Gov’t Experts: Fukushima fuel rods were melting 75 minutes after tsunami; Reactor core not covered with water 10 minutes after power blackout — Worker: Before explosion, Unit 1 “filled with what looked like steam or dust… a series of large bangs… noise never heard before” (VIDEO)

Published: August 16th, 2014 at 11:08 am ET


Kyodo News, Aug 14, 2014: Less than 12 hours after the quake-triggered tsunami [TEPCO] sought government approval for the unprecedented step of releasing radioactive steam […] Prime Minister Naoto Kan, however, would soon become increasingly distrustful of TEPCO because of delays in starting the so-called venting operations, which were aimed at preventing damage to the reactor containment vessels […] Kan arrived at the plant shortly after 7 a.m. [on March 12.] But he had no idea at the time that fuel was already melting in the No. 1 reactor. [Plant chief Masao Yoshida said] workers would quickly need to manually operate the valves […] [Shift supervisor Hideyoshi Endo] hung a radiation meter from his neck capable of measuring up to 1,000 millisieverts per hour […] Endo’s team was tasked […] to open the valve […] As he lit up the inside of the building with a flashlight, he saw it was filled with what looked like steam or dust. [They went] to a room housing a doughnut-shaped suppression chamber at the bottom of the reactor’s containment vessel. They heard a series of large bangs in the dark — a type of noise Endo had never heard before. […] When Endo was some 30 meters away from the valve, however, he saw the radiation meter reading surpass 1,000 millisieverts […] Endo no longer had a way of knowing how high the radiation level was. Endo only needed a few seconds to decide to return. […] When the two returned to the main control room, all eyes turned to them. “It failed. The radiation meter scaled out,” reported Endo.

IRSN (France), International Workshop (pdf): Major events and their consequencesThe core melt of Unit 1 started at 17h00 on March 11* […] Most of the meteorological stations of the AMeDAS system and the SPEEDI, dose rate, measurement stations were out of use […] The only station which was able to detect the radioactive plume from Unit 1, was the one located in Minami Soma approximately 25 kilometres north […]

*M9.0 quake struck at 14h46; 14-meter tsunami inundated Fukushima Daiichi at 15h46 –Source

NKS Fukushima Seminar 2013 by Wiktor Frid, research leader in reactor technology at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology (pdf):

  • The first release may come relatively early (the times stated below apply to Station Blackout scenario for Swedish reactors and are approximate)
  • Core uncovery – 10 minutes
  • Core melt begins – 40 minutes
  • Reactor vessel melt-through – 4 to 5 hours […]
  • Early, unfiltered large release cannot be excluded, for example in connection with vessel melt-through […]
  • Severe accident early containment threats — Containment failure in the early phase of an accident, e.g. in connection with reactor vessel melt-through, could result in large radioactive releases to the environment.
  • Watch Frid’s presentation here

See also: [intlink id=”japan-ex-prime-minister-fukushima-very-close-to-china-syndrome-first-time-in-history-where-melted-fuel-burned-through-leaking-to-outside-of-container-fukushima-disaster-larger-than-c” type=”post”]Japan ex-Prime Minister: Fukushima reactor melted down 4 hours after quake (VIDEO)[/intlink]

And: IAEA told in March that No. 1 reactor core started melting about 50 minutes after cooling stopped — Was melted pile of fuel within 3.5 hours

Published: August 16th, 2014 at 11:08 am ET


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370 comments to Gov’t Experts: Fukushima fuel rods were melting 75 minutes after tsunami; Reactor core not covered with water 10 minutes after power blackout — Worker: Before explosion, Unit 1 “filled with what looked like steam or dust… a series of large bangs… noise never heard before” (VIDEO)

  • rogerthat
    TEPCO, Tohoku Electric to 'donate' 200 million yen more to village hosting nuclear reprocessing complex
    … “Japan used to harvest a lot of seaweed, but now it buys seaweed from Maine, since Fukushima has polluted their seaweed beds,” Smith said …

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    Fukushima was one of the largest nuclear power plants in the world. Six large reactors. Four went poof, and one of those went POOOOOOOOFFFFFFF. There really is nothing anyone can do to stop the physics and chemistry that is occurring on that site right now. Arne Gunderson stated once years ago, "It's all physics now" after reactor three exploded. Tacomagroove described the whole affair in rather horrific terms way back in the beginning. It is just a matter of time and a tipping point is reached. The site will become too radioactive for humans eventually, meaning if you go there you die almost immediately. Remember, this shit gets MORE radioactive for the next 250,000 years before ANY decrease can be detected, this is widely known.

  • marq

    the whole stuxnet thing is looking more reasonable

  • Nick


    The only hope for us all is a total dismissal of the nuclear era.

    No safety standards are worth ANYTHING while Fuku+ oozes and puffs the ions of death into the biosphere.

    I know it ain't gonna happen, but a bit of wishful thinking is better than nothing. Isn't it?

    Look back over the past 70 years.

    Is there one shred of evidence that our dabbling with fission has bettered our world? Yea, some have gotten rich, but what else? Nuclear medicine?

    No, the great con has got to be exposed before we all slump away into oblivion.

    Thanks nuclear, thanks for the memories of a future we once all had.

    Wear pink. Smile. Stare into your smart-phones and tweet twiddle and twat.

    All happy now?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Take note of the truth above people.

    Yes, the 3/11 earthquake event set Fukushima to meltdown.

    No tsunami needed…

    This has set off alarm bells at the disinformatiom station.

    They don't like being woke up…

  • They must have known it was a triple melt down plus exposed spent fuel as it happened. Even as they called it cold shutdown conditions later on. The industry and the government both can't be trusted in any nuclear scenario anywhere in the world.
    It would be nice if there was a stutnex or haarp connection.
    At least give them a better excuse. Building nuclear was dumb but building it in earthquake prone Japan is crazy.
    Bottom line is npp wasn't built earthquake or Tsunami proof and they can't/won't spend money needed to fix. Basically a failed technology. Not a story of conspiracy but of incompetence and lies.

  • ISeePinkClouds

    I don't "know" either. I can't see the cloud seeding. I do know that in my area after an obvious Chem Trail is released overhead, in three to four hours I get a radiation increase, a spike, on my Geiger Counter, every time it occurs, whether clouds gather, and it rains, or not. Onward, through the sticky pink fog!

    • EKO K£AP$€

      I still shudder about that.thought provoking video presentation about flying in planes from that interesting researcher. Uses the nickname Radchick. With all this man made radiation in the atmosphere it must only be a matter of time before planes start dropping out the sky due to metal fatigue.

      In the video it was alleged that constant users of this form of travel were subjected to ionized radiation. This might explain music stars becomming psycotic, thinking that they are gangsters and being lawless in their activities?

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