“Fukushima radiation data is wildly wrong” — Finds groundwater close to ocean nearly 170,000 times legal limit for strontium-90 — “Fearing similar under-estimates” many more results yet to be revealed

Published: February 10th, 2014 at 11:45 am ET


Times of India (World’s largest selling English-language daily), Feb 10, 2014: Fukushima radiation data is wildly wrong, management apologizes — [Tepco] said that there were mistakes in the radiation levels they recorded last year. […] a test-well last July was wrong and the actual level [was] nearly 170,000 times more than the permissible level […] due to improper measurement. […] Tepco has not yet revealed results of 140 samples taken between June and November last year, fearing similar under-estimates. The company said that “malfunctions of analytical equipment” caused these errors […] Over 360,000 tons of contaminated water has accumulated at the site after being poured over the simmering reactors.

NHK, Feb. 9, 2014: The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has decided to review radiation data after finding the initial readings may be much lower than actual figures. […] it has detected a record high 5 million becquerels per liter of radioactive strontium in groundwater collected last July from one of the wells close to the ocean. That’s more than 160,000 times the state standard for radioactive wastewater normally released into the sea. Based on the result, levels of radioactive substances that emit beta particles are estimated to be […] more than 10 times the initial reading. […] The utility attributes the error to the improper measuring method that had been used until last October. It says the readings of radioactivity can be measured as being lower than they actually are in the highly contaminated water. […]

See also: [intlink id=”record-high-10-million-bqliter-of-strontium-90-beta-emitters-finally-revealed-in-fukushima-plant-groundwater-1000-greater-than-what-tepco-claimed-for-last-6-months” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 10th, 2014 at 11:45 am ET


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138 comments to “Fukushima radiation data is wildly wrong” — Finds groundwater close to ocean nearly 170,000 times legal limit for strontium-90 — “Fearing similar under-estimates” many more results yet to be revealed

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    Seems everybody there is too close and looking at the mess with a microscope instead of binoculars. The careful inspections & surveys are important, but too much study costs time.

    The proposed rectangle icewall around 1/2/3/4 is good, and we can use HDD-frackdrills to extend the freeze into a deep basket 500-1000 meters down too. [I learned about icewalls when we built TAPS in Alaska 1975]

    Build a bigger breakwater, and add another bigger icewall ring to the breakwater and the uphill slope.

    On top of the breakwater and in the parkinglot erect towers for an aerial cable crane like the one used at Hoover Dam.


    A bigger impoundment pond and overhead-crane network proportional to the entire mess.

    The water can be impounded and recycled using graphene desalination filters.

    Alaska has over 300million tons of graphene/graphite, this enough to clean up both Fshima & Hanford.

    Water & air can be controlled quickly.
    Next is unload the SPF's and target the hot chunks.
    Much of the contaminated debris can be picked with the cable-crane and relocated to washdown barges floating in the enlarged pond.. washdown & recycle until finished

    Maybe before the end of 2014 we can shift our focus from Fshima back to the 500 other nuke messes we have worldwide??
    ..I was busy solving the Hanford & Chernobyl messes when I was so rudely interrupted by Fukushima.

    • Socrates

      They need a crane and a new perspective.

      • Socrates

        I am not an engineer. I did study industrialized architecture and worked for a civil engineer. 21st Century proposes the best solution. Icewall is the solution. The German study proposes this solution to.protect adjacent.bodies of water.

        The MONEY is one issue. The Japanese government prefers to defer the costs until the other reactors are re-started and a cash flow is generated to re-pay loans, and bolster the image of Japans nuclear technology by appearing to be self-sufficient. That saving face is the second issue that impacts Japan's ability to sell the nuclear technology abroad.

        Presently, the winds and currents take radionuclides east. Bottom line is that Japan is placing their own economic interests about our environmental and public safety. They are thus willing to sacrifice the Pacific Ocean to serve their own priorities. That these damages are deferred is the third issue.

        They hold our debt and are willing to confront China. These are reasons four and five.

        Therefore, it is easier for Japan to allow TEPCO to be the ostensible whipping boy, and governments meanwhile can minimize the damages since the latency is so long.

        The above, plus printing money? is called Abenomics. These are seven reasons are why they dither in my opinion. None involve engineering a proper solution.

        • Angela_R

          Socrates your statements "The Japanese Government prefers to defer the costs until the other reactors are restarted and a cash-flow is generated to repay the loans" and "Therefore, it is easier for Japan to allow TEPCO to be the ostensible whipping boy," my gut feel is that these two statements are spot on.

          Re the incorrect data. Right from the start of this horrifying disaster, the reported measurements, imo, showed confusion, the 'nano' may have been the cause, missed in translation. Who made the measuring equipment, who conveyed its readings – a salesman?

          Personally, all I can think of is the terrified workers on site who knew, who no doubt attempted to express the crisis but were ignored, and yet it is they who were denigrated.

          However I have no expertise.

        • We Not They Finally

          THEY'RE "saving face"? It's ME who feels punched in the face, and all of you and everyone. They have turned everything they supposedly live for into radioactive poison. They're killing their own people and us next.

          I don't give a crap WHAT happens to their economy. And them supposed holding the U.S. hostage by holding our debt is crap too. And crap that America puts up with it instead of protecting ITS OWN people.

          What are all these sick people putting ahead of LIFE??

      • Maybe the figures are all wrong because they have drunk or drugged up people doing the 'readings'? When it doubt, blame the equipment, never the management.

        Why are the 'mistakes' ALWAYS on the low side?

        If it were truly mistakes, 50% would be too high and they would have to apologize and say the readings are actually LOWER, but that NEVER happens.

        SOP… admit 1%, cover up and lie about 99%.

