Gov’t Expert: West Coast will soon be hit by 800 Trillion Bq of Fukushima Cesium-137 — Nearly equal to amount of fallout deposited on Japan — Levels in Pacific “higher than expected” — “Main body of surface plume has reached off coast of US” — Never slowed down while crossing ocean, contrary to prediction

Published: June 7th, 2015 at 9:48 pm ET


Shanghai Daily, Apr 30, 2015 (emphasis added): About 800 tera becquerel of Cesium- 137 is going to reach West Coast of North America by 2016, equivalent to 5 percent of the total Cs-137 amount discharged to the pacific ocean after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, [Michio Aoyama, a professor at Fukushima University] was quoted by Kyodo recently… However, Cs-137 levels detected at U.S. beaches were 1 to 2 bq per cubic meter, much lower than the safety limit… “Even if all the 800 tera bq Cs-137 have arrived, the radiation levels will stay at relatively low level that aren’t expected to harm human health,” said Aoyama.

1-2 Bq/m3 of Cs-137? The West Coast samples with Fukushima radioactive material have contained levels several times that amount. Off the coast of California, levels were 8.6 Bq/m3 (Cs-137 @ 6.9; Cs-134 @ 1.7). Levels on Vancouver Island were 7.2 Bq/m3 (Cs-137 @ 5.8; Cs-134 @ 1.4).

Aoyama’s estimate of 800 terabecquerels of Cs-137 reaching the West Coast is about the same as the total amount of Cs-137 estimated to have been deposited on Japan (1.0 petabecquerels or 1,000 terabecquerels, Source: TEPCO).

Michio Aoyama (Fukushima University) et al. (pdf), European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna, Austria, Apr 2015: [W]e and our collaborators continue to collect seawater samples in 2013 and 2014 in the North Pacific Ocean… The 137Cs activity through the end of September 2014 remain higher than expected, ca. 1000 Bq m-3, implying continued releases from the reactors… In the North Pacific Ocean main body of radiocaesium surface plume of which activity exceed 10 Bq m-3 had been travelling along 40 ºN, and reached International Date Line on March 2012… the radiocaesium plume was confined along 40 ºN when the plume reached International Date Line. A zonal speed of the radiocaesium plume was estimated to be about 8 cm s-1… After that, main body of radiocaesium surface plume continued to travel eastward and reached off west coast of US continent in August 2014 which implies the zonal speed of the radiocaesium plume was maintained at similar speed.

During a TV interview last year, Aoyama announced a somewhat different scenarioAl Jazeera Transcript: “Aoyama calculates that the radiation will slow, sink, and then harmlessly decay over decades, as Pacific currents turn most of it toward Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean. Prof. Aoyama: ‘So I can say that the people in the Western Coast are safe.'”

Watch Aoyama’s Al Jazeera interview here

Published: June 7th, 2015 at 9:48 pm ET


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168 comments to Gov’t Expert: West Coast will soon be hit by 800 Trillion Bq of Fukushima Cesium-137 — Nearly equal to amount of fallout deposited on Japan — Levels in Pacific “higher than expected” — “Main body of surface plume has reached off coast of US” — Never slowed down while crossing ocean, contrary to prediction

  • rogerthat

    Playing nuclear plant roulette at Indian Point
    June 7, 2015

    Two recent letters touted the supposed safety of the Indian Point nuclear power plant along the Hudson River in Westchester County. Both writers insisted the two large, aged reactors are safe. How can they be sure?

    What if the largest earthquake to strike that region in the last 10,000 years occurred today?

    Are they aware that one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center in 2001 flew directly over Indian Point?

    A nuclear catastrophe could unfold in an almost infinite number of ways.

    If atomic power is so safe, why is it impossible for any of us to purchase insurance to protect our property from the hazards?

    If the owner of Indian Point had to purchase insurance to cover the full cost of potential damages, the premiums would cost billions, far more than the electricity sale price. The federal government maintains an insurance scheme that will prove to be grossly inadequate if and when a nuclear disaster occurs.

    It is idiotic to continue operating large nuclear power stations on the northern edge of New York City suburbs. A massive and/or sustained radiation release could force permanent evacuation of the entire New York City metro region. The chaos and terror might be off any scale.

    Where would those millions of people go? Millions of jobs could be forever lost. …

    • rogerthat

      The economic hit could be immense.

      No sane person would play Russian roulette so why do we allow a corporation (Entergy) known to falsify nuclear safety records to impose nuclear roulette on us?

      There are many other ways to generate and conserve electricity that would provide more and safer jobs without wrecking the environment or menacing public health.

      Tom Ellis


    • jec jec

      "If atomic power is so safe, why is it impossible or any of us to purchase insurance to protect our property from the hazards?" Its isnt. We live 9 miles from a nuclear power plant, during one earthquake that cracked the building and broke fuel cells, the supposed protective med, PI, was NOT available because the health departments did not have it, and FEMA didnt either. Lucky for us, we did not have containment rupture–but it was close. And that was only a 5.0 EQ. Oh.and the broken fuel cells..we hear about that last month..years after the fact. Guess National Security would have been compromised if that fact was 'leaked' to the great dumb public (which is us..).

      No private insurance for health or property for nuclear plant accidents(same for flood insurance)..YUP. The GOVERNMENT provides insurance, and helps just like they did for the GOM oil spill. You have to fight for the funds..and expect pennies on the dollar. Only insurance the nuclear companies have to carry is 300M, After that, they are exempt. Our tax dollars, maybe, will help 'fix' it. As to the health of the victims, we have Obamacare to 'fix' it.if you can get healthy again. And only after some government contractor on a board says you can get treatment. If you have high levels of contamination, likely there will be death panels to say its not useful or cost effective to provide medical care.

  • rogerthat

    Fukushima business owners at a loss over plan to terminate compensation
    June 08, 2015

  • rogerthat

    Plan to end rent subsidies for some Fukushima evacuees under fresh fire

    … One expert knowledgeable about evacuees says, "The reason that a plan to end these subsidies has arisen even though the financial burden is not large may be that government officials want to try and force voluntary evacuees to return to their homes, without respecting evacuees' own judgments on the matter." …

    • rogerthat

      Fukushima Businesses Cut Off, Youth Don’t Plan To Return

      June 9 2015

      A new plan was announced by TEPCO and the Japanese government that would terminate compensation payments to businesses impacted by the disaster. The plan includes giving businesses a lump sum payment to cover compensation through fiscal 2016. If a business still needs compensation after that date they will need to take up a new fight against TEPCO who said they would consider more payments on a case by case basis.

      This cut off times with the government plan to reopen large sections of the evacuation zone even though radiation levels remain unsafe.

      This appears to be part of the government plan to force people to return to the evacuation zone. …

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Nuclear reality! Bend Over! 🙁

        We are all on our own and the slave masters are riding on all our backs!

        "If a business still needs compensation after that date they will need to take up a new fight against TEPCO who said they would consider more payments on a case by case basis."

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid
    More bad news for Ukraine. And acid rain for Europe. And they want to drop more bombs. The MADness, it's so frustrating. The crazy train…sucks!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The more Manmade Nuclear Radiation Contamination that is released on this Planet the longer the crazy train will be..simply hum along and read some of the articles and you will be peeking into the windows of the world's.. Crazy Train! 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Love it! 🙂 He knows!

  • Noah

    New form floats, does not sink

    When sea water contacts corium a new form of radionuclide is formed, commonly known as bucky balls. The corium cores are underground within the brackish/seawater zone under the plant. This new form is being constantly created by seawater (sodium) reacting with the corium and is carried by tidial and hydrodynamic pressure into the sea. And it floats, is very light, containing a wide variety of isotopes. When dried, it travels aloft, carried by winds – airborne inland. The chemical properties and behavior of this new particle are unknown to chemists educated in old school pre 311 knowledge. A new book will have to be written about this new material, buckeys are unsinkable and travels in the upper layer, on the surface of the ocean, like Styrofoam.

  • mrutopian mrutopian

    If this radiation is so diluted, why won't China buy our shell fish? And when are all these unwelcome isotopes going to leave? And why don't they mention the other 1k isotopes other than cesium?

  • Sickputer

    The thirty million north American west coastal plain citizens are facing a growing danger from not only basking at the beach, but inhaling the radioactive vapors wafting 150 miles inland (and a smaller percentage much farther over the mountain ranges.

    Cancer rates, vascular ailments and other health issues will escalate in the coming years. Slowly, inexorably the invisible dangers will sicken Japan and all points away from the Fukushima epicenter. It is indeed a Doomsday machine run amok.

    Nobody will be immune. Some humans will survive longer, some will die as children and babies. Downwinders in the Fallout Age. You will not get any truth from the powers that be. They will lie and yet try to take actions to protect themselves and their family.

    Educate yourself and try to set health examples for your younger relatives. There are options that might help to buy a few extra years. We can't all buy an island fortress in the Southern hemisphere like Tom Cruise.

    But we can lessen some of the pollution factors. The nucleoapes already know the survival strategies. You should too. It's all written in pixels of light on the Internet for the smartest humans. A roadmap to surviving Future Shock in the 21st century and beyond. Will your grandchild still be alive in 2100? Perhaps so if you set an example. 95% of the adults on this forum will be dead in 75 years. Please try to point out the savage mutants who are destroying our ecosystem in more ways than just nuclear.

  • We Not They Finally

    Dr goodheart is correct we live in a difficult world where radioactive death lurks in the corner ready to engulf us all.Einstein saw the same reality and swallowed the reality of it all.courage everyone there is only stark reality waiting to engulf us all.

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