Gov’t Paper: Air samples so hot from Fukushima, special handling required — U.S. had more stations at Level 5 than rest of world combined — Oklahoma lab reached overload (MAP)

Published: March 8th, 2014 at 1:03 am ET


Prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Nov. 2011:

Fukushima experience and lessons learned — The CTBTO [Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization], the IMS [International Monitoring Stations] and the International Data Centre (IDC) performed exceptionally well in the aftermath of the Fukushima event, providing valuable data through which NDCs [National Data Centers] were able to give essential advice to their National Authorities which, in turn, assisted with emergency planning. Obviously, lessons were learned from this event which was unprecedented in CTBT-related experience. Operational lessons learned at the CTBTO IDC are summarized […]

  • More than 400 Level 5 [multiple fission products detected] samples. overload of work for MIS laboratories [Mishima, Japan] and WMO [Wichita Mountains, OK], not all requested
  • Special handling of few hot samples (1 kBq per m3 in air result to 20 MBq at particulate)
  • Need for staff to cover more challenging samples and cover weekends etc

See also: [intlink id=”florida-highest-single-day-iodine-131-concentration-station-after-fukushima” type=”post”]Florida had highest single day Iodine-131 concentration of any CTBTO monitoring station in U.S. after Fukushima[/intlink]

Published: March 8th, 2014 at 1:03 am ET


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137 comments to Gov’t Paper: Air samples so hot from Fukushima, special handling required — U.S. had more stations at Level 5 than rest of world combined — Oklahoma lab reached overload (MAP)

  • rockyourworld

    Pa state dep found fukushima fallout in groundwater just 3 weeks after 3/11

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      There are no worries and it's official.. 🙂

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        March 1 2014 Breaking News MUST SEE Fukushima & Worldwide Nuclear Waste Crisis Part 1 of 4 Last Days Final Hour News Prophecy Update

        March 1 2014 Breaking News MUST SEE Fukushima & Worldwide Nuclear Waste Crisis Part 2 of 4 Last Days Final Hour News Prophecy Update

        Part 3 of 4 January 28 2014 – 3 Mile IsIand Chernobyl now Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown grave consequences to life

        Part 4 of 4 – January 28 2014 Breaking News Fukushima worldwide Nuclear Crisis not contained 3 of 3 Last Days News

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Disinformation response of the “NukePuke”

        “…The response in this situation has also been hampered by the incorrect assumption that even the tiniest dose of radiation is so harmful that it must be avoided at all costs. According to all released information, there were never any significant levels measured anywhere. There is no health-based reason to have limited site access to ‘essential’ personnel….”

        Notice he doesn’t mention the word “plutonium”.

        How much plutonium does it take
        to overdose a person?
        Letter from the Atomic Energy Control Board
        (followed by comments from CCNR)
        re: Maximum Permissible Intake
        of Plutonium by Inhalation…

        “In principle, using AECB's regulatory limits,
        how many 'civilians’ can be overdosed
        by 100 grams of plutonium?
        0.1 micrograms can overdose one civilian
        multiply by one million
        0.1 grams can overdose one million civilians
        multiply by ten
        1 gram can overdose ten million civilians
        multiply by one hundred
        100 grams can overdose one billion civilians
        600 grams can overdose six billion civilians

        • We Not They Finally

          This pretty much says that 21 ounces (600 grams,) a little over a pound-and-a-quarter of plutonium could kill off the world. How does that square away with "the incorrect assumption that even the tiniest dose of radiation is so harmful that it must be avoided at all costs"? That "assumption" appears to be CORRECT!

          • My information is the amount of about 1 kg (1000 g, 35,3 oz) of Plutonium, evaporized and equally spread around the globe, is more than enough to kill each and every man, woman and child. Plus all the rest at no additional cost.
            So, the magnitude is the same (0.6 kg vs 1.0 kg).

            • That complies with the statement that a tenth of a million of a gram inhaled is enough to create cancer. If you do the reverse math, so end up in
              10 x 1000,000 x 1000 g / kg = 10,000,000,000.
              Enough for 10 billion lung cancer victims.

          • chevvvy chev

            plutonium poisons , rather than irradiating you to death.

        • Did you see in your link, that is where the former director of the WIPP test lab, Conca (also a pimp on Forbes) brags about storing high level waste in the WIPP….

          He brags 7 Curie per liter.

          One liter of that stuff would be enough to make 1 BILLION fish to hot to eat. think about that.

