Fukushima plant’s ex-chief “in worse shape” — Almost impossible to question him, says Tepco — Suffering from cancer and stroke since 3/11

Published: February 4th, 2013 at 11:04 am ET


Title: Prosecutors seize testimony of former Fukushima nuclear plant chief
Source: Mainichi
Date: Feb 4, 2013

Prosecutors investigating responsibility for the Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant disaster have seized testimony from the plant’s former chief, who cannot currently be questioned due to poor health.

Prosecutors obtained records documented by a government disaster investigation team, apparently judging them necessary in deciding whether they can form a criminal case against the former chief, Masao Yoshida.

[…] according to TEPCO sources, Yoshida, who has been reported as having esophageal cancer and having suffered a stroke, is in worse shape now than when he was questioned by the government team, and it would be almost impossible to question him.

Title: PROMETHEUS TRAP (4): U.S. official sought ‘heroic sacrifice’ from Japan
Source:  AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
Date: Feb 4, 2013

U.S. official sought ‘heroic sacrifice’ from Japan

At 9 a.m. on March 16, 2011, Kurt Campbell, assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, invited Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki into his office in Washington, D.C. […]

Campbell went on to say that the Fukushima plant was in a very dangerous state and that immediate action was necessary. One phrase that caught the attention of embassy officials was “heroic sacrifice.” Campbell said such sacrifice was necessary by the several hundreds of workers who would have to go in while realizing what dangers were in store for them at the Fukushima plant. […]

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Published: February 4th, 2013 at 11:04 am ET


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23 comments to Fukushima plant’s ex-chief “in worse shape” — Almost impossible to question him, says Tepco — Suffering from cancer and stroke since 3/11

  • patb2009

    high cesium levels attack the arteries.


      Oh, this is too much! JAPANESE Weight Loss Program! Use irradiated green tea, irradiated prebiotics, and irradiate probiotics to lose weight as a commercial, (As seen on TV commercial on Hallmark Channel)

      Not a joke! Of course they don't say irradiated, but this is un-fricking-real!



      Don't they really mean Nuclear Diet??!!

      Just take Chemo, 'cause I have seen dramatic weight loss due to the same type of treatments.

      Insanity Rules!

  • TepcoSievert TepcoSievert

    I remember seeing pictures of Mr Yoshida with visible lumps on his throat. Are we going to continue to hear pro-nukers telling us that this "accident" has caused no deaths other than from "psychological stress"? What did Mr Yoshida wish to disclose?

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      I knew Yoshida was a dead man as soon as I saw this:

      "…According to Tepco, it was not Mr. Yoshida’s decision to step down, it was decided by Tepco. Mr. Yoshida is expected to talk about the truth when he finally becomes free…"

      That was by onodekita last year.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The "crime" is "allowing reactors". We're helpless against the spreading radiation from Fukushima Daiichi. And every scientist in the world is helpless, as well.

    We will outlaw reactors, but it must to happen soon.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    A nation that has an operating nuclear reactor is a danger to all other nations on Earth. As we have seen at Fukushima, an operating nuclear reactor is as dangerous as a nuclear weapon. Can we really hope to tell nations like Iran and North Korea that they can build nuclear reactors, but not nuclear weapons? Doesn't the technology from nuclear power translate perfectly into the technology fir nuclear weapons. Don't we have to outlaw both technologies in order to live in a safer world?

  • buzzz buzzz

    I'm currently wondering: Is there any reason for citing both articles ("Prosecutors seize testimony of former Fukushima nuclear plant chief" and "PROMETHEUS TRAP (4): U.S. official sought ‘heroic sacrifice’ from Japan" under one headline?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      @ buzzz. Yes. both articles are important and contain different information, very different information. Read the Prometheus entries and you will see this to be true. We need to know all of this. But under one headline? Maybe so. Maybe not. We just need all this information whether under one headline or two.

  • Jay

    The deceit continue .

    Let's remember that the tsunami started all this .

    Let's remember that the Scientists/Engineers ( not politicians ) decided to built the plant so low and so close to the ocean shore ( just as other nuclear plants world wide ) . A tsunami can be triggered also by a Meteorite !

    So it was the engineers fault for locating the nuclear plant there in harm way , a danger known and found in the local sediments .
    Proof that the politicians don't have a clue about what's going on technically : since the construction of dozens of reactors there were many government changes and no in-office politician 'coughed' …

    Blame the culprits , the engineers , stop fooling yourselfs , politicians don't know how to built or plan nuclear reactors .

