Gov’t: Sea urchins with insides empty, bare skeletons, and black lesions in Hawaii — Birds dying of unusual cancers, rarely seen in wildlife (PHOTOS)

Published: January 22nd, 2015 at 4:26 pm ET


USGS National Wildlife Health Center Honolulu Field Station, 2014 (emphasis added):

  • Focus: Sea Urchin Disease — The Nature Conservancy (TNC) first observed sick-looking urchins at an old sunken barge [in] Oahu. They were also observed more recently on patch reefs in Kaneohe Bay (KB), Oahu… The first report of sick-looking urchins was made back in late February of 2014. Then in early May, sick-looking urchins were observed at KB… HFS [Honolulu Field Station], DLNR [Department of Land and Natural Resources], and TNC set out to investigate and conducted surveys at both sites, collecting healthy and sick urchins. Necropsies were then conducted at the HFS lab to determine cause of death… Affected urchins have dull flattened spines (droopy urchins), or gradual to complete loss of spines (outside skeleton bare). Some are found empty with some tissue and spine remaining on their surface. At this point, the public is encouraged to report any sick or dead urchins to the Eyes Of the Reef network in order to determine how widespread this event is. Laboratory efforts are underway to try and identify what is causing this disease.
  • Necropsy Files: Tumors in Birds — In August 2013, an adult nene from Hawaii died of lymphoma, a cancer of blood cells. In September, 2013, a critically endangered Rota crow died from liver cancer. These two cases were unusual in that cancer is rare in wildlife in general. Most wild animals do not live long enough to get cancer and usually die from things like starvation, trauma, or infectious diseases.
  • Rescue — HFS worked with partners to understand mysterious mortalities of critically endangered captive Rota crows. Birds developed odd nervous system signs and would die with no evident necropsy findings explaining cause of death. [The] birds were missing a vital nutrient…

Dept. of Land & Natural Resources: February 2014, biologists from TNC reported a large number of sick-looking collector sea urchins… in Maunalua Bay on Oahu. [USGS] was notified and began an initial assessment… The preliminary diagnosis for the sea urchins is that it is a type of disease. The sick urchins have patchy loss of their spines and lesions (or wounds)… A “Call to Action” was sent out to the Eyes of the Reef (EOR) Network, asking the public to report any observations of sick-looking collector urchins… In early May 2014, sick-looking urchins were also observed in Kaneohe bay, on the Windward side of Oahu. About 10% of urchins on one patch reef showed signs of the disease… Monitoring on a monthly basis continues by a team composed of DLNR, USGS, and TNC staff… Important Findings — 6/2/2014 – DAR, USGS, and TNC respond to Eyes of the Reef reports of sick-looking urchins on Maui… it’s recommended that the community continues to report sick urchins… Next Steps — USGS continues to conduct lab studies to determine the exact cause of the disease and if the same disease is affecting urchins on Oahu and Maui.

See also: [intlink id=”tv-hawaii-coral-worst-scientists-professor-like-ghost-town-govt-map-maximum-alert-area-pacific-mirrors-fukushima-plume-model-2011-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 22nd, 2015 at 4:26 pm ET


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204 comments to Gov’t: Sea urchins with insides empty, bare skeletons, and black lesions in Hawaii — Birds dying of unusual cancers, rarely seen in wildlife (PHOTOS)

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    Yeah, drain the waiste into the sea. What could go wrong?

  • 😐

    "Necropsy Files: Tumors in Birds — In August 2013, an adult nene from Hawaii died of lymphoma, a cancer of blood cells. In September, 2013, a critically endangered Rota crow died from liver cancer. These two cases were unusual in that cancer is rare in wildlife in general. Most wild animals do not live long enough to get cancer…"
    – USGS Honolulu (from above)

    There are certainly less birds where I live. Unbelievably quiet actually. I am hoping they come back. 🙁
    (Foothills central California)

    • SadieDog

      ChaAsha, I almost Reposted this part myself. Horrible!
      And thee is no bed rest, no morphine and no hospice for these animals. Only suffering til death…

    • We Not They Finally

      Yeah, birds with cancer. I guess that the old expression "free as a bird" is becoming passe. I still remember a call-in show, not longer after Fukushima, but maybe more related to the part of the country of the caller: Santa Fe, nearly on top of Los Alamos. It was a veterinarian. He said that half the dogs in the area that died, it was of cancer. I can only suppose that adding Fukushima and WIPP now to Los Alamos, is not exactly helping the canine population. But out in the wild, no one will even notice until the poor creatures are dead.

    • 😐

      The bird photo in my avatar was taken June of 2011 near Reactor 1.

      Notice the missing tail feathers. When birds are sick their feathers fall out. This bird and it's potential decedents are certainly no longer with us.

      A quiet spring is coming… I have no doubt.

      The birds and sea creatures know it, they are feeling it. Humans on the other hand are being manipulated into ignoring or denying the most insidious ongoing man-made catastrophe of all time.

      Why is a Nuclear MELTDOWN a Nuclear Engineers worst nightmare? What if that was times three. What kind of a nightmare is that?

      • ISPC

        Yes. ChasAha. TY. Cool Avatar. The Peregrin Falcon as my Avatar I photographed while it roosted in an Ocotillo Cactus in the Christmas Mountains in SW Texas about two miles from my cabin four years ago while my hiking. It was the closest I had been to a Peregrin Falcon.

        On the 10th of December this very same Peregrin Falcon landed and perched precariously in a Mesquite Tree about 50 yards from my cabin. My dog alerted me to the event. I went back inside and picked up my camera. I began photographing the Falcon as I approached. I walked directly up to it as close as I dared to approach; maybe 25 yards, and I stopped, not photographing, just watching. The Falcon's eyes and mine met and we stared at each other for many minutes.

