Gov’t: Radioactive iodine detected in 6 seaweed samples by South Korea — Concerns over Fukushima contamination after Tepco admits plant is leaking into ocean

Published: August 2nd, 2013 at 7:07 am ET


Title: Test shows S. Korean fisheries safe from radiation: gov’t
Source: Yonhap
Date: August 2, 2013

South Korean fishery products are nearly free of radiation and safe to eat, the government said Friday, amid renewed public scare over possible contamination from radioactive leakage in Japan […]

The results showed that 14 species tested were completely free of radiation with what the ministry called a “very small amount” of a radioactive material detected in tangleweed [Kombu (Laminaria japonica), a type of seaweed].

“A very small amount (3.65-5.25 becquerel/kilogram) of iodine was detected in six samples of tangleweed […]

[…] concerns were recently renewed after the Japanese operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant admitted for the first time that radioactive water has been leaking into the surrounding waters. […]

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Published: August 2nd, 2013 at 7:07 am ET


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90 comments to Gov’t: Radioactive iodine detected in 6 seaweed samples by South Korea — Concerns over Fukushima contamination after Tepco admits plant is leaking into ocean


    deception all rolled up and presented with a smile…

  • or-well

    I wish all these tests were being done in labs funded by the NON-nuclear nations and staffed by mixed international teams of scientists and technicians also from NON-nuclear nations.
    And I DON'T mean the UN or any of it's tentacled appendages.

    • or-well

      How about seafood testing by landlocked countries with no Fishery and associated industries to protect, that are also NON-nuclear?

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    Just a little like the pot calling the kettle black. …or, one nuclear polluter pointing the finger at the other.

  • kintaman kintaman

    This was known soon after 3.11. It should have been obvious.

  • lickerface lickerface

    How crazy the timing of this headline. I've been waiting since yesterday to share something which I discovered only yesterday! I have some dulse powder from an online store and also a PRM-9000. I didn't buy this Geiger to test food samples, but my curiosity had me scanning everything in my house, from handpainted ceramic nicknacks to toilets and sinks, and floor tiles. I figured why not test something that comes from the marine environment. I went over to my glass jar of Canadian dulse which was purchased earlier this year, and I got no click activity. I opened the glass lid and wow! With a background reading of 21 CPM, a sample of this dulse on a non-radioactive plate read as high as 260 CPM, something I haven't seen this Geiger demonstrate yet. To my surprise, the 0.5mR/hr alarm I had set went off as the sample went over 200 CPM. I wanted to see if these were alpha particles, so I put the sample in a 2-mil ziplock bag and tested again. I was still getting up to around 238 CPM. One sheet of 20lb. copy paper between the bagged sample and the Geiger-Mueller tube still showed up to 222 CPM. After ten sheets of paper I was getting around 146 CPM. It took 36 total sheets to fully block the readings and get back down to background level. If I test a bagged sample and put my hand between it and the tube, I get no activity, so these aren't gamma particles; they are some alpha and mostly beta.

    I'd like to know if this seems to be too "hot"?

    • kx kx

      yes, too hot…I use a SE Inspector and I actually rarely have over 5% background radiation(30CPM) here in Japan food, some dry tea and sea weed is the highest stuff with sometimes over 50 CPM, that I have in a bag for further analysis when I get a spectrometer but I always buy from south.. 260 CPM is actually extremely hot film that shit and put in youtube.

      • lickerface lickerface

        Thanks. I mentioned this hot dulse to a friend in Canada, and he said most people over there get their dulse from a body of water which has Point Lapreau reactor across from the harvesting area, rumored to leak into this water. I'm now ready to bring this research to the next level and have a lab tell me what exact radionuclides are present. Perhaps we can find out just how much this dulse has damaged my family (including infant and 4 year old). I'd like to know if dulse is absorbant enough to capture 260 CPM from Fukashima fallout in Canada, or if something close like Point Lapreau is responsible. Hopefully a lab analysis might give some answers. Is 260 CPM for a ten gram sample of this powder ok for our customs to allow for imports? I also received another 5lb bag of this product yesterday, and it might be a different harvest date which is more current. I have a small sample of dulse from last year which is in my cabinet I'll have to also test.

