Gov’t: Over 30,000 sq. km in Japan “blanketed by radioactive caesium”

Published: November 22nd, 2011 at 4:18 am ET


Radiation covers 8pc of Japan, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, November 22, 2011:

Japan’s science ministry says 8 per cent of the country’s surface area has been contaminated by radiation from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

It says more than 30,000 square kilometres of the country has been blanketed by radioactive caesium.

The ministry says most of the contamination was caused by four large plumes of radiation spewed out by the Fukushima nuclear plant in the first two weeks after meltdowns.

The government says some of the radioactive material fell with rain and snow, leaving the affected areas with accumulations of more than 10,000 becquerels of caesium per square metre. […]

That’s a bit higher than the number stated well after the “four large plumes of radiation” deposited the contamination: “The total area contaminated with radiation from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant is estimated at about 800 square kilometers, or about 40 percent the size of Tokyo, according to a radiation map created by the science ministry and U.S. Department of Energy.” (Asahi)

Published: November 22nd, 2011 at 4:18 am ET


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38 comments to Gov’t: Over 30,000 sq. km in Japan “blanketed by radioactive caesium”

  • ocifferdave

    think Japan has the money for cleaning up this contamination let alone going Soviet on Fukushima?

    • ocifferdave

      What do you guys think will happen first? Nuclearvolcanic explosion or total (Soviet-like) economic collapse of Japan? Check out that video first.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Explains the tunnel vision denial it looks like from the outside. Japan is in the financial survival for its life. I have noticed several positive articles about Japans financial gains over 2011.

      They are giving it everything they’ve got to make it.

      I just hope Fukushima doesn’t actually mean they’ve given up everything they’ve got to make it.

      • ocifferdave

        Anthony, good point.

        • Mack Mack

          Yes, it seems like it’s all about keeping the yen propped up…as Japan owns close to a trillion dollars of U.S. Treasury debt.

          • Anthony Anthony

            Funny I can appreciate the struggle to secure their financial and national future, I cant see how money can address the biological struggle that challenges their actual physical lives.

            If I am wrong in assuming they are in biological danger from Fukushima then they are smart to stabilize and strengthen their financial posture to make it on the other side of this disaster. For them the disaster has to ache since it started with the quake already – not the plant.

            Their traumas have to be deep. Even so they have been minding their money every step through this catastrophe.

            They have to survive this on at least two fronts.

            Grin (grimace) and bear it.

            • arewedeadyet

              One thing that I believe is holding back society in general is this idea that ” economies ” have something to do with our survival.. The earth doesn’t care about the stock market because the earth isn’t tied into it. I will grant that the stock market has some effect on how we use our resources … but if we remove financial constraints and look at the actual survival value of the natural resources of the world we could better take on this disaster and it’s world wide implications. As long as the world can spare the physical intellectual and emotional resources to arrest and repair the damage done then it should be attempted… Forget the yen and the dollar etc … They can’t poison and kill the same way that let’s say plutonium can… the japanese enconomy could grow 1000 percent in the next ten years but if they don’t fix FUKU it won’t matter much when they are all dying of cancer now will it … Steven jobs had all the money in the world .. but couldn’t stop cancer in it’s tracks.. Money is overrated …

  • Human0815

    In my Opinion we can be more than very, very happy
    that only this small amount of “Motherland” is contaminated by this Catastrophe!

    I really hope that this Catastrophe is ending with only this small amount of polluted Area!

    Japan can live with that and we are not (all) dieing by Radiation or Gene-Deformation!

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      8% of “motherland” polluted is not exactly what I’d call “a small amount”. On top, it’s not a remote area in the mountains unused for agriculture and the like, but an area where lots of people are supposed to live.

      And the now contaminated Japanese Sea and the Pacific Ocean are also “motherland” for a vast variety of species.

      • Human0815

        Of course this is not “small” but some People seems always to forget that we has had the biggest Nuclear Catastrophe since the Impact 65 Mio. Years ago!!!

        We should pray to all types of Gods
        that we do not lose more!

        • HamburgGeiger

          This again is bullshit news, imo. The catastrophe is ONGOING. The 8%, if they are true, are only the beginning.

          • HamburgGeiger

            BTW, God has nothing to do with this, rather the other thing. It is men-made.

            I am so very sorry for all of us and especially for my small children, but I do not dare to ask any type of God for help because I am so ashamed of the stupidity of mankind.

        • many moons

          How could you not lose more? This is an expanding problem without a plan for resolution. You will lose more of your motherland and we will all lose more of our planet, can you give an argument against that, that does not include divine intervention? God is our only hope.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        As they extend their research ..they will find the contamination to be of a larger radius…there is accumulative to be considered…
        ..they..also.. are helping to move things hauling radioactive waste all over the country.

        • many moons

          All over the world, remeber our beloved Hillary Clinton signed an agreement that the US will test NOTHING that comes from Japan as an export…I hope she will allow the testing of the crap floating onto the California beaches. Order Hillary a plate of sushi with plenty of rice and green tea.

        • Anthony Anthony

          Totally agree.

  • Sirius

    Human0815: yes, and some other people also still believe in Santa…

  • Human0815

    @ Sirius,
    the good old Santa, how lovely.
    He have much more credibility than you!

    Back to the Topico, please!

  • ShutItAllDown

    Which isotope is it? 135 (half life 2.3 million years) or 137 (half life 30 years)?

    Either way, this is pretty much game over for Japan.

  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    8% say they now and real? the land +
    1000km of coast on the “glow” + Aliment every one lottery game
    hit it me or hit it me not …..
    Poor very poor folks

  • dosdos dosdos

    Vindicated Seismologist Says Japan Still Underestimates Threat to Reactors

    Fundamental gov’t review of Monju reactor and nuclear policy needed

  • truthseek truthseek

    I have long suspect this, major contamination to much larger areas of Japan, most sadly no real discovery or surprise. I believe that the actual effected area IS far larger and sadly this 8% mention is more a measure of bridled acknowledgement of unfolding crisis, more so than any real expression of actual epic dimensions of this global calamity.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Any government estimates can be doubled and still ring true. TEPCO and their cronies are so good at spreading lies that these readings could quite easily be far worse than they are willing to admit. 8% is no small number, however the estimates are only for cesium. This does not account for the recent fission events either. At least there is some statement for the public. The silence is killing me.

  • truthseek truthseek

    I mean for me to more fully reason [nuclear – humanities downfall] this mess and to have these completely compromised reactors out-of-control and belching untold volumes of matter continuously for months… this 8% estimate (while totally horrible) is to be expected, is of no real surprise. Frankly the whole matter has become such a farce, as the entire globe is becoming blanketed with various forms of radiation over time.

    It is nearly like walking into a really messy house and acknowledging the nasty counter top… when the floors, the walls and windows are all filthy. This place is a mess… massive denial and (*understandable) cover up makes me distraught.

    *Averting societal – economic chaos and certain collapse.

  • Mack Mack

    30,000 sq. km. of land so far PLUS contaminated water in the Pacific Ocean as far as 4,000 kilometers from east Japan; and further, since this was based on a July/August report:

    • truthseek truthseek

      I generalized in my (radiation blanketing the globe) comment above. The entire Pacific Ocean being subject to this is like a massive intravenous injection into the earths life blood. The dimensions are absolutely staggering to me…

      • Mack Mack

        I agree, truthseek. And they also found cesium in the ocean 5,000 meters deep – that’s over 3 miles:

        1 meter = 3.28 feet

        3.28 X 5000 meters = 16,400 feet

        1 mile = 5,280 feet

        So that’s over 3 miles deep!

        To put that into perspective:

        The BP oil spill was about 1 mile deep

        • ion jean ion jean

          Just looking at the latest Ocean radiation dispersal map it seems like the entire Pacific is filling up like a steaming pot of coffee

          Where is Greenpeace or the Discovery channel on this much more shocking reality show than Whale Wars?

          Where is Willie Nelson?

          Does any reaLly famous influential person visit this site and have the IQ to absorb and disseminate the information as well as any of us inconsequential simple folk?

          These questions and more need to be answered before, long before the levee breaks open the sky.

          Two days of pure chemtrail skies will bring 10 inches of fallout snow to Vermont

          …The jet stream is baking neon gingerbread men THIS holiday season!

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    I wouldn’t put too much faith in the 30,000 number. These numbers have had a way of growing, exponentialy, as things continue to develop. At least they have ‘so far’…..

  • I see they’re trying to do in Busby:

    …with the usual disinfo:

    I remember when The Guardian used to be our friend. Not anymore:

    The Japanese government already monitors human exposure to radiation and tests food and water, banning contaminated products from sale. It works to stricter radiation limits than the EU.

  • in Japan where more than 42,000 people died from colorectal cancer in 2009

    Could this be from 56 nuke reactors on a small sparse of land mass ??