Gov’t Report: Fukushima ocean plume hit Canada 6 months ago — “Precedes model predictions by several years” — ‘Human health’ is first reason listed for study (MAP)

Published: December 20th, 2013 at 11:22 am ET


Radionuclide Transport from Fukushima to Eastern North Pacific, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 2013 PICES Annual Meeting on October 15, 2013:

June, 2012 Tully Mission: Significantly, 134Cs was detected in two samples […] Sta. P26 showing that Fukushima Cs was present. […]

Levels of 137Cs equal to 0.3 Bq/m3 measured at Sta. P26 in 2012 represent Leading edge of Fukushima plume. […]

Arrival of 137Cs at Sta. P26 in June, 2012 precedes [Behrens et al.] model predictions by several years. […]

134Cs was detectable along the entire Line P in June, 2013. Highest levels of 0.9 Bq/m3 were measured at Sta. P26. […]

Many reasons for study-

  • Human health- internal/external dose assessments
  • Radioecology- marine biota […]

[…] Fact is: radioactivity frightens people, almost always disproportionately to the actual threat: gouvernment must recognise this and provide sound, science based knowledge (and wisdom?) on human and environmental risks.

Read the full report here (pdf)

Here’s some of that ‘wisdom’ from Dr. Jay Cullen, who was involved with the 2013 cruise: “[T]he estimated dose of radioactivity from consuming tuna carrying Fukushima-derived isotopes for a year is similar to or less than our annual doses from air travel, terrestrially produced foods, medical treatment (e.g. X-rays) and other background sources.”

Perhaps he should look into internal emitters. Here’s what a physician originally from Kyoto, Japan says: “Internal radiation exposure is an entirely different matter. This cannot and should not be compared to flights and X-rays. […] Internal radiation contamination means radioactive particles are in the body and remain in the body, emitting radiation at a close proximity to cells and DNA. […] So the internal radiation exposure can lead to a wide variety of symptoms, but mainly your immune system is over-worked by trying to deal with the insult. […] human bodies know what to do with the naturally occurring radiation.  Our bodies do not absorb them unnecessarily. […] Artificial radiation as a result of nuclear fission is a different matter.”

See also: [intlink id=”cbc-govt-scientists-are-now-detecting-radioactive-plume-from-fukushima-off-canadas-coast-professor-its-headed-to-our-coast-i-think-monitoring-rainfall-over-next-couple-years-would-be-prude” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 20th, 2013 at 11:22 am ET


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71 comments to Gov’t Report: Fukushima ocean plume hit Canada 6 months ago — “Precedes model predictions by several years” — ‘Human health’ is first reason listed for study (MAP)

  • Proton

    We all know the cesium is basically everywhere by now, by one route or another.

  • bo bo

    Radiation frightens people, almost always disproportionately, because governments almost always cover up information on radiation. So please, and thank you, disclose information if you have done measurements. Correct me if I am wrong but after close to 3 years – I think this is the first study I've ever seen be reported.

    • Kassandra

      Please explain what you mean by:

      "Radiation frightens people, almost always disproportionately…"

    • ManWithThePlan ManWithThePlan

      Nonsense, you're all being 'alarmist'.

      Now be quiet, keep calm and drink the water that the nice man in the white lab coat is offering you.

      On a sidenote, what the fukushima are 'terrestrially produced foods'? I'm guessing he means bananas but wants to sound important.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Bo said:

      "So please, and thank you, disclose information if you have done measurements."

      Hello Bo.

      Here is our reading for today.

      It was 59.1 CPM and 60 CPM indoors. We are seeing a steady rise in the measurements lately. Why? Of course, it could be the furnace that breaths out radioactivity because of the radioactive chemicals they use for FRACKING the fuels.

      Our average outdoors has been just above 50 CPM in the four corners region.

      This is just another part of the population elimination agenda of the rothschilds that own japan and GE and the oil companies that use these evil radioactive chemicals in the propane gas people use all winter. How can a world of people stand so idly by as they are slowly being poisoned and killed off?


  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Unit 3 was MOX & it blew up into jet stream at 300 miles per hour how long before it got to the west coast? 3 or 4 days, then MOX is worse than regular fuel, it's for making bombs. This was the dirty stuff that sent hot particles world wide & one particle in your lungs will give you cancer or some form of radiation sickness.

    What is in the Pacific is just as bad, go to BeauifulGirlByDana on you tube & he explains what is out there & what it is doing!

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    "…but we were so busy we forgot to tell you about it" ?
    "…but we didn't want to scare people" ?
    "…but we've been assured it is perfectly safe" ?
    "…but we didn't mention it because, industry" ?

    Why even claim that government exists to protect its citizens if the regular folk have to find out about this via eventual reporting on the presentation of a paper at the meeting of a private science organization?

    Wonder what the Vegas odds are that they'll actually step up and start monitoring rainfall for tritium and other "non-dangerous" flavor agents?

    Oh, heck. I wonder what the odds pool looks like for when the U.S. Government will stop using the "years in the future" estimates for arrival.

    • ManWithThePlan ManWithThePlan

      I think that the government thinks that we're all a bunch of uneducated rednecks that never had the privellege of waking up to their own megalomania, and for that we should be feared, despised, and eventually destroyed.

      Maybe I'm just being paranoid though.

  • Socrates

    The nuclear industry conceals the entire internal emitter route of radio biological pathophysiology by the false equivalency of an external source of radiation. It is easier to measure external radiation by a cheap little dosimeter that can be used in the industry or by radiologists. For the convenience of this industry, governments promote this false equivalency. This is politics, not science. This is economics.

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      This is psychopathology on a grand scale.

    • It's also a well-planned and well-coordinated PR campaign (this is the Buesseler wing). The academic front also includes 'experts' in risk assessment – none with any training or expertise in health physics or nuclear engineering or nuclear disasters – explaining ever so eruditely about how our risks from Fukushima now and forever are less than our daily risks driving to work. Which is true if you can stretch your brain like a rubber band. If you can't, it just looks like the stinky pile of red radioactive herring it truly is.

      Don't forget they've both a Renaissance and the 2020 Olympics to save… er, sell. I don't see a lot of buyers out there, but they're certainly making the pitch.

      • ManWithThePlan ManWithThePlan


        Also, I particularly like these two sentences for some reason:
        'Which is true if you can stretch your brain like a rubber band. If you can't, it just looks like the stinky pile of red radioactive herring it truly is.'

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Finally someone with a brain.. 🙂
    "human bodies know what to do with the naturally occurring radiation. Our bodies do not absorb them unnecessarily. […] Artificial radiation as a result of nuclear fission is a different matter"

    "Artificial Radiation" are the key words..they mean not of/or natural to this world/planet we call Earth!

  • weeman

    Governments must recognise this and provide sound, science based knowledge (and wisdom?) on human and environmental risks.
    Science based knowledge then you can tell me were all that energy comes from, please explain how something so small can produce vast amounts of energy, you cant?
    Next they talk of wisdom, wisdom is no more than a glorified guess or feeling.
    If tepco would provide sound, science based knowledge, I would be impressed, but it is the opposite, smoke and mirrors and deception.

  • Nick

    Most nuclear shills assume that the common man and woman don't understand radiation in general.

    In this respect, they are right.

    But the false equivalency is a lie and absolutely deceptive, criminal, blasphemous, and outrageous!

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Evertime this cheap lies:

    "(…)is similar to or less than our annual doses(…)"

    Fact #1: it's adding up to the annual doses
    Fact #2: internal exposure is far more dangerous


  • weeman

    Precedes models by several years, then your model has not use the right data points to come up with model that predicts the outcome, go back to your model and increase values untill you come to the hard data that the ocean is displaying, grossly underestimated and make up of contamination not fully analyzed.

  • gottagetoffthegrid

    looks like they will be gearing up for another big round of disinfomation, now that the plume has hit.

    this web site details some 39 falicies that the "experts" use to lie about the hazards, like the one in this article : eat tuna = flying

    its a good primer, IMHO.

  • robu

    Why did the creator of the post choose to eliminate some of the text from the original paper, some of which was very important for context?

    4. Arrival of Fukushima 137Cs at Sta. P26 precedes model predictions by Behrens et al. (2012), but is in agreement with Rossi et al. (2013). However, 2013 increase in 137Cs is less than predicted by Rossi et al. (2013).

    Also, the headline is misleading because the data they show in the presentation for the 2013 measurements has levels that have not changed. Please be careful with presenting wrong information because it only gives ammunition to the other side.

    • lickerface lickerface

      That is significant. It means the speed the contamination travels has no relation to the level. At least that's what I'm coming up with.

    • UnclearOptions MaryM

      As in any article, the headline (which is extended on this site) is meant to draw you in to the article, where as you've noted the flavor may be slightly different than the headline indicates. But it got you in to read it!

      I agree that sometimes the headlines are misleading to how I interpret the article's points, but once you know that, you know how important it is to follow the article's link so you can draw your own conclusions.

  • Jay82 Jay82

    If anyone would like test results from a secret underground team of nuclear engineering students in Vancouver, Canada using university equipment to test EVERYTHING, here are the results…

    If you wish to know more, their Facebook page is 'Vancouver Food Radiation Monitoring'. Our Facebook group is '*** Fukushima radiation alert ***' (stars included as we currently have a copycat page)

    Please feel free to make this spreadsheet go viral.

  • gottagetoffthegrid

    I didnt see any result for wine. wine would be a good testing candidate because you can pick up vintages that pre-date the big Fuku and compare wines from the same area post-Fuku.

    now if you find significant contamination, that would be of great concern to the wine industry, which is probably why i havent seen any test results.

    personally, I only drink pre 2011 wines from the north.

    Northern california got hit pretty hard (check out the Berkey organic milk testing data). Can you guys hit the wine store and test some?

  • Nick

    Wonder if the computer models failed to account for continued atmospheric releases of xenon gas, which daughters down to cesium?

    Time to sell seaside property.

    Things are about to get RADically different all along the West Coast.

  • maybesomeday

    Good news from the central Oregon coast: "Crab season in full swing…thousands of pounds of large-sized Dungeness." "Pots brimming with Dungeness crab" From southern Oregon:

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I am not going to eat them…let Mike-y try them. 🙂

  • dosdos dosdos

    Church of the Holy Banana dogma attempting to find converts……

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Poor bananas ..have a virus..
    Be lucky to get the hard dried kind.

  • Pete

    Radiation is good for you, so don't even worry about. Better yet don't think about it. The cesium plume we said wouldn't hit here in concentration has actually been hitting since June but don't worry about that, it has nothing to do with the starfish wasting or the Super Pod and masses of whales moving in the Sound. Also nothing to do with the unprecedented concentration of intelligent sea creatures in the bays, approaching boats and talking for hours. That's right, its a happy talk, they are just saying Hi, they aren't begging us for help, please make this radiation Im breathing and eating and swimming in Stop because we're dying. No, listen to your overlords, happy thoughts will protect us from plutonium fallout on the ground, you cant even see it, why would you worry about it?

  • artika rama

    Dear Dr, Cullen; Fact is: radioactivity frightens people, almost always disproportionately to the actual threat.

    Its because of people like you who dont know what they are talking about , who down play the risks and treat people like idiots .
    You shouldnt be doing this work . So please stop giving advice about radioactivity before you kill someone .

  • artika rama

    Socrates ; Big thumbs up .

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Bye bye, top half of the planet.

  • name999 name999

    I used to love crab and lobster…no mas sadly and greatly missed. Hard to let go of milk, I love my cheeses and milky beverages. Concerned about greens which I can't imagine not having. Think I just have to grow my food in my sunroom, so I am lucky to have a sunroom;-] Food cultivated outdoors will become passe. What a different world we are facing. Hate to see it and feel it.

    Hey, thanks to folks who present this research, so fascinating and most people would not know how to lay eyes on such information. What I love about ENENEWS.
    ENENEWS admin could print an edited book with an appendix of the news articles, websites, and the body of the text could be all the amazing entries over the duration of this unfolding tragedy. It could sell…
    It could be a play!
    Fukishima, The First Thousand Days…By Enenews…

  • name999 name999

    …it could be a series of books and other materials just lifted from this website…what a dreamer I am…

  • NukeOperator

    Pretty scary stuff…the false equivalency argument is pretty obvious and well-commented on by other readers…but the really important question that isn't being answered is what TYPE of radiation is being emitted from the contamination?

    Alpha and Beta radiation if taken internally is fatal…or at least catastrophic to your internal organs…but can easily be blocked by clothing externally.

    Gamma and Neutron radiation is not easily blocked internally or externally…and a dose taken either way has roughly the same effect on the body…and is the only case where the "sunshine and xrays" equivalency argument is valid.

  • Pat Kittle

    Malthus was right after all.

    Humans over-population led to this. If we kept our numbers at a sustainably small level we'd never have been tempted to mess with something as dangerous as nuclear power.

    Now nature is going to fix our population problem for us.

  • Tiza Tiza

    Hello everyone,

    What is in the MOX fuel, and is that the stuff that's being dumped in the Pacific? Is there plutonium in it?


  • Tiza Tiza

    Okay. Never mind. That's some very bad stuff. I was reading this:

    "The plutonium (and uranium) in used fuel can be recovered through reprocessing. The plutonium could then be used in the manufacture mixed oxide (MOX) nuclear fuel, to provide energy through electricity generation. A single recycle of plutonium in the form of MOX fuel increases the energy derived from the original uranium by some 12%, and if the uranium is also recycled this becomes about 22% (based on light water reactor fuel with burn-up of 45 GWd/tU)."

    Is that what blew up, and/or also dumped in the ocean?

    • bf9 Fitz

      You bet. As well as 100+ other different radionuclides. An absolutely enormous amount of MOX fuel blew sky high with Unit 3 alone, the exact amount is unknown to us but it could very well have been hundreds of tons…as I personally suspect there was more going on at Daiichi than just your typical "civilian energy plant". Who knows what's really going on at Daini (Fukushima II) about ten miles southward down the beach.

      • Tiza Tiza


        Is this also the stuff that's being dumped in the ocean, meaning the MOX fuel?

        • bf9 Fitz

          Ah, sorry I didn't entirely interpret your question. From what I understand (please add in or correct everyone!) it's not the MOX fuel itself that is continually being leaked into the ocean, although at the end of the day, who knows…nothing surprises me anymore. There are a few major sources of contamination going into the pacific. Firstly, the coriums are likely continuously burning down into the earth, leaving behind corium lava tubes much like magma does. These tubes would have pieces of this corium left behind as well as the soil around it being extremely contaminated. There is a groudwater current flowing right through these (maybe coriums themselves) and into the ocean under the plant. It's also been postulated the coriums could have reached the aquifer underground as well contaminating that. The second are the leaky/shoddy storage tanks following gravity to the ocean, and then there's the rainwater itself.

          Coriums are essentially constantly ongoing fission, producing everything from Strontium-90 to 'whateverthefukium'. The groundwater current takes this out to sea. I tried to find a brilliant chart posted within the last few days explaining this but I couldn't find it.

        • bf9 Fitz

          And don't forget, the atmospheric releases haven't stopped too. There's the 'invisible' more minor constant release simply from exposed reactors/equipment and what have you and also steam/smoke emissions that can be observed live right on the webcams.

  • name999 name999

    Enenews Keychain with Glittery Isotopes…hahaha…but, yes, a physical compilation!

  • Tiza Tiza

    When I was listening to a Dr. Blaylock audio that I found on, it was pretty interesting in telling us how we can protect ourselves with supplements and such. Anyway, he mentioned "radiation hormesis," which is (from Wiki):

    "Radiation hormesis (also called radiation homeostasis) is the hypothesis that low doses of ionizing radiation (within the region of and just above natural background levels) are beneficial, stimulating the activation of repair mechanisms that protect against disease, that are not activated in absence of ionizing radiation. The reserve repair mechanisms are hypothesized to be sufficiently effective when stimulated as to not only cancel the detrimental effects of ionizing radiation but also inhibit disease not related to radiation exposure (see hormesis).[1][2][3][4] This counter-intuitive hypothesis has captured the attention of scientists and public alike in recent years."

    Well, we all know that a low-dose to moderate dose of sun is very good for us because of our Vitamin D. Dr. Blaylock said that he's studied the radiation hormesis, and here's the deal. If you are a person is excellent health already, you eat right, etc., then, yeah, could be okay. Then, again, he said, how many people in the US eat right, are in excellent health? Not sure his exact words.

    But I'm sure that you all know that you will hear from people, oh, some radiation is good for you. Well, I used to think that as well.

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