of the best known facts. Even the IAEA admits it, man, who are you??

          The main consequence of the Chernobyl accident is thyroid cancer in children, some of whom were not yet born at the time of the accident.

          After the 1986 Chornobyl nuclear accident, as many as 3,000 people, mostly babies or young children living in Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia at the time of the accident developed thyroid cancer over the next 10 years. Poland, immediately next to Belarus and Ukraine, distributed KI to >95% of their children within 3 days of the accident and does not appear to have had an increase in thyroid cancer.

          two sets of controls were chosen, one matched on pathway to diagnosis, the other representing the area of heavy fallout, both matched on age, sex and rural/urban residence in 1986….The differences…most marked in the southern portion of the Gomel region…

          Exposure to ionising radiations during childhood increases the risk of thyroid cancer. Similar risk factors have been found after external radiation exposure or internal contamination with radioactive iodine isotopes.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Think twice!
    We know from several reports, medical data about fuku are "repeatedly checked" before put into statistcs (cough!)…

    I've had read this report as an implicit confession of catastophic radiaton levels and they need now a new reason to evacuate women.

    In terms of "future of a nation": men are expendable.

    With this statistics they will say. "No harm, you're a man, it's just dangerous for 'weak women'!" and send workers into death.


  • razzz razzz

    Go to this ENENews link, read and watch the video. Remember that it is an underestimate for various reason including continual low dose exposure vs fast dose rates (one time exposure).


    Don't get lost in the confusion of Japanese sponsored studies and recommendations.

    Busby was fronting running these figures more than a year ago, saying the Japanese government would spread the nuclear contamination throughout Japan i.e. trucking to incinerators, to skew the fallout numbers and average (spread) the exposure amongst the (healthy) population.