Gizmodo Report Claims: “Fukushima could be in the middle of another meltdown” — 300th most popular website in U.S. publishes “unsubstantiated rumor”

Published: December 31st, 2013 at 5:49 pm ET


Gizmodo, Dec. 31, 2013: “Mystery Steam Over Fukushima Could Be Sign of Another Meltdown […] The newest update in the highly disconcerting series of devastating failures that is the Fukushima cleanup effort is troubling to say the least. Tepco has confirmed that (unexplained) plumes of steam have been rising from the mangled remains of Reactor Building 3. In other words, there’s a chance Fukushima could be in the middle of another meltdown. The thing is, no one has been able to find out the exact cause of the rising, mysterious radioactive steam because the combination of physical damage and, more importantly, lethal radiation levels have made investigating the reactor impossible. Tepco has known that a followup meltdown was a severe possibility, though. […]”

This Gizmodo report cites an article at ‘The Ecologist’ website, which doesn’t link to any evidence supporting their claims. In fact, there’s only one link throughout the entire piece — and it’s to an article by the ‘Turner Radio Network‘.

EXSKF has written about the many problems with the claims being made by the ‘Turner Radio Network’. Earlier today SimplyInfo addressed unsubstantiated rumors concerning Unit 3. Wikipedia has some additional information about the ‘Turner Radio Network’ website.

To read the first report on the steam recently observed by Tepco at Unit 3, see the ENENews post: [intlink id=”steam-coming-from-fukushima-unit-3-reactor-building-observed-multiple-times-this-week” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 31st, 2013 at 5:49 pm ET


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283 comments to Gizmodo Report Claims: “Fukushima could be in the middle of another meltdown” — 300th most popular website in U.S. publishes “unsubstantiated rumor”

  • Mr. Baxter
    January 1, 2014 at 12:25 pm · Reply
    I have a new posting if you'd like to check it out:

    Thanks and have a Happy New Year!

  • Eugene

    Hello enenews members!

    I started reading more than 1/2 year ago, but I just registered today. I don't know where else to ask for help.

    I suspect our cat got radiation poisoning from eating some ocean fish-based dry food. I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered that bag. But today, after another intense brushing session, I came to realise my poor cat only has little hair left. There are no visible skin lesions, and he only stays inside our apartment. I'd say chances for some fungi are pretty low. His skin is clean, yet he keeps scratching. And when brushing, a lot of hair comes off. A lot more than when he's shedding. He started scratching and losing hair after eating said cat food.

    Also, one day he ate a lot of those kibbles, and then later he felt so bad we thought we'll lose him.

    But it didn't strike me until today: dry food with fish content + hair loss + cat feeling bad might equal radiation effects.

    I'll go to a vet in the following days, but I don't think he can do much.

    Side note: we live in Eastern Europe, so we're a little less exposed to Fukushima than the US (I think).

    Did any of you experience this with your pets? What did/would you do?

    • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

      I've been worried about this too so I've been on the look out. Especially since I have four pets and at one point, a few months after the accident, they were all throwing up. I've upgraded my pets' kibble quality and introduced higher quality canned. All appear to be well. This for a 15 year old cat w/pulled teeth, a 12 year old dog with kidney issues as well as 2 young'ins. I do feed them fish based foods because they have allergies and sensitivities. Remember besides Fukushima, globally countries are debasing their currencies. Because profits are down, pet food companies are reworking the recipes of their foods, in effect downgrading. I realized I've been spending quite a bit on my pet foods but the goal was to stop them from getting sick and I have achieved that at least for now.

    • lickerface lickerface

      Why not feed your animal the way you would treat a sensitive human, especially since they are mops for the floor? I don't understand the logic in forcing any animal to eat such a dangerous and low quality food which even humans wouldn't eat. I know many dog and cat owners who feed their animals from the family table and supplement with superfoods, something even much easier than trying to disguise in a toddler's food. Just because a dog "will eat anything" should not imply that their level of food quality can be reduced to the minimum. I'm deathly allergic to dogs and cats, but I've always felt that the quality of food we feed them should be like our own. Maybe I'm so allergic to them because I'm actually sensitive to the things their owners are feeding them?