          • We Not They Finally

            Jim Conca said: "The system worked beautifully. It will take some time to determine the source, but one incident in 15 years is awfully good. WIPP has disposed of almost 100,000 cubic meters of waste, some fairly high-level (>7 Ci/liter), hotter than anything left in the Hanford tanks. Now WIPP is merely nearly perfect."

            "Just one incident," and "merely nearly perfect"? Hey, knucklehead, how many millions of people might that "jut ne incident" have poisoned?

            I guess that by that "awfully good" standard, the World Trade Towers history is also "merely nearly perfect"?

            • We Not They Finally

              I meant "just one incident," obviously.

            • We Not They Finally

              Anyone remember that lovely Jack Nicholson film, "Mars Attacks"?: "We've only lost two branches of government, and that ain't bad!!"

              • 🙂

                Speaking of movies, how about "Watchmen" ?

                [US president and the military leaders in the situation room, speculating on the outcome of a nuclear first strike against the Soviet Union]

                What would our losses be?

                Assuming conservative projections…
                …of how many Soviet warheads
                are destroyed beforehand…
                …we'll lose all of the East Coast.

                The last gasp…
                …of the Harvard establishment.

                Let's see them think their way
                out of fission.
                With anticipated wind patterns,
                the fallout drift would head south.
                Mexico would catch the worst of it.
                Most of the farm belt
                might remain unaffected.

                Not so bad…
                …all things considered.

                Not bad either, no 🙁 ?

  • dosdos dosdos

    The cesium fallout went in an arc over the US, starting across the west coast, funneled through the northern plains, then settling into the mid-Atlantic states. Iodine followed a similar route, but went further south as it hit the east coast. The xenon fallout blanketed everywhere in the US.

    • GQR2

      hi dosdos and fall-out with a plethora of isotopes,particles, circle the globe every 40 days with the jet stream. It falls and it stays forever. It comes down mixed in with the chemical precipitation they are creating with their death chemical-trail assaults.
      So fall out mixes with the aluminum,barium and strontium in the chem trails.
      I can't blame anyone who thinks the government as part of the nwo,has declared at the very least passive war on its people. Its really not so passive.

      • Level 5 is evacuation time..

        But how does one evacuate 200 million people off of a continent?

        • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

          Impossible to evac everyone…only the ones "in charge".

        • We Not They Finally

          In New Mexico, we're wondering if it's "evacuation time" times at least two by now.

          But evacuations never seem to happen unless there is gooey oil running amok or breathing the air lands you dead on the ground. Or maybe if a sinkhole is two inches away from swallowing up your home.

          If they ever "do the right thing" with evacuations, then the whole economic infrastructure falls apart. Which isn't even just about rich people making a lot of money. It's food supplies, water supplies, sanitation, population control, etc.

          Somewhere, secretly, there are probably specs on when and how evacuations could/should be done. Don't doubt that it's a very unpretty picture. But somewhere, bet it's being done.

  • Jebus Jebus

    New Video of Scientist Kaltofen Presenting to American Public Health Association – 2 years ago…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Head Researcher: Boulder, Colorado a “hot spot” for Fukushima fallout — None of their other US or Canadian samples came close to Boulder’s contamination, except Portland which was even higher

    Published: April 6th, 2012 at 12:47 pm ET
    By ENENews

  • razzz razzz

    "…A variety of radioisotopes are produced annually for medical and industrial purposes. The use of these isotopes has resulted in significant advances in the treatment of a number of serious ailments, to include heart disease and some forms of cancer. But while these isotopes are an obvious benefit to society, effluents released during their production can have the unintentional and undesirable effect of replicating the signatures of nuclear explosions. The production of 99Mo for medical procedures is often carried out through the fissioning of uranium, followed by dissolution and capture of the isotope. Fission gases, e.g., radioactive xenon, are a by-product of this process and are not entirely contained within the production plants. The detection of these same fission gases in the environment is one of the key indicators of a nuclear explosion, and the ratios at which they are released during 99Mo production create ambiguity for current detection technologies…"

    In short, making radioactive elements for medical procedures causes as many cancers as it cures. Monitoring excessive radioactive releases as with Daiichi upsets the trends in cancer rates and play havoc with monitoring stations but modeling was sufficient to ascertain immediate fallout patterns later confirmed by station sampling. With initial amounts traced, a preliminary scope of the cause of the fallout was determined…system worked and worked well. Couldn't be bothered to report real time fallout.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Waiting three years to test a rain water rag is perfect science. This is what you call, "special handling."

