Godzilla trailer features nuclear plant in crisis: “They’re not fooling anybody that it was a natural disaster… They’re lying, I’m not crazy, whatever they’re guarding so carefully, I need to be able to prove it” — “You have no idea what’s coming! It’s going to send us back to Stone Age” (VIDEO)

Published: April 10th, 2014 at 2:44 pm ET


‘Godzilla’ Extended Look, April 5, 2014:

  • Joe, there’s been a breach — Keep the doors open, my wife is still in there!
  • Joe… it’s too late.
  • They evacuated us so quickly, you know I did everything I could.
  • It was not a natural disaster, alright? What’s really happening is that you’re hiding something out there and I have a right to know. […]
  • You have no idea what’s coming! It is going to send us back to the Stone Age.

‘Godzilla’ Official Main Trailer, opens May 16

  • I want to talk to somebody in charge. You are not fooling anybody when you say that what happened was a natural disaster. You’re lying, it was not an earthquake, it wasn’t a typhoon — because what’s really happening is that you’re hiding something out there.
  • In 1954, we awakened something. Well, there’s nuclear tests in the Pacific. Not tests. They were trying to kill it.

International Trailer

  • They’re not fooling anybody that what happened was a natural disaster. It was not an earthquake. It wasn’t a typhoon. They’re lying. I’m not crazy. Whatever it is they’re guarding so carefully, I need to be able to prove that it’s real.
  • The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control — and not the other way around.

Watch the Godzilla trailers here

Published: April 10th, 2014 at 2:44 pm ET


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206 comments to Godzilla trailer features nuclear plant in crisis: “They’re not fooling anybody that it was a natural disaster… They’re lying, I’m not crazy, whatever they’re guarding so carefully, I need to be able to prove it” — “You have no idea what’s coming! It’s going to send us back to Stone Age” (VIDEO)

  • American Phoenix57

    Art imitating life . . . I'll probably start crying if i watch it.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Odd twist on the Godzilla story. In the new movie, Godzilla already lived in the Pacific, and the "excuse" for developing nuclear weapons was to try to kill it.

    So my question is, why is this "seed of doubt" being planted in peoples' minds, or is it just some Hollywood "artistic license" at work in re-shaping the story?

  • bo bo

    Going to keep this short but
    Did you get my e mail yesterday? Do I have the right email?
    I am so sorry about not checking my voicemail. 🙁

  • Ontological Ontological

    Still no mutant lizards in our backyard. No bugs, they have been declining; but healthy lizards. Still a few bees, dragon flies, and the birds are doing ok, the ones we feed anyways. Other birds have decreased in numbers. SW desert behind the Spring Mts to the east is fading fast for colors each and every rare rainfall, but life is still semi normal here. It's the Humans that worry me. Zombies now they are entirely on automatic.

    • Angela_R

      Yes Onological, "Zombies now they are entirely on automatic."
      That is what, I believed I had been observing at a certain level . In a number of respects the movers and shakers have autonomy, but I wonder how long it will be before they confront/are bought face to face with the limits of mankind…

  • tsfw tsfw

    I've said it before in here that producers are planting fuku related symbolism all over their sets in various tv shows. To the point that both my husband and I will glance at each other simultaneously and give each other a knowing smirk. This latest season of Modern Family- count the starfish in different rooms. We're at 4 or 5. Also 3 times in one show they slip in a joke about tasting metal in their mouths, and the jokes really barely fit into the dialogue. There's more but I have to get off of here. I keep saying I'll keep a list and I will just as soon as I stop procrastinating. Have a great day all.

    • rakingmuck

      AS a student of Marshall McLuhan I have 2 things to say:

      (1) We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.”
      ― Marshall McLuhan

      (2) The Medium is the Message. It took years after his death for people to agree on the meaning of these words. The meaning? Like the above, media leads does NOT follow. It REFLECTS the collective unconscious, does not create it.

      • arnoldinup

        Y'know, I've read McLuhan way back in the '60s, and now I can see how prophetic his vision is.
        However, the caveat is that the Rupert Murdoch's of the world have skewed the playing field. Mass Kultur and obsessive celebrity worship has enslaved us, actually.

      • dosdos dosdos

        The quote is, "The medium is the massage", not "the message". It has often been misquoted. We use the medium to relax, to assure, to make us complacent, to keep us in our place, to keep us as sheeple. And we wonder why people are so apathetic…..

      • We Not They Finally

        raking muck, CANNOT concur that this is some straightforward "the media reflects the collective unconscious." Even the original abomination of subliminal advertising to make sure that people's sub-conscious is impressed with some unasked-for message, shows that.

        Being TURNED INTO puppets is hardly the same as causing that. People left alone in a natural state, instead of being deliberately manipulated and plundered, do not wind up in a mess of a world like this.

        And I'm emphasizing this because sometimes a key stepping stone is RESTORATION OF FAITH in our humanity, WHATEVER we are enduring physically. Like I hate that the culture has been dumbed down and am exasperated that people fall into line. But I resist thinking that that is what humanity IS, inside and out, on its own. Not wanting to go there. Nor letting the evil men do to one another off nearly that light.

    • Auntie Nuke

      Hi – I produce Nuclear Hotseat every week and would be very interested in knowing what you come up with about Fukushima imagery being made "normal" within TV programs, to get people used to the symptoms, etc. If you like, could you contact me at: info@NuclearHotseatlcom with what you've found? I'd like to feature it on a future show. Thanks! – Libbe.

      • GQR2

        Hi Libbe !! lovely to see you how is the web site? We were just talking about Modern Family,Godzilla,and the media. This is great topic Great you are on top of it !! Your podcast Shows are ..you should win an award grrl!!! you really should. i bet you get lots of feed back here. We're all over this topic too. 🙂 Luv ya Auntie Nuke !

        • tsfw tsfw

          Modern Family is really going for it and in a new show called Rake one of the characters says " Oh yeah Fukushima, wasn't that the nuclear power plant …"
          Also Hawaii 5-O on two occasions according to a fellow ene newser.
          There's no doubt in my mind that they're concerned and speaking out. I love Californians, we have a lot to thank them for.

      • ENENews

        Hope your site gets healed Libbe. It's got to be quite a pain dealing with all that. Get in touch if u need anything, I've had to work through some pretty bad situations here so maybe itll help. On my way to itunes… hear you can get the new Nuclear Hotseat there.

      • Arizonan Arizonan

        I think much of the scifi of the 1950s was either a reflection or production of nuclear anxiety, like Godzilla. What abt those radioactive ants, or the giant tryphids, or the blob, that destroy everything in their path? Zombies start showing up. Right after 1945, the humans are collectively traumatized by those three bombs, and by the ferocity of the tests between 1945 to 1963….traumatized…..the lies and power and money and fear stuff the nuke industry is rife with now….started in the 1940s…ppls collective unconscious, even in the face of all that Cold War propaganda on both sides, emerged in the creative arts as anxieties about mutants, death, widespread disaster….the scifi 1950s are I think largely about nuclear….


          we largely covered this ground yesterday, Arizonan. Far from being concerned about public anxiety, it was the job of the propagandist to use these SciFi movies/shows to create a sense of complacency in the viewer. There were, after all, no giant chirping ants lying in wait, as you exited the theater…

      • Aloha Auntie, I visit your site often, aka Nuke Pro et al

        "I have become Anti_Nuke, killer of lies and deceptions"

  • gomekwins gomekwins

    I watched Mothra vs. Godzilla recently, and it was eery how many parallels there seemed to be to Fuku.


    I imagine any new Godzilla will be steeped in Fuku metaphor. And if it's not, it should be.

    • kintaman kintaman

      Please watch Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (1990):


      The segment "Mount Fuji in Red" is painfully prophetic showing what would happen when the nuclear power plant near Mount Fuji melts down (Tsuruga NPP?). Kurosawa and many anti-nuclear people knew something like what happened on 3.11 was bound to happen and sure enough a mere 21 years later it did.

      Fukushima is a nightmare above all others for humanity.


      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        A couple of years ago, this segment could be found in it's entirety on the internet.

        It has now been scrubbed…at least the most damning segment.
        Not even wikipedia will allow it to be published per verbatim.
        Here it is:

        The nuclear engineer is describing the colored clouds that are drifting by as a result of the 6 reactors exploding…the most insidious ones having been somehow colored.

        "The clouds…the RED one…it's Plutonium 239. One ten millionth of a gram causes CANCER.

        The YELLOW one is Strontium 90. It gets inside you and causes LEUKEMIA.

        The PURPLE one is Cesium 137. It affects reproduction. It causes mutations. It makes MONSTROSITIES!

        • bo bo

          WOW pinksailmatt, thank you.

          • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

            Your welcome bo…Japan does not want those words published, and had I been a Japanese citizen, I would, no doubt, get 20 years in sing sing.

            • bo bo

              I'd have to watch the whole film, but I recall critics in Japan bashed the film when it came out, saying 'Kurosawa finally lost his edge in old age!'
              So I never bothered with the film.

              Could that have been attempts at shooing away attention ?

        • Arizonan Arizonan

          Thank you pinksail, I was wondering. I watched a full segment about three years ago but I can't find it on Youtube anymore. Does anyone out there have the link to the full clip, where he's talking about how 'the six' exploding nuke reactors wd b letting all that diff colored cesium and strontium etc into the air?

          • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

            Arizonan…the coloring of the gasses was part of the movies story…to allow the conversation about the nuke issues. In real life, those "gasses" would be conbined with about 200 other toxic radio-isotopes, so the coloring is sorta a mute point, in real life. Does ring the alarm bell for it's use though…the guy had some vision!

  • NondiPloom

    I fail to understand why enenews published this. What purpose does it serve? What statement are they trying to make with it? Seems like a silly waste of server bandwidth to me.

    • rakingmuck

      I am failing to believe ENE is what it states to be and am looking into it. Jumping the shark, destroying all credibility (a joke on Twitter now) may be purposeful. Judge me. I do not care. It is about time someone (me) looked into the downfall.

      • ENENews

        Nondi, I think quite a few in the nuclear industry are paying attention to this upcoming Godzilla release. They would prefer the public forget about the nuclear power issue altogether and this movie appears to be bringing it to a large mainstream audience.

        Rackingmuck, good luck with that let me know what you find about the downfall. Hope it's some juicy stuff. And checked the twitter mentions for @enenews.. just a few, pretty much all 'retweeted' and 'favorited' ones.

        Hope most of you on here realize that sometimes I have things going on outside of ene and can't keep up the every-day-all-day run that went on from around July to February. Ok, enough for now, there's a broken discussion thread that needs some help.

    • rakingmuck


  • zogerke zogerke

    Nondiploom perhaps: showing places in popular culture where we can look at the elephant under the rug without naming it fukushima…like tsfw finding references in popular culture on tv…there is a news whiteout but people are frightened…this is talking about 'it' in a veiled way. My conjecture.

    • rakingmuck

      Wrong. History has proven over and over and over and over again media FOLLOWS does not CREATE!

      • name999 name999

        raking, so not true. Many examples, but believe what you will…not trying to convince of the obvious.

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        a rebuttal is not required for this "statement."

      • We Not They Finally

        again, raking muck, I painfully disagree. What is broadcast widely sets the tone, takes the lead.

        There is still much we do not understand about power, domination, and the impressionability of the human mind. Why we cannot seem to OVERCOME the bombardment. But if we start thinking that we ourselves CAUSED this, then there is really nowhere to go!!

        Opinion molders laugh with cynicism and contempt. And people like that I am not cutting one instant's slack.

        So your IDEA of history has "proven over and over and over and over again." YOUR IDEA. Your idea isn't all of reality. It's just what you personally think. But you are not inside MY head. I don't think that at all.

      • tsfw tsfw

        rakingmuck stay away from the butter!

    • SadieDog

      April 10, 2014 at 6:23 pm · Reply
      AS a student of Marshall McLuhan I have 2 things to say:

      (1) We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.”
      ― Marshall McLuhan

      (2) The Medium is the Message. It took years after his death for people to agree on the meaning of these words. The meaning? Like the above, media leads does NOT follow. It REFLECTS the collective unconscious, does not create it.
      – which one is it?

  • Every Hollywood movie is a psy-op.

    They know that people are concerned and upset about nuclear pollution, so they create movies that are tangentially related and that influence people, largely through predictive programming.

    Predictive programming is very insidious: people naturally identify with various characters, so when they see the 'leading' characters react a certain way to a set of circumstances, then people will naturally be influenced to react the same way later on, when they too are confronted with similar things.

    A straightforward example can be found with the old show Seinfeld, IMO: every character is a superficial sociopath who only really cares about him/herself, aiming just for 'fun' and laughs all the time, always going the easy route (don't ever be 'real' or serious), and seemingly having the very best life has to offer as a result…

    I don't doubt that in the Godzilla movie, people learn how the system wants us to react to Fukushima: follow and trust authority (in the story: most of the system/elites want the greater good – the 'rare' elite sociopaths are aberrant and irrational outliers), nuclear power/energy is an effective weapon against otherwise unstoppable monsters, the nuclear disasters are due to totally unforeseeable events and nuclear technology is otherwise safe (and even necessary for 'safety'!), etc.

    • zogerke zogerke

      Christophe that sure sounds right, good analysis….


        agreed, zogerke. Christophe's analysis merits our consideration. He hints to a technique that I've highlighted in previous discussions on social engineering.

        They create scenarios that are so outlandish, the audience walks away perceiving the reality as being of no threat to their well being. For instance, there was a recent movie where a group of tourists visits Chernobyl, only to be consumed by mutant 'survivors' who inhabit its abandoned cities. Now, aside from the more obvious trivialization of the long term repercussions of that environmental catastrophe, the social engineer is able to reach into the subconscious of the viewer and take them from the horrors of being eaten by radioactive zombies to the reality that there are no radioactive zombies waiting outside the movie theater! That juxtaposition creates a subconscious relief within the viewer, who now thinks that things must get as bad as ravenous zombies, before reacting to the threat of nuclear power. This technique is used on many fronts within modern media. One must admire the psychologists who were able to reach into the human psyche and preempt our collective ability to act upon our innate instinct for survival. We now leave the theater with a sense of relief, neither realizing or acting upon the more subtle dangers awaiting each and everyone of us…

        • Well said! That's why I feel that even the original Japanese Godzilla may not have actually been anti-nuke at all, but in fact a very subtle distraction to help the Japanese elites plant Plutonium factories all over an island that was still suffering and in shock from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

          People with a very rational fear of radiation and nuclear pollution come away from these absurd movies confused and less likely to mount an effective resistance against the criminal shadow government.

          It is worth pointing out as well how in all such movies, most of the focus is on simple violent struggle (the one type of action that elites are best prepared against), with supernatural heroes working alone against impossible odds (subliminal message: YOU would never succeed, so don't try).

          Most of all: we obviously need to work together to move forward, and so their movies always suggest the opposite, even trying to make us think that helping society is a thankless and pointless task (in movies, society often turns against those who try to help it).

          In ancient Greece, the city states *required* that all citizens see all the plays. They then learned all about how everything is fate and that one cannot avoid it, that citizens are powerless!

          It's amazing that we now PAY to have our minds manipulated…

          • rakingmuck

            This may be the most stupid comment I have ever read here. Having graduated Magna Cum Laude in Film History and the recipient of a Student Academy Award for Best Documentary I can say with absolute certainty you do not have a clue what you are talking about.


              let's see if we're getting this right, rakingmuck. If we don't have the accepted credentials, we're not entitled to an opinion? Rather than present cogent argument to another point of view, we'll just remain silent until someone of your esteemed stature comes forth, to settle things…

            • name999 name999

              geez raking…too much coffee today…


                I'm thinking the same, name999. We're all entitled to a bad day on ENENEWS, so I'll overlook his insolence. Fact is, I'd have welcome rakingmuke's take on film industry propaganda. Doubtless, anyone with his purported background in film studies has valuable insights into this subject…

                • bo bo

                  So true, AS, if conversation went well, could have been an interesting debate between them 🙁

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    with ya' bo. I get somewhat depressed when humans forgo an opportunity to explore complex issues. I'm only left with my own interpretations; which aren't always correct or they're in need of touching-up. Getting other people's take on things, furthers my own insights…

                    • One of the interesting details of the way the media system works is that only a minority really know what is going on – most people who work on a movie are just useful idiots (who often will be in automatic denial regarding any serious criticism of their craft).

                      Screenplay writers see what is popular and try to emulate it, unaware of the deeper reasons for the various archetypes and plot devices. In any case, the people who fund each project always make sure they keep complete control of it, using if need be other writers to 'adapt' the original story with whatever the social architects feel is needed.

                      For example, it's no surprise then that they all end up portraying memorization as intelligence (how smart do you consider your computer? It has a near perfect memory, yet it is NOT SMART) – sure, a plot can easily be built around the narrow ways in which a perfect memory can help 'solve a case', but real intelligence is the ability to create, not just copy/memorize, and that is NEVER SHOWN.

                      Anyhow, getting back to mind control: one key ingredient is making the individual WANT TO BELIEVE something. Make someone feel they benefit from something, and they will automatically defend it, no matter what!

                      Most media people cannot accept the obviously manipulative aspects of their craft because if they did, then they could not enjoy their work anymore (it's hard for humans to be both happy and knowingly evil).

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      your insights, Christophe, are nothing less than stunning. I'm very impressed with your ability to hone-in on the underlying issues. Thanks for being here…

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Christophe has great insight.. 🙂

                    • bo bo

                      Very interesting!

                    • Thanks! I think the elites are very savvy about knowing just how useless logic and 'proofs' are with most people: all that's needed is to make people want to believe something, and then facts don't matter.

                      That's why I feel that the encouragements we get to hack are actually coming from the system itself, since it is so easy to catch hackers and then put them in prison (or in service…) for decades, and especially since proof and argument have no impact on most people, who currently have too many reasons not to want to doubt the system.

                      I think that the key to moving forward with Fukushima (+etc.) lies not so much with medical/scientific proof, as with finding ways to make people WANT to doubt/resist/avoid the system.

                      And that can be achieved by showing people, little by little, just how much they benefit by replacing the grossly abusive corporate solutions with incomparably better alternatives.

