Gov’t Health Expert: Salad oil is more dangerous than radioactive waste below giant sinkhole (VIDEO)

Published: December 14th, 2012 at 4:47 pm ET


Title: DHH Bayou Corne Resident Briefing
Source: Assumption Parish
Date: Dec. 14, 2012

Louisiana State Epidemiologist, Dr. Raoult Ratard: The radioactivity of salad oil is 4,900 picocuries per liter. So then you are going to say, “OK I don’t eat salad anymore, I eat steak.” […]

Ratard’s Slideshow

Resident: Since we have NORM [radioactive waste] issues on that dome, it’s a concern for us as to what will NORM cause in our community. Will it expose us to a higher rate of cancer?

Ratard: Salad oil, if you ask me looking at that I would say salad oil…

Resident: Salad oil isn’t NORM is it?

Ratard: It’s radioactivity. […]

Resident: At what levels would you be concerned if it [NORM] was in your neighborhood.

Ratard: I eat salad oil. Obviously my impression is that when I look at, this is not my big area of knowledge. […] So don’t count on me too much. If I look at that, I would say salad oil.

Resident 2: You didn’t answer his question.

Watch the video here

Published: December 14th, 2012 at 4:47 pm ET


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71 comments to Gov’t Health Expert: Salad oil is more dangerous than radioactive waste below giant sinkhole (VIDEO)


    This man is a total DisInfo Retard. Look, even his name states that. Salad Oil, for heaven's sake!

    • Steve_G Steve_G

      I couldn't believe it when this retard tried to compare salad oil with NORM. I'm surprised that he wasn't run out of town. If that guy is one of their best experts, God help Bayou Corne residents, DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!!

    • Effen bananas!
      Plane rides!
      heck, life itself is way more dangerous than radioactive nuclear wastes!

      criminal these guys are.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    I believe Ratard takes his position from the work of Theodore Rockwell, a nuke industry advocate who champions the "harmless amounts of radiation" and "beneficial effects of low-level radiation" memes and who used the salad oil example back in 1997.


      I knew I had heard that somewhere before. Thx.

    • jec jec

      The same person also said Chernobyl victims "chose" abortion. WRONG-They were forced.
      "Examples: More than 100,000 European women chose to have unnecessary abortions after the Chernobyl accident out of a groundless fear of bearing "nuclear mutants.""

      And this is the guy being used for "scientific" justification? Maybe Mr. Ratard should move to Belarus where the "love" from Chernobyl radiation is spread all over. They need doctors there to perform cancer surgery on children..and repair holes in infants hearts….

    • m a x l i

      Interesting article you found, aigeezer…

      "Fear of radiation has made nuclear technology a non-option for many problems it is uniquely able to solve, such as global warming and air, water, and ground pollution."

      That must be the reason, that 120 million japanese left their homes and are overcrowding a 20-kilometer zone around Fukushima-Daiichi to enjoy the clean soil, air and water there; and fresh agricultural products from Fukushima have become the greatest hit on international markets…

      But many other parts of that article are not that easy and fast to dismiss. I must say, I am actually impressed. This professional liar understands his business. That Retard/Ratard is an amateur, in comparison.

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        I like the way you think, m a x l i. In the end, it's the validity of the underlying positions that matters, not the spin. Physics always trumps spin in the long run.

        It's hard work to figure out exactly where/how the lies/hooks are placed, and even harder to mount a careful rebuttal to something like a salad-oil-gotcha-trick.

        Hey, I hear that rat-turd engaged routinely in premarital interdigitation in his younger days. (Just trying the spin approach on for size – doesn't suit me). 😉

        Know the enemy.


        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          OMG!-"rat-turd"!!1 That's hilarious!!LOLOL!! 🙂 (I love this website!! The stuff you guys & gals come up with both amazes and cracks me up!!)lol….I need to laugh & smile once in a while even if it's only a brief respite from the dark realities I usually find here when I wake up and check the status of the nightmares that don't end upon waking since they've come true. I'll take every good laugh and opportunity allowing a smile that I can get these days! 🙂
          TAKE CARE ALL! 🙂

  • markww markww

    Go ahead drink some radiation and see if you light up. Its is dangerous it accumulates and does no go away and I know my salad oil is safer than eating radiation.


  • SweetDakini SweetDakini

    I have never witnessed doctors or dentists leaving the room when I dress my salad on the other hand when I have an X-ray taken, they disappear quickly. Just an observation of the behavior of medical specialists in their native environments.

  • lam335 lam335


    Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

  • TalonThorn

    Where's the scientific studies showing that the radiation in salad oil is safe? What kind/form of radiation is emitted by salad oil? There are different kinds, and alpha is much more dangerous than beta, and generally gamma just goes right through you, which is why an X-ray (gamma) does not even compare with ingesting radioactive substances (alpha/beta).

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    what even is "salad oil", and is the salad oil in question product of Japan?


        That's disgusting…

        • eatliesndie eatliesndie

          a tad.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Hehe. In fairness, it's probably not quite as bad as it sounds. I assume it's from kitchen waste, recycled cooking oil, rather than, say, bathroom waste. There's some precedent in North America for getting biodiesel from fast-food deep-fry waste oil.

          Still pretty yucky business practices though – "it would never happen here", right? Here's a government-sponsored variant from my part of the world, slightly off-topic since it's not nuke-related unless you count medical nuke waste. Oops! 😉

          • FREEDOMROX

            Unfortunately you are making assumptions…(So I guess it would fit with Assumption Parish theme), but never truly stated the source…and it's one thing to make bio-diesel, (I have before), and actually consuming it.
            Also, if you were speaking about bathroom waste, then you are talking radiation. Don't you know how much radiation is in poop?

          • aigeezer aigeezer

            Yikes, I forgot the link for my local example:


            • FREEDOMROX

              While I may agree it's a good energy source, but not fertilizer.

              "Pardon me boys? Is that the Nova Scotia Poo Poo?"
              to the tune of Chattanooga Choo Choo

              • aigeezer aigeezer

                Hehe. All aboard. I imagine the practice is widespread if it has turned up here. NS is not known for its innovative practices. The government here will not disclose which farmers do it and which do not, so without local knowledge nobody would be the wiser.

                Sorry, getting a long way from LA, and I don't mean to distract from the sinkhole concerns.


      A vegetable oil that is used to dress salads mostly or cook in, like canola, peanut, sunflower.

      Such a ridiculous precept when talking about TENORM, or anything radioactive.

      These folks are not asking about background radioactivity and normal ingestion rates….they are asking about TENORM and if it was left just sitting around for twenty years in a pile, or used in a garden, or if it is in the Dome, whereby it would poison the aquifer.

      My answer is Yes it has!

  • amberlight amberlight

    What the…? Was this Monty Pythonesque farce sourced from The Onion? Reminds me of the dead parrot routine.

    I don't think I can take another one of these reports from the "experts," whether Japanese or American. How bloody stupid do they think we are?

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    I'm sorry, I am not even through with the second video and I can tell the people of Bayou Corne, I would NOT trust any of these people. The monitors are probably set to 50% LEL alarm just in case you start your car and the fumes hit it, you know they wouldn't want it to go off for nothing! I understand they do not want people freaking out, however to tip toe and dance around what is out there is ridiculous… I am serious when I say they should all have to reside at the nearest home to this site. When they leave, they should be moved to the next nearest home that they do not make evacuate. Lets see how long it would take for them to come clean. Video 2, 4:40, they reveal the LEL at 4.4, 5.1. Of course they are not using up to date numbers, although they could be since the 12/6/12 situation report reveals the level at 8%.. oh wait, it could have been the exhaust of the outboard which caused that reading…

    12/6/12 report:


      Yeah I did a spit take when I saw the outboard motor used an excuse. Mr. Retard, I zink yorz a completes incompitanxe', c'nest pa?

      This was the best they could buy?

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Video 1: Ethylbenzene: 28-496 readings, Xylenes 26-1520 readings. I noticed he skipped right over these two.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Hydrogen Sulfide:
    Exposure Limits

    OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL):
    General Industry: 29 CFR 1910.1000 Z-2 Table — Exposures shall not exceed 20 ppm (ceiling) with the following exception: if no other measurable exposure occurs during the 8-hour work shift, exposures may exceed 20 ppm, but not more than 50 ppm (peak), for a single time period up to 10 minutes.

    Construction Industry: 29 CFR 1926.55 Appendix A — 10 ppm, 15 mg/m3 TWA

    Maritime: 29 CFR 1915.1000 Table Z-Shipyards — 10 ppm, 15 mg/m3 TWA
    American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) Threshold Limit Value (TLV): 1 ppm, 1.4 mg/m3 TWA; 5 ppm, 7.0 mg/m3 STEL

    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Recommended Exposure Limit (REL): 10 ppm, 15 mg/m3 Ceiling (10 Minutes)

  • Stephengn

    I don't know whether the replace the first A with an E or the second A with a U

    Both work

  • Nuked Radio #80 BP & Sinkhole LIES: Deborah Dupre'
    Here's the story from someone who has been working 30 years as a human rights advocate and examiner. Listen to what she has to say about the sinkhole.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Very cool Vid ,thanks eyechix and rainbow !


      This woman is a DisInfo UN AGENT and looking for money for her Book Sales, since it tanked when released. Debra has been the actual 'Vampire of Macondo', and BP is the Macondo Never Ending Nightmare!

      Do not trust UN paid for infiltrators Please. The People have been brainwashed enough!

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        I trust nobody , but did you watch it ?

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          Thanks for the warning FREEDOMROX , i will look in to it further later on to see if it is more then web-innuendo . But rainbeaudais video was integrated in it , she comment there too . Positiv that is, i was thinking .

          rainbeaudais 10 uur geleden

          Great job radchick, Debra and Alicia.I attended the joke of a meeting and videod for almost 2 hours until I could not stand hearing the crap for one more minute.I was extremely close to standing up and making a scene. Half of those attending had already walked out. See the video, and my perception of it.

          • FREEDOMROX

            Alicia is a good friend of Rainbow's…a neighbor, I believe, and I have nothing against radchick or Nuke radio. Nearly anyone grasps at straws and will use any means to get the word out…when no one else is listening.

            I just look between the lines, and every other line Dupre' normally states is for her book..I am shocked she didn't on this interview, as much as she does in her columns and her UN agenda 21 'human rights' diatribes.

            Look up Agenda 21 and you will see these people jump on every disaster as a means to evacuate the people and grab their lands….

            I hold nothing against Rainbow.

            • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

              I'm good with radchick and Debra. I was extremely rough on Debra at first but have come to realize that she does indeed care about the people here. She has also done a lot to keep this issue at the forefront.

              I was touched listening to her on the show. Met her once at one of the meetings. She has a southern accent to die for……love it.

              I don't always agree with some things she says or does, and still don't hold back in saying so. But I've gained a new respect for her.

              • FREEDOMROX

                Then maybe I should have such a meeting with her, since everytime I imparted any info to her at the Examiner, the nexr day it wound up in her next article or headline, unattributed of course.
                I don't do what I do for money, nor any fame, as that would be self-defeating, but I always give credit where it is due, and don't hawk any of my own books.
                I agree she cares about her territory, but to me doesn't excuse her other activities as an activist for the UN and Agenda 21.
                Sorry if I seem inflexible, for I am not, and if you argue about it…I won't listen…nyahh, nyahh, nyahh!

                • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

                  LOL….you are too funny.

                  I've had a change of heart about many things since this first started.I was numero uno in the denial department. Not so much any more.

                  • FREEDOMROX

                    So you don't study a river in Egypt anymore? Understood.
                    I for one am proud of you. I have watched you transform. Gives me hope. No, not Hope, Arkansas either.

  • many moons

    I feel so bad for the folks of this region. They are suffering physically and mentally with the uncertainty of their future, they go to the meeting hoping for answers and a leadership direction that can give them some piece of mind and what do they get…they have to indure the ridiculous jabbering of a well paid "expert" spitting out uninformation garbage…that must give them a lot of hope for the holidays.

  • m a x l i

    >>>The radioactivity of salad oil is 4,900 picocuries per liter<<<

    Mr. Average Citizen:
    "4,900 picocuries…Hmmm…I don't know what picocuries are (must be some east-indian stuff, I guess), but I understand 4,900. I know what 4,900 apples are or 4,900 dollars, and that's A LOT. That means, salad oil really IS radioactive. And I eat a lot of salad and am still alive and well. That can only mean, radioactivity, Chernobyl, Fukushima and all that crap cannot be as dangerous, as the green fear mongers always say. How clever I am today!"

    Question to Mr. Average Citizen:
    Does 4.9 nanocuries look radioactive to you?
    Or 0.0049 microcuries?
    Or 0.0000049 millicuries?
    Or 0.0000000049 curies?

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Yup, that's part of the game for sure, maxli. If the rubes protest, the authorities will hit 'em with femtocuries next time.

      Almost five million, you say? Wow, that's really big.

      To keep them off balance, just keep changing the scale of measurement. Throw in some misleading comparisons to everyday items, and leave the room before they figure it out.

      • m a x l i

        aigeezer said: "To keep them off balance, just keep changing the scale of measurement. Throw in some misleading comparisons to everyday items, and leave the room before they figure it out."

        m a x l i says: Admit it! You copied this from the "Handbook for Nuclear Shills".

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Hehe. I guess we've all noticed this all along, the almost daily changes in scale units in the first few months and the now-laughable bananas, airplane rides, daily stomach X-rays and so forth.

          The salad oil one caught us off-guard for a moment but from now on it's just one more howler on the list, I imagine.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I think that the public at large need to know the governments position on this.

    Perhaps we should organize a boycott of 'salad oil' & other related products using 'Ratty' Ratard as our expert witness. Let the food industry deal with him by suing his ratty ass for defamation, it should at least shut the other government idiots up and make them think twice before opening their mouths.

    P.S. Of the 5 options given by my spell-checker for the name 'Ratard', 4 of them where rather descriptive of 'Ratty'

    1. A person with a mental deficiency
    2. An offensive term used to refer to someone acting in an irritating or generally stupid way.

    A sneaking, malicious coward.

    An old person, esp. one who has become weak or senile.

    The last one may get me banned, so I won't repeat it in 'polite' company.

    • annspinwall4 annspinwall4

      well it certainly applies to the idiot "RATARD", what the heck, salad oil?? Did they find a homeless person and promise him a meal and warm place to stay if he would spout stupidity for a few minutes? unbelievable

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        You have to be reasonable 'smart' to survive as a homeless person, I doubt I could do it and survive for long.

        It's people like Ratty and their assumption that they and they alone have the correct answers, that make me SO tired of this life.

  • dosdos dosdos

    I just moved my salad oil out to the garage fridge, out there near the banana bin.

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    Hey guys….I'm about to mosey on down to the sinkhole and pick some veggies for a salad. Duckweed, lilly pads, water hyacinth and a few dead cypress needles for the crunch. I'll go ahead and scoop up a cup or so of hydrocarbon while I'm there. Heck, who needs salad oil?

    Anyone want one while I'm pickin?


      I wish you would get a shovel down where you filmed the waters from 70 and about 10 5 gal. buckes of water…then report the road is being compromised.

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    Yeh sure….I'll get right on that, and then when the very people that are bitching about the road being open (yet still driving on it) have to start detouring 60 miles one way, run me out of town, I'll come find YOU…..:-)


      LOL, I will take the consequences. I have already offered you or Ibuiltthis a safe haven.

      Seriously, if Sonny Cranch has his way…none of you left there will be alive very much longer. YOU looked up the effects of burning off SO2, and the effects of Sulphur Dioxide. It's time for life-saving measures.

      All of you are in serious danger from this insane Texas Brine Emergency Flare Off! As if you are not in enough danger as it is, but this borders on insanity.


        Also, it has been made abundantly clear to me when I call LDNR that if I don't live in the state, the I should STFU. Doesn't stop me, but hey…what can ya do?