        I will video this testing when I get to work later, and I will post the link here. Thanks for the opinion!

      • lickerface lickerface

        BTW, can we rule out iodine-131 since the dulse is at least three months old? I will see if there's a harvest date. Should I be testing this material in intervals over time to observe its decay?

        • Good idea… because no nuclear expert DARES to do this kind of work, congratulations, you are now a scientist, journalist and guardian of public health, all rolled into one. Where would you like your certificate sent?

          Not very often has so much been owed to so few, doing it all for free.

    • * 260 cpm IS hot. Your PRM-9000 may have just saved your life.

      😉 I agree with kx in that you should film a test and place it on youtube. The life you save may be that of a child by getting this information out there.

      * dulse = red sea lettuce

      • lickerface lickerface

        My concern is that I have already hurt our 7 month old and 4 yr old. We make our own baby food and even protein shakes for the rest of the family – we've been ingesting this stuff for at least a month. 🙁 My infant has had a total of 1/2 tsp (4 days last week x 1/8 tsp). This hurts..

        • NoNukes NoNukes


          I am so sorry that you have to even think about this in connection with your beautiful baby. I would assume that it is from Fukushima and local sources, as both are present, until proven otherwise.

          I think that the best thing that we could do for our kids is to get them out of the Northern Hemisphere, for now.

        • kx kx

          just monitor the rest of the food from now on, they should be fine.

          • kx kx

            of course you should get the test done and find a way to screw that Nuclear power plant or just testify in a publicly accessible place of the disgrace Fuk us all is, depending on the results.

        • Kassandra



          It is impossible to know with certainty whether food is safe or not. Our governments have betrayed us for only they have the resources to reduce our risk systematically.

          The harm to your child may be less than you fear. Busby contends that inhalation poses more dangers than ingestion because the body has more mechanisms in the stomach for eliminating it since some radionuclides do occur naturally.

          This makes sense to me as well.

          Take Care!

        • Au Au

          Dear Lickerface, I grew up outside the Nevada Test Site ( can we say Ground Zero practically) and I am fine (that I know of). I was breathing in desert dust and making "hot" mud pies with a stink bug on top (well, until it did a fluffy and ran away). Continue to monitor the food as you do. I am sure your baby has not taken in as much as I did. My kids are normal and no one has cancer.

      • Good idea… get this information on Youtube. We will create an article around this. Contact us if you need help doing this.

        The more people that do personal testing and then report it, the more truth gets out there.

        God knows, globally, our governments and nuclear regulators could care less; no testing, no monitoring, no reporting, no protection.

        But then again, most of them are controlled by huge corporations with leaders that do not think ahead more than a couple of months, so it is no surprise that citizen protection and health are of little interest.

        Profits come first.

        • lickerface lickerface

          Thanks for the support Dr., NoNukes, and kx. I am setting up stuff to make the video right now. In my mailbox today I retrieved the next pkg of 5lbs dulse and immediately tested it with the PRM-9000. The dulse, packed in a mylar sealed bag, within a USPS Priority Mail cardboard box, still showed some activity over 102 CPM through those layers. This is definitely some alpha and mostly beta. BTW, I found my older sample of dulse from this same online source (znaturalfoods) to be just as active as my open 5lbs bag which I first tested.

          I tested my chlorella and spirulina from same online supplier, and I don't see anything above background, but these stashes were huge pre-Fukashima orders, so that makes sense. I also tested POST-Fukashima freeze-dried powders of maitake, shiitake, red reishi, and cordyceps.. all of those have no activity. I will buy some new batches of spirulina and chlorella some time soon to see if they're radioactive.

          • Au Au

            I tested a new shipment of Staments medicinal mushrooms Turkey Tail and it was clean. He uses a clean room 100 to grow his mushrooms. I was concerned though because beta and gamma can enter the building. That new batch was clean. Not above my background of 32 CPM.

      • lickerface lickerface

        Thnx! I'm getting ready to film this in just a few minutes. Unfortunately I just sold my H cam and was in process of getting a better on on order, but I was waiting on the price of the Canon G30 to come down in price. I have a "smart"phone which has a decent camera built-in, but I'll need to make sure there's plenty of light.

        • lickerface lickerface

          I just ordered the Canon G30 so I could make a better video. It'll be here tomorrow. Let mr know if there are things you all would like to see in my video testing of the dulse (like 5 or 10 minute timed test, layers of certain materials between sample and Geiger-Mueller tube, etc). Eventually, I'd like to make it as professional as possible and can put overdubs later. I have a professional audio recording solution for this work. I understand how important it is to make a good impression with videos like these…

          • Don't worry about being professional.. Just use the smartphone video and upload it 5-10 minutes should be enough.. Talk about the details like you did above and show the paper test, book test, hand test, etc.. Make it creative commons license if possible, so it can go viral. Also mention where it was harvested, when you bought it and let people draw their own conclusions..

            Maybe compare it to a banana and an apple to give some comparison..

    • kintaman kintaman

      Lickerface. Could you tell me what brand of dulse this was and where you got it? Also where is the dulse reportedly harvested….does it say on the package?

      • lickerface lickerface

        It's from and says "from the pristine and protected coasts of Canada."

        I have a customer in my current business who is wanting to send me some of his own dulse samples. I told him I'd be delighted to compare them to my own. This might turn into a part time job? We need to get this info out there.

        • kintaman kintaman

          Gee, I just cannot get away from it. We dropped our lives in Japan and came to Canada to escape the fallout and low and behold it is here also….we purchased dulse from New Brunswick as well (different brand) and ate it with such joy thinking it would be contamination free. FFS, I almost want to give up.

      • lickerface lickerface

        The retailer sent me a response:

        "Thank you for your input regarding the Dulse powder. We have run out of the particular batch that you purchased on April 5th so the new shipment you'll receive will be a different batch. The Dulse is harvested off the North Atlantic coast of Canada. For the prior batch, I have a production date of 12/5/2012, the new batch has a production date of 4/15/2013. I would be quite shocked if any of the this material was contaminated due to events at Fukushima.I was very surprised to see that the Dulse tested hot, but after doing a little bit of research, I think you may see similar results with most all seaweeds. I believe that what you are detecting is a naturally occurring radiation from germanium isotopes found in seaweeds and not due to contamination from Fukushima.  I think this is the most probable and reasonable explanation. Spirulina and Chlorella are both freshwater grown (our chlorella is grown in indoor tanks) and quite different from sea vegetables, so I would expect these to test without issue."

        The "Best Before" date on the "prior batch" says 12/5/2015, so I'm willing to bet the new bag I received yesterday (still in box not opened… will open that in video) has a Best By date of 4/15/2016. Unless I had a batch from pre-Fukashima, I couldn't claim the activity in these samples I have are from natural sources. Even then, it could have been from Point Lapreau reactor if it was contaminated from those waters. I will…

        • +1

          Stay safe.

          They've sold out of the old batch. That's a SCARY thought.

          I also think of the workers who harvested, handled and packaged the dulse. What might their level of exposure be? Machines that grind it to a powder or dust could be a hazard too.

          This whole insidious radiation chain of events and the multitudes of various transport vectors should become apparent at some point.

          • lickerface lickerface

            I mill leaf powder into fine powders for my job and know that "if you can smell it, you are breathing in matter." When a bag of dulse is opened up (or a spoonful scooped) the odor is very sharp! I would imagine that the people milling dried dulse flakes are smelling a great deal of the powder unless they have good respirators.

            I looked at Point Lapreau on the map, and it is in the Pacific Northwest. It's possible this radioactivity is from the local plant. How much does it cost to test this material for the real data? I have almost 10 lbs.

            Btw, I am finding that the Geiger counter shows readings near 100 CPM when the 5lb mylar bag dulse (closed) is sitting on my countertop, with the device a foot away.

            • Au Au

              Oh boy, that dulse is hot. I wear a NIOSH 95 and sometimes 100 mask when testing herbs. You might want to too.

              I had 3 bags of Azomite for sprouting wheat grass. Threw it all out. It was all hot, even through the mylar bag. The Azomite came from southern Utah. Duh, I should have picked up on that it was a Down Winder location before i bought it and wasted money.

              • lickerface lickerface

                What CPM were you getting from that Azomite? It seems as though people in the health foods industry may be difficult to explain that their offerings are not safe. Some people cannot be convinced. It feels like many are in disbelief that something edible making it into the USA could have radioactivity, as if our government protects us from danger. The retailers selling suspect foods and even known high-testing foods don't know if their inventory has been tested at all. I am so glad that we have a caring community here that understands how we must test what we eat ourselves. I feel like I'm the last person to finally get the Geiger counter. I know it's not the end-all of tools, but it sure is a start… look what we found in one day of having it at my home! I would feel so "in the dark" without it now. How horrible we would feel if we went a long time ingesting this dulse. So far, I have been able to correlate some abnormal migraine and cluster headache with the consumption of 260 CPM. When I shouldn't even be having a migraine, a short while after having dulse in my morning shake, I would get one out of the blue. Now that I've cut this powder out of my day, I'm resting better, not getting migraines or cluster headaches, and I'm also not feeling drained like I used to. I remember days when I would smell the coastal odor of the dulse and got that pulsing migraine very shortly after. It could be easy to convince someone like me that it was stress…

                • lickerface lickerface


                  … but I know my body better than that. I knew something was horribly wrong with my three plus week of migraine. I know not many would believe me, but all I care about at this point is finding answers and protecting my family… and of course sharing these results with a community that is receptive. Try to show your findings with a different forum or community, and some paid agent spends their life attempting to shoot you down! These agents need to be called out, and nobody going easy on them. Nowadays, it appears they work in groups of at least two,. so many real members of these communities become discouraged.

            • lickerface lickerface

              My apologies… Point Lapreau is on the Atlantic NorthEAST, not the Pacific Northwest. The radiation in this material would be from Fukashima!

          • Au Au

            Think of people working at whirling hot rad particles at car washes! Never work at a car wash. Airborn hot rads everywhere for hours….evey day of the week, forever.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I buy this brand from my local health food store and eat it all the time, but I have never tested it.

          Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Dulse Flakes, 4 oz

          • Au Au

            After seeing Busby's video on radioactive barrel(s) dumping in the oceans. I would not trust it. I could test for beta and gamma in my shopping cart ; ) and let you know.

          • lickerface lickerface

            Ya know Anne, I thought the same thing when I was eating dulse for months, "the probability of my dulse being radioactive is low since it's not from the area around Japan." It's my fault that I didn't go with my first instinct, which was to not eat any marine food by default! Only when I tested it was I going to feel better. The ONE sea food I have eaten in over two years showed activity when I let my guard down. I'm batting a .000! Don't eat that stuff until you know! You know in your heart something may be wronf with it. Don't risk your life because you assume it must be helping you with health.

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          I just have to ask — what is dulse?

    • Au Au

      I've been testing kelp from the health food store. It's hot, coming in at 80CPM. We have a background of 32CPM. There was this Italian Seasoning too, that had kelp in it, and it came in at 80cpm. It should be taken off the shelf. I told the owner and they did not take it off the shelf.

      • Au Au

        Also, that compounded porcine thyroid for hypothyroidism has come in hot in my area. The very thing that "should" help the thyroid is a bad hombre speeding patients towards more serious thyroid issues.

        • hogy

          I take that very supplement.
          Please tell us where you area is.
          I'm in Idaho.

          • hogy

            Mine is not compounded, it's purchased via a medical scrip.
            So the area where sold might be irrelevant. If one asked the manufacturer where the pig stuff came from probably they wouldn't know, also would not admit that they don't know!

          • Au Au

            Michigan, south east. As I said, I grew up close to the Nevada Test Site and so I have very slight hypothyroidism. So, the dr put me on the compounded porcine prescription. Because of being around so much radiation I have always had a really sensitive thyroid. I can't have a cell phone up to my head as my thyroid reacts within seconds and swells and stays like that until the next day. So, I start with this compound (first prescription ever in my life- so healthy) and wow! It goes right to my thyroid and it starts to swell. Hmm, maybe it is too strong I think and/or it's radioactive (that's my first thought). So next day I pour out half of the capsule and take it and bam! It goes right to my thyroid again. I was thinking hmm, maybe it is the kelp carrier. So, I test it with GC and its 40CPM while our background is 32. There are spikes up to 70. Doesn't seem so high but it must have radioactive iodine in it as animals are bioaccumulating it. So, for a test, I switch to procine with ginger carrier and I reacted again. By, now I have a really swollen thyroid and I am alarmed. It feels like a golfball is in my throat. I didn't carry out a test because I knew it was the porcine. So what to do? I mixed up two kinds of zeolite.

            • Au Au

              I used powdered and Waiora as I thought the powder might take longer and that Waiora would be smaller in particle size and quicker in action- perhaps electrical. I know Wiora got sued for not have enough particles in it to be zeolite (if I recall right) but I tell you, within a minute I felt the zeolite go right to my thyroid and reverse the sensation of being swollen. It had to be electrical in its action or ionic.

              I have friends on the same exact porcine and they do not have a problem at all. But, none the less, I think they are bioaccumulating.

              I asked the pharmacy where they got the glandular at and did not get an answer. So, since I have such a slight case I have opted to go with Designs for Health- Thyroid Synergy and it is working. I have improved in the T4-T3 conversion confirmed with a blood test.

              I still have the capsules I tested. I will run another test with my Inspector to see if they have come down in CPM.

      • lickerface lickerface

        Tell us which Geiger counter you are using, and the different levels when you add more sheets of paper between the tube and the sample.

        • Au Au

          I put the Inspector right over the capsule with out any paper. The capsule probably blocked the alpha particles.

          • Au Au

            If people are interested in adrenal glandulars I was reading an info sheet from Designs for Health, Adrenal Complex and they are sourcing the glandular from South America. It is rare to actually find out where glandulars come from.

            • Au Au

              As for seaweed, if I was going to consume any it would be Modifilan.
              When Fukushima hit the Russian owner was off to quickly harvest seaweed. I want to say he went off the coast of Tasmania for it. He has helped a lot of people with the Chernobyl fallout with such a great product. You can contact the company direct. They are very helpful.

  • kx kx

    Clearly its iodine from another power plant from one of the Koreas or China.

    Iodine 131 has a half life of 8 days and all other radioactive iodine's have less then 60 days half life, I this its impossible for the radiation to travel around japan and be absorbed to these levels by these seaweed in such short period.

    It has happen and it will happen again…

    I'm seriously considering Australia….

    • Kassandra

      It is not true that 'all other radioactive iodines have less than 60 days half life.'

      Iodine129 decays with a half-life of 15.7 million years, with low-energy beta and gamma emissions, to xenon-129 (129Xe).

      Moreover, any recent iodine detections in Korea are VERY LIKELY to have been from Japan because spiking iodine levels have been detected there recently, no doubt from the ongoing criticalities at the Daiichi.

      See analysis here

      • kx kx

        well I didn't know about that one, according to wiki the next one is 59 days, then 8 days then 13h. So unless we are sure that all that iodine detection is from I-129 I still believe that 5.25 becquerel/kilogram must come from a closer source then fuk us all.

      • +10000

        Ongoing fission at FUKU, three underground coriums..

        Rising Iodine levels in sewage treatment plants measured in Japan

        Also rising radiation levels in fish near Fukushima in 2013..

        Something is going downhill and getting worse at FUKU, but they are choosing to ignore, deny, spin and cover it all up.

        They will have to pay the grim reaper.. because they are refusing to pay to clean up the mess.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      If the half-life is 30 days, then to complete decay takes 10 times that long. If the half-life is 60 days, it takes 600 days to decay completely. If the half-life is 30 years, then it takes 300 years to completely decay.

      But don't forget we are not just talking about water flowing in the ocean. Radioactive fish are swimming many miles and eating other radioactive material and excreting it many miles further away.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        And Fukushima is continuously fissioning. The northern coast of western Canada isn't all that far from Japan.

        • hogy

          Sort of close to post-Fuku quake & tsunami when a few folksbegan wondering about oceanic contaminaton, Canada tested a few fish caught offshore in the Pacific. Note: they did not test for bottom feeders. The results of those tests were predictable–'slight or no' rad contamination was found.
          Does anyone here from Canada know if the govt. there has tested offshore food sources again?
          For awhile after the Fuku fiasco I did a lot of web checking looking for testing going on. Most of what I found then was happening in Socal.

          Pleeeeeeeze: does anyone know if ANY govt. agencies either US or CA are or recently were testing ocean food sources from offshore west?

  • kx kx

    4) Not insulting, rude or hateful – No personal attacks;

    I already posted everything I had to say before this new rules 😀

  • Radioactive Seaweed Found With 40,000,000 Bq per Kilogram – Seaweed Put Into Many Food Products; via @AGreenRoad

    For more information about radioactive iodine….

    Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation Exposure Prevention and Reversal, Music

  • lam335 lam335

    If I understand correctly, radioactive iodine is a FISSION product with a relatively short half-life. Since it's been two years since the accident happened (enough time for I-131, at least to have decayed away–not sure which isotope they're finding here), is it possible that the presence of radioactive iodine here indicate more recent fissioning activity has occurred (or is occurring)? Could the presence of this rad iodine be a clue to the cause of the "mystery steam" that has been spewing out of #3 over the past couple of weeks?

  • yea.. active fissions.. and though it's decayed… and not THAT isotope… it's NOT GONE !!

  • Is MANY explosions going off underground.. but #2 pool at last known look-in… only one has what needs to go BOOM! without some help.

    It's been too RAD-HOT to get into it.. I think..? The pool had more bubbles than I like to think about when I spotted them in it!

    If in water.. they can burn-off.. could be the reason for rad-rise. Like I said. #2 is the real danger-on-site as far as "BUILDINGS" goes right now.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45


    You might try giving your baby apple pectin. A doctor working in Chernobyl was using it to bring down the radiation levels in children he did full body counts on. I have always meant to buy some and have it on hand. I think you can buy it at health food stores. Check to see if there is any problem for a baby to take apple pectin first.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Checking food for radiation because we're forced to exist with nuclear reactors. I don't want this for my family.

  • It is not just radiation; it is also GMO's, chemical contaminants (as in Chinese milk) hormones, drug residues (factory farms), demineralized foods (factory farms) chemical/insecticide/fungicide/pesticide/other cides…

    The answer is simple; grow your own organic food, or combine efforts with neighbors.

    It is a full circle. We originally lived in small tribes and shared everything, working together for mutual benefit.

    It may be, that we are now at the point where this will be REQUIRED in order to not only survive, but thrive.

    Or, our global village needs to accomplish this same scenario creatively, because God knows, not many people can pull off what it takes to do organic farming these days.

  • lickerface. Your dulse undoubtedly came from Grand Manan which is the primary source of this seaweed from the Bsy of Fundy although it is harvested at other locations along the Fundy coast as well … all under the influence of discharges from Point Lepreau.
    I have been attempting to get information on radioactivity in dulse and other seaweeds from one of our local researchers .. without success.

    I will be following this with great interest and would appreciate getting information on the page NoCandu at Facebook.