“Fukushima in recriticality”? — Iodine-131 detected in 4 locations: Tokyo, Iwate, Nagano, Niigata (CHARTS)

Published: September 9th, 2011 at 1:45 pm ET


Breaking News: Fukushima in recriticality, Fukushima Diary by Mochizuki, September 9, 2011:

At four different places in Japan, Iodine 131 was detected between 15th-25th August.

The half life time of Iodine 131 is about 8 days.

It’s natural to think Fukushima got into the recriticality state.

1) Between 8/15~16,they detected 150 Bq/kg of Iodine 131 from sewage sludge in Tokyo. […]

2) Between 8/25~9/6,they also detected 2,300 ~ 4,800 Bq/kg of Iodine 131 [in Oshu City in Iwate]. […]

3 [& 4]) and today, they announced they detected Iodine 131 in Niigata and Nagano. […]

SOURCE: Google Maps

Tokyo Data:

Oshu City, Iwate Data:

Iodine-131 now being detected in large amounts almost 200 km from Fukushima meltdowns

Niigata Data:

Nagano Data:

Published: September 9th, 2011 at 1:45 pm ET


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50 comments to “Fukushima in recriticality”? — Iodine-131 detected in 4 locations: Tokyo, Iwate, Nagano, Niigata (CHARTS)

  • They think it is happening in one of the spent fuel pools. Tepco will confirm after Chrismas

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Nagano is faaar away from Fuku.
    Not far enough though, obviously.


  • James2

    It’s not “natural to think” there is a recriticality


    With a half life of 8 days, then that means virtually all of it is gone in 80 days or 10 half-lifes.

    Most of it is gone in 40 days.

    If you are detecting significant amounts, it means either a recriticality within the past 30-40 days or a gigantic recriticality within 40-80 days.

  • James2

    And you have to remember that all the other elements are there – whether they are checking for them or not.

    • arclight arclight

      good point james2….
      the emmisions from fukushima have a unique signature, we need to know if this signature is present at all test points or if different signatures are being found? the independent tests that were done recently in japan showed this signature…maybe of the number 3 explosion….wonder if all the reactors and spent fuel pool give the same signature of isotopes? i think my brains beginning to hurt!
      i hope more independent testing of these areas is iminent! then we will better know what this means…..i wonder what forms of plutonium and uranium might be in the air! gaseous, particulate or both? are they checking for other gaseous versions?

  • James2

    This is confirmation that the strange lights we’ve seen coming from the Shared spent fuel pool is open criticality.

    Before March I would have sworn up and down that this is impossible, and yet we’ve seen it with our own eyes – and this data confirms it.

    Not only is it a recriticality – but a very large and very dirty one – and it happened in August.

    Folks in Japan – if this does not wake you up – you are already dead. GET OUT NOW!!!!

    • larry-andrew-nils


    • many moons

      Where are you going James? The moon? Mars? We are all involved, time and space seperate at this very moment, but that won’t last. The radioactive material is uncontroled, uncontained and the possiblility of either doesn’t exist….I’m very surprized that this has happened decades ago….we have all been living on borrowed time thanks to the Nuclear energy industry.

      • James2

        We’re all going the same place – well, unless you’re a religious sort, and if so Atilla and Adolph are planning a special welcome dinner for those who have spent the last six months denying and covering this thing up – I hear it’s a barbeque…

        Dust to dust, baby…

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Agreed m moons. “Nowhere to run to baby. Nowhere to hide.”

  • Just confirms what some here have said and all hope isn’t true that tepco can’t control it.

  • StillJill StillJill

    “There are NONE so blind as those who WILL NOT see.” True Da’t!

  • Meanwhile all authorities in the western “free” world are saying the worse is over well the worse may have just begun. They are having problems cooling the spent fuel pools so it seems so things could get quite bleak.

    • many moons

      Like the book/movie “A clockwork orange” They are telling us any story slathered in hope so we won’t storm their mansions and haul them out on their lush lawn and then very politely offer a cup of plutonium, Drink up! so refreshing and good for you!

  • Of possible interest, especially in light of the explosion at #4 that “couldn’t happen.”


  • pg

    Daini or Oganawa

    We need to know whats going on there. We need…mystery suit man to do a drive by…:/ Cameras, meters, etc.

    • pg

      let me revise this, Daini, Oganawa, or reactor 5-6. All eyes there.

    • James2

      We don’t need to have spies. We know exactly what is going on.

      This data is indisputable.

      We know with 100% certainty that uncontrolled fission is taking place and radioactive particles are raining down on Japan.

