Gov’t: Japanese on average exposed to 100 microsieverts/yr of internal radiation from Fukushima… via food alone

Published: November 8th, 2011 at 1:45 pm ET


Fukushima health concerns, Japan Times Editorial, Nov. 8, 2011:

“The health ministry estimates that at present, internal radiation exposure among various age groups from food in the wake of the Fukushima No. 1 accidents is about 0.1 millisieverts per year on the average and that if the new standard is enforced, the lifetime radiation dose will not exceed 100 millisieverts.”

Published: November 8th, 2011 at 1:45 pm ET


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39 comments to Gov’t: Japanese on average exposed to 100 microsieverts/yr of internal radiation from Fukushima… via food alone

  • dosdos dosdos

    Average doesn’t mean squat. There are a dozen ways to average something, some most advantageous.

    What’s the upper end of the curve?

    How much inrformation is being left out of the equation in determining this figure?

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    This claims it is from food alone. This amount would then by calculated by cubic feed of air consumed per week. Add the two together and you see how much radiation the Japanese consume from breathing and from eating food. I’m sure after these two are calculated the average would be a hefty dose. Radiation exposure has some X-factors where some individuals would be exposed to more because of dispersion and concentrated hotspot exposure. Oh word problems you so scary.

    • I wonder what drinking water adds to these calculations?

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        Dear Chem: EXCELLENT question! I’m almost out of my stores of pre-3/11/2011 drinking water. I’m going to be buying from Fiji in cases of 12–unfortunately expensive ๐Ÿ™ , I hope until I find out that their water is also contaminated, which I’m, perhaps naively, assuming it is not yet as contaminated. i don’t know of any local sources for me here in Northern California of fossil water to which I have any access. If anyone ever hears of commercially available fossil water, please let us all know. That would be another great idea for a subcategory or to go under the “strategies for avoiding contamination” maybe. Of course, fossil drinking water should be distributed WORLDWIDE, to all humans by our governments, but that won’t happen without at least stern powerful revolt from the ground upward to depose the current status quos in the wealthiest nations first–very messy and confrontational, yes; but there is ZERO other choice. The rich, I assure you, are having that Libyan (or other) fossil water now where they know about the Northern Hemisphere worldwide drinking water contamination situation–there are a lot of stupid rich people, so they probably aren’t yet all privy to the reality just yet.

    • jonjon

      This type of news is meant to be reassuring and that’s why it’s out there. It’s a form of damage control. If they wanted people to make up their own mind, just show them a comparison of radiation level in certain parts of the Ukraine and the type of diseases and birth defects that exist 25 years later.

      Then people would be running for their lives. Unfortunately people in Japan have become incapable of any form of critical thinking. No one would go out of his way to study the Chernobyl disaster and its effect on people. NHK news network is more than enough for them. It’s the voice of reason and academic truth.

  • HighLonesome

    Hello all-

    Please note that the number is 0.100 millisieverts per year. This is equal to 10 millirem –

    Current average natural exposure in USA is estimated at 310 millirem, with 31 millirem of that being internal (ie, radiation from stuff you eat and the natural as well as man made radioactive elements already in your body, not including radon/thoron you breathe in).

    So if indeed the average Japanese citizen ingests another 10 millirem worth of radiation a year, that’s about a 33% increase over what they would have already ingested, and about a 3% increase to their total natural exposure.

    I am not lining up to eat anything from Japan, but if the 10 mrem/yr number is good, I would say that it’s no reason to panic. I guess that leaves the question – is that number any good?

    • stock

      Good analysis, HOWEVER, a few weeks back I used the exact same NRC link to extract data and to re-analyze the basic presumptions of the “natural radiation” baseline. The bottom line is that the natural radiation baseline as it is set, is a complete and utter joke, a travesty, a deception of humanity.

      The baseline is at least 6 times higher than it needs to be from ACTUAL background radiation that you can’t avoid.

      You need to scroll down 2 or 3 pages on my link here to the story I wrote,

      Here is an Excerpt
      Exposing one of the “Big Lies”

      In some areas, Radon is not completely avoidable. Mostly it seeps into basements. Radon ventilation systems are very effective, they can reduce this amount at least 50% and maybe 80%, just depends how much air you want to move. So instead of a 37% of your exposure if you reduce that 80% it is 7.5%, plus 5% cosmic, and 3% soil, that is 15%. So by “so called ‘natural sources” like med procedures, nuke medicine, those items are jacking up your doe like 400% from where is could be “naturally”. the whole natural radiation lie, unravels as a complete joke… about half of us will contract cancer in our lives, and yet you can’t prove that any one source caused it. Therefore by the “Scientific Method” radiation cannot be proven to be unsafe, therefore the PNPs Pro Nuke Pimps will state that “natural radiation” is proven to be safe, and therefore a little extra disaster radiation is OK too. Check the chart closely, the PNP lies immediately emerge.

      • strAtum5

        Along the same lines, the lung cancer while it existed likely for millennia, it was a very very rare occurrence – as opposed to the frightening high case numbers we see today. So the doctors tell us that smoking and Radon gas are the two main reasons for this disease. But tobacco was smoked for millennia too. Only recently it became a cancer breeder for our lungs. So something happened to tobacco in the very recent past. Bio-accumulation of some sort ? And when did that happen ? Could we trace that change back to maybe around year 1945 ? Or 1960 ? Are we now smoking fall-out ?

        And Radon didn’t bother our ancestors. Suddenly it’s in big numbers today. Radon is said to be the decay product of U-238 and Th-232. So I guess a large presence of Radon should logically indicate an increased amount of the other two. Dare somebody to connect the dots and figure out why ?

    • Sickputer

      >is that number any good?

      Four kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, nuclear engineers, and politicians.

      The worst liars are the ones with the most power because they are accountable only to history.

      Instead of even pondering figures these naked apes pull out of their anal region… Take a look at the deaths and illnesses in Japan every day. Things are worsening.

      What will it take to make a game-changing impact of fear and anger on the ancient people of Japan, steeped in 6,000 years of love for their clans and the land?

      Will it take a death by illness of a child who is known by everyone in Japan? Or will it take the death of a quarter of a million children of less noble birth? Stay tuned because the fat lady is getting ready to sing.

  • marks

    Another minimization and distractions piece. Radiation โ€œreleasedโ€ implying no more. Focusing on compensation and possible long term cancer risks, more minimization. etc etc etc. Meanwhile, at Fukuโ€ฆ.

  • strAtum5

    Well, the first question would be whether the health ministry has interest in promoting the half full or the half empty part of the glass … He speaks from a government position after all, a government (and lobbies) who I believe still want to have people in that land and its economy working in some shape or form. In my personal view that figure is a massaged estimate based on many “ifs” and various assumptions (especially since the reactors are still bleeding) that are not made public and therefore those numbers are basically meaningless. It would be also interesting to find out who founded that exercise and who was involved in calculating those estimates (Tepco by any chance ?).

    Lastly this sentence is weird (maybe a translation glitch ?):

    “if the new standard is enforced, the lifetime radiation dose will not exceed 100 millisieverts. ”

    What “standard” are we talking about here ? And how a standard can influence the radiation intake of Japanese people ?!

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    The NRC and IAEA’s acceptable levels of radiation have changed over time. If you take the levels of acceptable exposure levels from the 1960’s you should have a better idea of what the health effects will be like on the public. Just saying the “new” data is changed frequently to raise reasonable exposure levels to protect the industry itself.

    • Grace Grace

      Grampybone, any idea of where the 1960’s levels, both ‘safe’ and background, may be found?
      I have been working recently with a group called ‘Curie’ who have been monitoring points around the Sizewell nuclear power station, north, east, south, west, every week, the same places. Just gamma levels. Since 2009. the average level on the beach
      has increased by almost half as much again. The levels in my house are higher though ๐Ÿ™

      • Grace Grace

        ‘Curie’ the group has been active since Chernobyl.

        • Grampybone Grampybone

          Refer to the island today section. It gives the exposure levels on Bikini Atoll.

          Compare the levels of radiation and you can see the amount of radiation present at Bikini and the amounts in the rain. Also note that the locals of the island have seen widespread radiation contamination throughout their population. The difference is that Bikini was 1 hydrogen bomb. Fukushima is 3 reactors + 1 spent fuel pool. It takes 5 pounds of plutonium to make a nuclear warhead. How many pounds were in the three reactors? The math would be to compare the exposure rates in the rain and the know side effects of Bikini to the levels in Kansas rain. Hope you don’t break your cerebral muscles on this , but it should yield the numbers you want.

          • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

            Dear Grampy: Excellent points. Tons of Plutonium (not 5 pounds as with the H-bomb triggers) emitting from Fukushima and being ever, I hope not “forever” produced by non-ceasing cycles of fissioning corium to become more and more radioactive, to fission, probably, more and more, for the next at least 100K years! On top of the reactors and the spent fuel pools we have a couple other, additional, emissions sources: Japan and TEPCO BURNING nuclear waste now, and global warming related Actinide bacteria releasing it from the soils, increasingly.

            • Bobby1

              The radiation from Fukushima is itself causing global warming. From this paper:


              Our preliminary results show an unusual presence of hot spots on the top of the atmosphere over the radioactive leaks at FDNPP which also been conformed with abnormal change of in situ observation of radiation and atmospheric temperature near FDNPP. We interpreted this abnormal increase in OLR due to radioactive gas being released in atmosphere from the FDNPP. A physical mechanism for generating such anomalies could be the ionization of the atmospheric boundary layer similar to the case of thermal anomalies detected before strong earthquakes (Pulinets and Ouzounov, 2011).”

          • Grace Grace

            thank you for this, I’ll try to work it out in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚ There must be background levels baseline from way back in the day, prospective sites for building the power stations – I am going after Sizewell on this one – Freedom of Information, I have a right to know.

      • arclight arclight

        @ grace
        “The levels in my house are higher though”

        to help you consider radon…heres a radon map of the uk!! you can use the website for an address search too! radon comes up through the soil and enters the house that way… anyway, hope this helps!

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    This is yet ANOTHER minimization piece. An “average” exposure??? Really??? OMFG

  • dosdos dosdos

    A couple of new ones from japan Times.

    How the cleanup plan is really not a plan.

    Instructions on removing radiation from one’s property, as government won’t.

  • The Health Ministry arbitrarily raise the amount of ‘safe’ radiation can be found in food, water, etc by a factor of ten to one hundred or more.

    There was no discussion, no debate, no scientists were present.

    It is easy to make everything safe. We can even eat plutonium sprinkled on food. Just raise the ‘safe’ levels, as Japan did.

    Now test the food… voila.. everything passes the ‘safety’ check. It can be exported, eaten, etc..

    Drink hearty folks… all food and water in Japan is ‘safe’. So says the Health Ministry and all of their minions.. even plutonium and uranium is now considered ‘safe’ to consume.

  • Japanese health minister Yoko Komiyama has University degree from the faculty of Arts and Literature. She worked as a radio broadcaster before entering politics. I’m sure with credentials like that the average Japanese sleeps well knowing Yoko has a superior grasp of radiation safety.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Has the EPA agreed to raise their “safe” levels for food & water to the FDA’s DIL yet? Or have they still held their ground on that issue?-I’d read that there was inter-agency pressure that they had objected to back in the early Summer,but a more recent read said they had changed their tune and even had a tentative date set to standardize the new limits at something like 100x present standards!!,I haven’t seen much about it since they’ve been under fire about such notions & hope they don’t decide to do it quietly as is the case of the EU.

    • Bobby1

      No, the FDA is in charge and the gov’t is using their limits, which allow something like 11,000 times more cesium than the EPA did. The FDA is supposedly testing food on a limited basis based on this, but I doubt they even do that.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        So I guess we’re entirely on our own in every regard including testing food items “after” we purchase them then. I wonder how well it would be recieved if I were to spend the better part of a day in the grocery store with a geiger counter clicking away for the hour it would take to get an accurate read?-I’d laugh if it wasn’t something likely to be a realistic scenario sooner than later! I’d trained hard for NBC warfare some 30 odd years ago & had nuclear nightmares since the day “Operation Able Archer” sent everyone scrambling for General Quarters on my Spruance-class Destroyer when EAM messages growled from the speakers & EW center aboard ship due to “mistakes” & technical “glitches”on the part of the Soviets and Nato during Joint War Games that were mistaken for a pre-emptive attack and neither side would back down except for a skeptical & quick-witted Soviet officer who discovered the error I think was related to the “Russian Woodpecker” OTH radar sensor and they opted to stand down their forces during the final countdown to launch of full retaliatory strike!~Thus began my personal obsession with a nuclear hell on Earth that stayed in my mind long beyond Glasnost & START,until I was able to push such notions to the back of mind-replaced by the hope my son’s birth inspired 25 yrs. ago,followed by my 19 yr. old daughter and my fears were somewhat relieved by the idea that a nuclear exchange would at least represent a “quick & hopefully painless”ending via ICBM’s for those I love.Now this shit comes along which promises slow poisoning & suffering untold horrors as seems indicated to have begun with the recent miscarriage of my 1st grandchild,while I babysit my wife as seizures & suicide attempts that followed losing my family home & 4 times she was on life support during our 2 decades,3 more evictions,unemployment,enslaved by legal/financial-sub-poverty “existence”in a mattress-cluttered 1 room apt.w/5 people & my dog waiting 2 die!~”welcome 2…

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          my world….(boo fucking hoo!)

        • lokay5 lokay5

          Here’s the scoop on the infamous Russian “Woodpecker”; Ironically located in Chernobyl, of all places!

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            I’ll be damned-I never even knew that & I’ve been a licensed Ham Radio Operator for years & “freebander” on 11 meters & SWL’er before that?!! That thing drove me crazy for years with harmonics across the whole HF Band!!-I still learn something new every day!!

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I am very sorry for your family’s pain which will be an almost universal experience much sooner than later. I think the Russian woodpecker is now the equivalent to HAARP in Alaska.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Tepco told to revise Fukushima road map

    Residents seek court order not to restart Tsuruga reactors