Sinkhole Geologist: Deeper oil and gas deposits may be coming up from below Big Hum reservoir — “Nobody in the world has ever faced a situation like this, that’s the reality” (VIDEO)

Published: November 14th, 2012 at 10:55 am ET


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Title: 11/13/12 Resident Briefing
Uploaded by: assumptionla
Uploaded Date: Nov 14, 2012

Geologist Gary Hecox: Nobody in the world has ever faced a situation like this […] We have a large area of gas accumulation […] It’s very difficult right now to determine the gas production horizons that are feeding the gas problem we’ve got. In addition based on the geology it may not be just the Big Hum, there may be deeper horizons that are contributing gas.

Watch the video here

Published: November 14th, 2012 at 10:55 am ET


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61 comments to Sinkhole Geologist: Deeper oil and gas deposits may be coming up from below Big Hum reservoir — “Nobody in the world has ever faced a situation like this, that’s the reality” (VIDEO)

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    Still seems like there is more information being withheld.

    Has the butane in the neighboring cavern been transferred completely? It was in a cavern approx. 1,500 ft away, they planned on moving it to another cavern approx. 2,500 ft away from the collapsed cavern.

    Has the source of the hydrocarbons been identified?

    What was the source of the sample (041-092212-STANDARD) provided for fingerprint analysis, listed in the report from Pace Analytical dated Oct. 15 2012?

    Is the sinkhole connected to the gulf well venting unknown substance?

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    August 21 2012
    Crosstex PLANS to begin moving butane. . .

    ** Crosstex:
    Aug 23 – well # 1 – 11,767 bbls normal butane, well # 2- 930,390 bbls normal butane… Transferring well # 2 butane to off-site customer and to well # 1.

    "Moving the butane will take a year"
    wwwDOTexaminerDOTcom article sinkhole-butane-no-danger-repo­rts-flawed-say-scientists

    math does not add up!

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      They moved it next door, from what I could find, I could not see that they sold it all off.. I guess the problem is twofold, one, we have no where to put it, and two, if we empty the cavern, we created a depressurized place in the salt dome and that could potentially cause more problems. All these dang things are connected by pipes too.. crosstex does daily summaries here is their latest.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        They usually keep the pressures in the caverns as steady as possible. When they remove something they pump in another something, often brine. I think it is wrong to say moved because I have not seen evidence that it has been moved. I can't comprehend any way to move 930,390 BARRELS of liquid butane in three to four days, other than the catastrophe that some people fear.

        It would be hazardous to assume that it has been moved. Out of an abundance of caution I am choosing to maintain my opinion that it hasn't until I have seen definitive evidence to the contrary.

        • Weeping Lulu Weeping Lulu

          Can't they fill the empty holes
          with concreate?

          • davidh7426 davidh7426

            I believe that each of them is twice the height of the Empire state Building and big enough inside to fit at least eight of that particular building inside. Multiply that by 50+ caverns that we know about, I don't think that theres enough concrete available in the US to do the job.

            Man reached the "point of no return" when we first drilled through the cap-rock on top of that salt dome, the clock's been ticking ever since, everything that we've done since then is just speed up the clock to point where there WILL be a 'possibly' catastrophic end to this situation.

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      @ 16penny as of 11-9 Well #1 – 120,771 barrels of normal butane
      -Well #2 – 496,236 barrels of normal butane

  • markww markww

    The Butane next dome over will take more than a year to drain


    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Hey Mark,

      I saw that estimate in the Examiner article also, and I saw another estimate of at least two months. Then I watched a youtube video by TheGrowingAwareness that presents an EPA document ( that claims in the project summary that the butane was moved. The document is dated August 25th 2012. In the full text it does not claim that the gas has been moved, only that they requested the gas be moved.

      If I get some time this afternoon I will try to email them for some clarification.

      What lit my fuse was TheGrowingAwareness claiming it was clear except some residual gas and saying people were fear mongering. I haven't been able to find any other source that states the butane has been moved.

  • arclight arclight

    makes you wonder how informed the geologists are.. levels of military censorship mean they are not equipped with all the data and therefore their scientific analysis is error prone,

    more geological madness breaking in finland too!

