Fury at Fukushima: Over 1 Billion pounds of nuclear waste “will be dumped into sea” — Top Official: “The decision has already been made” — “The solution is to pour the radioactive liquid into the ocean” — Toxic radioactive water to cause devastation

Published: July 16th, 2017 at 6:15 pm ET


Kyodo, Jul 14, 2017 (emphasis added): Fukushima’s tritiated water to be dumped into sea, Tepco chief says — Despite the objections of local fishermen, the tritium-tainted water stored at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant will be dumped into the sea, a top official at Tokyo Electric says. “The decision has already been made,” Takashi Kawamura, chairman of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc., said in a recent interview with the media… As of July 6, about 777,000 tons were stored [1.54 billion pounds]… Kawamura’s remarks are the first by the utility’s management on the sensitive matter…

The Independent, Jul 15, 2017: Radioactive waste from Fukushima power plant disaster to be dumped in sea — Water tainted with tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen, is to be released into the Pacific Ocean, says the head of the company responsible for the Fukushima clean-up operation… Local residents are furious at plans to release the radioactive tritium from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant, which suffered a triple meltdown, into the sea…

UPI, Jul 14, 2017: Japan utility plans to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific — The operator of Japan’s paralyzed nuclear plant in Fukushima has decided to release radioactive tritium into the Pacific Ocean… Technology has so far been unable to remove tritium from the water, and TEPCO’s solution is to pour the radioactive liquid into the ocean… TEPCO insists tritium poses few health hazards, but Japanese fishermen are outraged because of the announcement…

Newsweek, Jul 14, 2017: Fukushima’s Nuclear Waste Will Be Dumped Into the Ocean, Japanese Plant Owner Says — Toxic waste produced by one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters will be dumped into the sea, according to the head of [TEPCO]… Takashi Kawamura, chairman of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), told foreign media that nearly 777,000 tons of water tainted with tritium, a byproduct of the nuclear process that is notoriously difficult to filter out of water, will be dumped into the Pacific Ocean

The Telegraph, Jul 14, 2017: Fishermen express fury as Fukushima plant set to release radioactive material into ocean — Local residents and environmental groups have condemned a plan to release radioactive tritium from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean… Around 770,000 tons of highly radioactive water is being stored in 580 tanks at the site. Many of the contaminants can be filtered out, but the technology does not presently exist to remove tritium from water… Fishermen who operate in waters off the plant say any release of radioactive material will devastate an industry that is still struggling to recover from the initial nuclear disaster…

Kyodo, Jul 15, 2017: Tepco backpedals after disaster reconstruction chief knocks plan to dump tritiated water into sea — [Tepco] backed off its tritium-dumping decision Friday after disaster reconstruction minister Masayoshi Yoshino said it would cause problems for struggling fishermen… The remarks made Friday by the Fukushima native came shortly after the chairman of [Tepco] was quoted as saying that the decision… had “already been made.” After Tepco Chairman Takashi Kawamura’s remarks were widely reported, the utility scrambled to make a clarification the same day. According to Tepco’s clarification, Kawamura meant to say that there was “no problem” with the dumping plan, based on government guidelines and “scientific and technological standards.” The statement also said that no final decision had been made…

See also: Experts: Japan “wants to just drop tanks” of Fukushima nuclear waste into ocean — Americans worried over plumes hitting West Coast (VIDEO)

Published: July 16th, 2017 at 6:15 pm ET


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  • Cesium Sponge Cesium Sponge

    My preacher had a stroke midway through giving his sermon, today while at church. I believe the fact that there is a cellphone tower located less than 50 yards away from the entrance to my church is the cause of his stroke. An illegal alien is about to be paid a $200,000 cash settlement by the city of San Francisco, because of a violation of the city's sanctuary city ordinance. The Japanese are making a terrible mistake by dumping radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, all this talk about the Pacific Ocean makes me hungry for Rubio's fish tacos.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Well, are Greenpeace going to get out there and monitor for unauthorized dumping of non-tritium elements?

    Hey, Dana Durnford hop in your rowboat and go check it out. Fukushima is not far.

    Better yet, how about the the US and Japanese governments take some interest, get some testing done. Dana can't do it all by himself, sorry. With all the taxes we pay, good grief: Consider it crowd funding. Do it. Or Either that, or turn in your coward badges and put Durnford in charge

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    PM ABE visited the USS REAGAN. "Sorry about your luck, better luck next time," he thought. "You guys are soooo stupid." U imagine that is what he was thinkin?


  • Mack Mack

    Thank you ENENews admin. Hope you are doing well.

    Regarding Tritium –>

    Tritium is:

    – "a serious threat to the health of humans and the environment"

    Tritium can cause:

    – cancer

    – birth defects

    And animal studies on Tritium found that Tritium:

    – can cross the placental barrier

    – cause sterility

    – microcephaly

    – stunting


  • kailii

    Why am I reading this?
    Why is this important in any way?
    I mean, just some local fishermen in Japan are concerned about this minor crap, so why would I care?

    Oh right, it's just like when I started training dogs. Ever tried it? Fascinating because 98% of all dog owners do the exact wrong thing trying to train their dogs. You need to think in reverse so to say.
    Like when your dog runs away you scream at him trying to make him stop (high pitched loud voices will encourage him to continue the hunt), and when he finally comes back you scrowl at him angrily (with that kind of reception he'll think twice about coming back next time).

    So i'm reading a HEADLINE about a few fishermen being concerned about something pretty OK because Tepco decided on it already.
    Reading this in reverse means… oh well, if you have not figured it out by now, just stay with your fellow sleeping sheep (a pretty new term i like very much), don't care too much and don't buy US West Coast Fishery bonds (hey, i'm trying to tell people about these bonds for 6 years now).

    Everything will be fine as always. And don't you reverse that!

    • DUDe DUDe

      "..Why am I reading this?
      Why is this important in any way?
      I mean, just some local fishermen in Japan are concerned about this minor crap, so why would I care?
      ..something pretty OK because Tepco decided on it already.
      Everything will be fine as always.."

      Elaborate "fine" and "pretty OK" in the manmade Sixth Great Extinction Event.

      Do you work for Tepco ? We just need to keep smiling to be "OK" ?

      • SadieDog

        Dude, take a minute and read Kailii's post again. Please.

      • DUDe DUDe

        "Oh right, it's just like when I started training dogs."

        Been here before ? What was your previous screenname ?

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        I think you are getting the wrong message from kailii's post.

        Read it again.

        No <sarc> marker, but it's fairly obvious.

        • DUDe DUDe

          Ok , sorry then , must have been that sleeping pill this morning messing with my judgement..night..

          • SadieDog

            No worries. You're solid. I fucked up a minute ago. Davis, kai, and Feliks, WELCOME! And thanks for posting. Remember to be nice to newbies. It's like going to an ethnic wedding here. They must be eased into our family. 🙂

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Did the Russians have anything to do with this? Are they over there now?

              Maybe it's the Russians who have 90 military bases on these islands!


              The blind will always lead the blind while taxing the shit out of everything that moves.

              Yet nothing changes and it all just gets worse..where has all the money gone..says he.

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                A paragraph from 1996–
                Grams in liters..

                "There are currently more than 200 grams of tri
                tium in about 1800 liters of stored waste water through
                out the DOE complex. Los Alamos has about 100 grams
                in 400 liters of stored tritiated water. Annual new triti
                ated water generation rates are estimated at more than
                100 grams complex-wide in about 1000 liters of water.
                Tritium concentrations in the water vary widely depend
                ing on the source of the water. Tritiated water is many
                1000s of times more biologically toxic than tritium gas
                due to our water-based body’s propensity to incorporate
                tritiated water into its very makeup.


                Pg. 2

                All of the talk about safe limits, safe exposures ..always base the results on one time exposure.
                Tritium in an out of the body in 12 days, until that next drink of water.. and the next.
                And when one drinks it, every day.. perhaps all their lives.. how are they ever rid of exposure?
                THEY AREN'T.

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  The theory is.. low energy emitters do not have the energy travel as far as high energy radiation and spread out its impact.
                  It delivers most of it's energy in a more confined track than shedding energy along the way, like a high energy particle.

                  Called ..as I recall, the density of ionization.

                  It's the ionization that alters DNA and causes cancer.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                  Health Dangers of Tritium Emissions
                  ~ Part 1 ~

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                  The biological half-life of tritium is 10 days. That means it is 100 days before all of it leaves the body. However, if a person only has tritiated water to drink, then tritium is continually in te body. Children are harmed 10 to 38 times more by ionizing radiation than adults. Girls are harmed twice that of boys and women twice that of men. The fetus is the most vulnerable.

                  "Once inside the body, tritium can lead to internal exposure though the element is eliminated very quickly. Its biological half-life of 10 days is far shorter than the 12.3 years of its radioactive half-life.”

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    100 days ..check.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      The 100 days only applies to drinking tritiated water. When a person eats tritiated contaminated food, it can stay much longer in the human body.

                      1 atom of tritium has enough energy to mutate 100 cells. And then there is the bystander effect in addition.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar


                      “… when the radionuclide unites with carbon in the human body, plants, or animals, it becomes organically bound (OBT) and can remain in the human body for 450 to 650 days. One study found traces of tritium in the body 10 years after exposure.(24)

                      “As tritium makes its way up the food chain it may become more concentrated.(16) Pigs fed with tritiated food themselves became tritiated, as did their offspring. The blood, heart, and kidneys of the piglets were more tritiated than the mother .(23)

                      “Tritium is carcinogenic, mutagenic, and teratogenic. (21) Human beings can receive chronic exposure to OBT through the ingestion of plants and animals exposed In the effluent pathway, in addition to direct uptake through inhalation, absorption and drinking contaminated water. Especially sensitive to the effects of tritium are rapidly growing cells such as fetal tissue, genetic materials and blood forming organs. (2,12,19, 21, 20)

                      “Tritium is dense and has a short track length. It releases all its activity at one time. This makes it more potent and similar to soft x-rays, which are more effective than hard x-rays. (15) When and where it deposits its radioactivity, it creates at least one lesion in the cell. This lesion must be repaired within 24 hours or the cell will be carcinogenic when it eventually divides.(26, 30) …

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      [cont.] "There may be a threshold below which the repair mechanism is not activated in the body, (13,15,27, 32) therefore, low levels of chronic radiation exposure can accumulate in the body without the repair system being activated. (11, 25, 27,30,32, 36)

                      “Tritium has a transmutational effect which is mutagenic. After the particle releases its radioactivity into the cell, a helium ion is formed. The helium springs away from the 9-particle and severs the bond with the compound to which the tritium had attached itself. The compound acquires a positive charge and becomes chemically active.(22)

                      “It then can attach itself to a ring of a protein precursor that will make up the chromosomal strands in the DNA. Depending on the ring it attaches to, it can affect the protein precursors and damage the DNA. This would create a mutational effect.(22)

                      “Radiological research has found a correlation between tritium and cumulative genetic injury. (21) There was found in successive generations a reduction in relative brain weight, reduction in litter size, and increased reabsorption of embryos. Correlations have been found in epidemiological research between tritium and Down’s' Syndrome. Associations have also been found between low-level radiation and Down's Syndrome.(6,7,8,10,31)”

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                  In the environment, the half life of tritium is 12.3 years. That means it isn’t fully decayed for at least 123 years.

