Fukushima plant worker: Even higher than 10,000 millisievert/hr at many spots in reactor buildings 1, 2 and 3

Published: August 17th, 2011 at 8:49 pm ET


Fukushima I Nuke Plant Worker: No Steam Gushing From Cracks, But There Are Many 10-Plus Sieverts/Hr Locations, EX-SKF, August 17, 2011:

In [independent journalist Kota Kinoshita on blog on August 15]:

(The same worker) also told (his contact) that there are 6 locations that exceed 10,000 millisievert/hr (10 sieverts/hr), unlike what TEPCO has announced.

Fukushima worker’s tweet:

I think that is true. But those are the locations that have been measured. I think there are many more.

[…] And Fukushima worker has another tweet that says:

In the reactor buildings of Reactors 1, 2 and 3, there are many spots that measure even higher (than 10 sieverts/hr) and we can’t go near them.

Published: August 17th, 2011 at 8:49 pm ET


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46 comments to Fukushima plant worker: Even higher than 10,000 millisievert/hr at many spots in reactor buildings 1, 2 and 3

  • theypoisonus

    These ‘tweeters’ are going to get caught and either lose their jobs or have to turn their phones is, methinks.

  • theypoisonus

    I have been typing wrong words all day. πŸ™

  • fenrig

    OK, while I appreciate all the news that I don’t get from regular services here, I would like some basic monitoring on quality.

    10,000millisievert/hr = 100SV/hr

    A message originating from a twitter post(!) and with a clear mistake in it shouldn’t make it on this (otherwise high quality) site. That kind of post detracts from this site’s image.

    • TraderGreg

      Nope – the article is OK, and your math is terrible. You need to QA your posts, before hitting the ‘Save’ button.

      1S=1,000 mS
      10S=10,000 mS

      One mili is 1/1000th part – at least in my books.

      Cheer up, we all make mistakes.

      • fenrig

        Ack! Yeah, I see what I did there. Apologies for the completely unjustified attack on the site’s credibility…

        Perhaps I should just that comment to myself for future reference.

        • You owned up, that says a lot for you! And it wasn’t an attack, it was an effort toward quality control. Chin up and practice with that calculator!

  • CB CB

    This whole meltdown and complete media blackout has had to been practiced our rehearsed by the authorities. It appears to have had a preplanned response in the event of a nuclear crisis, how often or how big a rehearsal took place is the question. cooperation from mainstream media with the great lack of publicity must have been rehearsed in some form our fashion.I’m sure it has a name, (project doomsday scenario# 4) Its sickening. I don’t even know what to make of the complete secrecy, media blackout, epa unacknowledged radiation reading blackout, canadas government cooperation with the whole cover up, and japans government not evacuating. Makes me wonder if there is already a new world order already in place, is there nobody in the chain of command anywhere with a sense of moral our ethical values that outweigh there obligation to follow orders. I’m on the east coast and I’m probably saturated with some types of radiation, soaked in the rain, drank spring water, are large leafy vegetables,
    And love milk and cheese, yes you too milk and cheese on ene.

  • CB CB

    Maybe the gulf oil spill helped with lessons learned about how to mislead and lie to the citizens.

    • CB CB

      Listen to me, how selfish. My daughters wanted to go to the water park that we have season passes for. I m must have looked weird knowing it was going to rain without lightening, and the long pause while I thought about the fallout, and current video of the cpm from canada. I said yes hoping the water in the park is diluted. What happens the the cpm during evaporation.

    • Maybe ?? It didn’t start there, Veitnam Vet, 68/69 !

  • NeverAnyDanger

    CB, I agree with you. The fact that the authorities and governments continue to be silent with so many people demanding answers and action and the flimsy lies make me feel that the government is an independent entity of its own. They don’t even try to make the lies believable. It’s clear people don’t believe them but we have so little influence they don’t have to pay any attention to us. The lies are insulting and shows what the government thinks of us.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Indeed CB,…do you remember the first ‘photoshoot’ the PREZ made on the gulf weeks late,…wearing a white shirt, beige slacks, and his Gal lackey wearing the exact same colors,…PRETENDING to look for tiny tar balls?
    How they kept us dumb on that one,….well, at least never took heat,…is still beyond me! Have you seen the video of the female beach cleaner-upper? Her face twitching,…CNS just wrecking this poor Gal’s life,…and she cries out for help. She’s just come from one of her co-worker’s funerals from this same shit! And NOT ONE WORD!

    Yeah,….it’s GOT to be one of the BIG theories,…that are NOT conspiracy,…just unfortunate FACTS. Facts that we are beginning to see,…. PERIOD. The masks are coming offff, make NO MISTAKE! AMEN!

  • CB CB

    Preplanned response on a street level, block level, containment level, city level, county, multy county, state, multy state,country and global leval. What entity is global? The military industrial complex, the ones your tax dollors pay out to. Your government, for you, by you, to protect you, and your family. Relax and suck up some radiation , its as safe as salt.

  • irradiated californian

    why are there 3 posts here, based on the same article?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Because it’s a damn big deal!…get it!

  • theypoisonus

    When I was a little girl, a very long time ago, and I would ask a question like that..

    The reply would be: ” to make little girls like you ask questions”


    Hey, Heart.. still tiffed, I see. πŸ™‚ off to bed for me.

  • What entity is global? Any multi-national company and any super-rich elite. GM can build cars in Mexico or China or even Canada (taking advantage of our free health care ) Whatever suits GM. Yeah cars are assembled in Detroit from parts sourced all around the world. None of these companies care about the American worker. Lets fly to Washington in our private jets asking for a hand-out. Apple may be American but the computers are built in China by people who are paid and treated poorly.

    Oh the banks screwed up better bale them out too. Could have paid off every single mortgage in USA. That would have been good for the economy but bad for business. Their business.

    Political boundaries are an illusion. BP shit on American waters, decimated a fishing industry and what did your glorious Black pres do? Nothing. Suits him to invade Libya but allow BP to get away with what amounts to an act of war. Two rules for two classes of people. Think I could dump my used engine oil on an American beach and get away with it?

    Same with Fuki. No monitoring no truth because Government is a servant to big business. Big business does not care about you or me. Big Business in general is just a bunch of roving thugs, the real terrorist. Pirates, mafia and biker gangs have more honor.

    The fact we here are willing to believe in an anonymous tweet over CNN is a symptom of what I’m talking about. People know the Emperor has no clothes but no one quite knows yet what to do about it……..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The Resistance strenghtens…and is a bit testy..with the BS questions…of moronic shills.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Typos… Don’t you ever wonder if folks like the shills on here tonight… ever stop to observe..learn….?
    They not examples of the mindless sheeple that inhabit the planet..
    The same…. blah blah blah.

  • WhatNow

    I suspect that the almost complete news blackout in the US is because of several factors. First, the extreme right has always loved nukes and nuclear power. So, they’re not going to give the story much play. On the supposed left you have Obama and his supporters. Apparently, Obama is very much beholden to a huge Illinois-based utility that generates most of its electricity by nuclear power plants. So, he’s not going to say anything and he’s going to make sure that the rest of the federal government is largely silenced, too. Third, there are those in the liberal media who have bought into the argument that nuclear power is one of the only ways to avoid global warming. So, that crowd is going to downplay it. Fourth,the MSM in this country is mostly owned by a handful of corporations. So,it won’t take many advertisers with nuke investments at stake to further silence any news outlet that might get out of line. Fifth, you have those who may have huge investments in Japan who want to keep a lid on the story until they can extricate themselves from their investments (if everyone knows, who are you going to sell too. Sixth, frankly tragedy, especially long draw out ones like Fukushima, probably doesn’t help a news outlets ratings. While the latest garbage celebrity scandal does. So, even without being hushed up most outlets will avoid the story (It’s too much of a bummer, man) Last, you have a society that is to busy being entertained by video games, trash TV, sports, et.al. to care or demand coverage.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Admission that corium has left the building..is a big deal…

  • WhatNow

    I should have added that if this was occurring in Iran, the story would be getting 24 hr wall to wall coverage. But, since Japan is our friend the opposite is true. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were even more vested interests with a common goal of playing down this event.

    In summary it doesn’t take a coordinated conspiracy, just a bunch of powers that be who for their own different reasons have a common interest to suppress this story.

  • WhatNow

    On a different note, the main point of this story makes me suspect that the planned dome is going to be another disaster.

    So, we have this nuke plant that’s giving off millions of becquerels per hour of radioactive steam. I’ve read where the Japanese plan to air condition this dome to keep it cool once it’s in place. Hmmm, what happens when steam hits a cool surface? Why, it condenses of course. As this highly radioactive water slowly drips to the ground, the radiation levels will rise until it becomes totally uninhabitable by man or machine. In the meantime I couldn’t imagine anyone being able to work under this dome while they’re being exposed to a steady sprinkle of highly radioactive water. After the area under the dome become uninhabitable , what are they going to do? I guess it’s better to concentrate the radioactivity around the plant than to let it keep spewing all over the place. Of course this will only be a temporary solution as it’ll still slowly be leaking into the ground water and the ocean.At least the dome should keep more of the radioactivity from getting over here via the air. What a horrible mess.

    • Jebus Jebus

      It’s kinda fitting, a circus always has a big top.

      Should work pretty well, till the first typhoon rips it to shreds!

  • James2

    The reason the government is complicit with the coverup was revealed – ever so subtly – in the article a couple weeks ago about Britain closing the Sellafield MOX plant.

    Surprisingly they said they were closing this MOX plant, but they were keeping another one, and actually planning on building a new one.

    I couldn’t figure it out until I read the line that said – they had to continue with MOX production, because this was the only way to pay for Plutonium disposal and the government had already written off the plutonium stocks.


    The lights went on immediately. You see, part of the earlier arms reduction treaties was that governments had to stockpile money that was to be used to dispose of old warheads. In April 2010, Obama signed a new treaty which had a new word in it: “conversion” of nuclear material.

    Guess what? They’ve already reallocated the money for disposing of the stuff, and they are building a MOX plant in South Carolina. And they were planning on selling the nuclear fuel back to us in the form of electricity.


    I want to know where the money went – I can let my imagination run on that one….

    • James, I always enjoy your posts. Wherever the money went it wasn’t to you or me. Americans are cool but your government sucks. Stupid wars all over the place draining your economy. There is a lot of money in the world for a privileged few.

      And a very small amount available for the “we the people”.

      Can’t think of anything more ridiculous then grinding up plutonium to make money. Oh then calling the process “green”. Who ever thought that one up is one sick Mo Fo!

      Hope people wake up…….