    Finland Toxic Spill Worst Ever in History (Video)
    Tuesday, 13 November 2012
    Finland is waking up to the realization that they are coping with their worst toxic spill ever. A formerly pristine area of eastern Finland has become fouled by uranium and nickel. Leachate ponds for the Talvivaara Mine have failed and are allowing toxic levels of nickel to spill into nearby waterways.

    The local health people say that the levels of radiation from the uranium are below levels that would damage health – unless the radioactive material gets into the drinking water supply.

    i got a snippet of info that levels might also be high as people might be burning contaminated wood and that the ash was radioactive.. but no confirmation from any radiological monitoring source that is blaming the recurrring leak at the slurry holding

    notice the articles say "no health effect" for MSM and "unless it gets into drinking water or bathing water.. no mention of bio-accumulation in the bio-sphere??

    sounds familiar with this situation.. any radiological results recently?
    NORM is NOT normal imo especially if it accumulates..

  • OK, my 2 cents.

    Upon watching the most recent flyover, a plan of attack needs to come from the perimeter of dying trees. Begin clear cutting from the outside edge of an estimated 'zoning block' to either confirm methane bubbling hot spots that are not visible yet via aerial patrol, or to begin steering the problem away from other caverns located in that area where butane & such poses a serious to the environment in general. Go (expand by digging or clear cutting) north or anywhere else away from infrastructure is a concern. Don't let nature have her own way like a problematic child, put (build in) boundaries in place to help control the growth which is occurring, so that some benefits could possibly come out of this seemingly unstoppable situation. Toss in some boulders for deep foundation building, or otherwise take your chances.

  • Might want to consider introducing a wildlife relocation plan, too.

  • So, if there is a registered non-profit organization in the surrounding area of Assumption Parish who wants to take some nervous energy & use it for positive purposes, consider partnering up with the Foundation I work on. There are several ways a national/international fund raising initiative can be set up to help off set the cost of land management &/or restoration for the benefit of wildlife & domestic animals. It just so happens I'm working on a national/international program for social development regarding domestic animals namely in how we humanely treat horses, so don't know if anyone wants to help me with that, but I can contribute $50.00 to get the ball rolling for crocodile in the swamp or perhaps for a owl in a tree.

    Just give me a group to contact who would be interested & we'll make it go national.

  • Best gestimate…I live in BC, Canada while there are over 420 million people between the West Coast of Canada & the East Coast of the United States.

    $50.00 times even by 1 million people is a lot of cash that can go a long way.

  • Insight

    With volcanoes that have lakes in their craters, carbon dioxide can seep gently and underdetected into the base of the lakes. Once enough gas has been dissolved, the waters in the lakes became critically stable, so that only a small disturbance (heavy rainfall or weak earthquake) could force the lake water to overturn, bringing the gas rich layers to the surface and allowing the carbon dioxide to bubble out and escape. It may happen similar to the 40 meter de-gassing fountain in Lake Nyos, Cameroon. In 1986 an event in Nyos, clouds of carbon dioxide unexpectedly escaped from the lake water and, being heavier than air, they rolled downslope close to the ground, before dissipating into the atmosphere. Together, the silent, deadly clouds suffocated more than 1700 people and hundreds of cattle and wild animals.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      I heard about that. Is that a real possibility in this situation? I am all for saving animals… but maybe a huge effort to re-locate people should be the first priority "just-in-case." Then animals or – along with animals. I don't think anyone should be living within a good 15-mile range anyway.

      • Purple Rain, you're forgetting that many parts of Louisiana is in a state of some form of crisis in 1 way or another, & Assumption Parish just happens to be an area that is experiencing a new phenomenon where the unknown can create long term uncertainty. If people need to be evacuated out of the area completely, then I would think that would be a either a Federal/FEMA or State issue.

        However, to ask people like myself from Canada to help in that process considering everything that is going on "in this world" at this time isn't reasonable being everyone has problems to some degree. So, by making a (any) national/international initiative pliable, so that it can capture the minds of many (the collective) only enhances the chance of success of the project.

        By attempting to help the environment & the animals we allow ourselves to get into the trenches with boots on the ground, which in turn helps those communities needing extra services that they might or not be getting now. I am not in the business of moving people out of their homes but rather helping communities to improve their surrounding environments even if it means long distance solicitation to move that agenda forward.

        Personally, I think Assumption Parish would be grateful to get any kind of help offered @ this time, to help off-set a multiple # of problems to come down to viable solutions in the end. Let's hope the 1 million flash movement is people oriented in nature & not something more insidious…

      • Maggie123

        I've wondered about animals – assume people have had good time to arrange or plan for domestic, and have heard nothing at all about wild or have missed it if it's been reported.

        This has been slow enough in developing that I'd think any creatures able to walk or fly capacity are long gone by now? General habitat conditions surely have been dreadful for months?

        Do we have any clear idea about animals at risk?


        • I just couldn't ignore you Maggie because I don't have the answer to your question. I wish I knew the scope of animals @ risk, or how many & what type of species have been affected the most. Thus, purpose of the proposal but only I don't know who to send it to. I can help to set up the initial stages of the program, begin connecting the dots & might even be able to begin to mobilize a few Canadians to participate in the donation of funds, but outside of that, I'm 3000 miles away & get about the same info as you do.

          However, I think the point I'm trying to express is we do have a chance to create change, maybe not overnight & as quickly as some would like but then, to do absolutely nothing would be more disastrous than to wait for the disaster to happen.

          • Maggie123

            NNU – Have you touched base with anyone at Louisiana Environmental Action Network:

            They include the sinkhole as a featured concern but I don't think they're tracking it intensively as we might hope. Maybe they're short handed? Or rely on volunteers? Or maybe they're not "activists" – always a possibility, if so, would be disappointing to learn.

            But surely they file habitat and creature info for the state!

            • Well surely someone out in the Assumption Parish area or in Louisiana as a State can do the necessary outreach to get the basic information required to get focused on anything unless of course, this whole affair is being kept under raps by active officials on this case. So far it seems it's coming down to a fine tooth comb with the feds ready to get on board. People are waiting on that to happen to speed things along but still doesn't negate the fact that the communities in Louisiana don't have to begin rallying among themselves to get down to the basic of unanswered questions.

              That's why I'm asking people (an organization) to contact me as it's more cost efficient in expense & profitable in result.

            • What's that saying? You have to write 10 people to get 1 response back, something like that..

              Whether through phone call, mail or both it would cost me plenty of money I really can't afford, plus it's a lot of energy (time invested) that I can't afford to lose either.

            • Another thing Maggie, you can't blame for what I do in terms of the non-profit I work on…I just kinda grew into it over a long period of time.

              That said, I'm only 1 person so it's takes time to set up a network & part of my responsibility to charity as it were, is to do what I can. So, I work on web-pages when I get a chance while trying to incorporate a functioning plan that benefits a diverse amount of communities one at a time or collectively. Down South people are rallying for solidarity, well here is there chance to put words to action. However, it still all sounds like snake oil I'm selling so that just makes things a little more harder for me.

              In the meantime though, I do work on web-pages trying to build in programs that I hope will be ultimate instruments in keeping up with change, & the more it can be positive change the better.

              Program being talked about here would develop under this web-address:


              while current project I'm working on is @ this web-address:


            • AND yes, on a good note, I'm gonna put a shout out @ local college(s) in my area for some student volunteers so those interested can put their teeth into what they'd like to see happen over the next 10 years. Add some real people power in the mix because really, 1 million is a drop in the bucket compared to 420 million people.

              Adding 1 more program just makes it that more interesting.

              • Maggie123

                Hi NNU, I often think of colleges as gatherings that might include interested who may have time – possibly even links to studies! Good idea and I hope something works out following that idea. I certainly had no intent to 'blame' – not my way. I appreciate what I think is your situation – ideas formed, in need of resources to get things going – difficult!

                • Maggie, don't know what you mean by "blame" whether that is directed at me or if you're referring to something else. However, I'm hoping too that the youth pick up the ball & run with it.

                  • Maggie123

                    NNU – 🙂 Was referring to text of your note: "Another thing Maggie, you can't blame for what I do…" … looks like miscommunication coming and going! 🙂

                    • Ya, sometimes I don't understand how I got into the predicament I'm in with this non-profit, but it's still is what it is.

                      Thanks & really hoping youth my way get an itch!

            • Maggie, I'll send to this group you suggested (LEAN)the same information I'm putting together for the national initiative around horses. If they are interested in building in a program around what I've talked about here on this thread, then that would save a lot of time in other ways not mentioned.

              However, I'm not going to get my hopes up because usually established non-profits are to busy to build in new programs, or they would prefer to be on the receiving end of the money, but don't necessarily like to work for it but note, I'm not saying this group is like that.

              Either way, I'll put 1 envelope in the mail for this group when I'm ready to send info to Florida. Should be soon as I'm just waiting on some simple contracts to be drafted up.

              • Maggie123

                NNU – I think your comments on situation for established non-profits are likely true, but I hope something develops with LEAN that lets you further your work.

                I don't know what approach you'll use and don't necessarily need to know. From what you've said, I think you plan to invite them to consider 'merging' your project's intent with their work? Or vice versa.

                I do also wonder – if you send a summary description + a cover letter, will it increase chances if you ask them to look it over and consider how it might fit into their work or if not to redirect you to a possibly interested group.

                I also wonder if there's value in offering/requesting a phone discussion to explore possibilities as follow up to letter.

                So much work you've done! It would be great if things would finally 'take off' at least a bit!

                This is an interesting remark you made: "sometimes I don't understand how I got into the predicament I'm in with this non-profit,..". If it's too much, and you're a solo operation at this point, is there a way for you to scale back scope or revise so your experience feels less a predicament?

                Please don't feel you need to give me answers to questions I've posed. You're busy enough!! I ask them as I would in face-face conversation meant to support. I write the above because I know what it's like to be massively busy and want your goals to begin to materialize. I've thought of about you and your project today.

                • OK, I don't know how contemplating a national/international fund raiser is off topic when the ground is sinking in as local wildlife dies off in the intern?

                  Title of the topic; "nobody has faced this situation before". SO, I would guess there isn't a "standard procedure" to move forward with it unless it's to cause trouble for someone else who doesn't conform to another person reasoning as to what is a topic or not???

                  Personally, if I had a active message board I wouldn't allow bullies to run off people based on a whim or speculation that they know what is correct or not. Cyber bullying is prevalent & so is censorship of which, I don't like neither of. Consequently, I've gone onto to many threads & have read off topic discussions as regular members shoot the shyt, but suppose the soul patrol has the upper hand to get away with that while small fries like myself get picked on for having a difference of opinion or a different way of expressing our opinions.

                  this is ridiculous & now you know why society is going down into a hand basket of bullshyt.

                • As for the non-profit. HSBC BANK backs me up & so does both federal governments, so do the math.

              • Maggie123

                Hi NNU – as I scrolled down I caught an "off topic" complaint and had thought of it myself as I'm now part of the problem. We've recently made a pretty strong effort to shift OT themes to the "non-nuclear off-topic general discussion forum". I've posted a note to 'irhologram' acknowledging the valid complaint – and said I'd also mention it to you. From now on, any more I'm able to say/help with this I'll post in OT. You and I can always return to this article thread ('geologoist deeper oil and gas …') if we want or need to see what's already been said. Hope that works for you … Thanks!! 🙂

                • Also, in defense of myself (not that I have anything to defend) at least with me, you get to see & know who I am. In other words, a real person who has stepped up to the plate a long time ago despite the many "Sibyls" in this crooked world we live in. No faking the funk here & earned every step of the way.

                  So, with that said I really do appreciate your referral & will follow up on that despite the naysayers in the crowd.

                  • Maggie123

                    NNU – Am dropping you a note at 'off topic general discussion' that you might find interesting – and it's even more off topic than we may have been so far! 🙂

                • Another thing, have to get this off my chest. So in light of new "developments" (but not so new as this was done to me the last time I attempted to express my opinion), I'm starting to wonder if this site isn't jaded or at least, being used as a fear mongering site to attract attention for itself? Or, it's been hyjacked by a Sybil or Sybil's on the patrol for something, whatever it is,(?) it's very old school & quite childish in my opinion. Brings me back to the old rant days on BlackVoices in 1999.

                  Personally, I liked coming here for general info that I thought could be relied upon to a larger degree. Do I agree with every prediction that people spout on this site, "no", but that's what's it's coming down to. People just spouting off at the mouth trying to sound important, but just as you begin to call them on it & ask for them to put their money where their mouth is, they either shut up or go ballistic yelping like a wounded dog who backed down on his or her own fight.

                  Really, who has time for that kind of nonsense or to be misled by censorship to spread fear?

                  What a downer but 1 apple can & does spoil a barrel.

            • By the way…thank you very much!

        • I think too, it's just a matter of time before most affected residents are going to have to permanently relocated but as to how that happens, is well beyond my social responsibility to the larger problem.

          However, even after that fact people will continue to work in the area, so it goes back to having more or less tools in the toolbox.

  • Just for clarification purposes; the reason a partnership is required, is for 'at arms length practices' that allow fund raising funds to stay in the area/region for where they were collected. I can personally make a cash donation 3000 miles away out of country without having to be in a conflict of interest to anything, but to allow the Foundation I work on to fund raise on behalf of Louisiana & it's eco/geological issues causes a federal conflict of interest unless of course, any initiative the Foundation is connected to is under the protection of the federal trademark name called, Nu-Nations Unity(R) & therefore, a State Trust Account managed by the people of Louisiana is what is being considered here. This create transparency & accountability plus the freedom for people like me who are 3000 miles away to participate in something that can get much bigger under a flash movement of 1 million.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    From what I can see on the latest flyover marked "Flyover 11/14/12" on the "Assumption Parish Police Jury" youtube channel, the area that is showing a marked effect i.e. open water, or water now showing between the trees, is now at least .25 miles in diameter, with water on the trackways visible at further distances.

    It is getting rapidly closer to the main road, and as far as I can see it is speeding up. They may have to close that stretch of the road soon.

    I'm beginning to suspect that the only option that will be available soon to anybody in that area is RUN!!!

    • Maggie123

      "flyover 11 14 12"
      44 sec – *lots* of water, closer view, across pool toward well-flooded access road.

      "flyover 11/14/12"
      38 sec – good overall view from distance + length-wise view of access road, water accumulated "up and down" the road, possibly in old driving ruts, for some distance both directions from pooled water.

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        It's already at least 73 meters to the west of that access road, nearly half way to town.

        If you live in Louisiana, now would be an excellent time to go and visit relatives, preferably in Canada, as I think it's about to get really 'UGLY' down there in the near future.

  • Let's hope the 1 million flash movement is people oriented in nature & not something more insidious…underground.

    • JHewes76 JHewes76

      @NuNationsUnity : What is the 1 million flash movement? I'm looking on Google, and am only seeing something about stopping the use of Adobe Flash?

      • I'm thinking, make arrangements to encourage 1 million people to make a $50.00 donation, which would become a "1 million flash movement" in real terms of creating resources to make a difference.

      • & as a reward for group participation, the 1 millionth person (or group) can directly be involved in seeing this project move forward regarding the management of it. Sorta like giving a badge of honor for sticking it out to the end of the line.

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    Mother Earth says…
    "You want gas? I'll give you little bastards GAS!!!"

  • Also, another way to interpret what I'm saying is to narrow it down to the canary in the coal mine, but only the assessment comes from the examination of the surrounding animals in the area most affected by this crisis. That's the first part, where the second is sustaining the economy via job stimulation regardless of whether people move out of the location altogether. 50 million $'s can sustain a lot of jobs under the circumstances while getting down to the root of some matters because of deducting down to common denominations. The environment is only as healthy as the animals are & the people only as healthy as the animals.

    perhaps it boils down to choices. Write the area off & cut your losses or pull yourself up by the boots straps & work towards solutions.

  • As a final note: but if anyone believes in "capturing energy" (like a hand would swoop into the air to catch a fly) this is a time to put the hum out now. In other words, people do have choices & for some they will walk away from the problem & expect everyone else around them to not only pay for it but do the move, too. While still others may have even less options but are still incapable of mobilizing themselves into action, to then have the survivors who won't bail ship under any circumstances but may have few tools in the toolbox to work with.

    Bottom line, the energy is there but are people willing to harness it for a progressive movement that can implement change 1 way or another, or will people allow that energy to dissipate into a frenzy of disorganized despair based on individual needs that aren't necessarily thinking on the best interests of the whole (collective State)?

    Some tough decisions ahead.

  • JHewes76 JHewes76

    I thought iread somewhere that nuclear waste material is being stored below one of the caverns. Is that true? If so; talk about a "powder keg"!

  • irhologram

    You know, I'm not angry with you NuNations, but for you to CLOG this blog with personal fund raising for ANIMALS, who are not bound by economics or by hopelessly entrenched territories when conditions change…when YOU HAVE NOT EVEN RESEARCHED THE NEED for this charity…and when PEOPLE need THIS BLOG to begin to sound the alarm loud and clear, without minimalizing, rationalizing, or wishful thinking…BUT MERELY CONNECTING THE DOTS OF THE FACTS SO THAT THE WORLD CAN TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY… Because THIS STORY only BUSTED INTO THE MAINSTREAM NEWS BECAUSE OF A BLOG…(This one?) I would suggest we respond to the FACTS of this story. As many of us have said all along, the methane pocket is THROUGHOUT THE AREA, and NOT SOLELY THE RESULT OF "The Big Hum" and that logic dictates intense pressure movement below the level of the salt dome, very possibily (most likely?) the result of movement of the contents of the methane chamber possibly punctured by BP (most likely?) on through the continental shelf into the connecting Coastal Aquafer, EXACTLY AS THE PRIMARY EXPERT AT THE TIME OF THE NEW HORIZON RIG CATASTROPHE SAID IT WOULD…BEFORE HIS UNTIMELY DEATH, AFTER WHICH WE HEARD NOTHING ABOUT THIS. This is NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL!!! Stop with the quibizing. TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH! AROUSE THEM SO THEY WILL SAVE THEMSELVES! Cross Match appropriate families into "foster" homes through churches…before you save some gator who had the sense to LEAVE ALREADY.

    • Sorry that I'm not perpetrating ALL doom & gloom to you're liking & that I can't live up to your expectations.

      100's of threads on this web-site & you have to attack me personally for caring about the environment & the animals that have to live in it, but yet you probably know nothing about international non-profits & how the system works in terms of what they /the people can do & what they can't.

    • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

      NEW ORLEANS (CN) – An enormous, foul-smelling, possibly radioactive sinkhole swallowed an acre of cypress trees and forced 150 home evacuations, Louisianans say in a class action against the Texas Brine Co.

      Interesting little article.

      • richard richard

        nice find iBuilt. and it goes on ..

        "The document (Disposal of NORM), which was released in 1998, states that Louisiana law prohibited storage of naturally occurring radioactive waste in salt caverns, and that the law would have to be amended before storage would be possible."

        At last, some people are taking some legal action against these fascist companies. (Well, one. Poor reaction world wide really).

        Of course, I still suspect that climate change, sea level rising, water table rising, may actually be the issue, but hey, take down Texas Brine in the process, that can't be a bad thing.

    • Maggie123

      irhologram – just caught your note on off-topic posts and want to say you are fair to raise it as an issue. I acknowledge I've now made myself part of the problem. I've thought of it in the last OT post or two without quite knowing how to redirect given some 'tight focus' of the OT exchanges between NNU and me. I assure you I will re-direct to the off-topic forum if I post on this again, and will in fact alert NNU to that right now, after posting this. Thanks for your patience.

  • Mothercares

    Thank You Irhologram, all I kept reading about was her, her, her, thing. In addition, with regards to the animals-they have more sense then humans and would more likely leave than hang around. Those that have not left, well the outcome will be the same for those who say as well. Also, I thought the reason for the site was to inform, share ideas and/or solutions to the problem at hand. I have not commented in a long time, because simply there is no easy answers and we are near the end game in my humble opinion. No Offense, but the Indians have circled the wagon and we lost. Fukishima, the idiots in charge have let it continue. Now its the Lousiana Bayou with the off shore drilling, which has started this complete and utter destruction, Nuclear Facilities in and around the World, and last but not least-Hurricane Sandy. Maybe that is the way it should be, I don't know!