Fukushima Official: Groups demanding measures to protect people from radiation are ‘lefty s**t’ — “I can’t help but only feel pity for their lack of intelligence”

Published: June 13th, 2013 at 2:20 pm ET


Title: Fukushima official Twitter tirade under fire in Japan | Bangkok Post: news
Source: AFP
Date: June 13, 2013

A public official charged with helping victims of Japan’s nuclear disaster who launched a foul-mouthed Twitter tirade faced calls to quit Thursday.

In a posting on the micro-blogging site Yasuhisa Mizuno said citizen groups demanding measures to protect people against radiation were “lefty shit”, a report said.

“I can’t help but only feel pity for their lack of intelligence,” he wrote, under the handle @jp1tej.

The Tweets, which had been deleted by Thursday, were reported by the Mainichi newspaper. […]

Full report here

Published: June 13th, 2013 at 2:20 pm ET


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17 comments to Fukushima Official: Groups demanding measures to protect people from radiation are ‘lefty s**t’ — “I can’t help but only feel pity for their lack of intelligence”

  • We Not They Finally

    Let Mr. Mizuno live there forever. Give everyone else passage OUT. Not lefty, not righty, just OUT.

  • weeman

    A public servant, serves the people, his employer, you are fired these security guards will escourt you off premises in fact I banish you to our most distant territory to live the rest of your life in shame.
    Find another profession you are not fit to serve and may you never see another cherry blossom.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Pffftt..I, personally, am going it roll off..like water off a duck's back.
    Intelligence and wits will meet again in the future…

  • Jaskal

    He should honorably disembowel himself.

  • Mack Mack

    Yasuhisa Mizuno said, "I can’t help but only feel pity for their lack of intelligence"

    I can't help but only feel pity for his lack of humanity.

  • Mack Mack

    Even the Red Cross is concerned about radiation exposure.

    The Japanese Red Cross has set the limit of radiation exposure to 1 millisievert for relief activities.

    This is being criticized by some as too low.


    • We Not They Finally

      How does this mean that the Japanese Red Cross is "concerned about radiation exposure"? That's cynical to the point of brutality on the part of the Japanese Red Cross. They're just "concerned" about too much outside help getting in there! Look. They expect CHILDREN to absorb 20 millisieverts a year (and of course it is WAY HIGHER), but relief workers have (for that area) miniscule limits of ONE millisievert, then they have to leave?

  • razzz razzz

    Speaking of 'shit' early on after the Daiichi meltdowns, prefectures were reporting high amounts of radioactive fallout from sewage treatment plants. Proving inhaling and ingesting fallout was unavoidable during the crisis far and wide. The processed sludge was incinerated as before without concern to re-releasing the fallout again and the remaining fly ash was sold to cement plants usually used for lightweight concrete.

    Haven't seen any sewage fallout contamination reports for a long time.

    I'm sure treated sewage is monitored here in the US for all kinds of things including radioactivity (for various reasons). Never heard about any readings here in the US probably because that would prove how much fallout citizens were exposed to.

    Still waiting for radiation decay chain test results from sea
    life deaths.



    • We Not They Finally

      Wow, razz, you are a trusting soul. Sewage "monitored" for contaminants in the U.S? Radiation tests on the dead sea life? Any chance of tracking radiation here AT ALL? But keep us posted. I'd rather you be right.

      • What I think you really mean We Not They Finally is what are the chances they will report the radiation tracking the US army most certainly does.

        • We Not They Finally

          Always glad for tracking. The more tracking, the better. But THE NAVY let its sailors (on the U.S. Ronald Reagan) be recklessly irradiated and they claim immunity from damages. And if the Army is so forthcoming, then why are U.S. troops still in Japan? (Well, I think they are. Maybe you know better.)

          • They definitely are still in Japan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Forces_Japan

            Interesting read. I've posted this link before. Japan pays US 2 billion $ a year for US army which has been stationed there since the end of WW2

            Glad you brought up US Ronald Reagan and the contaminated sailors. Do you really think an American (superpower) nuclear powered naval vessel equipped presumably for the possibility of nuclear war would not have sophisticated radiation detection equipment on board?

            The US army monitors for radiation 24/7 as their sophisticated equipment will detect for example North Korea bomb testing but they don't tell us all or even any results is what I think.

            • Some sailors got exposed more then others. The guy that folded up the flag that flew through that radiation got it worse yet if any of them get cancer or sick I doubt they will see any money from the navy. The less said about radiation as a poison the better for the powers that be and all of us here know that. US forces has never been about saving troops/sailors. They are cannon fodder as they always have been through the ages and across countries.
              Chinese dude told me how when China tested its atomic bombs they ordered troops into radiated testing area and to hide the sickness simply had them spend the rest of their days in detention. US did the same type of thing see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Plumbbob

              and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Crossroads#Test_animals and

              https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Crossroads#Exposure_to_personnel I do remember a tv documentary aired some twenty or more years ago where this ex marine involved in Crossroads tests had swollen legs and other sicknesses and was fighting for compensation but army denied his sickness was related to atomic bomb testing.

              Lots of tests and data has been accumulated by the US army and others and they know the dangers of radiation in high and low doses and most likely antidotes but they only want to minimize effects in the name of national security. Its all lies basically and sometimes it feels like a slow walk to the gas chamber.

  • Unfortunately, this is what modern politics looks like. Yes, Mizuno is the right person for the job because the prime objective of everything Japan does is not to protect its citizens from radiation but to protect its citizens from the truth of radiation. But Mizuno is so sure he's right about everything he got caught flapping his big mouth on Twitter, tipping off the people. Now there will be the usual spin fake apologies but they are just sorry the truth came out, in a fashion. Meanwhile, most people will shrug their shoulders and carry on. People everywhere need to wake up and start complaining about all the spin (spin really is what us plain folk call bu!!sh!t) that passes for politics these days.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes and no. It's worth being creative, since in this case they will just meekly DIE if there is no truthful public voice. The MOTHERS should organize big-time and take the sick kids (there are tons — over a year back, 60% of kids under twelve in that area tested positive for DIABETES! — God God!)to a videographer, then do some peaceful but highly disruptive sit-ins at the Diet. It takes energy, it takes leadership, and people are (obviously, understandably) beleaguered and frightened. But there is NOTHING about just meekly dying that is better.

  • papacares papacares

    1 First they ignore you,
    2 then they ridicule you,
    3 then they fight you,
    4 then you win.


    looks like Japan has entered stage 2 of the process