Gov’t: It’s getting “even worse” on West Coast this year — Experts say over 35,000 baby sea lions could be dead; “This phenomenon is unprecedented in scale” — Hundreds of times more pups than usual at rescue center — Doctor: “Definitely indicates ocean not normal… Really, we should be worried” (AUDIO)

Published: March 4th, 2015 at 4:21 pm ET


NOAA, Feb 18, 2015 (pdf): We are seeing an unusually large increase of California sea lion pups stranding [that’s] intensified over the last few weeks… it is very difficult to pinpoint what is causing the increase… [There are] warmer waters than usual, but an official El Nino has not yet been declared… [We are] preparing for the worst… health trends of marine mammals [inform] us about the health of the entire ecosystem… if the stranding numbers exceed the 2013 UME [facilities will be unable to] accept more animals… animals may be left on the beach [or] humanely euthanized.

Malibu Surfside News, Mar 3, 2015: The number of animals that can be rescued and rehabilitated is very small compared to the total number of pups in distress… in 2013, Federal officials estimated that 70 percent of the total number [~35,000 out of 50,000 newborns] may have died and experts say that the numbers may be even higher this year.

Quartz, Feb 27, 2015: This phenomenon is unprecedented in scale: in January… more than twice the highest number previously recordedFebruary has been even worse… Jim Milbury [of NOAA said] a total of 1,200 sea lions have reached California since the beginning of the year… [It was a] much less significant event in 2013.

Malibu Times, Feb 25, 2015: The California Wildlife Center [at this] time last year… had facilitated seven rescues. As of the beginning of this week, 129 rescues have been performed… CWC is also encountering many sea lions that have washed ashore dead.

The Oregonian, Feb 26, 2015: Oceana says thousands of sea lion pups… have died on the West Coast this year…

Press Democrat, Feb 25, 2015: A crisis [of] stranded pups and older animals arriving starved and sick on coastal shores has reached the Sonoma Coast, where six animals have been recovered in recent weeks, according to the Marine Mammal Center near Sausalito. All of them — four pups and two adults — later perished because of their weakened physical state.

Shawn Johnson, director of veterinary science at The Marine Mammal Center, Feb 16, 2015 (at 3:30 in): [It’s] the third year we’ve seen an increased number of sea lion strandings… It’s definitely an indication that the sea is not its normal self… The sea lions are sentinels of the seait really indicates there’s a bigger issue happening in the ocean. – (at 13:00 in) At the MMC we have over 200 right now… which is incredibly abnormal. Normally this time of year we would have no sea lions pups. — (at 17:00 in) The sea lions are telling us that there’s a lack of fish. The cause of that is still being investigatedReally, we should be worried about what’s happening out there right now [it] could be directly related tous in the future.

KQED’s half hour program on the sea lion strandings here

Published: March 4th, 2015 at 4:21 pm ET


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356 comments to Gov’t: It’s getting “even worse” on West Coast this year — Experts say over 35,000 baby sea lions could be dead; “This phenomenon is unprecedented in scale” — Hundreds of times more pups than usual at rescue center — Doctor: “Definitely indicates ocean not normal… Really, we should be worried” (AUDIO)

  • Sickputer

    SP: The evidence of the spreading ocean radiation contamination from Fukushima has been documented for over 3 years.

    Check out slides 5 through 14 to see the massive extent measured 3 YEARS AGO:

    In particular look at the latitude and longitude markers for the plume coming from eastern Japan. Massive then, we can only imagine the growth since that survey by Kanda:

    Jota Kanda, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology: "Long-term
    Sources: To what extent are marine sediments, coastal groundwater, and
    rivers a source of ongoing contamination?"

  • Cdog Cdog

    Wise words Sol Man!
    I'm just starting to hear the "progressive and enlightened" in Santa Cruz tell me that they are no longer eating tuna. Small steps I guess, now if only they can see radioactivity is unalaterally pervasive.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hi CDog, I gave my sister in law an earful on Fukushima about three years ago. She lives in Capitola, just up the hill from the beach, near Cabrillo College.

      Am still wondering is she has become one of the "enlightened ones." Must be scarey owning nice real estate there and contemplating what's going on in the Pacific.

