Fukushima Workers: We were told to only clean areas around radioactivity measurement sites — Radiation levels rise after ‘decontamination’

Published: January 4th, 2013 at 12:21 pm ET


Asahi Shimbun Part 3: CROOKED CLEANUP (3): Reporters document extent of shoddy decontamination practices

[…] on Dec. 17, a worker in Naraha was observed using a pressurized sprayer to clean the veranda of a private home. Because no protective sheet was installed, water splashed the walls of neighboring structures. […]

In some cases, radiation levels at homes have even increased after decontamination, leading some workers to suspect that radioactive materials were blown into the area by wind.

Asahi Shimbun Part 1: CROOKED CLEANUP (1): Radioactive waste dumped into rivers during decontamination work in Fukushima

[…] A common response of the workers was that the decontamination work could never be completed if they adhered to the strict rules. […]

“We were told to clean up only those areas around a measurement site,” one worker said. […]

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Published: January 4th, 2013 at 12:21 pm ET


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4 comments to Fukushima Workers: We were told to only clean areas around radioactivity measurement sites — Radiation levels rise after ‘decontamination’

  • Sickputer

    There is nothing you can do to remove widespread radiation contamination except avoid it. Small areas like a spill in a lab or a spill at a nuclear plant may be mopped up, waste dumped down a salt dome (thanks Texas Brine!) and things will be better (not really).

    But out in the real world there are too many nooks and crannies might for the invisible poison to hide. You are very likely to die "cleaning" it up. You can't cleanup up air.

    So what to do? Don't breathe the outside air, don't eat the crops, don't drink the water.

    In other words…if you are going to live in the contaminated zone the only way to stay healthy would be to stay in a filtered biodome house and grow your own food and have uncontaminated water imported.

    Does that sound financially feasible? No it is not feasible. The land has been ruined for carbon life forms. For eternity.

    And the last time I checked…they aren't making any more real estate unless you get a dike and recover shore land from the ocean.

    Oh I forgot…you built Nagoya Centrair Airport on an artificial island in a bay. Still…After Fukushima Daiichi it's not much good without a biodome and then there goes the money from air traffic!

    In Japan even if you are as smart as the Dutch…your new Oceanside real estate would be filled with radioactive poison.

    Thanks Tepco for killing your own children and future generations. Does all that money you made make you feel like a king? King Midas perhaps?

    • m a x l i

      Pretty much my thoughts too, Sickputer. A little spill of dangerous substances in a lab or in a NPP you can sweep under the carpet, and you can pretend the problem is gone – until the carpet is turned upside down. Not so in the bigger world. "Decontamination" makes sense, albeit limited, in a small area. But they are using the same word and pretend they are able to clean up a whole country, a whole planet actually.

  • PattieB PattieB

    For The Record! Tritium is being spewed out of EVERY reactor, even if it has no "So-Called" Leaks! The ONLY THING that can contain H3 is GOLD!
    H3 passes through the lung-blood barriers, and accumulates in the body.

    NO reactor that is in existance, is coated in gold!

    Now, does this make the issue clear?

  • stopnp stopnp

    Lol. We're sooooo effed