    Meanwhile, no new announcements about WIPP?

    “Until we get down there, it is just going to be hearsay,” Franco said.

    "Udall said the Environmental Protection Agency’s testing of the radiation levels “show levels well below anything that could cause public health concern.”

    More of the latest.


    • And I'm huffin' and puffin' and blowin' all live in !

      Bastards 🙁 !

    • We Not They Finally

      Does Senator Udall have even a clue that the EPA raised the "safe" levels to lethal? Also that the DOE would lie through their teeth about safety? I hope so.

  • bf9 bf9

    Oh, yay! I was nuked EXTRA hard, good thing I decided not to go to school in Germany in 2010!

    If the fallout was that bad over the entire US (including Alaska and Hawaii), the pacific ocean got it even worse. Then add the constant deluge of radiation from the china syndrome meltdowns…we're in serious trouble from Fuku alone people! Waaaaaaaake up!

    • Wait till GE sends you the bill for the unsolicited hormetic therapy.

      • ocifferdave


        It's similar to this:

        "CFO, you got to be kidding me."

        "No, CEO, I'm not. It will cost that much to get rid of our products' toxic waste next year."

        "Well, there goes our bonuses."

        "Yes. Unless…we tell people the waste will make them healthier."

        "I'm listening."

        "We not only tell them it's good for them, but that it's vital for thier health."

        "Yes. We avoid paying for the disposal cost of the waste AND we can charge people for it!"


        "When can we start?"

        "The VP of our R&D division says we are go with several major cities ealy next year. We can start shipping them the floride for thier water supply by Christmas."

        • +311 on top 🙂

          The ability to draw positive energy from even the worst situations, simple by using The Incredible Humor Apparatus ™ on them as a means of transformation amazes me every time anew. And the best thing is: it works for free. No costs, no interest. Simply "Free" as in "free beer" 😉 !

  • mt1000

    razz …. that's the POINT. Huge, huge profits in cancer "medicine".
    Westinghouse is number one beneficiary.
    Pfizer just had 400% increase in sales from its cancer drug div. … does anyone think these guys want to kill this cash cow?

    • atomicistheword


      General Electric has a huge radiography manufacturing division. Here's a new logo for yah "we make it, we diagnose it, bringing good things to life"

      • earthsmith earthsmith

        GE only brings death to life.

        • zogerke zogerke

          I boycott GE

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            zogerke;I too would "boycott GE",I have with respect to ANY "useful" consumer appliances,household items & even collectible,used radio communications equipment which I'd been nauseated by every time I see their company logo on ANYTHING! My 1st wave of nausea associated with GE was when I learned the failed & faulty reactors that went belly-up were built & deployed by the crap corporation and a year later when I noticed the baby-blue GE/Toshiba logo on the machine that I had to TAKE her to be given radiation doses previously describes as fatal for 5 days a week totaling 43 times that I sat outside that heavy door with the radiation symbol & flashing red "CAUTION!-In-Use" light while thumbing through cancer-related brochures & 70's easy-listening music piped in that didn't "soothe or relax" either of us before,during or after each session delivering the external doses of radiation where her left breast & lymph nodes "used" to be! Now the prospects of another even more intense & disfiguring surgery(s) being "pushed" towards a scheduling date by June & which will likely be followed by another round of chemo & radiation "therapy"(?)has my mind racing & reeling at the thought of it all happening AGAIN??!! 🙁 I really loathe GE and REALLY want to avoid having my beloved as a "repeat customer" which IMO wouldn't have happened AT ALL if their crap nuclear reactors had NEVER been built KNOWING there's no "OFF" switch when things FUKuP!! F%CK YOU G.E.!!! 😐 ….

            • zogerke zogerke

              {{{{{{{{{{Johnny Blade and Wife}}}}}}}}}}}}}

              • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                Thanks zogerke & ALL our ENE friends! I have to leave again shortly tonight or I'd elaborate further and only have time to inform all of you that the kindnesses bestowed by our "NEWSER friends,as well as the grounded,fact-based info & down to earth regulars here have brought my wife,our family & friends and health professionals,etc. to ENEnews where they can see for themselves now that the things they can see or sense that began with 311 and has progressed to beyond anything that the convenience of remaining in denial or trusting TPTB & their sell-out "experts" & spin-doctors has allowed irreversibly & incomprehensibly damaged lives & the environment that we and our loved ones and all of the wondrous creatures of the Earth must now survive,adapt or DIE from and certain actions can & should still be carried out while we/they still have the energy & health would allow them!! THANKS ALL & TTY soon!! 🙂 ….