                  TRITIUM from Nuclear Power Plants: Its Biological Hazards

                  “…Tritium has a half-life of 12.3 years. A radioactive material gives off hazardous radiation for at least ten half-lives.

                  “Tritium emits radioactive beta particles. Once tritium is inhaled or swallowed, its beta particles can bombard cells. If a particle zaps a DNA molecule in a cell, it can cause a mutation. If it mutates a gene important to cell function, a serious disease may result. Just as water containing ordinary hydrogen and oxygen is a component of all living cells, tritiated water can also be incorporated into the cells of the body. Tritium incorporated into the DNA of plants and animals is referred to as organically bound tritium (OBT). Organically bound tritium can deliver damaging radiation doses for a much longer time than ingested tritiated water or inhaled tritiated water vapor. Research indicates that tritium can remain in the human body for more than ten years.

                  “Routine releases and accidental spills of tritium from nuclear power plants pose a growing health and safety concern. Exposure to tritium has been clinically proven to cause cancer, genetic mutations and birth defects in laboratory animals.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                    [cont.] "In studies conducted by Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in 1991, a comprehensive review of the carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic effects of tritium exposure revealed that tritium packs 1.5 to 5 times more relative biological effectiveness (RBE), or biological change per unit of radiation (one rad or 0.01 gray), than gamma radiation or X-rays….”

                  • GOM GOM


                    Isn't that the whole idea?

                    And to dump it as a 'shock' to the Pacific. Why wait until you have such a buildup? A wiser approach would be ocean dumping in smaller quantities over longer time spans.

                    Sinister reigns supreme.

                    I walk the face of earth once more,
                    a mindless puppet, my strings are torn.
                    the creaky bones, the bad eyesight,
                    yet the chance to turn wrong to right.
                    wars-a-waging, old mans guilt,
                    the worlds now on more than just a tilt.
                    parents weeping, children slain,
                    bloody thoughts, fear will reign.
                    I look to the East, a creature does lurk..

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Path of Destiny Lyrics

                      I walk the face of earth once more
                      A mindless puppet, my strings are torn
                      The creaky bones, the bad eyesight
                      Yet the chance to turn wrong to right
                      Wars-a-waging, old mans guilt
                      The worlds now on more then just a tilt
                      Parents weeping, children slain
                      Bloody thoughts, fear will reign
                      [I look in the shadows, a creature did lurk]
                      He whispered to me, hiding a smirk
                      "Thou shalt be killed if thee can't find
                      The demon lurking in thou mind."
                      So off I ventured, to quench my thirst
                      Of corpses piled with hearts-a-burst
                      And on that quest what did I see?
                      The Wicked Path Of Destiny


                      Geez gom, did they let you out of the nuthouse, the plagiarist/psych ward, or did you just get some unsupervised web time?

                      One would think you wouldn't be going there so soon after the last bout. 😆

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                  Once a beta particle is in the body, it is an internal emitter. The dose is the effect on the single cell it is bombarding. Beta particles don't move in and out of skin like gamma rays, but they are much more dangerous than gamma rays.

                  ECRR Risk Model and radiation from Fukushima
                  By Chris Busby
                  “…Example 2
                  . : External doses measured by a Geiger counter increased from 100nSv/h to 500nSv/h. What is the risk from a week s exposure? Because the external dose is only a flag for the internal dose we assume that this is the internal ICRP dose from the range of radionuclides released which include radiodines, radiocaesium, plutonium and uranium particles, tritium etc….”

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                    I made a mistake. A beta particle can penetrate the skin, so if it is on your skin as rain water, it can be absorbed into the body, or it can be inhaled as tritiated water vapor, or ingested.

                    “…Beta Particles
                    “Beta particles are electrons emitted from an atom. In air, beta particles can travel a few hundred times farther than alpha particles—up to six feet (two meters) or more for the beta particles with higher energies. For the common low-energy beta emitters used in laboratories, light clothing or a few centimeters of air can stop the beta radiation. For higher energy beta emitters, a centimeter or two of plastic will stop most of the particles. Beta particles are more like alpha particles when it comes to causing biological damage—more damaging if inside the body than if outside the body. Examples of radioactive materials that give off beta particles are hydrogen-3 (tritium), carbon-14, phosphorus-32, and sulfur-35….”

                  • m a x l i

                    "Once a beta particle is in the body, it is an internal emitter."

                    Tell me: What is the beta particle emitting? You don't know what you are talking about.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Zimmerman, Paul. A primer in the art of deception: The cult of nuclearists, Uranium weapons and fraudulent science, pp. 112-113.

                      Scams 1-3. The harm from an internal emitter can’t be the dose averaged over the whole body or the whole organ, but the radiation is applied to single cells.

                      p. 164: “Cells in close proximity to embedded particles are vulnerable to being repeatedly hit by the tracks of alpha and beta particles ejected during radioactive decay. Further, these particles have high LET. They create a denser pattern of molecular disruption within a cell. Depending on the radionuclide involved, the nuclei of neighboring cells are more likely to be hit by multiple tracks created during critical times in the cell’s life cycle either as a result of multiple hit from atoms of the same radionuclide or from sequential decays of the same atom. As a consequence, internal emitters are more likely to create multiiple tracks throughout the same cell’s nucleus and create more molecular damage in and about the DNA. For this reason, internal radiation will have a much greater chance of altering cell function and inducing mutation than that caused by external radiation. Under this scenario, low doses from internal emitters are vastly more hazardous to cellular well=being than higher doses delivered to cell externally. (p. 164)”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      I have more to add, but I have to take a long break now.

                    • m a x l i

                      More gaslighting by Dr. Omniglot. Any idiot can google plenty of text material by searching for certain keywords and plaster a forum with extractions from that material. You don't understand what you are wallpapering here. Nor are you able to formulate a sentence about the topic in your own words that would make sense. The question was: What does a beta particle emit?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      what do they call the troll tactic of posting some truths as an apparent rebuttal to truth? It is a common Anne strategy. Using truths to falsely disprove truth. Cant find it here….maybe non sequitur


                    • m a x l i

                      Wow, that's a long list! Reads like Anne's work directives hand book. I'm a bit disappointed she is throwing in the towel so quickly and goes cutting trees or hunting trannies for a week. At least I was expecting she would say I am a pro-nuclear shill.

                      I will think about your question for a bit. Maybe something comes up…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      m a x l i, oh, Anne is not gone for any length of time…that is a troll technique

                      Personally, I think she has real talent as a comic

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Informal Fallacy?, but she weaves piles of misunderstood statistics/creates inductive fallacies.

                      Her Classic 'world population declining' blabber, when it is birthrate decline.

                      It took 50 posts, but she 'found' what electronvolt was/meant. What a waste of time she can be. I prolly ate 50 snickers bars(billions MeV's), she is incredibly thickheaded.

                      The partial sanity does not help much. 🙁

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      I'm still typing my answer. I will post it when I've finished. I'm sure people would rather read what the best scientists say, those who report the truth about the health effects of beta emitters.

                      Because I'm fighting skin cancer and also disabled, I won't push myself to finish.

                    • m a x l i

                      Code, about that troll tactic… "Posting some truth as an apparent rebuttal to truth" for me doesn't describe what I am seeing. I didn't take the time to check if any of the points in the long list fits. For lack of a more catchy phrase, I would call it "Impressing the impressionable" or "ELIZA's reply" after Joseph Weizenbaums primitive computer program ELIZA, he developed 51 years ago, which engaged human users in a pseudo dialogue and gave (to Weizenbaum's surprise and shock) many users the impression and feeling the machine -really- understood what they were saying. The method is to extract any key word out of what the user is saying and give a pseudo reply by answering with any pre-existing text module whose sole requirement was that it contained the very same key word.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      m a x l i, thanks. But here are my arguments;

                      1. To be a math genius, or not to be: that is the question

                      2. All the world‘s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one PhD in her time plays many parts and is always right’

                      3. Eliza!, Eliza! wherefore art thou Eliza? Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears: I come to praise Anne, not to bury her’

                    • m a x l i

                      And I was kidding when I said she will be absent for a week. I know when Anne says she will be away for a long period or even stop posting on Enenews for good, she in reality will continue carpet bombing after a few minutes.

                    • m a x l i

                      And, after I read your "arguments" for a second and third time, I advice you urgently to stay a long distance away from McFarting, GOM and SadieDog. It turns out to be contagious.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      m a x l i, its good if you couldnt quite grasp my arguments, for they were a duplication of Weizenbaums Eliza program. Intended to acknowledge your insight

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      All your criticisms are the wallpaper. Totally distracting from the truth. Here is the first part. I will finish typing another time. You could buy the book. I buy books even though I can't afford them. You, with all your contacts with nuclear industry should be able to buy books, or get someone else to buy them for you.

                      Zimmerman, Paul. A primer in the art of deception: The cult of nuclearists, Uranium weapons and fraudulent science, pp. 112-113.
                      “…When an alpha particle is emitted from a radioactive atom in the particle entrapped in the lung, it does not travel very far. Although the distance capable of being travelled in tissue is dependent on its initial energy, on aerage an alpha particle has a range of between only 30 and 40 microns. This is equivalent to three or four cell diameters. The most energetic alpha particle from radioactive decay traverses no more than 100 microns. So, if a particle made up of an alpha-emitting radioisotope is trapped in tissue, one can visualize it at the center of a sphere possessing a radius equivalent to the maximum distance capable of being crossed by the alpha particle. All alpha particles emitted by the entrapped radioisotopes will deposit their entire energy within this tine volume. Thus, in a very localized microscopic region, a massive amount of ionization is introduced, severely disruptingthe chemical integrity of the cell(s) through which the alpha particle passes. For this reason, alpha particles are…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      alpha radiation!…well Ill be a scallywag Eliza, she is a nuclear expert!

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      [cont.] "classified as ‘densely ionizing’. In contrast, the ionizing events promoted by rapidly moving, energetic electrons liberated from their atoms by photons are separated by much greater distances. Photons are thus considered as ‘sparsely ionizing’.

