Governor: We’re closely watching Fukushima radiation threat in Alaska — Effort underway to monitor fish with U.S. military and homeland defense (AUDIO)

Published: October 2nd, 2013 at 7:26 pm ET


Anchorage Daily News, Sept. 28, 2013: A Sitka caller asked if the state is monitoring for radioactivity from the leaking Fukushima nuclear plant […] “We do, and it is something that the Department of Environmental Conservation is watching closely, along with federal agencies including NOAA and the EPA” […]

Fish Radio, Sept. 26, 2013 (At 2:00 in): I’m Laine Welch – Governor Parnell on […] radiation and more […] Governor Parnell says the state is closely monitoring the radiation threat from Japan’s leaking nuclear plant […] “So far we have seen in our biological testing of fish we’ve seen no evidence of that, and from our federal government contemporaries, including the military and homeland defense organization that looks over this they have indicated that have not seen environmental contamination in the fish that are returning to Alaska so it is an ongoing effort that our state agencies continue monitoring with federal agencies but it is not something that has posed a risk to date.”

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Published: October 2nd, 2013 at 7:26 pm ET


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31 comments to Governor: We’re closely watching Fukushima radiation threat in Alaska — Effort underway to monitor fish with U.S. military and homeland defense (AUDIO)

  • weeman

    Same old song and dance, we're is the data or are we just to take your word with no independant research or data to catch you lying in future?
    Salmon at all time lows in Alaska, BC and Russia, no correlation to seals die off, no then back it up with hard facts and data?

    • Fred

      Whoa, Whoa! In order to make data available, you must start doing MEASUREMENTS to supply the data. They aren't measuring anything that might go against the nuclear lobby in America. Radiation is good for you….well, for us, as it gets rid of the Social Security problem…Medicare….Medicaid….etc.

      I just looked at RADNET graphs. Miami gamma was over 5000 counts per minute. San Juan, PR, was 900. Most other stations were in the 1000 to 2000 cpm range….and noone seems to care why…

  • Tetsuo_Shima Tetsuo_Shima

    Aren't all these departments shut down right now, like the house and senate of the US clowns in charge?

  • Tetsuo_Shima Tetsuo_Shima

    and why trust these damn liars now? We already now what time it is…

  • Tetsuo_Shima Tetsuo_Shima

    ooopss! typo fueled by anger…should be "know"

  • wemadethis wemadethis

    Arnie Gundersen: If you ARE measuring contamination levels in fish stocks and other seafood then you must PUBLISH the data so that I can make my own informed choice on what I feel is SAFE.

    Exercise your right to be informed

    • Sickputer

      Please don't issue demands from Arnie. He would have been snuffed out fifty years ago for his public comments. He can't be everywhere and he is not a marine life expert.

      I understand your angst…exercise it wisely and fairly. There are plenty of other folks and agencies to ask hard questions, but don't be surprised if you meet the nuclear wall of silence. Easy to do when radiation is mostly invisible.

      Protect your own friends and family. Move if you have the means. It's an age-old survival choice: fight or flight.

      • wemadethis wemadethis
        20:12 in
        Arnie Gundersen: "We need to demand from our government to ONE do the testing in sufficient quantity and TWO make that testing public".

        He then goes on to ask California residents to ask public officials to engage the issue. Arnold isn't afraid to ask tough questions and neither should we be. With reguard to personal security, I live in Europe about as far as physically possible from that plant but it isn't fair to sit back and watch you guys deal with it alone and I don't think you should have to.

    • We Not They Finally

      wemadethis, look up Michael Collins runs "food lab" radiation tests. He can't be everywhere but he collects as much info as he can. In times of crisis, people specialize. He's good at this. Good luck.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    R A D I A T I O N

    We will not trust anything from the ocean, thanks to nuclear.

  • rnix rnix

    They know and don't care….see no radiation….measure no radiation….and then you don't have to report any radiation. It won't matter anyway they can't stop the automatic radioactive water making machine…."Cause the Vandals took the handles"….eventually the truth will be too big to ignore. Just like those rods will do when they play blind mans DOCTOR in November….if they make it that far…save your breath…save yourself if you can because there is no one flying the plane.

    "Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same results."

    The problem with this is that now we way have too much cleverness in building our toys but like a monkey with a gun we don't have the wisdom not to blow our fool heads off…….here's to the end of the world as we know it….drink up time it's almost closing time.

  • or-well

    "We're closely watching, alright –
    the public mood!
    And if it looks like it's getting rude
    we'll simply call out the National Guard,
    declare Martial Law and impose a curfew!
    If you mess with the State –
    you're gonna get screwed!"

    A shot rang out and off his head blewed.

    A disgruntled former EPA dude,
    off the meds he needed to use
    upset by coverups he used to do
    shouted "There you go Governor –
    time to 'renew'! HAHAHAHA!
    And you're assholes too!"
    as he turned on the Homeland Security crew.

    The End. Or just the beginning?

    • We Not They Finally

      Understand your angst. Truly. Just may not be helpful to incite people. Americans are violence-minded as is. Am concerned that at some point "shoot first, ask questions later" may set in. The public mentality could become a scary thing in America, not necessarily helping to alleviate.

      • or-well

        One wouldn't want to contribute to inciting… "the military or homeland defense organisation that looks over this…" either in Alaska or anywhere else, by really insisting on answers, or, maybe, honest government, or an end to nukes, or ….

        As for the rest, it's just switching the players in scenes that happen again and again. Is it so unlikely; an angst-ridden minion needing mental health care going berserk?

        Concerning "shoot first, ask questions later", well, "suppress dissent and worry about rights never" seems to have set in.

        The current passive, pre-occupied, dumbed-down and poorly-informed public is already a scary thing in America and it isn't helping to alleviate anything.

  • Socrates

    Trust but verify.

    Give us the data and allow us to make an informed decision about seafood safety in Canada and the US.

    Telling us that radiation contamination is within safe limits when they just raised the permissible limits is unacceptable.

    We know that dangers were minimized or denied to prevent panic, but that is not justifiable on a permanent basis.

    We must have the data. Why should this data be classified if what they say is true?

  • or-well

    Bust and terrify.
    You want the data?
    Try come and get it!
    What isn't redacted is – oops –
    look what got shredded!
    Go ahead, file under FOIA –
    then watch your boss say your job's gone away!
    And see how much car insurance you'll pay!
    You'd be amazed what your neighbors will say!
    You sure you want to fuss about "safe"?
    Don't you know the data we'll give you is fake?
    Why cause yourself trouble for principle sake?
    Here's a tip -don't eat fish – now be on your way!

  • snukey

    They must lie to protect their investments, which are other nuclear reactors and bomb grade materials from around the world. That's to many hits in just a few years, housing, credit, nuclear, etc…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    R A D I A T I O N

    No need to take a defeatist stance … nuclear will go away. This disaster is the turning point.

    It's that bad.

  • The Straight, Vancouver, 10/2/13:

    "Cancer Risk Linked To Radiation Levels In Fish Species After Fukushima

    […] And Japanese fish and seafood exports to Canada have grown significantly since Fukushima, with $24 million in exports in 2012, up 20 percent from $20 million in 2010, according to Statistics Canada data.

    […] But the radiation detected can still cause cancer, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s cancer-risk formula, a leading international standard for forecasting cancer risks from radiation. The

    What’s more, the EPA formula underestimates cancer impacts because it doesn’t fully include all research on radiation impacts, in the estimate of Daniel Hirsch, a UC Santa Cruz nuclear expert.

    (Also according to Hirsch, Health Canada uses a less accepted cancer-risk formula that underestimates the dangers even more.)

    Hirsch helped preside over a study of nuclear-power workers in the 1990s that found cancer rates at least six to eight times higher than predicted by official formulas."

    h/t: @WTFukushima

  • rnix rnix

    There you go then, garbage in garbage out….What can you do with bad data and bad decisions? Just like the Fukushima water and 3 melted cores…let them mix and they will forever make more problems. This is just the unfortunate gift we have given to ourselves and whatever may come after us…one that will keep on giving for millennium.

    Sorry but I really am not being defeatist. I really hope I am wrong but I just know human nature. Even if we make it out of this place we are now…we would just do it again….we are clever little primates with our eyes fixed on shinny things and unreal expectations….it's what we do….but these days we do it nuclear and the stakes have always too high for beings of such limited moral and ethical capacity. It's Darwin man…it's a cosmic speed bump…it's whoever is responsible for the universe's throttle of life and maybe it's little practical jokes…it's what systems and species will do when given enough pride, greed, time and complex thinking. Yes we have been curious and very inventive little vertebrates while driving our car off the cliff all because of our defective moral GPS.

    "To study history means submitting to chaos and nevertheless retaining faith in order and meaning. It is a very serious task, … and possibly a tragic one."—Hermann Hesse

    Riddle me this Batman…most animals know better than to crap in their beds…I ask you who was smarter one…us or them? "You don’t need a weatherman To know which…

  • tarpus

    I always love this quote by Carl Sagan. It fits us all well…

    "The tragedy of the human species is it evolved the capacity of foresight, but refuses to use it."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Ohh..going to check it out..with the military and Homeland Security? Why even be a state at all?
    The Governor should tell the fine folks of Alaska..that they no longer have states rights..(which they don't)… are now in open containment..and will be spoon fed what ever the government wants them to hear and ultimately what will be said and done in their state.
    This includes ever state that allows the Homeland Security fix…
    They have no power rights.. these things given away by kowtowing to the federal government.

    This guy is a puppet of government corporate interests….

    OPINION: Governor Parnell: Do the Right Thing for Our Salmon Habitat –

    All that freedom so …loved by the Alaskans…'sold down river'.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      The Nuclear Genie is out of the bottle, never to return again, and this Nuclear Genie is invisible, odorless and tasteless and now this Nuclear Genie and all his friends are everywhere.

      He is coming for you each personally.. even if you live in Europe, Alaska, South America or Australia!

      No one worldwide will escape this errant rampaging invisible Nuclear Genie…no one.. I say!

  • Socrates

    The low level radiation exposure controversy will be solved at last by the Fukushima exposures. If mortality and morbidity from certain illnesses and diseases skyrocket, then anti-nukes have their proof – but only when it is too late to bar the barn door since all the horses ran out the night before.

    Nuclear was developed to end fascism. Then it was used to fuel Japan's industrialization. Now it is arbitrarily imposed on us. Seems like the circle has closed as the nuclear noose has tightened around our necks.

    Homeland Security will force us into accepting the contamination of the planet as part of globalization – a process controlled by elites. We see this with monetary, energy, and food policy.

    As the realization of doom sets in, or there is a collapse of the SFP in unit #4, or some other sudden releases, there are going to be some questions people will ask such as who is responsible for the mess we're in?

    You cannot sue for damages; they made sure of that in 1957. Yet, they will claim they didn't know. So why get immunity? Just in case….

    They didn't care is more like it. So long as profits flowed, they were happy to take those risks.Those risks can be socialized while profits are in private hands. The industry was subsidized to boot. The peaceful atom was the step-child of the weapons program. Now the battle is to keep this poor judgment and its fallout from the public. They want to continue and expand it globally.

  • rockyourworld

    mmmmmmmmmmmm shrimp