Giant whales found dead up & down Pacific NW coast, scientists ‘baffled’ over surge — 25+ carcasses reported in past month — Gov’t: “Troubling… Definitely a pulse of deaths” — Experts: “Alarming spike… Exceptionally rare to see a dead humpback” — Concerns about unidentified pathogen (PHOTOS)

Published: August 13th, 2015 at 3:54 pm ET


Vancouver Sun, Aug 13, 2015 (emphasis added): Four B.C. whale deaths in a week baffle scientists; Necropsies hope to provide answers as carcasses continue to pop up… four dead humpback whales in B.C. waters in a single week, just as Alaska is experiencing a surge of whale deaths, has scientists searching for a possible connection21 humpback and fin whales have been found dead in southeast Alaska during the past month, according to Paul Cottrell, Pacific marine mammal coordinator for Fisheries and Oceans Canada. “It’s definitely a pulse of deaths and something that we’re going to keep our eye on,” Cottrell said. No cause has been pinpointed for any of the deaths… “These samples are very important… to see if there’s any relationship — whether there’s a pathogen that may be causing this,” Cottrell said… Media reports have suggested [one]  died after becoming entangled in fishing gear, but Cottrell said it is far too early to come to that conclusion… The scientists also noticed wounds on the whale’s body… “if there’s anthropogenic or human-caused things affecting the recovery, those are things that we want to know about.”

CTV, Aug 12, 2015: … Cottrell said the number of recent discoveries is troubling. “It’s definitely a pulse and it’s something we are concerned about… We’re hoping we don’t get any more.”

Globe & Mail, Aug 12, 2015: A humpback whale that washed up dead on the shore of British Columbia’s northern coast last week was the fourth to die in a week in the province’s coastal waters… a smaller humpback [was found] near Haida Gwaii on Tuesday, and at least two more were reported to be seen floating lifeless in the water within the last seven days… The uptick in reported whale deaths [coincides with] 21 deaths of fin whales and humpback whales in the past two months in [Alaska]… Max Bakken, a field technician for Pacific Wild [is] alarmed at the spike in humpback deaths…

CBC News, Aug 12, 2015: Last Friday Spirit Bear Adventures wildlife guide Philip Charles got a call that a humpback whale was drifting… He set off with a team from Pacific Wild Conservation to Nowish Bay where they found the massive animal washed up dead… “It is exceptionally rare to see a dead humpback whale, especially in this relatively intact state,” said Charles…

Paul Cottrell, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada: “It’s a concern and it’s something that we’re watching… We’re hoping that if there is something out there that’s common, we can find what that is.”

Reuters, Aug 6, 2015: … a humpback whale [was] found dead in Washington state’s Grays Harbor on Monday, [NOAA’s Vera Trainer] said.

Cascadia Research Collective, Aug 12, 2015: Last week Cascadia Research, WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife, and the Westport Aquarium examined a 46-foot adult female humpback whale that washed ashore… Cause of death could not be determined

Westport Aquarium, Aug 4, 2015: Yesterday sure was a big day and here’s a big reason. Westport Aquarium staff helped Cascadia Research and WDFW on the necropsy of a 50′ female Humpback whale that stranded near Markham…

More on surge in whale deaths in Alaska — AP: Unprecedented whale deaths along U.S. Pacific coast — Samples “being tested for radionuclides from Fukushima” (PHOTOS & AUDIO)

Last week in Northern California: “Can’t believe it’s happened again” on San Francisco coast — Mysterious whale deaths baffling scientists — Officials: An “inexplicable” trend (VIDEO)

Published: August 13th, 2015 at 3:54 pm ET


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332 comments to Giant whales found dead up & down Pacific NW coast, scientists ‘baffled’ over surge — 25+ carcasses reported in past month — Gov’t: “Troubling… Definitely a pulse of deaths” — Experts: “Alarming spike… Exceptionally rare to see a dead humpback” — Concerns about unidentified pathogen (PHOTOS)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    All chemical actions produce secondary heat.

    This including decay heat.

    This along with the other chemicals already polluting and the new materials from the tsunami are in an active state how can this not effect the heat exchange?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS. And as the seas warm.
    And methane.

    • Apparently methane can be made radioactive by radioactive elements.

      Heavyweight Methane Formed in Bomb Tests Science News Letter, 81:24 January 13, 1962

      METHANE containing the triple weight hydrogen known as tritium is formed in the fireball resulting from hydrogen bomb explosions, a United States scientist reports. Dr. Richard Wolfgang of the University of California, San Diego, states the amount of tritium in methane (marsh gas) has been found to be considerably higher than expected. The tritium, he believes, comes from "the testing of nuclear devices." Prior to this suggestion there was no satisfactory explanation for the fact that tritium occurred in relatively high amounts not only in atmospheric methane but also in atmospheric hydrogen and water vapor in the stratosphere.

