Governor: People should be held criminally responsible for Fukushima — Why has nobody been arrested?

Published: February 14th, 2012 at 7:24 pm ET


Title: Governor: Why no arrests over crisis?
Source: Japan Times
Date: Feb. 15, 2012

Saitama Gov. Kiyoshi Ueda wants to see Tokyo Electric Power Co. held criminally responsible for the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

At a regular news conference, he sharply criticized the utility and questioned why nobody in Tepco has been arrested.

Gov. Ueda:

  • “Tepco has caused this big trouble to everyone under the sun and nobody has been arrested. I want to ask, ‘Doesn’t anyone (in Tepco) want to turn themselves in?'”
  • “Some people would be arrested if gas tanks explode or a fire breaks out in a department store”

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Published: February 14th, 2012 at 7:24 pm ET


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75 comments to Governor: People should be held criminally responsible for Fukushima — Why has nobody been arrested?

  • kintaman kintaman

    EXACTLY! I have been saying this since March of last year. Why have all of TEPCO top management including the CEO (current and former) been arrested for this gross negligence and intentional deception?

    Also Edano, Kan, Noda, Hosono and other top Japanese government politicians and media (execs, news anchors, etc) and nuclear "experts" who lied to the people.

    These people should ALL be arrested and put ON SITE at Fukushima Daiichi by force to work and clean up the site. This will teach others in Japan and the world that devils cannot get away with this sort of thing.

  • Kevin Kevin

    Well it was a natural disaster.

    That said, subsequent cover ups, misinformation and strategies to mitigate liability have put people in Danger over and above the natural disaster.

    At that stage criminal negligence is relevant in my opinion.

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      I agree with you Kevin at the same time I have to say that I understand kintaman's point of view as well You would have to read this shocking revelation to really understand why kintaman feels the way he does.

      give it a sec to load, it's a real eye opener!

    • hbjon hbjon

      Here is a thought experiment or excercise whatever you want to call it. Disregard everything you have ever heard about cancer. Now, consider just 2 facts. Ionizing radiation had been determined to cause cancer. Ionizing radiation is colorless, odorless and invisible to the naked eye. Now use the mass between your ears and try to figure and think about the causes of all the mysterious illnesses that plague society. Diabetes, strokes, leukemia, asthma, liver and kidney disorders, colon cancer and the list goes on. Here is an interesting twist. A horrendous cover-up would be required to explain all the diseases known to mankind without mentioning ionizing radiation as the cause. True? What other major cover-ups do we know about? Oh boy. So simple that the mind tends to reject such a common sense conclusion. hbjon

      • TalonThorn

        Actually, you'd have to combine this with the lack of focus on good healthy diet. A good diet can prevent or cure a lot of diseases, but doctors are taught to ignore diet. Seems strange since it's the one thing we take into our bodies every day!

          • Cindy

            that didn't go where i wanted it to … I agree with the fact that it was a natural disaster, However , All the coverup type things, lies, dis-information should be formally dealth with…

            The Gov. needs to be held accountable for not properly testing all food, and for not stopping farming in radioactive zones, that type of thing

        • ion jean ion jean

          Meanwhile, diet good or bad will internalize ionizing radiation so it dwells with you for a lifetime…

          Right on with the chronic illness cause theory!!!

          If the world knew the truth, it would wipe away all profits from Big Pharma/Ag, AMA, Nukers, Military Contractors, payoffs to government leaders, the list goes on…

          Hmm, I wonder who's controlling the world…

          • hbjon hbjon

            I can tell you if you really want to know. Before the voodoo economics and the savings and loan crisis there was a financial system with semi-sound principles controlling the economic cycle. But even in a system backed by sound principles, there was an industry that made off like bandits and accumulated vast amounts of wealth. That industry was the healthcare industry. And through the 70's and 80's it blossomed into a wilderness of health specialists. It was learned that they could milk the taxpayer and American better if they divided up into many different areas of expertise. Not a single one of them able to cure anything. However, they were able to get all the money needed to control the media, government, newspapers, internet, and court systems.

    • vivvi

      The principle of law to determine if something was an accident, or if it was the result of negligence, is to ask this question. WAS THIS OUTCOME REASONABLY FORESEEABLE BY A REASONABLE PERSON? If a reasonable person could have, or indeed should have, foreseen that the outcome of an event would be damaging to another's person or property, then they are liable for that damage. That is negligence.

      If, however, the outcome was something that no reasonable person would expect or foresee, then this can be called an accident.

      In this circumstance, any idiot could foresee that putting a bunch of nuclear reactors right on the coast of an island with a history of severe earthquakes and massive tsunamis is very likely to result in a devastating nuclear disaster. Natural disaster or not, the outcome is reasonably foreseeable and therefore the persons or corporations responsible for creating the hazard are legally liable for the damage their negligence caused.

    • They also ignored troubling reports BEFORE the quake. They falsified maintenance records and hid major problems from the public. The quake was a natural disaster, but most of the worst consequences were due to human action or inaction.

  • I was thinking more along the lines of public stoning.

    • Sickputer

      I was thinking some water filtering work at Reactor 4 or new thermometer installation at Unit 2 would be an appropriate community service sentence for the executives at Tepco who lied about the drift patterns in the early days.

  • arclight arclight

    Unwanted radioactive sewage sludge piling up
    June 07, 2011

    "The city of Chichibu and three neighboring towns in Saitama Prefecture submitted an emergency request to Governor Kiyoshi Ueda on June 3 to demand the central government set specific disposal standards.

    The Chichibu municipal government also ordered protective clothing for workers at sewage treatment facilities.

    The city of Saitama will post on its website results of inspections at sewage facilities, while the Saitama prefectural government will place dosimeters at sewage facilities.

    The Tokyo metropolitan government decided in May to bury incineration ash from its 23 wards at a disposal facility in Tokyo Bay."


    • Anthony Anthony

      All unwanted radioactive waste should be forwarded to the originator of it – TEPCO Head Office if the plant refuses delivery.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    I have no doubt that TEPCO and the Japanese government officials you name should be charged with criminally negligent homicide. George W. Bush was, in my mind guilty of criminally negligent homicide in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Yet Bush haws not been brought to acountability on any of his major crimes, violation of the US Constitution, and numerous war crimes.

    In general, we don't hold our officials accountable. We allow them to quite literally get away with murder. But in our corrupt governments, only the ordinary person pays.

    In the USA, we arrest parents who leave their children inside cars in the heat, charge them with criminally negligent homicide, and sentence them to (usually) years in jail.

    These Terco and gove4rnment officials should pay for their grave crimes even though no payment can ever be equal to the crimes they have committed.

  • arclight arclight

    nice pr piece here!

    "Prime Minister Naoto Kan visited former Kisai High School in Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture.
    Former Kisai High School has been serving as an evacuation center for the residents of Futaba Town, Fukushima Prefecture, who fled their homes together following the incident at the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Futaba Town has established a Saitama branch of the municipal office within the said high school, transferred the municipal headquarters for disaster control and administrative functions to this branch, and has been engaged in daily operations.
    After meeting with Mr. Katsutaka Idogawa, Mayor of Futaba Town, Mr. Kiyoshi Ueda, Governor of Saitama Prefecture, and Mr. Ryoichi Ohashi, Mayor of Kazo City, the Prime Minister visited the evacuation center and talked with people stricken by the disaster."

  • OK it was a natural disaster but a predictable natural disaster. Come on its a no brainer, don't build nukes in an earthquake zone. California and USA are no better and its all run by GE anyways. These people under estimated and under reported the possibility of a disaster effecting this nuke plant, among the largest in the world. Tepco (and the rest of the nuke industry for that matter) has a history of under reporting risks. Why would a politician allow these to be built knowing no insurance company would insure against earthquakes? How many briefcases of money deposited into trunk of politicians limos does it take to build a nuke plant? Better late then never I guess, only took a year for someone of substance to call for criminal charges. Nuclear energy is a boondoggle at best. Cant stand on its own without a government handout and if disaster strikes spends more on lawyers and spin doctors then on compensation and clean up.

  • arclight arclight

    is it true that rats leave sinking ships??? πŸ™‚

  • arclight arclight

    errrr?? LOL!

    ANOTHER TONY BLAIR? ever say the word nuclear??
    global warming, photovoltaics!! nuclear?? the terminator?? you decide!! is he green ?? or has he been seeen??? is he clean?? or is he mean?? hmmm!

  • Great. First, Why nobody in Japan had been been held criminally responsible. Then why the whole International Communitity will not be held criminally silent?

    • arclight arclight

      the link you gave brought me right back here πŸ™‚
      id better lay off the drugs for a while πŸ™‚ (to the authorities- that was a joke police handler person, please dont make a note of it on the DE database!! many thanks!! πŸ™‚ )

      oh and back on topic.. i think people are getting arrested etc.. but they are anti nuclear!! πŸ™‚

      • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

        Hi arc…..

        February 14, 2012 at 7:45 pm Β· Reply
        I was thinking more along the lines of public stoning.

        • arclight arclight

          i gave up in the sixties! got the muncies all the time πŸ˜‰

          • arclight arclight

            err i did not inhale!! cough!

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            I learned I never had to shave my legs, wear a bra, or do ironing ever again. Let's hear it for the sixties!

            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              What a pity I missed the sixties….and half of the seventies as well πŸ™‚
              teenage years in the late 80s was nothing to be too excited about, lol

              • dharmasyd dharmasyd

                B and B: I'll share my memories with you anytime! The sixties were world changing. The next decades tried to pretend it didn't happen, but here we are again. It's a bit more subtle now, but the essence in the seed has germinated. Help bring it forth B and B. I can see you understand.

                • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

                  Does feel a bit like a 60's rebirth, don't it? Much more sense of urgency this time around to me.
                  Capitalism/consumerism won that round, but the people have to win this one, or the fight's over.

                • radegan

                  This ain't the '60's. Stuff changed, but not just because of hippies – think about The Help – wonderful film, but a very glossy portrayal of some very mean times for blacks in America, at least some of that has changed. Now the hippies did take on the war and managed to get America to take a good moral look at it, we ended the draft, but only to find a voluntary military more compliant and easier to risk in resource wars. Was that a victory?

                  By the way – Vietnam was about oil. That is Vietnam's #1 cash export right now, not rice – oil. Th big prize was thought to be with some offshore islands claimed by both N. Vietnam, S. Vietnam and China and thought back then to be another Gulf of Mexico, we wanted a dog in that hunt. Just look at the Oil & Gas Journal around 64 or 65.

                • dharmasyd dharmasyd

                  @PoorDaddy & @Radigan- I definitey see a continuation from the sixties, and I'm happy for that. but of course, as you point out, "Stuff changed." So it is not exact. It's plus – and, not either – or.
                  Good point about the oil. Geez, aren't our wars always about resources? Doesn't Iran have oil? Isn't Tibet a good source of Uranium?

  • Anthony Anthony

    Uh oh – cant say I blame him.

    I smell something hitting the fan I think….

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd


  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The real problem is nuclear technology, which should have never been developed. Needs to be phased out, entirely.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      I don't believe we had a choice in the development of nuclear. I'm not referring to the trite justification that if we didn't get it first, Hitler would. No, this technological evolution walks hand in hand with our evolution as a species. The power/horror of nuclear is the start bell for the next evolution of our species, if we make the correct adaptations.

      I don't know if we will make those adaptations or if we are already past the point of no return. But our technological mastery is here to teach us a possible new consciousness evolution.

      As Einstein said, "With the splitting of the atom everything changed save man's way of thinking," To me, this means that our thinking must change. Of course, I guess we could have gone on a bit longer in the greedy, dog-eat-dog, I'll get mine & who cares about you attitude which has become the way of the capitalist system.

      But I see Nukes as essential to our evolution. That does not mean that I know whether or not we will make it, whether we adapt what is imperative, whether we will evolve.

      Time will tell. But, whatever happens, we cannot put the genie back in the bottle, and no amount of wishing it away will change our current connundrum.

      • ueda_jiro ueda_jiro

        Hitler would not of got the bomb first, the Japanese would.

        Hitlers engineers enriched the uranium and sent it to Japan to be made into a bomb.

        the U boat that it was on was captured by the allies and its cargo sent to America, where it was made into the two bombs we all know about and then sent back to japan.

      • maaa

        Would you eat poison knowing its a poison? dharmasyd

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Of course not. But I have a question for you maaa, what in my comment led you to think I might eat poison. The logic eludes me.

          I happen to believe in the Evolution of Species. I do think we are in an evolutionary process. That process has nothing to do with eating poison. Please explain your reasoning.

          • vivvi

            You BELIEVE that? WOW!! That takes incredible faith. My brain refuses to believe that anything so intricately complicated as life could happen by accident. The more I learn about life, the less I can believe it just happened by random chance.

            • dharmasyd dharmasyd

              @vivvi Yes I do BELIEVE in evolution. Evolution is not an "accident," not a random chance, not a stochastic process. Those assumptions came from somewhere in your own thinking process, not from my words. I am fairly amazed how both you and maaa seem to have heard something of your own in my words; Your assumptions are not based on what I wrote. It's more like a rorschach test.

              I have been thinking, reading, studying, and writing about the evolution (specifically the evolution of consciousness) for almost 50 years now. Our creations (including nuclear technologies) are not completely removed from us. They are manifestations of our state of being, and as such reflect back who we are to ourselves, to learn and grow from.

              I hope you can understand what I am saying. Rather than being an accident, evolution reflects exactly what you call something "…so intricately complicated as life…"

              I await your response with curiosity.


            @dharmasyd: I think maaa misinterpreted your words that "…Nukes as essential to our evolution." I got what you were pointing out; that it is a force for evolution in social / technological evolution. You are correct…

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              Hippies..used to havea friend that used to say there was a crack in the cosmos..and the real light came through for a minute..
              The true hippies are older than I am..
              But I learned from the hippies…I read a great article once about the green movement…
              It was started by hippie chicks …putting a flower in their hair.
              I will say this..if/when the ecomomy takes a nose dive.. sound hippie ethics …like sharing..and living off the what it is going to take…to survive.
              PS..and some good music.

            • dharmasyd dharmasyd

              Thanks @aftershock. In other pieces I've written on this subject on other forums, it was recognized that the evolution of consciousness is a very tricky, difficult subject to talk about. But this missing the message was so stark it took my by surprise.

  • theinmatesruntheshow

    Well it is hard to hold TEPCO responsible for a Nuclear bomb going off the coast causing a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. Just like 911 was not caused by a 2 planes hitting the side of the building. The wrong criminals are being charged in the media. Look at the banksters and the zionist for the cause. Not to worry they will be held accountable for their actions. The world is about to see great change because the criminals will not be in charge any more.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Who is criminally responsible for building Fukushima on porous sedimentary rock? Who is responsible for hiding inspections that showed that there were numerous safety violations? Who is responsible for not upgrading the reactors? Who is responsible for installing the defective #4 reactor and using when they knew it was defective? Who is responsible for keeping the units in operation past 30 years when 20 years is the expected live span of a reactor? Who was responsible for adding MOX fuel to the #3 reactor? Who was responsible for the other experimental fuels at Fukushima Daiichi? Who was responsible for agreeing to nuclear power in the first place? Who was responsible for not extending the evacuation zone to 50 miles around the disaster? Who was responsible for forcing school children to eat radioactive food? Who was responsible for not allowing school children to bring their own food from home? Who is responsible for incinerating radioactive waste and spreading it throughout the world? Who is responsible for dumping radioactive waste in Tokyo Bay? Who is responsible for not informing the world about the status of the reactors immediately? The many thousands of earthquakes before and since Mar. 11, are they also caused by nuclear bombs in your thesis?

      Is TEPCO part of the world wide nuclear industry? Are they in your thesis the only saints in the nuclear industry?

      Thanks very much for providing the source and motivation for this unfounded rumour. What caused the Kobe earthquake? What caused the other earthquakes that also damaged other nuclear energy stations? Why haven't they all nuclear facilities been shut down and decommissioned?

      You realize that when you say the wrong criminals are being charged that in English this means that TEPCO are also criminals and that you think that it should be other criminals charged.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        It was the nuclear industry itself who is responsible for the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi and all the other facilities that are continually damaged by on-going earthquakes.

        Give up nuclear technology. Give up Monju. All fast breeders are failures. Stop experimenting with plutonium.

        A Theory of Fukushima – English Subtitles (HAARP Methane Clutter)

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          You can't blame the people of Japan. The nuclear industry runs the government. The people are not given the choice of candidates who are anti=nuclear. The emperor is not elected either.

          In the US, Senator, now Secretary of State Clinton who was anti nuclear energy, won the vote of the Democrats to be the nominee. Her nomination was stolen from the American people by the nuclear industry and by the elite of the Democratic Party.

          The nuclear industry is responsible and whoever isn't against nuclear energy.

  • patman

    You mean prosecute every man, woman and child in Japan? In a democracy, public is accountable for the governments they vote into power and how it interacts with big business.

    That's how it works. Civilians used the electricity to watch T.V. and happily jeered environmentalists who warned of consequences in an nuclear industrial disaster. In fact, they still jeer scientists who come with warnings.

    In Canada our industrial complex has blacked out any news of civilian suffering. News of a cold shutdown status plant changing into a runaway emergency situation in a Japanese steam generator does not exist.

    Anything happening in Japan is blacked out in North America; very few know or can show they care about our Japanese friends in the Northeast.

    How do people feel about nuclear industries now?

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    I never felt sanguine about nuclear industries. And we had warnings, like Eisenhauer, Oppenheimer…the MIC, NuclearIC, Big-Pharma-InsuraIC, or, as Gordon Gecko said, "For lack of a better word, 'Greed is Good'."

    But I don't feel so badly about "nuclear industries" as I do about humankind's level of consciousness. That is, to me, the problem

    • patman

      Maybe I am just angry. period.

      Have we always been so easily distracted or what is the social dynamics at work in this situation? How could a blackout be so complete?

      I suspect I am angry. Some how I got involved and now I have a dog in this race. I have to believe what my version of logic is guiding me to understand.

      That is the accident is real and very dangerous for many people, and months of emissions from Northeast Japan are ending up in North American snow pack.

      'Snow out' provides fresh and plentifully radioisotopes to be available in cropland soil for seed germination time, when embryonic plants are most vulnerable to tissue damage.

      If true, hunger may ensue where we believed it was impossible for it to happen.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        @patman…I hear you, hear you! Indeed! I don't know the answers, for sure, I'm only trying to find some thread of sense in the madhouse. As I see you are also! Anger is good!

      • GoFrodo

        I think it's been in the food for many months already. Some of us get sick after eating various foods. The rain brings it down also. Doesn't the plain jetstream also, but the rain or snow just bring more down? Leaf crops were contaminated early on, and now it's gotten into the root crops as far as I (and some others) can tell.

      • GoFrodo

        Oh, you're saying the snow out time is especially damaging during seed germination time. But it's in the crops already, is all.

        I am getting very concerned, though, about new big events. I hadn't thought much about it, but if things radiation levels in the U.S. go up much higher in a rapid fashion, than they already are, I don't know what I'll be able to eat. Then I imagine many people will catch up to us sensitive ones and start getting sick right after eating some foods, too.

      • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

        @patman… said:
        "How could a blackout be so complete?"
        This has been my biggest concern from 3/11. If they can keep a lid on 3 reactors going to shit, covering up something simple, like say….the Kennedy assassination must have been a piece of cake. The sad part of it is it makes me question all kinds of shit, like, 9/11, black box voting, etc.
        All our pols are bought and paid for by corporations. It is truly time to Occupy Everything…and don't stop until this whole mother fucker falls apart. Then, maybe, after 40, 50 years of chaos, start a sane society. Just mentally wanderin….sorry.

        • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

          No I'm not sorry. Just tired, but that is the only solution I can see.

        • ruth

          Six mega corporations own 98% of all media, not just in the US but extending into many other countries. These companies control the message and they want to control the internet so that they can eliminate sites like enews. They are also now citizens like you and me courtesy of the US Supreme Court so they can spend millions buying the politicians and bureaucrats. The main stream media is all orchestrated to keep the public blind to reality. You will find the 6 companies here:

          • patman

            Thank you kindred spirits in this tower of mirrors.

            Had no idea that we are being toyed with so much, and yes, I will admit shamefully that I have found a group of people to lash out at.

            I know anger only hurts me, and is something I cannot afford; but there anger is, as big as life. Jigging facts and playing stupid is the way to play this crisis?

            In other words have bigger and greater minds actually sat down and came to a consensus of this very method to ensure public good?

            Having TEPCO's revolting gang of engineers running wild with bloodied scissors is not just a business playing the most cynical game since those multiple mass murders of the twentieth century?

            Innocent lives are being destroyed in front of us. A parent believes nuclear brain dip, and to conform with information offered inadvertently deeply sickens and destroys the health of his children. How is that supposed to fly?

            Wouldn't history eventually reveal a full story and drive parents to madness? What about the industry engineers? Are we to believe their lives go on happily or would a capping of life be in the cards for these men and very few women?

            Or would they believe that to duty of lie shows all how tough they are?

            Yep, still angry I'm afraid.

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    @hbjon, consider the other crime against humanity. Although we need to take some personal responsibility for our life choices, people have been repeatedly accused at being at fault for having Diabetes, Heart Attacks & Cancers, to name but a few. Whether it is by gossip, or berating oneself WE have taken 100% of the blame for illnesses that in part are the fault of ionizing radiation as well as from all the other contaminates that we are exposed to daily.

    Too many get guilt trips from doctors, friends & family & from themselves.

    This line of thought is constantly seen in MSM, claiming that if you just eat right, exercise & be happy you will not get sick.

    And yet there is Nothing that we ingest or breath that isn't contaminated. It has been proven that even Organic foods (carrots & parsnip were tested) have trace amounts of everything that cows are feed, as well as the numerous list of what is in our water. From growth hormones, antibiotics to of course radioactive elements, prescription meds & of course fluoride.

    ~I just did a double take today after opening, removing the label & cleaning a can of soup. I know these cans have the liners made with the cancer causing Bisphenol A. So why am I recycling this so that it can be spread again throughout the world? I very seldom use canned anything but like everyone would normally just let it be recycled.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Thanks @Maiden Heaven…Just learned another good fact from ene…I never thought of NOT recycling those poison cans. And I like you, use very few, but still…I shan't recycle them again.

  • dosdos dosdos

    One reason they aren't arresting people is because if they arrest one, they will have to arrest 90% of the Japanese bureaucracy and all executives in TEPCO, and they see that as doom for the Japanese economy. To protect the economy, everyone involved gets a get out of jail free card, and the spin machine is cranking full tilt.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Ann you make some great points, above. Others also.

    Good news, this gov. saying that a crime/crimes have been committed & responsible parties shd be punished. He makes a good point – that accidents caused by negligence, poor decisions or poor maintenance of equipment & facilities are legally actionable if people are harmed as a result of this negligence. But proving that is the hard part of course, in a court of law (especially in a climate of great industry/govt. corruption & collusion.)

    Mobilizing public opinion, raising public awareness of the possible criminal aspects, would be very helpful.

    It is worth pursuing. I think what is needed is someone who knows the law. Like, a lawyer would be great!

    We would need brains to pick. Chris Busby comes to mind. He has been an expert witness in cases involving people harmed by radiation, & they won – I recall him mentioning that. I bet he would have some interesting thoughts and ideas. Dr. Caldicott is another to try to contact.

    Also possibly relevant are WW II war crimes trials.

    This Japanese gov. might know of a lawyer who might have some information & ideas – & be familiar with the Japanese legal system.

    It is obvious that very poor/expedient/self-serving decisions were made that have resulted/will result in great harm, sickness, injury, property loss, even death, to many people. & yet those whose actions & decisions caused this harm are not making any restitution, or only token restitution, & are not being punished – or even investigated.

    Looking into the whole nuclear power industry, we see much corruption & collusion on the part of industry & govt. – industry & those in govt. tasked with overseeing & regulating the industry in the public interest.

    People have been harmed by false/mis-leading information that prevented them from taking appropriate actions to protect themselves & their families.

    Does anyone have (more) ideas re other people to contact, lawyers or paralegals – or just…

    • Anthony Anthony

      I think a seriously smart option for organised action for anti nukes might be to contact this particular Governor. He seems to be firmly in the right camp and has an ability to speak pretty loudly! Use it.

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        If he is a "governor", aren't the agents of the state who might hypothetically arrest people answerable to him? Why does he have to whine "somebody should do something" as though he is powerless?

        One possibility is that he IS powerless in a literal sense. It strikes me that the main power Tepco has right now is that nobody is willing or able to replace them at the site. They can get their way merely by threatening to "down tools" and walk away at any time.

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    In times past the corrupt minions of the nuclear industry were able to forecast the "Risk Factors" pertaining to undisclosed releases of radiation from so called accidents. They had the advantage of self preservation because they were privy to these events and took preventive measures assuring they're longevity of life. WELL with Fukushima those measures all went right out the window. There was not enough forewarning before the event to prepare ahead of time. Therefore many of the so called "Elite" were caught of guard and have become just as vulnerable to the results as the rest of us. No hiding this time, no giggling and snickering about the fortune to be made on the suffering, sickness and sorrow of their victims. No not this time, this time the playing field is the same for everyone, no one escapes the fallout from this disaster. Does anybody else here know what the wealthiest organization on planet is and has been from it's inception? The organization that receives the most donations and funds from Billionaires, millionaires and Governments with eugenics philosophy.


  • CaptD CaptD

    What is wrong with this "Picture"?

    1. Tepco is one the "GANGS" that runs Japan.
    2. What is good for TEPCO is good for Japan.
    3. The Japanese people MUST OBEY TEPCO for the "GOOD" of the Country.
    4. The financial health of TEPCO is more important than the physical health,
    … of the Japanese People and all their FUTURE children!
    5. Only TEPCO knows what is best, all others must BOW to TEPCO's Rule.

  • CaptD CaptD

    Where are the Japanese Lawyers?

    Are they afraid of TEPCO's Gang connections?

    Does the Japanese Utilities actually RUN (pun intended) the Country?

    Do individual Japanese people have ANY say in their Gov't?