    They just want to give you a ( dying ) escape goat , and sure enough the sheeple took the bait , just as practiced and trained daily by the main media and shill 'commentators' .


    • Anthony Anthony

      You make a good bunch of points. If *Judgement Day* on this was in a week, who would be the culpable parties? You think you know that answer, but do we really?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      It was started by a lot of things which were going on before the earthquake. The corruption of the nuclear industry is exemplified by Fukushima. The safety checks were falsified. It was built on landfill and sedimentary rock, not bedrock. It should never have been built at all.

      No nuclear reactor should have even been allowed to operate after 20 – 30 years. Radiation corrodes metal and causes concrete to crumble. The nuclear waste will be destroying the earth for many thousands of years. Putting MOX fuel in reactor 3, especially in a unit that should have already been decommissioned.

      There is no successful decommissioning of any nuclear reactor in the world. There has been no safe storage of nuclear waste in the world and there never will be.

      Then, it was the earthquake that caused the cooling pipes to burst. Even without the tsunami, meltdown was inevitable.

      Please don't make up false justifications to keep building more reactors and creating more nuclear waste. Climate change alone caused by nuclear reactors is destroying the earth. The radiation will fry everything.

      There is no place to go. No place to hide. The radiation outside the earth's atmosphere will kill everything. Destroying the atmosphere is ultimate suicide and genocide and murder. The scientific community should be using the science to grow organic food.

      The greed for money is causing science to ignore truthful and life sustaining science.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        "Destroying the atmosphere is ultimate suicide and genocide and murder."

        It's now Omnicide:


        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          TIS — Omnicide and human responsibility:

          >>"…the concept of omnicide raises issues of human agency and, hence, of moral responsibility…"<<

          It is OUR CHOICE. It is up to us to educate others till this is understood. Otherwise, "Bye bye, tootsie!"

          Is there enough time? I do not know. I only know we must act as if there is and do all we can!


      technically, Jay, it was an offshore earthquake that triggered the tsunami…

    • Auntie Nuke

      No – the earthquake started this. The tsunami made it worse. There was originally a cliff upon which Fukushima Daiichi was supposed to be built, but the numnutz engineers determined that it would cost less to transport the pieces into place if the cliff were lowered, so they cut off the top of it to bring it to its more vulnerable position. If it were at the original height, the tsunami would not have reached it.

  • ruppert

    It's a little late to play the blame game as we now have one example of what can (and will) happen as all the nuclear plants around the world age and the owners just walk away from them when they aren't willing to fix or upgrade them and leave their waste in their wake to kill and mutate life far into the future.


  • Mr Yoshida was to my recolection the one who disregarded Japans Prime ministers orders to not use sea water for cooling. He realized that even though sea water shouldn't be used in this case it had to be used to avert a bigger uncontrolled melt down. He is a hero, not a scapegoat. So much for a career in nuclear power. All you get is a shortened life.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Right Mark! Yoshida disobeyed orders and used sea water which Tepco didn't want to use because Tep hoped to save it's capital-invested equipments from se water damage uber alles!

  • J.

    — A nation that has an operating nuclear reactor is a danger to all other nations on Earth. As we have seen at Fukushima, an operating nuclear reactor is as dangerous as a nuclear weapon.

    I concur. This is the realization that has hit me so hard since Fukushima melted down. This is the realization that everyone must come to if humanity is to survive.

    • many moons

      Oh but that is the difficult part….getting people to understand the danger of nuclear power….
      Yesterday I was speaking with an a woman who was dealing with the gulf disaster, and helping people who had been effected by the BP oil spill. I brought up the fact that there continues to be oil around the site and she responded…no there isn't…I said oh yes there is, her next response, If there was oil and a continuation of a leak I would have heard about on the news…The national news these days could easily be confused with Entertainment news….there is very little national reporting…it focuses on other countries then skips to insignificant and sometimes cute and quaint national stories….there is no more news.
      Where I live the newspaper is only printed 3 times a week and it filled with ads.
      So back to the question of how to inform people….I see a gap there as big as the grand canyon.

  • lam335 lam335

    "… Yoshida, who has been reported as having esophageal cancer and having suffered a stroke, is in worse shape now …"

    So much for the nuke industry's claims that there were no significant health consequences from Fukushima.

    No doubt they will insist that it was just the result of stress and dismiss it.

    The men who stayed at the plant in the early days were indeed heroic. They knew melt-downs were inevitable and knew the potential health impacts, but they stayed and fought anyway.

    The TEPCO executives who stayed off-site were shameless, irresponsible, and greedy cowards.