Fukushima Woman Warns of Cover-up: People are talking about nose bleeds and coughing that won’t end — Nurses tell patients: Stay quiet, don’t mention radiation to doctor (VIDEO)

Published: November 28th, 2012 at 4:42 pm ET


Title: Citizen Response to Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns: SHIINA Chieko-san in San Jose, CA
Uploaded by: Kevin Pardo
Translator: Unknown (Thank you)
Upload Date: Nov 27, 2012

SHIINA Chieko-san is speaking at San Jose City College in an event supported by a SJCC faculty member and groups in Japan and the U.S. Her main Japanese group is Fukushima Women Against Nuclear Power. This is the English edit with brief samples of Japanese.

Rush Transcript

Ms. Chieko Shiina, Founder of Fukushima Women against Nuclear Power: Children and — not just children — all peoples’ bodies, according to people who talk to each other since last May, have been experiencing all kinds of higher levels of symptoms such as nose bleeds that don’t end, coughing that doesn’t end, different kinds of eye problems.

People go to doctors, especially mothers who take their children are concerned and they may ask their doctor, “Hey I think this is because of the radiation levels.” But they are told “No, It can’t be radiation it’s just because you’re stressed.” […]

[The nurse stands behind the doctor and says,] “No, don’t tell. Don’t say it. Don’t say it’s radiation. You’ll get in trouble. He’s going to get mad at you. Stay quiet. Don’t say it radiation.”

Like these kind of situations are happening quite a bit within doctors’ offices. It’s really concerning because you should be able to talk about what you’re going through.

So people go to these doctors’ offices and they are not permitted to tell the truth in the situation. They’ll ask for examinations and they’ll be refused, and told it’s not necessary.  This is happening very commonly in the Fukushima area.

Watch the video here

Published: November 28th, 2012 at 4:42 pm ET


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33 comments to Fukushima Woman Warns of Cover-up: People are talking about nose bleeds and coughing that won’t end — Nurses tell patients: Stay quiet, don’t mention radiation to doctor (VIDEO)

  • markww markww



    • harengus_acidophilus

      U 2


    • vital1 vital1

      This is mass murder of men, women, and children!

      Is there any other way of saying this more clearly?

      These people are dying on mass because people in official positions including doctors, want to protect their position and power, plus the nuclear industry.

      What is particularly tragic, is that governments east and west could have,and should have provided the information where the radioactive plumes were headed, plus what actions to take to avoid exposure. An informed populace would have made the correct choices to keep themselves, and their children safe.

      Officials responsible for this outrage should be held accountable, and

      A responsible leadership would act decisively to protect the children, and their citizens.


      Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is
      quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, or email it.


  • richard richard

    why do the doctors and nurses whore themselves to the nuke industry?

    • government sponsored health care, they are directly in bed, those whores.

      • richard richard

        hi stock. in Oz we have social health care. I actually believe in the system and feel that social health care is an essential element of modern society, as much as roads and water.

        i've been wondering what would happen in australia, given similar circumstances. You've made me think what would occur. But I can't see my doctor getting 'annoyed' with me if I raised a topic. Having not been through the process in reality, I don't really know.

        At least, I know i would not hesitate to talk to my doctor about radiation if that was on my suspicion list.

        Again, i think it's a reflection of the social upbringing. The japanese will comply, the ozzies wouldn't.

        But you've got me wondering, stock.

        • Even intelligent people, like doctors, fall into traps created by fiscal engagement, especially fiscal dependence.

          • Maggie123

            On this, Stock, I will agree with you! Canadian doctors are products of their training and to varying degrees may buy into dominant explanations (for example may read literature, often medical corporate linked, that presents arguments for using a med that could be challenged; or may read professional literature that dismisses low-dose chronic radioactivity.) I had brief involvement with 1 whose attitude of 'superior authority' (not open to my input) and promptly changed doctors. I was free to do so – no muss, no fuss, (with proviso that small communities in Canada also can have GP shortages.) To be fair he was new to practice and maybe 'full of himself', but I wasn't about to be his learning experience. In my community, for me and everyone I knew, GP's and specialists were friendly, compassionate, available to explain and to listen, and many even open to patient interest in alternative treatments (these almost never cost covered, but GP attitude was "this may help" – or to explain how it might interfere, and to schedule follow-up!)

        • Maggie123

          Hi Richard, thank you for your remarks on Oz social health care. I knew the US system fairly well in the 1950/60's, before it "went corporate". I then lived 40 years in Canada. I returned to live in the US a few years ago and I was shocked at the change.

          Accustomed to the Canadian system, I thought "deductible"?, "co-pay"?, "keep job that is not a good personal fit to hang onto health coverage?", "bankruptcy"?, people dying from lack of access or delayed consultation due to no money to pay a doctor?" … never heard of these!!

          The broad American culture seemed to have changed greatly in my absence to one fraught with persistent low-key chronic anxiety – anxiety that has seemed at times almost desperate and occasionally aggressive toward others. I think universal social support systems, such as HC systems that exist in all industrialized nations but the US, contribute a lot to 'generalized sense of well-being', of living where individual contributions, however small or modest, are valued. This promotes healthy community, including sm. businesses!

          Financially too, US care is so hugely expensive by comparison and still people needlessly become disabled, die, go bankrupt. I usually am told "well what about" and am told about how marvelous the US system is for those covered. I don't try to argue these days. I regret universal coverage is so feared in the US. Arguments against mirror those once used in Germany, Canada, etc.

        • patb2009

          every government commits it's crimes, wether it's against te aborigines, the Ainu,
          the Native Americans, the Nisei,,,,

          The US Nuclear tests in Bikini,

          Just comes with being a government

          Big corporations do the same thing

        • razzz razzz

          Do you really need socialize medicine on standby to set and cast a broken arm? Or to tell you that you have the flu? Is a general practitioner's fees really that outrageous that you need to redistribute the wealth of a entire nation for the small percentage that do get sick?

          Of course, if you are talking about cancer treatments and exotic diseases that were rarely diagnosed before modern man then maybe industry should be paying the medical bills until the free market determines some industries are not profitable due to unintended consequences.

          To the doctors and nurses in the article, they are not really acting like doctors and nurses so why be in the profession if you are uneducated about nuclear fallout (which would be hard to believe after having a couple war time nukes dropped on you).

          • PurpleRain PurpleRain

            YES! We need a medical system that is focused like a laser-beam on making people healthy. My mother died at age 64… young really, but she had tried and needed health care long before that but could not get it. All she could get was no-nothing part-time work that denied her medical coverage, denied her time off to go to the doctor and paid her well below her educational level to the point where she could not even pay the rent on her own apartment and had to marry (not for love) but for some sense of security…. WE need socialized medicine where WE pay our TAXES and in-turn out TAXES help pay the livelihood of doctors and nurses and hospitals who care about people. Medicine should not be a for-profit industry. No one should morally or ethically profit by other people being sick!

            • exnavynuc exnavynuc

              I agree, but we should go further. All schools including higher education should be free, no one should morally or ethically profit from knowledge. If you want to be a Doctor, just fill out gov. form and ta-da your a Dr. This would be the same for food, housing and all the things that make life easy. That way I could stay home and enjoy doing what I want to do without putting in any effort.

              • Unknown Unknown

                Education from kindergarten throughout much of the high school level is not a student choice, but is instead mandatory because they’re considered to be too young to make the choice that is in their best interest. Similarly, police protection and fire protection are mandatory because it is not normal for people to choose to be the victim of a crime or to suffer the loss of life and/or property from fire. Health care in many countries is included with these public services because many countries do not consider it rational to think that patients choose to be sick. Basic education, law enforcement, fire protection, and medical care in most cases are not things we choose to use, but are things we need when we least expect it. On the other hand, medical school is a person’s choice, and so is the decision to pay for it out of his/her own pocket.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      The hospital is OWNED by TEPCO!

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    "Day 626 Radiation levels still high, disaster ongoing.
    42.69 microSv/h, Namie, Ukedo river, bridge side fallen leaves, Nov 2012" http://uhohjapan2.wordpress.com/2012/11/28/day-626-radiation-levels-still-high-disaster-ongoing/

  • The first questions from any medical professional should be:

    1. Where were you on 311?
    2. Where were you in the weeks and months following 311?
    3. What types of mitigation efforts have you taken?

    …and even if it is "all in your head", so what! It was still caused by Fukushima and we all know stress can kill you.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear ChasAha,
      'The nurse stands behind the doctor and says, “No, don’t tell. Don’t say it. Don’t say it’s radiation. You’ll get in trouble. He’s going to get mad at you. Stay quiet. Don’t say it radiation.”
      Your statement is 100% correct!! The nurse referred to should lose her license!! All nurses I've been in contact with are fierce patient advocates!
      Japanese folks need to wake up to this! Ask for another nurse! I believe this change will come. I believe the good healthcare professionals will perservere and continue to steadfastly illuminate bad practices.

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        "…The nurse referred to should lose her license!!…"

        I think you're missing the context here, andagi. That message started in the Japanese government, the medical leaders and the teaching hospitals. They demand it of the departments in their hospital. Those deparment heads make sure the individual doctors toe the line. The doctors know they're lying to the patients but they will be fired for doing anything else.

        Of course they'll get mad when their patients ask a perfectly reasonable question and they have to dance like a monkey for their jobs. Besides, if that doctor suspects radiation and sends them down the hall to another specialist, *they're* going to lie to save their job. The nurse isn't doing any moral calculus either because she can see the futility of it all. Patient advocate in Japan = unemployed when it comes to radiation.

        Get tossed from a hospital for challenging the management line and good luck getting hired *anywhere* else in the Japanese healthcare *industry*. Then go home and tell your unemployed spouse and your kids how you stood up for your principles. They'll be so proud! That should be comforting when your watching them eat out of dumpsters for the next year.

        Easy to shake a finger from afar, but it's not so simple for the working slaves in the Japanese medical system. No, it's not right. It's insane of course, but it is what it is.

  • Solar is now 3 cents per kWH.

    Do you even know what your rate is? Look at your bill, it will state the kWH used, divide your bill dollars by the kWH, that is your rate.

    How does that compare to 3 cents?

    Here is the proof. Kill nuke before it kills you and yours. It is moral to kill in self defense


    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      Hey Stock, how about some solar windows? Awesome 🙂

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      Do not require expensive high-temperature or high-vacuum production methods, but rather, can be sprayed on to glass at room temperature;
      Generate electricity from both natural and artificial light sources, outperforming today’s commercial solar and thin-film technologies by as much as 10-fold; and

      Measure less than 1/10th the thickness of ‘thin’ films (only 1/1000th the thickness of human hair).


  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Damage is done, and doctors can't do anything. There is no antidote for radiation.

  • jec jec

    Just talked to a young woman who went to Japan to visit her Mother and family recently(this summer). Now this woman is a radiation tech/Xray specialist at a very highly rated medical facility. She said the "disaster" was taken care of, no more radiation coming out (!) and the US news media was making more than it was. "Chernobyl was bad," but this is not anywhere as dangerous. I then asked her about the 46% of children with thyroid cysts or masses in Fukushima medical tests. She said, well they will certainly have DNA damage, but did not think that was all that bad. She has gotten the Japanese brain washing from family and the Japanese media.

    Wonder if all the people with DNA damage who have problems with their future children..if they can even have anywhere NORMAL babies..will feel the same. Those 46% with damage to thyroid..which are the only ones tested..wonder if they will say the same when they are a little older. Guess time will tell. Think I will go and buy stock in thyroid cancer drugs and reproduction specialty companies..

    • The 'washing machine' must be set on Max Load in Japan.

      Those pumping the Nuclear agenda must be smiling. ☢

      "…well they will certainly have DNA damage, but did not think that was all that bad."
      "Chernobyl was bad, but this is not anywhere as dangerous."
      "the 'disaster' was taken care of, no more radiation coming out," she said.

      Those kinds of statements make me sad.
      I just don't understand it, especially from those in Japan?
      The power of the MEDIA is immense.

      I also have a friend who was an X-ray technician. When we first talked about Fukushima his reply was, "Well, it's so far away and it's no worse than an X-ray."
      (It's their training. I believe it's flawed on purpose.)

      To be honest. He really did not understand, at first, the true difference of ingesting a particle vs getting an X-ray. I succeeded in explaining it. (+1 for me)

      I also explained to him how the Fukushima Triple Meltdown was ongoing and how humans cannot even enter the buildings to assess just how bad it really is.

    • I continued and informed him.

      That the plutonium, cesium, strontium and other deadly particles of varying decay rates had been released in the initial blasts and have now circled the earth over 15 times dropping these particles as it rotates. This allows the contamination to enter our food chain and ecosystems as the daily massive emissions of radioactive contamination accumulate and spread.

      side note:
      He says he quit, (maybe fired), from his job, because he felt so strongly that doctors had prescribed too many X-rays and CT scans for children. He said it was crazy the things they would be scanned for not realizing the 'risks'. I thought that was interesting in itself.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Yes to much eagerness to x-ray, I agree. Brought my kid into the ER last Sunday for what I thought was strep, was diagnosed as croup. The doctor wanted to x-ray the throat, right where the thyroid is. I said no x-ray. Then later the doctor came back and said it was fine if I didn't want the x-ray it just helps diagnose if the problem gets worse. My gosh if I would not have objected my kid, who is under 10, would have had an unnecessary throat x-ray. Many in the medical and dental industries are too casual about radiation exposures. My kid recovered just fine.