Gov’t publishes model of WIPP radioactive plume — Plutonium and americium transported to northwest after wind shift — At times in direction of nearby Carlsbad (MAP)

Published: March 16th, 2014 at 8:20 pm ET


National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center — Feb. 14th contamination release consequence assessment (pdf), Mar. 10, 2014:

“The plume projection shown in Figure 4 was generated by NARAC staff to represent the best measurement data available for prediction. […] It is worth reiterating that a large number of assumptions go into the plume projections and the source term is currently based on measurement from a gross alpha and beta count”

(Note: Carlsbad is at approximately 280 degrees in relation to the WIPP site)

View the NARAC assessment here (pdf)

See also: [intlink id=”tv-officials-now-confirm-plutonium-andor-americium-reached-carlsbad-10th-most-populated-city-in-new-mexico-container-of-radioactive-waste-may-have-blew-up-video” type=”post”] TV: Officials now confirm Plutonium and/or Americium reached Carlsbad (VIDEO)[/intlink]

Published: March 16th, 2014 at 8:20 pm ET


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46 comments to Gov’t publishes model of WIPP radioactive plume — Plutonium and americium transported to northwest after wind shift — At times in direction of nearby Carlsbad (MAP)

  • skizexq skizexq

    DOE Admits Major String Of Safety Failures At WIPP

    • Not just safety, MAINTENANCE as well.

      A lot of the ventilation system was broken or not set up right.

      What effect did this have when the radioactive S##(*# hit the fan and HEPA system, especially after a truck fire, with NOTHING done in between?

      • GQR2

        If the big bosses don't become infuriated after reading the safety report.The big investigation its proof that the whole world is operating on Artificial Intelligence, algorithms. DOE, NWP did no maintenance for years!!

  • Ontological Ontological

    That's the ground base of the 'puff', what about the atmospheric part? The way Tx lit up on NETC, somehow this event a bit more IMHO.

    • Were the filter radiation measurements released from stations that were upwind or downwind on the two most intense days this stuff let loose?

      99.99 of everything came out in TWO days,

      30,000 to 50,0000 levels

      then down to

      40 after those two days..

      If all the stations were upwind during these two days time, the calculations are all bogus, by ORDERS of magnitude that are hard to even calculate.

      They also average the radiation readings they did get over seven days, with 5 days of very low levels, instead of just doing the one day that was the worst, as they should have.

  • skizexq skizexq

    Ok, it was only a puff, but we didn't inhale!

  • The legal exposure limit for a WIPP employee is 100 mrem/year.

    >>The DOE limits offsite exposure to 25 mrem/yr for pregnant women and children.
    (That's nice of them. [sarc])

    The EPA limit is a bit different, for inhalation, it is 10 mrem/yr.
    [From page 12 of the document.]

    Onsite less than 10 mrem from inhaled radioactivity.
    Dwellings and public roads were less than 1 mrem.

    It does not state whether this is 10 mrem per hou,r day, yearly or overall. Don't know?

    Locals do drive that road. There's also a river nearby.

    One thing about plume models is that they do not take into account the dust spreading, continued wind, or the cars or animals that pass through and spread the contamination. 🙁

    I get the feeling their numbers are averages so as to make sure and keep below regulatory limits in order to avoid fines. (and panic)

    My final thought is it has been over a month. IF there was an evacuation needed, telling us now would be a little bit late.

    Obviously the 'safety' systems for evacuation and testing of radioactive plumes is something they are not prepared for.

    FACT: People have been exposed unnecessarily!!!

    …and it could easily happen again if not worse.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Fees and fines and panic oh my! Correct, they plot these fantasies made up of unrealistic input. So we know they at least understand the garbage in garbage out part of these computer simulations.

    • +1000000000000

      Just like FUKU is only 10% of Chernobyl.. We have the computer calculations to 'prove' it.

      Yea, and the moon is made of cheese, the Earth is flat, and the sun rotates around a stationary planet…

  • sentinelle sentinelle

    I just posted this link on a different thread but I think it is better served here! I think her readings comfirm the direction of the wind.

  • johnnyo

    puffs, plumes, enchantment
    back full circle, Trinity
    now where we dump it?

    • skizexq skizexq

      I guess it's time to build more sarcophagii?
      Is that that even a word ?

      Could be some stock money made in that venture, seeing how we could use about 4 at present! a 'hot' trend I'd say~! a growing industry!

  • skizexq skizexq

    glowing industry?

  • Pimps! It ain't a plume— if it is a continous release! Since the duct to the HEPA filters had wide open bypass dampers, AND since the filters were clogged up from the previous truck fire (I believe that really happened, the Big Gov does not create lies that elaborate as they delivered in that report)…well just saying….Plutonium, the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Or destroyed from combination of improper servicing/maintenance, fire, smoke, heat, and then explosion, ceiling collapse overpressure, or radioactive HOT fire, etc..