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          It's almost as bad as a news report on the local 11pm newscast last night in Florida announcing a meat recall… diseased beef…sold in Florida, Illinois and 2 or 3 other states. The recall was for beef and beef products sold between Jan 2013 and Jan 2014!!~~ WTF!

          • WWJD WWJD

            @PurpleRain – I disagree & I live in Illinois. You said Fukushima levels are "It's almost as bad as the meat recall"

            Fukushima and what is happening today with nuclear is worse than anything else happening out these because it is everyone's problem for thousands of years.

    • charlie3

      Well I hope that the powers that be listen to you and consider your plan.

    • ftlt

      21st: Where is the money going to come from? The public money profiteers, who have stolen the treasure of most world governments and now run them, are not going to use their "now' own treasure to pay for it.

      Plus there is no public international will to deal with this. The subject has been marginalized as all nuclear waste issues have been.

      FUFU will have to wait until after the revolution IMO

      • Angela_R

        ftit you ask "Where is the money going to come from?" I think Socrates may have surmised that correctly in her post at 1.00pm. For those who are unaware, a quick comparison between the debts of Germany and Japan, show that in 2013,
        Germany's public debt as a percentage of GDP was 82.9%,
        Japan's public debt as a percentage of GDP was a staggering 225.3%

        However, overseas assets are unlikely to have been included in these figures.

        Where would America stand if Japan cashed in their US bonds?

        • We Not They Finally

          Of course, the flip side of that question is: Where would America stand if they keep putting bond money over and above any idea of protecting its own people against mass epidemics of disease and death?

          There is no proportionality here. Won't SOMEONE please care about informing and protecting the public? We may still be doomed, but we have the right to know what's coming our way and if there is ANYTHING we can do about it.

        • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

          Angela R: "Where would America stand if Japan cashed in their US bonds?"

          That might have been a concern in the 20th century, before they rigged everything.

          Big banks are utterly dependent on a zero percent federal funds rate for solvency and to keep kicking their losses down the road since 2008. Since long before then, they've been dismantling banking laws to make way for building the largest derivatives market ever known to man, estimated to be 500 trillion to a quadrillion dollars worth, and it's opaquely traded by the five banks that own, or are owned by, the federal reserve bank.

          Now the tail is wagging the dog in more ways than one.

          An opaque 500 trillion dollar derivatives market, with zero percent interest federal funds to kick losses into the future without making payments. . . That beast can eat trillions of dollars worth of cashed bonds every year for the next century, and keep FX prices from doing anything major at the same time, and keep it all an opaque secret.

          I'd agree with most of Socrates economic assessments but add the following geopolitical note:

          Japan's part in this seems to be that of a regional superpower and a buffer state. . . a pretend mad dog who has slipped its leash much to the chagrin of its putative benefactor and ally. . . think US-Israel, China-North Korea, Russia-Iran, etc.

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      another note of interest about icewalls..

      many of the VSM's [vertical support members] holding the Alaska TAPS pipeline up over the tundra are fitted with an internal refrigeration unit that keeps the VSM standing in a frozen ice-plug in the permafrost.. this keeps the underlying permafrost from thawing out.

      Look for the VSM's with cooling fins mounted on top in the air..
      ..and these thermosiphon coolers operate with no moving parts.
      Like the ammonia-cycle freezer in your motorhome.

      So, essentially the TAPS pipeline is an 800 mile long engineered icewall..
      ..yes we can make icewalls very very big.

      Japanese engineers have drawn plans for huge architectural mega-domes…
      …looks like they're gonna have to build one over Fukushima.
      A mega-dome that is footed on the bigger-breakwater and uphill past the parkinglot..
      ..build it out of recycled contaminated steel from the wrecked plant. Remelt the steel onsite at Fshima.

      • Socrates

        Keep up being in the solution, 21stCentury.

        The Powers That Be have other financial plans
        They are playing the market with their loot rather than spending 500 billion US dollars fixing Fukushima. The re-start will provide the cash flow.

        They rationalize this decision by playing down health and environmental consequences.

        This is a well-established pattern in most industries.

        We must keep up the political pressure for your solution.

        • 21stCentury 21stCentury

          Many of the BigOil acolytes in Alaska secretly make jokes about how Fukushima will make them richer by driving the markets for LNG… those goofy Alaskans in Anchorage office towers are scheming on ripping Japan for billion$$$ selling LNG at ripoff rates. BigGasOil is full of BS when they say it will cost $65billion to build a gasline from Nslope to an ice-free port for export. State of Alaska legislators are willing to blow $10billion for a 10% piece of the action in this game of greed.

          Yet, the bigshots in Anchorage/Juneau are too chicken to invest $1billion to build a bigger breakwater and sky-crane over Fukushima… and save a $10billion per year Pacific Fishery industry.


          We built TAPS in 70-77 for $8.8billion and I helped waste a lot of that by following orders at the purchasing desk buying tons of crap that was never used.
          === and we built the whole damn thing thru the frozen mosquito choked wilderness without cellfones & computers !!

          Now the "Alaska Industry Alliance" wants to blow $65billion on a much easier to build gaspipe in the same ROW 200feet parallel to the old TAPS pipe ??

          Screw 'em all, I'll build the 5bcfd gas transport system for $2billion and use the rest to cleanup both Fukushima & Hanford !!

          These old legs of mine have hiked most of the 800 miles of that pipeline, and I can still kick a$$.

          • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

            21stCentury: "Many of the BigOil acolytes in Alaska secretly make jokes about how Fukushima will make them richer by driving the markets for LNG… those goofy Alaskans in Anchorage office towers are scheming on ripping Japan for billion$$$ selling LNG at ripoff rates."

            Those guys are lame. They are bitches to Texas oil. They don't understand globalist oil price suppression. They are working in the shortest "towers" of any oil producing nation. Lame.

