Fukushima Plume Arrives at West Coast — Expert: “If this was of greater health concern, we’d be very worried”; One model predicts levels over 1,000% higher than another, “this is not really acceptable” (GRAPHIC)

Published: February 25th, 2014 at 11:37 am ET


BBC News, Feb. 25, 2014: The likely scale of the radioactive plume of water from Fukushima due to hit the west coast of North America should be known in the next two months. […] researchers from the Bedford Institute of Oceanography have been sampling waters along a line running almost 2,000km due west of Vancouver, British Columbia. And by June of last year, they were detecting quantities of radioactive caesium-137 and 134 along the sampling line’s entire length. […] One of these models anticipates a maximum concentration by mid-2015 of up to 27 becquerels per cubic metre of water; the other no more than about two becquerels per cubic metre of water. […] [Dr Ken Buesseler from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution] expects [it] to be evident very shortly in US waters. […] no federal agency has picked up the monitoring responsibility.³

Precisely matching the yellow from the most concentrated part of radioactive plume, to the yellow in the color scale reveals levels slightly off-shore could approach 100 Bq/m³. Black was filled in over yellow in order to delineate which part of the plume matches which part of the scale. Graphic at top is the original prediction map. (SOURCE: BBC)

Dr Ken Buesseler, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Feb. 24, 2014: “What we have to go by right now are models […] these predict numbers as high as 30 of these becquerels per cubic metre of water. It’s interesting: if this was of greater health concern, we’d be very worried about these factors of ten differences in the models. To my mind, this is not really acceptable. We need better studies and resources to do a better job, because there are many reactors on coasts and rivers and if we can’t predict within a factor of 10 what caesium or some other isotope is downstream – I think that’s a pretty poor job.”

Yahoo News — Live Science, Feb. 25, 2014: Fukushima’s Radioactive Ocean Water Arrives At West Coast […] John Smith, a research scientist at Canada’s Bedford Institute of Oceanography […] and his colleagues tracked rising levels of cesium-134 […] By June 2013, the concentration reached 0.9 Becquerels per cubic meter, Smith said. […] They are awaiting results from a February 2014 sampling trip. […] models suggest that radionuclides from Fukushima will begin to arrive on the West Coast in early 2014 and peak in 2016. […] Buesseler thinks even low levels of contamination merit monitoring, both for human health information and for the wealth of data about Pacific Ocean currents […]

See also: [intlink id=”professor-pbs-consolidated-mass-radioactive-water-moving-unison-across-pacific-west-coast-study-fukushima-nuclear-material-stays-confined-narrow-band-ocean-support-concept-random-dispersion-map” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 25th, 2014 at 11:37 am ET


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189 comments to Fukushima Plume Arrives at West Coast — Expert: “If this was of greater health concern, we’d be very worried”; One model predicts levels over 1,000% higher than another, “this is not really acceptable” (GRAPHIC)

  • bo bo

    'Peak' in 2016… then wane ?

    • Daisy207

      They can't shut the source off. No it will peak (probably sometime in the next 50 years) and then stay high for the next umpteen hundred thousand years. In the mean time those that survive through this coming generation will be sterile and won't be reproducing – so the levels won't matter any more. There won't be anyone here – at least not of our species – to care anymore.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        I've read that the radiation will continue to increase for the next 260,000 years. But they will never admit to that. Every statement is just another cover up.

        • Arizonan Arizonan

          I would really like some hard numbers on how long the reactors are likely to be releasing their contents into the ocean. Everyone says something different. Gunderson is saying 100 years, but I think that is optimistic. 260,000 years? Possible, but why do they keep needing to refuel nuclear reactors if the fuel lasts that long? I would welcome any clarification here. The plume is not likely to stop in our lifetimes, though, that is for certain. That means the coastal radiation numbers will just keep growing.

        • FallOut FallOut

          Separately, company documents show that Tokyo Electric tested the Fukushima plant to withstand a maximum seismic jolt lower than Friday's 8.9 earthquake. Tepco's last safety test of nuclear power plant Number 1—one that is currently in danger of meltdown—was done at a seismic magnitude the company considered the highest possible, but in fact turned out to be lower than Friday's quake. The information comes from the company's "Fukushima No. 1 and No. 2 Updated Safety Measures" documents written in Japanese in 2010 and 2009. The documents were reviewed by Dow Jones.

          The company said in the documents that 7.9 was the highest magnitude for which they tested the safety for their No. 1 and No. 2 nuclear power plants in Fukushima.


    • lam335 lam335

      Peak and plateau?

      It will probably rise and then stay steady at that higher level for the foreseeable future.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Did anyone notice the accepted level of C-137 is 10,000 bq per cubic meter of water? They detected C-137 last June 2013 but they call it pollution?

    • Peak? as in orgasms or what? What are we doing to the oceans? What effect will it have on the food chain?

      How does that radiation from the ocean move up through the food chain to people, especially to children and fetuses?

      Who is monitoring THAT?

      Monitoring the ocean is ok, and important.. but what about the other end, where it all ends up concentrating at the top of the food chain?

    • We Not They Finally

      Who said anything about "wane"? Endless gushing doesn't, cannot, produce "wane."

      We've seen your posts, bo, and gather that you are in Japan. We dearly hope that you can LEAVE, since no, this will not "wane."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "To my mind, this is not really acceptable. We need better studies and resources to do a better job, because there are many reactors on coasts and rivers and if we can’t predict within a factor of 10 what caesium or some other isotope is downstream – I think that’s a pretty poor job.”

    Yep.. and since you're it..'kelp boy'..a pretty poor job is being done.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Liar..all government agencies..have received wordage.
    All the suck-ups to the NSF ..and the chain to the top..will say what has been told for them to say.

    Believe you me.. all forms of studies are going on.. in academia and the military/government.

    But what do they learn?
    Nothing..other than more shrewdness ..and belief in their own lies.

    And to the NSA…headsets ..ready for word of the opposition.
    Word from those that dare to try and defend ..the best interests of the people.