                      And the interesting thing about that is that if you look for how you can best adapt and improve your personal life, then at the very least you will have directly benefited, even if in the end (or for years) we aren't able to affect enough numbers to bring about significant change.

                      Some of us are willing to sacrifice ourselves or our pleasures for the greater good, but others generally aren't. Everyone wants to be easily happier, healthier and better looking though, which means possible/likely 'viral' proliferation of a bunch of awesome workarounds…

                    • P.S.: some more on the media's mind control of its workers: up and coming music artists will be put through a grinding process where they are given endless tasks ("make your music more this, more that, change your look, be more this/that, …"), all the while being promised the stars to keep them desperately motivated.

                      They learn that submitting completely to these whims is normal and well-intentioned (the drivers of this process make it seem that everything is just to help the artist 'learn'). They learn to never think too deeply or doubt (too busy for that!), and they learn to just say "how high" when told to jump.

                      The result: those artists who are most craven, desperate and malleable get rewarded with 'success' and sizable help (social media campaigns + help from adept technicians, etc.), while those who balk at anything are told they lack ambition and 'fail'.

                      Anyone who goes through hell to achieve something will thereafter have a mental block regarding the true nature of their 'success': recognizing the satanic nature of the media system would mean accepting that they had wasted all that effort for nothing, and in addition they also know that they would automatically get ostracized and severely punished if they ever were to be critical about the system in public.

                      End result: most doctors, lawyers, and media people don't want to lose or even doubt their hard-won advantages and therefore they live forever in self-imposed denial…

                    • (continued)… And of course, through this process the media system ends up with artists that are pliant and willing to use whatever message and imagery they will wish to impose on them thereafter.

                      Hence, artists need not even be full-fledged satanists or MK-ULTRA victims in order to still produce media that is guaranteed to widely fit with the social architects' wishes…

                      That being said, it's awesome how things have changed with the internet, and ever fewer people are being tricked: the music industry types try to make their marks believe that "you can't make it in music without their help", but nowadays that's pretty obviously not true, and not worth it in any case!

                    • bo bo

                      I'll try again after work

                • tsfw tsfw

                  " We're all entitled to a bad day on ene"

                  Thanks for saying this Aftershock. It's true, we all come to this place knowing that we're going to be getting more bad news. I have a knot in my stomach every time I go to open this page. If I don't check first thing in the morning, I'm nervous all day that I might be missing something I have to warn my kids about. Sometimes it's overwhelming and some venting is needed, and let's face it, who else is going to understand what we're going on about? Everyone deals in their own way, some people care more than others, some people are afraid, angry, depressed, frustrated or all of the above. But the bottom line is, everyone who comes here carries the weight of the knowledge. Tolerance and understanding goes a long way.

                  • tsfw tsfw

                    Oh I didn't see his comment up there, that was rude! We're entitled to a bad day, but we can't start calling each other names, this isn't youtube.

                    • Hey, so speaking of name-calling, I googled your acronym and came up with "too safe for wanking" and a bunch of pictures of firetrucks… It made me laugh 🙂

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      all i can say, Christophe, is I love tsfw's avatar! It reminds me of a collectors stamp. Very cool…

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    thanks, tsfw. I just think it's far more productive staying with the issues, than fighting with each other. I'll while I'm known to throw some nice punches, I'd rather an intelligent debate…

                    • tsfw tsfw

                      Bahaha my name means Too sad for words and my moniker is Putin on the Ritz. Off to google TSFW now, too funny.

                    • tsfw tsfw

                      Yep peace has to be our goal. We're all on the same page here and that's a blessing, we need to try to keep from turning against each other. Who knows what the future holds, I mean we think we find support in one another now, but we might be surprised just how much we need each other in the coming years. If we start losing it on each other now, we're doomed.
                      Peace out, going to watch another episode of THE 100 although I think it should be called THE 25 at best. Night all.

                    • bo bo

                      Putin on the Ritz !!!!! Heeeeeeeheee love it tsfw 🙂

                    • tsfw, I'm happy it made you laugh too – the extreme opposite of 'not safe for work' seems like a funny meme/idea.
                      – Sorry for wasting space with off-topic stuff though…

                    • P.S.: perhaps there was something more behind that strangely timed joke…

                      One of the things I experienced with the Occupy movement a couple years ago was how most well-meaning activists end up primarily focused on making the group super welcoming and friendly for everyone, and how unfortunately that ended up being used against them by the extremely manipulative COINTELPRO agents.

                      On the one hand, we should obviously not be obnoxious or mean, as indeed then who would want to join, and how could we reach critical mass, right?

                      But in reality, fighting the system means conflict and discord, so people with that type of attitude end up displeased as soon as conflict appears. And therefore, anytime the agents saw something they wanted to block, all they needed to do was to put a bit of pressure or awkwardness on these naive fools and they all caved in to their desire for peace and harmony…

                      Majority rule was also very much abused on purpose by the Occupy system: 90% had to be in favor for something to be implemented, which meant that just 10% could block ANYTHING, so nothing ever progressed.

                      For a project to be successful, you must determine what your success criteria is, and you must keep that foremost in your mind: is success just creating a peaceful and welcoming online environment, or is it painstakingly working together towards making a real difference in the real world and *forcing* change in spite of the depraved elites' devilish machinations?

                    • (continued)… Also, when online trolls are taken into account, the normal rules of polite discourse are turned against you as well.

                      It can be hard to tell the difference between a confused but well-meaning individual and a purposeful troll, but is our primary goal to hand-hold all the anonymous and often mischievous individuals who show up here, or is it not rather to use our collective minds to work out the most effective solutions and then implement them together, no matter how upsetting these changes are likely to be to people (at first)?

                      There are plenty of people here who have severe limitations in what they are willing to consider. Rakingmuck probably works in media and therefore he cannot stomach anything that would affect his bottom line or ego, just like a typical doctor would balk at any serious critique of their role in supporting (and benefiting from) this evil system.

                      Trying to please everyone is a sure way to achieve nothing in politics…

                      So with that being said, although I am happy to see how friendly people are here, I worry when I see so much effort spent on trying to make sure things are harmonious, when in fact as I see it our true purpose is discord (except for those of us who secretly do not want things to change!).

                      (Of course, I seek the ultimate solution that is good for everyone, including our poor mind-raped elites, who really need healing rather than more punishment – but I know that getting there is going to be a fight!)

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      just consider, Christophe, how enmity is used to squelch discourse. Consistent application of respect allows for continued exploration of issues. It benefits all if the tone of ones presentation is that of being receptive to ideas. Fact is, an analysis of this very thread will reveal that your own ideas where well received under such conditions. Aside from one who'd made the mistake of attempting to shut you down, you were encouraged to come forth and express yourself. We'd all benefited immeasurably from that congenial exchange. Hopefully, we'll continue doing so on all fronts…

                    • (continued2)… Regarding the very best type of solution to move things forward: it should not depend on any individual(s), since otherwise they will be targeted and eliminated.

                      Instead, it should be a process with well defined roles (so people are easy to replace, and therefore also safer since their elimination changes nothing), and ideally the output (early on) should be digital, since it is so hard to stop the spread of digital data.

                      There is nothing more valuable than highly concentrated top-notch information – the very best solution to all problems.

                      The system tries to block good info with its trolls and mainstream BS (which is made to look deceptively beneficial and satisfactory), but there is a way to get rid of all trolls, very easily: just require that each user account be validated by a 1 cent financial transaction, so none of the posters are anonymous anymore and so infinite user accounts can no longer be created.

                      Named individuals risk lawsuits when they promote hate or try to defraud, but above all it then becomes easy to exclude trolls, and in any case what's needed to build great things isn't huge numbers of people (which is unmanageable), but rather a small core of people working harmoniously together…

                      And with an open-source, open-data approach, anyone can take a copy of the work-to-date and take it in a different direction anytime they want, so the system won't ever be able to take control and turn it against us…

                    • @aftershock: my question to you is "what is your primary goal?". Is it being nice and getting along? Or is it forcing change to occur?

                      How can you hope to force change without being discordant, without deeply upsetting some people?

                      Working well together (in harmony, politeness, etc.) is one aspect of being effective at making change happen, but it is still just a secondary concern, and once you recognize it as a secondary concern, then it also becomes easier to notice when it is being used against you…

                      It is important to be polite, but it is also possible to be too polite and too preoccupied by harmony. That doesn't mean that the goal is to be rude and mean – it's just a question of balance and priority.

                      In any case, my goal is to fight and counter this monstrous evil in real and effective ways. That is a scary proposition though, so most would probably rather focus on being nice.

                      If the focus is to just have a nice time, then I'll just go on vacation, ya know? Why spend my vacation time here? 🙂

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      validated by who, Christophe? Who is it that manages this posting 'tax'? Who accounts for the billions that would be generated? Essential question becomes, who really benefits? And I haven't gotten to the questions that unmasking public identities raises. Would people feel as free in expressing themselves in a public forum, when there's always the prospect of a 'bruised' miscreant showing up at the front door to exact revenge? It's bad enough having big brother leaning over our shoulders. But thinking people will become more accountable for their actions in a public forum is fallacious. Worse yet, knowing the increased range of potential threats to ones livelihood, as well as physical security is guaranteed to shutdown productive exchanges. We're already seeing how people lost their jobs (justifiably or not) as a result of comments on Twitter and Facebook. You seriously think this is the way to go?