    • bo bo

      AirSepTech had a better link… I lost it.
      But check this out – GE working to make this world a healthier place. Cancer reasearch. GAG

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        Hey that page is pretty good.

        Here is your fav

        Bringing good things to life, to fix the boo-boos.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          @AirSepTech;You mean "bringing good things to life,to fix THEIR boo-boo's"!!! Supposedly GE's latest generation of radiotherapy & imaging machine technology has improved to allow less exposure time & damage to surrounding,healthy tissue and lessened side effects & risks involved with the decreased exposure levels & affected areas(?)! Our cancer treatment facility has very caring,open-minded staff and my reference to 311/Fukushima and the additional exposure via medical imaging & radiotherapy results in visible changes in their demeanor ranging from "nervousness & polite termination of the conversation" to changing the "subject" or termination of the conversation with "I/we don't know the implications"(yet) but more telling recently was the description of their disappointment & impatience re; being on the GE "waiting list" for this new generations of "wonder-machines" and I suspect via "reading between the lines" that any honest,accurate &/or "negative" statements that are critical of ANY G.E.-associated issues from failed reactor designs & construction especially that point to the 311 ELE they've brought to life or ANYTHING that might become a reason to make them wait longer for new machines could very well be among the reasons many health care facilities who NEED the newest,best equipment ASAP would hesitate making any statements considered to criticize GE (?)! 😐 FTR,our hospital isn't happy for all the new "customers" GE sent to the cancer wing…

    • jec jec

      The other company is the one producing the synthetic thryoid medication. Wait until China does knock off of all those meds and provides to Japan..

    • razzz razzz

      mt1000: Not really news that the same industries used by the military to assemble bomb making materials are the same industries that profit from poor health caused by the same.

      Report is conformation that everyone except the little people had information that Daiichi was a deadly disaster in the making. No warning to shelter in place for a few days. Iodine supplements are to be stored and never used. Only a current president and his friends are allowed to flee the country for safety. Death of sea life and animals is to be ignored with 'still testing' 'we don't know' 'much puzzlement'. The Daiichi fallout patterns tell a different story.

  • atomicistheword

    Toshiba looking to sell partial stake in Westinghouse

    Whose getting meeker?

    Toshiba-Westinghouse Wants Out Of Nuclear Business

    • Despite the fact is has been intenved "pre-nuclear" and refers to a more… well… classic was to killp people: I suppose all of you are aware of the expression "to westinghouse someone" ? In case you don't, you'll find the question answered right below.

    • flatsville

      SMRs have little to no future. They read the writing on the wall and are cutting their losses.

  • jec jec

    So where is CNN, ABC…or gasp the PRESIDENT? Wait..he and took and family and friends to South America….

    Now what can we do..if anything.

    • jec jec

      "able to give essential advice to their National Authorities" to do WHAT???

      • Shaker1

        jec, one can imagine that it was advice that a cover-up was in progress, that National Security will be monitoring all who might find fault with such cover-up, and iodine will be available to 'essential' personel.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Stock up on spam, and hide it in the rabbit hole.

    • wa6smn wa6smn

      Obama is vacationing at a Ocean Reef Club in the Florida Keys. That is not South America. It is barely south of Miama, FL. There is always time for more vacationing and golf. National Security is left to his puppet master.

  • flatsville

    Is the release of this info from 2011 new?

    • jec jec

      Flatsville, yes..'release' or, what I really mean is, FOUND. Basically the high radiation covering the USA from Fukushima fallout..was a NON-event, not reported to the public. Good job ADMIN for digging this one out.

      I wonder if the scientists who did this work..ever wondered why the media did not make any announcements..can they sleep at night because it was ignored? Likely there were whistle blowers, but some agency TOLD the media NOT to report on this! US media goes nuts over little things, this was a huge news worthy event..and still is.

      And this does explain my cataracts..which were removed last was curious about my 'career" or where I got so much damage.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I'm sure it wasn't on Fox news. Was it?

    New to me.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    U.S. got nuked from Fukushima …it was horrible.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    excellent read with revealing info on many levels….thankyou admin!
    1. "The reliable and high quality IMS. data was deemed very valuable especially during the early days of the accident.(potus) For future accident mitigation purposes, perhaps a mechanism for the temporary relaxation of IMS monitoring data CONFIDENTIALITY should be devised.". ??????mechanism??????

    • jec jec

      Earthsmith..good comment!

      So CONFIDENTIALITY..relaxation?? That is a telling statement. We got nuked because the government put the lid on the data..explains EPA turning off monitors. I wonder if the FOIA requests for the email chain shows the directives by the government to hide the danger from the public? On purpose, the FOIAs on the DOE site..EPAs sites are not just get the run around when you ask. I have emails to prove it..

      Frankly, MY CHILDREN, MY FAMILY is more important to me than the Obama family. We should all have had a FREE trip to South America to stay out of the Fukushima fallout.

      • jec jec

        And they sent the last of the Kennedy family to Japan..just in case..??

        • Socrates

          RFK, Jr. is an environmentalist. He gave a rebuttal to Pandora's Promise so I assume he is anti-nuke….

          • We Not They Finally

            RFK Jr. is fabulous on the environment and would surely be anti-nuke. And sending Caroline Kennedy to Tokyo was just vomitous. Wonder if that family talks to each other. At the time, we phoned and e-mailed people we thought (didn't know) might be able to reach her and stop her.

            One of the MANY things that chilled us to Obama was his absolutely tepid eulogy at Ted Kennedy's funeral. We think that he just used that family with no good intent. Worse, Caroline Kennedy was probably used as a "glamor" pick. She had no diplomatic experience, but you put someone there who "looks good" to give th eillusion that all is well in Japan.

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              It was no big surprise (Obama's being weighed,measured & found "wanting")for those of us(especially Illinoisan's)who voted for him based on the need for his touted "changes" campaign promises, not counting those who voted for him based on their perception that his racial background would put their status & issues higher on his agenda or favored group or category,especially once it became known that the senior senators in IL wrote the bills & legislation's "for" the then Jr. Senator from IL to take credit for that allowed his nomination & successful bid for the Presidency. His mentors & author's of the popular legislative actions that helped him assume the USA's highest office were ALL bankrolled by Exelon & associated special-interest groups & ALL lobbied for nuclear agenda's & expansion as his reward to Axelrod should point out quite readily to any skeptics or those who'd otherwise assume "maybe he really DIDN'T know" the true severity & dangers to the American public and maybe his sending his own wife & kids to South America was just "coincidence" & maybe his inclusion of nuclear as a NEEDED source of "clean,carbon-free energy" proves something too??!! I'll let others comment on what that "something" his "actions" for the nuke cartel & his "inaction" (or incompetence)re;311/Fukushima "proves"(?)!! 🙁 His funding of new NPP construction rather than funding the PHASING OUT of ALL of them speaks volumes!! 😐 …

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            RfK Jr. against "Pandora's Box":

            “…Kennedy was not pleased, claiming that the clip was taken out of context, and that overall the film was ‘an elaborate hoax.’ Among the more colorful exchanges:
            • “According to Kennedy, none of the individuals who appeared in the film were actual environmentalists and all were compromised by the fact that they either worked for or had been paid off by the nuclear industry. That led Revkin to interject, ‘You invest in solar, why should I believe you?’
            • “Kennedy said he considers The Breakthrough Institute to be an ‘anti-environmental’ organization, and that founders Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger are ‘liars.’ Stone retorted,’Why would I or any people in my film, lie?’
            • “While Stuart Brand might have founded the “Whole Earth Catalog,” his work was now hopelessly compromised because his organization, “The Long Now Foundation,” took corporate donations.
            • “Studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) about the health impact of Chernobyl were not to be believed because of the close relationship between WHO and the International Atomic Energy Agency.
            • “When Kennedy admitted he didn’t know much about climate change advocate Mark Lynas, Revkin interjected that he was a person ‘who cared about science.”’
            • “And when Kennedy complained that there weren’t any alternative voices in the film that might have disputed studies concerning the health impacts of radiation, Stone stood his ground saying, ‘I will not put people in my…

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    IPFs'…..natural background levels BFF !

  • GQR2

    On page 27 of a report CEMRC ( Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center.) Their presentation to RHMC
    I131,Te132 ,Cs134,and Cs17 as a result of an airborne release from Fukushima Diiachi.Cesium and Iodine were detected from March 14,2011-May 2,2011.
    In bold letters on the report it states. The detection of Fukushima radio nuclides illustrate the sensitivity of CEMRC's analysis

    and help assure the local citizens that no amount of radionuclides go undetected by CEMRC's monitoring efforts"

    lots of people know we are being nuked – and it is ongoing. They just aren't telling.

  • FallOut FallOut

    In 1966, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) started construction of this nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan. This movie explained the mechanism of nuclear electric power generation, and the procedure of construction of the power plant.