      • Boy, I hear that. I have relatives in San Diego that apparently intend to avoid any serious talk. It's exasperating to say the least.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Oh, you're so right. My niece was attending University near Los Angeles, and going to the beach regularly. She was also spending time at my in-laws' (her grandparents') home on Maui almost every year. Thankfully she hasn't spent much time in Hawaii since 3/11.

          Sadly, though, her grandmother, who was in great health and playing tennis at about age 80, was suddenly stricken with a diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer last November. I saw her a year ago last June, and she was fine. Five months later she was diagnosed, and the cancer had already spread to her brain.

          She has now had two surgeries to remove brain tumors, and is doing poorly, even after chemotherapy and radiation.

          As I likely mentioned a few days ago, my 2nd cousin in coastal Washington state was diagnosed with a glioma just a couple of months after we met at a family reunion, last October.

          It's horrible watching my family members becoming ill and developing these horrible cancers. Come to think of it, my Dad may have gotten prostrate cancer right after 3/11. But I could be mistaken on the timing, on that.

          I'm living 80 miles inland, and it feels like it's probably not far enough from the Pacific.

          Yesterday I found an albino sow bug when I worked in my garden. I've never seen one that wasn't brown or gray.

          Just another reminder that radiation is TATAL (toxic at the atomic level).

          Living in California is probably like rolling the dice, but I'm not sure anywhere in the Northern…

  • Nick


    Just tuna?

    "Fukushima radiation found in California milk, fruit, vegetables"
    …states and independent labs since the accident, radioactive iodine and cesium—both toxic to human health—have appeared at elevated levels in milk and vegetables produced in California. Radiation has also been detected in milk sold in Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Vermont and Washington since the accident."

  • Nick

    Let's go down memory lane.

    We know now that TEPCon hid the severity of TF2 (The Fukushima Fiasco) from the get go so as to avoid panic.

    We (some of us anyway) knew from the get-go that VAST quantities of decaying atomic energies were released during the months of March-May/2011, with sporadic discharges since then into the biosphere.

    Despite what some may believe, this stuff is TATAL…toxic at the atomic level.

    So, since 3/12/11, California has been receiving bits-o-TF2 24/7/365. Obviously rainstorms bring down more of the fallout.

    One fuel flea inhaled or ingested is one too many. California has gotten
    plenty of gifts from TF2.

    Now the waters off the coast are delivering deadly bits of rads as well.

    Sure, the amounts are small, but they are there, and NOT just in Tuna!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    We are all and have been eating it, breathing it, and living in it..last I checked there is no viable solution of turning off these broken Nuclear Reactors in Fukushima, Japan…ever. 🙁

    Time to shut down all Nuclear Power operations worldwide..why we still can. 🙂

    More will break down and more will explode and this is now a scientific fact!

    What species poisons it's own ecosystem and environment on purpose..none…except for humans. 🙁

    PJ says all Christians want to end Nuclear Power on this planet, and well then, since they own 55% of the entire world's wealth, then they should put their money were their mouth is..get them all shut down now!

    55% gives them total world control..just like inside a boardroom! 🙂 Get~er done!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    oops.. PJ says all Christians want to end Nuclear Power on this planet, and well then, since they own 55% of the entire world's wealth, then they should put their money "where" their mouth is..get them all shut down now!

    55% gives them total world control..just like inside a boardroom! 🙂 Get~er done!

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

      I've never said that 100% of Christians want to end nuclear. I have no way of knowing who says they are Christians and who are really Christians. In Wikipedia it says that Bill Gates says his religion is Roman Catholic. I have no way of verifying that. I have opposed his actions many, many times on this website. His actions are murdering many, many people. In my opinion he is not acting as a Christian. I also oppose talking about any group of people as 100% this way or that way. Sister Megan is also Roman Catholic and we know she is 100% against nuclear weapons.

      Someone is controlling the mainstream and the alternative medias. I watched Alex Jones and in some ways he has an agenda that is propaganda. It is said that he never says anything against the Catholic Church. I don't know it that is true or not. Hollywood movies and Hollywood TV are the largest or one of the largest propaganda machines in the US and worldwide.