                    • It's not a posting tax, it's a one-time charge (of one cent) when you create your account, and where all the data generated is fully in the public domain (unlike most current systems). There is no profit (only server/hosting fees).

                      It's also not a question of changing the entire internet, which we have no way of changing anyway. The existing anonymous commenting systems of the rest of the internet would still remain…

                      I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the professional trolls' techniques, where anytime they detect useful info they quickly inject 20x more garbage or misleading comments to make sure it's very hard for people to reach any good stuff. Looking for good answers online is PURPOSEFULLY like looking for a needle in a haystack.

                      Dictionaries and other very high-quality content sources were built by nothing more than a few dozen people working together over time. That's all that's needed to build something awesome, and I figure there are at least a few dozen people out there who are willing to take a chance to put together all the best solutions, in concentrate.

                      So in other words, just a few people can build a great data source which everyone else can then use anonymously!

                      How easy is it currently to make sense of how to smartly adapt to Fukushima? With all the troll comments in those super-long threads, good luck!

                      And if anyone out there has an awesome solution that goes further, how are enough people ever to hear of it?

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      can't argue, Christophe, with your point about the chaos. [response to
                      April 13, 2014 at 6:00 pm post]
                      Unfortunately, you'd have to trade the dynamic nature of what's experienced through the likes of you, against the chaos you're alluding to. Put another way, this chaos ensures free expression; albeit in a more muted form. And as that chaos proliferates itself throughout the media, the ability to control any one message is diminished. So yes, it can be challenging make sense of things, yet, it's becomes impossible impeding the dissemination of critical information. That's why they're in a panic and attempting to formulate justification for content control within this medium. They've lost control of the info-spigot…

                    • @aftershock: your last comment about chaos and free expression didn't make much sense to me, FWIW 🙂

                      Anyhow, one last key detail of what I was proposing is how every user should be able to vote on and rate any and all data points.

                      If you have 100 users and 90+ vote that a particular user is a troll, based on evidence of several posts, then that user gets kicked out and his garbage data is purged.

                      If you end up with a split where part of the group believes X and the other part vehemently believes the opposite, then they can split and each go their separate ways. Anonymous consumers of data will ultimately decide which they prefer, so no worries!

                      And in addition, so long as each anonymous user can get all the raw data, they can even build their own personal view of the data, where they give weight to all the named users which they have personally rated highly (only on their private machine – not publicly), so that they can then more easily filter and sort what is likely the very best out of the set…

                      I don't see anything ominous in any of that, and furthermore it seems like a difficult thing for TPTB to block or wreck like they usually do.

                      Above all, it is an enabling technology. It makes it possible for people to efficiently find and share the very best solutions to all their problems, something Google and wikipedia basically exist to prevent!

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      much more attuned, Christophe, to your followup suggestions. I particularly like the use of anonomizing analysis of information. As long as the active database containing the information of interest cannot be easily spoofed, I'd accept the practice where users can parametrically rate the value of what they're seeing. Of course, the algorithms should be designed in such a manner as to preclude the public's ability to censor information that's deemed unacceptable. More often than not, 'loners' will come forward with information that doesn't fit within the usual parameters of being valid. Then we discover down the road, they were right after all! So much meditation would be required to prevent premature squelching of things we're not ready to know…

                    • The devil is always in the details, so I'm not surprised it seemed wrong at first when not well fleshed out. Thanks for hearing me out! 🙂

                      I also agree that there is a huge difference between the 1st person to vote/say something and the last person to do so, and I think the data analysis could feasibly be pushed to include automatically highlighting those individuals who are true thought leaders – those whom everyone disagrees with at first, only to end up obviously correct in the end…

                      I do think however that most anon users would not even need to do any data entry or work to get great results. If we work to actively purge most trolls, then normally the data set is excellent from the get-go.

                      I actually tried to build a search engine based on parts of this idea a few years ago, but quickly came to realize how TPTB would never let me survive finishing it alone.

                      I do however think that if enough people got interested and worked on it together in public, then things could be set up where there would be reasonably little risk (since any extreme reactions by TPTB would do nothing more than publicize the solution world-wide).

                      There would for sure be a ton of agents queued up to join and mess with us, but they are actually very easy to spot and eliminate through this system, anyway. (it's the whole idea!)

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      as usual, Christophe, you never cease to amaze! I work at the machine level (hardware/software), so I'd be little use in your venture. I'm think'n the opensource community (GNU?) would have the knowledge to pursue it. Now that I've gotten a better sense of what you're suggesting, I would strongly suggest your pursuing the project. Keep me in the loop…

                    • bo bo

                      Thanks for this awesome thread.
                      I just bookmarked your website, and subscribed to your channel.

                      Btw – I watched your clip on Occupy Boston and tried to get to your link on Bush prostitution ring, the link no longer works. Do you have a good link?

                      YOUR FAN 🙂

                    • bo bo

                      Must've been good stuff if they came and scrubbed it…hehe 🙂

                      I particularly liked your analysis of Mad Men.
                      Amazing eloquence, too, judging from your channel looks like French is actually your first language.

                    • Oops! In re-reading my earliest description of it, I see how it could be read as suggesting we make ALL COMMENTS on the internet non-anonymous, which is terrible – sorry 'bout that!

                      It should be noted however that there is *nowhere* that someone can currently go to post/find comments EXCLUSIVELY from 'real', identifiable people. Instead, Facebook, Google+ and such are all built to purposefully also permit fake accounts, so that those fake accounts can easily be used to falsify social 'likes'.

                      In other words, TPTB desperately need platforms that let them create totally fake impressions of what 'public opinion' is, which is effectively another form of mind control (in politics, fashion, etc.), in addition to this letting them far more easily continue to feed us misinformation.

                      In fact, I've even noticed that Google+/Google Maps' review system is basically designed to block serious reviews, probably because they fundamentally don't want to let people give feedback too easily.

                      Although there is a need for anonymity for many reasons, people just don't realize what they are missing out on by not having *in addition* a trustworthy environment that is guaranteed to only have comments from real people, and where anyone – even you – can join in anytime.

                      Automatically, with real people, we start to cut out all those who become 'known liars' and work to confirm others as 'high value' – this solution basically just involves applying that same approach…

                    • @bo: sry, my replies are delayed as I try to find the "mot juste" (the 'just-right' words). 🙂

                      And thanks for letting me know about the dead link – it's by my own mistake I took it down, actually (to make my site more mainstreamy and better able to host an app for a small municipal election – long story!).

                      I'll put it back up in a bit, although I think I'll add a preface warning to it, in the sense that I now feel that trying to wake everyone up WITHOUT a clear plan of where we are going is pretty dangerous, since TPTB are *so good* at doing whatever is needed to take over political movements (revolutions, etc.), and in any case forcing nuclear+bunkered TPTB into a corner is dangerous.

                      Anyhow, here is the link to the movie that IMO should *theoretically* wake most Americans (and begs questions of those who refuse even this): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggxiBWv4xYE
                      => my idea was to canvas neighborhoods sharing the link, but I think you risk your life if you do that too much in the US with that kind of info, all on your own – it is only feasible if you know you have a network of people backing you up (I sure got scared, doing it alone).

                      But in any case, I think far too many people just don't want to know that our elites are monstrous child abusers, or at least they aren't interested in the idea of simply trying to rebel to change it…

                      Better solutions and approaches surely exist, which is part of why that software idea is so interesting..

                    • A little P.S. on Facebook/Google+/etc.: it is worth noting how the fake accounts can be used to say anything and get away with it (ie: entrapment), whereas real people using those same services (replying to those same comments) are liable for every single word and action on there…

                      This is perfect for organized trolling and practically no-risk for TPTB, even helping to confirm the idea that the internet is inherently full of lies and trolls, while being super high risk for real users (lots of people have seen jail time based on what they wrote in FB).

                      Anytime you publicly say something, you take a pretty significant risk. But I think quite a few people would take that risk to, say, really help determine how to best adapt to Fuku (a task too great for 1 person, alone, and one TPTB would interfere too heavily in if done in a typical group), but in general also to help put together the best compilations of advice/solutions possible, or to warn people about a landlord or business that really pissed them off (eg: a trustworthy map-based 'signed' review site), etc.

                      The same general approach could also be used to help people share and find good music (something the music industry *doesn't want*), and all sorts of other things…

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      after further consideration, Christophe, I've decided you're on to something. I just wish I had the technical knowledge to help…

                    • Doh – I just accidentally deleted a long reply with so many mots justes! Lost FOREVER!!!

                      Anyhow, what I was trying to say was that *actually*, what I think is really needed at this point is for people who like the idea to help publicize it, 'cos once it is well-known, then it is practically certain it will happen in some form (assuming it can catch on with others too).

                      If enough people contact me to work on this with me, then I am certainly going to work at it, but none of this is patented (that I know) and it is all now in the public domain, so I see no reason to hold back in talking about it with people (I don't claim any particular control or ownership of anything, idea included, and there is no harm to multiple competing implementations!).

                      I personally prefer a non-profit, open-source, open-data solution, but others may not.