        I could see that the Falcon was emaciated, feathers unkempt, weak, and having trouble balancing. As our gaze met it was as if he asked me if I knew what was happening to it. I told it that it was radiation from the WIPP to the North. It understood it was dying from things unseen that man had done. It tried flying, but only made it a short distance to another Mesquite.

        I backed away, went into my cabin, and gathered my necessary belongings, loaded my dog and myself into my Jeep, and drove away. I believe the Falcon died there that day. I have not been back. It is too contaminated by WIPP to live there anymore. I cannot stand to look at the last photos I took. I am pleased with the early photos still. Peace

        • +1

          "As our gaze met it was as if he asked me if I knew what was happening to it…"
          – ISPC

          I have felt that same gaze. My gaze back was that of, "I know, it's regrettable for all of us". 🙁

        • Runningonlove Runningonlove

          Thank you, ISPC for sharing the story of the falcon. It brought tears to my eyes, and I know that the effects Fukushima is having on wildlife now are only the beginning of sorrows. Man's greed and blind hubris is taking a deadly toll on this planet already, and perhaps the only way out of such day by day, incremental self-destruction is for everyone to see what you've seen, a fellow creature dying in vain, killed by man's stupidity.
          That might wake us up. If we're not too hypnotized by money,
          or zombified by contemporary braindead wified kulture programming.
          Got to keep running on love and wisdom, if we can find it.
          What else can we do? A little tune for the journey:

        • name999 name999

          ISPC…this is so beautifully expressed, what an experience for you and for that bird.

          This is one of the hardest parts of life now…watching the impact of our human ways and not
          being able to stop it. Helpless like that falcom.

          Deep grief.

        • 4Yahshua

          Just loved to read about the falcon! A year or two ago we started having brown house wrens coming to nest in a bird house near our front door. (Birds usually never seem to use these but house wrens seem to love them.) They are a tiny cute bird with a big song. They eat bugs, etc. I also have been feeding wild bird seed to sparrows and others. (Walmart has a nifty feeder for about $9.00 and inexpensive bird seed.) I put water with iodine drops in the bird baths. The squirrels have a place to get peanuts in the shell, and etc. I put chopped cilantro in the kitties' wet food. (This helps to rid the body of radiation.) This kinda makes me feel a little like Noah.


      • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

        I photographed the hummingbird in my avatar last summer. I enjoy looking for them and taking plenty of pictures. I do not look forward to the spring that the little ones (they are as large as a larger paperclip but have no trouble challenging hawks) — decide not to make the trip of a few thousand miles from Central America up as far as Alaska and instead look around their wintering area for nesting sites. Surely there is just as much food (pollen and gnats mostly) south of our border as there is in my area and parts north… I prefer to think that one day they'll just not pack a bag and come rather than there are too few of them. 🙁 Same goes for other summer visitors like King Birds and Summer Tanagers.

      • Fukushimad is Revelation

        There were approximately eight cores worth of fuel in units 1-4 at fukushimad on 3/11/2011, 4 more cores worth in units 5-6, another 10 in the common fuel pool, also there are 50 other sites throughout seismically active Japan which are offline.

        Revelation 8:8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

        The 2nd trumpet, word for mountain ὄρος in the Greek language could have been translated, as mountainous region as in the mountainous region of Japan/Fukushima Prefecture while the Greek word for was cast βάλλω could have been translated as to pour as in as in the Fukushimad mountainous region is pouring hundreds of thousands of pounds of contaminated water into the Pacific ocean each day for over a 1400 days.

        Revelation 8:7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up…

        The 6th seal great Earthquake followed by the 1st trumpet the Greek word for Hail χάλαζα could have been translated as lump\tubercle as in nodules/tumors/cancer/lung cancer, atomic fire mingled with blood.

    • ISPC

      Yes. ChasAha. TY. "Most wild animals do not live long enough to get cancer…" Food for thought. Peace

  • Surely there is a pattern here… patchy skin loss, lesions, drooping, and then death.

    Sound familiar?

    The only thing missing is convulsions right before death. Even the starfish did that.

    It's a bit hard for a hard shell creature to convulse their shell.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Selections from Wiki:
    Sea urchins can convert carbon dioxide into raw material for their shells.Sea urchins possess both a water vascular system and a hemal system, the latter containing blood. The sea urchin's teeth are self-sharpening, and it can chew through stone.Sea urchins' tube feet arise from the five ambulacral grooves. Tube feet are moved by a water vascular system, which works through hydraulic pressure, allowing the sea urchin to pump water into and out of the tube feet, enabling it to move. Sea urchins are sensitive to touch, light, and chemicals.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Fukushima is a dead zone, the world a sick zone. Profiteers hold on tightly while everything suffers

    • norbu norbu

      What a shame…drain more in the Ocean? How about drain those tanks into Tepco headquarters? Well I am so Honored to have been able to work in Hawaii on a Organic farm, snorkel every day at 2 step….hard to put words into this, I will miss it, so sad…..the Canary's are Singing Loud….

  • dunkilo

    canary in a coal mine syndrome .The planet is one big coal mine……
    $cienti$ts ,you can use that one for your "explanation":(

  • Whatever killed them could be many things. Fact is however everything that dies in this emergency generates Methane gas. With lowering global Oxygen amounts, more atmospheric Methane is bad news.

    An image of what these poor sea creatures look like healthy:

    Methane anomalies world wide:

    • Well hell TPTB reset the doomsday clock, they skipped a minute, and presumably there will be a reduction in the remaining length of time until the next adjustment. When the cascading events soon to happen force it ahead another 2 minutes, soon after will be wishes of a Happy New Year that emanate from lips of the Grim Reaper.