      Does anyone here feed their animals food which they would personally eat, and has been at least tested to show a close to background level measurement? I have seen some very active and old dogs who eat steak and rice for dinner. Of course, these are deep freezer stocks of farmers who have had years of supply, so I don't know the risks of current beef and rice. I'd be more safe picking individual ingredients than choosing a formula of the shelf (bag or can) which cannot be undone or separated.

      • Eugene

        Thank you for answering! Although critical, it is appreciated. I'd argue the food my cat is getting fails to qualify for "dangerous and low quality". He hasn't been fed Whiskas, Friskies and the like in the last 3 years. The kibbles he's getting are of better (maybe best?) quality: Royal Canin, Husse ect.

    • 4Yahshua

      1~1~5995 (out of 6000) Day 1 in Roman Catholic calendar Hanukkah 5th Day in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"

      So sad about your dear fur ball! We live about 5 miles from the beach in Southern CA. Our calico kitty adobted us when she was full (FULL) of fleas. Three years later she is just beautiful! She gets good quality dry food (sprinkled with Diatomaceous earth) in the morning and wet food (with added contents of boron capsule, B1 capsule, and D3 5000 i.u. gel cap mixed in) in the evening. Your kitty may also have a thyroid condition because hair loss is one symptom of it. Blessings to you both!

      • Eugene

        Thank you! Our cat doesn't eat wet food, he licks it a couple of times and then off he goes.

        I am going to the vet. They're not opened tomorrow, will try on Jan 3.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Don't let any animals or humans eat fish.. 🙁

      • Eugene

        We stopped eating oceanic fish shortly after Fukushima ELE. Still indulge in some trout once in a while. I still don't know how I forgot about this no-ocean-fish rule and ordered cat food containing it.

    • jec jec

      Just remember pet food is human the radioactive RICE. And the fish. Your pet could also be ill with a blood disorder, so trip to vet important. Cats do get luekemia..but it could be from food sources, not just infected. Then, I would think of poisons in the food such as melamine( Remember the deaths of babies in china a year ago..melamine was added to increase/pass protein levels). Where was the food manufactured? Any recalls..or complaints on the internet? A little sluething may help you determine what is what. I only feed special foods to my pets, and I am going to start making my own. Just need vitamins /vegies like carrots for dog pets, and the right mix of meat and rice, lots of recipes on the internet. You might try a very gentle diet for your cat for a bit..see if he recovers a bit. Ask the vet what to feed. BUT CHECK WHERE THE INGREDIENTS CAME FROM. China is a no no for our dogs..and China, USA or City of USA on the label is worse. So far have not had issues with grain free, chicken food products.

      • Eugene

        Thank you for answering! The food we're suspecting is manufactured in Sweden, googled it and found no recalls. The company is branding themselves as "premium quality cat food" manufacturers.

        Yes, I have read about making your own food for pets. I might try that.

      • Eugene

        PS of course I'm planning a visit to the vet. Tomorrow Jan 2 they're not opened yet.

    • Stacy

      I know many pet owners whose animals have become ill and died…many with issues with their paws. Makes you wonder what they are stepping in (all went outside often) Good luck and all the best.

    • I have worried about this, too. I have not fed my cats any fish-based food for three years since the GOM blowout. I couldn't be sure of the source of the fish. Fukushima solidified it. I live n Nicaragua, so it is hard to get decent pet food. I noticed an abundance of canned salmon on the shelves. I assume that it is GMO salmon or heavy with mercury. I have a 19 year old, 18 year old and two 7 year old cats. I feed them mostly poultry based products. The poultry in CA has less antibiotics and growth hormones than chicken in the US.

      Zeolite might help along with the baking soda. I usually give my kitties collodial silver when they are not feeling well.

      Best wishes to you and your animals.

  • KiloCharley KiloCharley

    Eugene, Hello, you may want to look into DCA for pets. Please note I am not qualified to give any medical advise, just pointing out what is available. Best wishes from across the pond.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Well.. story in Gizmodo..was written by a staff writer.

    The story in the Ecologist..

    Oliver Tickell

    "Oliver Tickell is a British journalist, author and campaigner on health and environment issues, and author of the Kyoto2 climate initiative, supported by a website.[1] He is the son of Sir Crispin Tickell, the environmentalist and former diplomat.[2]"

    It makes a person wonder why he would 'go out on a limb' like this.

    • There are no limbs in respect to fukushima heart…

      Its just that unbelievable a situation…

      Do we trust Arnie? I dont.
      Do we truts the Japanese Pm. I dont.
      Do we trust the American Media. I dont.
      Do I trust users in forums. I dont.
      Do we trust information… ?
      All sources are credible… To the extent they are possible…

      The trick, The single method one cannot refuse to ignore is:
      Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

      It was very simple to use deductive reasoning in the beginning of the crisis; Because the lies were many, sloppy, and rushed…

      Its very easy to know what the future is. Based singly on the information you have deducted from the statement written above this one.

      Here in the end game, half truths are told. To trick you, and make you imbalanced…
      These are simply stall tactics. They give us enough to pick apart and argue about amongst ourselves. While the truth is the same conclusion. That stood both as improbable and unlikely. Yet has always been right there hidden right out in the open.

      Fukushima is a melt through of the worst kind; A lie so evil, That its better and easier, to carry on the lie; than to admit the truth were ever known;

      The truth Is what everyone ignores everyday.
      Because the lie, is easier to live

      • humptydumpty humptydumpty

        Fuku was more than "just" a melt-through. It's likely there was also an explosion of fuel in R3, not hydrogen as Tepco's narrative says. There were also fires. There was a huge amount of water pumped over the mess, much of which ran into the ocean. There was radioactive steam before, which poisoned the Navy crew of the US Ronald Reagan.

        It's clear all these releases have far exceeded all the nuclear bombs ever exploded, and the releases are continuing.

        Why, why, why in the world are leaders of all the developed nations not having an emergency meeting to deal with this worst of all possible disasters, a potential ELE??? It boggles my mind to consider the silence of and obfuscation coming from our governments in the face of such a catastrophe that affects everyone and every life on this planet through eternity! How could one industry of one relatively small nation keep the rest of the world at bay?

        • Your two questions:
          First is a two part question:
          why in the world are leaders of all the developed nations not having an emergency meeting; to deal with this worst of all possible disasters, a potential ELE???

          in short They did.

          The us ronald regan teams that specialized in nuclear response, and monitoring.

          Due to the ines level being only a 4 of 7 at the time of the arrival, the ronald regan was forced to take only oceanic and atmospheric rad levels, from international waters and shortly after returned to port due to the findings of these samples.

          It was these findings that led to "fixed press releases", with little to no depth; Highlighting fearful situations as Safe. And those whom feared them Radiophobic.

          How could one industry of one relatively small nation keep the rest of the world at bay?

          Easily. Its a multi national industrial agreement between two of the biggest national contenders on the planet. The japanese and american nations seem to be the two main countries experiencing effects of the crisis. So naturally They motioned allies and decided to keep it on a need to know basis. You and I just happen to be last on the call tree; Being that Well. Naturally, were slaves to these very nations.

        • charlie3

          They've met, and talked, and there is nothing they can do, and they don't want us t panic while they are doing their bucket lists.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS..His dad..a 'specialist' in 'sustainability'..(social engineering).

    President Crow's British sustainability advisor to discuss 'the human future'
    March 27 2013

    The school..

    The Global Institute of Sustainability

    The Future of Nukes: Pandora's Promise or Peril

    Oh.. oh.. REAL sociologists .. to add into the mix with other 'real' experts.

  • tlsridercase tlsridercase

    Hi everyone its great to be here! Ive been reading this site since the day of the disaster. Finally joined. I live just outside toronto. Im still stunned over all of this. Anyone have any idea of how much if any radiation toronto has recieved? May be tough to figure out as I live between (5miles) both directions of two nuke plants. I dont eat seafood anymore. Sorry if this is so off topic I havent figured out where the proper discussions are located. Peace everyone

  • mesa777


    This is getting out of hand and the US needs to takeover this situation as Japan is not doing its job!

  • tlsridercase tlsridercase

    And also anyone know much about the CANDU reactors we have here? I know they use un enriched uranium. With much lower pressures etc. Any info about my families safety in relation to these beasts would be appreciated

  • Tiza Tiza

    Check this out:

    US Government Orders 14 Million Doses of Potassium Iodide

    The Alex Jones Channel Alex Jones Show podcast Twitter Alex Jones' Facebook Infowars store

    Huge purchase linked to ongoing Fukushima crisis?

    Paul Joseph Watson
    January 1, 2014

    "The Department of Health and Human Services has ordered 14 million doses of potassium iodide, the compound that protects the body from radioactive poisoning in the aftermath of severe nuclear accidents, to be delivered before the beginning of February.

    According to a solicitation posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the DHHS asks contractors to supply, “potassium iodide tablet, 65mg, unit dose package of 20s; 700,000 packages (of 20s),” a total of 14 million tablets. The packages must be delivered on or before February 1, 2014…"

    read rest at site.

  • Socrates

    There are always going to be those who will use out – of – date photos or models of something else to create a scare.

    I received several emails warning me to buy duct tape and air masks.

    On the other hand, their is a secrecy law in Japan, minimization of the situation, and a lack of candor about levels.

    We were told that Saddam Hussein could launch 45 minutes, and that the proof would come in the form of a mushroom cloud by our own Government officials.

    Governments and the press have no credibility. That is too bad about public health issues. I just assume that they are stupid or trying to manipulate the sheeple.

    • I use outdated photos and materials as references; Some people dont have the necessary know how to even use email. That does not disprove any information…

      Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

      I only advise all to use deductive reasoning.
      Nothing more, nothing less.

      • rakingmuck

        I agree. But there is a difference between the people here who research and dig deep for whatever the truth is and an Internet radio station who said the West Coast would be fried by now Deductive reasoning. IT DID NOT HAPPEN.

        • lickerface lickerface

          What if the west coast is already fried and is taking a few more years for the burn to show? The signs and statistics are apparent to me.

          • Socrates

            It is partially contaminated. There are some many different degrees and specific radionuclides. More is coming no matter what. I assume that it is not too late at this point. There are most likely good years ahead barring another big event.

            Bio concentration and bioaccumulation rates are somewhat unknown. That's why seafood is scary. Water needs to be reversed osmosis and double-filtered. Mushrooms are bad unless hothouse. We just don't know. We must assume that we can go on.

            • These rates are easily foretold by the nature around them.

              What only appears as a Partial level of contamination globally; is appearing to create mass havoc on all of the ecosystems that it is inhabiting. Time duration is heightening the amount of victims.

              I.e. Does it occur to you that in japan Humans are expressing symptoms of this situation…

              Not just 1 or 2 or a few hundred. But millions. upon millions…

              Dont believe me. Just go to tokyo and ask for medical help. (they will refuse).

              Sometimes the effects don't have to kill you my friend. If a situation such as being tested for thyroid cancer, in tokyo was available yesterday, but taken from you today. That is an effect…

              Now I ask you…

              Why would they take away that ability. Unless it had warrant.

    • lickerface lickerface

      Ya know… I even thought at the possibility of the story being fear-mongering and inaccurate, but my gut instinct told me something that I haven't thought since March 2011. It told me SOMETHING was up, because this was the first time this level of media reported a threat on the way. Even if it was wrong, my brain's gears started turning and imagined as if the event were real. I went to two hardware stores and picked up tyvek suits, P100 NIOSH masks and replacement cartridge filters, new AC filters for my home, new rubber weatherstrip for my doors, and white duct tape. I needed to be prepared anyway. These items were low in inventory by the way, so it's possible others had acted on the news as well. I saw someone looking for N100 filters but we determined P100 were fine. That guy had duct tape and tyvek suits in his cart.

      My old AC filters were tested by my pancake style Geiger last night. I got some low averages of 49 CPM. In some hot spots I measured 79-83 CPM. My upstairs filter had higher averages than the filter downstairs.

      I needed duct tape anyway.

      The doors leak too, so I'm glad I was acting wisely and being preventative there with the weatherstrip.

      • Socrates

        What was the total cost?

        Did you provide for all relatives such as grandchildren?

        Have you considered if a Kavorkian device should be included?

        These are highly personal questions. I have considered this before as part of avoiding a Mad Max world that would follow, or a slow agonizing death. Sorry to be so grim, but some cancers are very painful and drawn out. We could have a failure of the medical system, etc.

        Do not answer anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

        I do want to be prepared to cover ALL possibilities. Lived through the Cuba missile crisis and fought melanoma.

  • Occupant Occupant

    Enough doses to keep the Fed agencies running. I'm sure the 50 million moochers and the 20 million illegal aliens will get dibs on any unused doses. The rest of you that did the right things in life, worked for a living and paid taxes, well, SUCKERS.

    • bf9 Fitz

      I think it's for the military and the other federal employees. Everyone else is on their own, gotta have protected soldiers to squash any riots or unrest of irradiated civilians…

      • Sparky Sparky

        Also likely that the KI ordered by the feds is for the health care professionals so they'll be around to triage and treat (to the extent possible) the potentially huge number of sick people.

  • demo demo

    Steam is not new. It's normal cold winter air meeting heat, per Iori, Gundersen, Caldicott. I hope this news helps you start 2014 w/ less fear, not that we don't need to act w/ everything we got to get this mess mitigated. The truth IS alarming, and we'll lose credibility if we exaggerate. Fukushima Diary reported the steam has been observed almost every day since July:℃-hotter-than-atmosphere/
    For Gundersen's analysis, scroll to his FB wall post of 10:30 am yesterday:
    See Caldicott's fb wall too. (She has 2. One might be a fake?)

  • demo demo

    Prepping a good idea anyway, not just for Fuku. Most people just prep one room.

    • Socrates

      Practicing duck and cover for children in elementary schools turned out to help defense contractors make billions but provided no benefits to children.

      If you need duct tape and masks, you will need to evacuate most of Northern Hemisphere because the dust would swirl around. You could survive for sure. Think moving back to Fukushima. Some have. The West Coast would be toast, right?

      With what we have already, what we will get in the future, an acute exposure would be best dealt with by moving to the Southern Hemisphere before the acute event. Also, consider an One the Beach – type preparedness.

      If #4 blows or #3 melts down, most of the West Coast would receive a never – ending dose. Better to move south now. Just sayin'

      • Angela_R

        Hi Socrates, in recent days there have been a number of reports on Asia's interest in expanding nuclear production:
        this despite the ongoing problem of Fukushima. Indonesia, which sits on the 'Ring of Fire', is priming up to construct nuclear plants capable of supplying 10,000 megawatts annually.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        The government will be soliciting for a roll of duct tape big enough to duct tape the western coast of North America.

        specs: From sea floor to Ionosphere wide, From Mexico to Arctic Circle Long. Graphene backing.

        also taking bids on tape dispensers.
        Specs: Big

        Short nuke stocks.

        Buy duct tape stocks.