                      I would be more than happy to help create materials to help better explain or present the idea and a concrete project, but again I don't want to do it alone, and wonder what our chances are if, for example, we can only be 2 or 3 people significantly interested, based on the likely readership of this page over the next few days…

                      Do enough people really want to get involved and try to help create something new? We shall see 🙂

                      P.S.: I'm so sorry! Please believe that the original was WAY more 'just right' and did an even better job of makin' u want to get involved in this awesome project!! (It should be a fun team!)

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Christophe, thats a lot of long posts, and I cant even figure out exactly what youre after. Streamlined, pertinent data exchange, but the specifics of the context eludes me.

                      Ive designed an electric bush plane that has the soaring capability of a 1-26 with the goal of gathering a few kindred souls who will live out our days as aerial nomads, making epic migrations, free from the shackles of the "system" The hardest part was perfecting the nanocellulose 3d print head-on-arm that makes these beautiful pearlescent/translucent machines for the cost of some harvested bamboo. Instead of data transfer by language, I prefer rapture of song and primal calls/Aerial ballet to transcend the banal limits of word. Shunning man and embracing nature, soaring the worlds most beautiful mountain ranges, feeding on carrion, pollen and sprouts…. But for those inclined to land, heres a start

                      Marcin Jakubowski:


                    • bo bo

                      Christophe, thank you for sending me the link.
                      I wanted to write to you after I watched it but I now realize I will not get to it today as I do not have the mental stamina to plow through a documentary on such a depressing topic on top of the all the bad news from fukushima 🙁

                      I am not a programmer so I cannot help you with the project you mention but I think I understand what you are aiming at. I think you should repost just that part about your proposed project on the off-topic section. The social / cultural perspectives you provide here is so appreciated, I do hope you visit here more often!

                    • Well, it should be fairly clear that the project does not need programmers so much as publicity and awareness, which *anyone* can help with, IN FACT.

                      I also think that in some ways I am the worst person for that task, because I am so real and so far from mainstream mental illness that I tend to freak people out. I am the antithesis of a salesman, pretty much.

                      But above all, I know that doing this all by myself is unwise, whereas I truly believe that if just a few of us work smartly together then we would be unstoppable *and* reasonably safe to boot.

                      One of the most difficult aspects to deal with in activism is fear: we are all afraid of dying, and we all know what tends to happen to those who try to really change things. But letting that fear trap you into submission to endless slavery, support for self-destructing evil, and a slow, miserable death is INSANE.

                      It isn't surprising that people on this forum are more interested in being nice, feeling distraught empathy and flying kites (ex: CodeShutdown) than trying to actually CHANGE THINGS, but as I said earlier, I have far more pleasant ways to just procrastinate than this!

                      That being said, I do not expect anyone to decide to take risks or engage in significant action without thinking it through, so I hope you will keep this solution in mind, because I think it is extremely powerful.

                      A troll-free online environment would be so awesome that I really hope we make it happen! It's up to y'all 🙂

                    • bo bo


                      I am very very curious to hear your take on Oliver Stone films and propaganda.

                      Please and thank you.

                    • P.S.: I just wanted to add that IMO I stayed on topic and relevant, insofar that as I see it the whole point to a forum on Fukushima is to work towards effective SOLUTIONS and to ACT on them, rather than just describing the problem.

                      I will not, however, bother recopying any of this on another thread on this site, because obviously it does not seem like people here *really* want solutions – let's be honest…

                      But, like I said it's also very important to give people time to think things through, so I shouldn't be too hasty in making my judgements. However, anyone who likes the idea can recopy it themselves wherever it should go, right?

                      But if you come here every day and you never make any progress and only ever get more depressed, discouraged and cut off from mainstream society, then maybe you should ask yourself what the point is?

                      I'm so sick of all that that my current/next move is trying to move to Iran or some other anti-zionist, anti-colonial country, so that *at least* my taxes won't go towards such evil anymore.

                      And the fabulous thing about places like that: the vast majority over there are truthers (even presidents)! I can't wait to get out and as far away from the West as possible, and to be honest my experiences on this thread did nothing but reinforce that feeling, ultimately. Just being nice doesn't cut it for me – I want (smart) ACTION! I want to change all these awful things.

                      Good luck everyone 🙂

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Christophe, my point was that a focus on the main requirements of survival, the DIY path seems to be very pertinent. Unless I miss entirely the thrust of your project. That is, I just dont see that the public is reigning in the corrupt system with data and logic, and that ignoring the system as much as possible might be the practical solution. But an electric/soaring/super maneuverable craft is on the design board, and Im sorry nobody liked the idea of the nomadic aviation carrion eating life style. The take away is that the spoils of civilization are here too, that is computation power, 3-d printing, solar etc. The question is how to implement this in a pertinent and time effective manner.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Christophe, could you please Summarize your proposal?

                    • @bo: I don't think there is much to say about Oliver Stone other than him being an obvious example of "limited hangout operations". His movie on the JFK assassination was so bogus, *only* the mainstream can continue to suggest him seriously.

                      Also, I think there is a far better source of info on child abuse by our elites than that documentary on Bush, which ultimately is quite sad (so many children brutally victimized, so much institutionalized injustice!). Namely, the ex-illuminati Svali, who explains everything without actually bringing you down:

                      It is amazing and awe-inspiring to read her beautiful take on how to live as a recovering victim of mind-break and how to actually make the very best of it. It is very uplifting AND it does an amazing job of explaining how things really work in America and Europe.

                      Small question: did you really subscribe to my YT channel? I never got any notification, which makes me wonder if YT is under-reporting my popularity? Sounds like a conspiracy!!!
                      => OMG! I may in fact be super-duper-popular!!! 😉

                    • bo bo

                      Like I said I am not a programmer and cannot be of any help to your project. I recall after the socref fiasco, there were some stellar discussions that happened regarding the comment system, and you were a part of it then too. I don't think at all people are disintersted! It's just not many people are programmers here. ( I thought Sykewar was? syke, u should contact him through his website if you're reading this)
                      Me – I come here every day mostly because I still have a hard time comprehending what atomic fission is, I hobble through the periodic chart and some here are kind to help me. I have a dumb retail job that allows me to post throughout the day. Along the way I have found camaraderie, and even some friends locally.
                      That is all. I am just trying to comprehend and digest information so when other unenlightened souls ask me: 'what is going on in Japan ??? Are bananas radioactive? Was that a hydrogen explosion, or a nuclear detonation? Is there radiation in our food? How dangerous is it?' I can at least answer informatively in a calm manner. Perhaps that is not enough to get to a solution. But that is all I can do to help at the moment. I don't claim to be any more than that. For my hole-infested colander of a brain, that is like a full time job 🙁

                    • bo bo

                      Hehe you might be!!
                      Because I actually did subscribe 🙂
                      Plus I can't comnent on your channel because I'm banned from commenting on YT.
                      Thanks for your Oliver Stone input.
                      I think he has been silenced about fukushima as well.

                      Keep up the great work !!

                    • @CodeShutdown: IMO, most plans for living independently of society (in bunkers, on the sea or in the air) ultimately favor TPTB because
                      a) you aren't getting in the way of any current NWO plans by doing so
                      b) they will just crush you once they have completed their NWO take-over of the rest of the world (to 'save turtles', or whatever)
                      c) generally it takes an enormous amount of resources per person, hence it isn't widely feasible

                      That being said, self-sufficiency and all that is hugely important, but again I think that the most critical lacking ingredient currently is a platform that helps people find and share the very best solutions.

                      The solution I propose is to build a troll-free online environment.

                      Do you not notice how many trolls are present everywhere online, and how dependent they are on anonymous accounts to continue their malevolent actions?

                      Just by having a platform where no one is anonymous, you effectively exclude most trolling:
                      – legal liabilities forbid hate speech and limit fraud, to say nothing of the personal risk of being widely known as a liar
                      – compiling real users' ratings of other users' posts automatically gives you the data necessary to best sort and filter the data (especially if you keep kicking out known trolls)

                      The *key* thing to note with search engines: there are millions of results for each query, but how can you determine the top 10 results? With this, doing so is easy *and* transparent…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      "The *key* thing to note with search engines: there are millions of results for each query…"

                      There is information overload and mis information overload. Lets throw out a number; 90% useless information. Do you envision that a user voted elimination scheme will solve this? Will there need to be "command centers" to decide how to categorize, sift through and eliminate stuff? "Winged carrion eating man" was a very tangential way to highlight the ingrained thinking, the worldview taken for granted. Even "work ethic" has a new meaning when 80% labor can/will/should be robotized. One animal lives a solitary life over stormy antarctic seas, circumnavigating the earth, sleeping on the wing. People would never believe this possible for themselves, yet the technology exists. Thats perhaps beside the point, but more directly; only by "cutting off" the elite, the controllers and fascists will we have a chance. Boycott will not work. Only a return to autonomy can we cut loose from their game. I dont say its easy, just as its illegal to catch rain water in many states. But this is at least as pro active a thinking as a troll free wikipedia… or not?

                    • @bo: I was not part of any discussions on the comment system here, AFAIK.

                      I am however a programmer with enough knowledge and experience to even know how to build this all by myself, which I actually tried to do.

                      End result: for 4 years now I have been the victim of slander and viciously false allegations of madness and mania. It has cost me all my family ties and more, but above all I was smart enough to realize that this was basically just a first step: if I persist in trying to naively finish building this alone, I am a dead man, no doubt about it.

                      So I don't *need* programmers (although it would certainly help and speed things a lot), but I do *need* lots of backup – like a group of people copying my work-to-date (so it can't get swept away by my death, which effectively keeps me safer), and people who will raise a bit of heck if/when TPTB try their shenanigans.

                      In any case, I think it is madness to work on this project alone, and if any of *you* are interested in the project, then you should make an effort to publicize it and talk about it with people (which shouldn't be particularly dangerous for you), 'cos if enough people become interested, then it will happen, be it through me or some other people.

                      Does that make sense?

                      I don't see why you (or anyone else) would think you are not well suited to helping out with this, unless you have some better plan?

                      (But u needn't rush towards any decision – it takes time to think well)

                    • bo bo

                      Sorry for the late response, was stuck in my off-topic forum ditch I dug for myself last night then fell asleep
                      I'm trying to comprehend what is required but as along as it is legal I can definitely help! 🙂

                    • Wow! That's really cool, bo.

                      I will add a few details regarding why I think this solution is a good example of the type of thing we should be aiming for:
                      – they cannot outlaw the idea without simultaneously exposing how TPTB cannot handle the truth, how we in fact have no real freedom of speech (not when it costs them money and influence)
                      – AFAIK it cannot be blocked through patents (too much similar prior art, too many workarounds, too much shame if they try to abuse the system to block this)
                      – the output is digital (concentrated high-quality info on your topic of choice), hence once distributed it is nigh impossible to undo
                      => whereas most anti-NWO things we build will just get destroyed, and hence what can be more important is widely spreading HOW to build/do the most useful things, in which case they can't then wreck everyone's stuff without having serious blow-back…

                      So with that being said, our challenge lies in finding ways to spread the idea to lots of people, so that lots of people want to work on it (with us or independently, it matters not).

                      I will try to think of things I can do to publicize this, and hope you will also try to *think* of it a lot, to make sense of it and to think of how you can best present it to people.

                      Can you contact me by email through my website (betterinfos.com)? In general the idea is to try to build some interest over the next few months and see how far we can get… I expect it will take some time.

                    • I never got an email, bo (in case you sent something). FWIW, in case I wasn't being clear enough, I am indeed only considering legal, moral and irreproachable conduct in this and all things.

                      Anyhow, sorry to everyone for being so long-winded and for posting maybe too much, especially regarding this one idea 🙂

                    • bo bo

                      Am I paranoid??? This is another gaslight situation… but all my e mail correspondences with activists keep disappearing. Not just yours

                    • bo bo

                      Christophe – dropped you a note

                  • Doh! My fault – the spam filter caught them, even though I thought it wasn't running (so much spam!). Thanks bo 🙂

            • GQR2

              what is your problem today rakingmuck?! if you don't like it leave nobody is keeping you here ! That was absolutely unnecessarily rude to Christophe whose comment was pithy and spot on. – get a grip it doesn't matter how many degrees you have. Check some more recent information on MIND CONTROL and read up on Hollywood predictive programming and do whatever you want but don't be gratuitously rude. Check your heart and intuition. nuff said.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              rakingmuck, even your moniker makes it seem as if you are not convinced that the media has no motivation to distort the truth. Certainly the film industry is part of the media.

              Have you never heard of Bernays? Have you never watched TV nor have even seen any advertising? Have you never heard of the flicker rate to hypnotize the viewers to believe whatever they are watching? Have you never heard of subliminal advertizing in movies?

            • SadieDog

              Christophe, you're right on!

            • Auntie Nuke

              Back atcha. So you gamed a film curriculum at a school? LOL! Yeah, that makes you an expert. And your STUDENT documentary won a STUDENT award? Oh, jeez, I am so impressed, I can barely stand it… NOT! You're a child, early 20's at most, and you know nothing. Get used to it or get a real education.


            detractors aside, Christophe, I find your insights invaluable. You've touched on an incredibly important point: how heroism is used to shape our own sense of value to society. We often see how individuals who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the better a better world, are often derided as suffering from a "Christ complex".

            We also see this technique of objectification being applied in most every area of modern film drama; from the lone cop who battles social corruption (Dirty Harry) to the rebellious journalist (Kimberly Wells) who bucks corporate control, to get the truth out. Some might claim that deification of the hero/heroine it's done to enhance the character and juice-up the storyline. Fact is, any one of us is capable of influencing great change. Convincing us otherwise is the goal of social controllers…

          • Meh. Sometimes it's just about telling a story. And stories often involve elements of collective reality, the better to cultivate the audience's agreement to suspend disbelief for the duration.

            Toho (original Godzilla franchise) sold the character/story rights to Legendary Pictures in 2010 (Toho is still distributor). That was before Daiichi. This new production exercizes those expensively purchased rights, which we may safely presume the production company intended to do all along or it wouldn't have purchased the rights.

            Godzilla has always been a nuclear plant stomper/eater of nuclear fuel. That's what he does when he's not initiating yet another urban renewal project in Tokyo. We long-time Godzilla fans already know the character's M.O., would expect a big nuclear disaster in this movie. ESPECIALLY because Daiichi happened. Eagerly awaiting March 16th.

            Not everything is some kind of conspiracy theory. It wouldn't hurt some here to understand that.


              think, JoyB, we're delving more into the use of propaganda than the Godzilla film, itself. I happen to be a big Godzilla fan and simply adored the Mothra twins. Whether or not such feature films are used to distort public perception,s is more of the issue here. And as I'm heavily into studying propaganda techniques, the latest release of Godzilla's sure to be on my list…

              • I watch movies – on DVD or video – for entertainment some evenings, more in winter than summer. Have a big library, rent some, also have roku. Go to the theater maybe once every couple of years or so, never as a "family outing" because it costs too damned much. Sometimes to the Brew 'n' View, where we get the less-than dollar movie with pizza and beer.

                It's gotta be a new Star Wars, or Avatar, or Independence Day, or maybe Godzilla before I'm going to spend the better part of a hundred bucks to see a movie upon its first-run release. I usually enjoy it. Sometimes I wonder why I spent good money I could have used to buy seedlings or a new cherry/apple/peach tree instead. Because it's very seldom, it's hardly ever hit or miss. I've gotta be convinced it might be worth seeing.

                But I agree with the idea of 'regular' propaganda programming thrust. That's why my family hasn't had television in our home since 1976. BEFORE cable (they want ME to pay for it?!?). I recall it was the Gong Show at dinnertime, a seriously obese woman burping the National Anthem for the bicentennial…

                Somehow [she says while looking pointedly elsewhere, hands stiff in pockets to sustain a shrug], the television set ended up at the bottom of the basement stairs in many small pieces. I have not even been tempted since.


                  love your style, JoyB! I also dumped the TV for many years. Then I decided to install an antenna, just to see what had changed. I was stunned how far it had degenerated. Of course, most who pay for it are like frogs in the pot, and fail to see the contrasting degradation.

                  And you are sooo right about the waste in money. I got a HD widescreen monitor, cheap sound satellite sound system and everyone loves it. We'll only bother to go to a theater if the featured film merits BIG screen viewing; like a SciFi movie. Otherwise, I pretend the movie's not been released until it's in my mailbox…

                  • I see enough of it when we're out and about visiting folks and family, or we're out of town for a gig and stuck in a bland motel in a bland part of town, to know the medium hasn't improved any in the past nearly 40 years. We quit eating meat around the same time period, haven't missed that either.

                    Sometimes you WANT mindless drivel to destress or bore you to sleep, or just to keep tabs on how "the other half" lives. But most of the time there's way, way more needful and/or simply delightful things to do in the real world than lose your brain to hypnosis in front of the idiot box. Total waste of time in life. All for the express purpose of beaming sales spiels straight into your head every 5-8 minutes 24-7 for things you don't want and can't afford anyway. I am not a "Consumer." I am a human being with a life to live.

                    The hypnotic effect of flickering lights and modulated sounds has been known about since basically forever. Almost all of those 400 channels of drivel people pay good money month after month for exists solely as vehicle for the propaganda. a.k.a. "Ads." It's not a new business model or anything…

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Propaganda and movies….well I didnt read these books, but its a place to start

                  Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes and Censors the Movies
                  David Robb

                  The CIA in Hollywood: How the Agency Shapes Film and Television
                  Tricia Jenkins

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              well, there is a conspiracy to make money selling movie tickets. And when that much social power and money is at stake, I bet the power brokers and legions of enablers fall into some lines, even if only subconsciously.

              Godzilla, written by Max Borenstein

              produced by Legendary Entertainment one of the first companies of its kind to pair major motion picture production with major Wall Street private equity and hedge fund investors

              distributed by Warner Brothers, a subsidiary of Time-Warner. WB was started by the Wonskolaser brothers Hirsz, Aaron, Szmuland, Itzhak from humble beginnings. It recieved a notable financial boost from Wall Street and Goldman Sachs. One of the brothers, Itzhak secretly formed a sindicate gaining control of all the company stock.

              Paramount (aka Gulf+Western, Viacom) put 12 billion into a hostile takeover of Time, trying to force a 15 billion cash acquisition of Warner. In the end there was a Time Warner merger.

              An example of public influence is the billions in war bonds purchased after producing government requested war propaganda films


                nice, CodeShutdown…

              • LOL!!! Oh, my. I guess we'll see when the movie comes out, eh? I was actually pleasantly surprised by the new Muppet movie, after being bitter for quite awhile that Disney bought them. But I view movies as entertainment, nothing more. Somebody somewhere could probably come up with a big CT theory about "War, Inc." or "Enemy of the State" too. Beyond the conspiracy theories (and actuality) they displayed on purpose.

                I'm a Godzilla fan. Didn't like the Matthew Broderick monster – big and scary, but not really Godzilla-like. And Broderick was clueless. This one looks to be a hybrid, but I want to see glowing spines when he eats reactor cores…

                He eats reactor cores, he stomps on Tokyo. He's "a force of nature," as Raymond Burr once said in a Godzilla movie. They don't end well, they always end sadly when the stars watch him 'die' (he never really does, just has to show up in the next movie from whatever volcano/iceberg they put him in last time), knowing he can't help but be what he is. I sincerely doubt he could convince me Daiichi is anything but what IT is as well.


                  fun thoughts, JoyB. Loved the orginal Godzillas, as well. And "Enemy of the State" is one of the prescient films. It predated 911 and laid out how government uses terrorism to enact restrictive law. Of course, the plot degenerates into a wiz-bang ending, but overall, is worth the study…

                • bo bo

                  Hmmmm though media may not ALWAYS be sinister propaganda and conspiracy, it sometimes most definitely is – and often so on sensitive topics – so I think this discussion is a very valid one.

                  One recent obvious example ( I thought ) was Zero Dark Thirty ( based on the 'hunt' for Osama Bin Laden)

                  Just throwing out the obvious example, just to prove this point, I agree there is much manipulation on a more subtle level too.

                • bo bo

                  btw I adore Godzilla too JoyB 🙂

            • thhhttthbbbt. MAY 16th, of course. Oh, no! There goes Tokyo… uh, uh GODZILLA [oh, nooooo].

        • name999 name999

          aftershock, the list of very famous American psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors is a long one. These were people who wrote for, sat on boards for, consulted with many covert
          government operations and actions including torture.

          The book Bluebird by Colin Ross is on the pulse of professional misconduct and ethics violations that went undetected with the protection of Clandestine work. It is all declassified information
          now and has been made public in numerous books.

          Another book on this topic is Out Of Body Out Of Mind by Mary Faith Bonney on

      • rakingmuck

        This guy is a complete no thing, has no official standing in media history or applied science and u are agreeing with hm? Like I said ENE has sadly, (been here 3 years Admin) jumped the shark. Purposely? Look at funding.

        • gomekwins gomekwins

          Why u mad tho. If this thread is so pointless, why are you posting in it so much? If you discover that enenews is owned by coal or solar interests, what difference does it make? If a few posts are more culturally focused than others, how does that diminish the value of the site?

          Also, nice job starting out with an ad hom. Pretty shilly in here.

        • SadieDog

          The sharks have called and said they need help because they are all dying from massive toxic pollution and millions of tons of radiactive poison. Also, they had a question they wanted to ask… Why?

    • name999 name999

      christophe, this use of hollywood for disinformation and mind control (call it what it is) is longstanding in the 20th and now into the 21st century.

      If you want to see Godzilla, get the original…very powerful, translated from Japanese.

    • P.S.: For those who are interested in the science of societal mind control through media, here's an excellent video that exposes a secret ad training manual for Madison Avenue sociopaths:

      … And yet most people let their kids watch hours of TV every day (in no small part because both parents are constantly overworked). Exclude the mainstream and be incomparably happier, smarter and healthier!!! 🙂

      • rakingmuck

        Officially jumped the shark. Good bye


          I'd appreciate the meaning behind this "…jumped the shark." reference. Can anyone explain just what it means?! While I've been level-eight programmed for heuristics analysis, this one eludes me…

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_the_shark

            Normally used in reference to TV shows that suddenly go from being decent to being ridiculously bad, the expression coming from when the producers of Happy Days were so desperate for some new gimmick that they had the Fonz do a big water-ski jump over some sharks…

            I take it that Mr. Muck doesn't like my 'show' and feels I should be canceled? Either that or he is trying to wow us with his 'insider knowledge' of trivial TV expressions…

      • name999 name999

        christophe, Mad Men.

        • From what I can tell about Mad Men (which I have *not* watched but am aware of) is that it seems to mostly exist to normalize advertising.

          One common tactic, wherever the system has visible warts, is to create a "limited hangout operation", where they offer what seems like a biting critique of that most reprehensible part of the system, but the critique ends up making things look far better than they actually are.

          Mad Men probably makes most people not want to work in advertising (with reason, considering how awful the work conditions are), but it doesn't make people realize just how manipulative and evil their work truly is – nothing like that leaked training manual is ever revealed.

          Instead, people get lost in the drama and start imagining what it's like to have to work so hard to create all that crap people generally try to avoid as much as possible. So much (manipulative) thought and work goes into each short-lived creation, and the people creating it even suffer themselves tremendously (and are maybe therefore partly absolved of guilt?).

          The only mainstream creation that I've ever seen effectively give truly discordant (to the mainstream) programming is Chapelle's Show. Their 'True Hollywood Stories' and many other pieces were a brilliant way to break a lot of the evil stuff that the system usually tries to convey/program.

          It's not for nothing they cancelled it in spite of its huge success!

          • P.S.: well, actually, if indeed Mad Men hides the fact that subliminal embeds are widely used in media (as it must, having been created for TV, in search of ad-revenue), they therefore are selling one of the principal lies of the advertisers: that they hold back from using perverted subliminal suggestions on the public (incl. children!), that their product is nothing more than the fairly blatant and straightforward attempts to get your attention the ads seem to be at first glance…

            • P.P.S.: an even deeper lie being that the (openly manipulative) advertising is distinct from the media, or in other words that the subliminal embeds (and everything else imaginable) aren't used just as much in the Hollywood movies and TV shows as in the ads.

              • name999 name999

                …best to watch some episodes first hand.

              • Runningonlove Runningonlove

                Hey Christophe, thank you for all your erudite and interesting comments! I'd like to hear your take on the
                "S-Quad" technology,aka "silent sound spread spectrum", which supposedly enables subliminal audio, verbal and image transmission direct to brain via ELF embedding on digital TV,radio, music recordings,etc.Lord knows if you'll see this question, (the last comment was in the wee small hours) but this
                technology seems to be what you might be alluding to…

                • Although it seems feasible to pulse energy into a brain and to make the subjected brain matter 'hear' or experience things as a result, I am sure it has severe limitations, to say the least.

                  It seems like the kind of tool TPTB might use to help create fake alien or religious experiences in gullible people, but not like the kind of tool that can be used to directly control or overwrite peoples' thoughts.

                  As an aside, the simple proof that the alien stuff is fake lies in how lots of US military men have supposedly broken ranks to share this 'top-secret' info, yet none of them have ever been punished for it…

                  BTW, the evil programming of the mainstream that Chapelle's Show counters is mostly the type of stuff that affects young or weak-minded people. For example, the system spends lots of effort trying to make drugs look cool through its music, its depraved stars and its purposefully weak anti-drug campaigns, but Chapelle totally wrecks all that with his portrayals.

                  Do people here need to be convinced that cocaine is a hell of a drug, or that the US system is grossly unfair and evil, and has been for a long time? Probably not, but for a wider audience, his show is really significant.

                  More difficult is figuring out how we have been filled with thoughts that are safe for the system, how most of the thoughts that come to mind to solve political problems were planted by them and that in fact we need to think far beyond that to be effective 🙂

          • fonzie3b fonzie3b

            Christophe, regarding Chapelles Show. It was not cancelled per say, but rather Dave Chapelle quit and "moved to Africa". I can remember the mainstream belittling him and making him out to be a loon. The obvious reason for this situation is that after 2 incredibly successful seasons of sharp pointed commentary "they" sat him down realizing the enormous influence the show was having and said, "play ball or get out of the business".

            With much respect for the man he chose the latter. Keeping his integrity and not turning his show into just another shill piece with content approved by the masters. Chapelle is a person that we should all be proud of for not selling out for fame and success. He chose the virtuous path even tho it cost him his career.


              correct, fonzie3b. And while I can't argue with Christophe's other commentary, we do have to call a spade…a spade. [Don't fret folks. Chapelle would've loved that one.]…

            • Well said Fonzie! I'd even add that they refused to pay Chapelle during the show's duration (he even made an issue of it during the 2nd season), so it was a bunch of really dirty tricks that sort of boil down to TPTB forcefully "cancelling the show", or at least making it impossible for him to continue it, in spite of all the 'profits' studios supposedly only care about.

              He would not have run off to Africa if he had not been deeply scared for his life, when in fact he is clearly not a fainthearted man! That man is a true hero, IMO, and I love his work 🙂


                with ya' Christophe. I always loved Chapelle for his "take no prisoners" attitude! His work set a whole new standard for 'comedy'. Me and the kids dearly love and miss him…

      • Indeed, have never bought a TV in my life

        full disclosure…have been know to fritter away hours on internet, LOL

    • rakingmuck

      Strongly Disagree, as have media scholars through the ages, please do not discount ENE, or you will have "jumped the shark" from which there is no turning back. I know of what I speak and it is not hyperbole.

  • ftlt

    It will have a happy ending just like FUFU. And plenty of toxic sugar and toxic butter flavored oiled popcorn will be consumed. O yeah and it will make billions for its globalist investors.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This..so some 'drip' who has learned about life from the movies..
    can in response ..in conversations about Fukushima…say..

    "Oh..ya .. I saw something like it in the movies'.

    This is an intentional … blurring of reality.

  • 52Rockwell

    Where is Godzilla when you need him. I wish he would show up, and maye wake up a few sleepers.

    • rakingmuck

      I am not a sleep and have been here three years. You? I just know junk when when I am reading it and this is pure junk.

      • Mr. Muck is an AUTHORITY. He has a DEGREE. He doesn't need arguments, just insults and statements of unquestionable FACT.

        How many people does he think he influences doing this? I'd say he needs to go back to school to learn how to better influence and manipulate people… (Either that, or at least invent yourself more impressive credentials, Mr. Film History major!) 😛

  • rakingmuck

    I meant to say about Marshall McLuhan – the most wise of all media scholars – media does not CREATE the message – it follows it. Or follows society which is why the slate of new shows/movies are those like Transcendence. No matter. ENE has jumped the shark. I wish you all well.

    • name999 name999

      People not familiar with Marshall McLuhan's work, do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

    • lucius.cornelius

      media does not CREATE the message – it follows it

      Maybe it used to, but a significant part of media now leads society like a pig with a ring through its nose.

      The examples of media campaigns designed to change public opinion and get them to support a particular policy are legion.
      For example – it happened in the US over the invasion of Kuwait.
      It happened recently in the UK over the unemployed (a relentless campaign misrepresenting the sick and unemployed – so successful that daylight attacks against the disabled have increased markedly – people being tipped out of wheelchairs and told "you're just a lying scrounger". All so that the Government could distract people from the massive banking crisis and the widespread theft that is occurring, by making them think that the whole economy had been wrecked by over-entitled poor people.

      Some aspects of the media reflect humanity but increasingly it leads humanity.
      If that message was not central to your degree I wouldn't be at all surprised. But it doesn't alter its truth.

      You might want to give Noam Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent a watch.

    • Perhaps back in the Happy Days days…that was true, now media adn the instant feedback of twitter, blogs, and Google ease of compilation of all that stuff and more online….has made media a prime tool of those who wish to manipulate.

      Nothing is more clearcut than that, except that my 4AM coffee is damn fine tasting.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      What about noam chomsky …I've seehn him many times and I feel he speaks volumes on media in our times . And more

  • rakingmuck

    G-O-O-D-B-Y-E My findings (and I am a researcher)on ENE will be published – elsewhere.

  • How a few people control and create the media 'message'

    Operation Mockingbird CIA; part 1 of 6


    Newer more advanced version

  • Jebus Jebus

    Media is used all the time as propaganda to shape the public conciousness and is routinely labeled as entertainment.

    Public perception is shaped by media constantly.

    ie: PSA's, Campain spots. Military documentaries.
    Junk science documentaries. Subtle nuances in sitcoms.
    News. Films, And now facebook, twitter, and you tube.

    If one thinks that art always imitates life, then they are blind and stuck inside the box…

  • bo bo

    I think if there wasn't such a huge taboo and media black out on the subject of Fukushima… we wouldn't be discussing the new Godzilla movie here today.
    But because of the massive coverup and censorship tightening in Japan ( and the entire WORLD – note Kashiko, who lived in Japan and just evacuated, being laughed by doctors in UK that radiation shouldn't be an issue ) even more each day, the fact that this Hollywood film with images of nuclear power plants melting down ( that 's what I think I see there ) will be released on the big screens in Tokyo is worth noting, and it does make one wonder what kind of motives, if not censorship, might have been behind the creation if this film.

    As dosdos posted today, all but one text book in Japan currently even mention Fukushima and radiation. Last week when I randomly grabbed a copy of the English version of the Yomiuri Shimbun that my father brought here from his plane ride from Japan – I could not find ANY article, not even a single one, discussing Fukushima.
    An article I did see, was about how the Olympic committee plans to make 2020 all about 'highlighting local Japanese products' for the athletes. Food – particularly seafood and rice, will be sourced from the Tohoku ( Northeast ) region. I kind of agree with 52Rockwell, I almost want Godzilla to descend upon Tokyo and the world to wake people up….but it would suck if it turns out to be just a giant sleeping pill in disguise, as some here warn. 🙁

  • bo bo

    I like the 'International Version' of trailer best. I wondered why the international version moves me more, and I realized –

    International version :

    THEY’re lying.
    I’m not crazy.
    Whatever it is THEY’re guarding so carefully
    I need to be able to prove that it’s real.

    Interestingly passage was changed in the U.S. version to:

    YOU'RE lying
    it was not an earthquake
    it wasn’t a typhoon —
    because what’s really happening is that YOU'RE hiding something out there.

    • bo bo

      With the U.S. version it has less resonance to the sense of conspiracy that surrounds us regarding Fukushima, it becomes just another human drama of ME against YOU.


      • name999 name999

        bo, you are a soldier for truth, doing the research and reporting the results. I sometimes think you
        are surprised with what you find…

        • GQR2

          That switch of lyrics is totally illustrative of the paranoia and self doubt they purposefully sew in audiances, they changed it because they want people to be confused and have an inward focus – paralyzed. The was no other reason to change it. Good find bo ! and you are absolutely right about the censorship leading us to discuss this movie. Its a very interesting subject.

          The references to a metal taste in the sit com are the worst kind of normalizing without the rest of the story. So what all modern families normally taste metal in their mouths? This is why i can't watch these "programs"

          The first song lyric is much more creative,thought provoking and could lead to individual enrichment and empowerment. The second scolds and robs of power.

          • bo bo

            GQ – I just noticed this, too though – the international version did remove ALL images related to nuclear power that appears in the U.S. version – the nuclear power plants collapsing, Bikini, radioactive sign…

            Could this be the version that will be shown in Japan, and so that was the part that was 'a little too real' for them ???

      • bo bo

        Glad you see my point tsfw, name999 – it's like the whole 'THEY'RE hiding something from US' scenario was just a bit too real, too much for U.S. to handle, they chickened out, went back and dulled that knife edge a bit.

        By comparing the 2 trailers can see in action how Hollywood films get ruined with these types of input…
        I'm pretty sure the international version is closer to the drama that the director wanted to build up. The U.S. version tries hard to compensate for that edit in words through visuals, by throwing in more destruction scenes, more of actual Godzilla… but still its drama fades in comparison to the clear message the International version.

    • tsfw tsfw

      Nice catch Bo, interesting edit!
      Please see my comment below about THE 100- I'm pretty sure we were discussing it a couple of months back and it's out now, have you seen it?

  • tsfw tsfw

    A new TV show centered around nuclear apocalypse came out a few weeks ago:

    The 100

    Watching the first one tonight. It looks like it runs the risk of being a little on the teeny bopper side, but I'm interested to see what, if any symbolism can be found.

  • tsfw tsfw

    Hi Bo:) Is this a Japanese saying?

    • bo bo

      Omg… you're right! I was translating without realizing.. hehe
      It cautions against people who infiltrate a group for the purpose of stealing information but return brainwashed !

  • tsfw tsfw

    Haha no worries translating sayings is good fun. The locals here love it when I say " no solo por sombreros " (not just a hat rack) and it's caught on among a few friends 🙂

    I will do my best not to return mummified lol – or you be the judge after I've watched it. I'll take one for the team for the sake of returning with useless information 😛

    Night all

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    Scanned this post and found that it was not amusing or helpful. Who among us on this thread watches cartoon movies for any purpose.

    But, getting back to reality, here is a useful post from think progress.


    • name999 name999

      4warnd, Americans are so wasteful and clueless…Fukushima has happened here now. Perhaps
      more would be done to stop the crazy consumption of energy if the truth about Fukushima was
      told. An opportunity to create the impetus for change withheld from all.

      The lies retard our evolution.

  • aunavoz

    There are also online arguments linking the symbolism of Godzilla to the illuminati and Satan worship.

    I agree this is a stretch for a conversation here. But a few of my suggested videos for "intellectual" dissection would be




  • razzz razzz

    Media is a powerful tool. The majority don't care about talent or smarts, they just want to be entertained.

  • Nick

    My family had a good friend in Japan who missed a train to Nagasaki on August 9th, 1945.

    When she did, get a train, she discovered the dragon's roar that still echoes today.

    We fool ourselves to think the effects of that roar, did not alter our world forever, as we embraced and unleashed many more dragon roars across the decades.

    Now we are at now, and our future dwindles with every passing tick of the clock.

    You can't write a more terrifying script than what has already happened.

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    I've always wondered what the "Skull & Bones" taught it's minion's.
    This thread fits right in place.

  • gotcha222

    For what it's worth to those that care:


    I will not be patronizing the theaters to view this film.


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