                      “As with x-rays and gamma rays, alpha particles lose energy by interacting and transferring that energy to the orbital electrons of the atoms in their immediate proximity. The reapson alpha particles travel such a short distance is because they are so effective in initiating ionization. They rapidly decelerate in the process of transferring their energy to nearby electrons. Within that 30 to 40 micron range, they create a dense pattern of ionization. Alpha particles contain two protons and thus possess two units of positive electrical charge. The orbital electrons spinning around the nuclei of atoms possess one unit of negative electrical charge. Under those circumstances, one can visualize an alpha particle as a powerful magnet. Once hurtled from the nucleus of an atom undergoing radioactive decay, the alpha particle tugs on the elements of the atoms it passes, exciting them or actually causing ionization by dislodging these electrons from their atoms altogether. So overwhelming in the electromagnetic field of the alpha particle, that it causes massive numbers of ionizing events along its path. With each ionization, the alpha particle loses energy to the electrons as these reciprocate by putting a drag on…

                    • m a x l i

                      "All your criticisms are the wallpaper." ROFL. Since yesterday or so I had a feeling Operation ANNE has a new member capable of humour. That's new.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      [cont.] "the alpha particle. As the alpha particle slows, the density of the ionizations it creates increases. So effective is this exchange of energy that the alpha particle comes to a stop quite rapidly, picks up two stray electrons, and stabilizes as an atom of helium.

                      “To fully understand the phenomenon of internal contamination by radioisotopes, one must also understand the kinetics of a beta particle. A beta particle is the same thing as an electron, but it is energetically emitted from the nucleus of some species of radioisotopes at the moment of radioactive decay. Its mass is 1/7300 of an alpha particle. …

                      Zimmerman, Paul. A primer in the art of deception: The cult of nuclearists, Uranium weapons and fraudulent science, pp. 112-113.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Refusing to read and discuss the truth, shooting the messenger, ad hominem attack and straw arguments make your complaints totally pathetic and you don't even know it.

                      Sadly, all the scams of the nuclear industry kills all the members of that industry just as fast as they kill the rest of people and civilization.

                      Psychopaths have to kill others even if it means killing themselves.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Dr anne has a stunningly good deadpan humor. She can talk about four foot high credit card thiefs riding midget red cars and giant trannies without breaking a smile…and go on as if it is all real.

                    • m a x l i

                      Code, that was clever to say something stupid – I mean your ELIZA-like "arguments". Thanks for your acknowledgement! (I once met Weizenbaum. Highly interesting person! I might bring him up here more often. In a sense, he warned us 50 years ago, that we need to be prepared that social media/discussion forums etc. will be overrun by AI-bots, swaying peoples' thinking in directions to the liking of the deep state. I think Julian Assange voiced his concerns about the very same danger very recently.)

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Dr. Holger Strohm – Plutonium From Fukushima Will Kill Millions – Via Recycling Through Many Future Generations

                      Friedlich in die Katastrophe Taschenbuch – 1977
                      von Holger Strohm (Autor)


                      Want me to quote from Dr. Strohm's book?

                      Quietly into Disaster – Full Movie

                      Holger Strohm
                      Jun 18, 2015
                      "Just as the use of nuclear energy for military purposes the use of nuclear fission for peaceful purposes in nuclear reactors is a crime against all of humanity."

                      “Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Johannes Ude (Prof. for Christian Ethic)

                      “This critical film against atomic power plants is dealing with radioactive discharges, damages to health and the environment, reactor safety, the consequences of large reactor accidents, evacuation plans, high level wastes, renewable energy, politics and ethic and public resistance.”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      “Beta particle an electrically charged ( – ) particle emitted from some radioactive chemicals. It has the mass of an electron. Krypton 85, emitted from nuclear power plants, is a strong beta emitter. Beta particles can cause ionisation.”

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                  Tritium isn't just in the water we drink. It is also in the food we eat and it bioaccumulates up the food chain.

                  Fukushima World’s Radiation Nightmare
                  Published on March 5, 2015
                  “…The toxic substances such as Tritium, Cesium, Plutonium and Strontium are being carried everywhere by winds, rain and ocean currents, entering the food chain through seaweed and seafood, building up high levels of toxicity in the fish – and humans – at the top end of the consumption chain.
                  It is the contention of this book that all levels of radiation are threatening. When levels increase, even by small amounts, we humans, and all the life around us will suffer from increasing cancer rates thus demanding that doctors learn and teach their patients to take defensive measures. We live in a contaminated world (chemical, heavy metal and radiation) that is getting more toxic day by day…”

    • SadieDog

      Welcome and thanks Kai. Dude will see. PLEASE keep posting.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    They backpeddled, or said they did (from the above) "the chairman of [Tepco] was quoted as saying that the decision… had “already been made.” After Tepco Chairman Takashi Kawamura’s remarks were widely reported, the utility scrambled to make a clarification the same day. According to Tepco’s clarification, Kawamura meant to say that there was “no problem” with the dumping plan, based on government guidelines and “scientific and technological standards.” The statement also said that no final decision had been made…"

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    The Japanese would never release harmful stuff into the environment and try to cover it up http://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2014/12/10/voices/question-negligence-hangs-nuclear-firms-u-s-case-fukushima-fallout/

    Wow, tritium must be SAFE! I want some on my ice cream. Smeared on toast with butter and honey. Why waste it, bottle it up and give to PM ABE's security staff. Tasting squad. Just to make sure it's OK for ABE to DRINK. After all, it's JUST PLAIN OLD WATER.

    Hey, where is this guy? http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-pacific-15533018 "Yasuhiro Sonoda's hands shake as he drinks water collected from the plant to back up government claims of decontamination " I posted his phone number a while back. Is he still alive? He probably could get work as a test dummy again.

    He seems to be dead, nothing can be found by googling him. The wikipedia link to his webpage is "404" not found. Maybe Yasuhiro Sonoda is too.

    HEY TEPCO, where is that dedicated employee of yours? Can't you trot out this faithful puppet of yours to demonstrate the safety of your water?????????

    Dead. He's dead. I just know he is dead. Domoic acid right TEPCO? Water too warm. that's it the water he drank was safe but it was too WARM. ? Yeah, should have had it on the rocks.

    Drinking your water TEPCO is no huge trick. It's breathing afterward that is the problem

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "Despite his reticence, Sonoda was not engaging in an act of masochism: the water in question, while once radioactive, had been stripped of radioactive iodine and caesium-134 and -137. Its source, reactors Nos 5 and 6, suffered less contamination than other units at the plant."

    Tritium? The fountain of death?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    If he's not dead, where is he TEPCO? Helllooo-o? Can you hear me now?


  • SadieDog

    OT, Drudge is one of the most widely read 'news' sites on the web. Yet they have had a photoshopped dog on the front page for 24 hours. Figures.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    This is a really SHITTY DEAL. Maybe Donald Trump can do something.

  • It is possible to remove the water from the water, but it is expensive. For example, such a method of evaporating water and using a vortex tube and aerodynamic vortex to sort out the vapor, just as it does with the enrichment of uranium.

      Tryt as much heavier will be collected outside by the middle force


    • SadieDog

      Feliks, doesn't say anything about removing tritium. Any links on that?

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Interesting stuff Felix, on your link there.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      "Tritium can be stored and shipped as a gas, a metal hydride (e.g., of titanium) or tritide, and trapped in zeolites (hydrated aluminum silicate compounds with uniform size pores in their crystalline structure). Stainless-steel cylinders with capacities up to 5.6 ´ 10 7 GBq (1.5 MCi) of tritium gas are used for transportation and storage and must be constructed to withstand the additional pressure which will build up as tritium gradually decays to 3 He. " http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/intro/tritium.htm

      They could do it, but they don't like the fishermen.

      • q Farthington MacMananus

        Good to see you again GOM, some of this stuff was mentioned recently, also before that.

        I like this though.

        "When Shafeyev and his colleagues placed gold in the solution of radioactive thorium 232, they found that the latter ceased to emit radiation with the advent of nanoparticles.

        Transmutation occurred. The same result was achieved with uranium 238. Cesium 137, best known from the tragedy in Fukushima, which usually decays in nature over 30 years, turned into neutral barium under these conditions in an hour.

        “Neither we, nor nuclear scientists, have been able to give a scientific explanation of these phenomena,” Shafeyev, head of the Laboratory of Macrokinetics of Nonequilibrium Processes at the IOFAN, told RBTH. “Now we can confirm that by placing the solution in such conditions, we change the environment of the nuclei of its atoms – the state of the outer shells of electrons.”"

        Gee, I wonder if I can figure that out.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Given that they are creating a solution from their pollution, how much is too much?

  • Horse Horse

    Thanks for the news admin, it's good to see you're hanging in there. Isn't it a shame that the world keeps letting Tepco dump nuclear waste before it has aged properly. The news articles you grabbed pretty much all say the same thing, Tepco has made a business decision and doesn't care what the fishermen want. Media just doesn't give you much to work with these days. The Koyodo article caught Tepco backpedalling, but only in the way they announced the plan. Maybe the poor fisherman know what's going to happen to their catches when the tritium hits the water. Nasty stuff tritium; fake water with a deadly kick. A concentration around the Dai-ichi port should ruin fishing there for awhile. Wherever its released it all goes back to the ocean for recycling to rain out another day. Watch out North America, Tepco is sending you another expensive gift, collect some of that and you can have more bomb triggers. Light up the exit signs, I can't find my way out of the mess.

  • SadieDog

    Can I just say that the fishermen only want people to buy their fish. They aren't worried about the radiation, they are worried about making money. Maybe because they don't understand the danger, but the fishermen's opinion doesn't matter to me. They know this dumping will hurt their profits. Just sayin.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    No worries about Tokyo “It has never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo,” Abe said. “It poses no problem whatsoever. … There are no health-related problems until now, nor will there be in the future. I make the statement to you in the most emphatic and unequivocal way.”(re Tokyo I think)
    Further down the article "Chernobyl only contained 180 tons of nuclear material prior to the catastrophe; comparatively, Fukushima contained 1,760 tons of nuclear material."

  • Sol Man

    Will there be any gradualism in the fade, or will it be an almost instantaneous black screen?

  • 😐

    re: Dumping 777,000 tons of water tainted with tritium

    "…fishermen argue that the negative publicity would be devastating to their livelihoods."
    – Newsweek article

    Seems odd to me that they are more upset about the NEGATIVE PUBLICITY than the long term radioactive contamination damage to the DNA of those who consume those fish.

    IMO – I'll bet the 'dumping' or accidental releases have been going on for a long time now and will continue.

    Imagine how many times the trit-water will need to be dumped over the coming decades.

    Why this is not considered something akin to an act of war or global terrorism I do not know. 😡 ?

    • 😐

      I would further say that this most definitely sets a precedent like no other I can think of in history.

      I guess it makes it 'okay' to dump radioactive contaminated waste into the ocean. No penalty, nothing.

      I guess there's no need for a Yucca Mountain anymore. Just dump it all into the ocean. It's all going to wind up there someday anyway. [sarc]

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        I think we should dump the Japanese leadership into said tanks.

        A bag each of spent fuel pellets for ballast should do nicely.

        Plenty of room for a couple 1000 of them.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          We can't do that. Typhoon season is coming, and they need all the room they can get in the tanks. Hopefully they actually did remove everything but tritium.

          As for the Japanese leadership, vitrification?

          • Down The River Down The River

            Oh, it’s all in there. A friggin smorgasbord.

            They said the water has tritium in it, they didn’t say the water has ONLY tritium in it.

            Do they really have the capability to remove everything else (or anything) from that water?

  • J.