  • demo demo

    Welcome newbies! ENEns=fine info source BUT it's a hodgepodge. Some info merits attention and some does NOT. Some headlines fear monger, unhelpful. The Gizmodo report cites The Ecologist article, not written by a scientist nor a nuke authority/researcher, which cites the anonymously authored Turner Radio report which cites anonymous "experts." Before panicking (or fwding info), check sources. I'm not sayin the crisis is not dire, just that it hasn't come to a head lately. If/when you fwd info to your contacts, to preempt the psychic numbing tendency, pls include petitions people can sign, and other action ideas like flyering high traffic areas or protesting the Secrecy Law in front of the nearest Japanese Consulate. This 1st petition is good because those who sign may receive occasional updates:‐coast‐senators‐investigate‐the‐ongoing‐danger‐from‐the‐fukushima‐nuclear‐reactors‐world‐community‐must
    Capitol Hill TOLL FREE: 1‐877‐762‐8762, 1‐800‐826‐3688
    POTUS: 202-456‐1414
    Check out Turner Radio background and you'll probbly dismiss it as an info source.

  • PeterC

    Why read hundreds of pages, and watch hundreds of hours of YouTube?

    "Covers a lot of bases, and easy to understand". If you're new to Fukushima, maybe a father or a mother, and you want/need to ramp up fast…

    I strongly recommend:

    Why do you need to ramp up fast?

    IMO your DNA directs you to defend your children… kinda like a cranky old Grizzly Bear LOL

    The news summary is… Fukushima is bad… Our Planet Earth is worse!

    Enough bad news.

    You need to think bigger… The Universe – Have you ever heard the term "Near Death Experience"?

    Turns out there are MANY thousands of reports…

    It is a statistical certainty… your soul is inside a temporary container.

    Your DNA directs you to understand your soul… and the soul of your children…

    • rakingmuck

      Having had a near death experience I will say that this was my experience. I have talked to many others since who have had near death experiences and with few exceptions we all saw, smelt, experienced the same things. Even the anger when returning to earth when you felt you were leaving. Yes I said anger. I thought I was the only one. Turns out it is extremely common. There is also no fear at all. Just an insanely strong irresistible desire to go to where your soul is being pulled. Its a beautiful experience actually.

    • Au Au

      Peter C- Excellent video! "Pandora's Poison, On Fukushima Beach 4" Must go viral! I purchased a copy to support the studio and to burn CDs from and share. I also donated to enenews 😉

      2 Parts:

      If you don't mind, I also will post your entry on the General Discussion thread.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      A very concise (without skimping any detail) and to the point video to sum it all up: Helen Caldicott's "Fukushima Radiation Global Cataclysm."

      83.5 mb

      1 hr 13 min 7 seconds

  • demo demo

    Stock it, but do NOT take potassium iodide unless with Dr's instruction or unless you have thoroughly researched dosage and timing, which are both tricky, and don't take it until if/when there's a heavy plume raining on us. It can make you ill. It's useless if not timed carefully w/ plume. It's not recommended for elders at all. That said, most people may be iodine deficient, so you might want to take a regular iodine supplement anyway, but research dosage carefully. See Noah's comments in archives at FORUM: Methods for combating radiation (lower right menu.)

    • Tiza Tiza


      I'm 60. I probably can't take it when I need to, right? I do take an iodine supplement by Soloray. Also take several supplements, and they are ones that Dr. Blaylock recommends.

      • demo demo

        Tiza, I don't know. I think they don't recommend it for elders because it protects against adverse health impacts many years hence. If you want to stay in good health til you're 100, maybe take it, when/if the time comes, but determine dosage in advance, and timing is tricky too.

  • Angela_R

    STEAM. I note another poster, on an earlier thread suggested, the separation into hydrogen and oxygen. Water heated above boiling point creates steam. The water is being used to cool the rods, etc.; cooling them, is understood to be essential. However, there is the likelihood that there will be ongoing interactions with other elements.

    While the water and the heat continues, this will be an ongoing process. In the meantime the steam is the indication of heat; the degree of heat, I suspect, can only be guessed.
    However the high radiation levels detected, indicate other chemical reactions are occurring.

  • SadieDog

    Sorry if somebody already posted this. Govt orders millions of doses of potassium iodine…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Reactor 3 has had many criticalities..

    Smoke seen rising from Fukushima nuclear reactor No 3 CCTV News
    Nov 19 2011

    They didn't flip out then ..why now?

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