Expert: Substantially more than 50,000,000 cubic feet of gas below surface near giant sinkhole? Covers over 2 square miles — Enough to do ‘very serious damage’ — New flyover footage posted (VIDEO)

Published: February 20th, 2013 at 7:17 pm ET


Title: Senate Committee Hearing On Bayou Corne, Louisiana Sinkhole
Source: rainbeaudais
Date:  Feb 19, 2013

Ar 5:30 in

Gary Hecox, a geologist with CB&I: The gas currently covers over 2 square miles, the extent is not well defined […] The gas across here is between 2 and 10 feet thick […] around 50-60 psi pressure […] it is enough to have large volumes come to the surface very rapidly if it’s uncontrolled. It’s enough to do very serious damage to anything on the surface if it’s not controlled. […]

In the last month we’ve identified 20 new bubble sites on the western side of the sinkhole. We believe this is related not to necessarily more gas coming up,  but we can’t exclude that as a possible contributing factor […]

We’ve estimated the volume of gas in the MRAA as 50 million cubic feet in place. The picture says 200 million, that was a typo on my part. […] We’ll have an updated estimate probably by the end of next week […] and it’s probably going to be substantially bigger than the 50 million.

Watch the latest flyover footage here

Published: February 20th, 2013 at 7:17 pm ET


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18 comments to Expert: Substantially more than 50,000,000 cubic feet of gas below surface near giant sinkhole? Covers over 2 square miles — Enough to do ‘very serious damage’ — New flyover footage posted (VIDEO)

  • Anthony Anthony


    Two Miles of Gas!!

    This should never get out of hand.

    In a perfect world.

  • Cisco Cisco

    FRDX…read your 2/10/13 blog post, excellent! What does this new data portend? Your thoughts, please?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Did anyone tell the apocalypse that 12/21/2012 came and went?


    LOL@Jebus. TM2020, you here? Phone died…charged now. Jebus, it may not be apocalypse, but it isn't encouraging news at all. Waiting on official statements from two companies before I publish, if they will answer.

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    After watching the senate meeting a 2nd time, on the topic of limited ability to fine T.B. for noncompliance:

    What about DEQ or EPA fines for allowing the methane to escape into the atmosphere? That might provide more incentive to get the gas vented and flared correctly, not just allowing it to find it's own path to the surface. I haven't the slightest clue regarding the legal aspects, limitations or amount of documentation necessary but if the LA Senate is looking to get purchase on the butt of cowardly TB, this might be a possibility.

  • irhologram

    How does one typo the difference between 200 and 50, I wonder? The keys aren't close. Perhaps a Freudian typo? I believe this is more parsing of information, and I believe this volume of gas was NOT in a deposit there…otherwise they would have known it was there all along, seeing as this is a very active drilling area. It migrated there…and most likely continues to migrate there and accumulate there, until it breaks through with "large volumes coming to the surface very rapidly," but the migrating will likely continue after that and this won't end there. Experts here continue to be surprised by the word parsing in dribbles of "new" (controlled) information…while inperts here keep on being proven right and have said this all along. There are OTHER bubbling areas over other salt dome locations. What do experts here do with that, now that the "bubbling" (some gushing as strong as a water-main break) has been admitted (parsed) and we've been warned… Large volumes (may soon now that they've parsed it out for us…be) coming to the surface very rapidly? (Is that parsing for "explosion?")

  • irhologram

    So, considering that its a possibility he was just too busy to change the visual aid "typo" after the final "committee" parsing, the area would not be 2 sq miles…it would be 4 times that… Eight square miles. That's more than what have been called the "doom and gloom-ers" here ever dreamed of. What a lazy guy. Can't even correct his parse of parsing.

  • irhologram

    And OF COURSE the unexpected migration of gas through sands in the second featured US story today is unrelated.

    Quoting: "in a bid to halt natural gas moving among underground formations at the site. The intervention is taking place roughly two weeks after workers detected a kick, or uncontrolled flow of fluid, at the Apache Corp. well on Feb. 4. […] tests detected the hydrocarbon had migrated from the bottom of the 8,300-foot hole to a shallower sand formation 1,100 feet below the sea floor."

    If I'm not mistaken, I was the first to mention Matt Simmons on this forum in late August. If I'm not mistaken, I was the first to mention the connections of all the aquafer systems, the sand/silt/clay stucture, capped by 15 psi that connects all the aquafers that I mentioned are proved can flow horizontally for release to the point of least resistance. If I'm not mistaken, I was the first to mention ongoing, unstoppable gas poisoning, all up the Mississippi valley, spreading east with the jet stream…OH WAIT! That part has yet to be "parsed."

    Rox, you hit the nail on the head (while excluding your own head, although you maintain that this problem does NOT extend further than the immediate sinkhole bubbling area)…inperts (those who solely use facts and logic) have consistently been right and experts (who use industry models) have been wrong.

    • Thad

      the event going is the GoM is NOT a natural event and would not have occurred unless some one made a mistake. First a well had to ne drld so the was a connection – a flow path for the gas.
      "unexpected migration of gas" not so. what was unexpected was the mistake causing.
      For the huge disaster you foresee is will take a extremely huge volume of gas– All aquifers are NOT inter connected- the aquifer at Bayou Corne does not reach the coast or offshore.

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    irhologram, Thanks for that recognition. It is an easy out to say that someone doesn't know what they are talking about just because they haven't been "out there" their whole adult career. The track record of the posts on this site is proof that experience and/or education is not a good substitute for the facts, observations and critical thinking when faced with unfamiliar challenges. These good qualities can often be replaced with pride and adherence, sometimes even defense of false paradigms by those with extensive experience. I don't blame them, that's how we are wired.

    Also the argument that you can't figure out what is going on without being there doesn't hold water. I have digested a ton of information that is being dumped on everyone at these meetings. I call it how I see it and if I am not sure I do what research I can.

    I have begun to learn how to adjust with the accelerated changes in the reality around me. Doesn't mean I will survive until 90 yrs old after FUKU and the like. I and others like me will not hesitate to adopt reasonable new practices, we see clearly where the old practices have gotten us. Forget trust but verify, the trust is broken.

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      Excellent point 16 Penny, we certainly know that on the job experience or even education does not equal creditability nor a right to put others down for a lack of.

      Another point is that just becasue you have have job experience…does not mean you know all the facts. A perfect example is the Nuclear industry. Many of the lower level people working for the industry are not aware of the true dangers of radiation & in fact have been trained to believe that it is not the danger it actually is.

      Or as we have seen actual reports & research in many industries & in the medical field are falsified in order to push the lies.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Louisianna State Law regarding the disposal of radioactive waste in Saltdomes. Makes me wonder why they had to enact this law to begin with. Was there previous radioactive waste injections into some of these salt dome caverns that were determined to be a danger? Laws like this are usually enacted after review boards determine that certain practices are not safe for the public and or the environment. They cannot seem to tell us exactly whats in all those caverns in harms way. What is lurking down there that they do not want us to know about. They have confirmed and denied several times that there is NORM in atleast one of the caverns. The tests have proven that there is radioactive radium, cesium and god knows what else, coming up in the sinkhole regurge. Something very wrong with this among all the other concerns at Bayou Corne. Look at the verbage of this document

    RS 30:2117 — Radioactive waste disposal; prohibition of disposal of radioactive wastes in salt domes; salt dome usage

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Just as Freedom Rox predicted – methane bubbles on the rise at Lake Peigneur.

    Massive methane coming up from Bayou Corne to Lake peigneur and all areas between.

    • Thad

      Do you have another link? watch the Lafatette tv station twice saw no mention of BayouCorne or gas in between There and Lake Peigneur—