    As always, thanks to the Administrator for keeping this site going. It has long been one of the best news aggregators about nuclear power plant issues.

    A good way to solicit funds to keep the site going would be to produce CD-ROM archives of the site. Following the articles over many years has been a great education. It would be a shame if for whatever reason in future the site does not continue, and the archived information is no longer accessible.

    Thank you again. We're grateful.

    • or-well

      J., your assertion is just plain wrong. This site has long been a comparatively poor aggregator of news about nuclear power plant issues.

      However, one could indeed have learned much, if one followed up various links provided by commenters & was capable of discerning fact from pseudo-sci & sensationalism.

      It's too bad the archived info is uncategorized and impossible to sort through for validity or usefulness though.

      • q Farthington MacMananus

        Just as I suspected.

        Good on you, J.

        • q Farthington MacMananus

          I can't seem to think straight
          I've gone completely insane
          Cause though you're deceased and buried beneath
          I still hear you, six feet under
          I woke up to nothing but I don't feel it
          They told me the cold sleep had caught up
          All the time I wasted hating you but let's face it
          Killing what you create as I'm calling out your name
          And even though I know your heart has stopped beating
          You’re still speaking to me
          I've built this barricade
          Brick by brick the structure pushed you under
          Say the dead won't speak
          But my sanity begs to differ
          I can't seem to think straight
          I've gone completely insane
          Cause though you're deceased and buried beneath
          I still hear you, six feet under
          (Six feet under)
          No, please don't rip her soul away
          Cause I'm standing at her grave
          And I refuse to accept she's gone
          Doctor I'm on my knees
          No medicine can keep
          My head from hearing the words she's saying
          I've built this barricade
          Brick by brick the structure pushed you under
          Say the dead won't speak
          But my sanity begs to differ
          I can't seem to think straight
          I've gone completely insane
          Cause though you're deceased and buried beneath
          I still hear you, six feet under
          I can't sleep to save my life
          Your tied tongue just keeps me up at night
          Cause though you're deceased and buried beneath
          I never failed to remind you everyday
          What a mess of a mother you became
          But my regrets slowly eat away..
          I can't…

    • GOM GOM

      What an excellent idea! Just have to tweak many of the articles. That may take decades.

      Maybe they would find my bones/bone dust along side of article titles, pounds of nuke research papers,..ect. Hope the gas mask was a warning..


  • q Farthington MacMananus

    Should I troll in this thread or the previous article?

  • gregoreo

    Please sign the petition to put pressure on our leaders to intervene and stop the dump of this radioactive water by TEPCO. The petition is addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump.


    Thank You
    Anja Atkinson

    • q Farthington MacMananus

      Sorry about the double comment, didn't look like it showed up.

    • q Farthington MacMananus

      I notice, though some posters have been posting recently. None of them bothered to even sign the petition, so far. That's quite interesting.

      • GOM GOM

        I tried to get all the long time posters to put up avatars from the movie Mad Max Fury Road. Not ONE would do it..NOT ONE. The movie is post nuclear war survival. All the radiation affects, mutations, ect. A perfect way to show solidarity. I also thought we, as a 'unit' might stand out by doing that. Get people to notice.

        And then I woke up..

  • q Farthington MacMananus

    I'm watching you. I like the way you try to hide.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    The 2020 Olympics is coming up. I expect them to create a giant rubber replica of Disney-world's castle to be lowered over the nuclear rubble soon. They paved over large areas, so parking should not be a problem.

    I have a feeling though they are not going to be able to fool everyone.

    You can't fool mother nature. Plenty of earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, volcano misadventure left in her. Three more years.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    When you piss upon a star
    Makes no difference who you are
    Anything can and will go wrong
    If you really want to scream
    No request is too extreme
    When you piss upon a star
    as liars do
    Fate is cruel
    She brings to those above
    the sweet fulfillment of
    secrecy laws
    Like cobalt-60 out of the blue
    Fate steps in and stabs you through
    When you piss upon a star
    Your nightmares come true

  • razzz razzz

    Haven't you heard? No one has died because of the Daiichi meltouts. Tritiated water is radioactive but harmless because TEPCO says so. So harmless that it needs to be dumped into the Pacific.

    Dumping tells me the tanks are in danger of becoming unstable because of the concentrations of tritium. Something about radiolysis can dissociate molecules by ionizing radiation. In other words, tritiated water can decompose itself with its own radioactive energy output.

    Or more simply put, it can break itself back down into hydrogen or breakdown normal water into hydrogen/oxygen all the while doing its decay transformation at the same time to becomes inert Helium-3 (non-radioactive).

    Pretty cool, huh? Remembering that Unit 1 was the first to blow apart because of hydrogen production from the overheated fuel rod cladding reacting with the surrounding moisture (water) to produced enough hydrogen to light off and burn.

    I'm sure it is my imagination but when I use the microwave oven to boil a small shot glass half full of water, I can see a small explosion or burst just before the boiling point is reached. Probably not a hydrogen burn because what would ignite it?

    Of course TEPCO has bigger problems concerning radiolysis as the radioactive melts continue producing hydrogen that has to be purged with nitrogen.

    Remember Pu's decay chain is at times a gas, no worries, WIPP will be fine.


    MANDELA EFFECT – Lynard Skynard

  • q Farthington MacMananus

    Pacific grim, anthropocene extinction. Because death metal is just stupid noise.


    "A nuclear accident
    Vomits into the ocean
    An island of garbage
    Forged by the discarded
    The constant trawling
    Modifying habitats
    What the fuck are we doing?

    Biodiversity- now monoculture of deceased inhabitants
    The nets don't discriminate – unforgiving in this throwaway living

    As the coves exsanguinate the bodies, now gluttonous commodities
    Purging more than they need – for the unwitting public and corporate greed

    Paralyzed in fear, until all pods are eradicated…

    They never stood a chance
    Against this sick romance
    We have with every living being
    We have with every fucking thing

    Long lining baited hooks, pelagic thievery, gluttonous crooks
    Discarded secondary bycatch rendered useless, thrown overboard

    Bottom trawling thus reveals the destroyed habitats – wiped off the map
    The life support of the ecosystems is pulled leaving only victims

    Living in misery – the ways of fisheries
    One of life's mysteries – soon we'll all be history
    Nobody's listening – classic conditioning
    This is the christening – extinction quickening

    We never stood a chance
    Against this sick romance
    We have with our demise
    We have with all of life

    With mouths open wide
    Our footprint steps inside
    And when there's nowhere to hide
    Death comes with the tide…."

  • q Farthington MacMananus

    Hold on, I'm preparing a rack of torment, involving you.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh, Farthing ..chill.. for a few.
    Let those that commune with the sea..(is it just me?)..let them have a moment to fathom.. (fathom, a good word here).. " a billion pounds of nuclear waste".
    Fathom what it must be like to the fishermen.
    They aren't stupid.
    We all too intelligent, to comprehend that the 'commonsense of the common man' is that keeps this world from being swept away by 'intellectual stupidity'?
    They aren't stupid.

    Another dilemma, another conundrum.
    It's hard to separate water from water.
    Not cost effective anyway.
    Dump it into a life viable harbor, to also make it's way into the currents.

    Tracers, oh, tracers…
    What are we tracing …death??

  • Sol Man

    A billion pounds and what do you get
    another day older and deeper in death…

  • Tritium, and tritiated water, is what I believe has mainly been causing the UMEs of so many different life-forms in the sea. It has been spewing into the Pacific since March of 2011, and it is not going to get any better.
    Am I surprised they will finally dump these large barrels of radioactive water into the ocean? Not at all. In fact, I think we already know (knew) the things have been leaking into the Pacific, since they were built and filled. Now, it will be a massive dump.

    California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Canada; get ready. Here comes trouble in the way of more death on your shores…. West Coasters need to move away from the sea, for sure, now.

    • q Farthington MacMananus

      AnneBeck, I'm not going to argue about the toxic properties of tritium, however, tritium is a product of?

      • GOM GOM

        Tritium is low energy decay (12 yrs) On Earth, a by-product of nuclear electricity.

        Is that right?

          • q Farthington MacMananus

            "Main article: Fukushima disaster cleanup

            In January 2014 it was made public that a total of 875 TBq (2.45 g) of tritium are on the site of Fukushima Daiichi,[9] and the amount of tritium contained in the contaminated water is increasing by approximately 230 TBq (0.64 g) per year.[10] According to a report by Tepco "Tritium could be separated theoretically, but there is no practical separation technology on an industrial scale."[11]"


            They try to hide, but…

            • q Farthington MacMananus

              Yes america, I'm implicating you.

              • q Farthington MacMananus

                Gonna remind you again, how many billion gallons of tritiated water in/around hanford? Which corporations, "NGOs" were involved with TEPCO?

              • q Farthington MacMananus

                "Nowhere in the DOE Complex is cleanup more challenging than at the Hanford Site in southeastern Washington. Hanford made more than 20 million pieces of uranium metal fuel for nine nuclear reactors along the Columbia River. Five huge plants in the center of the Hanford Site processed 110,000 tons of fuel from the reactors, discharging an estimated 450 billion gallons of liquids to soil disposal sites and 53 million gallons of radioactive waste to 177 large underground tanks."


                You're fucked.

          • razzz razzz

            Did you notice your link states 'A diagram illustrating the radioactive decay chains of the non-synthetic elements.'?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

          Tritium, the HALF-LIFE is 12.3 years. This means that only half is gone after 12.3 years. So 10 times that, 123 years before all is gone.

          But with Fukushima, the gift that keeps on giving [sarc], and all the other nuclear reactors on earth and nuclear activity, more and more tritium keeps getting produced. CANDU reactors in Canada produce a lot more tritium than other reactors.

          • m a x l i

            "So 10 times that, 123 years before all is gone."

            No. Not all. You store any amount of any radioactive isotope for 10 halftimes – after that time about one thousandth is still there.

            Tell me why a doctor who says she is a genius in math, speaks 19 languages, took classes in quantum mechanics and in nuclear engineering is neither able to understand primary school math nor is she able to grasp the most basic concept about radioactive decay nor did she ever acquire any basic child-level knowledge in physics! I say you have a phd in wallpapering.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

              Dr. Helen Caldicott says it is 10 to 20 times before it is out of the environment, so 246 years. That was in razzz link to a talk on youtube. Tritium is very dangerous biologically.

              “…huge literature on tritium in the Journal of Health Physics extensively referenced in ‘Nuclear Power is not the Answer’….”
              I own this book, but I don’t know where it is at the moment.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                And then Strontium-90 isn't half gone at Chernobyl after 30 years.

                The problem with radionuclides is that the nuclear industry keeps manufacturing more and more of them and they do everything to keep anyone, even their own students, from knowing the truth about the dangers.

                I recently read an article about why the Greens are ganst nuclear energy. And they never mentioned the worst thing about nuclear technology: it is killing everything and every one. Nuclear radiation means death for another million years at least. The earth had to wait billions of years before the radioactivity had diminished. So why take the earth back to when no life is possible? Because the nuclear industry moguls are a bunch of psychopaths with nothing by murder in their hearts.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                  27 Years Later, Radiation Still Hides Out in Chernobyl’s Trees (Fukushima’s Too)
                  Trapped in the trees, radiation from Chernobyl could be re-released with a forest fire
                  Onur Altan, studies at Bilkent University (2021)
                  Answered 114w ago
                  “Half-life means that after a certain time half of nuclides has decayed, that's right. This does not mean that after the double half-life everything has fallen apart, but again only half of what was left of it after the first half-life. With a half-life of 30 years to 30 years, half of the initial substance is thus disintegrated. The remaining amount is halved after 30 years then. After 60 years so is still a 1/4 of radioactive cesium because, after 90 years still 1/8 and so on.

                  “Typically, seeds are transformed into radioactive processes, where it comes to emit characteristic radiation and change the element. A distinction is made between Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation. In a Beta decay is a core component (protons and neutrons) converts, where an electron and an associated neutrino fly out of the core. Since the element is determined by the number of protons in the nucleus, always changes in a beta decay the element. The same applies to Alpha decays: Here sends an atomic nucleus of an alpha particle, consisting of two protons and two neutrons (also called helium nucleus). Thus, the number of protons in the…

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                    [cont.] main core by two units, which in turn corresponds to an element change changes. There remains the third group of nuclear decays: The Gamma decay. Typically remain atomic nuclei by hydrolysis with a decay in a so-called excited state. This suggestion is released in the form of Gamma radiation, which has no element change the result. However, Gamma radiation always occurs with the other two types of decay.

                    “The cause of such decays is a fundamental principle in nature: Each system (for example an atomic nucleus) tries to reach a stable state. By itself such processes take place only when this energy is released: Thus, the system achieves a lower energy state. A classic example is the objects from falling in the gravitational field of the earth: You cancels for example a stone to gaining added this by so called potential energy (energy of position). If you drop it, this energy (energy of motion) converts into kinetic energy of the stone is faster, hits the ground and ultimately comes to rest again.

                    “In a radioactive decay happens something like this: The excess of neutrons over protons in heavy elements like uranium and thorium leads to a state with only conditional stability. However, unlike the gravity, the strong nuclear force can hold together such so-called metastable states, but only for certain period of time. A measure of this period is the nuclide half-life, which when half of the cores has disintegrated a certain output quantity indicates. The…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      [cont.] decomposition processes are statistical processes, i.e., you can not accurately predict when a particular nucleus decays. Only the probability of a nuclear transformation can specify. A good overview of radioactivity and nuclear disintegrations can be found at Wikipedia.

                      “When Chernobyl accident several radioactive substances were released. Besides the aforementioned Cs-137 and Sr-90, Pu-241 and Am-241 having a half-life of several decades. Here you can also find on Wikipedia further information, for example Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The plutonium isotope Pu-241 with a proton number Z=94 falls on a beta decay (transformation of a neutron into a proton -> Z is increased by one unit) in Americium-241 with Z=95th then decays Americium-241 over an entire decay chain, which you can see at Wikipedia also: Decay chain. In nature also occur decay chains, often referred to as uranium and thorium decay chain. These are the source of much of the natural radioactivity which surrounds us every day.

                      “It depends on the radioactive decay. There are the following types: Alpha decay, Beta decay, Gamma radiation and the spontaneous fission. For all types (except for the gamma radiation) changes the element, since changing the number of protons in the nucleus. The devised example with C-12 and C-14 is not working. The excess neutrons disintegrate in the core by the beta decay into a proton (and an electron and a neutrino). The resulting proton remains in the nucleus. Thus, the…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      [cont.] atomic number and the element has changed. The gamma radiation corresponds to a de-excitation of the nucleus, i.e., extending (in a simple model) as a proton to a higher energy level is. This core state is not stable! In consequence, the core goes by emitting a photon returns to the stable state. The proton remains in the nucleus, but is at a lower energy level.

                      “For the loading of the food can say the following. The radioactive radiation passes through the rain to the earth. This means that the local radiation dose is determined by the amount of rain. Now you have to think like the radiation finally enters the food. In the case of trees, the radioactive isotopes are absorbed by the root. Therefore, one can assume that the larger and far branched root system of trees is the more radiation can be absorbed at the same time. In addition, you have to where the isotopes are stored or superior. If the document is right, then save cherries most of the isotopes in the core or anywhere else in the tree and not in the flesh. Especially to the cherries in and around Chernobyl can still say that the radiation exposure from the fallout was relatively low because the cloud is very high ascended and became carried away by winds. This course you can also all at Wikipedia in articles about radioactive fallout read (Nuclear fallout).

                      A note about mushrooms is still necessary at this point. By symbiosis with trees and storing the isotope throughout this fungus are more heavily…

                    • m a x l i

                      By continued wallpapering Dr. Anne is only proving my point. In the middle of the sequence of posts she recently added is (accidentally) a useful explanation of what halftime means. Dr. Anne is merely copy-pasting this und thus stretching the discussion forum to oblivion but doesn't herself read and understand what she is posting. If she had at least some understanding, she would do the totally simple calculation how much decay occurred after 10 halftimes or after 20 halftimes herself in an instant and wouldn't get the idea to start out with "Dr. Helen Caldicott says…" What Dr. Caldicott says, is for the purpose of this discussion irrelevant. To clutch here to the authority of Dr. Caldicott is as silly as saying "Five plus three makes eight because Einstein said so."

                    • m a x l i

                      Correction: The word is "half-life", not "halftime". (We Germans have "Zeit"=time in that Word.)

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      I happen to be a math genius. I was a math major at Stanford University when only 16 years old. At the time, 1957, no women were allowed to study at any Ivy League School, and women were only allowed to make up 1/4 of the freshman class.

                      I just passed the Plasma Physics class offered free on-line.

                      What the charts say about half-life for any radionuclide is theoretical and may not actually be what happens in nature.

                      Can you explain why Cesium or Strontium are not halved at Fukushima?

                      Why not offer something positive? Why not work to get rid of nuclear technology?

                      Instead of speculating on the understanding of me, why don't you discuss the ideas in a positive way? Ad hominem attacks just show that the criticizer can't discuss the issues in a truthful way.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Radioactive Longer Than Expected

                      “…Radioactive cesium isn't disappearing from the environment as quickly as predicted, according to new research presented here Monday at the meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Cesium 137's half-life – the time it takes for half of a given amount of material to decay – is 30 years. In addition to that, cesium-137’s total ecological half-life – the time for half the cesium to disappear from the local environment through processes such as migration, weathering, and removal by organisms is also typically 30 years or less, but the amount of cesium in soil near Chernobyl isn't decreasing nearly that fast. And scientists don't know why….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      The uncertainty of the half-life
                      S Pommé
                      Published 22 May 2015

                      “Half-life measurements of radionuclides are undeservedly perceived as 'easy' and the experimental uncertainties are commonly underestimated. Data evaluators, scanning the literature, are faced with bad documentation, lack of traceability, incomplete uncertainty budgets and discrepant results. Poor control of uncertainties has its implications for the end-user community, varying from limitations to the accuracy and reliability of nuclear-based analytical techniques to the fundamental question whether half-lives are invariable or not. This paper addresses some issues from the viewpoints of the user community and of the decay data provider. It addresses the propagation of the uncertainty of the half-life in activity measurements and discusses different types of half-life measurements, typical parameters influencing their uncertainty, a tool to propagate the uncertainties and suggestions for a more complete reporting style. Problems and solutions are illustrated with striking examples from literature.”


                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Uncertainty of the half-life

                      This important study did not show up in the comment queue. See the post above.

                    • m a x l i

                      "I happen to be a math genius…"

                      Yes, of course! That must be the reason you are not able to calculate what is (1/2)(1/2)(1/2)(1/2)… and have to find the answer somewhere on the internet, so you proudly come up with "Dr. Helen Caldicott says…"

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Maxli, the blind belief that radioactive decay exactly follows an exponential equation once the radioisotope is organically bound and the blind belief that we already have the solution for nuclear waste is destroying the planet and all life on earth. Physicists should study biology which is not controlled by the nuclear industry. Yes I could solve an exponential equation long before there were computers and calculators. But half life in a lab and half life out in the world of nature where there are many different factors in the environment are two different matters. That is one reason why there is quantum mechanics which relies on statistics rather than just formulas.

                      The reason physicists cling to the nuclear industry is because they make money based on ability to solve mathematical formulas and to think mathematically. But without the nuclear industry, without fossil fuels they will have to retrained and give up their plushy life styles just like the coal miners.


                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      maxli {cont.].


                      It's obvious that the creators of the atom bomb knew that they had destroyed the earth.

                      But the most horrific nuclear accidents haven't cured lessor minds of creating more and more nuclear energy and more and more tritium, cesium, strontium, and plutonium, etc. Sticking to mathematical formulas that breaks down in actual life is not what is called "street smarts".

                      Adults use reason and accept consequences. There are too many people in the world who have remained with only the grasp of the world of a child: selfish and self-centered. And radiation has created more and more people who are autistic and psychopathic.

                    • m a x l i

                      First you bring up something Dr. Caldicott said trying to prove a point you made. Now, you are essentially saying what Dr. Caldicott said is all stupid shit, because it is based on math and math is nonsense for sheeple which should be ignored and furthermore, we can't safely say anything for certain about radioactive decay, it's all hazy and indeterminate how fast it goes. You are changing your direction very quickly, Dr Anne Troll. It is unavoidable that you will give an answer to that, which, again, will be a non-answer. I'm not interested. You can stick it somewhere. You should team up with SadieDog and give him a hug. If dumbness has a critical mass – good riddance!

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      hahaha, m a x l i …..this has been going on with Anne for so many years….I prefer to think of her as a miracle of God. Of course she might be more than one…all the better; MORE miracles from God.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Maxli, You are the troll, not me. All Dr. Caldicott said is that tritium before it leaves the environment can be LONGER than 10 times the half-life. This is not to be against half-life at all, but to say that when when it is organically bound, tritium can be in the body as long as 10 years. This is much LONGER that 120 days.

                      Dr. Caldicott professionally treated children with cystic fibrosis which is a genetic disease caused by nuclear radiatopm/

                      I've always been anti-Nuke and pro-alternative energy. Anyone who says otherwise is a troll.

                      Tritium is much worse than the nuclear industry says it is and beta particles damage the body much worse than the pro-Nuke trolls say. Low energy particles are much most damaging to the human body than high energy particles. And the damage can come from just one beta particle which can damage 100 cells. One doesn't need to be exposed to low level radiation over a long period of time. There is no threshold where someone will be killed by nuclear radiation including tritium. Strontium-40 and Cesium-134 and 137 are also beta emitters.

                      And when a beta particle is emitted, a gamma ray quickly follows.
                      Please do not put me with G

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      maxli [cont.]. Posting scientific from the anti-Nuke movement and the anti-Nuke scientists and medical doctors is not being a troll.

                      On my own website, which I alone rule, I don't allow pro-Nuke shills to make comments.

                      I definitely do not rule this website. I posted about tritium because it is terrible and there is much scientific evidence to prove this. So sad that you think anti-Nuke scientific evidence is being a troll. You label yourself.

                      Radiation Theory chapter 2

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      The half-life of tritium is 12.3 years? But now I know it can be in the body much longer than its half life…more than 120 days even. Thanks Anne

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      The half-life of tritium in the laboratory is 12.3 years. But the biological half-life is 10 days if the tritium is in water. However, when tritium is organically bound, it can be in the body 10 years.

                      In the environment the half-life can be between 123 and 246 years, because in the environment tritium isn't just in the dirt, it is in the trees and plants and in the animals where it bioaccumulates. The wild boars near Chernobyl are still extremely radioactive.

                      Why be a troll?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      “…Weaker beta particles can be detected through the tube window. Although the beta particle is around 8000 times smaller than the alpha particle, it is capable of penetrating much deeper into living matter. Each encounter with a living cell, and there may be many before the beta energy is dissipated, is likely to dam age some of the chemical links between the living molecules of the cell or cause some permanent genetic change in the cell nucleus. If the damage occurs within the generative cells of the ovaries or testes, the damage may be passed to new generations. The normal background radiation level must contribute to the mutation of the gene pool. Most mutations are undesirable with a very few leading to "improvements". Any increase in the background level of radiation should be considered harmful….”

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Anne, do you have any insight how the elemental half life can go from 12 years to 123- 246 years when it is taken up by trees?

                    • SadieDog

                      Whatcha doin buddy? Can I ask you a question?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      sure, make it a multiple choice but answer my question first. Its only fair

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      I didn't say tritium is in a tree that long, I said that organically bound tritium is in the environment 123-246 years. I don't know why but:

                      Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Radioactive Longer Than Expected


                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Radioactive pigs are wandering Central Europe, 30 years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster
                      Feb 24, 2017

                      “…In fact, the wild boars are being irradiated by their own food: the wild mushrooms they depend on during the cold winter months, Reuters reports.

                      “The 1986 nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine spewed the radioactive metal cesium-137 into the atmosphere. A small amount blew nearly 1,000 miles west to the Czech Republic, where it settled into the soil. There, mushrooms absorb it. And when a boar eats the mushrooms, the radiation travels up the food chain. A few years ago, a government report revealed that nearby in Germany, about one in three boars killed by hunters were radioactive….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Some day I will check out Dr. Caldicott's book, 'Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer', and look at her references. But I don't have time right now.

                  • Anne, please quickly without googling, tell me what Greens theorum is, in your own words, no cut and paste.

                    • I see, math expert has trouble with this one, hmmmmmmmmmm

                    • q Farthington MacMananus

                      Which green's theorem? I recall something about 6 dimensions and lines. What's a theorum though?

                    • q Farthington MacMananus

                      Sorry I only read that now, used to code some of that stuff. Well, not really, I thought it was kinda dumb. The ID guy (a dutch guy) figured it was good for rigid body collision detection though. Unfortunately his constraint solver was quite broken.

                    • q Farthington MacMananus

                      Btw, I can refer you to an IRC channel where you can speak to ex-ID, Valve, Nvidia, Google employees. They're not great at physics though, some good mathematicians though.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      stock, I never said that I am a methematical "expert". I only said that I am a mathematical genius and can handle higher math from an early age.

                      I studied biology as an undergraduate instead of physics. The Stanford University biology is a very good school. The president of the university was a famous biologist when I was a student there and it is also connected to the Stanford Medical School, so I studied owith the pre-med majors.

                      I care more about life than abstract ideas. I have 50 books at the calculus level and above. So I could readily explain Green's Theorem without using a computer or ooogling it. But your little tests are meaningless anayway.

                      I just explain to the readers of enenews about how terrible nuclear radiation is and I do so not my claiming any theories of my own, but just making the information available to anyone who really cares. Scientific information is wallpapering. All the troll comments are wallpapering. In case you don't know this thread is about TRITIUM dumping in the Pacific Ocean. I'm sure all the radioactive decay will also raise the temperature of the ocean causing even more release from melted methane. Nuclear energy and weapons use and production are heating the planet more than it has ever been.

                      I remember you once saying that if you had studied nuclear technology at university you would have been on the other side of the argument. Being anti-Nuke is a moral and ideological position, but all the pro-Nukers care…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      All the pro-Nuke trolls care about is their own pocketbooks and their own egos. Thus the world was lost — it only took 6,000 years of civilization to forever destroy the earth.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

            The problem with the nuclear industry and physics is that the world is biological and not just mathematical. People care if they are being killed. No mathematical argument will suffice. And we will never be able to wait one million years to check out every radioisotope.

            Why doesn't Maxli discuss nuclear waste storage? Why create such toxic waste when there is no way to safely store it? How can anyone pay to replace storage containers? And how can nuclear waste be transferred safely from a failed storage container to a new one?

            Hanford and Germany's failed nuclear storage site are examples that the nuclear industry is simply not honest about nuclear energy.

            • q Farthington MacMananus

              There is no problem with physics. There is a problem with how it's presented.

            • m a x l i

              "Why doesn't Maxli discuss nuclear waste storage?"

              Okay, if someone is present who is of the opinion that nuclear waste is not a biggy, after time goes by, we will have found an easy solution for it (or the solution is already in our hands) and we shouldn't be worried about producing more nuclear waste until then – please put your hands up and come forward, so we can have a discussion! It would be a pleasure.

              With everyone else I am in agreement, so there will be no "discussion".

    • q Farthington MacMananus

      "Here comes trouble in the way of more death on your shores…. West Coasters need to move away from the sea, for sure, now."

      You better listen to her.

      Also, the east coast (not kidding).

      • GOM GOM


        Mass Die-Off of Whales in Atlantic.. Humpback whales are dying at an alarming rate off America's East coast..

        Large plumes of low-salinity coastal water have moved offshore …GOM

        Animal loss in the global ocean". … from Alaska all the way to Mexico, with some deaths even detected off the East Coast..

        "Sixth mass extinction” event. … From sharks to whales, giant clams, sea turtles, and tuna, the …. Obama to designate the first-ever marine monument off the East Coast, in New England. That should fcking help.


        Mass Animal Deaths for 2017


        ..religious but great info


    It can't get much worse! This struck me as grimly amusing.

    About one year ago, my level of alarm has gone through fatalism, disgust, dread, horror, nightmares (literally), and fury.

    And also empathy. I understand why most people prefer to ignore our self-destruction. It is agonizing to recognize it, especially when it seems like there is no way to prevent it.

    I fear we will soon destroy our ability to produce crops, from ever increasing levels of atmospheric toxins, and that will create agricultural failures, and famine. We will end up eating our livestock and then our pets, and then what?

    Each Other?

  • I,ll be doing a 1 hr presentation on this today at my youtube site beautifulgirlbydana . Hugs

  • SadieDog

    "Dr. Tadahiro Katsuta, an associate professor at Meiji University, Japan, is an official member of the Nuclear Reactor Safety Examination Committee and the Nuclear Fuel Safety Examination Committee of the Nuclear Regulation Authority. Truthout asked him what he was most concerned about regarding the Japanese government's handling of the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima.

    "What I regard as the most dangerous, personally, is the fact that the Japanese government has chosen the national prestige and protection of electric power companies over the lives of its own citizens," Katsuta, who wrote the Fukushima update for the World Nuclear Industry Status Report, said.

    Gundersen thinks it simply makes no sense to hold the Olympics in Japan.

    "Holding the 2020 Olympics in Japan is an effort by the current Japanese government to make these ongoing atomic reactor meltdowns disappear from the public eye," Gunderson said.
    According to…nuclear experts Truthout spoke with, the crisis is even worse."


  • Hmmmmmm, is seems odd that admin would make a new article, yet not take minutes to ban the Fart.

    Are you all OK with Fart? I mean what would a newcomer think? After all, those already here are preaching to the choir, so really the only anti-nuclear activity achieved is by educating newcomers, bring them into the fold.

    How likely is that?
    Would you invite your family members to see where you spend your time?

    stock out. Starting an Atkins diet and placing 40 yards of mulch, should be a good way burn calories, LOL

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                      meanwhile, stock is an evil four foot high credit card thief and ENEnews maligner, Im a pro nuke hormesis shill and obe is a 9 foot trannie. Colorful group we have here

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  • q Farthington MacMananus

    She screamed out her pain and wished you are dead.

  • razzz razzz

    "There are three types (or isotopes) of hydrogen. The most common kind has no neutrons in its nucleus. A second form, deuterium, has one neutron, and it accounts for about one in every 6,420 of hydrogen atoms. Concentrating water molecules (H2O) that have deuterium atoms is how “heavy water” is made. Tritium is the third form of hydrogen: it has two neutrons. It is much rarer than deuterium, because the tritium nucleus is unstable. When the nucleus decays, it emits radiation…

    …All three forms of hydrogen occur naturally, but tritium is also produced in nuclear reactors, both when heavy water absorbs neutron radiation, and when uranium is used as reactor fuel. Nuclear power-generating stations do emit tritium into the air and water, but in amounts well below regulatory limits…

    …Tritium is managed in three ways:

    Tritium concentrations in heavy water used in CANDU reactors are reduced in a process called “detritiation.” This process requires dedicated facilities, two of which are for use with CANDU reactors: one at the Darlington nuclear site in Ontario, and one at the Wolsong reactors in South Korea.
    Containment and confinement of tritium emissions are accomplished by plants designed with advanced seal technology to prevent leaks.
    Segregation and recovery of tritium involves the extraction of escaped tritium from gaseous, liquid, and waste streams prior to release…"

    • q Farthington MacMananus

      Goddamnit, why do I have to mention this again?


      "One of these recent studies (2011) revealed an activity up to 390,000 Bq / L for tritium (at a median value of 5,400 Bq / L) in the underground "plume" of landfill leach Which received low-level radioactive waste from 1960 to 1968 (near the Lucas Heights facility south of Sydney, Australia). Under this site, tritium was the only radionuclide found in the subsoil and water. It escaped in significant quantities to exceed the background level measured around the installation. Since 1968, the tritiated water plume has migrated from the landfill to at least 100 m from the source area, with temporal variations explained by meteorological variations (more or less dry or wet periods)."

    • razzz razzz

      The learning curve goes on and on with nuclear.

      Tritium starts out as a radioactive hydrogen gas. A gas. Combining with oxygen becomes radioactive water. So there is a gas and liquid to deal with.

      So if you build a CANDU reactor, you have to build along side it a tritium processing plant to remove tritium buildup. Not to remove tritium to keep it out of the environment but to keep your CANDU reactor running smoothly and from becoming unstable.

      You can read how tritium is produced or created at this link. And there are various ways it comes into being. One of which is fissioning of uranium because uranium does not split, it fractures into different pieces and each of those pieces are a new manmade radioactive elements one being tritium.

      When uranium is struck by a neutron, causing it to fracture, it does not always fracture into the same pieces the same way every time. The strike of a neutron that cause a fractured piece to become tritium does not occur as often as say Cesium(s) being created. Anyway, it does something like that.

  • q Farthington MacMananus

    Sweet, the problem is there are only 8-9 pages accessible, as I've mentioned.

    Even worse, they're trying to move that to canada (from iceland, iirc), because canadian government isn't completely juvenile horseshit.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Japan Plans to Expose Its People and 2020 Tokyo Olympians to Fukushima Radiation
    July 17 2017


    "Former nuclear industry senior vice president Arnie Gunderson, who managed and coordinated projects at 70 US atomic power plants, is appalled at how the Japanese government is handling the Fukushima nuclear crisis.
    "The inhumanity of the Japanese government toward the Fukushima disaster refugees is appalling," Gunderson, a licensed reactor operator with 45 years of nuclear power engineering experience and the author of a bestselling book in Japan about the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, told Truthout."

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    hey, I just had an intuitive thought; What if exotic uranyl-borate complexes produced during the fukushima accident caused reduction of biological phosphates to phosphine, causing an uptake/ bioaccumulation of the same in a nasty feedback loop, which produced the deadly results which mimic domoic acid?

    oh marine biologists, where art thou?

    • q Farthington MacMananus

      Yeah CS, I'm fucking dumb right? I mean, literally, that mention was the result of instant intuition, thanks to death metal.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        thanks go to Farth for providing one of the papers. No thanks for wallpapering the place with peurile banter. Farth, you didnt put it together…but I give you credit anyway…thanks

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Farth, for extra accolades connect the dots to the glutamine pathway, thus helping to establish why low level radiation from nuclear fallout is inherently DIFFERENT than background radiation, can manifest in symptoms similar and related to domoic acid toxicity, and thus elucidating the fallout to background comparison boondoggle that impedes the shut down of the nuclear industry

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Of the large number of neutral organophosphorus compounds, phosphine oxides are the most effective extraction reagents for uranium.

      phosphine oxides are the most effective extraction reagents for uranium you say?

      Phosphine is a constituent of the atmosphere at very low and highly variable concentrations. It may contribute significantly to the global phosphorus biochemical cycle. The most likely source is reduction of phosphate in decaying organic matter, The Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health level of Phosphine is 50 ppm. A convincing demonstration of the prevalence of biological phosphine production was given in 1988 when Devai, examining gases released from a sewage treatment found that 9-20% of phosphorus entering the system was converted to phosphine

      so The most likely source of the uranium absorber phosphine oxide naturally is reduction of phosphate in decaying organic matter…but what else?

      OK, its a stretch…reduction of phosphate by boron trichoride

      During the Fukushima accident boric acid containing sea water was pumped into the reactor core. This created novel uranyl-boron complexes with sea water with potentially powerful redox chemistry that could convert biological phosphate to nerve gas like phospine oxides, which itself bioaccumulates uranium either on a whole body scale,…

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        dolphins dying on the beach with nerve tremor….caused by

        A)domoic acid,
        B) global warming, or
        C) phosphine oxide the uranium extraction chemical?

        Fumigation with phosphine gas is by far the most widely used treatment for the protection of stored grain against insect pests. Phosphine initially causes agitation followed by convulsions in humans and hyperactivity followed by twitching in nonhuman animals. It acts like a nerve gas

        In biological tissues, phosphorus is present in the fully oxidised form, phosphate. The primary biological importance of phosphates is as a component of nucleotides, which serve as energy storage within cells (ATP) or when linked together, form the nucleic acids DNA and RNA.

        a paper for the non existent marine biologist who will never read this post;
        Nuclear Fuel in a Reactor Accident
        Peter C. Burns,1
        * Rodney C. Ewing,2 Alexandra Navrotsky3

        • Phosphorous is a prime cause of algae blooms in Wisconsin. Much phosphorous present in the soils, one reason why asparagus is so prevalent in Wisconsin, growing wild in many locations.

          Code, why not package up your whole idea and publish it, or provide to me and I will publish.

          If you create an actionable, consumable product, then you can take full credit. The packaging up part of it, is important too. Great ideas are meaningless unless communicated, and communicated in a way that people can understand / accept

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            stock, take any of my posts and re-post them. Please elaborate on them, package them etc. The best would be to get a cutting edge cellular biologist interested…young out of school I would think.

            Im nothing more than a humble fool…but I think busting the typical concept of DNA damage by direct radiation hits is key to taking down the failed ICRP dose model, which forms the conceptual and legal basis for the continuation of the nuclear industry. A key feature is the fallout to background comparison always made which falsely makes fallout seem insignificant.

            Im fascinated with the biomorphic influence of ionic gradients, and alternative biological theory like the Ling association-induction view of cellular biology. The latter makes a Holism of cellular biology and allows a conceptualization of how low levels of fallout can disrupt the fine function taking place with weak molecular bonds to proteins and the subsequent systemic effects, which can be summarized as systemic morbidity, and which involve DNA damage as a secondary effect in the cascade of events….

            theres more, always more…

            • https://medicalxpress.com/news/2017-07-doses-cardiovascular-health.html

              Radiation reduces Nitric Oxide NO signalling. Might keep your car from humping that Lexus down the street, lol

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Bandazhevsky discovered the key damage pathway of nuke fallout in the glutamine pathway. Nitric oxide is related to that. THere is also a possible connection of glutamine to the domoic acid like symptoms of dying sea life. Does glutamine bioaccumulate certain radionuclides? Found one paper on it, but its lost in the breeze

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  ENEnews website…difficult to post, cant log on, half broken….what the hell?

                • Funny since I was just researching glutamine, and whether it was "legal" on an atkins diet. Apparently not just legal but encouraged to avoid sugar cravings, along with chromium picolinate.

                  I haven't run the rad/glutimate thing to ground, nor your ion exchange stuff.

                  RE Ion—many existing krill, who knows, millions of tons, were decimated. So I think that goes beyond just the "funked up growth"

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    stock; disintegration of chitin vs deformation. My sense tells me the direct destruction of chitin is an energetically relevant phenomena. I would be concerned…unless you ran calcs on it, that a scientist might debunk that theory based on radiation levels. On the other hand, deformation is an information based thing, which fits into the low dose requirement.

                    a butterfly malformed due to fallout. Notice the wings are deformed, not disintegrated

                    when you kill an animal, do you see a slab of meat, ready for the rotisserie, or do you see an ultra refined biomachine that has functions of miniaturization down to the molecular level? The eye can detect a single photon. Hair cells are extremely sensitive, ion pores open when deflection is as little as 1nm, roughly the diameter of a single atom. An animals life depends on this exquisite level of perfection, however robust they may seem at the macro level. The butterfly with deformed wings did not survive, even though the wings were not disintegrated.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      stock, I want to reinforce this chitin deformation issue. That butterfly was deformed with as little as…get this…1/5 of a becquerel! Two becquerels is the LD50. The beautiful woman who gave us this information from field work died young from Fukushima fallout. Lets use the data thoughtfully.

                      The fact that not all butterflies are dead gives us a feel for the dose and energy level. You could probably make a calc at the energy level required to disintegrate some chitin, being a materials specialist guy. Im going to take a wild ass guess…hundreds of thousands of becquerels for a small bug size bit of chitin?

                      The single becquerel harmful dose also gives a clue about the nature of low dose fallout; The smaller the organism, the fewer becquerels are required to reach a given dose of x number of bq/kg. The dose of one bq seems ridiculously small, yet its fairly significant if you divide by the mass of the larvae. But if you take a zygote, a beginning fetus…there may be becquerels whizzing through at any time from the 4000 bq the mother has. A constant 70 bq/kg in the kilo of tissue surrounding the new life. This is true of all small features of the body as well, yet the species lives on for millions of generations. This highlights the difference of radiation from k-40 and the same radiation type and dose from C-137.

                • razzz razzz

                  Cover picture on the book

                  'Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment'

                  shows trunk tree rings that are discolored after the Chernobyl event.

                  Like a human being compared to a bag or bottle of water, anything pertinent that goes against the nuclear industry's agenda gets roundly thumped and driven to the margins i.e. this book and humans represented as inanimate objects for test results.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    critical reviews of that book find fault that they did not reconstruct dose, and that they mention hot particles…yet its precisely the FAILURE of the ICRP dose model that renders their objections moot

            • TY just hit and run between mulching fun…..

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              above should have read weak molecular bonds of the electrolyte to proteins. In some lines of advanced biology, the cell is not seen as a mere lipid bag filled with a watery electrolyte. The electrolyte is a structured extension of the cell wall, proteins and cytoskeleton. The significance is that potassium, and possibly its radioactive component, are a fundamental key feature, which adds insight as to why some sources of radiation can be benign and others dangerous, at similar levels

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              regarding chitin, I asked the rhetorical question, if cesium is completely dissolved and diluted to safe levels in water, far less than potassium (Woods Hole), how do they even measure it, which turns out to be ion exchange resin, and could there be a biological homologue. You called this your revelation. Maybe it was independently arrived at, or stuck in your subconscious.

              For my taste, you focused on the destruction of chitin to the neglect of the deformation of fine chitin structure, which could go further in elucidating the fate of animals and insects, and introduce the voltage and ion gradient effect on morphogenesis. Maybe….I say this gently…the ego got in the way….

            • saved comments as a "draft post"

            • razzz razzz

              There was a California researcher who actually did field work after Chernobyl was brought to his attention as a possible cause of interfering with the nesting habits of the local wild birds that were already under observation (for years). He found a direct link to Chernobyl fallout, only after he focused on that fallout and noted the cause and effects in mating habits, reproduction or lack thereof, egg failures and many other time sensitive observations. He retired before or shortly after the Daiichi disaster.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Low doses of radiation could harm cardiovascular health, study suggests
    July 17 2017


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Let's just spend a few million more ..for a robotic housemaid..
    A little dusting here and there ..and it's all good.

    Robot wields mop in Fukushima nuclear plant cleanup
    With a chemical mop and vacuum nozzle, a robot tackles radiation
    June 12 2017


    Another robotic experiment while ..Fukushima spews.


    Tritium on Ice: Watts Bar vs Fukushima

    At Watts Bar Unit 1, the TVA manufactures extra tritium for use in United States' nuclear weapons; this resulted in tritium releases that are four times higher than originally expected. The Tennessee Valley Authority is planning to increase the military production of tritium by over 100 percent in Unit 1. The startup of Unit 2 will further increase tritium releases into the air and the Tennessee River—the water supply for many downstream communities, including Chattanooga.

    In his 2002 book, Tritium on Ice, Kenneth D. Bergeron—formerly of Sandia National Laboratories—delves deeply into this troubling connection.

    Watts Bar Unit 2, last old reactor of the 20th century: a cautionary tale


  • q Farthington MacMananus

    No one listens, no one hears. So I'm going away.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Farth, you buried your own gifts in too much crap. If that is the style of your literary art, consider a modification, if indeed you even want to reach your audience

      • razzz razzz

        He acts like he is talking to a captive audience but people are here because they want to be. Then he can't understand repeating points he has already made. The nuke subject is foreign to most, difficult to assimilate even by mot or rote. Why he pretends to be inside everyone head, I don't know but there are many personalities (17 or so, from common to rare) to deal with in life, the net makes that easier for having an off switch.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Never give up ..Farthing..
    Tell it clearly every day..

