Fukushima mom comes to Portland: “10-year-old son started having symptoms — Nose bleeding and fevers”

Published: August 19th, 2011 at 11:30 am ET


Portland families helping families from Fukushima, KPTV, August 19, 2011:

[…] Chifumi Brown, who’s from Japan, but now lives in Portland […] invited a mom from Fukushima, Yoshie Arai, and her son, Tatsuki, 10, to stay with them for a few weeks. […]

 “Yoshie told me her 10-year-old son started having symptoms,” said Brown. “Nose bleeding and fevers.  That’s made her feel like it’s time to get away.”

Brown told Fox 12 when Tatsuki first arrived in Portland at the end of July, he appeared pale and suffered from nightmares following the disaster. […]

[T]he Arai family, head back to Japan this weekend. […]

Published: August 19th, 2011 at 11:30 am ET


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70 comments to Fukushima mom comes to Portland: “10-year-old son started having symptoms — Nose bleeding and fevers”

  • arclight arclight

    “More than five months after the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, families in the disaster zone are still struggling to live normal lives. However, Portland families are reaching out to help, hosting moms and children from Fukushima and allowing them a much needed break.”

    is there a charity or community group behind this? or is it ad hoc arrangements?

    glad to see some movement on the movement so to speak!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Yikes! Enenews timed out again.
    Shall we pool together some funds for a better server? I could chip in a little. 🙂

  • Bobby1

    My new estimate of US excess deaths after Fukushima is 30,079.



    Portland deaths are up 10.8%. It’s double that in Berkeley and Boise.

    The hardest-hit area is the Mountain region – Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico. Oklahoma and Texas are getting up there too.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      TY you Bobby. Always appreciate your new figures. Scary…to think we aren’t EVEN close to this ending.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Bobby do you have an Acct at HP?
      Just curious.
      If not I will post this new report.
      Feel a little apprehensive now that some of you DO have accts. Feel it’s best to ask NOW.

      • Bobby1

        No, I don’t have an account there. But feel free to post it if you want. This is the only place I post now.

        And it’s not close to ending, it’s just getting started. When the grain and potato harvest come in this fall, it will get really bad. Around Thanksgiving, I suppose. Think of the Thanksgiving dinner… turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, three-bean salad… all contaminated.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Tell you what Bobby. Your work is so valuable and IMPORTANT. I’m proud to know you, really.
          I’ll post on the NEW thread. New comments coming in FAST: People need to know this INFO

        • dog_days

          Strikingly brilliant observation.

          There are only a few that realize the what, how, and when of it.

          The entire food chain of the Northern Hemisphere will be contaminated by December of this year. (that is my personal prediction that I have passed to family and friends who will listen)

          “All right kids, welcome to nursery school. Let’s start with a short vocabulary exercise. Can you all say Bio-accumulation? Good! I knew you could.”

          All you can do at this point is to prepare to mitigate.

          Here is my “short list”, I posted a more thorough/complete list a few weeks ago. Another person to ask would be StillJill.

          **short list**

          •have the obvious, this would include a supply of non-perishable food and a supply of clean water.

          •also should stock up on ammo and gun cleaning supplies (cheap for now) If you are against guns, rest assured you will be killed by one.

          Now to the list::::

          •Zeolite and Bentonite clay. Easily found from many sellers.

          •Chlorella and Spirulina. (do your own research, this post is already too long as it is)

          •B17 (a vitamin) cannot be emphasized enough.

          •20 Mule Team Borax™ 1/8 tsp. to 1/4 tsp. per litre of water. No more.

          •Iodine supplement (e.g. potassium iodide, Kelp, Miso (not from Japan) etc…)

          There are more measures that can be taken to reduce/mitigate radiation exposure whether inhaled or ingested or absorbed through the skin.

          What this is, is what it is… a very brief refresher course that can set you in the right direction.

          Elemental boron actually ionizes radioactive particles therefore rendering them, well, no longer harmful.

          Chelated boron supps that you buy in the vitamin section will not do this. Thus the Borax which is 11% elemental boron.

          I could go on, but I feel I may be boring you or coming across as some sort of kook. I am not. I will do the best under the circumstances to use whatever is available to me to protect/prevent/survive during what is just around the corner.

          We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

          The sorry truth is that it’s going to get much worse before it gets better.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Making such a claim about Borax, IMHO, without any references can cause potential damage to people.
            Borax is an insecticide:
            It says on the box of Borax:
            CAUTION: Contains sodium tetraborate decahydrate. Avoid contact with eyes. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY.
            INGESTION: Rinse mouth, give a large glassful of milk or water. Do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately.
            NOT FOR DRUG USE

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Boron (MedicinePlus Supplements)
            “Hormone-sensitive condition such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids: Boron might act like estrogen. If you have any condition that might be made worse by exposure to estrogen, avoid supplemental boron or high amounts of boron from foods.

            “Kidney disease or problems with kidney function: Don’t take boron supplements if you have kidney problems. The kidneys have to work hard to flush out boron….
            “Boron might increase estrogen levels in the body. Taking boron along with estrogens might cause too much estrogen in the body….
            “Boron supplements can lower the amount of magnesium that is flushed out in the urine. This can lead to blood levels of magnesium that are higher than usual. Among older women, this seems to happen more often in women who do not get much magnesium in their diet. Among younger women, the effect appears to be greater in women who exercise less. No one knows how important this finding is to health, or whether it happens in men.
            “Supplemental boron might reduce blood phosphorus levels in some people.”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Foods containing boron:
            How to detox from flouride—radioactive contamination
            “Major sources of the element were nuts, dried fruits, legumes, fresh vegetables and fruits.”
            Nutrition Beyond the Trends: Boron’s a Beneficial Bone Builder

            “Boron is widely distributed in fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. It’s found to a much lesser extent in animal foods and most grains. Thus, a diet that emphasizes meats, eggs, milk and bread at the expense of fruits and vegetables is highly unbalanced with respect to this potentially essential nutrient.

            “A radical low-carb diet could be barren with respect to boron, unless you were careful to enrich it with greens and legumes. If you’re avoiding fruits, especially dried fruits because of their carbohydrate content, then you are missing out on a potentially dynamite source of nutrition. If the diet is extremely low in fat, you’d be excluding the boron benefits of nuts.

            “Some of the richest sources of boron are in dried fruits such as raisins, prunes and nuts. These foods have nearly a full day’s supply in just one serving.”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate)
            “Food additive
            “Borax, given the E number E285, is used as a food additive in some countries but is banned in the United States. In consequence certain foods, such as caviar, produced for sale in the U.S. contain higher levels of salt to assist preservation.[9] Its use as a cooking ingredient is to add a firm rubbery texture to the food, or as a preservative. In oriental cooking it is mostly used for its texturing properties. In Asia, Borax (Chinese: 硼砂; pinyin: péng shā) or (Chinese: 月石; pinyin: yuè shí) was found to have been added to some Chinese foods like the hand-pulled noodles lamian and some rice noodles like Shahe fen, Kway Teow and Chee Cheong Fun recipes.[10] In Indonesia it is a common, but forbidden, additive to such foods as noodles, bakso (meatballs) and steamed rice. The country’s Directorate of Consumer Protection warns of the risk of liver cancer with high consumption over a period of 5–10 years.[11]….“
            “Borax, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, is not acutely toxic.[17] Its LD50 (median lethal dose) score is tested at 2.66 g/kg in rats:[18] a significant dose of the chemical is needed to cause severe symptoms or death. The lethal dose is not necessarily the same for humans.
            “Sufficient exposure to borax dust can cause respiratory and skin irritation. Ingestion may cause gastrointestinal distress including nausea, persistent vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Effects on the vascular system and brain include headaches and lethargy, but are less frequent. “In severe poisonings, a beefy red skin rash affecting palms, soles, buttocks and scrotum has been described. With severe poisoning, erythematous and exfoliative rash, unconsciousness, respiratory depression, and renal failure.” [19]
            “A reassessment of boric acid/borax by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Pesticide Programs found potential developmental toxicity (especially effects on the testes).[20] Boric acid solutions used as an eye wash or on abraded skin are known to be particularly toxic to infants, especially after repeated use, because of the slow elimination rate.[21] At a recent European Diagnostics Manufacturing Association (EDMA) meeting, several new additions to the Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) candidate list in relation to the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals Regulations 2007 (REACH) were discussed. The registration and review completed as part of REACH has changed the classification of Sodium Tetraborate CAS 1303-96-4 to toxic for reproduction.[22]”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Instead of taking pills, eat foods such as:
            Cilantro Pesto with Pumpkin Seeds
            In depth nutrient analysis:
            Prep and Cook Time: 10 minutes

            • 2 cups chopped fresh cilantro
            • 1 cup chopped fresh parsley
            • 3 scallion, chopped
            • 4 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped
            • 1 tsp ground cumin
            • 2 or 3 canned jalapenos, depending on desired heat
            • 1/2 cup coarsely chopped pumpkin seeds
            • 2 TBS water
            • 1 TBS fresh lemon juice
            • 2 TBS extra virgin olive oil
            • salt and white pepper to taste

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Research shows that seeds and nuts are “brain foods” that can also stabilize your mood


            Health And Fitness News: Benefits Of Boron

            Important sources: Fruits like apples, oranges, almonds, red grapes, pear, plum, kiwi, sultanas, dates, vegetables, soybeans and nuts are rich sources of Boron. Chickpeas, borlotti beans, hazel nuts, currants; peanut butter, red kidney beans, tomato, lentils, olive, onion, potato wine, beer, etcetera are also notable sources of Boron.
            • It serves as enzyme inhibitors: Boron might inhibit some enzymes while serving as a cofactor for yet another enzymatic reaction.
            Remember, even Elixir could turn poisonous in high doses
            Symptoms of overdose toxicity would include nausea, vomiting, weakness, loose motion, and dermatitis. In some cases skeletal abnormalities are also noticed. Normally boron is easily absorbed, and excreted through urine. In persons with kidney problems, boron might accumulate in heart, kidneys, brain and tissues.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Foods Containing B17 (Nitrilosides)

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            TYPE: Minerals

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            TYPO: Minerals

          • dog_days

            Wow Anne,

            You learned a lot in the last approx. 10 mins.

            See? That’s all you have to do.

            (please don’t fall for the corporate/pharmo angle that borax (elemental boron 11%) is bad for you.) It has no more toxicity than table salt. And as such should be consumed at a minimum. Not really sure, but I think I mentioned something like that.

            Oh what the heck! Go to town folks, and dine on an entire box in one serving!!! 😀

            I like cilantro. I’m glad you mentioned that.

            Problem is, unless we have it shipped in from New Guinea, it’s gonna have a slight sparkle effect to it (if you know what I mean).

            I hope this weekend finds you well.

          • arclight arclight

            @anne wow!! theres me thinking of becoming alot more vegetarian and hey pesto! you give us this informative piece….the pesto sounds so cool too!! of to get the ingredients….one important and serious point to note that in the coming decades uncontaminated land will need to produce a non meat diet for humans anyway…its a much more efficient way of producing food and medicines! if one good thing comes out of this disaster will be the need for more efficiency and less shareholders and lawyers.. taking a leaf out of icelands book, we could use the internet to replace a large chunk of the government rules and regulations too!!

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Actually, I spent the last 3 hours researching my answer, and hours on the subject on the discussion thread for Aug 8-14. Since I almost died of estrogen sensitive cancer 22 years ago, and only eat organic food for 22 years, and I took Borax for about 3 days after reading recommendations on this website, I was appalled when I started doing research on Borax as a supplement that I had taking Boras internally.

            My research on diet and nutrition has been ongoing for 30 years.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Microgreens: A Guide To Growing Nutrient-Packed Greens
            The foods in this picture on amazon.com opposite this list looks luscious.
            • Amaranth
            • Arugula
            • Basil
            • Beet
            • Broccoli
            • Celery
            • Chard
            • Cilantro
            • Cress
            • Endive
            • Mustard
            • Pac Choi
            • Pea
            • Purple Cabbage
            • Radish
            • Tokyo Bekana
            I was looking up books after reading xdrfox’s post on books on container gardening.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Even in agriculture, boron is a tricky subject – it depends on the vegetable or fruit you are growing.

            Desalination Post-treatment: Boron Removal Process


          • dog_days

            Sorry Anne, I just don’t buy it.

            Your timeline just doesn’t add up.

            But is that really important? NO.

            I mean you no disrespect in any way WHATSOEVER. I would like to add (and this my opinion only) that you researched the same articles/books/studies that were intentionally placed to make sodium tetraborate decahydrate appear as the poison from the bowels of hell rather than an effective nuetralizer of radioactive iso(insert term of the day here).

            Just as too much table salt is not good for you, well then excessive amounts of other salts should be restricted as well.

            It all boils down to common sense. There is a reason boron is poured onto nuclear accidents. Sucks, but that’s the way it is.

            Sodium tetraborate decahydrate, or any of it’s other various monikers is 11% elemental boron. Chelated don’t do that.

            If it doesn’t work for you then you should not do it.

            We’re all in this together.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            I research a lot of things. I still don’t see any links to your claims. I personally follow what medical doctors say from a publication that a medical doctor publishes with his name on the publication.

            There are side effects to everything.

            There are different motivations around.

            I found this when I was looking at activated charcoal:

            How will God save planet earth?
            I am reminded that God will take care of those who ruthlessly abuse the earth, its inhabitants, and their own freedoms. God will “destroy them which destroy the earth!” (Revelation 11:18) In spite of the outbursts around the world, we can still recognize unseen forces restraining the passions of men (Revelation 7:1). In the face of only greater catastrophes and wars we have a promise, a remedy, that assures us God watches over this fragile world. “Behold, I come quickly; and My reward is with Me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” (Revelation 22:12)
            How will God save planet earth? God knows!

        • dog_days


          “I personally follow what medical doctors say from a publication that a medical doctor publishes with his name on the publication.”

          Bleh. Therein lies your problem. Did it ever occur to you that there are people, be they doctors or whatever, will try convince you that you need to accept only what they say is good for you?

          It happens all the time. Some modernists call it merchandising. At one time it was popularized by the term “snake oil salesmen”.

          ANY THING published by ANY person in the health care INDUSTRY that presents a claim that in a roundabout way supplants their income, immediately throws red flags up screaming as loud as flags are able to do.

          I could be forgetful, but I think I might have said that “it all boils down to common sense”.

          If you blindly trust those that stand to profit greatly from you by intimidating/scaring you into a view point, then I suppose you deserve that.

          You are your own keeper.

          Now to your 11:50 am post:

          Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all collectively pull our heads out of our asses and not kneel down and pray to God to inconvenience himself to come save us from our way blatant disregard for the beauty of this planet?

          That’s not gonna happen, because there are a different set of forces in play that simply cannot be addressed at this site. In fact I would be willing to venture that if even mentioned less than 10% of the visitors here would even have a clue.

          I like you Anne.

          For now I’ll borrow a song lyric…

          “It’s tired and I’m getting late”

    • bigisland bigisland

      Aloha Bobby1,
      Thanks for new updates.

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      by coming to Portland, she simply delayed the exposure by eight days or so. It’s been hit bad.
      I hope she had a nice vacation, though.

  • norbu norbu

    I think its great to help people of the world. Is it possible that people from Japan coming to america would bring radiation with them? On there clothes in there blood stream? yes help, but with caution. What good does it do if you help and then bring radiation into your home? It is a hard situation. Help the children evacuate them all. Leave there clothes and belongings behind. Peace

    • CB CB

      It’s already here Norbu.

    • Doesn’t matter, if I die first they can have my home, they did no wrong !

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Since 3/11 all I have thought of is all the foreclosed homes and how we could house the Japanese temp. Robber Barrons wont do it though.

        • I said this too on a comment way back when at we have all them empty homes for to live !

          Shame on so many hypocrites !

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            xdr, I dont know what the answer is. When Corporations run the country, we’re screwed. Most Americans have hearts and deep compassion for others. How can we overcome this bullshit? I just dont know.
            That new Japan thread at HP? It’s full of posters saying: New Orleans
            I call bs! Many might disagree with me but it was the Governments response and inaction that forced people to riot etc, dont agree?

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Meant to say: Dont you agree?

        • nohobear nohobear

          For that matter, we could offer some of our abandoned and dying cities, like Detroit, as a refuge. It would be win win. Japanese families would be saved from radiation poisoning and those cities would be revived economically. But the xenophobes among us would decry the absorption of a large number of asians into “white america”.

          But you’re right. The banksters would never allow it. So much more lucrative for them to profit from misery and disaster capitalism.

          As a side note, keep up the good work Whoopie, but also take care not to burn out. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the unfolding horror in Fukushima. I take periodic breaks to garden or walk my dogs in the park. Keeps me sane and mentally ready to continue the battle against the corporate/government liars and killers of the innocent.