        • Gasser Gasser

          Well the "so called" Atomic Scientist Doomsday clock setter experts that came together to reset the Doomsday Clock, setting it forward by two minutes to 11:57 never ever mentioned Fukushima, Chernobyl or any other reasons like forty year old reactors with the bombarding Neutron Wigner affect making them Becquerel ticking time bombs as part of their Doomsday equation, or the hundreds of thousands of rusting 55 Gal barrels of nasty Nuclear poison leaching into the Ocean World wide along with many sunken Nuclear Sub’s, just to mention a few…these "Profucktors" are in deep, deep, denial shit or stupid as Hell, or again, more real, personal justified greed, not wanting to lose that almighty paycheck or professor tenure that lets them live high on the bullshit Hog…the ELE Doomsday time should be set @ 11:59.99~~~then maybe the International community will wake up and do something about Japans ELE fact.

          Time in the year 3/11/ 2025 *00:00* High Radioactive ELE Noon

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Yes Gasser, it truly/certainly needs to be set to 11:59.99~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ `

            • Runningonlove Runningonlove

              Looks like every night from now on could be…
              The Eve of Destruction.

              • Gasser Gasser

                The ironic Atomic Becquerel ticker of time for the Atomic Nuclear Midnight Clock

                The Fukushima Reactors….are Becquerel explodin’,
Becquerel's overflowin'….from fuel rack's unloading',
There is more than enough to kill….and all still in motion,

                If you believe Nuclear is safe….what's that Geiger counter you're totin',

                And even the Oceans and rivers….has bodies floatin’,

But you tell me….over and over and over again my friend,

                Ah, you don't believe….we're on the eve of destruction.

                Don't you understand….what I'm trying to say?

                Can't you see the logic….that I'm knowing today?

                The big quake has struck, there's no running away,
There'll be no one to save….with the world in a grave,

                Take a look around you, boy….it's bound to scare you, boy,

But you tell me….over and over and over again my friend,

                Ah, you don't believe….we're on the eve of…ELE destruction.


                • Gasser Gasser


                  Yeah, my blood's gone rad….feels like stagnation,

                  I'm sittin' here….in Cesium Becquerel fizz~A~lation
                  I can't say the truth….NRC knows no regulation,

                  Handful of Senators passed….Price Anderson legislation,
And marches alone….can't bring Nuke's termination,

                  When human respect….was hijacked through procrastination, 

                  This whole crazy world….is just too full of Radiation,

And you tell me over and over and over again my friend,

                  Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of Genome destruction.

                  Think of all the Reactors there is in Red China!

                  Then take a look around…there's enough to blind ya!
Ah, you may leave here….for four days in space,

                  But when your return….it might be exploded out of place,
The poundin' of the hearts….the pride and disgrace,

                  You can bury radioactive dead….but it will leave a Becquerel trace,

                  Hate your next-door-neighbour, but don't forget to say grace,

And you Bot~Shill me over and over and over and over again my friend,
Ah, you don't believe…we're in super deep shit~~~

                  ~~~into the eve of destruction.

                  ~Gasser Classic~

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              @obewan & gasser;maybe the DD Clock has already passed midnite and a handful of 'newsers can sense this fact[?]! 🙁
              Surely the signs of having passed the threshold from which there is no return has been crossed when typically short-lived creatures of the nature world are now sickened with,and/or dying/dead of cancer is not something to be ignored??!! 😐 p.s.,I'm sorry ChasAha,but if the birds you noted being MIA from central CA foothills are absent because they had more sense to follow their instincts & abandon the places they sensed are dangerous for them to reside in,then I hope if they're alive & reproducing somewhere else that they DON'T return unless or until the nuclear bile vomited up from the Hell on Earth aka Fukushima NPP's steaming pile of deadly toxic rubble still standing above pools of molten corium generating cancer & death no longer poses a threat to them. I hope EVERY living creature that was able to sense & adapt via new migratory routes & habitats STAYS wherever they've found to be "safest" & conducive towards protecting their species from almost certain extinction. Hell,I'd like to know where Mother Nature might have created "safe zones" to move to with my loved ones too??!!

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Johnny could not agree more. The clock passed midnight some time ago.. 🙁

                They are just being nice and trying to delay the worldwide panic that will surely ensue in the near future once people realize the true extent of the worldwide Nuclear and Environmental Damage that has really been done.

                This comithing realization will certainly be called progress…no doubt. 🙁

                • Gasser Gasser

                  Setting the Doomsday Clock's ELE time

                  Starting point 3/11/11 countdown starting @ -1:00 am @ compounded vectored MOX Uranium Becquerel discharges @ Gamma ray time ticking speeds into the Atmosphere, Oceans, Continental soils, World wide food and water supplies, plus Genome destruction, resulting in few healthy persons left to operate or shut down 450+ Reactors that will eventually Domino into criticality meltdowns, thus qualifying ELE Doomsday Clock's last tick?

                  Now @ 2015, with all the reported massive Sea life die off's, plant deformities, horrendous birth defects, many with unexplained sickness, and Cancer accepted as the norm, how long will the ELE Doomsday Clock tick into the future months, years, decades, centuries ahead?

                  Currently the ELE factor is going full speed "none stoppable ever" ahead radioactively poisoning everything, also radical climate change, and War's, being the big mortal cluster exterminators, turning everything into dust from the radioactive winds.

                  Because of what I've seen/read in the last 1413 days of Fukushima's speedy poisoning effect, WIPP's and Hanford's potential explosion factors, I set my Doomsday Clock @ 11:55 pm 2030…at that time few will be around to even wind a clock, and for what reasons, for how long?

                  What's your ELE Doomsday Clock time factor?

        • name999 name999

          dr, here is another link with mostly same info as this was not coming up…

      • Gabe Gabe

        Yah, I saw that. Unnerving. But, it fits with everything I read. Actually, I specter them to take it down to two minutes, and even to one. Nit seems we are very, very close now. It will likely happen on this admin's watch…..aft all, that is why he is here. Trained his entire life for this role…….yup, he did. With the Euro losing 40% and the Yuan losing 30% in relation to the dollar, we are very, very close. The ash hats in power will need to blame the economic collapse on some big, bad, war boogeyman.
        Watch the money closely…….when they pull that pin it will be all smoke and radiation, not smoke and mirrors. This early WW3 will go hot.

  • I sent this comment to the prime minister of Japan

    Fukushima is killing the Pacific, Stop the Radiation and Heavy Metals

    There are massive die offs in the Pacific

    Would you like to be the party that Saves the Pacific, or face 30 generations of shame?

    Fukushima will cost $600B USD to mitigate damages. Be real men, like the 500,000 men who fought Chernobyl.

    Claim your legacy, earn the respect of your family name.

    Arigato Gosaimas

    Using this link, no registration, very easy….give them a piece of your mind.

  • mt1000

    Recently all of the on-line science news websites have disabled their viewer comments.
    They don't want pesky comments from readers about Fukushima.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Nature showing the world .. North Pacific Ocean is in trouble.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "disease" definition from Merriam-Webster dot com:

    : a problem that a person, group, organization, or society has and cannot stop

    nuclear waste can be defined as a disease.

    I suggest we start referring to the problem of nuclear waste as "the nuclear disease."

    Tthe whole nuclear industry is a disease.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes, that would be correct, since what they produce is not of this Earth's natural environment.

      It is instead a poison to all biological systems/life. 🙁

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        I think we might be a disease that the earth has caught and Fukushima is alien chemotherapy. They have to kill us to save us. It all makes sense, now. Not really, no. It makes no sense whatsoever. Human kind is stupicidal.

  • Has anyone else used the link above to tell the prime minister how YOU feel about FUKUSHIMA?!

    500 responses needed, please be one of them.

  • WIPP held a town hall Jan 8th, it started with online participation…about 10 seconds then cut out and stayed out.

    Here is the youtube


    The dumping of nuclear, industrial, and other waste was legal until the early 1970's when it became regulated; however, illegal dumping continues everywhere.
    The most toxic waste material dumped into the oceans is dredged sludges, industrial/sewage, and radioactive waste. Dredging material is 80% of the total. About 10% of this is chromium, mercury, cadmium, heavy oils, phosphorous, organochlorines, not to mention land run offs, animal waste…
    In the 1970's alone, 17 million tons was LEGALLY dumped.
    Nuclear waste dumping comes from the nuke power process, medical radioisotopes, and industrial waste. The majority of ocean nuclear waste comes from 6 submarine reactors, one nuclear icebreaker reactor, and damaged nuclear fuel in the Kara Sea. The rest is nuclear waste in concrete drums on ocean bottom.
    And all of the above [and much more] has created a condition called Eutrophication. And it is this very 'condition' that IS and WILL kill off all the worlds oceans and everything in them.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      Glad to you see you back, GOM. Very informative post. I feel like my soul just got kicked in the balls, kind of post, but thank you. I used to live in the Destin area, most beautiful beaches in the world. The oil spill broke my heart. Wishing you well.

      • name999 name999

        GOM, MM, thank you both for your contribution here. We grieve together. I wish we could stop this
        but how? Still, even if none of these destructive acts can be reversed, it would fill me with joy
        to see people finally stop the dumping and killing. That could be done. But it won't.

      • GOM GOM

        Thanks to name999, mark too. Although I am not a nuke brainiac, I try to contribute in other ways.

  • Lots of documented die off events in the Pacific. Is clear nobody is stopping nuclear pollution. Or any other kind. There is so much plastic in the ocean that plastic eating microbes are flourishing creating a whole new meaning to bio-diversity. Pockets of a new bio universe. The salmon may well rebound but radiation does bio-accumulate. Plutonium readily bonds to oxygen and Hydrogen molecules, key ingredients of water. The plutonium plastic laced salmon lottery. You will not find the " How multi-pollutants, Nuclear,chemical, plastic, heavy metal, petroleum oil, fossil fuels, pesticides, herbicides, genetically mutated scientific crap, estrogen leached from birth control pills to our sewers, all interact with each other and what effect that has on all lifeforms and how the toxic soup bio-accumulates" study endorsed by any university. All the money would dry up.
    Peace out, folks.

  • I sent a small paypal to Dana Durnford, he wrote back right away with some thanks. I am trying to help him fund his next mission. We cannot sway the masses without simple visual proof.

    Here is the email exchange

    His email is

    More info here, I strongly encourage those of you viewing ENE to consider "what can I do". Send a few bucks is what you can do, do it.

  • Sickputer

    Joe Whale

    I dreamed I saw Joe Whale last night
    Alive as you and me
    Says I "But Joe, you're ten years dead"
    "I never died" says he
    "I never died" says he
    "The Tepco bosses killed you, Joe"
    "They nuked you Joe" says I
    "Takes more than rays to kill a whale"
    Says Joe "I didn't die"
    Says Joe "I didn't die"

    And swimming there, as big as life
    And smiling with his eyes
    Says Joe "What they can never kill
    Went on to organize
    Went on to organize"

    I dreamed I saw Joe Whale last night
    Alive as you and me
    Says I "But Joe, you're ten years dead"
    "I never died" says he
    "I never died" says he
    "The Tepco bosses killed you, Joe"
    "They nuked you Joe" says I
    "Takes more than rays to kill a whale
    Says Joe "I didn't die"
    Says Joe "I didn't die"
    And swimming there, as big as life
    And smiling with his eyes
    Says Joe "What they can never kill
    Went on to organize
    Went on to organize"

    From San Diego up to Maine
    In every whaling town
    Where working folks defend their rights
    It's there you find Joe Whale
    It's there you find Joe Whale
    I dreamed I saw Joe Whale last night
    Alive as you and me
    Says I "But Joe, you're ten years dead"
    "I never died" says he, "I never died" says he
    "I never died" says he"

    –SP 2015

  • fredquimby fredquimby

    More bird deaths in Cali.

    A nasty goo apparently….

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    And the list goes on…I wonder who else is on the soon to die list…humans maybe? And what may be the cause? Could it be radiation? No! We don't want to jump to any conclusions why cancers and tumors just happen to pop up in the wild..hmmmm can't even suggest an hypothesis as to this unusual phenomenon..we have no clue it must be climate change..or plastic chunks floating around or a "vital nutrient". Give me a fucking break. Sorry, it just pisses me off as it has since day 4 I don't get all the warnings, alerts, support and whatever else is to be done in "the nearly impossible event of a nuclear meltdown" that was pounded into my head as a child "ducking and covering" and kissing my sorry fucking ass goodbye! Fuckers! Keep us in the dark and let us all die a fucked up death! peace, love and life..all that matters! Let's hope the world wakes up the clock is ticking…bout midnight now!

  • Dick Shenary

    WNTF wrote in an earlier thread – "Yeah, I remember Obama's five minute nod to Fukushima, telling us that all we had to do was to "stay fully informed". Seems to me that is exactly what is happening here at We are following the Presidents wishes to the letter. However our funding is a bit disorganized. As a suggestion to the President and his staff, please divert some of the nuclear research funding to and various participants as we are staying fully informed and need funds to continue this work. So many of the institutions currently supported by the US government appear to be willfully misinformed. Mr. President please try to spend our tax dollars on researchers that seek objective evidence as we already have too much spin.

  • rogerthat

    2015.01.23 21:00-22:00 / ふくいちライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam)
    Jan 23, 2015
    Fukushima Nuclear plant live camera video 3min/1h(x20)
    長編版(15分)/Long ver(15min):

  • Dick Shenary

    Website credibility is the key to arousing the world to the terrible problems of nuclear power. When we post wild speculations such as –The President and family fled the Fukushima air plume, we are undermining credibility as there is no objective evidence for a panic trip. The trip passenger list may have grown but the trip was clearly preplanned. – Hypothetical question – What fool would flee airborne radiation and use the trip to urge nuclear power for Chile? The only one I can think of is former VP Dick Cheney. Maintaining website credibility requires following all objective evidence and avoiding wild speculation. This is not an easy task.

    • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

      When folks rant about Obama et al. heading south, they stop there and forget to mention that he… came… back. So either he truly believes his own press (believes his advisors who say all is safe) or he and his family members are getting special medical treatment to combat the effects of radiation (I wouldn't mind if his kids were getting it) or he's under some kind of threat (his nuke backer/pay masters will cut their donations?). I say this as a progressive voter (Stein, Nader, Sonia Johnson, Barry Commoner, McGovern and McCarthy and McGovern…) so I have no love for Obama, but he did come back. 🙁

      • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

        sorry, only once for McGovern, he's the first person I voted for President in… 68 or so, I think. After that, independent & 3rd party only. Way off topic…

      • Gabe Gabe

        The point about him getting his butt out of Dodge while the plume passed over is this: he made damn sure he wasn't here to breathe or be bathed in the nasty heavy plume that passed over the rest of the people here. Those other people had NO IDEA that they were possibly inhaling cancer causing poisons or that they were being rained or snowed upon with the heavy plume. THAT is the issue………he ran his worthless asshat out of town to avoid THAT!

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    It wouldn't take any more funding to give us live feeds from gamma, beta or alpha ray detecting satellites in real time, or is the overall picture so bad we wouldn't know how to handle it? The technology is in place it could be used to inform us, the taxpayers who paid for it, a little in advance of a really "hot" rainfall or beach. Any data would be useful even just the gamma spectrum.

    • Angela_R

      "or is the overall picture so bad we wouldn't know how to handle it?"

      It is not just manmade nuclear reactions.

      "Earlier this year, Ashley Dale, who is a member of an international task force, dubbed Solarmax, warned that solar 'super-storms' pose a 'catastrophic' and 'long-lasting' threat to life on Earth.
      A solar superstorm occurs when a CME of sufficient magnitude tears into the Earth's surrounding magnetic field and rips it apart."

      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      Cosmic rays are a very big factor; they also harbor gamma rays.
      What would happen if a Gamma Ray burst hit the earth:
      "Published on Jan 12, 2014
      Every few seconds, a supernova emits jets of deadly gamma rays somewhere in the universe. If one of these gamma ray bursts should happen sufficiently close to the solar system, all life would perish."

      Ever thought that nuclear bombs may have another purpose; i.e. be man's idea on how to split apart asteroids, etc? That CERN's current work with magnets and gravity may be connected with what is happening in Space?

      Take a look at the Neutron Star….

      but does it help to know all this?

      • yogda yogda

        IMO after the above ground nuclear testing it's much easier for these solar storms to cause damage. Not just polar vortex's in winter and extreme UV in summer.

        There is a reason the Nuclear Village hides behind the green/climate-change labels.

      • Gabe Gabe

        Please…….are you serious?

        • Angela_R

          Gabe, do I believe that was the intent from day one? No.

          As yogda says "IMO after the above ground nuclear testing it's much easier for these solar storms to cause damage".
          Man has been working around his intemperate, criminal actions since the beginning.

      • Gabe Gabe

        CERN is on record admitting that they are attempting to open portals and stargates. They have NEVER indicated anything remotely like what you are suggesting.
        As well, nuclear weapons are not, and have never been intended to use to split an asteroid. I have Never read or heard anything remotely suggesting such.

  • Dick Shenary

    The big question here – why are President Obama and staff acting as nuclear salesmen, especially at this point in time? I have been to Chile and the Chilean people are not unaware or stupid. They no doubt found it amusing that the President & Company were urging nuclear power for Chile while at the same time US built reactors were exploding in Japan. Talk about credibility problems! Unfortunately, the Chilean President signed an agreement for Chilean nuclear help from the US. Are all world leaders totally clueless to the dangers of this old technology? The biggest question of all – Why does the US continue to promote nuclear power, no matter what the cost to all of life?

  • Dick Shenary

    Clearly mm is feeling frustrated. We all feel that way.
    Did you know that up until the nineties, uranium was added to porcelain dentures to give them that natural yellowing look under different lighting conditions? This was the dental version of hormesis. It’s an Interesting concept – teeth that glow in the dark. The good news is that most of the uranium was trapped within the porcelain itself and only caused problems when located very close to the gums. Dentists were heard to exclaim – “Well your dentures look great but those gums will have to come out.” Our greatest danger seems to be the slow learning curve humanity is on regarding ionizing radiation and its effects at the cellular level. HELLO – ANYONE HOME AT THE WHITEHOUSE?

  • Dick Shenary

    I think that should form a coalition of activists and we should formally petition the Whitehouse to hold discussions about nuclear issues. If nuclear problems especially Fukushima are not so bad for this country, the President and his staff should be willing to openly discuss this situation and his staff of science advisors will patiently explain why this is the case. I know – I'm dreaming the American dream. Silly me!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Good one! 🙂

    "If nuclear problems especially Fukushima are not so bad for this country, the President and his staff should be willing to openly discuss this situation and his staff of science advisors will patiently explain why this is the case."

    They will have a very difficult time explaining these images/links/texts away.. 🙁,+deformities+and+mutations&es_sm=91&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=LmjBVLvnFomuogT-7YG4CA&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAg&biw=1047&bih=545

  • Dick Shenary

    Yes,it is true. I was taught and indoctrinated as a child to be completely naïve. It is called The American Dream. Funny thing – we all liked The American Dream so much that we are now having a hard time believing that it has become a nightmare for most of the people. Corporations, which I hear are people too, are doing well thanks to government support and subsidies. The people however are left to twist in the wind so to speak. If our leaders really believe in the fundamentals of freedom and truth, why then are they so afraid to deal with environmental problems in a straight forward manner? We as a species have a big nuclear problem on our hands now and pretending, lying and justifying will not make it go away. Why can't our government face this situation honestly? It would be in all of our best interests to do so,including the wealthy. When fat cats begin to raise questions about their health, no doubt the government will listen.

  • Nick

    D.S. et al….

    I have been saying for years that The Fukushima Fiasco has to be more than about a catastrophic failure at what once was one of the world's largest nuclear electrical generating stations.

    We are faced with a world that has gone hell bent for leather with all things nuclear, weapons and otherwise.

    Vast sums have been spent on endeavors that actually benefit a very tiny minority of folks who PUSH the technology on the rest of us.

    As I look back through the decades, the arguments remain the same, yet very little actual open public discourse has ever really occurred.

    How is it that we spend trillions on weapons that are never supposed to be used. Deterrence is a stupid mindset, today, and forever, if the result is the poisoning of our biosphere.

    When, pray tell, are we ever going to wage peace?

    • Gabe Gabe

      It was ALWAYS about enriching the military-industrial complex. THAT was the main driver. We, the people, were told it was about deterrence. The bankers, the BIS, has played us like a harp, or a guitar.
      There was a time when this could have been stopped…….after WW2.
      But, the masses in the US became preoccupied with other things……creating HUGE families and wealth. They elected to bask in the glow of a WW2 win and NOT critically examine how or why it happened.
      Rah, rah, USA! Dumb sahhats…….

    • Nick, but exposing truth, you are in fact waging peace, it might take a while, so joust on at moderate sustained speed.

    • Gabe Gabe

      Peace will not be waged until the people controlling the world are not satanists. Hate to sound like a lunatic but it really is well documented that satanism is rampant within the 1% who rule or have great sums. Waging peace reflects that humanity is devoted to each other and that humanity has a moral compass. That typically seems to be connected to the spiritual and religious beliefs of people.
      As long as satanism is the religion of the rulers/controllers we will find it very difficult to wage peace.
      They will continue to use the MSM and the entertainment industry to promote their dark and satanic culture. Have any of you noticed all the satanism themes running through our culture in recent years?
      That is by design. There are no coincidences……….not when it involves these big players.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Life for man is finite..rape, pillage, and get all you can, while you can..screw all future generations.


    Life for you, me, them, us, and the rest of mankind is very finite! Pushing and shoving inside the sand box is expected and promoted by all.

    Look at the size of my bank account and the mesmerizing song and dance is played/promoted on every airway in the modern world…24/7. The premise of the entire economic system guarantees it.

    This will not end well…for all the other biological species.. that share this planet with us.

    We enenewsers are the messengers, but how many will listen..few if any. 🙁

    Sadly, nothing has changed in thousands of years…

    • Gabe Gabe

      Spot on. The reality is that this time the plan of annihilation is far more aggressive and grandiose……..likely none of us at ENEnews will be around to talk about it……nor our kids and grandkids.
      REMEMBER……..they have told repeatedly that they, the ashhat uber wealthy, plan to DESTROY at least 6.5 BILLION OF US.
      yet, even though there are so very few of them, the rest of humanity sits and waits for the kill shot to happen. WHY?
      We all know who they are….the uber wealthy. They live on this planet. We have very, very skilled hunters in our military…….yet, alas, nothing happens.

  • Nick

    Maybe our biosphere is so contaminated with ghastly toxins that rational thought becomes a luxury, instead more reptilian parts of our brains trump reason?

    The anger, the fear, the anxiety of "others" may actually be a very real dissonance set up in our collective consciousness, reinforced by folks who stand to profit from chronic hostility.

    Look at our militarization of our domestic law enforcement. You tell me that is a good thing for us all.

    Look at the radicalization of all sorts of "beliefs" that results in horrific violence. Not exactly conducive to preserving the genome.

    Look at military budgets planetwide. Obscene.

    Then there is the ridiculous increase in gun and ammunition sales these past few years.

    It is as if the world has gone bat shit crazy.

    Maybe my observance of GMI is not so insane after all? (global mass insanity)

    The sea urchins dying off the coast of Hawaii are just another wake-up call to us all that something is horribly amiss in our "modern" world.

  • demise demise

    This just another example of a long list of unexplained dies offs recently where the obvious cause is the collapse of the Pacific Ocean. The sad thing is that all the researchers will not utter the word radiation for fear of loss of government funding labeling them as a nut case. This dictatorship in the White House has to go.

    • name999 name999

      demise, you have it right until the end of the statement. You must look more deeply than the white house.
      But convincing people of such a simplistic falsehood puts them off the right path completely.

      "If you can get them asking the wrong questions…you don't have to worry about the answers."

      Thomas Pynchon

    • Gabe Gabe

      Those who speak truth face murder, so they keep quiet. However, if many hundreds spoke truth as one body, at one big event, it might change some things…..or not.

      • SadieDog

        Gabe, it sure would be nice to find out.

        • Gabe Gabe

          There is a a very interesting article on the VeteransToday website. I just read it now. They are definately pulling back the curtain on 9/11 and who the perps were.
          I would highly recommend you all go there and read the article. Mther even have been MANY recent articles on that website where they have been pulling back the curtain. The fellows from the website went to a large meeting or conference in the Middle East recently, and they exposed the truth and named names to the entire group of attendees.
          They are fed up with the BS that is taking us to WW3 faster than we can drop our pants to sit on the toilet.
          These guys are deep intelligence people, and have informants and operatives all over the globe…….they are not whistling Dixie. They mean business. The gloves are off………..there are some incredible articles on that website if you want to know about the false flags we have seen here in the US.
          Be prepared to have your illusions shattered and your blinders removed.

  • This is an oldie but goodie, when marine life start acting really weird, like killing humans on a regular basis….you might just suspect that something is wrong.

  • I actually don't have fear from the round of asteroids coming close, but any collision with other NEO could still make some fire works………..

    This calculator generates results for Asteroid energy in Joules, based on diameter, speed, density.

    This energy is then converted into something we can wrap our heads around, equivalent nuclear bombs.

    The Jan 26 2015 Asteroid is close, large, and equivalent to 6828 large Nuclear Bombs.

    The most dangerous upcoming asteroids data looks like this, it is odd there is such a rash of near earth dangerous asteroids. Well this was postulated. Note the column on Equivalent Nuclear Bombs.

    PS this calculator is worth several hundred dollars, I am giving it away for free. OK if you like it, paypal a few bucks or a jackson over to Dana Durnford

  • I would like some Citizen Scientists to weigh in on this issue

    I found a thermal image photo on the old "nukepimp" website when Anne pointed it out.

    The reason GE was on site, was that at the time of the accident, they were actively changing out the "Shroud" which is an inner lining on the reactor, that help protect the reactor steel from neutron and other radiation damage. With MOX there is a lot more neutrons flying around. Neutrons will activate other materials that don't normally become part of a radiation family tree.

    The reason that there was a 10Sv source on a steel tower between reactor 3 and 4 is because of an open air fission criticality that "activated" the tower.

    So at Unit 4 Fukushima, GE was changing the shroud and they had the equipment pool chock full of MOX fuel assemblies. This is the fire that the NRC FOIA documents talk about. A fire, a melting, an open air criticality

    • Ness Ness

      MOX – fuel with plutonium – can never be used safely in any reactor. All plants trying to use it experience the same problems. Pu is too anomalous and too unpredictable and even alloys cannot tame it. It really 'hops the limit' whenever it gets the chance. It turns into pure and lethal light, leaving a vacuum inside the rod. It does so after a period of 2 or 3 months so at first nothing seems to be wrong, (depending on the reactor type; some give up sooner). That light punches holes into all matter, including shrouds, nothing can stop it.

      Pu cannot ever be used safely. All Pu should be destroyed and all MOX with it. There are better ways to use these energies provided the science can be developed without hindrance and suppression by religious organizations, greedy banksters, insane monopolists, warmongers and creeps that consider basic knowledge a 'possession', to be patented, sold and traded. It comes down to forbidding people to use the functions of pi or e because some nut has patented the *numbers*.

      After watching the explosion at unit 3 again i get the feeling i'm looking at a detonation, not an explosion. That spent fuel pool above the reactor can be found everywhere by now, but quite a lot came down between 3 and 4, where it started fissioning happily. I saw an Areva report on Gunderson's site with that information but it was yanked/wiped from the net.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      stock, the thermal image is of unit 4? Looks more like U2 maybe. Is it strange the thermal images show even the hot regions at under 100 F? I would like to see a thermal image of the melt out.

      Is the shroud seen in any of the photos?

      IR shows heat in the reactor as well as the SFP. Any ideas about this?

      What is the timeline; did the building blow up before the fire/ melt out?

      If the mox in the equipment pool melted and had a nuclear explosion,…wouldnt that make human work there nearly impossible? The many hours spent removing assemblies.

  • Nick

    MOX is one of a zillion cons forced upon humanity by the nuclearats.

    "Recycled" fuel my ass.

    Tell that to the dying creatures in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Pretty impartial analysis of 2014 temperatures

    NASA's dataset displays the differences between measured temperatures and the 14.0°C average from 1951-80. On this basis it confirms that the average recorded temperature in 2014 was 0.02°C higher than the average for the previous warmest year, 2010, which was in turn 0.01°C higher than 2005's. Unfortunately, neither that page nor the press release includes any information about the uncertainty inherent in these figures, which turns out to be larger than the increase from 2010-14.

    All physical measurements, including those from the weather stations providing data to NASA, are plus-or-minus some error. Averaging them doesn't entirely negate that. Within the accuracy of these temperatures, it's not possible to distinguish among 2005, 2010 and 2014; they represent a statistical tie. That fact was explained more clearly than I have done in a report on January 14, 2015, from the team of scientists at Berkeley Earth. Hardly climate skeptics, this is the same group that made headlines a couple of years ago with a comprehensive study of existing climate data.

  • Ruh roh, looks like we gots us another them thar troll things

    • Ness Ness

      E = mc^2; for c = 1 (100%) energy = mass.

      But this may be too simple for those who consider someone talking about a subject beyond their comprehension trolling. That is if you meant me with that remark. The level of intolerance on this site equals the level of ignorance.

  • For Citizen Journalists, here is a great source of information
    Wisconsin solar advocates take their case to court

    Posted on 01/23/2015 by Ken Paulman

    Midwest Energy News is proud to be the newest member of the Investigative News Network! Thanks to all of our readers for helping make this possible.

    MICHIGAN: As Gov. Rick Snyder prepares to make a major statewide energy policy announcement in March, advocates are concerned it will be overly focused on natural gas. (Midwest Energy News)

    ***SPONSORED LINK: The Midwest Energy Solutions Conference is the largest event of its kind in the region. This event attracts a diverse assemblage of thought leaders from around the nation who share a passion for energy efficiency.***

    SOLAR: Wisconsin solar backers file a lawsuit challenging regulators on recent rate decisions, utilities embrace community solar, and advocates want to make Iowa City a solar leader. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Utility Dive, Huffington Post)

    COAL: An Ohio company backs off a plan to mine for coal under a state park, a court rules that coal mining can take place in Ohio wetlands, and forecasts show coal retaining a significant share of electricity generation in coming decades. (Columbus Dispatch, EnergyWire)

    CHICAGO: An audit of a utility’s multibillion-dollar natural gas pipeline replacement program is being concealed from the public. (Chicago Tribune)

    WIND: U.S. wind installations grew sixfold last…

  • Angela_R

    "Near the end of H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine, the Time Traveller finds himself on a desolate beach in the distant future. Under a lurid red sky, by a slack, oily sea, he is set upon by giant crabs, last survivors in a dying world – ‘foul, slow-stirring monsters’, with ‘vast, ungainly claws smeared with an algal slime’. If Wells were writing that scene today, the jellyfish would be a much better candidate than the crab for the part of the doomsday creature on the terminal beach. According to Lisa-Ann Gershwin’s disturbing book, the jellyfish is an ‘angel of death’, a harbinger of ‘planetary doom’ likely to be the ‘last man standing’ in what she describes as our ‘gelatinous future’."

    And what are the jellyfish telling us now?

  • Dick Shenary

    Angela_R – very interesting site regarding jellyfish. They are among the last species in deserted ocean areas. I don't mean to be crude but has anyone ever heard of jellyfish soup?

    • Angela_R

      No such a soup, does not appeal, Dick 🙂

      "The question of jellyfish death is vexing. If jellyfish fall on hard times, they can simply “de-grow.” That is, they reduce in size, but their bodies remain in proportion. That’s a very different outcome from what is seen in starving fish, or people. And when food becomes available again, jellyfish simply recommence growing. Some individual jellyfish live for a decade. But the polyp stage survives pretty much indefinitely by cloning. One polyp colony started in 1935 and studied ever since is still alive and well in a laboratory in Virginia.

      One kind of jellyfish, which might be termed the zombie jelly, is quite literally immortal. When Turritopsis dohrnii “dies” it begins to disintegrate, which is pretty much what you expect from a corpse. But then something strange happens. A number of cells escape the rotting body. These cells somehow find each other, and reaggregate to form a polyp. All of this happens within five days of the jellyfish’s “death,” and weirdly, it’s the norm for the species. Well may we ask of this astonishing creature, “Sting, where is thy death?”

      "They reduce in size"
      The ones shown in the picture from Brisbane Times @ 3.40 pm, are much smaller than those I recall as a child.

      • Gabe Gabe

        Wow, do I ever wish we humans could de-grow. Can you imagine what it would be like to eat as we did when we were kids? At our dinner table it was the norm that we kids each ate 3-4 baked potatoes, large Russets, and had at least 4-5 large burgers from home grown beef. Add some home made bread, 3-4 glasses of milk and then dessert.
        It would be soooooooo fun to be a piggie again and then just de-grow…….LOL!

  • Angela_R

    "Can you imagine what it would be like to eat as we did when we were kids"
    They didn't have smorgsboards when I was a kid; when I grew older I had stomach problems, so could not enjoy large meals.

    The so-called immortality of jellyfish has been under examination, in tandem with other ideas.

    Then the following somewhat philosophical question:
    "Ultimately, however, this book reminded me what many transhumanists fail to realize: that without death we cannot truly have life. As such, what a travesty of life it would be to achieve a machine-like immortality!"

  • rogerthat

    Fish kill reported near Oyster Creek nuclear plant

    Friday, January 23, 2015

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