Fukushima reactors will be releasing radioactive steam for a year or more: US nuclear official

Published: May 27th, 2011 at 2:46 pm ET


Japanese scientist: Fukushima meltdown occurred within hours of quake, Washington Post, May 26, 2011:

The six-reactor complex on Japan’s northeastern coast continues emitting radiation into the air and water […]

[John E. Kelly, deputy assistant secretary for nuclear reactor technologies at the U.S. Energy Department] also stressed that Tepco would have to continue pumping water into the damaged reactor units and venting radioactive steam for a year or more. […]


Published: May 27th, 2011 at 2:46 pm ET


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65 comments to Fukushima reactors will be releasing radioactive steam for a year or more: US nuclear official

  • toots

    hmmm…Can we rely on that time frame? I guess “or more” leaves it wide open… 🙁

  • nitwit

    why dont they just pik up the site and put it into the sea.the sea is contaminated to hell anyway.


    IM SOO FED UP WITH THESE RELIGIOUS SITES.if you type into google a typhoon is heading to japan all you get is the godlike websites,this one and prisonplanet etc.why the hell does a typhoon heading to japan have anything to do with conspiricy rubbish?this is whats wrong with these crazed nutters and fanatical insane people.its not anything god like its a dam typhoon.stop spreading worlds end etc its getting boring now.

    • Moco

      Shitbag troll.

      • POET NOIT


        • extra knight

          how can you be so sure. you are here just spewing nonsense, please try to refrain from using condescending language and relying upon unreasonable conjecture.

        • glenn

          Got anything to offer about the nuclear situation POET? That’s what this site is about rather than your pet hates for views that differ from your own on religious matters.

    • Novamind

      Can you make that ryme?

    • Pensacola Tiger

      Try http://falloutphilippines.blogspot.com/.

      The site is either well moderated or the fringe hasn’t found it, yet.

    • Major Domo

      @ POET NOIT – I expect you came to this site, studied a few random comments with your brilliant investigative skills, and made your illiterate baseless conclusions. If you had bothered to do more simply skim the surface, you would have learned your presumptions would reveal you to be the ass that you are. Good on you.

      The fact is, that this site is mostly devoid of the nonsense you might find on other sites like “godlike”, where the nutters come out of the woodwork, and anything goes. We tend to fend off some of the wilder claims here, while trying to maintain factual, honest, and legitimate discussion. You must have this site confused with one of several entertaining ‘evil conspiracy’ sites. The purpose of this site is not to entertain nutters or trolls. If you came looking for good discussion, you’ve found it. If you came looking for a fight, well you’ve found that too. It’s up to you to decide which way you want to participate.

  • Bob Hardin

    In this period, only the comedians and the nutters tell the truth.

  • Moco

    So what is debated by the “smartist” minds of shitkind;
    “yep,… maybe some steam..a little fissioning…might last, a year or so….whatever…”

  • Bob Rock

    Only mortals fear death.

  • hawkeye

    guess that takes care of the fog problem
    sorry shills

  • ali-ali-al-qomfri

    why can’t a dye be added somehow so this shit can been seen and traced by less expensive

    • Moco

      The die is already added.

      • POET NOIT


        • Jack

          WormWood, Look it UP! “Chernobyl” = “wormwood” in Russian.
          when “wormwood” falls to Earth.
          :”And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.”
          Revelation 8:10-11
          —Mark 13:14 (ESV) “But when you see the abomination of desolation standing where it ought not to be (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.”
          —The Waters Made Bitter

          The prophecy of the third trumpet emphasizes that the star called Wormwood made the waters bitter. As the nuclear cloud produced by Chernobyl drifted over the Soviet Union and over Europe, and Extraordinary amount of rain fell. The rain brought the radiation from the nuclear cloud onto the soil, the animals, the crops, the trees, and into the rivers. The greater the rainfall, the greater was the amount of radioactivity. These heavy rains greatly increased the magnitude of this horrible disaster. Much of Europe was affected. When the prophecy said that many men died because of the waters, it explicitly described the effect of Chernobyl.
          If you have received no education in Religions, nor any Spiritual
          inkling in your mind, you are woefully lacking in AWARENESS.
          This here Christian gotta IQ 172.
          Try to READ UP! While you have some time!

          • extra knight

            i leave the foolish religious hypocrisy and supersized fairytales to those that cannot think an independent thought, and use their invisible god as a lifelong crutch to deal with reality.

        • madima

          you should listen to yourself

        • madima

          poetnoit no nothing. hot air

        • mothra

          I realize that mortality topics breed grief, but this is [MAKING ME GIGGLE] now.

          Sorry, I don’t mean to sound un-compassionate, but… Really?

  • larry-andrew-nils

    would a couple of tonnes of gold absorb the molten mass and maybe even seal the radiation inside?

    a couple tons per unit?\

    what’s the price of life?

    • Moco

      It is six billion divided 500 trillion, CDS notional debt value.
      It is a negative number.

  • mothra

    Try a decade or four. Chernobyl is still a struggle today.

  • Wonder

    “Mystery Virus Kills 2 In South Korea”

    “Symptoms for the mystery virus have included cold or flu-like symptoms, cough and difficulty breathing,..”


    Does anyone know of any Chernobyl studies of people dying of “mystery” viruses?

  • Interesting forum on cancer patients’ increased asthma symptoms during radiation “therapy.”

    I’ve noticed a rough correlation between the EPA radnet data and my asthma symptoms. However, it could be that there is simply more particulate matter in the air when radiation levels are higher (being blown in from China as well as Japan’s radiation)


    • nyc

      I read a few years back that in some US cities half of all schoolkids now have asthma, and they chalked it up to particulates. You might record your asthma comfort level at a set time each day, before you consult any rad news, to eliminate the effects of suggestion.

  • Peter

    My question is:Why does this excellent site have such moronic comments?could we keep the comments related to the topic and not go all freaky and woo-woo?
    All the people complaining about mystery flues and coughs.(and boils, loss of vision, etc).

    Please advise what radiation levels you have been detecting with your geiger counters that I am sure you have been using to monitor your local environment.

    • extra knight

      oh jiminy crickets!

      wron. if you don’t like or don’t fully comprehend a statement, don’t criticize it, just don’t read it. i do hope that you’re kidding there, it is unresonable to set limits on free expression of ideas and thoughtful discussion.

    • I hardly think my comment “woo-woo” when I’m commenting upon an empirical relationship between the EPA’s posted air monitoring data for my city and my asthmatic symptoms. We’ve had high levels in my area as compared to averages (I’ve been monitoring since mar 11).

      The air monitoring is not in real time and so there is a lag but it supposedly is only a day or two.

      I’ve also examined pollen counts and have noticed no correlation between that and asthmatic symptoms.

      I did find anecdotal evidence suggesting that ionizing radiation may cause chest inflamation, thereby exacerbating asthmatic symptoms.

      The observations and correlations suggest a hypothesis… (which can be tested)

      exploring ideas is what forums are about…

      • Jack

        Way to Smack Peter up side his Peter! Go Girl!

      • ConnectTheDots

        Exactly majia!

        It’s called critical thinking and connecting the dots.

        Good job.


        What’s concerning is that the link on South Korea’s “mystery virus” says 2 pregnant women died from it.

        South Korea is next to Japan.

        “Anthony” commented on another link of a rise in viruses, etc., with Chernobyl. It’s not unreasonable to wonder if there’s a correlation between the “mystery virus” and the radiation from Fukushima.

        Similar symptoms of the “mystery virus” are being reported in the U.S. as “Terranigma” shared.

      • Cassie


        Anecdotal information is invaluable in terms of documenting events related to one of the most significant events of our lifetime, perhaps of all times.

        And extremely important for those wishing to survive a potentially life threatening situation.

        Thanks for the good work.


    • Cassie

      Hi Peter,

      Welcome to the site, despite your somewhat inauspicious

      I am curious, what kinds of comments would you deem suitable to this forum?


  • Well… “There’s no earthly way of knowing Which direction we are going There’s no knowing where we’re rowing Or which way the river’s flowing Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing? Not a speck of light is showing So the danger must be growing Are the fires of hell a-glowing? / Is the grisly reaper mowing? Yes, the danger must be growing ‘Cause the rowers keep on rowing And they’re certainly not showing Any signs that they are slowing!” ~Willy Wanka~


    Anyone else get the feeling that face masks are going to be a ‘norm’ in the near future?
    Geiger counters will be the top selling electronic item this xmas, and air filter tech. will be the fastest growing industry for 2012……

  • blackmoon

    Val Valano interviews Geo-Scientist MS. LEUREN MORET.

    Most of us have been seeking info and expert opinions of this ongoing disaster.

    This is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE interview that I have heard regarding this on going EVENT. It is a radio interview of approx one hour and fifty four minutes.

    It covers (among many other things):

    1 – The prelude.
    2 – What caused it.
    3 – Who caused it.
    4 – What actually happened.
    5 – Why it was done.
    7 – What PRECAUTIONS we should take.

    I believe that this is something that we should all listen to and pass on to our family & friends. You might not agree with all of her conclusions (although I DO), but there is PLENTY OF VALUABLE INFO GIVEN IN IT.

    I hope that you will find it useful:

    Here is another interview whith Ms. Moret on Fukushima, HAARP and the Elite’s plans for destroying our food supply and de-population: