German Physician: Fukushima larger than Chernobyl — Japan people deceived — Can feel only helpless rage

Published: January 7th, 2012 at 9:56 am ET


*UPDATE* Translation Links Below

Der heiße Stein, by Gabriele Goettle, Dec. 26, 2011 [Emphasis Added]:

Google Translation

Headline: The hot stone

Subheading: The doctor Dörte Siedentopf organized recreation for 20 years stays for Chernobyl children. She is bewildered about how to deal with Fukushima. […]

“The worst thing is that the organizers have learned nothing from Chernobyl. I’m speechless over the handling of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, which is still larger than that of Chernobyl. Furthermore, the government’s evacuation zone does not increase accordingly, and women and children has not brought immediately to the south of the country in safety, one can only feel helpless rage. Instead, the population systematically lied to, they will not or are misinformed about the real dangers. This is completely irresponsible. What’s coming on now because the Japanese to diseases and problems, this is impossible. And the company policy and nuclear industry really buying into everything! Worldwide! […]

Babelfish Translation

Headline: The hot stone

Subheading: The lady doctor Dörte simmering pot organizes since 20 years recuperative vacations for Tschernobyl children. It is speechless over handling Fukushima. […]

“The worst is that the responsible persons did not learn anything from Tschernobyl. I am speechless over handling the reactor disaster in Fukushima, which is still more extensive than from Tschernobyl. Over the fact that the government expanded the evacuation zone not accordingly and brought women and children not immediately into the south of the country in security, one can feel only helpless rage. Instead the population is systematically deceived, her not at all or wrongly informed about the real dangers. That is perfectly irresponsible. Which comes there now to the Japanese, at illnesses and problems, that is inconceivable. And politics and economics of nuclear energy really accept that everything! World-wide! […]

h/t EX-SKF

Read the article in German here

*UPDATE* Translation Links Below:

Published: January 7th, 2012 at 9:56 am ET


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50 comments to German Physician: Fukushima larger than Chernobyl — Japan people deceived — Can feel only helpless rage

  • many moons

    Exactly- Rage should be everywhere…the planet has been lied to.
    North America could easily be very contaminated, we have no idea.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I am PISSED this morning MM. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Ain’t kidding. And YES you are right! We are one natural…NO! FUC THAT! WE ARE ONE PLANT WORKER MISTAKE FROM IT HAPPENING HERE! Drug use, oopsie moments. I am so pissed.

      • many moons

        I have felt pissed very often too. I look at outside and wonder if the rain last night has brought some radiation to the plants and trees. If we have a planet left we need to rescue it…My comment above was more about the fact that Fukushima may very well have cased the same level of misery in all the world…we have all been lied to.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          WE have been lied to. For how many years…is what’s incredible. You of course know of Langley’s blog. He has A WEALTH OF NUKE HISTORY that blows my mind. From WWII on to the present. Learn new stuff every frigging day…how long and how many LIES have continued. 🙁

  • BadjerJim BadjerJim

    As I read about the animal and plant mutations, I can pass along what I observe. 2 yrs ago we bought a house in the Sierra foothills north of Sacramento, elev 2000ft. Summer 2010: flies everywhere, we enjoyed the protected screened porch, and used liquid fly traps on hot summer days. Summer 2011: no flies. Summer 2010: hummingbirds, attracted to our feeders. 2011: no hummingbirds. Summer 2010: crickets chirping at night. 2011: no crickets. Summer 2010: if we left the porch light on at night, tons of insects: moths, katydids, HUGE winged things swarming the light. 2011: Nothing. Summer 2010: I had to mow the lawn twice a week, steady growth thanks to our watering system. Summer 2011: I mowed the lawn ONCE during the entire summer. Chickens: 2010: we have 10 producing hens, everage 5 eggs per day. 2011: perhaps 1 egg per day.

    A friend is in charge of a local “Correctional Work Center” nearby. I mentioned this to him, and he said: “yeah, 2 yrs ago the flies were so bad we put in a special electric ‘fly control system’ in our work shed. Cost $2000. Takes special ‘scent inserts.’ You just made me remember that I forgot to buy the inserts this year, and we didn’t use it at all during 2011.”

