Gov’t health adviser: This is great! Fukushima has beaten Hiroshima and Nagasaki — Hey, you’ve become famous without any efforts

Published: January 7th, 2012 at 3:22 pm ET


Science with a Skew: The Nuclear Power Industry After Chernobyl and Fukushima, Truthout, Jan. 7, 2012:

[…] Dr. Yamashita Shunichi […] has been assigned to head the official study of radiation health effects in the Fukushima population. Yamashita was sent by the Japanese government from Nagasaki University, where he was part of the RERF [Radiation Effects Research Foundation] studies, revered for their long experience with the A-Bomb survivors. Mandated with addressing the concerns of the citizens and correcting their misconceptions, Yamashita rallies the population with stirring words: “The name Fukushima will be widely known throughout the world…This is great! Fukushima has beaten Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From now on, Fukushima will become the world number 1 name. A crisis is an opportunity. This is the biggest opportunity. Hey, Fukushima, you’ve become famous without any efforts.”

It appears this comment is several months old, however it’s the first time being posted here so readers may find it informative

Published: January 7th, 2012 at 3:22 pm ET


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66 comments to Gov’t health adviser: This is great! Fukushima has beaten Hiroshima and Nagasaki — Hey, you’ve become famous without any efforts

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    This is sarcasm, right? Some kind of Zen joke. Right?

    • Spectrometising

      Hmmmm…show some compassion Bob hardin…..The guy shows all the signs of having suffered a clinical doughnut overdose.

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    WTF ???

  • James Tekton James Tekton


  • Radio VicFromOregon

    I think this is an attempt on Yamashita’s part to at lighten things up while showing indirectly that health concerns will be addressed and that radiation is both dangerous and in some cases survivable. Not everyone is a good public speaker. Well, most people aren’t. I see this as doctor humor trying to put the patient at ease, which, at best, usually stinks. Yamashita, I believe, takes the suffering he saw very seriously. As a cancer survivor, I’ve had my share of doctor jokes that are intended to keep the patient’s spirits up along with the necessary belief that I could beat the cancer. I suggest taking his words as just that. Attitude is everything in healing from a serious illness. Where your attention is, so is your energy. It may not be enough to cure you, but, without it, there is no hope of recovery.

    • Thank you for your kind response, Vic. I was eating ready to get on my soapbox when I read your kind words. Thank you for giving Dr. Shunichi the respect he deserves, even if his words sound like he could be a paid spokesman for TEPCO. Humor is a coping mechanism. I cannot imagine the pictures, patients and case files he has seem over the years. It’s hard enough to watch the video of the Chernobyl children. Going about this on a daily basis must be beyond depressing some days. Thank you for reminding us to look at the situation from another perspective.

    • Spectrometising

      Yeah right!! VicFromOregon, he ate all the doughnuts instead of giving them to the patients.

    • hanaloa hanaloa

      you gotta be kidding me…this is total crap…lighten things up my ass…this is more of the same…isnʻt this the guy who made the famous quote:

      “The effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy and laughing. They come to people that are weak-spirited, that brood and fret.”

      Honestly, Vic, considering who this guy is and his role in the coverup, donʻt you think itʻs a stretch to spin his latest sound bite as good bedside manner?

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Fukushima is world known, but not because of greatness.

    It is known because it is contaminating the world, and killing precious life. Who wants to be known for that.

    Nuclear Plants are evil monsters that take on a destructive life of their own, humans can’t control them and can never totally kill them.

    The energizer bunny that keeps going, is nothing compared to them.

    (That was a slight joke with a point, those not in the US, an energizer bunny is a commercial here that shows their batteries keep going on and on.)

    • many moons

      I think he sounds like an idiot…I missed the light heartedness of his message and I question the phrase “without any effort?’ What does that mean? Does it mean there is no effort watching a loved one become ill, no effort to taking your child to a hospital that will actually screen for radiation? No effort cause it was a nuclear accident, maybe there was no effort put forth in finding a safe place to build a nuclear reactor in Japan…that must be the “without any effort”

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi many moons

        I agree with you that, people are going through so much pain, watching a loved one become ill, taking your child to be screened for radiation, children born with problems, having a nuclear accident damaging the environment and so on and so on.

        Nuclear Power is not worth this, it’s to high of a price.
        NO MORE PLANTS!!!!

    • Anthony Anthony

      Japan has added many great things to the world, including her peoples. Fukushima 311 Nuclear Crisis is nothing to be proud of or smile about.

  • Seismic Warning for eastern Japan…
    January 8th noon – January 10th Midnight…

    Estimated 4.5 – 8.0 earthquake.

    C class cme: (coronal mass ejection).
    Arrival Mid day–01/08/2012
    Affecting date likely: Mid day – Late night 01/09/2011

    Events similar:
    March 10th arrival of X class ‘cme’ followed by 9.0eq. March 11th.

    Note: both cme’s have a similar amount of trajectory. brushing just north of our planet…

    In my opinion during the winter and spring the planet experiences major seismic activity from cme’s in the North hemisphere… where late summer cme’s produce seismic activity mainly in the southern hemisphere. This likely attributed to the change in earths axis during these seasons…

    Winter through summer- Japan gets the rumblers.
    Summer through winter- Chili gets blistered.

    Just an interesting observation I’ve made while analyzing solar activity.
    I am very concerned in respects to ‘solar activity’ nearing march of 2012.

    If there is a direct link between cme’s and seismic events; We are now experiencing a solar maximum. Our Sun is frequently producing large scale emissions via filament eruptions.
    If there is a connection between Cme’s and seismic activity; A large / larger emission could trigger another 9.0+ earthquake this year…

    Some interesting supporting articles:

    There is no connection between cme’s and seismic activity in mainstream science at this time; however several researchers are…

  • cont:

    currently arguing that there indeed is a connection between seismic activity and solar eruptions.

  • or-well

    Please read “Related Posts” #3 above the comments section before treating this guys remarks as benign.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Oh this “Dr.” is serious alright!

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Criminal. Thanks Jebus.

      • Jebus Jebus

        It is, and he answers to a higher power?

        From wiki link of his name…

        “In the Catholic church to which he belongs, he also lectured at Saitama Cathedral of Saitama Diocese on May 7, 2011. With the bishop Marcelius Daiji Tani in charge, the leaflet based on his lecture was published in six languages.”

        • Fall out man!

          Thanks Jebus. It would be interesting to know how he justifies those lies away in his own mind. While its cold comfort for those dying right now as a result of Dr Yamashita’s lies, ultimately he will face justice. He will burn in hell and his lies will be like gravel in his mouth. In this fallen world good things can happen to bad men and bad things can happen to the good. But ultimately we know in our consciences that justice must be done.

          Yamashita should tremble at what awaits him.

          With regard to how he can ignore his conscience, I wonder if he uses the “Augustinian doctrine” of “choosing the lesser evil” when presented with two evils. Its anti-biblical as we are called to “flee from sin” (eg, Joseph fleeing from Potiphar’s wife). That Augustinian doctrine of choosing the lesser evil has been used to justify moving gay catholic preists from parish to parish rather than turning them over to the police. The idea is that it would be a lesser evil to allow the abuse of children to continue, than to damage the reputation of the self professed “one true church” by exposing the crime publicly. In Yamashita’s case no doubt he can justify his lies in any number of ways. Maybe his conscience is simply seared and he cares not one jot for the people his lies will lead to death. No doubt he is well paid for his crimes, but that money won’t do him much good in hell.

          • Funny I just wrote on another website….”there will be a special place in hell for those who receive pay to lie about the threats of radiation”

            • Fall out man!

              Yes Stock, agreed. Its sobering. Something that those promoting Nuke industry lies should think long and hard about. Ultimately, justice will be done.

          • Fall out man!

            Actually I see in the link provided by Chem food further down this comments section that Dr Yamashita does indeed use the “Augustinian doctrine of the lesser evil” to justify his lies. He claims that if he had told the truth about how dangerous the radiation was then the Doctors would have been the first to run away. The obvious question then is – why didn’t he have everyone evacuated, given he is head of Japan’s medical response to the disaster. Anyway, none of their justifications for their lies make sense. Its just more lies to cover the original lies.

            The only consolation I can offer the Japanese people is this. Ultimately, Yamashita will face justice. Maybe not in this life, but certainly when he dies he will face judgement. Ultimately, we all know in our conscience that justice must be done. Unless he repents, and accepts God’s gift of salvation and payment for his sins, he will spend an eternity separated from God. He will be alone with his conscience and his lies will be like sand in his mouth. An eternity in hell.

            Wearing a magic scapula or a buying an indulgence is just more sin to add to his debt.

        • ReactorHalfEmpty

          Some people might now even be strangely tempted to ponder about returning their “Catholic license permit” in protest… ARGH.

      • Crime against humanity! Shut them all Down

    • arclight arclight

      heres a better translation and some links.. video quality is better too!


      Sign In or Sign Up now! Dr. “Brainwasher” Yamashita Speaks 3: “Fukushima Will Become the World Number 1 Name”(Mar. 21) From: tokyobrowntabby | 23 Aug 2011 | 437 views Loading…Please click on “cc” button to show English subtitles. Dr. Shunichi Yamashita is the Vice President of Fukushima Medical University. This video is the last part of his commemorable first lecture , entitled “On the Health Risks Caused by Radiation from Fukushima-1 Nuclear Plant,”
      held in Fukshima-City on March 21, 2011, two days after his appointment as a Radiation Health Risk Advisor of Fukushima.

      For more information on Yamashita and his brainwashing, please visit EX-SKF blogposts:

      German magazine “Spiegel” did an interview with Yamashita on August 19. The article is available in English online:,1518,780810,0

      • arclight arclight

        if you click directly on the translation it will move upwards and the dialogue/monlogue will be easier to see!

      • Anthony Anthony

        Bizarre! Disturbing.

      • Fall out man!

        “Brainwasher” is an apt description. While his lies seem bizarre to westerners, he is in fact playing upon some eastern beliefs. He is also in a sense giving people what they want to hear, the soothing sound of “everything is ok”, or “everything is great, you are going to be famous”, or the classic “your happy thoughts mean radiation cannot harm you!”. Most people would sooner believe a nice lie than a terrible truth, and Dr “Shitinya” is just the man to deliver that nice lie.

        Also, while the claim that “positive thinking” could provide absolute immunity to the effects of radiation is bizarre to westerners, in eastern religion positive thinking and “mind power” are believed to affect the physical world. Obviously one’s attitude and thoughts do affect one’s own health, but in eastern religion in general that is taken a step further. The idea that ones thoughts will affect the whole physical world is a common religious belief. So claiming that only “negative thinkers” are affected by the radiation is quite a clever piece of propaganda for a Japanese audience.

        Of course the consequence of that lie is that when parents have a horrifically deformed baby, not only will they have to deal with that tragedy, but they will also be blamed for being “negative thinkers” and have to live with the slur that their “negative thinking” gave their child a horrible radiation induced deformity, cancer or still birth. Basically anything bad that happens suddenly becomes the victim’s fault. Ok, so you got cancer? Well, that’s your fault for not being positive enough. “So your baby had a radiation induced heart attack? What a disgrace, that’s your fault for not thinking positive about nuclear fallout!”

        Yamashita has taken the blame off the nuke industry, and placed it squarely on the shoulders of those killed and maimed by the industry. Very evil, but obviously cleverly thought through.

        • arclight arclight

          i feel like reading enenews this morning is like the Guardian newspaper on steroids!! fantastic observations!
          thank you for that analysis!!

      • Fall out man!

        I notice Dr “Shitinya” played upon men’s pride as well. He claimed that the radiation is harmless, but goes on to say that the only people who needed any protection at all were women and children. Drinking and smoking were worse for men’s health than radition!!!!! Again, that’s quite clever propaganda. It implies that any man who dares to voice concerns over the dangers of radiation is in some way deficient. Worrying about radiation is “just for women and kids”. A clever play upon male pride. That speech is very cleverly constructed.

        He even calls upon men to “Stay and fight”. Someone should ask the question, Fight what and how? or rather Who? Breath in enough fallout and its all over. Surely its better to fight the lies and deception of propagandists like Dr Shitinya.

        I love his appeal to “Science” over positive thinking being shown to protect against radiation in “animal studies”. I wonder how they determined what the animals were thinking 🙂 Its just laughable.

        “To tell the truth, radiation doesn’t affect people who are smiling, but those who are worried. This has clearly been demonstrated by animal studies.”

        Dr Shitinya should be tried in court for his lies. He is murdering Japanese citizens just as surely as if he were killing them in person. His lies will mean countless Japanese citizens will take no precautions against fallout and die as a result. He should face the death penalty.

        Finally, I found it interesting that he described his propaganda as a “dialogue” not a lecture. A lecture might imply the imparting of facts for which he could be held accountable. A Marxist style “dialogue to concensus” is simply a way of coming to group agreement based on feelings and wishful thinking, never mind the facts. That is what the “quality circles” of supposed “professional management” were all about. Dialogue to consensus, but you can leave your truth and principles at the door.

        In this case, truth is the enemy of Dr Shitinya…

    • jonjon

      Thank you for posting this video.. I had not actually listen to the guy… He isn’t joking. This is the guy that Takashi Hirose calls a criminal. And he is right. This guy is a criminal. Should be tried along with the Aum sect members…

  • dosdos dosdos

    Smile and soak up a few seiverts down at the beach. They give you that rosy glow.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    TearsInHeaven99 Midori Futabatei
    #Fukushima HuffPo Japan plans to scrap Nuke Plants
    3 minutes ago
    That’s just me.
    CaptD Alerted me to that new one but NO ONE IS COMMENTING.
    Fluffington musta buried it DEEP.

  • Kevin Kevin

    I think psychotalk like this from credetialed professionals is all one really needs to experience to pack up and leave.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      All of this is such bullshit. They make me sick. I mean how many psychopaths are there in the world!? Seriously. It scares me to death for the simple reason I AM NOT ONE. I dont kill spiders let alone a country of how many million of people!?!? Get the hell out of there NOW JAPAN!

  • mikael

    I sincerly hope that this sick fu.. bastasrd sees this video about DU/EU(depeled and enriched uranium).
    I ges this videp wil be “porn” for humans in his category.
    (be aware, very graphic images of children born in the aftermat, in Fallujha, Iraq)

    The kind that has no doubt about maiming anything else, as long its not their children.
    I sicerly hope that the seriousness in this is understud and known.
    And this is the grim result of altering DNA, remember this, this is the fu.. truth.
    This is what we have infront of us, the future of mankind.


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    TWEETED Hope tweeters see CONNECTION DUH! #Fukushima IRAQ:ALL kinds of defects/c.heart disease to SEVERE physical abnormalities NUKES
    New to Tweeting, always forget to. But tomorrow I’m starting Pu239’s campaign to Tweet stars. I plan to tweet everyone on that list. thank mikael. HORRIFYING!

  • dosdos dosdos

    Very much worth a read for the cohesive historic perspective. People who need to be convinced need to read this.

  • patb2009

    Fugu is a meal thats risks death, Fuku is a place that risks death.

    perhaps fukushima can become famous for fugu fish meals, Russian roulette games and hand grenade juggling.

  • or-well

    This has been Minnie-mised and Micky-mised to the hilt from the beginning.

    I’m waiting for the cute little mascots to show up in the media soon.

  • arclight arclight

    kinda seemed appropriate here 🙂

    stay happy philosophy explained

    Higashiosaka’s traditional laughter festival

    Priests and parishioners laugh out loud during the annual Laughter Festival held at Hiraoka Shrine in Higashiosaka, Osaka Prefecture. The festival is said to originate in a legend in which the entrance to the cave where the Sun Goddess (Amaterasu Omikami) had gone into hiding was opened thanks to the beautiful prayers of Ame-no-Koyane-no Mikoto, Hiraoka Shrine’s main deity; the dancing of Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto; and the laughter of the gods. (Video courtesy of user candypapa)

    this is a pretty interesting cultural video!!

    • Fall out man!

      Wow, that is fascinating. Great find Arclight. I did not realize just how much subtle meaning there was behind Dr “Shitinya”‘s propaganda. In subtle ways it does tie in with other things I have picked up about Japanese culture. Its hard to know where to even start with the questions that insight raises. Great information. Its easy for outsiders to shake their heads in wonder at anyone taking Dr Shitinya’s propaganda seriously, but seeing this makes one realize more and more how slick his performance was.

      I shouldn’t get started on this, but can’t resist making a couple of comments. Whoever (or whatever) made up the laughing festival knew a thing or two about mass hypnosis. There are many aspects of it that are used in modern mind control cults today. (and sadly some main stream churches that have been in some way subverted) eg, the pull of the crowd in doing something that is in essence childish and silly is very strong. By reducing people to a child like state they are far more open to suggestion and more easily lead as a group. In this case as a group people can be convinced to make fools of themselves laughing continuously. Child like behaviour leading to a child like state. Another effect of the continuous laughing is that it leaves people out of breath and light headed, again making them more susceptible to entering a hypnotic state. A suggestible state. Its two elements of mass hypnosis that are very obvious right there. Now I see why Dr Shitinya made reference to laughter protecting people from radiation, that belief in a mystical power in laughter is something he was able to prey upon. “Nuclear boy will not get sick as long as he laughs a lot!” In fact I think some of these cultural insights now shed some light upon how the Japanese government could produce that bizarre “Nuclear boy is sick” video.

      Anyway, that was a fascinating post Arclight. Good night from New Zealand! (midnight here and work tomorrow)