      And we know that it is not a little bit of a release – but a large, large release – possibly larger than all other releases in history – combined.

      • radegan

        You’re bang on today, James – wish you weren’t. Gotta face the facts, it cannot be fixed by man or robot, we can only hope to mitigate the damage. And if this doesn’t stop the world from continuing to operate these crazed contraptions, then we should begin cross breeding human DNA with that of the known king of radiation survival, the cockroach.

        • James2

          Believe me, I wish I were wrong.

          I don’t need sugar – just more of those Holiday Inn Express cinnamon rolls…

        • pg

          Hey James2 or Radegan, enough of the bullshit. Oganawa or Dania are coming loose, I’ll guarantee it. Perhaps another plant with other reactors. Their grid is shot and overloaded, factors within radiation zones are trying to relocate, their owners, CEOs, and CFOs left a long time ago. They are paying lesser qualified execs. to do their jobs, face it. Other plants are letting loose. its like the gulf oil spill with 20,000,000 people watching the oil come up from cams 2-3 while they should be looking at 6,7,8. People best be ready for a shortage of parts, and a new flow of radiation incoming to America. I dont know what blew, but something did. It will die off in a few weeks, but INCOMING rads we have. Prolly in a day or so. KI, shut windows, move your PCs to the basement if need be, but watch this wave come through…unlike March of 2011 when it came through with no one being ready…

          I think its time to regain control of our pacific fleet and take care of some business. Move it to the UK….

          • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

            Dear pg: This is the correct way to look at the matters. There are hints in what happened at FukuDai, such as the fact that the full core meltdowns were anticipated by TEPCO itself, information to this effect released SIX MONTHS after the fact and that these occur when cooling is interrupted for only short hours at least with light water reactors. I imagine that the situation is not less dangerous with liquid METAL systems.

          • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

            There are a number of Japanese and world nuclear reactors the public should FORCE into full PUBLIC view and full transparency and oversight with zero wiggle room. Final decisions for large program directions must be made by the public when options are clearly delineated by those with technical expertise (ideally after public scrutiny to determine loyalty); but fact checked by members of the public, as well. Fact checkers should also be under review, by other members of the public—how “transparency” actually works best. At least the following Japanese nuclear reactors management and full information should be made absolutely public on a minute-to-minute reporting basis: Fukushima Dai ichi, Fukushima Dai ini, Tokai, Onagawa, Hamaoka, Tsuruga (I beleive a full meltdown of at least one reactor core happened at Tsuruga on May 2, 2011), of course Kashiwazaki Kariwa (due to a quake more than 50% ground acceleration exceeding design tolerances in a 2007 6.8 quake essentially directly beneath the facility. It is likely that a situation worse than TMI occurred due to this ground acceleration at Kashiwazaki Kariwa in 2007.

          • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

            In the U.S., the following locations should be forced into full public review with no experts intervening on behalf of the Pentagon, NRC or Government: Hanford, WA, all nuclear testing sites in Nevada, Los Alamos, Livermore Labs in Livermore CA, U.C. Berkeley Livermore Labs and Cyclotron area, Ft. Calhoun, Cooper Nuclear Power Station, Vermont Yankee, and there are others that other ENE’ers should recommend for public supervision. Another might at least include, of course, N. Anna.

            The the IAEA, NRC, Nuke biz, U.S. (there are 18 total covert orgs), the Japanese government, TEPCO and other nuke plant operators should never ever have the information they share without being coerced and verified by the public ahead of time, as reliable. Such entities have repeatedly proven to be almost absolutely unreliable due to bald-faced lying on far too many occasions lately and historically (KashKar, TMI, Chernobyl, etc.) and due to the lying and disinformation business-as-usual norms of the full history of nuclear anything since the Manhattan Project days. If one wants to learn how dirty and how FUBAR the nuclear weapons and nuclear power industries are, most Manhattan project documents related the development of the fundamentals for nuclear weapons, Plutonium, early nuclear power generation and many other topics, will illuminate just how fully incompetent modern operations should be extrapolated and assumed to be. The scientists working on these projects, even when all gung-ho…

          • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

            […]about nuke power and Jetson’s futures, were very loudly complaining about how little information they were allowed to share.

          • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

            Most Manhattan Project documents are available through the help of your research librarian and have been de-classified.

  • pure water

    Yes, it is true. Hopes does not help in such situations. When you dare to play with such big energies, you have to pay for this at some point. This “hopes” mean one thing – those who know are not able to handle it.
    We have gone through this, or at least a half way… We knew, and we are in a better position compared to the authorities – we did not create this and we can still think and feel. They feel forced do defend themselves. It must be hard to feel yourself so guilty. And they lie – themselves and others. The reality contradicts with lies, they serve to the population, and so they have to reveal something. And so it goes…
    May be everyone chooses for him/herself what to see and believe. I want truth, as you too.

  • lam335 lam335

    Is this really news? Haven’t we known this for months? I think I remember Arnie Gundersen saying that all of the iodine that was in the reactors when they shut down because of the earthquake would have decayed away by the middle of July. Hence, since Iodine is a fission product, any iodine detected after that is evidence that nuclear fission is periodically starting up again.

    Perhaps the magnitude of the problem (i.e., the amount of iodine being produced) is news, but not the basic fact that it is happening?

    • acid Lab acid Lab

      nobody knows for sure what’s “actually” happening in each of the reactors and SFP’s.. it’s all mostly conjecture.

      I-131 showing up in such quantities so far from fuku is indicative that the situation is sliding more and more out of control… i’d say that if you live in japan this is most definitely “news”.

      name one substantial thing TEPCO has done to ameliorate the situation with the cores other than dump water on them… nothing, really.

      with the SFP’s they’ve added structural support to #4… other than that, not much else.

      • Actually a few of us know exactly whats happening.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          Exactly, and sadly true Tacoma.

          We do know exactly here that we used to sell our organic veggies at our local farmers market, but with readings like this we do not have the heart to sell foods that are even showing small amounts of contamination.

          They say the normal background radiation is between 5-60CPM. We see in this pic below that it is just over the high of what is considered normal. This is still great food, and it has to be better than the foods grown on the west coast, it is just sad that it shows contamination. One has to wonder what this amount of radiation if constantly consumed would do to the human system. Anyone got any idea?

          Finally figured out how to put pictures up with a link. Stay tuned for more to come.:

          660 after ten min:

          The reading after this one was 68.0 CPM doing ten minute averages.

          • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

            James Tekton, where are you located?

            So far I have found occasional high background radiation, but haven’t had anything reach the dangerous levels yet.
            (I’m in the SF bay area)

            I plan on doing some more thorough testing tomorrow…

        • acid Lab acid Lab

          “Actually a few of us know exactly whats happening.”

          so where is the I-131 coming from?

          is the containment lid for reactor #3 still on?

          was the explosion at reactor #3 a “prompt criticality” or steam/hydrogen?

          what caused the explosion at reactor #4?

          have any of the reactors experienced a corium breech from the entire plant?

          please provide concise links and summaries with each answer.

          • “Actually a few of us know exactly whats happening.”

            so where is the I-131 coming from? Fission. (from multiple reactors); Each episode is dependent on the various situations taking place per reactor.

            is the containment lid for reactor #3 still on?
            The Lid is Breached. That is why the pressure is below atmospheric.
            Was the explosion at reactor #3 a “prompt criticality” or steam/hydrogen?

            what caused the explosion at reactor #4?
            Hydrogen, + steam, + prompt criticality in the fuel.
            have any of the reactors experienced a corium breech from the entire plant?
            Reactor 1’s fuel has breached the reactor.

            please provide concise links and summaries with each answer.

            I’d like to but the information is ‘not’ publicly available.

          • acid Lab acid Lab

            “I’d like to but the information is ‘not’ publicly available.”

            translation: mostly conjecture

          • James2

            Acid – I do not think it is fair you attack Tacoma for on the “conjecture” argument.

            We are dealing with a situation where there is a proactive coverup of the data and information that gives exact answers. And there is no better source of information on this topic than this place right here.

            So there is no concise answer to any of your questions – and there definitely is no link. If you are one of those that doesn’t believe something because there is no link, then you cannot want the truth.

            You have to pull together knowledge from dozens of sources to make educated guesses as to what is happening at Fukushima, and in my opinion Tacoma has been much closer to reality in that regard than most others.

            You ask – where is the iodine coming from? I answer – I think it’s coming from the Shared Spent Fuel Pool, which I believe has been on fire since late July or early August. Why do I “conjecture” that? Because I’ve seen time after time on the live feed what looks like smoke and fireworks coming from the exact location of the SSFP, and because we know there is ongoing fission from the existence of Iodine – and the fact that it exists a long way from the plant means it is a very large, and very recent source.

            You ask – Is the cap still on Reactor 3 – I answer – I believe not. Photos of 3 have been heavily suppressed, but I’ve seen photos from other sources that showed that something large and round was ejected forcefully from the #3 reactor…

          • James2

            Ahh shoot, truncated and i didn’t save the rest of it.

            Anyway, my point is that what we are trying to do here is match our observations with reality – when those who have all the data are lying about it. If you want to cry “conjecture” then I could cry that on any observation at any time. After all the human mind is not infallible.

            Tacoma is better at this matching than most. Despite what I consider a tendency to overpredict the future (at trap which I’ve fallen into occasionally too) his/her ability to observe the present is pretty good.

      • James2

        Having been here for most of the time since the earthquake/tsunami, I’d say most of the regulars, pro nuke paid shills included, pretty much know what is going on better than any other place I can find.

        I actually found it interesting that Kan has admitted in the past few days that he knew what was really going on but lied about it all. I actually wondered whether the industry actually had those folks as bamboozled as they seemed.

        Know we know they are simply criminals, not idiots.

        It’s surely the same for our gutless leaders in the United States.

  • arclight arclight

    Friday, September 9, 2011
    TEPCO Dumps 565-Page Report on Early Days of Crisis, Says No Re-Melting of Reactor 3 Fuel

    “NISA nor any government agency asked for the report, but TEPCO apparently volunteered. The voluminous data is supposed to refute the claim by certain researchers that the melted fuel at the bottom of the RPV in Reactor 3 may have been re-melted on March 21 and went through the RPV and dropped on the floor of the Containment Vessel, releasing a huge amount of radioactive materials as evidenced by large spikes in air radiation throughout Tohoku and Kanto on that day.”

    “In the press conference on September 9, TEPCO released these charts as part of the evidence that there was no re-melt. TEPCO’s translation is just as bad as the man who pointed finger at TEPCO livecam, but I hope the charts speak volume:”

    and a link to the article and charts of the 9 september


  • lam335 lam335

    I just found the following website, where you can calculate the distance between cities in Japan. This can help put some of these stories about Fukushima’s ever-increasing fallout into perspective:


  • catweazel

    I imagine that the situation is not less dangerous with liquid METAL systems.

    well with all that explosion seeking explanation: the corium will melt in wherever it gets and will sit there, walls of housing molten to a sort of glass, no fear of water penetrating a wall of hot glass in the soil.

    but with a molten metal reactor the situation is different: when a tsunami comes in contact with a few 100 tons molten sodium there will be no way at all to restart the normal cooling cycle. in fact there will be nothing left of the plant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92Mfric7JUc . the other used coolants (mercury and lead) may not burn with water but they may have other side effects.

  • catweazel

    and a little off-topic: for difference between cesium emissions and plutonium emissions: cesium reacts with water with 1000 times more energy released than sodium, cesium will never be found as dust, only in solution or surrounded by water while plutonium will always be dust, not solved in water. both are deadly both are shit but they are transported on different ways. cesium will come with rain and snow, plutonium will come when it wants to. same for the gases, xenon and part of the jodine emissions but my guess is that jodine will travel both ways. comparison of alkali (sodium, cesium) with water “made up” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCk0lYB_8c0 and more science driven: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uixxJtJPVXk . a molten metal reactor is the crown of sickness because when the piping is broken hell is open.

    • arclight arclight

      “while plutonium will always be dust”….not quite correct possibly … look up gaseous plutonium hexaflouride and gaseous uranium hexaflouride….these are a tranch of elements that can be converted to a gas state with simple chemistry, i believe some of these compounds are not water soluable at least.

  • catweazel

    yeah, add an almost. due to the fact that the elements in the ful are steadily decaying on an atomar base the mixture will change its look all the time. on the other hand : dont hit people on the head for saying dust and solved elements are transported different ways. xenon or krypton for example as inert noble gases will most likely never be found on the ground, a third transport mechanism, the gaseous one. And o f*ck while reading the wiki on PuF6….. nosebleed may be a symptom for contact with HF and F2 ….. PuF6 reacts with water and we end sooner or later at PuO2 which is not solvable. interesting that PuF6 and jodine are both red-brown coloured, maybe a hint on the observed water colours inside the building. iinteresting thing that around 280 Celsius PuF6 automatically reacts to PuF4 + F. for reactions of F with anything…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqLnSkLalOE&feature=related recriticality or not….. it is really very stinky slime that melted out and there are more concerns for structural integity than radioactivity ….

    • arclight arclight

      interesting point about the red water! and interesting qoute on the link you gave

      “Fluorine gas can even burn water because it breaks apart the water molecule.”