Fukushima Worker: Water was steaming in basement under Unit No. 3 turbine

Published: November 1st, 2012 at 2:26 am ET


Title: Plant worker: Radiation injuries during crisis at Japan nuke plant not mishap, files complaint
Source: AP
Author: Mari Yamaguchi
Date: October 31, 2012

[…] The worker gave a rare public account of what happened at the plant during the accident. He spoke to The Associated Press on the condition that he be identified only as Shinichi, his given name.

Shinichi, 46, described a harrowing scene of darkness and fear, wading with headlamps into a flooded basement through steaming radioactive water that felt warm even through workers’ boots. […]

He said his six-member team was sent to lay electric cables in the basement of the Unit 3 turbine on March 24, 10 days after its reactor building exploded […] to restore power to pumps to inject cooling water into its overheating spent fuel pool.

[…] the men wore whatever boots were available – only two wore knee-high rubber boots, and four others, including Shinichi, wore short ones. […]

Seconds after the three workers started going into the basement, the dosimeters began ringing loudly and then went silent, a sign the intended limit was exceeded, though the team’s leader said it must be an error. The three workers in the basement waded through the ankle-deep water to check the wall-mounted switchboard and came back up, saying the water felt warm through their rubber boots. […]

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Published: November 1st, 2012 at 2:26 am ET


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4 comments to Fukushima Worker: Water was steaming in basement under Unit No. 3 turbine

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    I am sorry for all the people going into these highly radioactive areas and grateful for their courage to go against everything they have been taught and to buck the system and speak out. This man's cause is our cause.

    I also wish we had heard a little more information about his foray in Unit 3 and the SFP, which sounds like it was leaking but still there in some form. This can be added to the debate on that.

  • 20 mSv is one CT scan, which is large but not outrageous, however, walking into radioactive water doesn't match with 20mSv. This seems odd, indeed.

    But keep in mind 20mSv is 10 years of "background" and background is a lie to begin with… in 1900 only one of 30 got cancer, now 15 of 30 get cancer… what is wrong with that reality?

    • corium pudding corium pudding

      stock, that was before nuclear weapons atmospheric detonations, Chernobyl, cigarettes loaded with hundreds of chemicals, pesticides on crops, plastic water bottles, fluoride in our tap water, genetically-modified food, aspartame… oh, I should probably stop here. I don't want the ENENews server to run out of disk space.

  • Gmouse

    H2o warm indeed.. C.P. you said it… immune system overload.