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Wow wow wow! That’s incredible! What the hell is happening…WE ALL KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING. SO DOES THIS LADY


      Cornelia Hesse-Honegger

    • Stephengn

      I hear you. I live in New Orleans after Katrina destroyed my home, I came back to the mud and debris to clean up and recover. But as i worked, I noticed that there wasn’t a single sound outside. No bird calls or insects, nothing at all at night or during the day. It was so eerie.

      This happened again for a few days after the BP oil spill (60 miles south of my home) and again in March and April of last year.

      It has also happened on a few other days since.

      I think we’re in big trouble

    • ion jean ion jean

      Wow, great citizen reporting BadjerJim…can anyone say depopulation?

    • Radio Radio

      Concerning insects i would say one should not expect a connection. Insect plagues are coming and going, and probably have complex backround.
      But regarding animal populations that are usually relativly constant in count, one should be concerned!

      Actually I have the impression the Westcoast gets significant Fukushima fallout. Why dont we hear any news about that?

      Watching vids, I am shocked by the rain fallout that the author is measuring by simply swiping of his truck.

  • arclight arclight

    its the one thing i do not understand that corporate law would negate 60 years evidence of contamination, ill health and genetic damage!! and the media have gone along with it!!

    wheres bono who supports chernobyl children?? where have all the other famous people been? this was and still remains one the most cruel and disgusting things that man has done to his fellow man!

    utter cruelness!!

    we got to put a stop to it!!

    • or-well

      IMO it’s partly a measure of how much – and how effectively – we in the “West” have been propagandised.

      But people don’t like to consider that they have been fooled so much. It hurts.

      So they find a way to deny it.

      It’s also partly a measure of how opinion-shaping has been/is integrated and co-ordinated throughout modern societies across the world.

      A lot of people don’t like to think that is the case either. It suggests a scope of manipulation too greatly disturbing for ordinary decent people to accept.

      So they reject that too.

      The idea that it’s just a few bad people doing what bad people do, and if we all do our little part and if we just vote in the right people things will change, is common.

      Media suppression doesn’t help. I don’t believe for a second it’s simply the “news cycle” grinding on, leaving this story behind.

      Again, IMO, it is a measure of how numbed and dumbed we have become. The last 6o years have been terribly violent – in an era of supposed peace – and we have been emotionally and psychologically “shocked and awed” to a point of retreat.

      There’s more of course. It’s all “tinfoil- hat-ism” to a lot of people.

      On a positive note, there’s now too much to deny, as the cumulative effects of all we’ve done in the modern era come together.

      “Beware tipping points and cascade effects” goes for the elite as well as the rest of us.

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Interesting themes as always, Or-well.

        Nibbling at a bit of it: “The idea that it’s just a few bad people doing what bad people do, and if we all do our little part and if we just vote in the right people things will change, is common.”

        My own version of that is “it’s all people doing what people do”. Some people do a few bad things in a lifetime, other people do mostly bad things, but where we have gotten is the result of all of us doing whatever we have done up to now. Trite perhaps, but potentially useful in that it suggests things could change if one/some/all of us did different things in the future. Lots of debate on these pages about who should change their ways – I just try to change my own ways, since I have no direct control over what others do.

        I have absolutely zero expectations that anything will change as a result of my vote. I have come to feel that way more and more over the years despite some direct evidence to the contrary (which bothers my usually rational thinking). For what it’s worth, I once lived in a small community in which there was a heated election. I got several phone calls on election day – people saying “be sure to vote, it’s going to be close”. I didn’t bother to vote. The results came out a tie. No kidding! My vote actually would have mattered. I rationalize that today as being an unlikely fluke, and I grow less likely to vote with every passing election – why feed a corrupt system that offers false dichotomies?

        I love your closing sentence: ““Beware tipping points and cascade effects” goes for the elite as well as the rest of us.”

        • or-well

          @aigeezer, my contention is that real change won’t happen – if all we do is our little part, nor will it by voting.

          IMO change will take mass action. Mass action being – many doing more than most are accustomed to or comfortable doing.
          That’s not to say we can’t all do something. We can and should.

          I think voting has become almost irrelevant, when those standing for office will not address the direst issues, or cannot because of the system they will become part of.

          Where we are IMO is the result of a few having excessive influence. It is more than the result of simple momentum or inertia.

          I’m saying we are all responsible but not equally responsible. Substitute “irresponsible” if you like.

          IMO things can change if enough of us do different things.

          That must, IMO, include at least attempting to exert control over those who would have us leave all the big decisions to them. Our assumed powerlessness is less than promoted.

          The tipping points and cascade effects I refer to will not respect wealth, influence or social position. One can run, but one can’t hide.

          Folks write entire bookshelves on this stuff, or have blogged continuously for years about it, so please pardon my simplistic brevity.

          A voting anecdote – I once gave my vote to a candidate who promised to get the electoral area “more than it’s fair share.” Haha! Sounded good to me at the time!

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Arclight, Pu and others… I don’t know why all the usual big-name celebrities have been silent on Fukushima and some have even shilled for the government/industry.

      I do remember that when Crosby, Stills and Nash announced a Fukushima concert it drew scornful comments from many Enenews readers.

      One lesson I’ve learned in life: “No matter what you do, somebody won’t like it.”

      Come to think of it, it’s the theme of a fable by Aesop.

      Anyway, if you think you’re onto a good idea to help then go for it! It sure beats waiting, watching and whining.

  • I think we need some star power to get the word out. First you have to convince them there is a problem, without being too hysterical. It’s getting so there’s not much left of the planet to save. (Can anyone give a list of the places now destroyed?, e.g. Chernobyl, Ukraine, Belarus, parts of Russia, China, Korea, West Coast of N America, hotspots all over North America, Europe, the Middle East (mainly DU, but also enriched Uranium), Port Hope, Ontario, Hanford Washington area …and Japan.

    Or, approach from a different angle, which places on earth ARE NOT contaminated, e.g. New Zealand, Australia?
    [long list on right hand side]

    How to word the tweet, e.g.:

    “We believe it is now time for the world to act, and we respectfully ask for your consideration in helping get the word out.” [?]

    [brain not working this morning, but I’m sure we could come up with something good]

    The site should appear on each one.

    • Maybe not Australia …

      The worldwide production of uranium in 2009 amounted to 50,572 tonnes, of which 27% was mined in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan, Canada, and Australia are the top three producers and together account for 63% of world uranium production. Other important uranium producing countries in excess of 1000 tonnes per year are Namibia, Russia, Niger, Uzbekistan, and the United States.

      • ion jean ion jean

        @Pu239 Insidious industry that boggles the mind…I was just pondering the Australian nationalist uranium GREED myslef this morning as I watched a Jack Hanna tour of their precious marsupials…thinking most of the rare ones like the blue eyed koala and white wallabies are on the Eastern (Pacific) coast and I’m praying the FukU radiopollution doesn’t aerosolize once it saturates the South Pacific (though I know some of it will, just depends on how far inland it travels) and enters their tiny lungs or food and water…and I had recently seen the Australian PM so proud of her damn bitch self for securing a whole new agenda for uranium export.

        Who the hell is buying it? I thought we already had plenty of it, global surplus, so much that DU shells need to be scattered over the middle east to be disposed of through the human recycling chain. Yeah, and Canada lost my respect too! These are not the popular sentiments among the people, but since Sheeple have no power, we need to help turn them into Wolves of Truth so they can join OUR pack and live free again.

        • vivvi

          She wants to sell this yellow death to India. That bitch will do anything for money. Most aussies hate that cow. It has nothing to do with principles and everything to do with the tax take on mineral sales. Not unlike the canadians selling asbestos to the poor indians. They have no shame. As long as money junkie cretins are allowed to run our countries this sort of evil will roll on with no regard whatsoever for human life.

    • Whoopie Whoopie


    • Anthony Anthony

      You hit the nail on the head PU.

  • Human0815

    I doubt what she is saying,
    there are a few points that are wrong,
    we cant compare the Accident in Chernobyl
    and F’Shima, to say something like this
    is not (known) fact based!

    There is a incredible Amount
    of Information about F’Shima,
    more than 750.000 Articles, Studies and Reports!

    The People in Chernobyl are more harmed
    because they are Farmers, they are in contact
    for 24/7 with the contaminated Ground,
    the need to eat that Stuff, the People around
    our Reactor have much more choices in Food,
    we even can eat only the Stuff from Australia
    in the case we want to do this,
    a permanent Poisoning is not given!

    One more point is that the People in Japan
    are in a medical Program since they arrived
    in the Evacuation Center, when we fight
    Radioactive Damage every day counts,
    with the right Medication we can fight
    even Oncology Treatments with more than
    a few “Sv”!

    And there is much more to do than just
    “get a Rage”, she should watch what the
    People are doing, to just feel anger
    is so ’80ties!

    • ion jean ion jean

      I think most important for the Japanese health is faith and joy and prayer to the Creator…clean food and stress reduction

      First, Fukushima IS worse than Chernobyl if only for the MOX fuel plutonium and the radiochlorine gas generated by the seawater cooling (MORE areas of the uncharted!)

      The reactors, just like all in US, are based on faulty and inadequate engineering for safety, so your people need to make your govt shut them ALL down, as do all other nations

      Lastly, it is almost insulting to suggest that the POISON is not permanent: IT IS and it will outlive you and all your descendents AND good luck if you think “Medication” can do anything more than poison you further…

      Go Natural Go Herbal and Pray

      This is advice from a healthy survivor of the worst environmental fallout contamination of the 20th century

      News Flash: Yes, the northern US is highly contaminated with fallout 55 plus years later; Vermont still has cesium showing up in milk tests before FukU

      So, looking at quantity, yes, most of you will survive this and live long healthy lives, but 40% will be injured by those subatomic ninja stars, so

      Please work with us to STOP THE NUCLEAR MADNESS

      • Human0815

        @ Ion Jean,
        it is your Opinion that the MOX exploded
        but not my, i think and hope that
        everything is still in a
        (more or less) stable Status!

        When there was a explosion of the MOX
        we would see much higher, in a way
        Astronomical amounts of Plutonium
        but luckily we do not!

        We can see even People and Animals
        working/ walking there,
        this would be virtually impossible
        with MOX in that area!

        • ion jean ion jean

          It is the opinion of both nuclear experts and atomic veterans that reactor 3 was burning MOX fuel and TEPCO scrambled to bury those fuel rod fragments with bulldozers after the nuclear explosion…maybe, luckily most of the plutonium remained as solid, since I live thousands of miles away, but in the jet stream path that persists in sweeping Japan’s air like a broom right into the dustpan of North America. So, unfortunately, I need to complain about anything Japan does that pollutes the global airways, yet I cherish your nation’s precious contributions to mankind, among them tattoos, Subarus, Nintendos, Wasabi, Emoto’s water crystals, Green Tea (but hold the fluoride and radioisotopes), Ginger Dressing, (I am trying to ignore dolphin and whale abuse here, which I know is controversial even within Japan) so

          I trust the ingenuity of the Japanese to find a way to clean up this mess, despite downplaying and media blackouts and denial on the part of the nuclear industry.

          Peace be with you.

        • Human, I question your purpose. Indeed a huge amount of uranium was launched into the air. And because it was either or both a MOX reactor or spent fuel pool, hands down, because of that, FOR SURE plutonium too.

          tens of tons of uranium was launched, this is real proof.

          • Human0815

            @ Stock@Hawaii,

            this sounds great, when the Uran/ MOX is gone
            we do not need to clean this up,
            remember: once the stuff is gone it do not
            belong to Tepco anymore!

            “Purpose, Nande”?

            Be rational and eliminate contraindications,
            when you do this you get a better Picture
            of the real Situation in Fukushima!

        • arclight arclight

          hi human dont know about mox explosion but there was a release of more isotopes than just cesium unfortunately!

          the second chinese expedition has landed back in china and its likely that unless the iaea backs of the iran thing the chinese are going to publish.. thats my take.. the chinese just had an article in the press! they released the partial results last time listing the main isotopes including strontium and silver..

          this time i bet they used that fancy new submersible a bit more! and six ships and two expeditions to the IAEA`s one ship and only one expedition?? says a lot!!

          Mar 29, 2011

          “However, the contamination from iodine 131 is short-lived because the element has a half life — the pace at which it loses half of its radioactivity — of only eight days.

          “This means that after a few months, it will be harmless, basically,” said Simon Boxall, a lecturer at Britain’s National Oceanography Centre at the University of Southampton, southern England, who praised early measures to stop fishing around the plant after the March 11 disaster.

          “What worries me more is if caesium and plutonium get into the system,” he said, referring to two radioactive heavy metals whose half-lives are around 30 years and potentially thousands of years respectively.

          “That’s more concerning, because that can build up in the sediments” of the sea bed at Fukushima, said Boxall.

          At high levels, this could lead to the imposition of an exclusion zone of catches of fish and seafood, a measure that could last “years and years,” he said.”

          “It’s hard to know (how long) until they start taking measurements and determine how extensive the pollution is.

          • Human0815

            @ arclight, you wrote:
            “hi human dont know about mox explosion but there was a release of more isotopes than just cesium unfortunately!”

            i don’t deny this but let us look for the Dimensions, do this happened because of a Fire/Explosion or Implosion
            or are this just
            “forgotten/ loosed from
            “behind a dark corner” Isotopes!

            Imo. the amount of the Heavy Nuclide are very, very small compared to the amount we would see from a Explosion or Fire!
            (of course they are still high enough)

            I do not know if you visit sometimes the Physic Forum

            sometimes i do to get a better knowledge about the Dimensions of the Stuff they found in F’Shima,
            for us it sounds astronomical high and many Forums/ Blogs use extra big Numbers
            which looks high
            but are they really high or just sounds high?

            kindly Regards,
            you saw my new Monitoring from today?

            • arclight arclight

              we are still looking for the truth. i know that worldwide the background radiation generally has risen, i know that the fallout to some degree has hit the south OF honshu island (ACRO at GAJ, i know i saw a twenty meter sized bits of steel girdered roof fly directly up in the air and start falling at about 800 meters or more, i know i saw the visible part of the plume reach over 1300 meters high seconds!

              the figures and statistics that sorround this disaster are good reason to scrap nukes now! its uncomprehensible in its entireity and its invisible!

              i suspect the plutonium largely went into the seabed and will come back on land as “land to sea transfer”
              this is my big worry for the future concerning plutonium..
              on land, im not so sure.. plutonium is hard to find by its nature and a small amount inhaled is worse that asbestos and infinitely more toxic in the lung!!

              it worried me when i heard the officials saying you could eat plutonium!! that left me with the greatest suspision of all!

              all that aside.. good to see the figures low, suspect you were getting a reading from the air? seemed a bit windy? thats the problem with ground resting, needs to be covered from the wind.. maybe a 1 meter off ground for comparison too? really cool that you post the video.. will have to look into that when ive paid the tax man his due!

              lovely place you showed there!

        • arclight arclight

          about the explosion theory i just happened to come across this.. so i thought i would just pop it here

          MOXed In LANL ramps up controversial plutonium production

          published Wednesday, November 16, 2011

          “The following article discusses the MOX plutonium fuel program, which ANA opposes. Touching on several of the problems with the program, the Reporter quotes two ANA members, Tom Clements and Jay Coghlan.”

          the Santa Fe Reporter

          “Los Alamos National Laboratory is doubling down on a project that helps create a controversial, highly reactive new fuel used in nuclear power plants. Beginning next year, LANL will create twice as much plutonium oxide, an essential component of mixed oxide, or MOX, fuel, which combines uranium and plutonium.

          MOX fuel is believed to have amplified the effects of the recent nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.”

          the word amplified used there?

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    The reactor from hell that never ran properly…

  • James Tekton James Tekton