            • 21stCentury 21stCentury

              Alaskan Ice: ~ Our best chance to unlock the vast potential of Alaska's 13million square mile economic zone is to make sure Bill Walker gets elected this year.


              If Alaska remains stuck on stupid the imbalance makes the whole world suffer. Alaska can be much more than a corporate playground for TexasCrudeCorporations and their league of Rape&Run Mining Conglomerates.

              TEPCO has been buying cheap LNG from Conoco in Nikiski since 1969. I don't mind giving the average japanese a good deal, but since 1969 most of Alaska except Anchorage has been stuck with paying for energy pegged to the cost of oil with the prices benchmarked in Texas not Alaska. All this translates to deep corporate gravy while everybody else is stuck with slow progress living with crappy inefficient technology. Life in Fairbanks hasn't progressed much beyond the 1950's while burning firewood & coal without the benefit of cheap Cook Inlet gas. It was friends of Bill Walker that recently succeeded in waking up the Alaska Railroad to hauling LNG to Fairbanks, and JapanRail has been doing this in Japan for the past 30 years. It took this long for the idiots in Anchorage to figure this out.

              I'm waiting to see if Parnell & McCicche try to take the credit for this innovation.. teehee, just like trapping varmints with a deadfall.

              The best market for Alaska's Gas is Alaska First

      • The difference is that the soil is already frozen in ALaska but not in Japan around Fukushima.

        The cost of nuclear does not include things like this, nor the cost to keep all of these plants running while they generate no power, nor the externalities such as millions of deaths, cancers, genetic diseases, time off work, species die offs, etc.

        • We do need some fresh ideas like this to solve the Fukushima mega disaster and about a Trillion to implement them.

          cooling towers
          Roys process
          hydrogen transmutation
          tunnels to corium
          huge vacuums to get corium blobs out of ground
          and many more..

          There is no lack of solutions, just lack of willpower and money on the part of the nuclear industry, which should be footing the bill, via 100 year unlimited warranty policies on these reactors.

      • We Not They Finally

        ICEWALLS? Maybe in cold Alaska without (to boot) the hellish heat generated by fuming coriums. Is there even enough electricity to SUSTAIN icewalls around the radioactive inferno in Japan?

        I'm not a scientist, but this idea has always struck me as off-the-WALL…..

    • zogerke zogerke

      As we destroy alaska getting the graphite…it is all horrible ecologically….weighing atrocities daily.

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        The greedy corporate idiots pushing to grab the Pebble Mine over 50 years of open-pit mining smash&grab rape&run should "Choose Respect" for Alaska's Environment & Ecology…

        Yeah, we can waste time & make energy-expensive graphene out of cooked sugar too, but in Alaska there's an easy 200 million tons of graphite just sitting next to the surface in outcroppings that is easy to mine without killing the fish.

      • We Not They Finally

        zogerke, Alaska may be destroyed anyway if nothing is done. And impending ELE may override anything.

    • deaddolphins simonhhh

      21stCentury…one of the more constructive and innovative posts on ENEnews…I suspect however we're all being thrown under the bus…since Abe and his minions have other political and monetary priorities…but 311+ from me

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      21stCentury. . . Thanks for a good plan. 🙂

  • Alpha1

    The interesting thing here is that they have known over 1 1/2 years that the dam did not work. Also it is no longer a matter of 400 tons a day of water but over 10,000 from the underground river directly leaking into the ocean from under the sea bed. This is a mess and has to be buried. It is now an act of war and Japan is outright showing the cover ups in every article and every lie they have spewed is costing life here and in the oceans. This is a crime against the Mother Earth and Humanity.

  • Dick Shenary

    I am deeply disappointed by the Tokyo Governor election. I can only conclude that the residents of Tokyo are among the most dim-witted people on earth or the election was rigged!

  • Alpha1

    We must pay attention and keep record of this as we are seeing a new form of Genocide happening as this will not harm there is no immediate danger!!!!

    There is now the danger that it is 3 years into the largest cover up industrial incident in the world history and history of man. We are about to see the largest out break of cancers ever and watch as we have to tell our children why they can not go to the beach again.

    Good luck to all and to all a good night!!!!!

    Time to get the bucket list going!!!

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Alpha1, you are correct…but this is not the only genocide going on in the world. Everyone needs to become aware of current events i.e. Depleted Uranium being spread in Iraq, and Afghanistan causing mass birth defects most likely for centuries to come.

      I think this event woke is starting to wake up the masses, and hopefully we will not ignore this event and "go on with our lives" but stand up and demand an end to all nuclear activities including DU.

    • rakingmuck

      I am sad to say this new form of Genocide has been happening for some time. It is the sheer scale that is beyond description. To put it simply we are purposeful being eliminated. Technocracy has replaced Democracy. The people that survive in their bunkers will continue tom play their war games as they are despots and psychopaths. I have accepted fate. My generation was too spoiled or weak willed to stand up before it was too late. The die has been cast and we let it under our watch and in our name.

      • Dr. Holger Strohm – Fukushima Radiation Release Up To 12,000 Times Chernobyl; via @AGreenRoad

        If, worst case, this is true, then we can multiply the casualty rate fairly easily.

        Chernobyl was 1 million deaths and 69 million disease casualties.

        Multiply 1 million times 12,000

        1 million * 12 000 = 12 BILLION deaths

        69 million * 12 000 = 828 BILLION – eight hundred twenty-eight billion sick/diseased, negatively affected.

        Worst case total casualties; 840 BILLION total

        • The only way to find out if the worst case is true or not is to wait, just like everyone did after Chernobyl..

        • deaddolphins simonhhh

          Dr Goodheart…excellent link…
          In short "…The only way to find out if the worst case is true or not is to wait, just like everyone did after Chernobyl…" since we know over a million died in the aftermath of Chernobyl…just simply extrapolating the numbers… conservatively yields more than billion…unspeakable horrors await all life on earth

        • Cisco Cisco

          We keep talking about cancers as the horrific, disease result of Fuku. There will be early cancers like Leukemia, Lymphoma, and others; but the real human killers, en-mass, will be from a variety of organisms that cause Bird and Swine flu, SARS, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Norovirus, Hantavirus, West Nile virus, Encephalitis, Schmallenberg virus, E-coli, waterborne viruses and bacteria…too many to cite (find them here… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterborne_diseases), and dozens other. Many are yet to emerge and are unknown.

          Weakened immune systems from low-level/low dose ionizing radiation will set up the conditions where, for example, a flu epidemic will wipe out large segments of populations as has occurred historically. Weakened immune systems are key for infection, mutation and aggressive proliferation.

          Just as we are experiencing these large marine die-offs, that is what's in-store for us, sadly. These marine creatures aren't dying directly from radiation poisoning, they are dying from bacteria or viruses that normally could be tolerated; but now, they are killing those creatures en-mass…regional/geographic ELE's.

          Cancer and heart disease will be big killers, but bacteria and viruses will kill more, and faster.

  • Sickputer

    The question of Japan's credibility is the crux of the problem. If they have been lying to the public (or just incompetent by their "errors" in measurements) then they probably have lied to their nuclear nation buddies. Japanese arrogance and shame rears its ugly head.

    So now they admit things are a nightmare at Fukushima (conveniently waiting until they secured the 2020 Olympics bid before revealing their nation is on the throes of ecological destruction).

    So what now crybabies? You want Uncle Sam, France, and Great Britain to come save your sorry Tepco/Diet butts? I got news for you…that ship has sailed (just like the USS Reagan that fled like a wounded dog).

    No help for Japan other than some token advice, a few handouts of nuclear fire fighting chemicals perhaps. You are an embarassment to their own deadly technologies. They believe you will take them down into the Second Great Depression.

    But help or not, the scenario is likely to develop exactly as they fear. The deaths and economic destruction will mar this globe for the rest of this century. Get ready for it.

    • nedlifromvermont

      I am ready Sickputer.

      I am glad have each other for support.

      Great community here, still up for trying to save something.

      How does one really "Take Care" in our new radioactive world?

      peace to you Dude, in Texas … NedlifV.

  • Nick

    "Fukushima radiation data is wildly wrong"


    I assumed that TEPCO and Japan were telling us the truth and nothing but the truth so help us all…

    No, ever since 3/11/11 I have had a pit in my stomach.

    It is up to the F2O, the Fukushima Fallout Organization to save us now. The F2O is an organization dedicated to revealing the truth about Fukushima.

    The F2O cannot accept membership from anyone even remotely invested in anything nuclear.

    The world has gone fission.

    No point in even trying to fix this mess.

    • nedlifromvermont

      @Nick! Maybe not 'fix' but still time to attempt mitigation, No?

      We've got motivational optimists like 21ST Century and PUN around here.

      You are young. Do not go silently into that good night!

      p.s. (The revolution will not be televised …)

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Many thanks, my friend Nedlifromvermont. 🙂

        I (and many other ENEnewsers here) know what CAN be done.
        I/we know what MUST be done.
        We know that TEPCO doesn't want to spend the MONEY to actually do what must be done.
        We know that Japan lacks the WILL to do what must be done.
        We know that what must be done IS NOT BEING DONE.
        (Or even being measured correctly).
        But some way or another, the human race


  • Nick


    How do you fix an unmitigated disaster?

    No, the only fix is the one the bankers and their nuclear cronies have on the world's financial markets.

    I don't see how anyone can make Fukushima less severe, less horrible, less deadly.

    What has happened, has. What will happened, will.

    Nobody on the planet except for liars can help us now.

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      Nick we can make our bodies stronger. Start by growing 1 vegetable..get 6 people together, each grow 1 fruit or vegetable, then use the barter system to share the bounty. Please share this idea . Use Heritage seeds & filtered water & look into Aquaponics & even grow your own fish. Also check out this link. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/01/protect-radiation.html That is what I share now & discuss with people.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      1. Encircle Reactor Buildings1-4 with an Underground Impermeable Wall to a depth below the flowing aquifer.
      2. Locate and encapsulate the missing corium from Reactors1-3.
      3. Fill with grout:
      A. Corium lava tubes.
      B. Torus Basements.
      C. Torus.
      D. Containment Vessels.
      F. Reactors.
      G. Any underground nuclear weapons labs.
      4. Remove contaminated water from the tank farm to tankers.
      A. Anchor the flotilla of tankers over the offshore trench.
      B. Filter water to remove most nuclides.
      C. Salinate the water.
      D. Refrigerate the water.
      E. Pump the water down to the bottom of the trench.
      5. Remove all fuel from all spent fuel pools (SFPs) to dry cask storage.
      6. Build an Outer Harbor to contain leakage from Fukushima Harbor (21stCentury 😉 ).
      7. Evacuate Japanese population. House in Chinese Ghost Cities.
      8. Complete all work within 10 years.

      See: There is a solution. But you first have to think correctly about the problem.

      • There are laws against dumping radiation at sea..

        Also, the ocean water in the 'trenches' does circulate, so eventually, you will end with much of that radiation coming back up to the surface, via the vast ocean currents that exchange top to bottom and back again, across the whole planet. It would only delay what will happen.

        How about auctioning off the ships filled with health giving radioactive water and let those same hormesis loving rich people bath in them, and have rejuvenating vacations on them? We will see how many true believers there are.

        What right do we have to pollute the living space of untold species, who do not give permission to do this?


        • Gasser Gasser

          Gordon Lightfoot

          The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald

          Go here first for the gist of the sing say>



          The legend lives on from the high Tsunami rocks on down.
          Of the big Ocean they call the Pacific.