    • FallOut FallOut

      OSAKA: Days before Japan plunged into an atomic crisis after a giant earthquake and tsunami knocked out power at the ageing Fukushima nuclear plant, its operator had admitted faking repair records.
      The revelation raises more questions about the scandal-tainted past of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) and the government's perceived soft regulation of the industry.
      The operator of the Fukushima No. 1 plant submitted a report to the country's nuclear watchdog 10 days before the quake hit on March 11, admitting it had failed to inspect 33 pieces of equipment in its six reactors.
      A power board distributing electricity to a reactor's temperature control valves was not examined for 11 years, and inspectors faked records, pretending to make thorough inspections when in fact they were only cursory, Tepco said.

    • FallOut FallOut

      In particular, we focus on the two radioactive isotopes abundantly produced by fission, the Iodine isotope I-131 and the Cesium isotope Cs-137; the former has the half-life of 8 days while the latter has 30 years. The ratio should decrease on the time scale of days after the termination of nuclear fission processes and hence may be used for measuring the age of the fission products, similar to the carbon dating method using the ratio of C-14 to C-12 in the remains of ancient life[3].

      With these caveats in mind, we first make a simple estimate of time dependent numbers of I-131 and Cs-137 nuclei produced from a uranium burning nuclear reactor. We assume that in an operating nuclear reactor, where criticality is sustained for chain nuclear fission reactions, these isotopes are produced with a constant production rate, while the produced isotopes decay exponentially with a constant decay rate. The number of I-131 isotopes created by a nuclear reactor which had been in operation from time ti to tf is then given at later time t by where N0 is the number of fissions per unit time, fI is the fraction of the I-131 produced per fission, and the decay rate λI is given in terms of the half-life by τI = ln 2/λI = 8 days.

  • if nothing else the disclaimer in the linked report tells everything about the dementia addled brains behind the nuke pukes.

    effluent releases they call it,, the continual release of toxins into the environment. when I think effluent from the nukes I am reminded of the affluent such as bill gates and his polio regime in india that paralyzed nearly 50K people.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Funny how I was redirected to localhost upon clicking login link.

    Ya, that's gonna stop me from posting.

    I hope it wasn't something I said…

    Anyhoo, here's how the IAEA "tests" the testers…

    Emergency Response Proficiency Test for Japanese Laboratories: Determination of Selected Radionuclides in Water, Soil, Vegetation and Aerosol Filters

    In this proficiency test, the sample set consisted of 10 samples: 3 water samples, 1 soil sample, 3 grass samples and 3 simulated aerosol filters. The participating laboratories were requested to analyse Co-60, Ba-133, Cs-134, Cs-137, Eu-152 and Am-241 in water, K-40 and Cs-137 in soil, Cs-137 in grass, and Co-57, Cs-134, Cs-137, Eu-152 and Am-241 in simulated aerosol filters.

    Apparently they have never heard of strontium or plutonium…

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      Some things are too horrible to test for…least the truth be know.

    • pure water

      "Funny how I was redirected to localhost upon clicking login link." – I know what you are talking about. Other people say the same. I hope there is a human being behind this. At some point he/she may understand you do everything for life, and they happen to be alive too. I think this saves the most morally elevated people in such circumstances.

  • weeman

    Oh, I can't get enough
    I'm hot, ( radiologically )
    sticky sweet
    From my head
    to my feet yeah.

    Thank Def Leopard and I would like to thank GE, hatatchi and so many more to name for giving us the gift that keeps giving.
    Not fit to inhabit this plant and must be eradicated for the better of all life, not just mankind, we have a duty to perform.

    • Jebus Jebus

      It seems that now, radiation is emitted from every process known to man and they never find it anywhere and it's always within the "backround" levels that they compute the levels of, after the incident.

      Absolutely brilliant cover logic for the uninspired, uninformed, and the undead…

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    I would like to write something funny. But nothing enters my mind of that nature. So here is a site with some great black humor for this radiological day:
    If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.

    I like this one: "The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it is difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine."–Abraham Lincoln (not sure if this was said before or after Gettysburg)

    It is very easy to take the American life too seriously. People who commit suicide are examples of people who have taken it too seriously. People who take other people's lives are not taking it seriously enough.

    Looking in my journal for 3/11/11 I see it was a Friday here about 9 miles east from Boulder, CO. Uranus was moving from Pisces to Aries that day–from mystical water to blow torch fire. The moon was in Gemini–positive air. I see I had done a long and intense meditation. No mention of Fukushima–but then my journal entries are sketchy. With Uranus starting to square Pluto anything might happen and probably "bad"–which was the case though as they say "low level".
    Enjoy the humor.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    "They drilled just 1 mile north and hit brine. It flowed for 4 DAYS! This is as Nuclear Cocktail Bomb waiting to explode under earth!"

    Huge pressurized pocket of brine under nuclear waste site. VIDEO

    • GQR2

      "somewhere along the line something is gonna blow sky high"

      He should get an award for this bit of video. He describes WIPP situation perfectly in plain english.
      i would chuckle if it weren't so dire.

  • We Not They Finally

    Nice to learn that all these monitoring agencies "performed exceptionally well." They just had zero calling to inform THE PUBLIC?? That's obscene.

    The same for whatever testing is being done now of the Pacific Ocean off the West Coast. Or does anyone think that that is NOT happening?

    • Of course they performed exceptionally well – they did exactly what they are expected to do: remain silent, keeping the public uninformed by any means necessary. Not a single violation of this golden rule has been registered. 100% success.

    • combomelt combomelt

      they worked exceptionally well in silence.
      how can these various agencies' silence NOT BE CONSIDERED criminal??
      CRIMINAL ON THE LEVEL OF "crimes against humanity"
      truly disgusting from all their orifices.
      how do these black-hearted people live with themselves?
      3 years on and their lies have helped clean this up 'HOW'?
      Kenny Buessler's lies
      conca's lies
      et al…..

    • jec jec

      Its CONFIDENTIAL..wonder where those scientist have now moved to?

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Fukushima: A River Runs Through It

    "Meanwhile, GE was very busy enlarging the little reactor that powered American Submarines, literally. The engineers slavishly kept the upside down design, too, even though the reactor would be on dry land and not at Sea.

    At Sea a misbehaving reactor core can simply be dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Decades later, in 2011, the submarine reactors were doomed to do just as they were designed to do and drop their misbehaving, melting 2,070°F Uranium reactor cores to drop, plop, right through the reactor. The white hot melted cores then proceeded to burn through the concrete basements and dirt into the old river bed."

    • GQR2

      excellent article Capt.Nemo.
      Hopefully goes it totally and exponentially viral with the anniversary of the catastrophe upon the world.
      thx for the post!

    • There are times when I feel someone needs to fixate me in front of my computer and torture me in order to read on. Think of Alex in the resocialization program in Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" to get the picture… 🙁

  • James Conca, long time nuclear promoter, was caught bragging about the high level waste that they put into the WIPP, and he should know, he was the former director of the WIPP independent lab that is funded by DOE.
    He was bragging that they have some really hot stuff down in the WIPP cave, over 7 Curie per liter. That is really RADIOACTIVE! If you use the WolframAlpha online calculator, see link
    That turns out to be 259,000,000,000 Bq
    OK, how can you wrap your head around that huge number? Well we know that anything above 100Bq per kilogram is too radioactive to sell as food. A kilogram is 2.2 pounds. So a kilogram of fish would be a large meal.
    How many fish at 1 Kilogram each could be contaminated by that small one liter of waste stored in the WIPP? 259,000,000,000 divided by 100 is
    2,590,000,000 Fish (that’s 2.59 Billion fish, one for every man on the planet)
    Now assuming they have 3000 Barrels of the high level waste? At 55 gallons each. That is 624,525 liters.
    Or enough to contaminate
    1617 TRILLION fish
    How many fish are in the ocean?
    Do you know that because WIPP is closed that they are stacking up the barrels in the uncovered parking lot at WIPP?
    Hard to believe?
    Here is that pronuke site in which James Conca brags about the high level waste…go visit.

    • jec jec

      Did WIPP Break the law? " WIPP has disposed of almost 100,000 cubic meters of waste, some fairly high-level (>7 Ci/liter), hotter than anything left in the Hanford tanks."(James Conca)First off all..LITER mean LIQUID, containers are only have 1% fluid! Second WIPP is a 'low level' waste facility. DOE, again by executive decision, has changed the entire facility classification and safety requirements! Area Congressmen and Senators better check quickly on what was done–Mr. Conca obviously was involved heavily. ENENEWS has most of the research done already! See previous posts(before the referenced documents disappear)!