      Dr. Wolfgang suggests that the heavyweight methane is produced in the thermonuclear fireball, which he believes has a
      reducing atmosphere at its center….

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        "heavyweight methane is produced in the thermonuclear fireball"

        Sounds like heavyweight global warming material…baffling. Let's shut down more coal power plants and "test" some more nuke bombs.

  • Summary of North American animal decline since Fukushima

    My list doesn't include the whales yet.

    My list is limited to accounts documented in the mainstream media so is inherently partial.

    I address the potential climatic effects of noble gasses and potential role in exacerbating ocean acidification

  • from a distance from a distance

    Thank you Code!

    I get your point but I look at it like this–>

    If a fence needs to get built,

    does it get built better if people show up to help

    build it or if no one shows up to build it

    (and instead make excuses about why it's no use in

    showing up to help build it?)

    We all have to build that fence


    one fence post at a time

    and eventually that fence WILL get built.

  • DeadAhead

    Stock great post as usual I will send this to as many as I can since it is explained for all to understand. Thanks for your hard work.

  • DeadAhead

    Simple question on stopping the water to the coriums if successful won't the fuel heat up to make an explosion and that would put it airborne?

    • Even The Birds HATE Me Now DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Yeah probably , the earth above the melting holes have to be sealed simultaniously , but to be sealed unbreakable by even a whatever nuclear critical response to the lack of cooling from stopping the riverflow..the coriums need to be melted deep the river flow needs to be stopped gradually and controlled..not stopped suddenly..and even possible to return to full power if needed..instantly.. thus we can also control the heat (melting power) of the coriums , influencing how fast and how straight it goes down..imo

  • Checkmate

    Man, himself, is his own worst enemy. To prove this fact- everyone knows sugar is not good for you…but a little of course won't hurt, right. Wrong, wrong and more wrong! Fact is if everyone stopped eating sugar in the US: Half the hospitals in this country would shutdown! So why do people continue to eat sugar? Why would anyone in their right mind eat any processed foods with sugar in them?
    Then you will find the smarty pants: saying well there is sugar in all fruits. Yes, but this is natural food giving you other vitamins, etc. But sugar cane is natural, right. Yes, but what food value comes from sugar…cane even raw? Honey is not a food, ask some diabetic beekeepers this question. How can anything produced by an insect be good for a man to eat. Sure you can eat the insect but not the waste it produces.

    To continue on…are there any benefits from Wi-Fi use-age or how about cell phones? Even the microwave oven(which was banned in Russia back in the 1970s). So now a picture is beginning to form.

    Next, how many of us knowingly have worked in health hazardous conditions- fumes, dust, disease, smoke, etc. How many needed some sort of measuring meter attached to them or even wore face masks to be able to work in their environment…but the money is good! But your health can't be bought…should be the motto. But is it?

    So any employee making good money is not going to tell the truth, if they are sane and want to keep their job. And let's face it, the majority

  • Checkmate

    of everybody in the US are professional employees anyway. Very few people are self-employed in their own business where you are your own boss and control most everything. This is real freedom!…and believe it or not everyone can do it! Just takes guts and using your head and don't take "no" for an answer.

  • Checkmate

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  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

    El Nino/Radioactive Biosphere Being Created.
    Published on Aug 14, 2015
    “Will the Godzilla El Nino Help Create a Radioactive Biosphere? WebSite Links. http://www.FukushimaRadiation.Info

  • JPW

    Before this article on radiation levels around the States becomes less visible, due to a series of reasons, you all might like to see what this guy, Bob Nichols, is trying to teach us every week:

    Be sure to send in your comments too, as Nichols is very interactive with his readers.

    A new update for the week is due in a few hours; I'll post the link here.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Man with these extremely high readings the Earth and these locations are being fried/cooked in broad daylight! 🙁

    No wonder cancer rates are going through the roof! 🙁

    All Manmade Radiation Contamination is a Class 1 Mutagenic event..for all biological life exposed.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      My brother lives near Lincoln, Nebraska. He was in Iraq when the U.S. military liberated depleted uranium in Operation Desert Storm (the Iraq war)

      He could not travel this week due to "Parkinson's Disease."

      Mmmm hmmm. Yah. Baffling

  • Chronic1 Chronic1

    I feel like I was being negative and maybe stating the obvious on my last several posts. Sorry.

    Six to eight hundred tons of errant nuclear fuel is troubling to me to say the least.

    On a positive note it was great to see the poster from Tacoma getting so much help from the good people here at Enenews on his move to Denver. Unfortunately, the mass exodus from the West Coast is only going to increase once people understand the gravity of the situation.

    Tacomagroove, you can reach me at, I live in Northwest Denver.