          The Ocean, it is said will become dead
          When the skies of March turn radioactive gloomy.

          With a load of MOX rods core- 120 tons or more
          Then the Diichi fuel pools weight empty.

          Those bad reactors and control room crew was about to be screwed
          When the 40 ft tsunami came early

          The Diichi Nuke plant was the pride of the Yakuza side
          Hiring the homeless from some prefectures in Japan

          As the big Reactor plants go it was clustered than most
          With a crew that was not well seasoned.

          Including some terms with NRC and IAEI over sight firms
          That were full bribed for Nuclear bomb fuel breading.


          • Gasser Gasser


            And later that night when the control room bell rang
            Could it be the 9.5 earthquake thy'ed been feeling?

            The whipping wires made a tattletale sound
            When the Tsunami wave broke over the sea wall.

            And every man knew, as the Prime Minister did too,
            T'was the eartequake of March's Tsunami come stealing.

            The dawn came late and their Sushei had to wait
            When the radiation of March came skin rashing.

            When afternoon came, broken pipes poured like Typhoon rain
            In the face of a catastrophic 9.5 earthquake.

            When the plant buildings exploded the old supervisor spoke
            Saying "fellas it's been good to know ya."

            The Supervisor called in, he had no water coming in
            And the broken reactors and fuel pools had no water.

            And later that night all the Nuke plants lights went out of sight
            Becoming the wreck of Fukushima Diichi in peril.

            Does anyone know where the love of God goes
            When tsunami waves turn the minutes to hours.


            • Gasser Gasser


              The researchers say they'ed have made cold shutdown
              If they'ed put 10 more years behind them.

              They might have stopped the explosions or the might have cooled the Corium's.
              They could have drilled deep for more water.

              And all that remains is the faces and names
              Of the sick wives the sons and the daughters.

              The Pacific ocean waves roll as the break water wall's hold
              Old Pacific no longer seems like a fisherman's dreams.

              The Islands and Tokyo bay is no longer for sportsman.
              And farther out West, America takes what Fukushima has sent her.

              And contaminated boats go as the mariners all know
              With the oceans radioactive plume's remembered.

              In a musty old Catholic churches in America they pray
              In the staunch liberal bleeding hearts Cathedral's.

              The church bell is ringing for an infinite time
              For the Billions of dead from Nuclear crime's.

              The legend lives on from the enenews.com on down
              Of the big dead Oceans of the wobbling world.

              Radioactive Pacific they said produced all the dead
              When the contaminated currents came secretly early.

              ~Gasser Classic~

            • GQR2

              Gasser this is a top perfect one. you have a bunch of perfect ones 🙂

      • Foggyworld

        Neat and tidy but just who is going to do the work? Robots aren't developed to this extent.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    There's "no such thing" as "legal limit", because any amount of nuclear radiation is dangerous.

    Also, the data is always "off", "incorrect", and/or "lied about", as proven by past and present data.

    The only issue is: "this nuclear disaster is ongoing", and there's nothing the world nuclear community can do to stop it.

    Can't be, and won't be stopped.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      For those Ann Coulter fans out there who are afraid they are not getting enough radioactive particles, I suggest everyone collect what radioactive material they can, and make it available to them.

      Much more important than the physical problems associated with low level radiation are the mental and social stresses of not getting a fair share of the radio-booty, it has been reported. (personally I stay away from the stuff)

      Miss Coulter should have radioactive fish fries televised for those who do not have the wherewithal to attend. This will at least help to satisfy the mental angst among her followers.

      • LOL, yep try to control that mental angst….

      • One of those hormesis loving scientists recently said he was willing to eat more than 30 grams of plutonium to prove it was safe.. just like candy..

        yea, ok, we will take you and all of the other hormesis lovers out there up on that..

        Everyone; collect your plutonium and send it to the scientist and his friends; they are asking for it.

        They are willing to demonstrate the 'safety' of these human created nuclear elements. So let's set this up, ok?

        Any nuclear labs out there with some spare TONS of plutonium sitting around doing nothing? Yes, ok, then Let's schedule a plutonium nano dust eating and breathing party for all of the hormesis lovers. If a little dust spread around is good, might as well dust the nuclear labs with it too, while we are at it..


  • OldFool

    As I have said before, leaving TEPCO in control (so the Japanese bureaucrats could avoid any direct blame) was the greatest mistake of all. Because TEPCO has always been 100% focused on reducing expenses and increasing profits, they will NEVER spend the money that needs to be spent to effectively reduce the radiation leaks, because it would cost them hundreds of billions of dollars. They only began removing spent fuel rods because of enormous uproar about the dangers, as pointed out by Arnie G. and other people. There will have to be another, bigger uproar to get anything more done at all, but their track-record is to always goof-up everything they do. This will be the last generation for 250,000 years to remember the days when food from the Pacific was not feared.

    • Socrates

      Fifty years ago, I was invited to go to Japan with a prominent industrialist to assist with manufacturing technology. The move was in part to break the labor unions' power. I am still in contact with the children and grandchildren of this industrialist. The experience led me to write about the "economic anthropology" of Japan forty-five years ago. I concluded that, "Today, the world sits upon a nuclear tinder box." Outsourcing of American jobs to break collective bargaining, first to Japan, as witnessed by Trilateral Commission strategies, and then to China. Meanwhile, using "energy" as the basis of the coin of the realm of the New World Order was being planned. By 1971. Nixon closed the gold window, based the dollar as the reserve currency on energy, and opened China.

      The question is whether the USA has the sovereignty, let alone, the intention to protect anything other than the interests of multinational corporations who are "persons" of this New World Order.

      We see more evidence that our governing document – the Constitution and Bill of Rights – are considered to be quaint historical documents that have been subordinated to the trade agreements being pushed bilaterally by both political parties.

      I learned of these intentions from frank conversations with such industrialists half a century ago. Bottom line: the USA is run by big moneyed interests, not all of whom are even in the USA. A small global elite now dictates to the masses. It is about MONEY.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    If TEPCO isn't going to DO anything about reducing the contamination of the Pacific Ocean, then testing results simply do not matter.

    • Socrates

      Results of testing might be good to help attempt to minimize exposures where possible. That includes relocating, if possible. In the worst case, the West Coast will accumulate more and more radionuclides to the point of being uninhabitable. Being an unhealthy place is the very least result.

      Private testing will continue in a parallel attempt to monitor. I trust independent scientists.

      After 3-11, we helped a young American couple escape from Japan with their one-year old child. Lab tests showed radiation in the baby's fingernail clippings. You cannot imagine the grief and outrage suffered by the parents. I have related previously that the lab man despaired, and took his own life.

      I blog here because it is important that whatever needs to be done should be done now. The USA spent two to three trillion dollars on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, yet will not spent to protect the ocean food web.

      So far, the science is either being manipulated, or it is controversial. The history of deception by this industry is NOT reassuring. I for one do not trust their testing because of their known biases. Their history is one of 65 years of deception.

      They have control of the information and data. They have not warned us in the past; instead, they provide baseless reassurances. They raise safety limits based on emergencies such as meltdowns. But private testing DOES matter.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Socrates: Many thanks for the spot-on comment: "they provide baseless reassurances".

        Capitalism is many things to many people.
        Even the former communists of the world (Russia, China, Viet Nam, Cambodia, etc.) now practice capitalism.
        But capitalism turns evil when it corrupts democratic government, for a strong democratic government puts necessary limits on the purely selfish actions of corporations.
        Capitalism brings millions in campaign funds to lawmakers.
        Capitalism brings millions to the families of lawmakers.
        Capitalism even brings untraceable suitcase money for offshore accounts, when it must buy votes.
        As is the case with the Abe administration in Japan and the Nuclear Industry, this arrangement will buy the restarting of the faulty nuclear reactors that got us in the present predicament in the first place. 😉

        • Socrates


          Paleolithic man traded clamshells and lived communally. So he was both a capitalist and a communist. He did not have nuclear energy so he could not destroy an entire ocean. Had he done so there would be no more clamshells, nor could he live communally.

          I look at man from the standpoint of an anthropologist. Anyone who studies paleontology looks at vast time spans in geologic history.

          Our civilization goes back 35,000 years. But we have done more damage to the environment in the past one or two hundred years that in all the time before. This trend will continue. I have great faith in my fellow man that he will continue this same destructive pattern and will even greatly accelerate the pace. The brain that evolved to beat the ice ages has intelligence but lacks the ability to think several generations ahead.

          The fission is too difficult and expensive to make safe soon enough. Man will suffer the ecological consequences. We are seeing a self-extinction process by fission and chemicals. Unless we see down the road further in decisions, the end is approaching.

  • or-well

    Radiation data
    is wildly wrong.
    That's what we heard
    from the Government Men.
    Yeah, last month they came around
    to explain the recent rationing plan
    and say Lifespans were growing again.
    I think it was 45 they said.
    They took away a couple of men
    who'd been spreading Sad Rumor about
    radiation in food being found.
    This'll be short. I have to go out.
    I have to help a funeral being planned
    for the latest mutated babies we drowned.
    Oh, someone said they got shortwave from Japan.
    The things people believe!
    So long, your friend.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Odd that none of the figures Tepco has reported were accidentally LOWER than reported…

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Sorry, I meant to say that none of the actual releases of radioactive material were "accidentally" reported to be HIGHER than they were. And that is very odd, if you believe they actually care to be responsible in their reporting.

      • rakingmuck

        To be sure people of power know exactly what the figures are. Take Iraq. Our Government knew exactly what kind of deformities and horrible deaths using Depleted Uranium was going to and did cause. Responsible reporting by Japan would make GE liable in the US for the 23 plus reactors built on the same flawed design. They are not liable in Japan. So Japan IS being responsible. To the war machine as that is all that counts. When the US says jump, beyond insane Abe jumps.

  • Nick

    Caught deliberately downplaying the radiation leaks

    "It is inconceivable, of course, that the country's largest nuclear power facility company would not possess radiation detectors capable of detecting 1800 mSv per hour. This deceptive strategy to downplay the actual radiation release was clearly deliberate. It's all part of the TEPCO cover-up / conspiracy to lie to Japan, lie to their workers and lie to the world about the true scale of the nuclear disaster that has taken place there.

    That has been the TEPCO approach from day one: LIE!"
    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041881_fukushima_radiation_leaks_deception.html#ixzz2swxl963t

  • Questionit

    The results were not wrong, they were correct, Tepco just lied about the results. They lied just like any testing done on behalf of the US govt will be distorted. That includes colleges and industry scientists.

    Why are they now admitting they lied. And are their current "results" just more lies when the truth is much worse. Worse not only in the magnitude but how soon the high numbers started to occur.

    Why? Is visible evidence the disaster is much worse than they claimed about to show itself in numbers of incidents of disease in people, death of sea life, high contamination or death of fish, mammals and kelp soon to be discovered by truly independent activist, high reading in the water, beach and air on the west coast.

    What is about to drop that causes these admissions. If they admit the coriums are through the floor and in the ground you know they expect the visible effects are about to get really, really bad.

  • Max Sievert Max Sievert

    How long will the worldcommunity listen to the lies of tepco & japans gov.?
    It`s time for the U.N. to take over this crapy plantand make some decisions

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "It`s time for the U.N. to take over this crapy plant and make some decisions"

      Morning, Max.

      The UN has already taken over. The banksters that own GE, the media, the US govt, the MIC, and the jap gov also own the UN. Knowing this, do you really believe the UN would stop the masters Population Elimination agenda? Not in this lifetime.

