Gendai: Radioactivity detected in Tokyo park sample at Chernobyl evacuation level?

Published: February 23rd, 2012 at 2:05 pm ET


UPDATE: The test below sampled the top 1 centimeter of the soil, and the top 1 to 2 centimeters of the soil and dead leaves mixture. […] To derive “becquerel/square meter” from “becquerel/kg”, you multiply “becquerel/kg” number by 65, but that only applies if the soil is taken from the top 5 centimeters. –EX-SKF

Title: Tokyo is contaminated as the worst place in Chernobyl
Source: Fukushima Diary
Date: Feb 23, 2012
Emphasis Added

[…] The contamination level of Mizumoto Park turned out to be the same level of “off-limits zone” in Chernobyl.

The contamination level of the park was 23,300 Bq/Kg.

According to Nuclear Safety Commission, it is converted to be 1.4 ~1.5 million Bq/m2. […]

at least some parts are contaminated as the worst area of Chernobyl.

Title: Impact of Chernobyl-class highest level hot spot in the park in Katsushika
Source: Gendai
Date: February 22, 2012
Google Translation

From soil in Katsushika, Tokyo of “Mizumotokoen”, a high concentration of radioactive cesium in excess of 20 000 becquerel per kilogram has been detected. It is known as an area “hot spots” such as the eastern metropolitan area, Katsushika and Edogawa between them, but the years have passed since an accident, still, there was a danger zone this is a shock.

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly team will investigate the Japanese Communist Party, 21, made ​​it clear in an interview. According to it, but the investigation is “Sha birding” “dog run” “shrubbery Parking” located in the “Mizumotokoen” Forest “Metasequoia” – in four locations, and collected soil and fallen leaves, made ​​in Germany measuring the concentration of radioactive cesium in the instrument. To increase the accuracy, after 15 this month, that measured divided into more than once.

Appendix but it is a result, it is such consternation, it was the highest concentration of cesium soil at the entrance of “Sha bird watching”, the fallen leaves.

To convert to “square meter Bq /” a “Bq / kg” According to the Nuclear Safety Commission will take a 65. Becquerel’s value to be approximately 1.4 million to 1.5 million per square meter in a simple calculation. This corresponds to a “prohibited area of residence” when the highest level of the Chernobyl accident, residential areas has been limited, depending on the concentration of soil contamination (more than 1.48 million becquerels per square meter). Would soil or fallen leaves does not mean that all of the “Mizumotokoen” is a high concentration pollution, in the park anyone can come and go freely, close to the level where radioactive contamination “prohibited area of residence” exists become that. Contamination of the “Mizumotokoen” The survey “is found, there is a possibility these spots are also present in neighboring locations. The first place, but that 21,700 to 23,300 becquerels per kilogram, the country because it is higher than nearly three times the “8000 Becquerel” provided as a basis for processing under the direct control of the radioactive waste, the default is should be addressed as soon as possible “(official Dan metropolitan assembly Communist Party)  of length WG problem of soil contamination Society of Japan Environmental says, Mr. Sakamaki Yukio. Tokyo “will be said that capital suffered (exposure). East is, of course, the dose rate space after the accident has been growing two to three times before the accident at around Metropolitan exposure of man-made radiation for the first time in the world. in urban areas many people come and go, is appropriate “have sought efforts of various organizations, including not a number can be ignored. the administrative authorities  governor Ishihara Rogai is “not cast in your sleep with, such as” Bid Olympics is not, they should turn to the investigation and decontamination measures of pollution that money as soon as possible.

Read the report here

Published: February 23rd, 2012 at 2:05 pm ET


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54 comments to Gendai: Radioactivity detected in Tokyo park sample at Chernobyl evacuation level?

  • japanseeker

    こんにちは私は東京電力employee.iを過ごし決闘プール4、200 milliseivertの原子炉2の炉2.very悪い読書と使用済燃料プール4.tepcoでの水のわずか1メートルproblems.theyうその誰もわからない続けるから情報を持っているよ。私は名誉のためにこのサイトを発見し、非常に残念悪い情報は、i have.please私は福島で名誉よりinformation.very深刻な出会いを持って支援するas.veryそれを考えて、私は祈っています。

    • energyfuture

      Can someone translate this?