    We're all in our places..
    Do 'absorb in place'..your own treachery and deceit.
    I doubt your pale hearts are capable.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Heart of the Rose

      I Agree…

      Liar Liar pants on fire…

      Quote: The likely scale of the radioactive plume of water from Fukushima due to hit the west coast of North America should be known in the next two months

      You already know..You have been testing all along.
      The public is just not on the know to know list.

      You took our information down long ago, wonder why.
      There will be no warning before hand, for the public.
      This has/will all happen like a thief in the night, we won't know.

      You have proven the health and well being for the public is no concern of yours, by having these plants in the first place.

    • Logic and senses have their limits in the nuclear industry. Mostly there is no 'room' for intuition, empathy for people suffering, or compassion for all living beings on the planet, much less an awareness of consciousness.

      It is like they are all in a prison of their own making, but because the prison is so toxic, everyone outside the prison gets to suffer along with them.

      Radium; The Epic Story; via @AGreenRoad

      • It would be really nice to be a king with unlimited power. The first action would be to have the nuclear industry and those involved be the ONLY ones to suffer the consequences of what they are doing to the planet..

        All radioactive spills, accidents, and 'legal' releases, are all concentrated just on them, no one else, and no other life forms.

        Sadly though, it is the whole planet and all life forms that suffer and die..

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi Dr. Goodheart

          If I was Queen for the day..I would want the power to clean this world up. I would not want anyone to suffer, even those who have allowed this to happen.

          However that's never going to happen. So, in my own slice of evilness I'm glad that those involved who created all this, eventually will be in the same boat as everyone else.

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Actually 'they' are going to save themselves by moving into the crust of the planet. If you read Hollow Earth theories, you will have an understanding of how things are down there. I believe David Icke talked about that in one of his marvelous books; either, The Biggest Secret, or And the Truth Shall Set You Free. In my novel, Journey to the Underside, (Amazon, under my 'real' name; (Emmanuel is my nom de plume for certain comment streams and other things I have written, such as a history and philosophy of law which people are using successfully in courts up here), I have explored things and places I discovered in my years of esoteric research and 'conspiracy theories'. The book takes the reader through over 600 pages of adventure and interesting speculations which might give people a clue as to where the elite could be hiding. Other places 'they' might be heading is Tasmania or the Antarctic; a continent with some very interesting 'secrets'.

            HAARP can be used to effect even more harm to the west coast, than the Fuk up plume. There is an active program afoot to cull back human populations. Watch the movie, 2012, and you will see what is planned for our future in addition to the radioactive reaper coming our way.

            • 4Yahshua

              2~27~5995(out of 6000)in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"!

              When you mentioned the plans of the "elite" I instantly thought of the movie "2012". In the original film when "What's his name?" was looking for the plans in the trailer in Yellowstone, he first picked up a pamphlet that was titled something like "Instructions for Being Underground".
              My question is "WHEN do THEY plan to go THERE?"
              The last few days we here on the West Coast have been warned about a huge rain storm coming our way on Friday but rain possibly beginning tonight. Warning like this has not happened before in my memory. I am wondering if SOMETHING ELSE will happen then (i.e. a quake or another more cataclysmic event in Japan). With this Vatican-controlled world, a ruckus happens at the front door while something else sneaks in the back door!
              The ultimate result is the world's governments enforcing "The Mark of the Beast" which is the Vatican's Christian CROSS. Revelation 13:18 Greek Diaglott, Free on The Web. The #666 = (morphs into the name Jesus Christ which does have the mark of the cross (X as in Xmas!) The wise saints are sealed in the Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua), Revelation 14:1
              HalleluYah! This ancient transliterated Hebrew (YES JEWISH!) word means, "Praise ye Yah!"
              Yahshua the Messiah returns VERY SOON and no 33 year Bush Senior New World Order under The Vatican's Christian CROSS can stop HIM!

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      'The Conspiracy Theory Is True: Agents Infiltrate Websites Intending To "Manipulate, Deceive, And Destroy Reputations"'

      "In the annals of internet conspiracy theories, none is more pervasive than the one speculating paid government plants infiltrate websites, social network sites, and comment sections with an intent to sow discord, troll, and generally manipulate, deceive and destroy reputations. Guess what: it was all true."


  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Dr Ken Buesseler, of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, is SUCH A TOOL!
    What is wrong about Fukushima is the poor quality of our computer models?
    The lack of predictability, rather then the destruction of the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem, is the thing that is "not really acceptable" about Fukushima?
    "Buesseler thinks even low levels of contamination merit monitoring, both for human health information and for the wealth of data about Pacific Ocean currents."
    The good thing about Fukushima is that by following the movement of radiation, we are going to get "wealth of data about Pacific Ocean currents"?
    Really, Ken? Really?
    Ken, you might or might not be much of a scientist, but you really have to start thinking about what you are saying. 😉

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      PhilipUpnorth… you are right, Ken is a tool, of the government a retired military guy working for Woods Hole that is majorly funded by the government. I really am sick of hearing anything from his mouth. If his lips are moving then he is lying.

    • Vince Vince Ivey

      Ken needs to be kendnapped and made to sing like a damn canary – preferably from a Plutonium contaminated salt mine.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "What we have to go by right now are models […]"

    No real data..
    Ya..then on with other projections.
    I can draw with crayon ..too.

    • What's your favorite crayon color?

      cesium green

      plutonium grey

      stronium silver

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        I prefer ..the azure of a clear sky.
        The tender shades of white and grey..(in naturally generated clouds.)
        The soft green of the moss on the north facing side .. on the pink and black granite boulders ..under the pine tree ..evergreen in it's tone.
        The blending of gold and silver..in the light of the stars.