  • Checkmate

    Remember getting rid of all radiation of all kinds starts at home and you should teach your children about it, then maybe it will mushroom into a collective effort to stop nuke plants.
    1) Get rid of all your cell phones 2) Get rid of all your wifi and routers 3) Disconnect all the plugs from the electrical sockets when finished using that item. 4) Use less electricity in the house by using one room for family for everything, not kids in every room. Watch less TV. 5) Have only one car in your garage for family and schedule trips accordingly. See…already you have reduced radiation and have saved money!!! It's a beginning.

  • Nick


    I suggest you revisit what radiation is. Microwaves are not awol reactor cores or fools' pool discharging decaying atoms.

    For that matter LIFE is Light Interacting with Form and Energy.

    The only way to rid oneself of electromagnetic radiation in your home is to not have electrical wiring in the first place.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂 The Nuclear problem is more than just cutting back, but it is a good start.

    Have you seen anyone in the top 10% cutting back anywhere?

    I still see massive expansion everywhere destroying the earth where ever that growth happens and all of it fueled by greed for the few whom desire more precious.

    Governments promote the destruction of their own ecosystems and environments, since they feed directly off all the precious being created.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

      I see people in the top 10% using solar power, using LED light bulbs, buying cars from Tesla and other all electric cars that can be and are fueled by wind and solar energy at their houses. There are hydrogen fuel cell stations in many places in California. Robert Kennedy and others in the top 10% are promoting solar energy. At Stanford there is a energy symposium this month on large scale solar. The US is subsidizing and giving tax rebates for using less energy.

      Are 100% of any group anti Nuclear? I have never claimed that. But all people can be educated. The US didn't build any new nuclear energy reactors for 30 years. Some countries are discontinuing nuclear. It can happen. The US is now compensating nuclear workers for occupational diseases for nuclear workers.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


        You have 100+ Nuclear reactors still operating in the U.S. and 587,000 people die from cancer each year and that will equate into 20,000,000 million + plus in the next 40 years.

        The U.S. is giving away yours and future generations "taken by force" tax dollars, but yes, it is a start.

        THe change needs to happen much quicker, since we now know the scientific facts that more will blow and someone will then say hey those trees must be/are radioactive but not the food, air or water we take in.

        Common sense often does not rule the day and consumption levels of the top 10% are massive in all areas! 🙁

        The problem is much bigger than just Nuclear which a massive part of the current Zeitgeist Matrix.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        is it illegal to collect rain water that falls on your roof in Colorado? Was it mandatory to grow hemp in the U.S. at one point, and now the prisons are filled with kids who were busted with the stuff? Is the FDA still busting raw milk mom and pops at gun point while letting big pharma off the hook for drugs that kill 300,000x more than herbs? Did they really recall and destroy that first wave of electric cars after the few got theirs at ridiculous tax subsidy give-aways? Is it true Monsanto has a revolving door at the white house while destroying lives and crops with roundup and GM, controlling the food supply? Is it true 1.5 million were killed it Iraq on absolutely false pretenses of being involved with 9-11 terrorism? How about the green party handcuffed to a chair during president debates? How many countries have U.S. military bases and how many torture prisons? How many are on food stamps now, 1 in 6? The whole sordid mess of politics/corporations is beyond corrupt. The public doesnt even know or care. The government doesnt care about the few who petition for ending nuclear. They know whats happening yet continue down the destructive path. Even IF, and it wont happen by a gentle plea as history has shown, but if you could stop all the reactors, the world and your place in it would still be in a downward spiral. The result of submitting to a criminal cabal. Nothing short of massive gutting of the criminal elite will be enough to save this world… Words of Truth..

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        We have a lot of charging stations (free) for hybrid cars, all around cities in California. It's a start, a move in the right direction.

  • Checkmate

    Please read carefully the words to reduce radiation and THINK. Nuke powers a lot of industries so if you eliminate purchasing those products you are cutting back on nuke power…
    Now to proceed on how to get the word out and adults will listen…start by educating the children. That is right, buy a Geiger Counter and show your children/grand-children/neighbors children how to use it- can you just imagine the questions being asked. Now, let them show their friends either over your house or let the kids take it to school and show their friends. Next when those kids go home, they will tell their parents and parents will listen and really have to answer questions. Imagine 30 kids in a class going home and asking and questioning 60 adults. Do you think this would get the word would get out???

  • Checkmate

    Start the program today for a better tomorrow. And it is more interesting less a waste of time than computer games…testing everything: soil, food, clothes, etc. Kids will want to know!

  • Checkmate

    Obe, Because the monkey jumps off the bridge doesn't mean you should follow suit… The 10% fly around in airplanes, but my family won't…called common sense.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Agreed..remember I burn wood and I am way ahead of the/any curve, it's those pigs we need too convince! 🙂

    They are the ones that own it all… 🙂

  • Skydiving@56Mike

    Check out BBC's Face book new's, Singapore's massive fish kill.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "The EPA’s proposed ban on most wood-burning stoves received plenty of attention among the off-grid community, but it’s far from the only major restriction on burning wood that could impact you.
    In fact, one state this winter even tried to ban all wood burning – fireplaces and stoves – in what could only be described as a war on rural living."

    My view is that the utilities, along with their bought-and-paid-for government lackies, are engaged in a drive to enslave everyone, ending the independence of the few rural souls who choose to use a renewable resource like wood to heat their homes, rather then further enrich the utilities. 😉

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      My neighbor told me today that collecting rain water in cisterns is illegal in the city where I live! What will it be next?

      You MUST buy your water from us, peons! You vill haf our fluoride, no matter vat! Vee inseest!

      Personally, I wouldn't use water from a cistern unless I was really sure I was using a multi-stage purification process prior to use. Too much carpola falling from the skies these days to just drink the plain ol' rain water.

  • Checkmate

    I hate to break anyone's bubble…but trees in California have been tested and found to be radioactive and also maple syrup. In fact also pollen from trees is radioactive. Wooden burning releases the nuke material into the air…if that matters.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Oh, yeah. It is ever so much better to ban the little bit of woodburning, and release gigantic amounts radioactivity from nuclear plants and coal-fired power stations! 🙂

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      The tress are dirt and they are not loaded with radioactivity unless it is from the airborne releases that I can not control falling on their leaves since the roots go very deep in most species. Wood is organic and our DNA understands it fully when it is burned. Somebody/one has been fibbing to you.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Burn the red forest and yes you will have problems caused by man/humans.

        Those trees were hit with a radioactive blow torch created by man, not Mother nature. 🙁

        We sure are a smart species.. now aren't we?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Maple syrup from where, Checkmate? Isn't that usually from the U.S. midwest, the east, and from Canada?

  • Invest in a rocket stove.
    No smoke or other emissions. You don't even need a chimney.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    dammit!! yesterday saw my last PC destroyed by something that invaded it,possibly through one of the sick,twisted,demented little pissant cowards beholden to the nuke-puke kooks[?!!] I was pissed enough and so determined to get right back out here like Buford Pusser,swinging a big stick aroown north of me with a electronics recycling/resale shop und continuing to crack nuke-kooks soft,eggshell skulls open with the simple,but brutal TRUTH!! So I found a nice fellow one town north with an electronics recycling/resale shop and spent money earmarked for something crucially important to my wife's well-being,including a joint business venture I was "trying" to proudly give some basic detail of,but for some reason DID NOT get posted[?] I was instead greeted with a "warning" message that someone was trying to access my PC & home network so I guess I may have to harden the security & protection tools in this machine before I use this thing for anything I want to keep low-key[?]! I suppose the next half-day will be spent downloading & activating more layers of cyber-security tools & SW if I'm to keep this thing running right & secure??!! Anyways,yes,LED's included in a sealed,climate-controlled,self-contained indoor/outdoor medical cannabis,and/or vegetable-herbal growing system I will post more about when it's safer to do so here,either close to or after mid-June,when our business will be underway! 🙂 I guess I'd better work on this PC right now though??!! 😐 TTYL

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      p.s., I can already see "issues" arising in this "new"used laptop via the misspellings and screw-ups in my above post & possibly this one too??!! I'll be back though & without my "remote-viewing" "fan-club" surveilling or interfering in any way asap! HAVE A GREAT Weekend peeps!

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Suggest you try a PC not connected to the internet for all important pix and docs.
        Get a tablet for internet work.
        Make it one of the first iPads, if buying used.
        They are not multitasking, so anyone trying to hack you gets nothing.
        Wipe the cookies and internet files regularly, from the utilities menu.
        They can't attack your PC if they can't get to it.
        (And I put masking tape over the iPad's cameras.) 😉

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          Thank you for the good advice PhillipUpNorth! I should still have something able to be reformatted with WipeDrive and might get lucky via a friend with an extra external HD to get back to safely storing things offline and maybe even get luck enough to salvage some things still in the old HD somewhere[?] Kinda pisses me off that I had to spend money earmarked for something else equally if not more important [on a personal level]than the 311-based things I focus on day in & day out though?!! At least if my suspicions are correct[?],then "their" efforts to make my business theirs provides a reason to smile with the satisfaction of knowing that I got under their skin via reaffirming my belief that "the TRUTH" hurts their kind & their agenda more than they'd care to admit??!! 😉 There's a LOT MORE instances of "coincidences" I guess I should start tackling my cyber-security issues & weaknesses right now the[?!] Thanks again & always a pleasure to hear from you and/or see your posts in these threads! 🙂 Have a great day & awesome weekend!! TAKE CARE PUN & my ENEnews Group friends & visitors! 🙂 PEACE

          • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

            For $100, Johnny, buy a new 1 terrabyte external drive with a USB port.
            Put all your pix, music, and docs on this drive.
            Back it up on thumb drives regularly, and keep one of them off-site, in your mother's cookie jar.
            Keep the 1TB Drive unplugged unless you want to download or upload files.
            Connect it to an old PC with no wifi or internet connection.
            Keep an iPad for doing battle with your tormentors on the internet.
            They will be very frustrated.
            As my old friend "Tree" used to say"
            "Fu%# 'em if they can't take a joke." 😉

            Hope your wife is doing better.
            If you need financial help from ENEnewsers, please let us know where to send donations.
            You will be just fine.

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              THANK YOU PUN! 🙂 I appreciate both the advice on the external HD,thumb drive & I do believe my brother left a 1st or 2nd gen i-pad in a box of phone junk,etc.that might fit the bill,idk why it fits in the dock on top of a cd player/alarm clock radio but gives a message that it "isn't supported",(as a charging station?!)The ext HD my pal offered is only 500GB,but might work[?]~I have been holding onto a sealed envelope with the $1,200.00 deposit that I'm "supposed" to drop off & do some paperwork at a Funeral-Crematorium Corp. in a fancy,high-rise pair of towers across the parkway from McDonald's Corporate HQ and highest-class,"Grey Poupon" Micky D's store I've ever laid my eyes on!!The place is surreal!Both of 'em have been included in recent nitemares even! 😐 lol…thanks for kind words/well-wishes for my wife Sandy too btw 🙂 Unfortunately,she has gotten worse,with "behavioral health",perhaps "dementia",even[?]having become nearly equal to her cancer/seizure activity/respiratory-issues,the latter being severe asthma since birth and I'm unable to keep up with her much longer at this rate.I love all you good guys & gals I've come to know here & trust youse with ANYTHING you'd ever want to know of the things I'd be better off not "gifting"those of another ilk who "use" or "twist" or "influence" the things best not set out here anymore after seeing bad things go down too soon & "coincidentally" to ignore or make mistakes again!:( hmu@…

              • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                ..what I "hope" is a "clean,secure" email address sometime since I'm fairly certain my old one probably is compromised in one or more ways[?] I'm posting a fresh,new email address that probably hasn't been compromised in the 1 or more ways I suspect my older,long-time email is,at least for the moment & perhaps long enough to engage in "off-grid" comms,and/or "better" means or resources where I could catch up with trusted friends away from here sometimes & even though I'm so partial to & will remain a 'newser for as long as the "OG"'s here will have me[?] 🙂 I KNOW I can be a emo,pain in the ass,but there's no lying in me!"What you see is what you get" 😉 I'm deeply indebted to a number of 'newsers who stepped up in a number of ways ranging from kind words,encouragement to generous,heartfelt gifts that were all appreciated,but I'm sticking to my promise to keep someone's anonymity intact,but not without making it perfectly clear that there is a man who went above & beyond the best I could've hoped for when Sandy needed to make every appointment,fill every prescription,some out of pocket,but most via med ins. & all with co-payments & hidden costs,to name just a few of the hurdles we jumped with an "uplifting boost" from a true friend & beautiful soul from overseas. 🙂 Whatever happens I'm forever grateful,indebted to & blessed to have had such a friend & friends I'm unworthy of,but Sandy IS,& her QOL+odds deserved better than I'd managed & feeling…

                • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                  ..guilty & questioning how much longer I can keep on keepin on alone and for that matter,"really alone" when she passes on and there's nobody[?] I've alway had HER and sick.broke & sometimes bitter people like myself and/or her so-called "friends" never come back around again following their 1st sight of seizures,anxiety/panic attacks,incontinence,etc.,etc.,it don't take much…#1 excuse given,="oh I love her & would do anything for her(you guys),but I get scared & don't/wouldn't know what to do if it happens while she's here visiting"(without you)or even with me for that matter!-wouldn't want the neighbors to see the big woman doing croppie-flops on the sidewalk or straped in the gurney to the wailing,flashing ambulance,bad for their image & all that…I'm lucky that I did manage to get in on something good early & might be able to borrow against it or sell part of my 1/3rd interest in our promising little company to put up as equity to some legit co.[hopefully?!] of which the nature of the business & how far along already it has gone makes it an attractive thing[?]
                  By mid-June doors will be opening and soon recouping expenses & maybe offering both a better lifestyle & an opportunity to return those gestures that leave me in the weird state of feeling guilt-ridden over something heart-warming??!! 🙁 wth??!! IDK what to feel anymore[?]"grateful,yet conflicted" & mostly SCARED of how things are playing out right now,but wouldn't feel right about a…

                  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                    "collection" being taken up or anything like that. It's time again to bite the bullet and try to get through a few rough spots I'm hoping Summer will bring something much better. Thank you though and I just realized I left out the email[lol]where anyone can reach us if just to say "hi" or for those times that ENE has been invaded by creeps or something happens[God forbid!]that takes her down??!! 🙁 Sorry I got carried away on the keyboard! OT still don't work and I'm rambling on a roll today because I'd have nervously chewed off my fingernails till they bled and tore out what's left of my graying hair just in response to this past week,the past 2 days & present being more akin to watching a giant version of my hyperactive 2-year old adorable,but wildly unpredictable neice!! I feel bad all over again to post this but it is what it is & probly why I'm rambling/venting??!! THANKS BIG NUKE & YOUR FOUL COUNTERPARTS/CORPORATIONS!! 😐 ….anyways I better cut this off now with another round of THANK YOUS and BEST WISHES & SHOUT OUT TO MY 'NEWSER PEEPS! 🙂 EMAIL;
                    Take Care Holler anytime! 🙂

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        You know about Ad Aware, AVG Free (can't be run at the same time as Ad Aware is running), and Spybot? All free, good programs. We also use C Cleaner here at home. All these programs work great on a PC.

        You should create a separate user name and profile (password protected) for all your Internet. Makes it a LOT harder to hack your computer. Hackers won't have Admin privileges. Keeps things a lot more secure.

        There is also a program called "Sandboxie" for the brave who want to create a shielded portion of their operating system, invisible to invaders.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Hey Admin.: How about some new threads around here?

    Continuing in the off-topic mode:
    SimplyInfo did a major piece (still up) last week on Unit2,
    Proving, among other things, that the corium went right through the basemat and into the ground.
    And BTW, why do you think the contamination level is off the charts from all those wells, hum?
    Perhaps because corium is underground?
    And why, prey tell, are the levels of Iodine-131 getting higher in Tokyo sewage sludge as time goes by?
    And what makes TEPCO think that if freezing doesn't work in a little old trench, that freezing will work to enclose Units1-4?

    There are lots of great Fukushima things to talk about.
    I'd hate to see you lose your audience because you can't be bothered to spend any time on ENEnews these days.

    Where, do you suppose, is the damn corium, Admin? 😉

  • Jebus Jebus

    The exploitation stops, for a moment, to attend to the exploited…

    SeaWorld shuts show so staff can help stranded sea lions

    "Sea Lions Live" will go on hiatus beginning Saturday for at least two weeks so trainers can help the park's animal rescue team in dealing with sick and emaciated pups.

    Experts say unusually warm ocean water is stranding a larger number of sea lion pups on California beaches this year. Nursing mothers are forced to head further out to sea for food, leaving the pups behind.

    Curious that exploit and expert are so similar…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, very curious!

  • bowling

    Bunch of radioactive evil monkeys carrying radioactive death sticks, that they cannot put out, around the world. They kill everything, the plants, the birds, the bugs, the fish, the ocean, the sky, and themselves.

    • Just heard a friend has a 20 something son with leukemia. He was in the Special Forces military guy, really healthy, worked out every day, built like a Mack truck.

      Now on the 4th chemo treatment.

      If leukemia can get someone like that, all of the rest of us better be grateful for every day, every minute, every second.

  • bowling

    I am volunteering at a hospice and a free clinic. I am sorry about your friend doc. People who get sick know whats going on. We here at enenews know whats up and qhen people ask for our help, we can give them accurate information instead of the same pack of foma.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    @bowling & Dr.GH; 1st I'm sorry for your friend going through this Doc,my condolences & sympathies to him,his family & friends. Secondly,bowling,your volunteering to help at a hospice center & I assume associated free clinic only strengthens the already high amount of respect I have for you and I just hope & pray it doesn't bring any already present,underlying depression & deep sense of sadness that seems to be a given for most of us 'newsers whose souls are already growing weary just 4 years into this 311/cancer ELE with a hundred lifetimes(or "half-lives")of anguish,suffering & deaths-too soon to go[?! 🙁 !] Every time I start thinking that my heart couldn't possibly be broken more than it has been already I'm proven wrong and I'm not strong enough to look away from those who are sick & in great pain & suffering like those people working in the oncology dept. and/or chemo infusion center,etc. who can shrug it all off as though it's 2nd nature to them or a "natural" way/cause of death either[?]! 🙁 It's eating my soul alive and I'm not just referring to my beloved wife of almost 24 years as of May 2nd & who's just 43 years old either!! I mean ALL of it & everyone suffering the post-2011 cancer scourge,whether it's the patient/victims or their distraught loved ones,but I don't mean to minimize or leave out pre-311 cancer incidence in any way either,ftr! 🙁 I just feel so defeated…

  • Checkmate

    I can't believe persons can take comments for face value instead of thinking things through what is being noted.
    PhilUN: I didn't say to ban burning wood as so remarked and you compared this to nuke & coal. I just stating the facts of burning like Japan burning stuff. Also have you ever heard of natural gas or solar or thermo?
    Obe: I thought you were more progressive than what you said. Radiation does fall to earth from the air and also comes down in rain water which trees suck up, that is how trees across America are and becoming more radioactive. Why do you think RadChick in Detroit stated that she stopped eating lettuce? It is because of the water uptake and Cesium, etc. And Cesium is radioactive.
    HoT: I am sorry I can't tell you what region the maple sap was from. It was just mentioned in an article that also mentioned California trees, pollen,- being radioactive. With milk being tested through out the US and being radioactive, one shouldn't be surprised about all plants.

    To help everyone on here for future or current problems try immediately reading information: Many people are dying unnecessarily of Cancer, even the ones with 4th stage Cancer. In my opinion, I would immediately stop all surgery, chemo, radiation and use the tools available without side effects. I have no vested interest or receive any money from the site mentioned above. This is purely a public service to save lives.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I am the progressive, since I am the organic..trees are organic.

    Manmade anything sadly is not! 🙂

  • Sol Man

    I don't remember if I had put this up before, but here is some Fred from long ago way back.
    The artist is Fred Neil from his album Everybody's Talkin'.

    For everything that could have been, if only…

  • Checkmate

    Obviously, testing is not going to be done by any government because the Fuku radiation problem has no answer nor the waste problems- so in lieu of this fact, the testing could be done by us individually. How? Just go to your doctor and request a Cesium urine test and then we could compare the count amongst ourselves from different parts of the country/world and get a handle somewhat on where we all are individually. I wish I would have thought of this before than I could have figured what the percentage increase was per year and the different percentages that started to cause different health problems (so we somewhat get a handle on where different thresholds are. This test could also relate to BMI index.
    I believe the test costs $150, but would be worth it. I would be happy to compare with anyone and have it done. This could be a global effort with enenewers outside America to see where we all stand.
    Cows eat radioactive grass- some stays in the body and some comes out in waste and milk. A good place for researchers to look is to test the ratio when the cow out right dies and also starts to have problems- if that hasn't been done yet. Cows in Hawaii are fed Boron! Does anyone know the amount fed of Boron versus the ratio to the cows weight? Also how much Boron can be consumed and the percentage of reduction in Cesium in the body?

  • demise demise

    If the Govt is involved, it is far worse than they are admitting to. It is best that their own interests is paramount to the interests of the general public. Just remember that this is 100x larger than Katrina and that showed that you can depend on help from them. Help your selfs and start preparing. This is not a "if it happens", it is a "when it happens".

  • 8th October 1971 – Fallout and Reproduction of Ocean Fish Populations
    E.J. Sternglass, Department of Radiology, School of Medicine, University of
    Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


    Nuclear Fallout causes Fish Population Decline

    As will be shown below, very large declines of fish-populations after
    low-altitude nuclear tests followed by a gradual recovery to pretesting levels have been observed both in the Atlantic and Pacific, strongly suggesting that the eggs of fish and the developing young are far more sensitive to internal radiation from low-level fallout than had been anticipated, very much as in the case of the human-embryo and fetus.



    "The purpose of the study was to determine whether continued atmospheric
    testing by France and China or potential releases from underground detonations that might unexpectedly escape into the nearby fishing grounds could have detectable effects on the reproduction of fish populations similar to the unanticipatedly severe effects of low level radiation on the human embryo and fetus (2, 3, 4) recently confirmed by independent studies by other investigators (5, 6)."

    • The continual release of radioactive fallout and contaminated water, into the Pacific Ocean, from the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, would have the same effects as atmospheric atomic bomb testing. It is causing a huge drop off in fish stocks and other sea life. This would explain why there are large numbers of sea lions and other sea life, presently starving to death on the west coast of America.

      Thanks to Dr.Sternglass who passed away in early February, for this study.

    • SadieDog

      "Many are sick with pneumonia, their throaty barks muted to rasping coughs. Parasites have swarmed their digestive systems. Some are so tired that they cannot scamper away when rescuers approach them with nets and towels and heft them into large pet carriers.

      “They come ashore because if they didn’t, they would drown,” said Shawn Johnson, the director of veterinary science at Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. “They’re just bones and skin. They’re really on the brink of death.”

  • Sickputer

    From Sadie's link: "Experts suspect that unusually warm waters are driving fish and other food away from the coastal islands where sea lions breed and wean their young."

    SP: They "suspect" "warm waters" is a ruse by officials who know better. They are part of the nucleoape conspiracy that runs from the top official in DC all the way down to the lowest local official. An economic-driven cover story for the biggest ecological disaster story since the last Ice Age.

    Fish have not left because of "warm water". They have become extinct. If they had moved en masse the sea lions would have followed. In my opinion the lower food chain creatures are in various levels of extinction with 60% to 99% dead of entire species on the Western coastline of North America from Mexico to Alaska.

    Some areas received huge amounts of drifting radiation from the Kurushio Extension and extinction levels are extensive for species ranging from algae and plankton up through shellfish and star fish.

    Fish species are more mobile than their food sources and hopefully some escaped death for now, but I think their prospects for survival are better if they migrate below the Kurushio southern loop (below the equator to the Southern Hemisphere.) Larger better swimming species have the best chance to make a once in a lifetime breakaway from ancestral home waters. Are fish that smart? Why not? We aren't very smart.

  • dollybythesea

    Just a question to all you knowledgeable individuals::::
    could "NIBURU" be the cause of any of this? I realize that the Fuku fallout is
    marinating everything but is it all to blame? Just wanting to hear points of view from all of you intelligent people. Thank you.

    (First time here)

    • Jebus Jebus

      We wouldn't be intelligent people if we thought that "Niburu" was the cause of anything…

      • m a x l i

        +1 million
        You nailed it. Dolly is addressing the wrong people. Maybe she should rephrase it like: "Just a question to all the dumb, naive, gullible individuals…" Probably then someone will be keen to dive into a discussion about niburu or santa claus or whatever.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, fish are smart! 🙂

    Pigs are smart! Apes are smart! Most animals are very smart! 🙂

    What happen to all the humans? 🙁

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