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Google Translate yields this: I do not know of anyone problems.they lie just one meter of water in the spent fuel pool 4.tepco 2.very bad reading and two furnace reactor pool of 4,200 milliseivert duel spent employee.i Hello TEPCO I have information from continuing. I discovered this site for the honor, very bad news unfortunately, I think of it i have.please is to assist with meeting as.very serious information.very than honor in Fukushima, I I hope.

        • Anthony Anthony

          Thank you I understand your message. How are getting this specific information?

          I'll try translating back to you japanseeker:



          Hope that made sense!

          • rooks rooks

            @Anthony, I have know idea what you used to translate your response but the translator doesn't even know grammar. Plus, the Japanese do not use subjects. I think you posted this in sarcasm.

      • gxc448

        It's really terrible machine-translated garbage done by someone pretending to be Japanese. The random English words should have made it obvious enough.

    • rooks rooks

      This post makes no sense. No one that understands Japanese would write like this enenews.

    • 1776now

      Hi all. I can read Japanese.

      I doubt that this is real, but it is possible that the Japanese characters become corrupted when entered in Japanese and then displayed on an English system….although this doesn't seem to be a problem nowadays.

      Some of the character choices point to this being fake. For example, the words "reading" and "meeting" have different meanings and therefore different characters are used. E.g. "reading a book" vs. "reading on an instrument". The character for "reading" is different in each case. The ones he used were either wrong or very strange….which may suggest a computer translation.

      This is too difficult to translate precisely, but in case you were wondering, it went something like this:
      Hi, I'm a Tepco employee.
      …battling the pool at #4.
      200 millisieverts at reactor 2.
      Bad *reading* at SFP 4.
      Only 1 meter of water at Tepco.
      They lie.
      (Something unintelligible about continuing and having information).
      I visit this site for honor.
      I have very bad information.
      (Something unintelligible about "more than honor, information").
      (Something unintelligible with words like "supporting a very serious meeting")
      Thinking about (it), I am praying.

      • James2

        So 1776

        From your direct translation I take this

        We have a Tepco insider

        who doesn't call 200 milliseverts bad, but calls SFP4 a "bad" reading.

        He says "they lie" which all of us here know full-well.

        He says he has very bad information but it sounds like he wants to tell us something even worse than "very bad information"

        he's supporting a very serious meeting – I'd hope they are all serious…

        He says he's thinking about it – thinking about what? releasing the very, very bad information? Or thinking about how bad it is?

        my take is this.

        #4 is collapsing and they can't stop it.

        The very very bad info is either; #4 collapse will wipe out Japan, or the #4 collapse will wipe out earth.

        The "very serious meeting" is probably a suicide mission request.

        If I were the guy, I probably wouldn't do a suicide mission yet. Japan government hasn't gone all-in at Fuku yet. Until they do, there is no need to give your life – it will be a massively losing effort.

      • rooks rooks

        試して見るね。ちゃんと表示されるかな? あのさ、上記の日本語ってさ日本語じゃないよ。だから、解説は不要。

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    So if this is what is now coming to light for Tokyo, then it sure looks like a large percentage of Japan is just as bad (or worse) than we had expected.

    These are such high numbers for being so far away from Fuku!
    Hard to imagine what has transpired closer to Fuku and directly down wind from it.

    My question is this:
    When is this going to start to adversely affect the world economy?
    Will Japanese products be avoided because they are radioactive?
    We only have a few stories of such so far.

    Such a paradox…it is all so real and surreal…at the same time.


      @fireguyjeff: from the very outset of this catastrophe, all of your questions have been addressed to some degree or another on this site. Given the fiat-driven nature of the global marketplace, it's likely the losses will be passed on to generations of people, throughout the globe. It's likely these losses will eventually climb into the trillions, though, given the ongoing coverup of the many concomitant issues, such financial losses are only intuitive estimates. Just be assured of one thing: Japan is finished as an economic component within the global body. There will be economic opportunities for those who are contracted to address the cleanup the environment and medical treatment of the exposed populace, but most of this will be fronted by the world citizenry. We are all going to be paying a horrific price for power nuclear…

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi fireguyjeff

      I have no idea when or if, this will have an effect on the economy?
      Most people are deaf to what has happened, they don't want to hear it or believe it.
      "If" this would have an effect economically, it would be when people would see it in a large scale of the public being effected by this.

