Germany’s ‘Today’ Show rips Japan Gov’t, TEPCO — May help explain why country rejected nuclear power (VIDEO)

Published: October 21st, 2011 at 4:45 pm ET


Title: Funny German TV Clip about TEPCO & Japanese Gov.

Video Description: “This is a segment from a German TV program “Heute Show” broadcasted on April 1, 2011. “Heute (“Today”) Show” is a weekly satiric broadcast that comments on the regular news.”

Credits: Translation by 007bratsche and captioning by tokyobrowntabby.

h/t EX-SKF

** For English subtitles, be sure to click the ‘cc’ button in the YouTube toolbar


Published: October 21st, 2011 at 4:45 pm ET


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17 comments to Germany’s ‘Today’ Show rips Japan Gov’t, TEPCO — May help explain why country rejected nuclear power (VIDEO)

  • jtb

    On LINK TV tonight at 5pm mtn. time USA:
    ‘Earth Focus’ -Nuclear Power-Risks & Consequences…
    Covers TMI, Wormwood, and Fukushima.

    • jtb

      Some things brought up in the Earth Focus show;
      Jimmy Carter was/is a nuclear physicist. (?)
      Taxpayers fund the nuclear industry’s legal defense?
      The WHO & the IAEA must approve each others disclosures since 1959?
      (- also that irradiated children are comparitively dummer…)

      I’m feelin’ dummer all the time-
      They could do a TV show on what I never knew… lol

      -big hugs to all here,

      • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

        Fluoride for water-supplies is, reportedly, an intentional
        intelligence-stifler, and,
        the fluoride is a waste-product of the nuke processing,
        so they came up with this Satanic idea of fluoridating water.

        • americancommntr

          I don’t know for sure, but would say I got ALOT smarter from age 9 onward, after we moved from a big city with fluoridated water, to the country and had our own well. This would have to have been in spite of fluoride in toothpaste, the fluoride poisoning the tooth drillers gave me once a year, and the mercury they placed inches from my brain. Alot more fluoride is probably soaked into the skin in bathing with the poisoned water, than drinking it.

          This subject of the ‘elite’ dumbing everyone down, brings to mind what the Bible records as having happened before God had to destroy the world with the Flood. The world had become filled with corruption, violence, and murder. Only 8 righteous people were left, Noah and his wife, and their three sons and their wives. God had made a promise to Adam and Eve. It was going to be impossible to keep if the world went on as it was going. So He destroyed it with water. Today, we appear to be well approaching the same level of corruption, violence, and murder. All you have to do is look at what people are doing, even with things like fluoride and nuclear power and the media.

          (By the way, though most people are fully brainwashed, from babyhood, to disbelieve there was a global flood, I’d bet there are some Indonesians and Japanese people who used to scoff at the Flood idea who now have a much better appreciation of and inkling of what it might have looked like.) And it wasn’t just 40 days and nights of rain, it was globally tectonic, according to Genesis.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        On carter –

        James Earl Carter Jr. was born Oct. 1, 1924, in Plains, Ga. Our first president to be born in a hospital, he was raised on peanut prices, local politics, and his family’s strong Baptist faith. Accepting a nomination to the U.S. Naval Academy, he graduated in a wartime three years with the Class of 1946. That June, he married Rosalynn Smith, and the young couple embarked on a series of military assignments that included Ensign Carter’s duty on the battleships Wyoming and Mississippi.

        After the Officer’s Course at the New London, Conn.-based U.S. Navy Submarine School, Carter was assigned to the sub Pomfret SS-391 and soon was promoted to lieutenant, junior grade. After doing graduate work in physics at Union College, he served as executive officer aboard the submarine K-1 (SSK 1), the first postwar submarine built, and was promoted to lieutenant. But in 1952, Carter was detached from the K-1 to participate, under then-Capt. Hyman Rickover, on the design and development of nuclear propulsion plants for naval vessels. In October 1953, Carter was training the crew of the submarine Seawolf in use of these plants when his father died. At his own request, Lt. James Earl Carter Jr. was honorably discharged after seven years, four months, and eight days of active duty. He remained on reserve duty until 1961.

  • kimyo

    i know merkel said that germany is rejecting nuclear power. before i take her at her word, i’d really like to see the plans to decommission their nuclear infrastructure.

  • i know merkel said that germany is rejecting nuclear power. before i take her at her word, i’d really like to see the plans to decommission their nuclear infrastructure.

    she did it after two earthslidelosses for her party in 2 elections after fuku.
    she herself is pro nuke (or better right wing industrialist)
    but in the second any party will try to allow nukes again this party will be history in germany, believe it or not.
    half of the reactors are already shut down and wind energy reached 25% share of total energy delivered this year. but, while thinking about it: she does not have to make the plans so aking for her plans is useless. the stranger thing is that german population has to pay for it as the energy companies wanna sue the state about that decission and all the pretty money they lost by it…… anyway. at least there is a law to stop all nukes and the energy companies are raging against it. good thing. gives hope.

    • HamburgGeiger

      Yes, Merkel is as pro nuke as someone can be! Not long before fukushima she changed an important law concerning the end of nuclear in germany that existed for many years. We already were at this point to end nuclear in 2001 or so… She changed that law ingnoring important ideas of our constitution to push a lot of money to her friends in nuke industry.

      Fukushima forced her to turn 180 degrees. And she made the new laws so intentionally dilletantish that the german nuke industry has a good chance of getting their money either way. It is not what it looks like over here when you watch from US.

      Maybe germany is important as an prototype and a proof that we don`t need nuclear and fossil energy. So I appreciate it when you mention our country positively in this context. BUT please don`t think that all is gold that glitters over here. It is a constant battle against an overwhelming enemy who has his fingers and lots of money everywhere, in every mess. And the ordinary german people are not interested, not in fukushima and its radiation and not in the end of nuclear! It is still a long way to go and a lot of obstacles in the way. But it is a good start and without any alternative. Just please do not see the events over her too uncritically.

      • Mack Mack

        On March 26, 2011:

        “Germans stage ‘biggest protest’ against nuclear power”

        “In Germany, protesters have staged what they said was the country’s biggest ever demonstration against nuclear power.

        More than 200,000 people took part, in four cities.”

      • Buffalojam

        Hamburg – Many thanks for your cautionary words. Your take on Merkel and Germany’s move toward alternative energy sources is one I had not heard before. I guess it’s wise not to declare victory until it’s achieved.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Props to Germany for their brains and moxie!

  • chaossquared

    Germany gives me hope for mankind. If only we could all just say no.

    Id love for obama to just get on tv and tell the industry to suck it! If he could break free, he could start a revolution.

    If the people had a leader, they would stand up with him. And 99% makes for pretty good odds.

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      I agree with you, chaossquared. I feel like someone in power needs to take a stand against the elite, and refuse to do their bidding.

      I am sure that the president for the most part has a gun to his head. He probably wanted to bring about change, but there’s no way to do that when you are the pawn of a small group of people who hold all the power.

      It doesn’t mean there’s no hope, though. It just calls for bravery, taking a risk, and especially, exposing the agenda of the elite. If the whole world were informed, they just might take action…

  • chaossquared

    ^^ dont worry. Im not really that naive. Just trying to be positive. πŸ˜‰

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      maybe I am that naive, but I believe that things could really change if someone would shine a light on what goes on behind the scenes…but of course, they risk assassination.

  • arclight arclight

    “the stranger thing is that german population has to pay for it as the energy companies wanna sue the state about that decission and all the pretty money they lost by it”

    what germany needs to do now is put on trial all the scientists and board members that have been lying to the public about the health and social costs caused by the impacts of the nuclear power industry globaly…they need to pay the health and cleanup costs for the next few millenia…and THEY want to sue the governmet…a few lawyers could do with imprisonment too i suspect!!

    oh and while you at it merkel my dear how about a couple a dozen bankers as well!! errr make that a couple of thousand bankers…vearing off topic unless you just go for the nuke supportive bankers…as posted on enenews…no escape for naughty bankers when the media gets going!! πŸ™‚

    i think a few politicians might….oh i go too far! πŸ˜‰ …off to greener pastures πŸ™‚

    • HamburgGeiger

      Arclight, you are so very right. But unfortunately that will never happen. The bad boys come well out of it with a lot of our tax money. They will not pay for the decomissioning or for the thousands of years of storage. They earned big money for decades with plants that where payed for by the people, and now they do not only chicken out but they again take a huge lot of money from us. I am sure it must be hard for them to fall asleep because they have to laugh so hard. πŸ™

      But that is all ok with me if we just get rid of this scum. Unfortunately that won`t happen. They invest big style in green energy now and survive. The laws are made that way, that we don`t get primarily private solar arrays on each house but instead big wind farms on the sea. They pretend to end nuclear and simultaneously they lower the subventions for alternatives…!

      And most important: The unique chance to make the energy supply more democratic is not used. They try to leave the money and the power in the hands of the big boys, where it always has been, and the average Joe thinks that is “green” and gets back to sleep. If we don`t keep it rolling it will all end as one big eyewash!