        • poetry in motion, Heaven on Earth…

          Nice! 🙂

          • Homolumina Homolumina

            There is a myth to be found in many native cultures. It says that humans are actually stars who have fallen on the earth, and that is how heaven comes to earth… I wonder what fell out of the sky that is responsible for the state we are in…

            • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

              Actually it did not fall from the sky, that which is afflicting us; that rose out of a pit of vipers deep in the earth; a hole so foul, so obnoxious the stench alone will kill you; old stone covered with fungus and slime; dripping, dripping, blood and pus. That, Virginia, is where your oppressors come from. The hole is better known as the Pit of Hell and the dwelling place of the God of the Underworld; Satan, the fallen angel who thinks Our Father can't see him, deep in his filthy hole.

  • weeman

    How can a educated person make such a statement that levels will peak in 2016, when the leaks have not been plugged and with the recent reports of massive amounts of contamination being released into ocean and no data on over two hundred different radioactive isotopes.
    Find a new line of work your field is being eliminated, the writting is on the walls of the containment building.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      It is a big f…ing mind game they play. And "they" are organized and have a goal, we, the public do not, so we can be treated as sheeple because that is how the masses behave… and are kept in order to serve the ruling elite…

      • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

        Yes, unfortunately democracy has shown that a small but well organized minority can rule over the disorganized masses, primarily through control of the money supply, and the use of simple tricks to distract, divide, and confuse the masses.

        One possible cure is to educate the people. But until they come up with a "smart pill" and a "stand up for yourself pill", educating the people may have its limitations.

        Another possible solution is to hold government officials to the letter of their oaths and legal duties. It's no excuse that the shadow government has been "going on for a long time." It's no rationale to believe that "the constitution says whatever we want it to say", particularly when those suggestions about what it says come from elites who haven't sworn an oath to protect it. It's no justification to to believe "the people don't care anyway"; when the money is gone and the elites have flown off with their half of the winnings that weren't nailed down, and these government officials are chumming to bail-out their gold-plated pension plans, then the people will care.

        The easiest fix is to revise bribery and RICO laws to include agreements between third parties, even without the knowledge of the public officials being improperly influenced.

        Starting with one blabber mouth, a few special prosecutors could then roll the whole thing up.

        • orsobubu orsobubu

          >unfortunately democracy has shown that a small but well organized minority can rule over the disorganized masses, primarily through control of the money supply, and the use of simple tricks to distract, divide, and confuse the masses.

          this is a perfect statement, Alaskan Ice. I would add, that is not democracy. They give us "democracy" when things are going well, they give us fascism when they turn shitty. I call it imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism; and I call "elites" with their true name: imperialistic bourgeoisie

          >One possible cure is to educate the people

          first educate, second organize, third shake; this is a semiotic process: semantics, syntactics, pragmatics, the semiotics of revolution

          • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

            Thanks Orsobubu. Although educating the people is important, I suggest other critical vulnerabilities:

            Historically, Imperialistic bourgeoisie held legitimate authority. Nowadays, the shadow government has no legitimate authority and must continually scheme like a revolutionary cabal to manipulate the levers of power. Mostly, they avoid verbalizing because they sense the risk. However, getting done that they want to get done requires A LOT of coordination, whether with words or winks and nods.

            The ,ajor critical vulnerability I see is the RICO/bribery criminalizing of third party coordination for political influence. For example, it's not enough to criminalize Congressmen who fall on their swords over one of "their" pet issues and then get a seven figure lobbying job. Rather, we need to criminalize the third party coordination that made it possible. An extra few words added to the federal (or even state law) bribery statute, then bootstrapped with RICO, would do the trick. Boils down to similar strategies for hunting revolutionaries, oddly enough.

            The other critical vulnerability is control over the font of money. Nowadays after peak oil, money printing can only be non-inflationary if there is considerable commodity and FX price suppression, primarily with derivatives, pricing "windows" and commodity exchanges. . .

            • orsobubu orsobubu

              >and must continually scheme like a revolutionary cabal to manipulate

              yes, they act in a counter-revolutionary way; this is their historical task, divide, conquer, rule. I suppose we would do the same, if we were in their exact place. I cannot grasp all of yours references to US politics, since I'm italian, but I got the general sense. Do you think extraordinary money printing in US will backlash in extraordinary inflation? Will they be able to control the factors you pointed out, or their choices could tank the economy? And, could this inflation extend to other countries? could the exit strategy be a fascist political form internally, and an aggressive behavior abroad? You're not Argentina, you've got the bombs, you've big responsabilities! Do you live in Alaska?? Excuse me for my OT questions.

              • Arizonan Arizonan

                I think what people overseas do not understand, and what increasing numbers of Americans do understand, is that basically we appear to already be living in a fascist state, whereby the corporations and the government are one authority. It watches out for itself, not the people.

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        Now, here is an idea for people to consider. Watch the movie, 2012 and you will see what is coming; likely all at once when the final pieces are in place, to cull world populations. The west coast of NORAM sinks into the sea. Yellowstone blows up. And a huge tsunami hits the east coast and takes out the White House, which would not be such a bad thing if that was all it took out, but, alas, millions go along with it. Actually, computer models have shown that when the west side of the Cape Verde Islands slide into the Atlantic, the resulting wave will be over 100 stories high and will inundate the east coast to a distance of 500 miles in land. When Yellowstone goes; and it will be sooner than later, judging from the swarm of earthquakes which have already been recorded all around Lake Yellowstone, the diameter of the resultant fallout will be some 5000 miles! I've been aware of this for some years already, thanks to Mitch Battros, who kept me updated. He is one of the first people to identify the effects of the sun's cycles on our weather. According to many who have researched, The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, HAARP, can set it all off virtually at the flick of a switch. Read: Nick Begich, Angels Don't Play This HAARP. Earth Pulse Press, Anchorage, AK.

        Yeah, there are actually human like creatures hard at work murdering the planet. It is time to round them up. Maybe they can be dropped from helicopters and used to 'plug the hole.'

    • Cisco Cisco

      Exactly weeman…"models suggest that radionuclides from Fukushima will begin to arrive on the West Coast in early 2014 and peak in 2016".

      This kind of misinformation is cruel and criminal. As long as Daiichi continues to fission and discharge highly contaminated water, there will be no end to the plume. In fact, the plume will become more radioactive and concentrated as this disaster rolls on.