        • bigisland bigisland

          Dear Whoppie,
          When I think about foreclosures and all the houseless/homeless in many U.S. states, how will they vote for new american leader in 2012? Foreclosures may be a form of voter suppression…mass foreclosures may be a form of sedition Here is a pretty depressing but accurate articles on the michigan posture on homeless voting: http://michiganmessenger.com/4076/lose-your-house-lose-your-vote
          and on the general topic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Coalition_for_the_Homeless

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Agreed and it would be great to offer all the empty homes, Whoopie, but can you imagine the backlash among many Americans concerning jobs, exposure, etc.There would be so many people outraged and concerned for only themselves. Ahhh, what a species.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Oh yeah, there’d be RIOTING for sure.
          I wish I was anything but Human these days. 🙁
          Or Off this planet would be better.

  • shaktasna999

    I am definitely worried about bandwidth too. It’s all fun and games until it clearly gets to America.

    Our government makes the Japanese government look like Merry Maids.

    This government will shut down Enenews in a second-one way or the other.

    So yep I am ready to donate for even a backup blog.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I agree. And we better do it soon too. Good grief, YouTube even took down 2 of Dutchsinse videos RECENTLY from what I heard. NOBODY IS SAFE.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Want some INSPIRATION?
    I only just saw it this a.m.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    New Main about the EQ at HP
    I’ve got to get off here. Peace everyone.


    Colorado is where I lived. When this started I thought that I already had my lifetime limit of radiation from radiation therapy 25 years ago. I was planning to sell and move anyway. I am in the south now and I have had one unusual nose bleed and one unusual bleed on a tooth also I have been dizzy and that is new (it is really hot, I think it is just the heat).

    • lokay5 lokay5


      Our neighbor, here in Oregon, had several severe, unexplainable nosebleeds in early April.Severe enough to require an Emergency Room visit.

      It IS “hot”

      and not just with temperature.

    • arclight arclight

      holy cow heart

    • Canadian caribou affected by Japan quake radiation?

      Friday Aug. 19, 2011 1:37 PM ET

      WHITEHORSE — Scientists in the Yukon will include a radioactive analysis when they conduct this year’s annual contamination tests of the Porcupine Caribou herd.

      The additional test is in response to the release of radiation from several reactors at Japanese nuclear plants following the earthquake and tsunami north of Tokyo, last March.

      Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Brendan Hanley says there is no reason to believe the herd has been contaminated but says its worth finding out for sure.

      Local Research Scientist Mary Gamberg says officials just want assurances the meat is safe to eat …


  • Novamind

    Hats off to KPTV in Portland, Oregon. They have the balls to put storys on TV that the other local TV channels will not touch. A Fox news member.

    • arclight arclight

      @nova they are mould breaking and deserve our support…fox has surprised me from time to time during this disaster! go figure!

  • Sickputer

    I am so sad she and her son are returning to Honshu Island! They will be returning to a nightmare.

    • arclight arclight

      there are many japanese in england being put up! not enough but its a start! usually organised through friends! i can only hope they get the inspiration and opportunity to extend thier holiday!
      nice sentiment sickputer +100
      signing off for a bit!
      peace light and love peeps!

  • Snalla

    Sign me up, we will gladely take in a Japanese family. I havn’t the money to bring a family over, but if they can reach U.S. soil, our home is open. I’m located on the southern oregon coast.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    does anyone know if moonkai got to

  • flatsville

    There may be foreign exchange programs for high school students in your school district. They often need sponsors.

    For younger school aged children and families there are likely no options other than tourist visas.

    • arclight arclight

      this was a problem we came across… japan would have to ease its controls or take over the us bases and areas for domestic reasons…and i dont think the mahers of this world are going to let that happen to quickly, so the government is in a stalemate, i think! unless it organises mass exodus to america and elsewhere.. that would be thwe human thing to do….at least a part of japan is contaminated with plutonium and strontium etc…but like bikini atoll indecision will cause more radiological damage!
      remember bikini well this is worse!

      • arclight arclight

        repost by nova here to underline this point…nova made the point clearly here

        May 1, 2011 at 9:19 pm
        Evacuation the only long term answer

        Continuing on Bikini Atoll
        Quote from Wikipedia

        “The dose received from background radiation on the island was found to be between 2.4 mSv/year and 4.5 mSv/year (the lower rate is the same as natural background radiation) assuming that a diet of imported foods were available.[18] But it was because of these food risks that the group eventually did not recommend fully resettling the island.” -IAEA Bikini Advisory Group Report

        The contamination of the food chain led to the evacuation of the island after 8 years of partial resettlement.

        “In 1968 the United States declared Bikini habitable and started bringing a small group of Bikinians back to their homes in the early 1970s as a test. In 1978, however, the islanders were removed again when strontium-90 in their bodies reached dangerous levels after a French team of scientists did additional tests on the island.[10] It was not uncommon for women to experience faulty pregnancies, miscarriages, stillbirths and damage to their offspring as a result of the nuclear testing on Bikini.[11] The United States provided $150 million as a settlement for damages caused by the nuclear testing program.[12]”

        No Bikini Atoll

        An eight year test of exposure to low “safe” levels of radiation using human test subjects ending in evacuation and 150 million dollar settlement.

        Clearly, the resulting tragedy, death and mutation caused by deemed safe low level exposures over years, externally and internally is documented here in the tiny Bikini population.

        Again, we see that the big issue was identified as bio-accumulation of radioactive particles in the food chain.

        “The special International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Bikini Advisory Group determined in 1997 that “It is safe to walk on all of the islands … although the residual radioactivity on islands in Bikini Atoll is still higher than on other atolls in the Marshall Islands, it is not hazardous to health at the levels measured … The main radiation risk would be from the food: eating locally grown produce, such as fruit, could add significant radioactivity to the body…Eating coconuts or breadfruit from Bikini Island occasionally would be no cause for concern. But eating many over a long period of time without having taken remedial measures might result in radiation doses higher than internationally agreed safety levels.”[17]

        The same bio-accumulation in the food chain, seen in Bikini, is occurring downwind of Fukushima. Radioactive particles are accumulating in soil and water resources all across the Northern Hemisphere, along with additional higher background radiation totals which is being recorded by my beeping dosimeter.

        Clearly the Bikini re-population experiment has demonstrated what the future will look like for mankind, in as little as 8 years.

        “It was not uncommon for women to experience faulty pregnancies, miscarriages, stillbirths and damage to their offspring …”

        Apart from water purification and the importation or growing of radiation free foods, there is little that can be done to prevent the ingestion of contaminated foods and water. Once ingested, removal and protection by supplementation and cleansing protocols are second line defensive/protective strategies.

        To maintain these remedial actions indefinitely are impossible, given limited time and financial resources of individual family units. However, taking protective actions now will buy families time, time to think, time to discuss and plan a reasonable course of action.

        The Bikini re-population experiment ultimately failed due to the power of the principle of bio-accumulation and the bio-physics of internal emitters.

        A similar re-population experiment is going on in Japan. Sending school children into active fallout zones to attend school. Bikini history has already taught us, that ultimately evacuation is the only long lasting answer through the years.

        • arclight arclight

          so the japanese researchers have been to chernobyl! did they just fly over bikini atoll then??

          • alexa

            The Japanese govt. and researchers did not learn in school the Cause and Effect relationship. Which is same causes will produce the same effect: Cernobyl type radiation effects.

            They are either too scared to act or they are totally incompetent. Now it’s the time to start thinking out of the box to protect those Japanese children.

            Plus,a superpower or another will soon get annoyed enough to do something about their incompetence and corruption. I bet China, Korea and Russia are getting a lot of radiation, not only the U.S., Canada and Europe. Having a mega nuclear accident is unfortunate, but not doing anything to mitigate the damage to other nations is criminal and could be considered an act of war.

            Or alternatively, U.S. can successfuly sue Japan for damages to agricultural soil and irradiating Americans for damages equal to the debt of U.S. to Japan.

  • beamofthewave

    I want to host a Japanese child, how do I do it, I live in Dallas, Oregon which is 60 miles south of Portland. My house is kind of messy, but really not that bad and I have a dog and three cats and they would be welcome for as long as they want to stay.

    • Hang in there, keep postings, many of us have our doors open to The Japanese that can get here, All we can do is keep posting and someone will see from there and it will be their decision, Open Doors for a Person, Family !
      I keep a clean house but hire a young lady occasionally to freshen/tidy up the house with a woman touch ! Makes thing nice !

      : )