      "one incident in 15 years is awfully good."(Conca) Depends on the incident..ONE FUKUSHIMA is enough for a million or so years. Okay, 1 in 15, for a facility which is supposed to last 10,000 years. Lets do some math–that's about 667 incidents in all that time or a 6% chance in a year for an accident, or 14% every 15 years. Since there is HIGH LEVEL waste in WIPP, that's not acceptable for anyone.

      And if anyone wants to mess with my math..go for it..I challenge Mr. Conca to provide better figures..

  • Conca, just a shell of a man, LOL

  • Apparently New Mexico pictures itself as a MECCA of radiation—dumb choice

    Radiologic HQ Rises Just West of Carnuel
    by Mike Bush / Mountain View Telegraph | Jan 3, 2013 | Filed under: News
    As the American Society of Radiologic Technologists continues to grow, so does its headquarters at the foot of the East Mountains in Albuquerque: A 30,000-square-foot addition is expected to be completed by the middle of this year.
    Membership in the organization grew from 92,000 in 2000 to nearly 143,000 a decade later. Today it boasts 148,000 members and 110 employees.

  • Nick

    GE = Global Extinction


  • Nick

    Today I picked up browned bit of evergreen boughs on the snow. Green was on top, and brown, mottled dead tissue below.

    White pine branches had tiny, ill formed cones. These observations don't jive with simple "winter kill."

    I suspect weak cellular structure.

    Get ready for a rough ride folks.

  • Socrates

    Anti-nuke demonstrations on Golden Gate Bridge, Santa Cruz, India and elsewhere as the third anniversary of the Fukushima disaster approaches….

    Really strong statements on the Project Censored Radio from Arnie Gundersen, Bonner, Gamer and many others… new ideas about safe energy. Bad news about suppression of information by the nuclear cabal and their minions. Surprise!

  • TruthSeeker TruthSeeker

    US Department of Energy WOSMIP II – Workshop (November 2011)

    Fukushima fallout monitoring in Greece International Monitoring Stations (IMS) Pg 7.41
    Fallout from the Fukushima event was monitored in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, for about a month after it was detected there. Three different fission products — one short-lived (131I), one relatively long-lived (134Cs) and one long-lived (137Cs) — were identified in air, precipitation, soil, grass and cow/sheep milk during the period of March 24 to April 23, 2011.

    My conclusions from Pg 7.42

    Fukushima Disaster Iodine 131as monitored in Greece IMS
    (A; activity-concentrations in Grass) = 4286 m3 kg-1 and (B; activity-concentrations in milk) = 0.36 kg L-1

    Chernobyl Disaster Iodine 131 as Monitored in Greece IMS
    (A; activity-concentrations in Grass) = 4233 m3 kg-1 and (B; activity-concentrations in milk) = 0.15 kg L-1

    *Overall, IMS particulate and noble-gas stations performed very well in detecting and tracking the Fukushima event, with all Northern Hemisphere stations recording detections. (Pg. 7.43)

    *Airborne analyses conducted by the USA revealed "results identical" to those obtained from the International Monitoring Stations (IMS) particle samplers, demonstrating the value of systems dedicated to test monitoring to support crisis management and population protection following nuclear accidents/incidents. (Pg. 7.45)

    *Well then apparently, Iodine131 activity-concentration in cow & sheep milk, as measured…

  • TruthSeeker TruthSeeker


    *Well then apparently, Iodine131 activity-concentration in cow & sheep milk, as measured in the Greece IMS, were more than double what Chernobyl discharged!
    I have no idea how this relates to the federal (USA) maximum level of iodine-131 allowed in drinking water which is 0.111 becquerels per liter. I would assume that drinking water and milk requirements would be equal, so what is the significance of the above milk monitoring result in the Greece IMS?

    Did the world's northern hemisphere milk supply, as reported by that Greek IMS, exceed consumption requirements for that month's monitoring period? If so, why was that not reported to the folks by our governments and the Mass Media? Is their criminality at play here – just asking…

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    TruthSeeker, dirty dogs lie together. I feel their criminality has been at play for sometime. There is criminality at play though and hopefully forums and obtained information llike these can bring it to light.

  • was there ever a list released of the fukushima fifty? has anyone been contacted lately ?

  • TruthSeeker TruthSeeker

    "Gov’t Paper: Air samples so hot from Fukushima, special handling required — U.S. had more stations at Level 5 than rest of world combined — Oklahoma lab reached overload"

    Admin: Can you please provide me the link for this story.


  • raddog

    The winner of today's "Best Mis-interpretation of a Government Paper to Create Sensationalist Headlines" award !!!

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    A HEPA filter check: