Fukushima Tapes: “This is a suicide corps… We can’t vent Unit 2… this is like the end” — Released recording ends soon after (VIDEO)

Published: October 10th, 2012 at 5:08 pm ET



Asahi TV’s ‘Morning Bird’
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Date Uploaded: Oct 10, 2012

At 8:00 in

Masao Yoshida, Fukushima Daiichi Chief: As for the blown out panel of the unit 2, I think it might have been displaced during the unit 1 explosion […] I have heard that there is a gap.

Main Office: Oh! Lucky!!

Yoshida: One of the staff have gone to check it now but it is unconfirmed so please don’t get too excited.

Main Office: It made me happy. […]

Asahi: However, the unit 2 was developing a serious condition worse than the unit 1 or 3.

Fukushima Daiichi: The water level of the fuel pool gradually decreases and it reaches the top of the fuel rods, if it continues to decline, the fuel rods will start to melt. This is a suicide corps. The pressure is decreasing. There is no water, we can’t vent either. That’s no good. This is like the end. This is worse than the explosion earlier. Arrrrgh…

At 9:00 in

The audio was not recorded in the video conference footage but about this time, Yoshida made a telephone call to Goshi Hosono (Minister of State for the Corporation in support of Compensation for Nuclear Damage) and he said…

Yoshida: This could be the end.

Fukushima Daiichi: Venting. Venting is the primary task. There was no other option left but to carry out the dry venting. […]

Main Office: Chief Yoshida! Chief Yoshida? Please open too. Even if a small vent is opened, there is another one too. Is that open?

Yoshida: Please don’t ask me too many questions. We are trying to open the dry vent right now! Please don’t disturb! Open the small vent first. Hurry up.

Main Office: Fail close. Fail close!

Asahi: The released recording ends here. […]

For an in-depth re-creation of this event from the perspective of the workers inside Unit 2, see: [intlink id=”nhk-documentary-unimaginable-happening-workers-part-containment-vessel-destroyed-heard-loud-bang-pressure-video-50-min” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: October 10th, 2012 at 5:08 pm ET


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32 comments to Fukushima Tapes: “This is a suicide corps… We can’t vent Unit 2… this is like the end” — Released recording ends soon after (VIDEO)

  • Sickputer

    The seriousness of the situation becomes clear with these audiotapes. Fukushima Daiichi is as described an extinction machine with no off switch. Millions are going to die from radiation fallout and the nucleocrats will deny there is a cause and effect from this hellhole megaplex.

    If you reside in central Japan your chances of an early death loom large. Widespread radiation contamination is already far flung in Japan and the plant is still totally out of control and will never be capped because of the location. The water contamination of the Pacific Ocean is going to be a nightmare for Japan and the world.

    • Bone Idle

      The fuel rod pools are a serious situation but in the overall big picture a sideshow. The conditions inside the reactors are extremely serious and Tepco and the Japanese Government (or other authorities) wont admit it or may nor even know the extent of the damage.
      The Russians were more forthcoming about the situation at Chernobyl than the Japanese currently admitting seriousness at Fukashima.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Sickputer

      Great description of "all" Nuclear Plants: extinction machine with no off switch

      Agree with you Sickputer

      Wonder how many generations it will take to see the full extent of this on going disaster?

  • true2U

    Awareness and One with spirit is the power now.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Extinction machine, is right.

  • patb2009

    "This is a suicide corps"

    what would the original japanese meaning of this be?

    This is a suicide machine? This is a group of people all planning to die?
    The machine is dead?

    Could someone please re-state this?

  • arclight arclight

    thought this paragraph interesting

    Japan keen on nuclear cooperation with India but concerns over “civil nuclear liability”

    Ahluwalia also stressed that the Japanese side has conveyed that they won’t be eliminating their reliance on nuclear energy. Earlier, Japan had declared the goal of zero-nuclear energy by 2040, but following pressure from the powerful business lobby it has effectively given up this option.


    it would appear that the japanese people are not being told everything?

    "but following pressure from the powerful business lobby it has effectively given up this option."

    what is he powerful business lobby?

    • Mack Mack

      This book might answer that question:

      "The Nuclear Barons" by Peter Pringle and James Spigelman

      "The nuclear barons: an international elite of scientists, technocrats, and businessmen who have, for more than four decades, controlled the world's destiny. Their decisions–usually kept secret, often shortsighted, sometimes veiled by lies and obfuscations–have led inexorably to the present nuclear mess. Radiation hazards, prohibitively costly energy, waste-disposal problems, plant safety, weapons proliferation: the nuclear nightmares we live with are the direct result of choices that were never thought through to their logical conclusions, never opened to public debate.


  • jec jec

    Isnt Yoshida the person who came down with cancer, and was denied workmans compensation because he got sick with cancer? Suicide Corp for sure.

  • jec jec

    Plus..only EIGHT of the Fukushima 50 were avaiable for a "press day with the president"..wonder where the others are? Dead, in hospital? Sick and hiding? Living in the streets without a job or medical care?

  • wkl

    Response to Arclight:"what is he powerful business lobby?"

    It was US pressure delivered by Hillary Clinton;
    Please see http://www.simplyinfo.org/?p=7614

    • arclight arclight

      a great article wkl

      and one for you in return

      There has been a doubling of the concentration of nuclear radiation in the atmosphere.

      Stamford, Conn., Oct. 4, 2012


      • weeman

        Good article many valid points.
        Immediate action required, we must learn from these nuclear disasters and immediately implement changes to the way we operate them, move SPF pools from reactor, automated system, storage, human error, etc.
        you must learn from your mistakes and prevent them from happening again, similar to aviation and make all corrective measures to accomplish or it is madness and suicide.
        We will not give up till there is no more reactors of any kind, our species and all life on this plant depends on us now, their will be no second chance we have one shot.

  • Arclight asked "what is (t)he powerful business lobby?"

    Just my opinion, but, I believe the powerful business lobby is another front for a group of ugly psychopathic overly rich white men who will never be seen in newspaper, TV or any other media who really run things.

    We were told at the beginning that Fukushima scored a 6 out of a possible 7 when we now know they knew at the time it was a full melt through. Actually it should be an 8 but those knowledgeable experts long ago felt an 8 would never happen so thats why the scale only goes up to 7. So why did all those good people die in WW2? Didn't USA install democracy in Japan? And you can't lie to people in a democracy, right? Why do they lie? Why does a child lie? Why does a real Man or Woman tell the truth?

    Even mainstream said they lied, http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2012/02/28/japan-nuclear-withheld.html

    The public is jaded and feels helpless. In Canada, Europe and USA. Who cares if the democrats or republicans win the election? The economy will tank regardless, troops will stay in foreign countries, the nuclear scam industry will continue to be bankrolled by poor taxpayers and Americans will continue to buy Chinese clothes electronics tools etc. etc.

    It is in the best interest of a very small fraction of the global population to lie about nuclear energy, petroleum and a host of other things.

    I don't know how but we have to get off the hamster wheel.

    God Bless…

  • ML

    Came to the conclusion today: You are either living conscious of the lies, or unconscious. It seems to have been a kinder more benevolent existence when I lived unconscious of the lies. I guess there is no way of going back.

    • ML are you an academic?

      I'm trying to see if there is enough of a critical mass of academics here to get a petition going among university faculty demanding the EPA / FDA post research on food, water, etc.

      Sometimes academic petitions bring media attention

      • blackbuddha blackbudda

        "demanding the EPA / FDA post research on food, water, etc.
        Sometimes academic petitions bring media attention"

        sorry majia – keep dreaming

    • richard richard

      just as described in the matrix and the red pill.

      i'd never really connected with the analogy, i thought it was a little cliche. but when you say what you you did, it kind of makes the metaphor ring true… there is no going back.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sickputer is once again dead on with his comments.


