Fukushima Mother: Many children are showing symptoms of contamination — Nosebleeds, colds and coughs don’t end; Many kinds of eye problems — Tepco and gov’t ruined my life, I cannot forgive them (VIDEO)

Published: July 17th, 2012 at 9:41 am ET


Ms. Chieko Shiina, Founder of Fukushima Women against Nuclear Power, speaks at Creation of Care
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Published on Jul 15, 2012

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Ms. Chieko Shiina, Fukushima Mother: The people who have ruined my life and changed so many other lives, Tepco and the country, I cannot forgive them and I cannot forgive the contamination that’s been caused. 

I’m here to be connected with all of you, and to create more connections to fight nuclear power and the larger powers that control it.

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Shiina: But already since last May, many children are also showing symptoms of contamination. 

The children have been complaining about nosebleeds that don’t end, coughs that don’t end, diarrhea that last too long, many kinds of eye problems, colds that don’t end since last May, and many mothers have come together worried sick about their children.

Published: July 17th, 2012 at 9:41 am ET


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27 comments to Fukushima Mother: Many children are showing symptoms of contamination — Nosebleeds, colds and coughs don’t end; Many kinds of eye problems — Tepco and gov’t ruined my life, I cannot forgive them (VIDEO)

  • ML

    Please look at this MIT professor's article. "Scarey though the accident looked and sounded in the media, its radiological consequences are negligile." The downplay, the word smithing, the downright misrepresentation are disgusting. He minimizes the Japanese peoples suffering, just to champion "safer" nuclear. Who is paying him?
    And to say Germany giving up nuclear for renewable energy sources is akin to someone giving up driving because a friend crashed a car on a dangerous road… Not even that clever of an analogy, and it doesn't work.

    • I'll comment there ML

      How about you?

      • ML

        Done. Thanks for the prompting.

      • Someone posted a link to this Enenews post above!

        Good link. Maybe it will make readers think.

        I went technical. Here is what I wrote:

        Fukushima will kill many people, over time.

        New understandings of genetics, such as the bystander effect and delayed effects, reveal that ionizing radiation can produce genomic instability. Research has demonstrated that a single alpha particle transversal can break DNA. Cells not directly irradiated can subsequently produce progeny with damaged DNA.

        Ionizing radiation – even background levels – cause genomic instability. Ingested and inhaled alpha and beta particles are extraordinarily destructive of cells and DNA.

        Fallout from a nuclear disaster includes alpha and beta emitters that end up contaminating food and water.

        Radionuclides bio-accumulate and bio-magnify as they move up the food chain.

        It may take decades or longer for the full effects of the disaster to be expressed in human health consequences.

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Majia…Absolutely. DNA Damage is Forever!

          We need to visualize the future, not the past. The past
          Chernobyl videos will manifest again in the future as DNA is warped.

    • ion jean ion jean

      Incidious, but not surprised an MIT professor would defend his fuzzy science career with hubris!

      The fissioning of uranium has made guinea pigs of the entire human race…

      Fukushima is now a terrarium into which we may peer to gather evidence for our assertions about chronic disease…

      The March of Dimes…seeking the cure for…birth defects

      American Cancer Society…seeking the cure for…cancer

      50 Years Running and they still haven't found it?!?

      If they eliminate the CAUSE (radioactive contamination)
      Then they don't need to find a damn cure!

      All of these non-profits are intricately laced into governmental/global/industrial ties where they rob naïve consumers to pay their thinktanks to further their hidden agendas…

      Like keeping the lid on certain facts concerning radiation, nuke testing/plant meltdowns, the real cause of global warming (stratospheric bomb tests and "Oops, guess we poked a hole in the ionosphere THAT time, but, gee whiz, the beachfront hotel was packed and they served the grandest cocktails!")

      Go US, you were the first to poison your people, so you created the IAEA in order to give permission to nations like Japan so thEy could in time poison their own people too…

      Misery Loves Company.

      Wishing the particles fly right through/past y'all

      Goodnight Earth.

    • nedlifromvermont

      these people are ghouls … great idea to comment directly and strongly to this crap in the techreview and elsewhere …

      remember … MIT also has people like Chomsky who aren't and weren't fooled, but who now are guilty by association … these people must be shamed hard, in order to push them to break their silence, to shatter the myth of uniform approval from academics of these nuclear crimes …

      it's coming fast now ,,, GO enenewsers …. post everywhere the truth, in snippets, in full, whatever it takes … make them eat their words …. "negligable!!!" … this is what we're up against … and it's revolting … the dragon bares his yellow teeth …. but we are stronger because we hold the truth … they are merely usurpers who hijacked nuclear physics from its rightful owners …

      I will post a response to the techreview. maybe not so technical. but forcefully. These ghouls have hijacked history, and I don't mind missing all of Oprah and Dancing with the Stars …

      Keep it up 'newsers … we're winning!

      peace …

  • pierre

    there must be a special place in Hell for doctors who lie and, by implication, Kill.

  • ML

    "The Japanese government evacuated tens of thousands people from the area surrounding the plant to avoid radiation doses that would have had no measurable effect on their health." From the article cited above, written by MIT professor, Jacopo Buongiorno.
    Please, Professor Buongiorno, don't hide in your cubby at MIT. Go to Japan and tell people there to their faces what you are claiming. They might be kind enough to just ignore you.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      ML…So very well said. Please look up Buongiorno's email at MIT, and send him a copy of your statement. I truly hope you will do this. Since he's obviously a pale faced academic, afraid of the sun, flush him out, so that he can become afraid of the outdoors as are we.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Not just Japan. Nuclear energy is a failure, as proven by the fact that no one, not even the top nuclear expert, or all of them collectively, can stop a single damaged reactor from spewing.

  • ML

    Holifield stated: "if you are concerned about the safety of reactors, then I think it may be time for you to leave nuclear energy."[3]" California Congressman Holified quoted at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chester_E._Holifield as recalled by "Alvin M. Weinberg, who advocated inherent safety in reactor design.
    Please note that MIT professor cited above works on the safety of nuclear power plants. Holifield isn't around anymore, but he no doubt got paid well by Atomic Energy people to have 15 terms in Congress. So he epitomizes the "safety" mentality in this field, and apparently professor Buongiorno isn't bucking the system. Oh to have a sea of Gofman's around instead. Gofman was told by Holifield: "Listen, there have been others who have tried to cross the AEC before you. We got them and we'll get you." (Miller, Under the Cloud, pt 375). Holified was a clothing salesman before getting into Congress. Gofman earned a doctorate in nuclear and physical chemistry and later earned an MD degree. Gofman promoted the idea that even low levels of radiation over time could be harmful.

  • razzz razzz

    You might try this CBS slide show of the worst nuclear accidents as the list keeps getting longer and longer. Might be a few you never knew happened.


  • Radio VicFromOregon

    What this professor is doing is not so much deliberate lying, as what is called cognitive dissonance – an ability to ignore facts for a prearranged set of beliefs. Many, many millions of Americans were having cognitive dissonance about Saddam Hussein and WMD's. No amount of evidence that he wasn't responsible for 9/11 and that WMD's did not exist mattered to their opinion that these were true occurrences rather than made up stories. I worry that we will never find the means to help break through these people's denial if we keep seeing them as evildoers rather than as very, very stuck in their thinking. We cannot expect them to come to us, we must go to them. Unless we find a way to marginalize the opinions of everyone who promotes or supports nuclear energy production so that others stop listening to them and giving them the power to do more harm, then we need to find a way to dialogue with our opponents. When we don't, like the Iraq War, millions die. The consequences are untold.

    • richard richard

      Nice call Vic. It's a really tough issue. It's one area where I almost concede defeat. You'll never shift the thinking while so many are getting their mortgages paid and the air-conditioning on and the school fees and the credit card debts and the macdonalds blah blah. (of course, if we lost power for over a week a lot of them wouldn't survive).

      So what's it going to take? My general survey says hardly anyone knows the movie 'china syndrome'. The nuke industry has done a perfect job on smoothing down the sheets. We need to ruffle their feathers.

      Something high profile may help, like an 'in your face' disaster, or a Tom cruise movie.

      Protesting sort of works. I'm wondering about global anti nuke concerts.

      Of course, as much as you and I are individual thinkers, we are still apart of the collective. As much as we may scream that the lemmings are walking over a cliff, if they don't want to heed the call, then it's the march to extinction we deserve for being so, en-masse, complacent. You and I have to go down with the same ship.

      I've had debates with pro nukers, they'll spin the dogma, so any third party gets confused, The audience just loses interest if there is no big bang.

      Final thought, if we can promise 'free energy' with renewables, we may just short circuit all the nukers and the miners. This is possibly the better approach, talk to people about their hip pocket. Forget talking about nukes.

  • nedlifromvermont

    all approaches in all settings … go with the truth, with what you know to be true, and call them on their lies …

    how many millisieverts will it take before You say Uncle?

    Go 'newsers! Don't give up the ship!

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    The shill in the pic with Hosono from the last meeting really looks like yakuza (also known as gokudō). Look as his scowl; it seems to say, "One more word and I'll squish you like a beetle."

    I don't want to mess with his ilk.

  • arclight arclight

    nice bit of reporting from ryan in tokyo..

    Huge Anti-Nuclear Rally Yoyogi Park Tokyo July 16th 2012

    Published on Jul 17, 2012 by freedomwv
    On July 16th 2012 a massive of gathering of people from all across the island of Japan came together at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo for a day of music, food, activism and marching against Nuclear power. The people of Japan Occupied Yoyogi Park(the largest park in Tokyo located in the heart of the city). It was a massive showing of people of all ages and backgrounds. Another historic protest in Tokyo