      After more years of the evil contamination of the USA, an economic crash leading to a martial law shut down, and plenty of shortages of material things needed to mitigate radiation poisoning, there will be few with the physical strength to fight a revolution. Most will be too sick to do anything but lay down and die. Mere survival will be come a science. This is all known and anticipated in the globalist evil world domination and population elimination agendas. Death marches on, while life and humanity sinks in to the sunset of history.

      Meanwhile, has everyone seen this? Please excuse the double post if it has already gone around here.



      • The IAEA and WHO are the UN bodies in charge of nuclear accidents.

        They are at Fukushima, doing what they do..

        IAEA said "DUMP IT ALL". and GOOD JOB TEPCO..

        WHO; who is missing in action, their boss the IAEA said for them to keep their paws out of this, and they have.

        Any other ideas?

      • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

        How often in human history has anyone or any group managed to control the flow of historical events for more than a relatively short period of time? Dictators rarely pass on rulership to their offspring or chosen disciple. Oligarchs rise and fall. We need to be careful not to impute too much illumined intellect to the Ruling Class. In fact the Internet may be their bete noire. As the poet Robert Burns pointed out: “The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, / Gang aft agley,” I think we are already seeing some plans agley!

        • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

          Too bad you're wrong about that. History has no lessons to teach us about this modern age of global entities seeking progress, when the technological superstructure outlives and outgrows mere men, dynasties and nations. Global think tanks, laboratories and governing bodies aren't like dictators passing on their rulership to offspring.

    • amberlight amberlight

      Getting our government—and I use the term "our" very loosely—to take a stand will require a massive grass roots movement which is already under way. Several of us will be speaking once again to the local city council this week. Several other jurisdictions in the area have already busted a move asking the Obfuscator in Chief to DO something besides golfing! Funny how this country is so efficient at protecting "our" oil and mineral interests outside our borders but is so helpless when it comes to protecting human and animal life…

  • Nick

    I think we are witnessing a great mass awakening.

    I hope enough of us are ready.

    Doesn't matter HOW bad Fukushima is, what matter's is how much truth has slipped through the veil of secrecy.

    • a huge paradox historically…

      the greatest darkness in history via multiple mega global disasters, thanks to the 1%.

      At the same time, the greatest amount of light for anyone who is interested and asks..

      Absolute subjugation of the masses by the 1%.

      At the same time, absolute freedom for anyone wanting it

  • amberlight amberlight

    “malfunctions of analytical equipment” refers to the collective brains of Ineptco and their gov't cohorts.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Are we to believe that the nation which has produced the Toyota vehicles is so incompetent that it can not figure out what best to do at Fukushima Daiichi? Or are we gullible Americans?

    • As long as TEPCO is paid to fail via cost plus contracts, it will continue to do so.

      There is huge profit for the medical, nuclear, military and 1% cabal in failure..

      Where there is profit, there are willing hands to take it.

      Nuclear failure is VERY profitable.

      TEPCO is making a profit.. gee, how did that do that?

      Getting paid to fail, fail, fail, over and over again.

      • We Not They Finally

        Dr good heart.I split good from heart I sense you have a great heart.The profit motive is both obscene and ridiculous.If we are as I think destroying our planet in a world wide ELE that means curtains for all that live breath and multiply on this dying Planet…Why bother. Since there is no point at this point we should either party to the end cry or have great remorse and in the end philosphize like a grade B movie…AS for future try Revelations..The last book seems true to whats going on full steam ahead.Which angel comes next????

  • If the nuclear industry had to pay for all waste disposal, storage, accidents, covers, compensation, deaths, cancers, etc, it would immediately go out of business, because there is no way to make a profit with all of this. There is not enough money in the world.

    The only reason nuclear anything stays in business is because they are being paid to FAIL, and taxpayers are absorbing all of these externalities, via the 1%.

  • atomicistheword

    The equipment used by TEPCO is as unreliable as the death machines they use to produce said electricity, clean and clear for thousands of years. Meanwhile the radiography divisions of GE and Toshiba gear up for a bloated profit bonanza. Upsized food for the underlings to ingest. The cull is on!!!

    Let's all worship money and die, in God we trust. Where have all the rats gone lately?

    The religious whom await the guy with the giant vacuum cleaner to come and make things right, obviously never understood that faith without good works is dead faith. How ironic considering they participated in the death of six million witnesses!

  • PeterC

    Fukushima radiation data is wildly wrong…

    The headline could of been: "Past Fukushima radiation data was really bad… the correct data means time is short… enjoy it while you can… eyes wide open – no fear"

    And I get home from work, and what do I find???

    @ Iwate, Japan… 8 of M5 earthquakes.
    @ Yellowstone, USA, The one & only 50×50 mile, 2500 square mile, super, giganic, volcano… 6 earthquakes… small, so far.

    Many chemtrails over Winnipeg today, weather gonna warm up, and a bunch of fresh, radioactive snow, starting tomorrow am. I am still thankful, because I suspect conditions in many other places, are much, much worse.

    I look forward to reading your comments to catch up on your ideas & thoughts… we're all connected ya know… Energy, we are all about energy, and energy is all connected. Peace.

  • We Not They Finally

    No, it wasn't malfunctioning equipment that gave the wrong readings. It was malfunctioning HUMANS, who no longer qualify as "human" at all. At least not any species that I'd like to be associated with.

    Why don't they do the honorable thing? Not just stupid false bows. DO it, guys! Do it! Prove that any of us are supposed to have an inch of respect of what your culture is supposed to stand for.

    Take one for the team! Go ahead!

    • atomicistheword

      we not they finally, I beg to differ on part of your hypothesis, It was malfunctioning equipment made by General Electric that caused this event, you cannot call it an accident, but more of an enevitibiliy. THEY KNEW! Try getting an insurance payout with prior knowledge as you defence. (see 1976 Fukushima safety scandal)

      Why isn't General Electric Hitachi doing the right thing? My hypothesis is that they are busy bowing to the god that they trust. Their God is made of paper, a representation of gold. It never walked, talked or breathed. A no God!

      Human made = inferior, With this knowledge from GOD we can build equipment knowing the potential of it failing. In other words planning for such events and outcomes.

      Corporations that worship this false God that they trust shall surely see the wrath of the cake eaters; also known as underlings. You are correct that they have become anti-human, devoid of compassion and mercy. Bestial beings, reversed in nature. Dogs eating dogs, clamouring up a never peaking pyramid.

  • ecoguy57

    I feel that the simple fact is that TEPCO does not know how to deal with this HUGE DISASTER and they have been lying to the people all along! I also feel that people in the Japanese government are involved in this mess and all involved should be sent to prison for crimes against humanity for the horrific negligence and damage they have caused to end peoples lives, sicken the people still alive that have been radiated and to pollute the entire Pacific Ocean and poison the fish, sea life and animals that eat the Pacific fish and sea life! As humans continue to eat the fish and sea food from the Pacific Ocean more will become sick and die from different cancers! The only best answer is for a international coalition of experts to go into Fukushima to take over so they can stop the damage being done! Let Japan foot the bill! Also anyone that has been radiated should be provided with free health care while also being given enough medical grade powdered zeolite which is a natural mineral detox that has been proven to safely remove both radiation and heavy metals from the body! Anyone in Japan and on the west coast of the USA and Canada that feels that they have been radiated should do a simple search for the key word zeolite to learn how it safely removes radiation and heavy metals from the body!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Great ideas and concepts and the only problem is your world is brain dead.. 🙁

  • We Not They Finally

    If you set fire to the whole earth its not going to burn? If you radiate the whole world with massive radiATION ITS NOT GOING TO DIE? pLEASE…Sop being surprised no you have zero population groth! Soon there will no population. Maybe a few real cockroaches left. The others will be in their expensive underground bunkers that they built.

  • We Not They Finally

    The other side of we not finally says dont forget the use of vengeful countries that placed the snitkus virus in Fukeshima that actually as a computer virus prevented the reactors from coming back on line. Other countries are also doomed too.Stupid self seeking schmucks who dont care what their actions have wrought?Hell has no fury but to severely punish those responsible for helping destroy this once magnificent world headed for utter obsolesence and unending disaster.

  • ioff101der

    Hah! "… management apologizes."

    Screw the apologies. How about hari-kiri?

  • ioff101der

    Most of us on ENE have seen the parent of the following post. The last two paragraphs catch my eye as being either partially good news or else totally bad.

    If the algae (and perhaps all plankton?) can survive and produce usable oxygen when at four to five times their normal background of Pu and Am, then maybe the plankton's oxygen production won't be affected so much ocean-wide. Hopefully! But if Pu can be concentrated by a factor of 26,000 in algae… then it seems able to absorb enough to kill it or mutate it. But I donno.

    And not only that… doesn't a 26,000 times concentration that would remain on the ocean surface seem a very good transport mechanism and wind-blown aerosol feeder?

    Title: A Radioactive Nightmare
    Source: Ventura County Reporter
    Author: Michael Collins
    Date: June 7, 2012

    […] Radioactive sea spray has been shown to blow hundreds of kilometers inland in tests conducted in the United Kingdom by British and European researchers.

    Another UK study found that the Irish Sea has a micro layer on top of it, perhaps only thousandths of a millimeter in thickness, that can become imbued with fine particulate material and its absorbed radiation.

    These concentrations of plutonium and americium are four to five times their concentrations in ambient seawater. Plutonium concentrates by 26,000 times in floating algal blooms at sea, says the report. […]

  • pkjn

    Tokyo Electric Admits Withholding Stronitum 90 Readings
    February 11th, 2014 Fukushima – SimplyInfo

    Tokyo Electric has admitted Tokyo Electric knew about the extremely high strontium 90 readings and the issues with Tokyo Electric testing equipment back in July 2013 but did NOT make any of this information public.
    The timing makes the issue even more suspect since the bid for the Olympics was being decided about the same time.

    Tokyo Electric knew of the record high 5 million bq/liter strontium 90 reading in July 2013 but decided it was “inaccurate” and chose NOT to disclose it. Tokyo Electric has had a track record of declaring inconveniently high readings to be inaccurate before. Tokyo Electric did so on an early scope inspection of unit 1′s torus room where Tokyo Electric released the reading but insisted the meter failed.

    Tokyo Electric earlier explanation for the strontium 90 readings being wrong was that Tokyo Electric did NOT know the readings were wrong and gave lower levels to the public. Now Tokyo Electric admits Tokyo Electric knew about the error and what the correct readings were the entire time.

  • pkjn

    Fukushima worker “5,000,000 Bq/L of Strontium-90 water got on the boots” / Tokyo Electric “I’m sorry.”
    February 8th, 2014 Fukushima Diary

    Fukushima workers were building the underground wall only a few meters away from the location that Fukushima workers measured 5,000,000 Bq/L of Strontium-90 from the groundwater of. However, Tokyo Electric did NOT inform the workers of the contamination level for over half a year.

    The extremely contaminated water got on the boots of Fukushima workers while Fukushima workers were injecting the chemical material underground. Fukushima workers had to pile macadams up to 1m high with the lead plate on the top to avoid the contamination, according to Tokyo Electric.

    The press asked Tokyo Electric about the responsibility of “delayed” announcement in the press conference. Tokyo Electric showed a certain kind of emotion, which is very rare, and commented “I’m sorry.” Tokyo Electric seems aware of the potential health effect of exposure.


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