BBC: Fukushima plant in “unprecedented crisis” and it’s getting worse, says Japan nuclear official

Published: September 17th, 2013 at 11:01 am ET


Maclean’s (Canadian magazine), Sept. 16, 2013: The last thing anyone wants to hear regarding a nuclear accident is “unprecedented crisis” and “getting worse.” Yet that was the frank assessment Tatsujiro Suzuki, [vice] chair of Japan’s Atomic Energy Commission, gave about the Fukushima power plant in an interview with the BBC earlier this month. […] efforts to contain the disaster are failing. Water being used to cool the still-molten cores is leaking into the Pacific […]

Japanese Atomic Energy Commission: “This organization coordinates the entire nation’s plans in the area of nuclear energy.”

BBC News, Sept. 3, 2013: Dr Tatsujiro Suzuki, vice chairman of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission, told the BBC that the situation at the nuclear power plant was an “unprecedented crisis” and that it was “getting worse”. He said the plan to freeze the ground around the site was “challenging”, and a permanent solution was needed. The technique has only been used on a small scale to control pollution before but not with radioactive contamination, he added.

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Published: September 17th, 2013 at 11:01 am ET


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14 comments to BBC: Fukushima plant in “unprecedented crisis” and it’s getting worse, says Japan nuclear official

  • ftlt

    The whole planet's health as a living space is getting worse rapidly and this worsening is accelerating..

    From tropical forest destruction to fracking to ground water depletion to ocean pollution/acidification to the FUFU and other nuclear threats… You can name every human relied on life system and it is found to be rapid decline..

    We need to take to the streets to demand justice and an end to the runaway crony capitalist Emprie/s that are to blame for all these worsening conditions..

    Our lives are not being made better by this system.. They are being threatened by it.. Perhaps, doomed by it – and sooner not later…

    To focus on FUFU a single stand alone big problem is a mistake IMO..

    FUFU is just more scat left behind by those who only seek more profit and power for the few..

    FUFU is just highly visible symptom of a system that has run amok with ours and our children's future well being and perhaps our ability to survive on this planet..

    SMASH GLOBALIST EMPIRE.. It is a world killer..

    Your corpo job is part of the problem.. The universities are part of the problem…. The NFL, MLB and FIFA are part of the problem.. They are all infected with the disease of the Global Empire For The Profit Of The Few..




    • We Not They Finally

      fttt, yes, AND…. as conditions deteriorate, and however aggressively the human population responds (and that's a rough road — they got Occupy to peter out real quick, for example), "the non-human population" (meaning no conscience, just wealth) gets even more aggressive and desperate and jerks the levers of control more dangerously.

      More likely is that first the Nikkei Index will topple, then the Dow will topple, then that "partial equalization" will create total chaos, and that's when really REALLY bad diversionary things can happen.

      Wish I shared your optimism abut "just organize." really do. I too grew up in a "just organize" world. By now there are too many anonymous, deadly ways to disempower people.

  • ftlt

    The below makes FUFU look like a small blemish…

    We need to stop what we are doing and live quite differently as a species… But, we go on a usual for profit and the NFL…

    Some stunning text and graphs to be found in the link..

    From the end of the conclusion of the article

    """Marcott et al. dryly state about this future prospect:

    By 2100, global average temperatures will probably be 5 to 12 standard deviations above the Holocene temperature mean.

    In other words: We are catapulting ourselves way out of the Holocene.

    Just looking at the known drivers (climate forcings) and the actual temperature history shows it directly, without need for a climate model: without the increase in greenhouse gases caused by humans, the slow cooling trend would have continued. Thus virtually the entire warming of the 20th Century is due to man. This May, for the first time in at least a million years, the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has exceeded the threshold of 400 ppm. If we do not stop this trend very soon, we will not recognize our Earth by the end of this century."""

  • nedlifromvermont

    Good find! Now what?

    Kill nuclear power first … it's the stupidest non-starter of all!!

    peace …

    • ftlt

      Ned: Now what??? = We must stand up in mass to the New World Order – the offshore borderless stateless ubber-capitalists must be stopped now before it is too late..

      Our now jack booted fascist nation state governments and media must be taken back from their control – it will not be pretty nor painless.. It is the only hope we have of stopping the madness…

      It can be done through relatively non violent means (the best way for meaningful positive change occur)..

      However, that does not mean people will not suffer, bleed and die at the hands of the proven to be always ready to be vicious and deadly Greedy Few, their sycophantic adherents and the always ignorant want-to-be beneficiaries of this new evil system that has the entire planet under its sway now..


      And you are right..


  • corium pudding corium pudding

    "Water being used to cool the still-molten cores is leaking into the Pacific…"

    Can anyone explain to me how — 2 1/2 years later with daily injections of water — the cores are "still-molten" but presumed to be in containment? That doesn't make any sense.

  • InfoPest InfoPest

    I was reconsidering my retirement plans in light of Fuku and thought I might sell my houses in New York and buy a small apartment building in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That million dollar building will probably be priceless when Fuku hits the fan.

    • Sickputer

      Fax me a tenant application when you're open for business. 🙂


    • ftlt

      INFO: You can run but you cannot hide from planetary geological epoc collapse and the nuclear holocaust that is coming..

      The 2 of them now are having a race to see who can end things first – And Mother Earth is smiling about it…

      The way she looks at it is – we humans were just a bad batch of what she had cooked up… She's about ready to start tossing us out into the trash bin of time and clean up the kitchen to start over on a whole new baking project..

      Wonder, what is next, insects or rodents or something wholly different and new??? …

      The "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" spoke volumes on this.. Maybe, she'll just call in the Vogon fleet to do the cleanup job..

      Info, you had better look to hook up with your very own Ford Perfect rather than heading to Buenos Aires in any case as No place on earth is going to be human friendly for long..

    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      SELL! Before its too late…..

  • Somebody needs to alert Prime Minster Abe about this.

    “unprecedented crisis”
    “getting worse”
    “efforts… are failing”

    Maybe send a memo to Mrs. Obama too. She seems to be the only one who can get the President to actually do anything. 😉

    • ftlt

      Chas: HAHAHAHAHA Obushma, is he hen pecked or lead by the nose…

      Mrs Obushma made it clear when he was running for the Prez the first time when Hillary was piling up big debts… She said, her family was not going broke to get in the White House… They must be doing well selling this and that now – They have and will do until something changes… Slick willy to Reagan.. A bunch of baby killing imperialist crooks for hire – the lot of them…

  • razzz razzz

    As you contemplate quality of life and shorter life spans with ever increasing background radiation levels, the Costa Concordia shipwreck took 500 engineers and 612 days later to execute a righting and that includes a planned restoring of the damage ecosystem (replanting sea grasses and whatnot) since the grounding occurred in an underwater sanctuary. Costs so far are 800 million dollars to float and eventually scrap the ship (originally cost 570 million to build). The main problem was the ship was just big and the largest salvage operation ever.

    Fukus has no plan because all the engineers in the world can't deal with the amounts of radioactivity onsite, anywhere near the melted reactors neither can robots or workers. In 2 1/2 years they have removed two unused fuel assemblies, that's it.