    I hate to tell you this, but none of us can get off this hamster's wheel. There is no exit allowed.

    We are simply slaves and owned by those we allowed to legally tax us, which is then enforced by the law enforcement branches created and working for these same people we gave our sovereign power too.

    We then allowed them to spend those same legal taxes collected from each of us to benefit themselves~ first. Then if anything is left over, after they have eaten and taken their fill of all our tax dollars. this is what is thrown at all the corralled cattle and sheep~second.

    You and I and all of our neighbors, my friend, are the corralled cattle and sheep.

    It is what it is and thus why the many environmental calamities, just like this Nuclear disaster, will continue growing worse and worse and worse.

    We must always remember our place inside the corral that they created for each of us, and we need to stay very obedient, since this is exactly what they want and expect us all to do.

    The US and many other countries really started herding millions of cattle and sheep in volume after 1913.

    Do you really think we are free and that we can somehow can just step off this hamster wheel?

    My friend, that thought is only a created illusion concerning the concept of freedom, and that thought can now only be found buried very deep inside some book about fantasy tales.

  • Gmouse

    Tough love eh? only pursuing truth, my dears…
    Majia,answered query,10-17 thread. rejected institutionalized learning early,petropharmaelectronicphysicslabrat.no degree. current 3 instrument survey in S.Diego. at your service.

  • kalidances

    It is indeed stressful. There first needs to be an immediate evacuation throughout the Japanese islands. Visa laws need to be relaxed for the event.
    Then there needs to be global procedure established about how to cool the reactors the explosions will affect the entire world. Then there needs to be entire teams of water purification experts to figure out how to decontaminate the water.
    locations here:
    It must happen immediately before people become too sick to help.
    Then the people must vote to execute those that caused this nightmare for treason against their countrymen and ban nuclear power. Wind and solar power can be used until alternative future technologies can be developed.

  • michellemamarn

    Getting off the gerbil wheel- Homeschool your children, teach them to question authority; question everything; purchase green energy; plant a garden and find a family farm for proteins; practice disaster preparedness; buy gently used; barter;teach all your loved ones the truths you know; follow the recommendations here at Enenews to protect your health; and then…wait.No empire has ever survived the wrath of its' citizens- revolution is inevitable. I think TPTB know this and are frantically racing the clock because their time runs short. Most importantly, don't go into agreement with them, stay conscious. Maybe not in our lifetime, so prepare the children.


      wonderful thoughts michellemamarn. "Most importantly, don't go into agreement with them…" determines just who you are. I turned away from them long ago. Should let you know…their time's run out. They're not going to announce it though.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


    You share such wonderful words of wisdom, yet what must be understood by all, is that the hamsters wheel is actually the ground beneath your feet (earth), the air that you breath (sky), and the water that you drink (rain), and the food that you eat (plants+animals+genetics).

    We own none of it and this is the beauty of the design of our master's created Zeitgeist and exactly what they desired via the taxation/law principles they implemented.

    This ownership of our entire planet is what we gave to them via the passed and voted on sanctioned collective/group laws we allowed as collective.

    You may hide, barter or even homeschool and await any outcome and this will not change the facts that none of us can exit this newly created hamster's wheel and growing Zeitgeist.

    This hamster's wheel started turning much faster and picked up tremendous speed after 1913.

    As you can see things are not working out very well for any of our planet's species and or the rest of us humans still residing on this very tiny planet.

    Slaves really have no rights and that is why they must create these many mental "illusions of freedom concepts" for all of us to enjoy.

    We humans are all owned property and we are now stamped and branded just like the cattle and sheep trapped inside our corrals, nothing more and nothing less.

    You and your family do have and received a S/S number correct?

    What do you really think that S/S number represents? Its not…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Its not freedom!

    It is what it is.

  • kalidances

    @michellemamarn you are absolutely correct. Back when this first started we did about a month of self-sufficiency articles. Maybe the admin can direct you to them but to start this will help:


    Main site here: