Fukushima worker’s told his internal radiation level is 30,000 cpm — “That’s never happened before”

Published: May 19th, 2011 at 5:11 am ET


Radiation tests lacking / Nuclear plant workers unsure of internal exposure levels, The Yomiuri Shimbun, May 19, 2011:

[…] only 10 percent of workers there had been tested for internal radiation exposure […]

A number of personnel working to overcome the nuclear crisis at the facility are increasingly alarmed by their lack of internal exposure testing. […]

“My measured value [of radioactive exposure] exceeded the standard value by a double-digit factor. That’s never happened before,” said a plant worker in his 20s […]

While a normal internal radiation level would range from several hundred cpm to 1,000 cpm, he was told his level was 30,000 cpm. […]

Published: May 19th, 2011 at 5:11 am ET


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156 comments to Fukushima worker’s told his internal radiation level is 30,000 cpm — “That’s never happened before”

  • I will have to start a paper on this.

    • I did start a members forum. http://www.collectiveconsciousevents.com

      If enough people choose to use it then it will be another successful web tool for people interested in real up to date information.

      I welcome all users with all opinions. to upload articles and opinions…

      feel free to create an account or not. Its pretty much a myspace for fukushima heads lol.

      either way. feel free to take a look.

      • This is what I feel is the likely candidate on a “china syndrome”

        I assume this will be more like a nuclear fountain… Think of a geyser of radiation spewing into the atmosphere for the next 10 – 1000 years Like they are now except 20 times worse… One that will create temperatures that are unbearable to work near, rising to 120f. or greater… It will contaminate everything its stream touches. Fukushima would become a wasteland, of contamination and japan would need to extend the evacuation zone to at least 300km likely much much more area. though A china syndrome has never happened thus the math is beyond me… The contamination would spread in any nation internationally and nationally. (as it has now). but in much higher doses. likely 150 -350cpm… Note this is on the premiss that only one reactor has reached criticality… However: In the event there is an explosion, Well thats just bad… We would witness at least 3 – 300000 tons of metric nuclear waste, instantly turned into particle form… The release would do either one of three possible things… 1. a really bad case scenario: Assist reactors 2-6 in achieving a full fusion criticality, leading to an apocalyptic amount of radiation in such high density that anyone that is in its path would perish by suffocation; 2. The better, and yet less likely scenario: achieve a level of detonation, while completely staying within a safe proximity of the other troubled reactors on site, (which is very unlikely)… somehow redirecting most of the initial mass over and into the ocean… Thus spreading only minute levels of radiation globally… Then there is the worst case scenario… 3. (fyi, This is also a product of result #1)… If the fusion some how took the full site (all 6 reactor) in one big kaboom (meaning a full fusion criticality) … In lamen terms: There will be absolutely nothing left; Ever witness a: coronal mass ejection??? Now, have you ever heard of the earth creating one??? If there were an explosion leading to a full fusion criticality, You wouldn’t need to worry about flights or planning… That would register as an ELE. (extinction level event)… The explosion would likely blow the entire atmosphere off the planet…

        • Discordian

          Reminds me of the Web Bots prediction from summer of fall of 2010 (HalfPastHuman.com). Eerie.

        • Darth

          @Tacomagroove – your analysis is faulty.

          First of all there is only 1800 tons of nuclear fuel at this site in total for all six reactors and fuel storage pools – not the 300,000 tons you use in your analysis. That number is more on the order of all the spent fuel in the world.

          I thought your comments on boron effectiveness diminishing were of interest as well as the consequences of that allowing the nuclear magma to possibly become re-critical and how that may play out.

          Blowing the atmosphere off the entire planet – really? You lose creditability putting out that kind of information. Reader beware.

          Queston: Tacoma – what is your educational background?

        • University Professor


          “The math is beyond you” — as you admit — because you are a fake, and most of your numbers are false.

          You claim “3-300000 tons of metric nuclear waste” might be released at Fukushima. But there are “only” 4,277 tons of nuclear fuel at Fukushima — not 300000 tons.

          You pull numbers and dates out of your ass without citations, without any proof, because you cannot prove the well-written fantasies that you write.

          People here want answers because they rely on others for information. Those people are not experts, but I am. And I know your numbers — all of your numbers — are false.

          The world might end this November, you say, and half the life on earth will die at that time, you say? You are so full of it, tacomagroove.

          None of us need to prove you WRONG — you need to prove yourself right.

          People, I promise, tacomagroove is a well-intended, delusional person who happens to know how to write compelling fiction.

          He mixes fact and fiction to weave an entertaining, dramatic yarn. And chances are he will be sad if the world doesn’t come to an end as he has predicted.

          By the way, tacomagroove, I think you are the best writer at this site. You ought to go pro.

          • tony wilson

            doc areva or tepco prof.
            break it down for us bozos give us your take, make it nice and long cover the bases.with your insight and power blow a hole through this site like the rotten tepco core through the floor.
            at last a great mind can guide the sheep to a safe shelter out of the hysterical storm.
            answer an idiot one question.
            if a super heated core leaves the building what will it do and what can and are tepco going to do.

          • marsh

            Thank you very much. This guy is triggering fears and exploiting the fact that many people do not know very much about physics.

            The problem is that he lacks the ability to understand physics himself.

            It is absoulutely true that Fukushima is a horrible catastrophe and it will last for years, contaminating a surely growing region.

            But whatever happens there, it is absolutely impossible that it kills mankind or affects many people living thousands of kilometers away at all.

            So calm down and start to think about what YOU can do to save energy, so we need less nuclear power plants one day.

          • Student

            Is that you Dr. Comsan? I think I recognize your style.

          • mark V

            Or a false flag, but I tend to believe Professor’s description. Tacomagroove, please don’t come back, nicknames are disposable but style not.

          • mothra


            But whatever happens there, it is absolutely impossible that it kills mankind or affects many people living thousands of kilometers away at all.

            I don’t agree with the poster on many things, but it is not absolutely possible that many will be affected thousands of kilometers away, as they’ve been in past events under 200 ton load.

          • mothra

            Correction: it is not absolutely impossible. It is absolutely possible and likely.

            5% world population for every 1Sv cumulative lifetime total exposure will contract cancer. Another 50% will contract related illnesses. 5% world population = 1.7 billion.

          • Misanthrope

            Since when is the human population 34 billion?

          • Cassie

            World pop is 7 billion??

          • tony wilson

            University Professor.
            why professor,why not gary,dave,brian or edna.
            why not donald duck or goofy or Admiral, Hyman Rickover.
            since you stated that a comment was rubbish,can you please answer my little question above.
            i assume you put professor on your tag because you wanted respect.
            well earn it.

          • mark V

            Cassie, 6.92 billion by the United States Census Bureau (wikipedia). Thanks for earlier comment, you know which. I will 😉

          • Cassie

            Tnx Mark 🙂

          • Dr.Stranglelove

            You are an expert in distraction and flim-flam. The Fukushima situation is not about pointy headed professors jabbering about how many radioactive atoms can dance on the head of a pin. If you do know anything about atoms, you might try and relate that to the damage that the people in Japan,and others are experiencing now and in the future.

        • toots

          Hey, I was just a science major in college, but I don’t think this analysis fully adds up either.

          But, empirically, worse case scenarios DO exist that we must be mindful of-that is the nature of nuclear physics and the gamble of trying to harness it. And without a doubt, Fukushima has and will continue to inflict catastrophic damage in the world, well beyond what the mainstream has predicted…

        • http://destructionist.wordpress.com/2011/03/17/600000-spent-nuclear-fuel-rods-death-by-1000-cuts/

          As far as the spent fuel.

          600,000 (potential fuel cells).
          1 ton of spent fuel per cell. (when unloaded).

          I used half this figure.

          • “We’d be lucky if we only had to worry about the spent fuel rods from a single holding pool. We’re not that lucky. The Fukushima Daiichi plant has seven pools for spent fuel rods. Six of these are (or were) located at the top of six reactor buildings. One “common pool” is at ground level in a separate building. Each “reactor top” pool holds 3450 fuel rod assemblies. The common pool holds 6291 fuel rod assemblies. [The common pool has windows on one wall which were almost certainly destroyed by the tsunami.] Each assembly holds sixty-three fuel rods. This means the Fukushima Daiichi plant may contain over 600,000 spent fuel rods.”

          • Its not really about having a degree.

            Ever hear of common sense.
            Did you know a plumber disproved steven hawking? This is because he had a similar field of employment and a creative mind… Add that to a passion of the subject. A star was born…

            its not really about having to prove myself. As you all CLAIM This is impossible with your verbally fabricated degree’s. (I am a “professor”). That really means squat.

            I myself am a special event planner; I host huge events concerts and weddings.

            I do these by having a goal say a nirvana concert… So once I have the “event’s endgame in my mind”; the next step is finding the road to getting there while working in all factors that may clash with my intentions. (hence kurt cobain is dead). so this event is impossible.

            That being said

            I fathomed: “What is worst case scenario?”

            “worst case scenario” was now my event.
            And I planned it. Just like I do at work every day.

            The oh so well written steps to getting there. (those were my findings on the research I performed). As you all have mentioned they are very well written.

            This is how one (the reader); Could easily infer I did A significant amount of research in assuming the integrity of the situation. as no one really complains that these things won’t happen. right…

            The factors I set in, times dates, and abilities. Thats the same linear equation I perform daily, to meet my budget and clients expectations. (on any event).

            everything about this situation is pre written. If I drop an egg on the floor it will “likely” break. You don’t have to be a genius to make that connection…

            Thats where I started. What would have to go wrong to make this situation a little worse. What is the properties that prevent a slightly worse situation from occurring… If those properties are removed from the situation what will happen next and so on…

            This is the same thing I do everyday as well. Maybe the bride wanted a song that was 3 minutes to play, but the alter is a 50 second walk to a half step waltz, which she prefers to use walking to the alter… lets move this factor in front. To make the situation pan out… Or drop it entirely if its highly unlikely…

            Here is my point.
            Tepco had already written a full scale damage report… (did they not). Did you read that report? Did it go public??? Why?

            It could easily dispute my claims right?

            Couldn’t you do simple math to disprove me? (professor)?

            Cause its not about me proving myself… I hope I am wrong…

            Its about you disproving “my theory”…

            I have stated where I got the large figure of 300,000 spent metric tons of nuclear fuel…

            Why didn’t you your figure that you used to disprove it…?

            I am not a fake either…
            (this is in fact impossible).

            As I have never claimed to be anything.(what am I faking) Other than I have a “legitimate” concern; That “should” have more eyes focused on it due to the likeliness of it?

            The first poster states 1700 fuel cells,
            The second 4500.

            Which is it.

            I left you with fully functional “links”. to support my figure.

            Just wanted to address this too:
            “You pull numbers and dates out of your ass without citations, without any proof, because you cannot prove the well-written fantasies that you write.”
            I just wanted to know… Is this very well written. because it is highly impossible? (sarcasm)…
            I just left you all the source of where I got that figure. Please tell me where you have received your information.
            My intention Marsh: Is not to create fear. Its to push a community to focus on an issue I felt was important. By providing fact backed information you all agree that the issue needs more attention right…

            there is no reason to be so sensitive.
            “The world might end this November, you say, and half the life on earth will die at that time, you say? You are so full of it, tacomagroove.”
            the above was taking my words completely out of context in an attempt to discredit me further…
            “People, I promise, tacomagroove is a well-intended, delusional person who happens to know how to write compelling fiction”, “He mixes fact and fiction to weave an entertaining, dramatic yarn. And chances are he will be sad if the world doesn’t come to an end as he has predicted.”
            I concur. I have nothing but good intention in bringing a useful theory to the table. I am completely sane. By calling me “delusional” you once again seek to “discredit” my “theory”;
            You should also consider as the reader: that I provided you with a paper and have no intention in gaining anything… (I could care less).

            This is simply a really cool scenario to take part in I feel it compliments my intelligence. I enjoy doing this work.

            Also I don’t care if the planet is completely destroyed or not. This isnt a prediction. It is a fact supported argument. Based on a theory I have.

            Its neither crazy or delusional. Its simply my theory and opinion on a situation

          • Jaskal

            Tacoma, didn’t you know that professors don’t need anything except self-aggrandizing and hubris to win an argument?

          • I advise all readers to only take into accout what I have theorised and also come to their own conclusions.

            Boron has been repoterd (in quantity). on several dates. between march – may.

            My findings as of last week were not that the planet will end.

            They are that “Tepco” will likely be forced to abandon the site by the selecetd dates.

            This is because there is an intersection in my equation.

            Meaning that between the dates of march 11th and now. the repeated / reported injections of boron taking place in fukushima vs the temperature rising by date effectively will have a paradigm shift.

            This means that boron will no longer sufficiently be able to capture enough neutrons to divert the fuel from establishing a full fusion criticality.

            I look forward to seeing your own results.

            A linear equation is quite easy to do. Anyone on the planet is capable of doing this math. It is factually highschool level work.

            Thus they do indeed intersect at some point.

            I calculated 40 days as of may 16th. (“which I will again stress to get through to you all”) Is not the end of the world. This is “Just” in my “Opinion” the “likely” date of “full abandoment of the site” (meaning the “location” in a nutshell will be “beyond human intervention”)…

            The rest of my theory dealt with the resonable circumstances of what would “Likely Happen”; “After” the “boron” fails as a “neutron decapitator”.

            The dates between injections are in fact shortening. while the quantites of boron injected are rising…
            “You can and will see this once you begin your research.” I will write another paper tonight with all dates and quantities I factored… However also at the same time you can also easily see that:
            The thermal nuclear tempretures; A product from the fission occuring inside the reactors (which boron is used in countering by capturing neutrons), are the only way of indicating the effect of the boron; (limited to the public realm)…

            As you will now also notice; They (meaning the temps.) Are in fact also continually rising. In larger and larger quantities… (Now with spikes of over 100c a day.)

            “Without” even doing the “math”; You can physically witness the vectors of the two factor’s
            “Time vs Effect” moving steadily into an intersection. I am not completely capable in knowing every last detail / factor. Thats why I encourage you to also create your own results.

            This is all a theory…

            It isn’t such a bold claim now is it??? Do the work for your self. Post your results. Prove me wrong.

          • Darth

            The University Professor says there is a total of 4,277 tons of nuclear fuel at Fukushima. I have read it is 1,800 tons. Like this it cannot possibly be 600,000 tons.

            You mix up 600,000 fuel rods with fuel cells and decide there are 600,000 fuel cells with each cell weighing 1 ton. This is inconsistent. Check around to other sources for total tonnage of fuel at this plant. Your numbers are way off.

          • mark V

            Anyone on the planet is capable of doing this math. It is factually highschool level work.
            – so is it “anyone” or “highschool level” ?

            by the way, do you think, are cores on the floor or floors on the core? It is important to me, thankyou.

          • Darth.
            (even with the “figures” you “both” suggest)
            The amount of fuel being dispersed in only a small percentage: (say 7 tons). (FYI: that’s about 0.0007% of the figure you implied); Is sure to be capable enough, to contaminate the whole planet in all respect… Likewise if my figures were right; or wrong for that matter;

            Furthermore. those figures have no significance in my argument that the boron will fail within the dates projected.

            I did read that A spent nuclear fuel rod contains roughly a metric ton of spent fuel.

            Spent fuel is even more highly radioactive that unspent fuel.

            thus the argument is still 100% valid.

            I am looking forward to comparing my results in regards to my theory of the boron failing tepco, to other results calculated by more users. That should be the sole focus of any counter argument…

            As I said. The factors are all easily calculable. (to anyone that passed a highschool level algebra class).

            So once again, agree to disagree. But in all reality. Prove me wrong. With a solid mathematically based argument.

          • Mark V

            It depends on what the meaning of is; is.

            Anyone capable of doing the math can legitimately prove me wrong right now.

            It will take 1-2 days to find all the archived articles in relation to the evidence you will choose in factoring.

            Also @ “They came in peace”
            yes, I was very interested in the physics of time travel. I spent a great deal of time fathoming tacheon speed, grandfater and twin paradoxes ect. All this time I have and will mention that I have a deep passion for science. That does not imply I am insane. as a great deal of science is behind the subject that you mention. In my opinion, This should be a clear indicator that I have been participating in this subject much much longer than one would think to consider. So your argument actually supports me by showing I have a very extensive understanding in the realm of physics.

        • erg

          Did you bring enough of whatever you’re smoking for everyone?

    • Dbug

      A count reading is a measure of contamination and is a rate per unit time, not an exposure dose. The dose keeps rising as long as he is contaminated. Hopefully they did enough followup testing to confirm that the source wasn’t something that could be washed off, and know exactly where it is.

      Hopefully it was something that he ate that might pass through him, not something stuck in his lungs. If it stays in him, his long term cancer risk is very high. Poor guy.

      I doubt longer use of a mask could do that, but if it was damaged, or fit poorly, or he scratched his face underneath or?

      • Ashen

        Poor guy indeed. The TEPCO bastards should be charged with mass murder. This guy is in his 20’s? Hell, in the whole scheme of things he’s just a kid – who has trusted these “experts” and “professors” blindly, probably to his death. The “experts” and PHDs have done a real bang up job so far. They sit behind their desks surrounded by their diplomas and titles while sending young men and everyone else into hell itself. They lie as soon as they open their mouths. As Fukushima becomes hotter their hearts grow colder – to the exact ratio if you ask me. The workers are only doing what they’ve been “indoctrinated” (but never truly educated) to do – trust authority figures and respect your superiors without question. Don’t rock the boat. I, as well as many here at this site, would turn the damn boat over and see how well the professional “fat cats” could swim! I’ve “mellowed” a little as I’ve gotten older – but not much! 🙂 It really doesn’t matter how much nuclear fuel there is at Fukushima. I know exactly how much is there. ENOUGH. I’m no expert and I don’t know everything but thank God I know enough. I learn more every day. At any rate this is becoming worse and I’m not just talking about the radiation, meltdowns, explosions, etc. It saddens me to see intelligent, compassionate, people becoming rude, intolerant, and attacking each other. I found myself becoming this very way. I had to step back and evaluate how I was processing these events. I didn’t like what I saw. My apologies to anyone I may have insulted or upset. It was not my intention. I’m just wondering if we all can step back and harness the power of these negative feelings and emotions to come together, share ideas, to possibly find a solution to end this nightmare. One thing I keep reminding myself is: THERE IS A SOLUTION, WE JUST HAVEN’T FOUND IT YET. Even the wrong ideas, the imperfect equations, and the most outlandish theories may have that “spark” that produces genuine inspiration to the right person to conceive a totally NEW IDEA that proves to be the solution. I’ll end this post now. I’m not sure I’ve made any sense – I too often speak what I’m thinking. If I had to wish for anything it would be Peace to everyone. 🙂 Sincerely, Ashen

  • actually one comment

    How is that even physically friggin possible?

    • Ashen

      I’m wondering the same thing! 30,000 cpm??? Wouldn’t that be instant death?

      • gotta love that 20yearold stamina… Man. thats incredible. I often wonder weather the ex rad drug the usa gov leaked out had anything to do with it…?

        Ex-Rad, the U.S. Military’s Radiation Wonder Drug
        By Van Hipp
        Published March 16, 2011 | FoxNews.com
        These are tragic and tense days indeed in Japan.

        The immense loss of life and absolute devastation caused by last week’s earthquake and tsunami is heartbreaking – and serve as the culprits in this unimaginable tragedy. The tension, felt by its citizens and far beyond the country’s borders, centers most immediately on what happens next at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility.

        Reports of radioactive contamination and a potential meltdown at the complex have many Americans wondering how prepared our own government would be in the event something similar occurred here. More specifically, could the the health of residents living near a severely damaged nuclear reactor in the U.S. be ensured?

        Thanks to the advanced work of the men and women who develop our nation’s military medicine, the answer is yes – but only if the government now takes the necessary steps.

        In what has to be one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of military medicine, the U. S. military has developed a radiation protection drug known as Ex-Rad that can give protection through DNA repair against otherwise lethal dosages of radiation. Ex-Rad, which is administered as an injection or orally, can be given either before or after exposure. While Ex-Rad officials are continuing to work with the FDA, it has successfully cleared two clinical studies showing it is safe.

        Ex-Rad’s life-saving utility isn’t limited to countering radiation exposure near a compromised nuclear facility. From potentially enabling cancer patients to withstand greater levels of radiation to protecting soldiers deployed into radioactive “hot zones,” this drug delivers critical help and hope.

        During most of the last decade, U.S. military scientists at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute have worked with some of the best scientists in the American private sector to develop this radiation protection wonder drug.

        As someone who’s had the privilege to interact with these scientists over the years and watch the development of Ex-Rad, I’ve seen it grow from just a dream into a very real capability that can save lives.

        Unfortunately, due to a lack of media awareness about its development in the U.S., Ex-Rad is probably the most important new drug the American public has never heard of. But thanks to the public writings of senior scientists from the U.S. Department of Defense, the private sector, and the prestigious Radiation Effects Research Foundation (based in Hiroshima, Japan) the secret about this breakthrough drug is finally getting out. And it’s happening not a moment too soon.

        The U.S. Army recently recommended to the Office of the Secretary of Defense that Ex-Rad be stockpiled for the benefit of our military. That puts the ball in the court of Pentagon leadership to make certain one of military medicine’s most successful achievements in recent years is fully realized and able to benefit Americans.

        With our nation facing a litany of threats today, American scientists at government agencies including the Departments of Defense, Energy, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services among others are developing mature technologies and counter-measures with the potential to save millions of lives. Many of these life-saving discoveries have positive and far-reaching implications well beyond the narrow scope of that particular department. Ex-Rad is just latest example of medical innovation being developed by our military. Although we don’t hear about it, we need to hear more and we to support it.

        The challenge for the Obama administration is to ensure that these various efforts are well coordinated and communicated throughout the government – and that the American taxpayers are ultimately provided the return they deserve on their hefty investment.

        There’s something for Congress to keep in mind as well.

        Some on Capitol Hill have questioned the value and relevance of U.S. military medicine in recent weeks. Obviously, these members have forgotten their history lesson on the significant contributions of Dr. Walter Reed and others who helped wipe out disease and save lives. They’ve also forgotten that when the Bush administration sought the creation of a real-time biological defense capability for the American people, it turned to the Pentagon and military medicine.

        There’s no doubt about it, medical results trump political rhetoric every time. Ex-Rad is just the latest evidence that U.S. military medicine is meeting our most difficult medical challenges and leading the way in saving lives.

        Van D. Hipp Jr. is chairman of American Defense International, Inc., a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm specializing in government affairs, business development and public relations. He is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army.

        • Cassie

          So glad they have made plans to keep the military alive.
          It was heading that way anyway.
          The only ones left standing at the end of the day will be
          the military industrial complex.
          The rest of us chickens no so much.

          • right lol.

            I didn’t get my bomb shelter key did you?

          • xdrfox

            The Elite And the 500,000 they want for future population size, did you get your meds for nukes ?

            From above text:
            “”the American taxpayers are ultimately provided the return they deserve on their hefty investment.””

            When has that happened lately ?

          • Cassie

            Xdr: that part cracked me up too.
            We are getting a return on our investment, just not the one
            we had hoped for. 🙁

        • Pu239

          Good example of man thinking he’s brilliant for coming up with a solution (pill) to side-effects from a previous “solution” (nuclear).

          At some point we’ll need a truly giant pill to mop up all the side-effects from brilliant solutions to previous brilliant solutions.

          • mark V

            Maybe, but his “300.000 tons of fuel” and “we will all die by November” makes my lie detector even more sensitive.

          • Moco

            I was watching the MSM broadcast and forgot to shut off my lie detector.
            It went wild and puked its last chunks, all over the floor.

        • They Came In Peace

          At flying saucer websites, I found comments — many comments — written by yourself. (I googled.)

          One of the “grays” from outer space told me to believe in you, though some of the comments on this page make me think that others don’t believe in you as much as you deserve.

        • nyc

          I don’t know what this thing is, how it works, or whether it’s any good, but it does seem to exist:


        • DaughterProduct

          Curiouser and dubiouser.

        • radegan

          Pharma testing is half garbage – let’s see the tests, how they were designed, conducted.

        • nyc

          I think it would be easier to swallow if it didn’t sound like a play on Ex-Lax.

  • mark V

    Hello Mr. Masataka Shimizu. That was 2 months ago, right? No longer able to hide the corpses for whatever reason, so we will hear about the first radiation death tomorrow?

  • Rick Swift

    Mind as well send the workers directly into the reactor with shovels to disperse the lava by hand. Better way to die a hero.

  • Misanthrope

    “..he was told by a management company that he did not have to change his if there was no radioactive contamination … He ate in a building that houses an emergency headquarters and accommodates plant workers.”

    This is nothing short of murder.

  • Rick Swift

    I love the names on the only post for the end of the world, Mark V, and Fuckyoushima, great guys keep it up theres like 20 of us who really care. Seriously, I told people on MArch 18 to fly down to Brazil. Im in Thailand, and even though vietnam got some the nw winds of the andaman sea keep this Phuket bhuddist paradise a great place to sip thai ice tea and meet the lovely women here. and wait for the blowout. Ive sailed 25 000 miles of ocean and I know the ocean and wind currents of the world, and I can tell you there would be safer places than others. Id say that when the Typhoons start blasting up the phillipines, the plant workers are going to really have a tough time at fukushima. Its the variables that compound the disaster. Oh and one other thing, Radioactive people are flying into Bangkok all day long, and the airplanes have radiation detectors beeping the entire time they land in Narita. The world can not afford to close Narita, and the side effects of all the food being poisened is worth the media suppression. I actually think the world is better off not talking about this kind of thing. Mankind was on a doomsday track with energy consumption anyway. and a huge nuclear disaster that would rain down on china and America would mean its just a win for the earth as far as being a planet with the right amount of atmosphere to have life at all. Ive sailed near bikini atoll, and I ve seen how the sharks have returned, and the marine life is radioactive, but actually healthy. People will die, yes, and we will live through this. But maybe this time we can learn from our mistakes, as it is just evolution. We are all part of the energy of the universe, so be content to have seen the climax of humanity on this lil planet because it is very rare. keep it up boys. I cant wait for the video of the whole plant blowing up, il be lounging and waiting for the yellow rain here in Thailand. Our days were already numbered.

    • kx

      yo get a grip and fight

    • Know where tacoma is… Right on the west coast… I suppose I should be happy, I didn’t have to pay anything extra for courtside seats…

    • mark V

      I’m the man before the mast
      That ploughs the raging sea
      And on this simple subject
      Will you please enlighten me
      Common sailors we are called
      Come tell me the reason why
      And on this simple subject I’ll reply

      Don’t you call us common sailors anymore
      Don’t you call us common sailors anymore
      Good things to you we bring
      Don’t you call us common men
      We’re as good as anybody that’s on shore

      I had an old russian class “M” on the nearby lake, but no longer. It’s not end of the world, people are analyzing and discussing the worst case scenarios for understandable reasons – we were lied to from the beginning. And some people need to be scared or shocked a little, for example nuclear engineers and politicians, whose intervention could possibly be useful in helping TEPCO to contain the monster. Best wishes to you and friends Rick, from eastern EU

  • xdrfox

    Japan back in recession as earthquake cuts consumption Japan’s economy, the world’s third largest, has slid back into recession after the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in March. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13439701

    • Cassie

      OMG can’t have the markets starting to crash.
      Maybe if they send it a couple thousand workers to their deaths
      stock will rise a bit. 🙁

    • mark V

      -5.2% actually, which is catastrophic, I imagine Q2 could be -10% or more. It will lay on japanese people, as all those Ponzi schemes are designed so that banks always get away. Btw I detect deception, as some part of the fall is because countries stop japanese imports out of radiation fear, which is not mentioned.

      • xdrfox

        I have to be real and realize the numbers may have been padded to ease reaction like everything else from Japan and…

        And yes when the numbers for dividend for stock holders are made public in the next few months, I think there will be a mass Exodus from many of these furthering the descent !

  • my opinion.

    Its a slinky in motion…
    Its making its way to the bottom stairs…
    the bottom stair is indeed (worst case scenario).
    There is nothing stopping the slinky. thus far;
    If we don’t find something to stop the slinky.
    well its all just there right in front of you… It does not matter how fast or slow its going. (the point is its in motion)…

    It now only matters how fast we are going to stop it….
    Cause like I said. Its a slinky…

    & we’ve just about run out of stairs.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    It’s not easy telling people how serious this situation could get.

    Some don’t want to believe that the jet stream brings this here, and that we are getting layers after layers.

    It can be like pulling teeth trying to get family ready and prepared, trust me I do understand.

    The situation in Japan is not getting better, it’s still on going. When Plutonium MOX Fluid shows it’s face, you know that’s not good.

    I can’t say for positive that you will use your preparation things, but at least you know you are ready as you can be.

    If you can, get extra for those who couldn’t get things. Share and help each other during tough times. These are challenging times.

    So far, this doesn’t look good and I am ready for that limo to take us to the shelter.(won’t hold my breath for that to happen)

    I pray this situation turns around, and they figure out a way to stop these nuclear monsters.

  • Let’s not bicker over ‘how many tons’ there are, pretty please! Let’s AGREE ‘there’s ENOUGH’, right? And, let us work togethter Dear God.

    • SteveMT

      Jill, Your voice is the voice of reason here. Arguing about deck chairs on the Titanic is not productive. Denial doesn’t change what’s happening either. Like the slinky going down the stairs mentioned above, we need to stop the slinky from getting to the bottom.

    • I stress this point entirely. After all isn’t that why were all here?

  • Heart of the Rose

    Yes…let’s blog and email..write..the creeps that are doing this..

    • Poor Daddy

      I even sent an email to Glenn Beck with a few attachments I’ve been saving. I figure if he figures a way to tie it into blaming liberals, Obama, the Unions and Jesus, he’ll shout it from the rooftops…..if Murdoch will let him. It would be hilarious if a corporate shill announced this nightmare to the world. Bam!

  • Heart of the Rose

    Why stand idle to one’s own demise.
    Carry on…

  • Darth

    Busby warns…

    Busby: The Negative Health Effects of Low-Dose Radiation from Fukushima 1/2

    Busby: The Negative Health Effects of Low-Dose Radiation from Fukushima 2/2

    Didn’t catch what isotope -241 name. Anybody?

  • I really appreciate the one’s who are ‘acting up’,…gosh I used to hate that,…now I totally respect it. In fact,.I am going to probably embarrass myself next week when I’m to speak for two minutes, televised locally, on a different topic,…I’m going to ‘railroad the message’, and certainly pee off a few people! “IF not now, WHEN? If not ME, who?”

    • toots

      Go for it! I’m finding that it is on many people’s minds, despite the shrouding and hush-hush on the surface.

    • I AM TRUTH or Whoopie

      Wonderful!! I hope you get a good message in about Japan! Proud of you!

    • radegan

      Just cough a lot during your airtime and mention this terrible sore throat you’ve had – then slip in somewhere a ‘joke’ – “Gosh, I hope it’s just the pollen and not that thing in Japan.” Subtle, pierces at a deep level and looks innocent so you don’t piss off your contacts. Just a suggestion from an old Madison Avenue type on how to have your cake and eat it too.


    The idea that man can safely run hundreds of nuke plants around the globe – each having the potential to cause vast devastation – now shows itself for the fantasy that it is. As long as man lies, steals, and and covets, he cannot be trusted with this responsibility. The risks are now too evident. Better to suffer with less or more expensive energy, than irradiate the planet.

    Beware the beast man, for he is the Devil’s pawn. Alone among God’s primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother’s land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.

    23rd Scroll, 9th Verse. Sacred scrolls of the Planet of the Apes.

  • toots

    “TEPCO has said […] and will also raise the frequency of the test to more than once in three months.” (for workers on site!)

    Every three months or so seems to be the magic number. That’s all the testing we’re getting here, too, for our food, air, water!!….

    NRC continues to only test bi-annually at most. Nevermind that this is the confirmed worst nuclear disaster ever involving six (6) nuclear reactors!! This lack of testing is crazy. I’m not afraid of Quaddafy or underwear bombers. I am afraid of Plutonium and company!!!

  • fuckyoushima

    these threads are getting vicious.

    denial –> anger…

    guys, just get to acceptance already.

    nobody knows what the fuck is going on or how the flying fuck anyone or thing will stop it.

    radiation, the second dimension, is an intellectual ether. intermixed with biology, it is a complete mindfuck.

    right now, all we need to know is that shit went down and we dont want particles in our air, water, or food.

    so focus on that, and let the physics professors and engineers work on how to contain this mess.

    the world wont be saved from a comments board, but an individual might.


  • The Bible code warned us about Radiation.

    Rev 8:10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

    Rev 8:11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

    • xdrfox

      “upon the fountains of waters” would be meaning the source of the waters !

      • 1111

        all – Chernobyl = Wormwood see http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php?topic=28407.0

        See the forecast in
        Luke 13:14 … “when you see the abomination that makes desolate (also translated abomination of desolation) standing where is does not belong”….

        The early parallel fulfillment appears to refer to the desolation of Jerusalem and destruction of the last jewish temple by Titus in 70 AD – THE most glaring parallel TOTAL fulfillment to date is now the abomination of nuclear power plants (so wicked dangerous and destructive in failure mode, power unnecessary – destroy earth, mankind and the beauty of creation – an abomination to God ) “standing where they should not” . .. ie: especially seismically active fault zones. Forecast is that the generation that is witness to the construction of the “abomination of desolation” will be the last generation before the second coming.

        anybody read these posts ? very small percentage of people focused on this – the most important development in the history of mankind …
        get ready – time is flying

    • marsh

      come on, bible code. what’s next? zombies and dwarfs?

  • People are talking of Jetstream but forgetting the conveyor belt under – called the gulf stream that keeps the oceans warm but now carries the radioactivity in the seas right round the world. See http://deathdealersnukes.blogspot.com/
    I warn others who ask us not to worry if we are thousands of kilometers away…They are freely going into the sea all the millions of becquerels oops sorry curies all into the sea- this is what modern civilisation calls the law of no dumping into the sea!

    • Darth

      How do you correct for overfishing?

      • Time line of significant measurements of radioactivity in fish will settle the issue fully. Criteria for overfishing without considering radioactivity in fish are in view of the gulfstream effect may not be reliable unless proved!

  • Cindy

    Jill, when you speak about Japan, thay will just cut the program… Is it live ?

    Otherwise it won’t air..

    Just stick to the facts, and you’ll come across better .

    Like 3 reactors have fully melted down, and the mox spent fuel pool building is threatening to fall over, And the situation is not under control, and the U.S is downwind…

    Be precise and brief, sticking ONLY to the Facts …

    This is wide open on the Asian news media, so it’s not completely covered up. anyone that wants to can read just about anything… But I feel this is not the time to scale back testing… and the US news media should be covering it better…

  • Great reminders Cindy–thanks-I’ll sure TRY to remember them!

    • Moco

      And explain that EPA has shut down the access to radiation readings, from around the country.
      Provoke thought, as best as you can and good luck.

  • This is for Marsh,…

    May 19, 2011 at 12:35 pm · Reply
    come on, bible code. what’s next? zombies and dwarfs?

    brand new “Zombie Warning” from our very own Gvmt, reported on by today! Natural news.

    • Cassie

      This has to be a joke, right.
      Certainly under the circumstances, the gummit
      would not do this now??

      • nyc

        Yes, actually – a “lighthearted” way to raise emergency-preparedness awareness is how they put it I think. Site was down last night though, either “swamped” or deliberate DoS.

        • Cassie

          Given the current possible humanitarian crisis in Fukushima,
          and the deaths here in the US with the floods and tornados, seems
          a bit in bad taste.

  • But don’t worry Marsh–I’m CERTAIN the “DWARFS” are coming,….soon at a Walmart near you! Are we having fun yet??? I am!

  • Nevadan

    Jill, you are great. Thanks for the balance you provide.

    People here should not treat Christians like they are something strange and insane. Christianity has been a major part of life for centuries. In turn, Christians should not treat nonbelievers with intolerance. In a situation like this, please…let us find common ground we can agree on because that is much more important right now than useless arguments.

    Unity for a purpose brings strength. Don’t expect everyone to agree with everything you believe before you will politely work with them for a better world.

    • radegan

      The common ground is reason and provable fact. Unfortunately, that lets out most religions, no discrimination against yours.

  • Nevadan–Thank you Sir for the verbal bouquet! It means the World to me! 🙂

  • Cassie,

    I have come to believe the ’rounding up of people’ WILL happen,…and I am fairly certain I will be one of them rounded up. It seemed impossible only 5 years ago, I laughed at folks who even came close to believing in this kind of treatment FROM our Gvmitt!

    • Cassie

      Me too.
      My name is on a bunch of lists no doubt.
      Will meet you behind the barbed wire Jill!

  • It will be a PURE PLEASURE to meet you I’m certain already! 🙂

  • 🙂 I’ll probably be wearing tar and feathers.
    We’ll have some fun somehow!

  • erg

    What a bunch of delusional nitwits . .

  • glenn

    There seems to be no real point in trying to ‘install cooling systems’ or make any kind of ‘repairs’…they are wasting precious time and pointlessly throwing away lives because the plants are fae beyond repair. There needs to be a BIG engineering solution. If it were me, I’d be 1) building an underground water containment “bathtub” like the ones built to keep water out of the basements at the World Trade Center. This is old tech now. And 2) have a continuous stream of helicopters dumping boron impregnated earth and concrete onto the entire plant. They can scrape up the contaminated soil around the plant and use this, solving two problems at once. Keep doing this til there is a mountain of material over the plant. What other solution can there possibly be?

    • Cassie

      Why do you think these things have not been tried?
      All seem more reasonable then just using a garden hose to cool the reactors.

      The only thought I have about your comments is that it would take too many people to do this job, and it is too dangerous an environment. ??? But I admit that I have zero expertise on this topic.

      • glenn

        I really don’t know Cassie. Seems to me if they had begun two months ago the situation would now be almost under control. There are only two possibilities I can think of really. 1) That there is a danger of a large nuclear explosion that would blow off any attempted covering , (but if this can happen it’s going to happen anyway with what they’re doing now), or 2) The PTB don’t want to admit nuclear energy is a total failure and want to keep up the pretence that the plants are repairable to ‘save face’. This seems more likely because of the trillions of dollars ‘invested’ in nuclear, and the current global media blackout, but they can’t save face forever either, so I really don’t know.

        • Cassie

          I agree Glenn, It seems to me that if they wanted to keep up the pretense of safe nuclear power, they would have fixed it quickly and competently.

          So either they can’t do anything and we have just had kabuki theater, or they are really an incompetent group, to put it mildly.
          If they could have fixed it but didn’t, it is really heart breaking.

        • xdrfox

          Early on the real story came out to the fate of the the plant, Japan and the world, it has been squashed pretty much from the start of second week out !
          The news sources are here and starts about page 5 !
          the same webmaster made this site to keep the other about the GOM disaster !

          So read up on the old news that was truthful to what was/is/would be and is occurring now !

          • Cassie

            Yes Xdr, I keep thinking of the parallels to the GOM disaster. Many of the same dynamics. Will go look at page 5.
            Many thanks…

    • the reactors are too frail. they would collapse. They are already collapsing. Any underground anomaly would likely be the last straw…

      • glenn

        Why would that be a problem? They’re leaking like sieves already. They need to bury the whole mess ASAP. The longer they postpone it the worse the situation becomes. They’re going to run out of workers soon and then what? It might be costly but perhaps they could stop a war or two to pay for it.(The PTB that is.)

        • Heart of the Rose

          Presently…covering it is a technical impossibility..

          • Cassie

            Heart, people keep talking about covering it or digging underneath of it. Do you think it is impossible and why?

          • Heart of the Rose

            Active fission is very hot..it is emitting radiation..in levels never before seen in human history. This is an active and perpetual chain reaction.
            Try to imagine it as glowing..which it is.
            And it is growing.
            I consider it beyond repair ..since the first explosion.

          • glenn

            A technical immposibility? What’s technically impossible? They just have to fly over and dump. Use remotely controlled aircraft if neccesary…and the containment tub has been built before.

          • Heart of the Rose

            I just don’t think that’s a viable solution.
            Radiation levels would make it a one way trip.
            A containment unit made of what and situated upon the site by what mechanism?

          • Cassie

            Do you mean that it would be too dangerous to get people in to cover or dig?
            Or that it would make no difference, there is no cover that would work, no under containment that would work?

            I understand that you are perhaps quite correct and that any intervention is futile. I am still trying to wrap my head around all of it.

          • glenn

            Not only is it a viable solution, it’s the ONLY solution. Soil can be pushed up to the plant so it’s surrounded by earthen mounds, then fill in the middle. Perhaps catapaults could olso be used to speed the burial process. The containment tub is for cotaining the contaminated groundwater. It doesn’t have to be right near the plant. Read up on the construction of the WTC to see how it was done.

          • Cassie

            OK so both things, too dangerous and nothing effective.
            For the sake of argument Heart, what if you could get robots and volunteers to do the job? So we take care of the danger part.

            What blocks radiation? Certainly we block harmful radiation all the time with some sort of metal? Lead? Can you do a lead canopy like a building around it?

            I know I am only a lay person, non technical, but I suppose if something is going to knock off the humans on this planet, I want to understand why no one did anything to try and stop it.

            I think I will feel better if I know that nothing could be done rather than there was action to be taken but no one bothered.

          • Cassie

            What about dirt, clay, cement??
            Like Glenn is suggesting?

          • Heart of the Rose

            After visual analysis..it was evident that the reactors were beyond repair.
            The techs they sent in..shouln’t have been….
            To send in humans is to send them to their deaths.
            A premade containment unit ..made of an unknown substance..delivered by unknown system..
            This would have to involve our military..and we already have them involved in meaningless wars around the world.
            God save our military.

          • Heart of the Rose

            It’s coring downwards anyway..that’s the problem.

          • Cassie

            If it is coring down then they could cement the top of it?
            And what if they did like the Russians did and sent in 100,00 troops. If humanity is at stake there might be volunteers.

            But are you saying that if it is coring, and there is no way to stop it, how do you contain it downwards?

            But maybe coring isn’t bad?
            Isn’t sinking it deep into the earth a possible good option?
            A geologist just posted here that there might not be an explosion once it hits the ground water. I am waiting for more information from him.

            It seems inconceivable that something so dangerous has no fix. What have we done to ourselves?

          • Cassie

            One last question Heart and I will stop bugging you.
            If things unravel the way you think it will, what is the timeline and outcome? Perhaps you have answered this before, but I have either not seen it, or it has not hit my brain cells as of yet.

          • Cassie

            I know my ideas are sophomoric and very rudimentary, but I am just trying to understand why nothing is being don

          • Heart of the Rose

            @cassie..sorry..I had to step out..
            I have to read a bit..a geologist was on here?
            This is of course the debate…

          • Heart of the Rose

            There is also a lot of volcanic activity to be considered.
            Perpetual radioactive volcanic smoke ash and steam with intermittant explosion due to continued nuclear fission?
            A big blast?

          • Heart of the Rose

            It’s a tough call..telling the people and causing panic and not saying and letting the people be blindsided.
            I think most of us here prefer to know.

          • Cassie

            No prob Heart,

            Yes a geologist was here making some comments, not sure what thread, but tonight I believe. He stated that given the kind of rock involved he was not sure there would necessarily be an explosion.

            I asked a number of questions and am hoping for a reply from him.

            Also someone else on the list, not a geologist, has been asking if the lava from a volcano might contain the radiation.

          • Cassie

            A perpetually erupting nuclear volcano.

          • Cassie

            I think also some of the folks here have been talking about the kind of volcanic blast that forms a crater, it could essentially sink the island, but bury the radiation.

          • Cassie

            Heart I hear you.

            If the outcome is as bleak as many here say, I believe that the PTB have decided on a middle ground.

            Bread crumbs of information in the popular and technical press. Those who wish to know the truth can find it.
            Those who wish to stay in denial can do so as well.
            The information is disseminated in stages. And it may take a long time to bring everyone up to speed.

          • Heart of the Rose

            For a volcano to blow out ..to engulfing crater.. with the emissions of radiation and volcanic gases etc…ensuing earthquakes/tsumani.
            Well.. that would be extinction..

          • Cassie

            I think the hardest thing is that no one is even trying.
            It is like we have given up.

            I think some of us would at least like to go down fighting,
            rather than just say no out of the gate.

            We just cannot understand why no one seems to be even
            making an effort.

            Maybe it is futile, but I think it would help the inhabitants of the planet accept all of it better. If it at least someone made a real effort, not just garden hoses on the rods.

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    So, does this mean that we can’t compare internal doses to dental x-rays or plane flights anymore?

  • Cassie

    I know my ideas are sophomoric and very rudimentary, but I am just trying to understand why nothing is being done.

  • I’m telling you Cassie,…I still do not get that one either! How is MSM going to be able to explain away NOT saying anything,….much less “B.O.’S gotta go”-Obama???

    • Cassie

      If things unfold the way many here say it is going to, the public is going to have many more questions than I have. And it is not going to be pretty and yes the MSM is going to have to answer questions about the black out and total lack of information given.

      Heart is trying to answer my questions about why nothing is being done, shedding light on this for us.

    • Heart of the Rose

      Look at CNN…the station that many people consider reasonably balanced.
      During the early days of the DWH disaster ..CNN was contacted…and they feigned caring long enough to get the story..
      Long enough for Sanjay..to do a medical assessment…and Cooper to become a news station celebrity.
      Back to business as usual..conspiring against the will of the people.

      • Cassie

        I know.
        We are in a black out.
        Information is being controlled tightly.

        • mark V

          japan radiation maps are readily available, haha. Just try to imagine the scale of worldwide financial meltdown and panic buying etc. release all the truth around Fukushima and Japan at once. I prefer the truth and I think I’m close, good night everybody, it’s sunrise here btw

  • Heart of the Rose

    Please everyone…. do us a favor.. blog CNN.com
    I watched them abandon the people on the GOM..
    Help us….

  • xdrfox

    Lets see what the stories are tonight

  • glenn

    This would be my program if I had the power:
    Step 1. Stop attempting to ignore the problem and galvanize the world into action. Call on the world’s foremost talent and resources to deal with the crisis.
    Step 2. Gather the necessary hardware to deal with the situation. This includes large bulldozers, dump trucks, large transport helicopters, excavating equipment, plus engineers, mechanics and technical people to adapt the equipment to be remotely controlled if necessary.
    Step 3. Start piling up mounds of earth around the plant.. Large basalt blocks can be dumped in the ocean by ship to provide the foundation for the oceanic section of the mound..
    Step 4. Simultaneous with the construction of the mound, excavate the deep trenches that will be filled with concrete to isolate the contaminated plant water from the general groundwater. These walls should descend to the bedrock.
    Step 5 Complete the mound by filling the center from the outside in. Heavy construction equipment can do this, assisted if necessary by heavy duty helicopters.
    Step 6 Cap the mound with a concrete dome covered by welded steel plating if necessary.

    These steps should contain the leaking radioactive materials that are such a great hazard to the environment and people. All of these steps have been taken in other situation so there is nothing impossible here. Costly of course but the costs of NOT doing it many be many, many times greater. Where’s our leaders who will demand and organize these steps or steps similar to them? What’s TEPCO plan? For two months they’ve done nothing but spray a hose on the volcano, cry, and apologize. We need action, and we need it fast.
    We can fly to the Moon and back, and we CAN control this tragic and threatening situation. Like Cassie says, if we’re going to go down we should at least go down fighting, but I really believe we can beat it if we try.

    • Cassie

      Glenn I agree with you 100%.
      I cannot believe we go quietly into the night.
      Like sheep to the slaughter.
      Is the situation so hopeless, no one raises a finger to do anything?
      Or we are too apathetic and self focused to care?

      I guess we should not be surprised.
      The corporations are sociopaths, and we have a monumental level
      of leadership failure in every other area, why would this be any different?


    • sigh...


      It’s very disturbing to watch such an advanced nation act so stupidly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I think the big difference is that Russians had the guts, courage, and brains, but mainly just GUTS, to DO WHAT IT TAKES and do it with a passion!!!! FOR THE SAKE OF ALL MANKIND.

      Japan apparently does not.

      • Cassie

        I do not understand why the US and Russians with UN support have not intervened. Hard to believe that the world leadership sits on its hands while TEPCO contract workers use a garden hose, and have baggies on their feet manning this crisis. It is clear that they are in over their heads.

        The total lack of global interest does lead to several conclusions that have been delineated on this site by many.