      Plume? Here's your plume. Please excuse this re-post; and, lets look at one credible scientists who's estimated the real size of the "plume".

      "150 cubic miles* of highly radioactive water (multiple billions of Becquerels per cubic meter) in 3 years. 50 cubic miles per year is what's pouring into the Pacific.

      3 years from now, the radioactive plume will be 300 cubic miles. If you think that can be wished away by "dilution", then you are as brain dead as Kenny boy and the rest of these psychopath shill scientists.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8gd1OU4X9g at 41.45 minutes into the video

      *Calculations/estimates by Gordon Edwards, PhD, President & Co-founder, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (CCNR) http://www.ccnr.org
      Gordon Edwards bio at: http://akiomatsumura.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/bio-notes_11_08.pdf

  • Socrates

    The "experts" ignore bioaccumulation. They ignore that 90Sr emissions will continue along with the 134/137Cs.

    Our ocean and our beaches and our atmosphere will become vectors of death. Who gave the nuclear cabal the right of taking without due process and without just compensation. They have abrogated this right upon themselves to.destroy the commons and cover up the damage by lies in the media propagated by "academics" whom they control through university grants and a system of tenure.

    And who will suffer the most? Why young children, of course! What brave men are these who poison their young? The known vulnerability of the young is one-thousand times as great. Women, too, are more vulnerable in gestating and lactating.

    Who will stop these madmen obsessed with power and caring only of money? How can they be stopped? Why can't they see the damage they do to this beautiful planet and the people within?

    Radionuclides such as 131I and 137Cs concentrate in the thyroid gland where the master hormone regulates metabolism and brain growth in infants. Where will they stop?

    15 nuclear power plants and numerous chemical plants in Ukraine are vulnerable to the neo-Nazis who seized power. Again, the arrogance and stupidity endangers us all. They will not stop until all is destroyed. They will kill their own children as they grasp for power. History proves this fact.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    There is the issue of the original dump.
    The majoritive of Unit 3 .. has been making it's away and showing increase.. exhibited by the condition of the animals in Alaska, etc.
    So I think there will be a forward crest.
    A wane?
    The remaining coriums are gone ..into the ground ..groundwater in contact with the sea.

    Who knows when.

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    Right now on CNN: children in California develop neurological symptom with limb paralysis – I might get paranoid, but could that be radiation related ?!

      • American Phoenix57

        See if you can make the connection. . .


        • Homolumina Homolumina

          I feel nauseated, the nightmare I woke up in has many chambers, one door after the other opens and releases another horror movie … Thank you Aftershock, American Phoenix, Socrates, NewsBlackout, Dr G. and so many more – thank you for the education and integration into the community. Because I am growing eyes that see I was alerted when I saw the report this morning… So, what is happening – also – is that the nuke puke creates all kind of diseases and then the other vultures join in and provide us with the drugs, the explanations, life style, and what else useless stuff we might consume and keep the wheel spinning… in what a nut house am I in ??!!!

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Sociopaths now rule the roost and everything is upside down. War mongers and climate sophists are given peace prizes. Murdering liars become presidents and prime ministers. Illegitimate monarchs rule from stolen thrones under assumed names and get away with mass murder and pedophilia; even the murder of their own. Satanic monsters become popes and give their blessings to legions of child molesters singing 'Ave Maria,' while they worship everything but HE Who told us to call no man master or father. Lies have become truth and myths have become the history of the people, who know no better because so few of them can read anything more than an advertising brochure.

            Yeah, Homolumina, the world is FUK ed up. We need a new Tshirt. "UnFuk the World".

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            You are becoming very wise… 🙂

            • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

              The growth of wisdom is a life long pursuit. Wisdom is the seventh and ultimate mind spirit with which we fine tune all of the others: intuition, understanding, knowledge, courage, council, and worship, to put ourselves on progressive paths of self development. IE: We are in charge of our own evolution. Nobody else can do it for us. It helps if you know who you are and who your ultimate parents are. I AM that I AM, the son of God and Gaia, the planet of my birth.

              Once you make that connection, there is no end to what you can do and achieve, because you draw you power from The Source. Wisdom is not far behind this realization, but a natural outgrowth.

              Now, if you couple those realizations with the Light, the Life, and the Way Jesus of Nazareth showed us; you are on a path towards wisdom of sublime levels; which will 'blow your mind.' Jesus showed us to be a FREE THINKER. He showed us not to trust authorities and question them at every opportunity. He read, and read, and read, every important book He could get His hands on. Jesus of Nazareth was a brave, courageous warrior for Truth and knew how to counter sophistry because he was a scholar and someone with a mind that worked in overtime. I am proud to say that Jesus of Nazareth aka Michael of Nebadon is my older brother and sovereign. He and I walk together lots and have very interesting conversations, indeed.
              Halelujah! Amen.

    • Pick your poison; GMO, vaccines, white flour, white sugar, low dose radiation working up through the food chain, trans fats, flu shots, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, dyes, and flavors, chemicals of all kinds 20,000? of them, plus indoor air pollution..heavy metals, and much more…

      It's a wonder we are alive and kicking.. It is amazing the insults that the human body can tolerate and still stay functioning.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Dr. Goodheart…You are correct, and succinct. 🙂

      • American Phoenix57

        Here is a handy dandy guide I wrote a few years back. Read and share.


        Dr. G, I have learned a lot from your radiation related posts over the last few years. I hope I can pay it forward with some info from my site.

      • Homolumina Homolumina

        Totally agree…

      • Ontological Ontological

        Go Doc! You tell 'em.

        People HATE me for the same thing. Do I care? Nope! I rub it in by tellin' 'em "Your 3 years too late for that Matey". I use a Rainbow machine water vacuum, use the garage for a decontamination zone, and the house levels on the GMC 300E inside still is VERY low. Diligence rules despite the fact you can attacked by FUKU dust, and became deathly ill anyways. We starve/fast a lot, helps to think clearly, and plainly is one of the best ways to avoid bio accumulation.
        If the food shows a drop even a little from background buy it. Clean anything green completely. EAT NO MEAT. I feel her aboriginal spirit strongly.

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        We human beings really are something, aren't we? However, in spite of the heroic efforts our bodies make against the onslaught, we succumb much too early because of it. The human body was designed to last about 350 to 500 years. I am 63 and just now coming out of my teens and heading into adulthood, only to look towards only a very few years to go in which I still want to achieve so much. I am hedging my bets by making sure I eat well and try to avoid fluoride. However, I know it's a losing battle and am okay with it, but feel terribly cheated. I've still so many more books to write and paintings to make. I still have not finished my concerto for accordion and orchestra. When asked, 'who wants to live forever?' I shout from my roof top, 'I DO!!!" So, for those of you who are okay with the idea of killing people with nuclear and other poisons, I say to you; your malfeasance will catch up to you and you will get your just desserts. More and more people are waking up daily. Eventually we will reach a critical mass and 'you' who would be our lords will tumble one by one from their thrones and deposed into the dustbins of history.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          …tossed from your thrones…

        • Actually, there is some evidence that these bodies were built to last well over 1000 years..

          In another way, there is no death and we live forever, but to take that leap, a person needs to get beyond framing reality inside physical bodies and the senses.

          In a paradoxical way, this also offers hope, because this reality is but a faint reflection, a smoke and mirrors kind of show.

  • combomelt combomelt

    Caption from the chart above:, "Precisely matching the yellow from the most concentrated part of radioactive plume, to the yellow in the color scale reveals levels slightly off-shore could approach
    100Bq/m³. Black was filled in over yellow in order to delineate which part of the plume matches which part of the scale. Graphic at top is the original prediction map."

    black – very appropriate

    100Bq/m^3, ugh^10

  • bf9 bf9

    It seems governments aren't willing to say/admit how bad this is, so for the new person finding their way here in the last few days I'll happily do it for you. Sad that I can do what an entire government can't and won't…

    It's bad, really bad. Unimaginably bad- probably much worse than anything you've heard previously. The entire northern half of the pacific ocean is contaminated with nuclear waste in the form of Cesium, Strontium, Plutonium, Uranium, Tritium and well over a thousand other isotopes. From Alaska to Hawaii, Mexico to Japan. Because of the (at least) triple "China Syndrome" meltdown this is not a one time release, but a constant deluge of EXTREMELY contaminated groundwater flowing through the melted core remains and into the Pacific 365, 24/7, since approximately 3/11/11 on the order of 400-2000 tons per day. There is no effort to stop this even today, and it will continue unabated for at least hundreds of years. TEPCO and all world govt's have been repeatedly and endlessly caught lying to you about and low-balling the figures since day 1 but this concept shouldn't be a surprise to you as they do it in all other facets of daily operation. Scroll through the last few pages of articles on this site and you'll see how the numbers "magically" climb higher and higher.

    These isotopes don't dilute, doesn't work like that. Ocean currents cause the bulk of it to stay together, think of a lazy river at a waterpark while some falls off to the side…

    • bf9 bf9

      What's more, is that all the oceans are connected. This will very soon spread planet wide, the only thing we have control of right now is to stop the bleeding by making an effort at Fuku- in other words how contaminated our oceans will become. There are no beaches anywhere on earth that will be spared from this in enough time. It is not safe to eat anything out of the Pacific ocean at the very least at this point, I don't eat anything out of any ocean at all. Impossible to guarantee where it came from.

      The other half of this mess is there were four explosions at the reactors, and at least one spent fuel pool fire. One of these was a nuclear detonation, a prompt criticality. This particular explosion at Unit 3 ejected many tons of cesium, released noble gasses, plutonium and other transuranic isotopes into the atmosphere and jet stream. This in a matter of days engulfed north america and in weeks the entire northern hemisphere. Just like the ocean, the atmospheric releases are continuous although not as intense as the initial blasts and fires. This WILL kill millions, if not billions of people worldwide and a good percentage of all species on earth. Anything short of that and you're kidding yourself. Do not panic, panic doesn't solve anything but what you choose to do is your decision. Anything ranging from "nothing" to "build an underground closed biosphere" is understandable and appropriate. Enjoy time while you can.

      You're welcome, stick around…do some…

  • We Not They Finally

    Ah, even Kenny Crapfest seems to realize that there is something wrong with no testing, wildly different models, that there might be ANY health concerns, that there are scientists and agencies out there even more clueless than him, or at least pretending to be…..

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    How controlled is the media? The BBC link shows the map with the plume clearly showing 10 to 100 B/m^3 while the article says the level is 1 B/m^3.

    Here it is;

    "Although the radioactivity concentrations remain extremely low – less than one becquerel per cubic metre of water – they have allowed the scientists to start to validate the two models"

    Exactly who has allowed the scientists to start validating the models?

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Ken Beusseler and Woods Hole; a spokesperson for government/corporate (read fascism) obfuscates?

      Every week Ken makes another interview. Every week this is the story; nothing to worry about, government wont test and neither can we for lack of funds.

      Woods Hole just got a gift of 5.6 million (equal to five full time well paid scientists for 10 years) "for projects in microbial biogeochemistry and for a follow-up study of radioactive contaminants in Japanese coastal waters" This is on top of their 200+ million annual funding from government/corporate sources

      To hear from Ken just how safe and unimportant Fukushima is compared to natural radioactivity and Chernobyl, see the Woods Hole production answering this important question


      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Codeshutdown…re: the video with the dramatic music in the background .. as the narrator feeds the public the Fukushima radiation won't hurt you communion crackers. Ken Bs'r is a fully funded government lackey…I saw a few enenews posts on that video so maybe people will come here and find more truth than woods hole will ever release.

  • "…no federal agency has picked up the monitoring responsibility."
    – Dr Ken Buesseler BBC article

    There is only ONE REASON for not doing thorough testing and it's not because it's unneeded or unnecessary.

    This should be obvious even to a casual observer. 😉

  • these psychopaths believe that the only way to hold to the deniable plausibility is to never test, never see anything, never say anything that can be held against them in a court of law, the have only contempt for the court of public opinion.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    After scores of interviews, Ken is getting better at the cover up. With plankton bio-accumulating cesium 10,000 times, we can kiss the last of the plankton eating whales goodby. ….OH my god, (eyes spinning wildly in sockets) what will that do to the tourism industry???

    Just remember this Ken; when the whales and dolphins are dead, you may be out of a job! The razors edge, eh?

  • Nick

    Test not what your country won't test for you!

    We test for everything; reading scores, polio, prostate cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, lead, radon, carbon monoxide, CO2, nitrates in water, etc. etc. Don't tell me we don't have the funds to test for Fukushima fallout.

    The reason is as plain as day….plausible deniability.


  • rogerthat

    After fukushima, a whole bunch of bad stuff started happening to live things. It would seem logical to assume that pretty well all of these bad things – depopulations, dieback, deformities, hair loss, bleeding, rashes, sores, headaches, nausea, vomiting, acute lethargy, loss of use of limbs, heart failures in young, healthy people, thyroid nodules and cancers, leukemias, widespread destruction of marine life, etc etc – had a single cause, radiation. This is not a matter of leaping to conclusions, it's just logical to make that assumption because radiation from fukushima is everywhere, and where there is more of it there is more mayhem. This matter has been studied for 100 years, everyone knows radiation does harm.
    So the correct method of attacking the problem should be to assume radiation is to blame for all these anomalies, and investigate on that basis until the facts overwhelmingly force you to abandon the hypothesis, and proceed to the next most likely suspect. The onus should be on science to prove that the hair loss suffered by people downwind from Fukushima is not the same as the hair loss suffered by seals and walruses on the Pacific west coast. Is it not blindingly obvious that the two events have a single cause? I mean, how stupid do you have to be? Duh, duh, duh.
    Not to mention Fukushima heart; there's a Chernobyl heart, Fuku is maybe 50 times as big as Chernobyl, so take a look, see if we have Fukushima heart. Or the Chernobyl necklace, take a look …

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Regarding radiation and hair loss:

      For several months I domiciled in a house across the street from which stood a cell phone and WiFi tower. During those four months I experienced daily hair loss of some volume which became apparent in the shower. I thought it to be unusual and somewhat worrisome, but, since I have lots of hair was not overly afraid I was going to go bald. Since moving away from the irradiated place, I rarely remove a few hairs when I wash them now. I am happy for that, however, I still have hair to spare at my age. Good nutrition for the most part is the reason, and good DNA, I suppose. My dad had a head full of hair on the day he passed on in 1986. But, that was also before cell phones and WiFi, the other radiation processes 'they' have polluted us with, with impunity. It's a wonder to me. How do 'they' prevent themselves from being poisoned? Or is it that 'they' are not human and can live in an irradiated environment? Just wondering.

  • razzz razzz

    "One model predicts levels over 1,000% higher than another…"

    That will happens if you have hot spots. That Kenny is such a lightweight. Thought I saw him standing at an on ramp with his hand out and a sign around his neck saying. "Beware of the great unknown"

  • rogerthat

    … or the deformities, take a look. There is a heartrending 40-minute film out there somewhere of the Chernobyl kids, and all you have to do is look on google images and you will find the deformed consequences of radiation strewn across the globe, thanks to depleted uranium warheads and nuclear plants. At one level, there really is no need for testing, all the work has already been done, everyone knows radiation is to blame for all of it. There are whole libraries of studies showing the connection.
    So i wish people would stop pussy-footing around this and just call a spade a spade. When in doubt, blame fukushima and stick to your guns, you will never be proven wrong, and when they do finally test you can criticise them for wasting money on proving the obvious.

  • rogerthat

    They will test soon enough if everyone stops eating the seafood, or if people start selling up and leaving the west coast. however, i wouldn't trust the results, ha ha … everything they do is aimed at calming the herd.
    "My baby whispers in my ear
    Mm, Mm, sweet nothings
    He knows the things I like to hear
    Mm, Mm, sweet nothings''
    – Brenda Lee, on youtube, it's a blast.

    Read more: Brenda Lee – Sweet Nuthin's Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      leave the west coast to go where? new mexico, florida, north carolina–poison everywhere, there is nowhere safer to go to anymore. radiation, fracking, oil spills………

      • Ontological Ontological

        Clean up where you are. I have spent the year after skull cancer surgery getting ready for the next 5 years. Too bad my wife, and I only have maybe 2 years left of CLEAN stored food remaining. Our 5 year plan included a fix for this. Guess what? It ain't fixed, cuz it just plain ain't fixable for cheap.

        "These chicks are talking about Fred. Hear them? They are saying cheap cheap cheap". The I love Lucy Show.

  • 74 One Liner Lies of the Nuclear Cartel
    Classic One Liner Lies of Nuke


    When someone, be it media, a research organization, a government speaker, whoever, starts pimping out one of these lies, then you can start reading their material in a new, more suspicious light.

    As a future project, I intend on following each sentence with a link to a concise debunk of each of these lies. Its like shooting fish in a barrel. Anyone who wants to volunteer a link and debunk, send as a comment.

    As you folks come across other nice One Liners, drop them as comments and I will add to the list.

    1.''No immediate health effects''
    2.''At safe levels to eat''
    3.''Nuclear is safe"
    4."Nuclear is cheap"
    5.''Dispersion in the ocean makes it harmless''
    6.''Dilution is the solution''
    7.''Too low to measure''
    8.''Safer than eating a banana''
    9."Larger dose from flying on an airplane"
    10."Sleeping next to someone gives you a larger radioactive dose"

  • GQR2

    Here's one stock,
    My family and i live here,therefore it must be safe.

    • Yes, those paid pimps did actually say that at WIPP

      • mairs mairs

        Another one… If you spend so much time on Fukushima that means you don't care about the tsunami victims.

        One howler from another site which was pushed over and over right after 311… The children of Japan want the silly foreigners to stop being hysterical about Fukushima. The children are asking for you to stop exploiting them.

  • rakingmuck

    Hi GQR2 Don't know if this is happening to you but many of my friends are sick. They have upper respiratory distress, rashes, migraines. They are all Fukushima deniers so I no longer say anything. But when all of your friends are complaining about something, something is not right.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Chem trails are also responsible for upper respiratory distress. We have been breathing heavy metals and a newly introduced nano technology which is very detrimental to all breathing creatures and plants. Every time I see those lingering trails of poison in the sky, I wish I had a rocket to shoot the plane down, or had access to the airport where those planes land and fuel up. I would want to take an armed guard and sheriffs to citizen arrest every crew member of those planes and charge them with treason and attempted murder. The same action must be taken against the pro nuclear power elite and their minions in the Houses of Commons, Parliaments and Senates in every country where the nuclear lie has set up shop. That has to happen immediately. There is no time left for more studies and research projects for grad students. The people have to act now. Make the sheriffs live up to their oaths.

  • How can you tell when a nuker is lying……

  • Nick

    I ran into a colleague today who says he is suffering from frost bite, numbness to the face and parts
    of an arm. At least that is what his doc says.

    Me? Methinks it's Fukushima paralysis like what folks are seeing in California kids and the USS RR sailors.

    That's a note of human biology……

    Now to plants. For the past two years I have seen weird rosa rugosa growths in the wild, deformed leaves that just don't look right. I have also noticed heavy litter drops up and down the east coast of the US.

    I know my brain wants to attribute EVERYTHING wrong about my world to Fukushima and the nuke pukes. Makes for a simple reality.

    But then, Fukushima is simplifying our reality as we speak.

    Mind you, my observations are anecdotal.

    • rogerthat

      where i live, the sun comes up every day … but hey, that's anecdotal

    • wa6smn wa6smn

      I've been working in San Diego nearly continuously since June 2009. Just two breaks from Feb 2010 -> July 2010 and May 2013 -> Sept 2013.
      I'm experiencing numbness and weakness in my left arm and numbness
      of the skin on my right shoulder. The numbness in my left hand is
      contrasted with joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Quite a bizarre
      pairing…numb skin over burning joints. The numbness and pain started
      in a big way in March 2013.

      My 66 year old room mate had a breakout of hives in Dec 2013. He
      passed of a heart attack from strep aureus on his heart valves in
      January 2014. Just lost our 60+ database admin to a heart attack
      last week. Another friend in El Cajon survived his heart attack.
      Seems to be quite of flurry of them in the last month.

  • Daisy207

    More model crap – probably the same one referenced here but in a different publication. Models at best are 10% of the time 5% correct – once you get enough data to tweek the model to 95% certainty you don't need the model any more – the data say it all.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Thor's Hammer. Forgive my love of Sci Fi, but that dark area in the second graph resembles a Klingon Bird of Prey.
    If they test, we pay the tab. They find shit, & hide it. They find horrible results they still hide it. Someone blows the whistle, they shred as much credibility of the WB as possible, and still hide the truth. If they published data we would call for a shut down. Since the business of Plutonium making does not allow for living things and their safety, they tell us lies to cover the original lies from the original data but shut down is impossible. They burry barrels of waste from production in corrosive salt mines in shrink wrap plastic and claim, "Yup that'll hold em for about 10 thousand years". Clock out there day and slither back in their Draconian slime bucket for the night. Answers? Good luck finding data. Solutions? Ya they got em, nope they won't use em, because they believe their own lies. Lived them for years, convinced enough to even pass a lie detector test. Compulsive liars are the worst kind of Human snake. They remember there lies, who they told them to, and are masters of a most well spoken insincerity.
    Plutonium got this entire potential ELE started, and a safe bet is, it will finish the job. They are building 60 some odd more of these swamp O matic six packs of nuclear flea bombs WHERE? Thorium YEAH lasts a couple hundred years! 200 years of a Mad Max's Beyond Thunder Dome life style, if we even have that long.

    • American Phoenix57

      You ain't kidding. . .


      Sit down and crack a cold one for this site.

    • john dpugh

      timemachine / amercianphoenix It s caused by a virus .Not radiation . Please stop spreading disinformation .

      • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

        John dpugh-you sir are the disinformation shill here. You cannot prove or disprove eitherway. I say guilty until proven innocent at this point, with all the LIES the media and the gov has told us all these years. Nuclear radiation is the cause of 90 plus percent of all disease as far as Im concerned. So bite me.


          curious timemachine2020. When-and-if john dpugh's proven right about his suggestion that it may only be a virus, will you be so kind as to come back and apologize for your reaction to his post?

      • bf9 bf9

        Maybe so, but radiation has a particular inclination for mutating viruses. Can't provide links atm due to being at work but I assume that's common knowledge anyway.

      • American Phoenix57

        Artika Rama redux can't cope so he plays the dope. Just ignore him.

        • john dpugh

          bf9/ amercianphoenix57 Polio is a disease caused by a virus . It has been around long before any nuclear isotopes were produced. It was killing millions until they invented the vaccine .
          The symptoms of those children in california being "polio like "means just that . It just gives symptoms of paralyses , just like polio and many other polio like diseases.
          It is caused by a virus as they mentioned on the video and they think it is an EV virus.
          I am sorry to say but by calling radiation an infectious disease just shows that you don't know what you are talking about.
          You are spreading disinformation and that is the most powerful way of trolling and that is why i respond to your comments.
          This is my last comment on this topic so i am going to list you the reasons why polio can not be radiation
          1; Polio existed long time ago , long before they invented isotopes and radiation . Even in egyptian times
          2; Vaccine almost eradicated polio and there hasnt been an outbreak for many years in most countries , thus proving it is a virus
          3 the virus is identified and well known
          4 polio like symptoms are caused by many viruses which are not polio , they are only LIKE polio .
          5 polio causes paralyses but anything that can damage spinal cord can also cause paralysis , meaning not every paralysis is polio
          6 if it was caused by fukushima radiation we should be seeing it all over the place no just california
          I hope you stop spreading disinfo . There is a threat about how…

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    You guys are being a little harsh against the nukers. Just think of all the special olympians that the bomb testing, all the nuke plant melt downs and toxic waste releases have produced and will eternally continue to do so over the years. 🙁

    Fukunobyl Wipphanford

  • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

    It's not a plume, it's a "waste stream" of radioactive effluvium that will go on and on until someone stops the spitting molten cores.

