Gas pipeline found floating in giant sinkhole (PHOTO)

Published: October 11th, 2012 at 11:50 am ET


View today’s flyover footage of the sinkhole here

8:45a CT Update from the Assumption Parish Police Jury: A 25′ section of pipeline (from Acadian Gas’ pipeline) floated to the surface on yesterday on the edge of the pipeline right-of-way. The pipeline was emptied previously which made it become bouyant and since the sinkhole occurred there is no earthen cover to keep the pipeline submerged.

View more photos of the pipeline here

Published: October 11th, 2012 at 11:50 am ET


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6 comments to Gas pipeline found floating in giant sinkhole (PHOTO)

  • Maggie123

    ".. pipeline was emptied previously which made it become bouyant ..". Was it emptied as part of sinkhole response or was it emptied some time ago as a more 'routine industrial' practice? Not sure it makes a difference – but its appearance is a reminder of how dynamic underground forces are, and of how powerful are all such forces of earth!

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      @Maggie123 from our first pipeline issues, back in August.. this "floating" pipe, from what I can tell runs along side of the pipeline mentioned in this article, in the "pipeline right of way" aka, dirt road..

      “As a precautionary measure, Crosstex has isolated and shut down the pipeline,” McMillan wrote. “We’re currently depressurizing the pipeline, and we expect this to be complete by Sunday evening.” …"Boudreaux said the compromised section of pipeline stretches about 400 feet in length about a half-mile south of La. 70. The pipeline has bent 16 feet downward and 15 feet to the east toward the sinkhole"

      From my pipe) seems to be a 20 inch in diameter natural gas pipeline and it sits right next to another 20 inch pipe and both of these sit next to the 36 inch pipe that was bent early occurs our dirt road next to the sinkhole is the pipeline right of way..

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    PDK log of the ORW-2 detected 5 foot of free gas from 126’ to 127’measured depth —well perforated—shut in for 24 hours on 10-9-12

    On October 9 2012 canister samples were collected from 1 bubble site and two community run sites (Wellhead Rd and Sportsman Dr) with slightly elevated VOC readings.

    from Assumption Parish Operational Situation Summary

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    Great question and response! What this image and article tell me, along with all of the above, is that at least 2 fossil fuel industrial guaranteed contained technologies have breached – the salt dome reservoir and the pipeline. So well said Maggie123 – "but its appearance is a reminder of how dynamic underground forces are". This seems to be the part that all the geologists forgot about when they gave their stamp of approval to these various projects.

  • kalidances

    @Cataclysmic of what material is the bouyant pipe made? Gas generally is odorless in beginning and ending pipe transport situations but if the pipe was emptied as early as August, how long would it take for the residual fumes/excess from the pipe to dissipate from the surrounding sinkhole waters?

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      Not sure what material..but most likely Steel. I do not know that the bent pipe, or the "floating" pipe, actually leaked anything.

      But, I suspect, that the bent pipe, is what got the "officials" attention.. that is quite a bend, a 36 inch (3 foot wide) steel pipe bending more than a foot down and more than a foot east is a BIG DEAL.. these smaller pipes are probably also steel, not bent but hanging across the slurry…

      I think bouyant is a misnomer, more likely still attached on both ends, so not technically floating, at least as long as attached on either end.. if it was not attached, or if it were breached, it occurs it would sink, as it would fill with liquid.. but I do not know for sure.