  • maybesomeday

    Navy exercise "Operation Northern Edge" may be responsible for the latest outrage in the Gulf of Alaska.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Scientists speaking out – Fukushima radiation is killing the world!:

  • Here is the thing: They CANNOT EVER say it is NOT Fukushima. They and we cannot say it is NOT radionuclides from across the ocean or from closer to home. This is because they; those we rely on for truth (or did, prior to this), REFUSE to check for any of them with the exception of one (or maybe two.) When they send off ONE little piece of meat or blubber (which is probably what they should test) or bone, organ, to an idiot like Buesseler (or any part of Wood's Hole), they are basically saying,
    "If it's not 137-Cs,; possibly 129-I, don't test any forther."
    And this is why that so-called marine-biologist, Kate, can say she will NEVER KNOW what is doing this. She won't know. Anyone who trusts her won't ever know. The masses will remain dumb because they will remain uneducated. And this is exactly the way, "Science", likes it.
    Because Science is allowed to continue on, scraping the bottom of the educational and financial barrel, as long as NUCLEAR lets (and funds) them. And that is that.

    The only way WE can prove what this is would be by pooling our funds and purchasing a mass-spectrometer. Without such a thing, we will never be able to prove what's really going on. Citizen-science is not, thusfar, checking all of these dead creatures, and these citizen-scientists HAVE the equipment.., and aren't using it? WHY?? Anyone know?

    I will ask my ex if he has any friends who might have some sort of chromatagraph or spectral-analyser? Thousht we…

  • ADMIN:
    Bloody-red COD-Livers, Atlantic, NewFoundland:

    Last year, was herring. Now, herring mostly gone. This year, cod, though fishermen believe it's due to Vale's fishery paractices (I think it's something else.) Good pic of the disgusting cod-livers and other innards, which do not look appetizing, at all!
    "A fisherman in Placentia Bay says he and others have been catching cod with unusually coloured guts, and he suspects the nearby Vale smelter is to blame.

    Andy Murphy of Long Harbour told CBC News last spring he was finding herring with bloody red-coloured innards, something he insists is a result of Vale's smelter operations in the town.

    Now, Murphy said he is finding cod with the same discolouration and wonders if chemicals are being pumped out near the shore by Vale and contaminating the fish.

    "I noticed the livers are really dark red," he said. "Some of them are green and red, more are white and red, and I've never noticed that before. Plenty of people noticed it during the food fishery."

  • demise demise

    If you want to alarm bells to rely go off, check the ocean floor off the NA coast line and publish the results. You will find hundreds of dead whales and large predators that where once on top of the food chain, but are now lamprey food.

  • jec jec

    Its not just the Osaka, just got email from a friend. Her mother, mid60s, died suddenly four months ago due to pancreatic cancer. Her father, health and active at 70, suddenly got pneumonia a month ago, xrays shows masses, he died of cancer last week. Two up to then health people..not much different than the sealife it? Healthy up to Fukushima..then in a short time frame..dead.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Secrets law guarantees the world at large will be kept in the dark about cancer in Japan..all fools! 🙁

    100,000+ years of death by cancers! 🙁

    "Though the rock formations of the Canadian Shield are some of the most ancient and geologically stable in the world, it is impossible to guarantee that any repository site will remain locked away for the thousands of years necessary to let the radioactivity decay away. If the site were to be breached at any point in perhaps as long as 100,000 years, it could prove lethal not only to whoever or whatever is living in the immediate vicinity but for vast distances around. Many opponents of nuclear power question whether this future uncertainty is too high of a price to pay for nuclear power today.59"

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    The earth is round- it does not fit in the square box of financial gain. Nuke decisions are often based on just that- return and investment- The bottom line. There is no return for the earth. None. Ever. And we can never go back. It spurs money for a large conglomerate- nothing more. Had the regulatory commissions actually evolved to regulate safety, nuke would be a distant memory. Nuke made it this far because of two things: Security and Invisibility, in a literal sense. Developing a dangerous sense of safety and secrecy as a result, they've developed a God Image- power, control… narcissism. "The people are stupid anyways, so we must be right. Full speed ahead." Hiring our president is more of a glacier, not the titanic of change we needed. Hillbillies and hound dogs are showered with radionuclides and forced to admit it is their destiny, while more forever waste is piled on the deck of a sinking ship.

    Left alone, the earth has no evolutionary imprint to do anything but swallow the ship, releasing the radionuclides forever. That we haven't come up with technology that renders our nuclear past inhabitable, safe or controllable is truly a scary death by drowning. Truly.

    Nuke is at the helm and dead in the water.

    Surfing, anyone?

    • SadieDog

      "A federal agency has announced plans for a more intense investigation into what caused the deaths of 30 large whales since May in the western Gulf of Alaska.
      NOAA Fisheries declared the deaths an 'unusual mortality event,' triggering a new-level investigation starting on Thursday that brings with it access to additional resources. 
      The agency said the deaths are about three times the historical average for the region."

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