    Now that it's finally here I guess we'll all get to see how bad it gets.

  • mairs mairs

    A piece about this at Salon. Those hardest hit by Fukushima fallout only got at most 1 or 2 cat scans of radiation. Nothing to worry about. Need some help over there. They only have a couple of industry shills posting.

    • American Phoenix57

      I'm done posting my usual hair raising quotes. . . now I'm pending. Lets see what kinda of balls the mods have.

    • American Phoenix57

      That was easy. . . I'll hang out for awhile and try to steer a few sleeping sheeple our way.

    • American Phoenix57

      last post at Salon. . .

      "I feel that at least several hundred scientists trained in the biomedical aspect of atomic energy –myself included– are candidates for Nuremberg-type trials for crimes against humanity for our gross negligence and irresponsibility. Now that we know the hazard of low-dose radiation, the crime is not experimentation– it’s murder."
      – Dr. John Gofman, former Manhattan Project scientist from Berkeley, CA. 1979.

      . . . 40 minutes of crickets and counting.

      • AlarmClock AlarmClock


        Post this at Salon (I don't have a salon acct or I would)

        The Salon article compares radiation from Fukushima to one or 2 CT scans.

        aN article in the NYTimes discusses how harmful CT scans are.

        From the article:

        "A single CT scan exposes a patient to the amount of radiation that epidemiologic evidence shows can be cancer-causing."

        Sounds like the Salon article is admitting that Fukushima will cause cancers if they're comparing it to CT scans.


        • American Phoenix57

          OK. Done.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Of course we are and millions have already succumbed from cancer and other related causative diseases since 1945.. 🙁

          They have known it caused cancer all along, but they still got/took their salaried government/rate paychecks like clockwork every single day…who cares if Bobby dies.

          Pay me and Pay me.. Now! 🙁

          We want more of your money!

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Ever since I was very young and woke up to the existence of atomic bombs and the detonation there of, I wondered how can someone get up in the morning; have breakfast with the family and walk off carrying a lunch the wife has prepared, to go make an atomic bomb to blow millions of people to smithereens? How can someone like that look themselves in the mirror and not wonder if they are sane, or not? The entire nuclear thing has never made any sense to me, since at least 1958, or so; when I was 7 years old. It really does not take an adult mind to realize how stupid the nuclear industry is. Coming from a land of windmills, I knew there have always been alternatives.

        • tbg

          Here is an interesting article following up on the NY Times article.


          I agree, all radiation adds to our current internal levels, which not at all evenly dispersed and high doses of radiation for "medical" purposes definitely can give you cancer. But since this is america and the sad reality is everything in american society is corrupted for money, doctors and hospital administrators will keep giving them like candy, just like everything in medical, fuck the people, love the profit.

          I imagine most doctors don't think of it that way and would argue how perfectly reasonable the dose is but they are lied to about radiation as well, they only know what the medical school told them that the AMA told them that the IAEA told them about radiation.

          I wonder just how many of our "natural" causes of death are actually a result of radiation/internal exposure and we will just never know because no one can draw the link or do the studies.

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

            The AMA, under one, Morris Fishbein, squashed very beneficial technology called the Rife Ray Tube System, invented by Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930s. This technology cured cancer and all other viral diseases. I believe Fishbein, effected his dastardly plan in 1938, with that noble doctor and exquisite inventor on the stand, in tears, asking why FISHBEIN, was preventing he, Doctor Rife, from saving humanity. Raymond Rife could not understand why this Fishbein creature would do such a thing. But, then, Raymond probably never read into the Talmud. I'm sure that Morris Fishbein was very well versed in that onerous tome, having been brought up with its values and traditions all of his miserable, traitorous life.

      • combomelt combomelt

        ty americanphoenix57.
        sorry im ot, but on this T there is…..
        new post on salon thread by rd is absolute bs saying there have onlybeen 2.5 nuke incidents in the past 60 years.
        please???!!!!! post this link over there, as i don't have google+ or facebook to signin


      • Sparky Sparky

        Excellent posts to counter that B.S. Salon article, AP57!! Thank you!

  • rockyourworld

    it's been said cjd is also a side effect of radiation

    • wa6smn wa6smn

      Mark Purdey did extensive research on CJD around the world. There are
      multiple characteristics required:
      1. Copper deficient soil/diet
      2. Use of organic phospate poison to open the blood/brain barrier
      3. Heavy ferremagnetic materials (manganese, strontium) to displace copper from the "normal" prion.
      4. Heavy infrasonic stimulation (trucks, aircraft) to magnetize the heavy metal bound to the prion
      Once activated, the heavy-metal magnet on the distorted prion becomes
      a wrecking ball.

  • humptydumpty humptydumpty

    News: L.A. Times 'Hot Property' — "The $17.375 million sale of Brian Grazer's Malibu home is one of the highest local sales so far this year."


    Hot indeed, and it's getting hotter with each passing day.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    They’d be very worried about this if they had greater health concern.

  • Nick

    Is it just me or do others get the sense these days that MUCH of what we are fed as medical information is pure bunk?

    Human bodies are intricate systems. We often overlook obvious problems that could easily be remedied.

    Take stupidity for example. There is a gene for that, no?

    Or how about insanity? Who isn't these days?

  • ss.minnow

    Millions of scallops dying off B.C. coast
    Globalnews.ca ‎- 13 hours ago
    NO mention of nuclear being a possible contributor. That's ok at least it's causing some awareness.All hell is going to break out I would guess. Their stating the oceans have reached a tipping point. I can't find any hard hitting news on this yet.

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