    TEPCO-USNRC Knew Fukushima Was A Triple Meltdown (Units 1,2,3) Almost Immediately; Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool Believed Failed
    Feb 26 2016



    Bye-Bye Sheeple

    The median lethal dose (LD50) of tritium assimilated by the body is estimated to be 370 GBq (10 Ci). Higher doses can be tolerated with forced fluid intake to reduce the biological half life. Tritium is a radionuclide uniformly absorbed by the body.

    Tritium is a carcinogen, a mutagen, and a teratogen.

    A Teratogen: an agent or factor that causes malformation of an embryo {without any structural malformations}

    JUN 4 Radioactive Tritium 300% More Deadly Than Cesium; Nuclear Power Industry Is Covering Up And Misleading Public About Dangers – 3 Million Fatalities 'Allowed' In 30 Years, 7,000 Bq/L Allowed In Drinking Water Radioactive Tritium 300% More Deadly Than Cesium; Nuclear Power Industry Is Covering Up And Misleading Public About Dangers – 3 Million Fatalities 'Allowed' In 30 Years, 7,000 Bq/L Allowed In Drinking Water


    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      (LD50) of tritium assimilated by the body is estimated to be 370 GBq? Radioactive Tritium 300% More Deadly Than Cesium?

      care to expound on that?

      • GOM GOM


        In the broad scheme of things, one would have to believe that Tritium is weak and more soluble, hence the 'Tritiation' of the world ocean by the Nuclear Evil Genius Cartel goes un-noticed.

        Hell, Wiki says it's not dangerous..and other pro=nuke babble. So it must be true.

        Primary danger from tritium arises IF it is inhaled, ingested, injected, or absorbed into the body. So if you are a tree, than you are somewhat safe..

        Through various studies, it can be assumed that ALL of us are Tritiated. We are not all Cesiumated. Well..not yet.

        Tritium atom transforms into a nonradioactive helium
        atom and, in the process, emits a form of ionizing
        radiation known as a beta particle, hazardous in significant quantity. How about a million tonnes of hydrogen gas by-product from Trit removal?

        Nuclear weapons, particularly thermonuclear weapons,
        have the ability to produce large quantities of tritium.
        There was a time when the atmospheric testing of nuclear
        weapons contributed significantly to the amount of
        tritium present in the environment. Saturation of the biosphere.

        Tritium exists throughout the worldwide environment due to both natural and man-made processes. Tritium is constantly
        undergoing radioactive decay.

        Time, and human activity..most notably the atmospheric testing of
        nuclear weapons have have made Tritium the silent killer..

        • GOM GOM

          It also important to note that tritium does not have chemically toxic effects when inside the body and it is hazardous solely due to its radioactivity.

          Geiger counters and ionization chambers, are usually not capable of detecting tritium.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          thanks for that extended and thoughtful reply GOM. But if the LD50 is 10 Curies, how does nuclear weapons testing make tritium the silent killer? The amount of tritium in the contaminated water stored at Fukushima Dai-ichi is estimated at 3.4 peta becquerels…9000 lethal doses at full concentration. My guess is that low level radiation from unnatural sources is a lot more toxic than they say it is. BTW, why wouldnt trees incorporate tritium?

          • GOM GOM

            The tree statement was a pathetic attempt at humor. 🙁

            Tritium is the dominant radionuclide in liquid releases of nuclear power plants with PWR or VVER reactors..

            Tritium activity is a major issue at NPPs. You know that and I feel stupid saying it. But maybe other folks don't know it's a big problem.

            "9000 lethal doses at full concentration". Yes I get that.

            But get this..Tritium has a single electron the same as the more abundant forms of hydrogen. This causes tritium to react chemically to form compounds in the same manner as hydrogen. The two primary forms that personnel will likely to be exposed to are HT (which is similar to hydrogen gas) or HTO (tritiated or heavy water). Of these two forms, the HTO is the only form that is a significant exposure hazard.

            The environmental toxicity of 3H is related only to radioactive emissions of the pure, low-energy beta type. It results then mainly from uptake processes.

            Tritium is extremely mobile in the environment and in all biological systems.

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            Code, I found this interesting, but true? IDK

            "Worldwide, the production of tritium from natural sources is 148,000 terabecquerels per year. The global equilibrium inventory of tritium created by natural sources remains approximately constant at 2,590,000 terabecquerels. This is due to a fixed production rate and losses proportional to the inventory"

            So 148 Pbq annual 'natural' production
            2590 Pbq in 'circulation'

            Then: "…875 TBq (2.45 g) of tritium are on the site of Fukushima Daiichi, and the amount of tritium contained in the contaminated water is increasing by approximately 230 TBq (0.64 g) per year"

            So approx. 1.6 Pbq onsite, according to what/where this info came from.

            Maybe this is why the Japanese/Tepco/Science has a laissez faire attitude. ??

            Add in the water, 780,000 tons, about 400t a day for 5 years.
            Funny how that 400t number is always in the mix. My guess is they will take a couple years to dump, but they will be filling the whole time as well, with whatever they filter out.

            They need Tritium separation for approx. 25000+ gal a day.
            1000 gal an hour is pretty big for something like that, me thinks.

            They won't have a fix for this in the near future. 🙁

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

          Trees aren't safe from tritium.

          Dying trees.
          Posted on October 1, 2012

          “…But I do think Zawacki is on to something when she suggests that the damage is due to gases. I would think that the ozone damage is being potentiated by tritium and carbon-14….”


          Everything is dying worldwide, every species.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar


            “I am working on a tritium toxicity theory arising from my observations of the changes in morphology this year. Tritium (3H) is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that emits beta particles with a maximum energy of 18 keV (average 5.7 keV) as it decays into helium. Tritium is a naturally occurring radioactive form of hydrogen that is produced in the atmosphere when cosmic rays collide with air molecules. As a result, tritium is found in very small or trace amounts in groundwater throughout the world. The nucleus of tritium (sometimes called a triton) contains one proton and two neutrons, the extra neutron makes it unstable. Tritium has a half-life of 12.3 years and emits a weak form of radiation, a low-energy beta particle similar to an electron; that appears to be 2-3 times more able to cause some kinds of damage in biological material than do gamma-rays. Dr. Tore Straume (1995) stated that the biological effects of tritium beta rays were likely to be substantially larger, i.e. 4 to 5 times larger, than previously thought.

            “The radiation from tritium doesn’t travel very far in air and cannot penetrate the skin, however ingesting, inhaling or absorbing it poses a serious threat to human health. Once tritium enters the body, it disperses quickly and is uniformly distributed throughout the soft tissues. Since the body is not able to distinguish between radioactive and non-radioactive chemicals. …

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

              [cont.] "Tritium is excreted through the urine within a month or so after ingestion. Organically bound tritium (tritium that is incorporated in organic compounds) can remain in the body for a longer period.

              “Low dose effects of chronic ionizing radiation exposure led to several non-cancerous effects: Iron accumulation, modification of cytochrome P450 expression, changes in vitamin D metabolism, increases in paradoxical sleep and anxiety, a decrease in short-term memory, changes of oxidative defenses, and modification of cellular density in the intestinal mucosa, decrease in arterial pressure, and a decrease in mitochondrial function.

              “We might consider the effects of what radioactive Hydrogen (Tritium 3HOH) toxicity in rain water and ocean water does to the geometry of life. Consider that it is hydrogen bonds that hold DNA together…so surely we should see marked and progressive changes in morphology and biochemistry, epigenetics and genetics. When DNA becomes defective, the new cells and their new DNA will be defective, and the damage will be passed from one generation to the next, indefinitely. A cell’s exposure to tritium bound in DNA can be even more toxic than its exposure to tritium in water. Tritium cannot be removed from the environment once it is released.

              “Since tritium can be incorporated into essentially all portions of the living machinery what does that extra neutron do to the geometry of life? …

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                [cont.] "One might imagine what having an extra neutron in something as fundamental to life as hydrogen would do…in changing a molecule’s relationship to Zeropoint, gravity, and the environment. Most of the human body consists of water, which is made from hydrogen and oxygen. Most of the mass of the human body is oxygen, while most of the atoms in the human body are hydrogen atoms. When in contact with any hydrocarbon the tritium atom replaces the natural hydrogen.

                “Any tritated water coming in contact with life becomes organically bound tritium…radiating into the lifeform of which it is a part.

                “It is obviously tritium and other radionuclide elements that is killing branches and trees…trees are losing their branches and the greenery ends up only around the trunk as a last ditched effort to protect the trunk from sunlight, to cool it, and conserve what little life/energy the tree has left. Tritium 3HOH contamination of water by any amount would lead to major metabolic and physical effects including DNA damage, reduced photosynthesis and carbohydrate metabolism. Morphological changes, vulnerability to pests and disease, disruption in the symbiotic relationship with microbes and possible sterilization of the soil. And tritium is undoubtedly the least of the radioactive agents we are currently being exposed to due to Fukushima. The radionuclides have caused a cascading breakdown of the tightly woven and interconnected web of life….”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

          Actually, tritium organically bound to the food you eat is extremely dangerous and stays in the body as much as 10 years.

  • jackassrig

    I'm going to post this again. I can't find the post. OT doesn't work. This to a post about the Hanford underground tanks.

    I read the report “Tank AY-102 Leak Assessment” and number of items should have caused concern. First, on pg 9 of the report the author identifies “Stress Corrosion Cracking” (SSC). There is no mention of this tank complying with the NACA Standard MR0103-2007.

    1.3.3 states Material susceptibility to SSC is primarily related to material (as indicated by hardness), which is affected by chemical composition, heat treatment, and microstructure. Materials that have high hardness generally have increased susceptibility to SSC.” There is no mention of hardness testing. In fact to control the wrinkles in the steel it is “Flame heat and water quenched” pg. 17 which causes among other things an increase in hardness. The NACA clearly states that hard steels are susceptible to SSC. “…these steels have sufficiently low hardness levels. However, improperly heat-treated materials, weld deposits, and heat affected zones (HAZs) may contained regions of high hardness.” Where is the heat treatment log for the welds.

  • jackassrig “…these steels have sufficiently low hardness levels. However, improperly heat-treated materials, weld deposits, and heat affected zones (HAZs) may contained regions of high hardness.” Where is the heat treatment log for the welds.

    1.5.3 “Hardness testing and reporting shall be performed in strict compliance with the methods described in the appropriate ASTM standards.” No hardness log.

    2.1 Carbon and Alloy Steel Materials. The author purposely omits the ASTM designation for the steel to deceive and mislead the reader. Without the “P” number it is impossible to ascertain if they are complying with standard.

    Page 17 the author states to control the wrinkles “Flame heat and water quench” were used. This hardens the steel. The steel needs to be softer.

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