Gov’t Report: Over 1,750 navy sailors suffer from ‘ill-defined conditions’ after exposure to Fukushima radiation while aboard USS Reagan — ‘Significant increases’ in male infertility and child birth complications — Dozens have thyroid disorders, many spontaneous abortions — Veteran: ‘Extreme measures’ used to cover this up (AUDIO)

Published: August 3rd, 2014 at 12:05 pm ET


Compiled from the Department of Defense’s Final Report to the Congressional Defense Committees — “Radiation Exposure” (pdf), June 19, 2014:

> “Disease/symptom groups where RONALD REAGAN sailors had a statistically significant increase in incidence compared to the control population*”:

  • Diseases of the respiratory system: 931 of 4,843 USS Reagan sailors (112% of control pop.)
  • Diseases of the digestive system: 722 of 4,843 sailors (116% of control pop.)
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system [reproductive organs/urinary system]: 247 of 4,843 sailors (134% of control pop.)
  • Male Infertility: 38 of 3,927 male sailors (148% of control pop.)
  • Complications of pregnancy, child birth, puerperium [Six week period after birth]: 191 of 916 female sailors (120% of control pop.)
  • Symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions [“Practically all categories in this group could be designated as ‘not otherwise specified’ or ‘unknown etiology’ or ‘transient'”]: 1,752 of 4,843 sailors (117% of control pop.)

*Control population: “Sailors who were not deployed to OT [Operation Tomodachi], but who deployed sometime during the two years prior to March 11, 2011.”

> Additional diseases/symptoms listed in the report:

  • Disorders of thyroid gland: 35 of 4,843 sailors (124% of control pop.)
  • Diseases of male genital organs: 187 of 3,927 male sailors (117% of control pop.)
  • Female Infertility: 23 of 916 female sailors (124% of control pop.)
  • Certain condition originating in the perinatal period [immediately before & after birth]: 14 of 916 female sailors (138% of control pop.)
  • Spontaneous abortion: 16 of 916 female sailors (103% of control pop.)

Interview with retired U.S. Navy Lt. Steve Simmons, who served on the USS Ronald Reagan during Japan relief mission after 3/11, Nuclear Hotseat, July 29, 2014 (at 24:45 in): It honestly feels that they’re going to extreme measure to cover up this incident. Or to get the public to buy into the rhetoric that there is absolutely nothing wrong… inundate them with a bunch of junk… and try to get them to believe what they want… that well over 100 sailors, including one dead, is making this up, that they’re all fine. I don’t get it, I honestly have a hard time wrapping my head around this one — to figure out why they would go to such great lengths to even entertain the fact that — we already know Tepco lied, it’s already been proven that Tepco lied. So why is it so difficult to go back… and say, ‘OK, we’re sorry. There is going to be the potential for health problems.’

Full interview with Lt. Simmons here

Published: August 3rd, 2014 at 12:05 pm ET


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129 comments to Gov’t Report: Over 1,750 navy sailors suffer from ‘ill-defined conditions’ after exposure to Fukushima radiation while aboard USS Reagan — ‘Significant increases’ in male infertility and child birth complications — Dozens have thyroid disorders, many spontaneous abortions — Veteran: ‘Extreme measures’ used to cover this up (AUDIO)

  • Sickputer

    They refuse to help them because they are in bed with the nuclear industry. Pay longterm costs for these sailors will open up claims from the soldiers and families at the 91 US installations in Japan.

    They will deny help as long as possible. But they can't escape the verdict of history.

    • OldFool

      These sailors Must Stop going to Navy doctors – even at the cost of paying out of pocket. They will never be treated correctly until the day they die. The Navy doctors will never give the correct diagnosis of radiation exposure exceeding 200 REM.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        oldFool, you're right….they will be fed anti-depressants and sent home to die. Typical use and abuse system until the "soldier" (human) is too broken to function, then throw them away like a used tissue.

      • OldFool

        The coverup of what happened to these sailors might someday still become a great scandal. It reminds me of what the US soldiers at Bataan and Corregidor said in early 1942 when they were completely abandoned by the US – "We are the battling bastards of Bataan, we have no momma, no papa, no Uncle Sam,… and nobody gives a damn." The US government has completely rotted-out at every single level, from top to bottom.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          OldFool- Good point- The rotting of the government is complete, and if the government were a wooden home it would collapse into a heap from all of the rot.

          • It is not the 'government' that is corrupted. The real government is the PEOPLE after all.

            What is corrupted is the corporate control of the peoples House, Senate and President, through avalanches of money, and armies of lobbyists..

            This all used to be totally illegal.

            • The government would work just fine if corporate money and lobbyists were kicked out.

              • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                Dr. Good- I agree with you- corporate lobbyists are the termites that have undermined the system. The government has allowed that to happen out of personal greed.

      • We Not They Finally

        OldFool, yes OF COURSE they must go to outside doctors to be helped. But the matter of "even at the cost of paying out of pocket" can become impossible. Many or most have families to support while disabled. Steve Simmons (on a previous Nuclear Hotseat interview) said that he had to fight for disability payments and at first they only wanted to give him a 30% disability rating! That was later upped to 100%, but he had to fight for it, which is a disgrace.

        What would be great (don't know if anyone has tried it) is for a group like Doctors Without Borders to volunteer to work with at least a few of the more badly disabled sailors, then provide an HONEST public appraisal. Or perhaps for RETIRED military doctors to look at honestly-obtained data and give an HONEST rundown based on their knowing how cover-up tactics are usually done. Or maybe younger doctors, not with the military but from military families, who might have a special interest in getting this right.

        At this point, it takes humanitarians, not just doctors. A few courageous high-profile journalists would not hurt either!

        • J.

          "What would be great (don't know if anyone has tried it) is for a group like Doctors Without Borders to volunteer to work with at least a few of the more badly disabled sailors, then provide an HONEST public appraisal. "

          This is an interesting suggestion. I have enormous respect for DWB, and have donated a significant amount of money to them over the years. I don't think the proposal corresponds with their charter, but if DWB were to undertake this challenge, their conclusions would carry a great deal of weight.

      • I'm willing to donate to a fund for sailors affected by Fukushima to seek alternative health care… anybody else?

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        Do you really think these sailors have any choice about what doctors to see? They are probably already discharged, probably don't have jobs or income, nor rich relatives, in fact they-themselves were probably the bread-winners in their families..and now all they have is the VA system – if they can even get in or get an appointment to see any doctor and the doctor might not be but just out of med-school themselves..not much experience or expertise, etc. etc.

    • ftlt

      Sick: The Imperial Armed Forces have a track record for not providing for their injured troops for all causes. Not just nuclear.

      However, one must remember the biggest nuclear skeleton in the military closet is the long term exposure of troops to other things nuclear.. Such as, DU munitions handling, use, tests and exposure in combat zones in the past.

      This gets even bigger when you think of the places around the world the nuclear munitions have been used in or their wastes have been mis-stored. 100 millions of civilians who have been exposed to these toxins and will con't to be for eons to come.

      • lucius.cornelius

        However, one must remember the biggest nuclear skeleton in the military closet is the long term exposure of troops to other things nuclear.. Such as, DU munitions handling, use, tests and exposure in combat zones in the past.

        It is reported that birth defect rates in Fallujah are higher than they were at Hiroshima. DU rounds are about as nasty and cynical as you can get.

      • We Not They Finally

        It's impossible to have lived in the U.S. and not seen years and years of Gulf War Syndrome being called "a mystery." And that has affected a way LARGER military population than the USS Reagan sailors. What will it take to crack the institutional walls wide open?

        • J.

          "What will it take to crack the institutional walls wide open?"

          Spreading the message about the facts and the science of 9/11/2001 is a good start.

          See this:

          • johnnyo

            J, that was a historic segment from Friday morning on CSPAN. The TRUTH will crack our totally corrupt system wide open. I said here a long time ago that anti-nuke forces should join with 9/11 truth groups because we fight the same enemies: criminals in high places and a complicit, subservient media.

            When Joe 12 pack wakes up to how badly he has been played, the whole rotten house of cards will be swept asunder.

            The entire "War on Terror" is a made up fairy tale.

            • J.

              Let's hope others on this list follow the link and spread the word. If we cannot talk openly and rationally about the scientific facts of 9/11/2001, then we have little hope of dealing with other, more complex issues. The official account of the WTC7 destruction is absolutely, totally impossible. There is no argument. No rational person can dispute the evidence. The moon is not made of green cheese, the sun does not revolve around the earth, and office fires cannot cause absolute free fall acceleration. We need to know who directed the demolition, why, and why the facts have been suppressed. CSPAN is helping to bring this about, but it takes grassroots effort to spread the word. eneNews members can help.

    • Gen. Buck Turgidson

      It's times like this that make me feel good about deciding not to have children, for it is the children who will pay the ultimate price foe Fukushima.

    • Best DU documentary
      Beyond Treason: The True Story of Depleted Uranium

      Support Our Troops. Get the rad word out, People

      Other resources to help you

      Thank you.

  • combomelt combomelt

    understatement of the 21st Century….

    "There is going to be the potential for health problems."

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    The important factor is to look at the % of people with maladies compared to the control population. This proves without a shadow of a doubt the deadly nature of radiation on biological life forms.

    ◘ Diseases of the respiratory system: 931 of 4,843 USS Reagan sailors (112% of control pop.)
    ◘ Diseases of the digestive system: 722 of 4,843 sailors (116% of control pop.)
    ◘ Diseases of the genitourinary system [reproductive organs/urinary system]: 247 of 4,843 sailors (134% of control pop.)
    ◘ Male Infertility: 38 of 3,927 male sailors (148% of control pop.)
    Complications of pregnancy, child birth, puerperium [Six week period after birth]: 191 of 916 female sailors (120% of control pop.)
    ◘ Symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions: 1,752 of 4,843 sailors (117% of control pop.)

    • Bay Area Guy 2

      News… you know when the numbers for the control population were calculated? It would be interesting to see if the control numbers have inched up over the last three years.

      Also, are the control numbers for a population of the same age group as the sailors. Using the digestive numbers, something like about 14% of the sailors have digestive issues. Is it really the case that 5% or so of the general population of a similar age have similar digestive issues? I'm not disagreeing at all with the premise of your post. In fact, I think the numbers are likely worse because it wouldn't surprise me if the control numbers reflect a higher-aged sample size.

      Be that as it may, it's information such as this that must be gotten out there. Sure, people are going to say there are a hundred possible explanations other than radiation, but the preponderance of evidence will eventually be too overwhelming to even the most naive people who take the word of the federal government as gospel.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        I will see if I can find any of that info Bay Area guy2

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Bay Area Guy 2 did you download the report to review, that information may be inside of the report.

        • Bay Area Guy 2

          I just skimmed through the report. The control population is sailors completing a similar voyage two years earlier. I looked at the numbers and can't quite figure out the statistical methodology used, so I just went at it from the crude numbers. As an example, I looked at the respiratory disease numbers and I can't get them to correspond to the DoD's numbers.

          If we use the sailors starting the voyages as the sample in the control set, you have 9645 incidents of respiratory disease in a group of 65,269. That amounts to an incident rate of 1477.73/10,000. Using the number that completed the voyage gives an incident rate of 1947.50/10,000. Both of those numbers are higher than the DoD's rate of 1283.30/10000. In fact, even the rate for the higher of the two sample sizes in the control group (meaning that using the higher sample size should generate the lowest incident rate) shows that the incident rate should be a minimum of 15% higher. So, without knowing the actual methodology being used, it appears on the surface that some manipulation of the numbers may have occurred. Yeah, I know, that's shocking.

          Which proves the old adage…..there are lies, damn lies…..and statistics.

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            "Which proves the old adage…..there are lies, damn lies…..and statistics"


          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            Bay Area Guy 2- Here is a pre fukushima study of thyroid cancer as a control for the stats on this report…
            Thyroid Cancer Incidence among Active Duty U.S. Military Personnel, 1990–2004

            • Bay Area Guy 2

              I particularly like the latency analysis of the thyroid cancers. Two people supposedly were diagnosed about 18 months "too early". Um, they worked on a NUCLEAR POWERED AIRCRAFT CARRIER for God's sake. Ya think maybe they got a pretty decent dose of radiation and Fukushima just happened to push them over the edge?

              I know that I'm not doing any empirical studies and that a lot of what's happening can be cast aside as being "coincidental" or "circumstantial", such as the fish die-offs, the wildlife die-offs, etc., but God, after enough circumstantial evidence, someone can be convicted of a crime.

              Do you know if any of the losers, I mean, do you know if any of the esteemed members of Congress that got this report asked any questions, or did they simply accept the report and any of their constituents that happen to have been affected that it's all ok. Their symptoms were just coincidental. Tell that to the poor folks with thyroid cancer.

              • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                I know- right? It is mind maddening the word craft used to obscure the death and destruction caused by radiation exposure.

            • We Not They Finally

              nbUSA, one gets the drift of that linked report even from the first sentence: "Increases in thyroid papillary carcinoma incidence rates have largely been attributed to heightened medical surveillance and improved diagnostics." They are doing the same thing with Fukushima — not more people sick, just better diagnostics — how wonderful the medical community is!

              Before, people just got to just die without being diagnosed? Is that what they are saying? Someone dies of thyroid cancer, and no one knows how they died because there wasn't "heightened medical surveillance and improved diagnostics"? Or what ARE they saying?

              • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                WNTF- I agree- the manipulation of data minimizing radiation exposure in correlation to illnesses and birth defects is simply criminal.

              • Bay Area Guy 2

                We Not They…..actually, there have been pretty amazing advances in diagnostics. In December last year, I went to my doctor because I had some sudden hearing loss that was accompanied by some pretty heavy tinnitus. Since I hadn't been there in a about a year and a half, he had me do blood and urine tests. The urine tests indicated some microscopic traces of blood, so he had me do a CT scan, which found a 15mm lesion on one of my kidneys. I got referred to a urologist from Stanford who said that two or three years, the diagnostic equipment didn't have the resolution to find something that small. He also said that most things of this type are found accidentally, when something else is actually being looked at. So, yeah, a lot of people in the past did die because their conditions didn't get discovered until too late.

                That being said, I think the DoD is using that as a smoke screen to not have to address Fuku radiation contamination on the Reagan because if they did admit there was contamination there, it opens the Pandora's Box of possible?/likely?/Certain? contamination in other places and governments as a whole just don't want to go down that road (to mix a few metaphors).

      • We Not They Finally

        "Control population" — what does that mean? Whatever population they want to cite to keep the story under control? We can see how slippery-slope this is on its face, and with no background info given.

        • Bay Area Guy 2

          The control population was a group of sailors that had served two years prior to Fukushima. Whether they served on the Reagan is unclear.

    • NoFixedID

      The title is misleading because according to the report it quotes, nearly 1500 navy sailors from the control group are also suffering from ‘ill-defined conditions’. The story here is that a DOD report recognises a statistically significant increase in disease among the sailors exposed to radiation. Whether the statistics have been distorted is another matter.

      • We Not They Finally

        Yeah, they tried to tell Steve Simmons that he had ill-defined conditions too. He's been openly, disastrously medically crippled and had to even fight to get disability payments. I guess they thought that if you have your leg blown off by a land mine, that's a "real" condition, but his catastrophe is simply "ill-defined."

  • Jebus Jebus

    Killing our own, for nuclear power…

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Threatening the victims into silence includes preventing them from obtaining outside treatment, as well as intimidating care givers from making the diagnosis. Who is going to shine a light on this corruption?

    • We Not They Finally

      I'm not sure (simply don't know) if they prevent second opinions for military people. (In Fukushima, they apparently do their best to prohibit second opinions — at least they will not be PAID for.) But if you are that disabled medically and have a family to support, it can become financially impossible to get outside help.

      The part about intimidating Navy doctors out of giving real diagnoses is totally believable, as per Steve Simmons' experience and doubtless many others. He even had one doctor tell him, "You don't want to know what you have." So he knew, and he knew that it was disastrous.

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        In the military they are lucky to get a first opinion – nevermind a second opinion AND if a second is wanted or needed it would be at the servicemembers own expense or perhaps only if a spouse has private civilian health insurance coverage.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Nothing I guess, since it appears to be written directly into the Matrix code…this is a very, very old code. 🙁

  • Cisco Cisco

    Not to worry. Like I said before, the PTB have it covered. The sailors will be well taken care of, like those soldiers exposed to DU in Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember, Congress keeps saying it supports our troops.

    Well, sort of! SSDD

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Tomodachi is an invaluable cohort study that researchers dare not touch.

    • m a x l i

      Good point, jump-ball! There are those who are always keen to prove that a bit of radiation doesn't harm us or is even good for us. So, why are they missing out on that easy opportunity to prove their point?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Here's some "selected" data about others who were near on 3/11…

    Selected Papers on Disaster and Radiation

    • Jebus Jebus

      It all kinda shows the health crisis that is unfolding…

      Nuclear power is a cancerous tumor on life, slowly reaching critical mass…

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        Unless those are whitewash pieces I'm amazed they were allowed and made public. But Jeb – the suppression of the Tomodachi victims and the caregivers actually is preventing what could be an unparalleled study showing the unfolding health crisis.

  • Kashiko Kashiko

    I don't know what they'll do in the future. If they treat the servicemen and women like this soon they won't have any. Who will fight their stupid (political) wars then. Perhaps the politicians will go? It would be a good way to get rid of them.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Kashiko- Maybe that is the point…to decimate the health of all the people who might fight a fascist take over of the world.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Reduce their immune systems with AIDS and radiation (RAIDS), then expose them to gawd-awful diseases like MDR TB and Ebola.

        No, they wouldn't do that . . .

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Kashiko – They will do what they always do to get more soldiers. They will tank the economy, lay them off by the thousands, then hire them as mercenaries, just like for Iraq and Afghanistan.
      They just have to wait for the next big group of 18-20 year olds comes along….

      • Shaker1

        It doesn't seem too intelligent to anger one you've taught how to use a gun, does it? At least it seems that way to me. But, beyond that, and no offense to these men and women, (I somewhat feel guilty typing this) the idea that Tepco lied baffles me. Yeah, Tepco lied, but who really lied and led you into this mess? American contractors on site at the time, doesn't it cross one's mind that even the NRA was kept in the dark that they had to guess what was going on? The transcripts show they were guessing. That there wasn't some level of communication above them that kept the carrier there for days?

        Who these state secrecy laws benefit might be a good question to add…

        OT, maybe, but by the way, go here

        and follow bo's instructions to comment on Japan's state secrecy law.

      • We Not They Finally

        StPS, that's true about tanking the economy. Then there are oftentimes signing bonuses or employment training as inducements.

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          Finally – Bush did it prior to the Iraq war. No. I'm not getting political. Go look at the unemployment figures. Employment is STILL way down, and will be for generations. That is how long George said this 'conflict' would last after all.

  • American Phoenix57

    "Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy."
    – Henry A. Kissinger, as quoted in "The Final Days" by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in chapter 14. Page 194 in the paperback version (1995).

    The Military Industrial Complex could care less if they live or die. As long as they sell there bombs, bullets and missiles they are happy. The disposable human is a military mindset that historically has cost millions of innocent lives.

    War is a racket.

    I invite any and all military personnel that have been abandoned to come together on this and many others sites to read and learn so you can then share with others the dangers of radiation and all things nuclear. To hell with war!

  • Socrates

    The Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit is scheduled for August 19, at 1:30 p.m. in Federal District Court for the Southern District of California before the Honorable Janis Sammartino, Judge. (San Diego Federal Courthouse). (Last time I checked).

    Federal Court judges have been known to apply the law of the jurisdiction where the accident happened. The case could be dismissed. The law of the situs (Japan) confers immunity on utility companies for damages, as I recall. Japan has already been dismissed from the lawsuit. The government in Japan is liable for damages for failure to regulate a utility, as I recall, but San Diego was already ruled not to be the place to bring that lawsuit.

    Other problems in jurisdiction include the forum nonconveniens doctrine – inconvenient forum for witnesses. That is basically discretionary.

    Other defenses are that the US military might have had actual knowledge of the danger. A duty to warn might not arise, arguably, at least, where the command was well-aware of the danger. Also, the so-called Fireman's Rule has been raised. That doctrine under California state law would bar recovery if the rescue was of the person whose negligence caused the injury to the rescuers. TEPCO was not being rescued. That defense is probably inapplicable.

    Should the lawsuit not be dismissed, there will be Motions for Summary Judgment/Adjudication, partial and or total on issues such as causation, intervening acts of negligence, etc.

    • thanks Socrates… Order granting motion to Dismiss: Copper v Tokyo Electric Power Co Inc scheduled for August 19, at 1:30 p.m. in Federal District Court for the Southern District of California before the Honorable Janis Sammartino, Judge

      • Socrates

        The Order granting TEPCO's Motion to Dismiss also.gave plaintiffs an opportunity to file a First Amended Complaint. That was back in November of 2013.

        Plaintiffs did file an amended complaint. That is what will be ruled on.

        • Thank You , will add to the tweet thread

          • Socrates

            If an infant of a civilian dependent wanted to sue the military, the Feres Doctrine does not bar the action by civilian dependents. Those persons would have to file an administrative claim within two years of the event, or within two years of having knowledge of facts giving rise to the claim.

            131I injuries to fetal thyroid would, for example, be mental retardation such as cretinism. Assuming that no warnings were given to the mother, such a case could be brought under the Federal Tort Claims Act or another statute. The sooner the better since many claims are barred by the passage of time. Baseless reassurances might extend the time period because the government specifically said that there was no threat to health. Consult a lawyer immediately, obviously.

            Mutagenesis and teratogenesis are often delayed in diagnosis. Cancer is too, although papillary thyroid cancer can be traced to radiation exposure at least in children on biopsy due to identifiable genetic changes.

    • We Not They Finally

      "Other defenses are that the US military might have had actual knowledge of the danger"? That sounds like reason to sue the U.S. Navy, which is of course prohibited, It shouldn't be, no way, no how, but it is.

      Is there any way that these sailors can sue individuals (like commanding officers) who had knowledge but did not protect them? Any way to separate that out so it's a lawsuit against individuals instead of against the institution of the Navy?

  • Global warming is a hoax

    Sorry, still practicing with hyperlink formatting

    <a href="">Global Warming Real Stats</a>

      • Socrates


        I have a few friends who have studied climate change. These are top scientists…these guys remain unconvinced. The climate on earth changes for a variety of reasons which you set forth. It appears that crustal movements are releasing methane. That could be a result of earth-sun cycles and other solar system forces rather than the result of greenhouse gasses.

        Computer simulations are often poor evidence. Assumptions are invariably built in.

        I have doubts about the cases of climate change. CO2 plus H2O vapor can trap heat within clouds; aerosolation affects this process. But sun activity seems to determine weather, as noted over 100 years ago; the number of sun spots was correlated with the yields of the wheat crops.

        The earth's population doubled while the number of invertebrates was cut in half. The biomass on earth has fallen drastically. This worries me. Fewer humans with more ecological habits are needed. That would cut greenhouse effects; cows produce methane; eat plants.

        • We Not They Finally

          Look up Dane Wigington on PLEASE. He shines a light on all of this from many angles.

          • oh yae… I fed legislative and other evidence laden docs to chemtrails researchers few years back.. my Uruguay chemtrails pics on aircrap…

  • Oh my, the Conca Shill is quoting Obama in terms of "the public must accept our 'science'".

    “I’m not a doctor either, but if a bunch of doctors tell me that tobacco can cause lung cancer, then I’ll say, OK.”

    The most glaring examples of this distrust of scientific experts are in climate change, evolution and nuclear energy.
    Jeez, if you have taken the bitter red pill, we know most instititions of higher learning are simply two bit whores looking for the next grant. And Conca is using this to promote global warming and nuclear. Please visit and drop a comment.

    stock out, help TIPP it.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    Unfortunately my opinion of any kind of settlement for the 4,843 USS Reagan sailors is that they don't represent a large enough 'critical mass', sorry, to generate enough public opinion. It is too small a group. The current 'news' organizations can burry it or never report on it at all. I hope like hell I'm wrong but….

    • We Not They Finally

      Consider how much traction radiation as the source of Gulf War Syndrome ever got. Precious little and way too late. Pepple don't care that much about other people's heartbreak. Though they will be getting enough heartbreak of their own soon enough. What a sad and sorry state we have come to.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        One of the problems that people have kind of lost site of is Dems and Repubs are just the modern-day Tory's. The Tory's philosophy is basically this, 'The Tory ethos has been summed up with the phrase 'God, King and Country.' Tories generally advocate monarchism.'* Look at this from a modern standpoint and notice that if you replace 'King' with 'Wealthy' then replace 'monarchism' with 'a strong President' you can see very plainly how we are where we are.

  • Dick Shenary

    According to the idiotic view that radiation and hormesis improves one's immune system, these navy personnel should be in excellent health. Clearly they are not. Must be a problem with the hormesis theory and the morons like Ann Coulter.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Here's a pretty clear summation of another result…

    California: Ground Zero for Fukushima Radiation?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂 Three years late, but a nice try/step in the right direction.

  • Jebus Jebus

    The world will eventually understand the permanent consequences of this unparalleled manmade radionuclide contamination upon the worlds environment…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    By the time they do, it may be way too late, as we then will have no choice, but too chase the tipping point down the other side. 🙁

  • Sickputer

    So then Dr. "Smiley" Woodson was lying in July:

    "CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — A high-ranking Defense Department official backs the contention that USS Ronald Reagan sailors were not exposed to dangerous levels of radiation in the aftermath of Japan’s nuclear disaster three years ago.

    In a report recently issued to Congress in response to a January directive from defense committees, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Dr. Jonathan Woodson defended the military’s response and said that safeguards, put in place to protect servicemembers, worked. He said any illnesses that sailors have developed are not a result of the Operation Tomodachi relief campaign."

    SP: Jonnie boy is a lying sack of shit. He should be drummed out of the service.

    • jec jec

      Hey, just like the Veterans Administration 'taking' care of appointments for veterans. Delete the information, whoops..but GEE the problem has gone away…..

      Sailors need to have full internal body counts and bone tests to find out WHAT they got into. I am sure some, if not all, have had bone scans..right? Like the VA has taken care of the US veterans? HUH? (sarcasm of course). Gots to toe the party lines..the order had gone records just went away.

    • He probably slipped on a banana peel, hit his head and got brain damaged.

  • Dick Shenary

    There is no objective evidence that the RONALD REAGAN sailors experienced
    radiation exposures during OT that would result in an increase in the expected number of
    radiogenic diseases over time. The estimated radiation doses for all individuals in the OT
    registry (OTR), including RONALD REAGAN sailors, were very small and well below levels
    associated with the occurrence of adverse medical conditions. The NCRP peer-reviewed the
    dose estimates and supporting calculations and agreed the overall doses were very low.

    The United States Navy will find no truth or honor in the above posted conclusion or perhaps they would rather conclude that a large percentage of the sailors are sick of the Navy.

  • Dick Shenary

    Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Dr. Jonathan Woodson – now that is an oxymoron job if there ever was one. Just what did you expect from this mouth-piece? The US Navy would rather believe that these sailors are sick of the Navy. Remember the USA has 91 military related facilities in Japan and accepting medical responsibility for the sailors of the USS Reagan would open the door to medical claims from all over Japan. These claims will be coming soon unfortunately.

  • Its just too bad that the ines level was conveniently placed so low that the R.R. had no authority to resume its mission…

  • Can it be argued that Magna BSP is liable? I mean, they did "secure" the facilities and set up an internet link whereby they could watch the explosions, but never told Japan about the link…until after the events…

  • Dick Shenary

    Tacomagroove –

    Please elaborate.

    • Multiple national and international NBC teams were aboard the R.R. as first responders to the event…

      These teams were told that no assistance is needed. The ines level being a 4 at the time of arrival gave no permission for international involvement. So the R.R. sat just outside Japanese waters, taking samples from aerial and oceanic emissions.

      During its analysis several monitors had sounded alarms. It was completely the opposite information from what the R.R. had received. The crew were put in grave danger and immediately evacuated and decontaminated the vessel.

      This was all due to the ines level being conveniently placed at a 4 during the first months of the crisis. Instead of the respectable 7 (x4) that it currently holds title too.

      Had the utility tepco, and the Japanese gov. been deceitful? Or was the U.S. military directly placing its assets in the danger zone to analyze the situation?
      A culmination of both?

      Either way, It was the testing that led to the call for evacuation.
      It was the ines level that complicated international assistance.

      • and before "immediate" USS RR sat in fallout for how long? was it weeks? a month? more? timing of 1st day there and day alarms went off, please

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Illnesses, deaths, and animal die-offs can't be covered up because we have the internet.

  • Sparky Sparky

    Agree somewhat, TheBigPicture. Securing accurate, uncensored information and news coverage is still difficult as the net is compromised somewhat via corporate ownership/control and monitization.

    Also, what happens if/when the Internet goes black, all or some for any length of time due to intentional or nonintentional causes? Like a thief in the night we were suddenly "robbed" of Enenews for upwards of 60 hrs. by at least one 'Newser's account. The 'net is a very valuable, critically important information resource, but is is also very vulnerable.

  • I can't even think of anything to say anymore about young healthy people getting sucker punched. Bless'em and hope they can feel the compassion we feel for them.

  • EKO KLAP$€

    War is the bastion of Devils and demons. It traps the innocent people who are you. It makes fat owl corporations bloat with wealth arming both sides, laughing at you.

    As puppets for owl corporations your governments are told to treat you as lying carrion, a waste product of their greed. You are no longer useful, go home and die.

    Seek nature medicines, devine connection. As they have abandoned you YAHUAH has not. Open your eyes my friends for their reward is coming.

    YAHUAH forgives and if insulted does not turn his back on you. Lie fraud God's do!

  • jimbob jimbob

    A friend of mine fought in Gulf War 1 and has been suffering from unexplained maladies ever since.

    We were talking one day and he described how the servicemen were flown around sitting on crates in transport planes.

    I asked him if he knew what was in the crates and he replied ammo.

    DU ammo I asked and he said probably, most was.

    I then asked him if any of his Canadian VA appointed doctors had considered radiation as a cause of his health problems and he said no.

    At his next appointment he asked his doctor about the possibility and the doctor refused to discuss it.

    We are no better than the US up here.

  • rogerthat

    the control group sounds pretty sick. if the control group is representative of the armed forces, they sound pretty sick too … what are the relevant statistics for the whole population?

  • These results are, of course, expected, though come as a surprise to many in the medical and scientific community – that people get sick from exposure to human produced radiation that allegedly dispersed to safe levels – especially a hefty dose that their government denied they ever received, which also comes as a bit of a surprise to people who still naively think that their governments don't lie. The real question, the one not yet being asked given the newness of these revelations is – will these results ever be officially recorded as radiologic effects in the general knowledge base, which if allowed, will mar the otherwise pristine record of only a handful of illnesses or deaths caused by exposure to manmade nuclear radiation. Accepting this report could mean also having to revisit the cause of many of our everyday illnesses, including those of wildlife, and no longer put them off to good health and fine living and nature but rather to human meddling. My bet is on this report going into that dark drawer of unwanted research results. It's getting crowded in there. You can hardly close the file cabinet.

  • rogerthat

    We joined the Navy to see the world
    And what did we see?
    We saw the doctor
    We saw the Pacific and the Atlantic
    But the Atlantic isn't romantic
    And the Pacific isn't what it's cracked up to be

    We joined the Navy to do or die
    But we didn't do and we didn't die yet
    We were much too busy looking at the ocean and the sky
    And what did we see?
    We saw the doctor…

  • rogerthat

    … i mean, these figures suggest significant risk of disorders
    of the respiratory system, the digestive system, the genitourinary system [reproductive organs/urinary system, male Infertility, complications of pregnancy, child birth, puerperium [Six week period after birth], disorders of the thyroid gland, diseases of male genital organs,
    female Infertility, certain condition originating in the perinatal period [immediately before & after birth), spontaneous abortion, as well as symptoms, signs, and ill-defined other conditions.

    Who's left to sail the ship?

  • rogerthat
    … no workers at the plant received enough radiation to cause death or immediate sickness; residents outside the plant generally received low doses, so their risk of cancer would remain low in future years….
    … The academy’s panel of about 20 part-time experts and its supporting technical staff lacked the language skills to read deeply into the Japanese accident reports, but, in any case, it had not been tasked by Congress to recommend changes in plant operations in Japan or other countries, suggest changes in the design of nuclear plants in America or assess whether American nuclear plants are safe. …

  • rogerthat
    The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 12, Issue 30, No. 1, August 3, 2014.
    The Radiation That Makes People Invisible: A Global Hibakusha Perspective
    Robert Jacobs
    …It is disingenuous for nuclear industry apologists to say things like “no one died at Fukushima” since they are well aware that for most of the people who will eventually get sick this process will take time. We are currently in the latency period for these illnesses, a point well understood, but suppressed by nuclear industry and government spokespersons. …
    (This article is expanded from an article originally published on the SimplyInfo website. Original can be seen here)

  • rogerthat
    … A British study found that children who lived near nuclear power stations had 11 times the risk of developing myeloid leukemia, a rare form of the disease that's strongly associated with radiation. The risk of all cancers in children was 350 percent above the national average. "Most studies that found no risk were financed by the nuclear industry," says Dr. Blaylock. …

  • rogerthat
    Officially "Safe" Radiation
    More Radiation Exposure Won't Hurt You, Says U.S. EPA
    By William Boardman
    "Protection Standards for Nuclear Power Operations" means what?

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States is a full blown oxymoron when it comes to protecting U.S. residents from the danger of increased exposure to ionizing radiation. …

  • rogerthat
    (simplyinfo's haul for the day)
    Gov’t raises max allowable ambient radiation level in nuclear disaster cleanup zones

    TEPCO is now dumping 15 tons of ice per day into the trench at unit 2 to try to get the frozen wall to work.

    The disaster compensation office has come under fire for ignoring opinions of evacuees doctors when considering compensation for disaster related health problems.

    Court rules against Barnwell nuclear waste dump

    • Maybe they should trying dumping some of that radioactive rice into the trenches.. it may get better results.

      Even if it doesn't work, the rice will get cooked from the billions of Bq/liter radiation, and then the rice can be served to PM Abe, who says everything is safe, the food is safe, the fish are safe and all is normal again.

  • dan dan

    Wrestling with big brother is super tough. They already own all the pieces. Why not try a different tact. Here are 4 suggestions.

    1/. Raise funds for travelling costs.

    2/. Get some truly independent advice. Take samplings of affected crew members on a number of 'second opinion' medical flights to different countries.
    A series of short medical specialist centred holidays taken in a number of countries with no political affiliation with yours to obtain honest reports would make good sense.

    3/. Take your newly obtained independent medical reports and claims to an international court of justice.

    4/. I was only kidding. There is no #4.