      Any ONE of these things can destroy or block a HEPA filter.

      Odds are they did not work when the SH#(# hit the fan, literally.

      The six day cover up and denial period could very well consist of a CYA session, with more than likely a lot of emergency repair, foaming open vents spewing radiation, emergency service of HEPA filters, etc.

  • American Phoenix57

    It's a Fatal Atmospheric Radiation Trickle or FART for short.

  • razzz razzz

    Red flag using the word 'isodose' in the pdf report, this sort of language is outside their qualifications. Maybe a lawsuit might get some answers but I would expect a low ball settlement with a signed nondisclosure document required before payment or a extended and protracted proceeding until plaintiffs die off or Pu declared beneficial.

    According to report's logic, there is almost 100% more radioactivity inside the mine than what escaped. But they don't know that because no one has been down there to check the actual release point numbers and radionuclides involved.

    Doing a fine dance about Cesium being released, using a resulting ratio to Pu found on sensors. Entire array of radionuclides found from the release still in testing phase.

    I don't know, maybe the leak has sealed itself and is laying quietly on the salt floor without further releases. If they are lying or guessing wrong now and then find the release is much more severe inside the mine, they will have some explaining to do later about what they figured in above ground releases now in the report. Do they really want to take readings at ground zero? Doubt it.

    Let me get my magic wand and circle it overhead saying, "Not enough radiation in the report to worry about, go to sleep, back into that deep sleep you were in before this all happened."

    • WIPP can be a tipping point

      Tip it! NOW!

    • Shaker1

      The site is called the 'Waste Isolation Pilot Plant'.

      Well, now that the pilot's crashed the plant, the way it's being approached is like asking the FAA to collect the parts of a crashed airliner so it can fly again. "Well, George, here's a good hydraulic line, and we do have some skin that isn't crumpled or bent beyond recognition…"

      It's name itself, which I think they haven't changed simply because of its propaganda value (Yes, we're WIPPing that waste problem), implies that it's an experiment, as in a small scale 'pilot' chemical plant I once helped build that was there only to prove the process, to be intentionally scrapped with both success and failure, a write-off. How's that feel, Carlsbad? How long has this been running?

      Or is it a 'pilot' all the way until the whole site collapses in on itself? Seems to me that if what's been speculated to be true has happened the experiment of loading waste into a salt mine and allowing the roof to collapse and 'seal' said waste is a fail. Or maybe they're saying that it isn't a fail yet because they keep pathways open intentionally for the crap to escape and they're not allowing the test to truly proceed? C'mon. This is ludicrous. Get on with the 'test'. Close it off, stop the process, set up monitors, and go back to the air-conditioned cubicles in Albuquerque and watch through the first half-life of plutonium down there. Then we'll talk about how successful it is (or not).

    • Bet money they will never release radiation readings from very close to ground zero.

      Same as FUKU, Cherno, TMI, Santa Susana, etc. All you get is a stack reading about 3 years down the road, with a meter that only goes up to 10 sieverts, and maxes out. Sorry, best we can do. No money left.

      Military industrial complex bomb related stuff is involved here.. it involves a whole different order of secrecy and cover up.

  • The report also states that the size of the plutonium particles that escaped the filters was so small that it would not get lodged into a lung.

    Seriously…?? 😉

    I never heard that one before.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      ChasAha…wouldn't the smaller particles find an easier path to lung tissue?

      • I would certainly think so, or some other part of the body.

        It really does clearly say that in the report.

        Page 16 paragraph 4.

        "Additional assumption on particle size: …aerodynamic median aerosol diameter(AMAD) are effectively transferred like gas through the respiratory tract and are not incorporated into the lung alveoli."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    How many dumb ways can you be fucked on this planet? I mean geez..I am rendered speechless.

    • GQR2

      Melting Mermaid, yeah its full spectrum baby,we regular people,have been thrust into a war on us,all of us. Doesn't matter what are world view is, the plan has been to seduce the globe to allow Nuclear Weapons,poisonous wastes,solids,gases to ruin our land and possibility of subsistence.

      All od this wrought upon us done over yrs through bureaucratic processes that end up obfuscating the dangers and dividing people.Divide and conquer the Builders have always found willing warm bodies to help them in their plan. We are the sheep to them. So as a sheep i just want to say that i realize this is war. We lost! Now we survive them as best we can. They will not be stopped. This is their end game and all of us are left inhabiting a completely toxic planet.
      I don't know why they would do this. But for me framing it as a war on humanity makes a lot of the puzzle fall into place. Control of people's thinking is a big part of the on-going assault there have been many unknowing "useful idiots" over the last 70+ yrs. We are all their prisoners now.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        It's just so sad. I can't understand,and now they are going to start fukashima isn't bad enough, let's use what is left of our oil and kill each other with it, only that will solve our energy crisis and save our economy and solve our population problems unfortunately the planet will become uninhabitable. Oh well its just collateral damage. I'm melting. What a world oh what a world.

    • sentinelle sentinelle

      "The Kama Sutra of the Energy Cartels" A story of lust, greed, and genocide.

      • GQR2

        Edward Teller and a bunch of these psychos have or had fetishes with sparkly shiny things..His thinking went along the lines that scientists are not responsible for their inventions. You know scientists gotta be scientists.
        This is without a doubt one of the most crazed statements ever uttered by a man in a position of this much enabling power.

  • This is going to get MUCH worse, as the truth comes out..

    WIPP was permitted for low level wastes. The HEPA filter system is designed for that ONLY. Not a lot of radiation to deal with.

    Since they built it, it was changed to a high level waste facility with REALLY BAD SH#(# going into it.

    Problem is, they never upgraded the HEPA filters to reflect this increased hazard.

    There are supposed to be triple redudant HEPA filters, in a system that allows one system to be shut down in case of damage due to fire or explosion and have a second back up system of triple HEPA filters take over, with NOTHING going out into the air, except through triple HEPA filters.

    Of course, this is not what it sounds like WIPP has..

    Lots of openings, inability to keep negative pressure, only a ONE pass HEPA filter, with filters inside a regular building, not a double or triple layer NEGATIVE pressure building.

    All duct work should also be duplicated in a high level waste facility like this and it isn't.. AND much of the system was broken or not working, or improperly chained, opened, slit open during the truck fire..

    Bottom line, the facility is totally illegal, a HUGE hazard to public health and bottom line, everyone got HOSED with radiation… for God knows how long… and it still continues on because who knows what those filters condition is at present after a truck fire and an explosive release, both of which can destroy a HEPA filter

  • WIPP should have double redundant EVERYTHING, with ONE system held in reserve, in case the first one breaks.

    TWO DUCT SYSTEMS, 100% complete.

    TWO HEPA TRIPLE FILTRATION SYSTEMS, with 3 HEPA filters, one behind the other, so the stuff coming out has to go through THREE HEPA filters, not just one

    Of course, none of the above happened at WIPP, and won't either.. Correct this if the above is wrong, PLEASE!

    WIPP should have ABSOLUTE NEGATIVE PRESSURE AT ALL TIMES.. no matter what happens, fire, explosion, ceiling collapse, etc.. This negative pressure was broken by the truck fire (a very small event) and possibly also by the nuclear waste canister burning, exploding or ceiling collapse.

    That is how dangerous plutonium is, and what it takes to protect the public, MINIMUM.

    It is NOT happening at WIPP.

    Bring them more baling wire, foam, duct tape and traffic cones.

  • Bottom line, this was more than likely a HUGE nuclear plutonium release disaster of epic scale, and it is much worse than they are letting on.. but it may take 20 – 50 years for the truth to come out.

    What happened during those six days between when this disaster happened and they finally admitted it?

    Everyone seems to be avoiding answering and asking that question like the plague..

    Much like flight 800… what were those three white smoke trails going up to the jet, and why did they all explode at the plane?

    Questions never asked, and never answered to this day..

    That was in broad daylight with hundreds of public witnesses. It got completely covered up, despite all that.

    Now we have a mine, NO public witnesses, and a complete lid on SIX days of activity..

    Smells bad, bad, bad…

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    Damn you Descartes! Damn you

  • mark_eric

    Perhaps worth mentioning here that the WIPP facility was never designed to block gaseous emissions(!) so if something catches fire or starts to give off radioactive gases, those go straight to the environment.

    I've also been reviewing the air flow & duct work schematics. Did you know that when the alarm went off and "airflow switched to HEPA filtration mode" that isn't an automatic process. Roughly 14 baffles have to be set by hand. In addition to the problems with the HEPA filter itself, it looks like they didn't shut off the three additional vents until days or even weeks later.

    Lastly, it may all be moot anyway. There was a report at talking about tidal effects on salt formations. Pressurized brine below the facility, fresh water aquifer above the facility. Fracking sites right up to the WIPP property line. Put it all together and what you realize is the salt formation WIPP is built within "breathes" in and out with the tides. They originally thought it was a "dry" formation, but found upon first digging that it was so wet that the ceiling began to deform immediately, causing several roof collapses. That is why they added the square plates you see bolted to the ceilings. These plates are supposed to delay the collapse until each section is filled.

    So it has always been intended that the ceiling would collapse and break open the barrels. I wonder if they really thought that through when they decided to srat accepting Remote Handle…

    • mark_eric

      I wonder if they really thought that through when they decided to start accepting Remote Handle Waste?