      There will be economic opportunities for the clean up people, at a high cost to them. Medical people, hospitals, drug corporations, will be busy. All paid by the people, you won't get help from the corporations.

      Will Japanese products be avoided, they will allow things in as long as they can. People still don't believe this, and usually the every day person shops for cheaper goods out of need.

      Things will go on as they always have. They will protect the energy corporations, before the public. We saw it with the gulf, and we see it now with this disaster.

      They will deny..deny..deny make other medical excuses even when people drop.

      Don't expect full disclosure, the gulf people know this all to well.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        BTW..I don't see how they are going to stop trading with Japan, with all these products we get from them.

        What products come to the U.S. from Japan?
        FDA-regulated products imported from Japan include human and animal foods, medical devices and radiation emitting products, cosmetics, animal and human drugs and biologics, dietary supplements, and animal feeds. Foods imported from Japan make up less than 4 percent of foods imported from all sources. (Food products from Canada and Mexico each make up about 29 percent of all imported foods.) Almost 60 percent of all products imported from Japan are foods. The most common food products imported include seafood, snack foods and processed fruits and vegetables.

        Japan's main export goods are cars, electronic devices and computers.

    • I quit importing Japanese products a long time ago, and I don't buy any fish from the Pacific.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      @aftershock and WSP

      I am very in sync with both of you on all of this.
      My question was more of thinking out loud.

      What has me so baffled is that there has been no real awareness yet here in the US about just how serious the Fuku problem is.
      The US is still buying Japan goods as if Fuku never happened.
      Yeah, we have seen a few countries ban a few imports, like the 6 cars to Russia sort of thing.
      But just when will the radioactivity problem actually kick in in terms of creating any behavioral shift in terms of their exports?

      Aftershock, yes, my questions have been "addressed" here before.
      Yet we can all talk all we want here about possible outcomes, but millions of Joe Six Packs have had no life style change, let alone shift in conscious awareness of the implications of Fuku.
      I guess I am just wondering when it will take for the problem to become "common knowledge". Maybe it will take a few generations, like with tobacco.

      And you put it well WSP…how could the US "NOT" import form Japan. There is not much of an option there. I am in the electronics industry. There is a lot of stuff that has no source outside of one or a few Japanese companies.

      I do appreciate the feedback.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Thank you fireguyjeff.

        I think we all wish this disaster would get fixed and there was not any fallouts and no contaminations.
        Unfortunately, this is not the case.

        Common knowledge of the extent of this disaster will be when it smacks them in the face.
        Since radiation can't be seen, it's hard to believe.

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    I don't know how many people visiting here are on the West coast U.S. but if you do not have a good understanding about what is coming I would like to remind people of something. In the wake of the tsunami millions of tons of debris were washed out to sea. Three days later the explosions at the NPP's occurred sending a radioactive cloud to the East out over the ocean. How much if any settled on that debris one can only speculate. If it did have a chance to settle on the debris then it would still likely contain high amounts of radiation.


      @Laterlukemayb: most of this debris is composed of tsunami back-flow. A small percentage will have been exposed to the radioactive plume, as it receded out-into the ocean; but it will not be as hazardous as was initially thought. Food-stuffs that originate from the west coast of the US will be far more hazardous. With tritium contaminated water supplies throughout the US, ongoing radiological contaminants raining down on our farmlands over this last year and you can start packing for another planet…

      • hbjon hbjon

        Aftershock? Did you see #3 spew it's guts thousands of feet in the air and come raining back down on the ocean and the coast? What was that? Cotton candy? Popcorn? Low sulfur emission diesel exhaust? Daisies and butterflies? Believe me when I tell you that wiping off that samsonite suitcase you find on the beach with a damp paper towel, will not make it safe to sell at your rummage sale this summer. God help us. This is the big one Elizabeth. I am coming up to join you honey, with a samsonite suitcase from Japan!

    • The debris all washed out to sea, going East.

      The radiation from Fukushima ALSO went out to sea, going East. The radiation did not stop after days, weeks or months.. It is still flowing like a radioactive river from broken reactors, open spent fuel pools, and possibly from out of control, down in the ground 65 ton radioactive corium going down, down down.

      Trying to separate the radiation from the debris is not possible. 80% of the worst radiation went out over the ocean, and OVER the debris field. My guess is that it is highly contaminated. Of course, no one is studying this and no journalists are left that investigate anything, so this stuff washing ashore will probably contaminate millions of people and further millions who then handle this debris that is brought home.

      Some of it may even show up on Ebay and other shopping sites.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi greenRoad

        I agree.. I do think they will have their people study it, and they will say it's safe, just like they have changed the radiation levels that we can take in, and also how they say the gulf is safe.
        Nothing to see here folks move along.

        Don't worry, all will be ok, there is nothing to worry about. Nuclear Power is a safe energy, and they will make it safer.
        If anyone believes that, I have some swamp land to sell.

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          Based on EneNews and other revelations of how much contamination has been released worldwide, what little radiation control has been done in one whole year, and the astounding low levels of international concern, my guess is that Japanese and world "authorities" and their lackey press will continue to be able to suppress awareness of the developing nuclear disaster right up to the day the earth eventually takes a direct hit from an X-class solar flare that destroys the world's power grids and the cooling systems of the 440 worldwide reactors.

          The caution to those who see and predict what is coming: your 15 minutes of fame does not count when it is the last 15 minutes.

          The Fuku disaster is a condemnation, hiding in plain sight, of governments, corporations and media worldwide.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi jump-ball

            Quote: The caution to those who see and predict what is coming: your 15 minutes of fame does not count when it is the last 15 minutes

            This has has nothing to do with fame..This is about people here trying to sort it out and discussing this with the information we get.

            Some of this, is our own thoughts and getting thoughts from others.

            This is about learning and getting news.

            This is about supporting each other through this

            Thank you for the link and I do agree we have the threat of solar flares and the impact of this would probably do us in.

  • cnsrndctzn cnsrndctzn

    I truly hope the people of Japan and Tokyo have access to this info and that it is spread far and wide in Japan. How can anyone stay there knowing this, especially if you have kids? What could be worse than this? As I have said I would rather live in the woods than see my child get cancer.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi cnsrndctzn

      You can run from this, just not sure you can hide from it.

    • Bones Bones

      You can't run like WSP said. Even if you live in an area with none to little radiation, you still have to eat and drink. Water will be contaminated from far away and the food you eat comes from all over Japan. (If you lived there.) There is no running anymore. Everything is contaminated basically, just a matter of how much. Quite sad, but we can either stop it and live with current levels or continue to add to the already cancerous environment.

      Every Japanese citizen REQUIRES a geiger counter. Nothing can be taken for granted anymore, as such all food you eat must be tested as well as your local area and water supplies.

  • Gigman

    Not so funny follow up for my first post. In the business they call it being suicided.

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      Someone who was trying to keep his people informed. When I just looked up at the address bar & the title of this thread I saw …Genocide 1.5 million…

      I truly can not wrap my mind around being able to write that the levels are unsafe & then only silence….not even an attempt to look like they are trying to help.

      ~However, the data shows:

      0~9 years old child had 8~9 mSv of external exposure from June to September.

      10~19 years old child had more than 15 mSv of external exposure from June to September.

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      @ Giman

      On "being suicided" that is like in the USA when they say someone died from "lead poisioning" which really means death by too many bullets.

  • falsetruth777

    If its at chernobyl levels, why is it not immediately closed to the public, hello? It just gets more unbelievable as we go…

    • falsetruth777,
      Many of us have been here for about a year now, and the horrors we spoke of are coming to be ! I spend less time here now for that reason, it will be terrible hard to read let alone live there, has anyone seen the suicide count since last summer ? Or did it calm down months after the losses of family's of the tsunami ?

      : (

  • falsetruth777

    Also regarding the debris that will be washing up on west coast of US, I read in an article that I found by googling radioactive debris from japan (forget exactly what site the article was on), supposedly it said there will be little to no danger of harming people since they predict that if any of it is radioactive, the contamination will be be low because of the time it spent in the ocean, but I'm willing to bet at least a small amount of it will be highly contaminated, considering it is in the currents that also is concentrating the radioactive elements

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi falsetruth777

      I do believe what will be washing up, will be contaminated. I think some will have lower levels, some will be higher. Whatever the levels are, it still is not good for us.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      So yes, the I131 will be basically gone, along with others.
      Big deal.
      Cs134…CS137..Sr90 et al will be just as intense as when they left Fuku, for all practical purposes.
      In the debris, there will be no shortage of isotopes that have half lives of decades or more that the idea of the debris being less radioactive because of "the time delay" is just moronic.
      Denial is such a strange feature of the human experience!

  • falsetruth777

    As bad as some people judge how the soviets handled the chernobyl accident, I would have to say compared to the japanese of 2011, the supposed bad guys of 1986 communist USSR did a pretty damn good job, even though they really didnt, but I'm saying if you compare the 2 situations anyway.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      They would have been the first Country I would have listened to, since they have been through it.

      There is no room for Pride, Greed, Power, however there is always room for helping each other.

    • hbjon hbjon

      Point taken, however, I don't think it is a contest to see what country can rage rage against the dying of the light the best. You can only do so much, any more starts to looks like suicide. Two great countries with two nightmarish catastrophies. Humans will endure a great amount of pain for just a tiny amount of pleasure. This has been confirmed in the laboratory of civilization. This trait of human character will drive us to extinction.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi hbjon

        This is not a contest between Country's who can help. We need all genius' from all over with idea's.

        Example: It's about who would you want to see first if you were in an accident, a doctor who has done the surgery that you need, or see someone who has never done that surgery?

        What will do us in is science without humanity for the public and environment..Greed..Power..Pride
        The devil monster is loose and creating havoc.

        • hbjon hbjon

          One of the most difficult beliefs to change for people is this idea that they need to be cut open and have the evil taken out. It's called a "get it out" engram. Very popular in todays culture. Contagion of abberation is another failure of society where people spread a misguided belief or action from person to person. Smoking is a good example of contagion of abberation. Yawning is another.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi hbjon

            I'm not into that belief, I don't even like paper cuts.

            Think I'll stick with my KJV Bible.

  • falsetruth777

    Yeah even though they were judged harshly for dropping lead onto the corium, I think that was what helped the most, but I guess in Japan, all of the corium is not as easy to get to as was in the Chernobyl accident, so I don't know how they would go about getting lead on the nuclear blobs.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi falsetruth777

      Maybe they are listening to others?? I am not there, it just feels especially in the beginning that everything was in slow motion, and that trying to hide it under the carpet is more important.

      They all put Dangerous Nuclear Power in place without knowing how to control it.

  • Sunday, May 22, 2011 Fukushima Daiichi Media Gallery May 22 – Fukushima Vapors Headed to Tokyo Again

  • falsetruth777

    I know people talk about it a lot on this site, but I still have to say it is amazing how few people really understand what's going on in Fukushima, wouldn't you think this is something that MSM should at least be covering this a little bit more than they've been? I mean it is considered by some to be considered the biggest industrial disaster of mankind. And what was up with the US turning off their sensors during the worst of the disaster? You would think a lot more people would be way more upset for over things like this. Oh well what can you do other than try to be informed and encourage others to also be informed, therefore encouraging better flow of reliable info, right?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi falsetruth777

      I don't believe they have turned off their sensor equipment. They just turn off information to the public.

      When there is a disaster this big and they stop giving out the levels, you know they don't want us to know the seriousness of this. Why else would they stop the information and changing the levels of radiation that we can have.

      • falsetruth777

        I agree, I'm sure they didn't turn sensors completely off, but as far as we are concerned they're off. I don't care what anybody says, to with hold information concerning nuclear fallout, whether it's from a bomb or an accident, it should be considered a war crime. Think if radioactivity as microscopic bullets raining down on you. Safeguarding your DNA is just as important as protecting your eyes and every other organ of your body, as your DNA is being hit by those tiny bullets, it might as well be bigger bullets hitting your large organs, right?

  • arclight arclight

    Stringent? Radiation Safety Standards for Food: Chernobyl vs Fukushima

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Do the people in Tokyo know these levels and what it means?

  • miho

    Like during WWII, majority of Japanese are controlled by govt. and mass media (and this time, they are controlled by dark force of USA, etc.), and not know and/or not try to believe this kind of information.
    FYI, a congressman names Takashi Kabayama who had mesured amount of radioactive substances at here abd there, including this park and released on his blog was found dead in last early summer. Police said suicide but no one believes…
    This is current Japan.