Gov’t Report: CNN, Huffington Post listed as ‘external stakeholders’ in NRC, alongside nuclear industry and pro-nuclear blogs — Both outlets help NRC to increase online influence, as CNN produces pro-nuclear infomercial

Published: December 16th, 2013 at 1:43 am ET


Independent Evaluation of NRC’s Use and Security of Social Media, Office of the Inspector General, Jan. 2013:

Social Media Evaluation Interview List [Appendix VI, pg. 82]

  • Internal Stakeholders (NRC staff) […]
  • External Stakeholders (Press) Energy Editor, AOL, Huffington Post — Nuclear Writer, Huffington Post — Producer, CNN News
  • External Stakeholders (Digital Influencers) Blogger, Atomic Power Review — Blogger, Idaho Samizdat: Nuke Notes — Blogger, Yes Vermont Yankee
  • External Stakeholders (Nuclear Industry) […] Senior Manager for Social — Media, Nuclear Energy Institute […]
  • External Stakeholders (US Government and US Senate Staff) US-CERT Representative, United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team — Policy Director, US Senate

Excerpts from the evaluation:

  • As part of the press, I have to be able to quickly communicate a lot of technical information into something our readers will grasp. But it helps if NRC had strong info graphics or a section that provided a breakdown of technical info so I can understand the translation from its source. — Huffington Post
  • NRC‘s materials are very basic and not very viral. Other agencies do a better job of including information graphics, photos, even clickable links. There‘s no extra. It‘s not influential. — Managing Editor, Huffington Post
  • One producer from Cable News Network (CNN) suggested that what was currently offered on Flickr does not compel him to return and urged NRC to provide more content that did not involve people in a conference room or of the chairperson speaking from a podium.

Read the report here (pdf)

See also: [intlink id=”cnns-nuclear-propaganda-film-is-dishonest-to-its-core-pandoras-promise-is-actually-an-infomercial” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 16th, 2013 at 1:43 am ET


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133 comments to Gov’t Report: CNN, Huffington Post listed as ‘external stakeholders’ in NRC, alongside nuclear industry and pro-nuclear blogs — Both outlets help NRC to increase online influence, as CNN produces pro-nuclear infomercial

  • rakingmuck


    • Winterborn

      I have to admit, it does feel like a 'Twilight Zone' kind of moment. Almost as Speechless in Sacramento.

    • Socrates

      HuffPo has several pro-nuclear commenters. I got to know all of those guys because I blogged at HuffPo since 2007. They are paid shills or own stock in nuclear or are guys who spent their careers in submarines. America Online bought HuffPo.

      I came over here because I am tired of hearing it is just like eating a banana to have three meltdowns. Looking back at posts and comments, some pre – Fukushima comments by the exact same guys said that a major meltdown could never happen. They are paid.

      If the Koch Brothers will pay me to post anti-nuclear stuff, I would not accept because they are such frackers.

      Blogging is getting to be a waste of time because the pros and antis cancel each other out and Arianna goes to the bank with another half a billion Enenews is real. I doubt if they take money from the Koch Brothers.

      • hogy

        Wow Socrates——-
        I learn new stuff on ENEnews all the time. All along I thought Ariana Huffington owned/ran Huffpo. Looks like all she does is go to the bank with $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
        I agree that the bloggers cancel each other out.

        Humor here too–like "Speechless in Sacramento"… Thanks for the laughs, Winterborn.

  • Kashiko Kashiko

    Yes me too

  • Angela_R

    Perhaps, to me, one of the most pertinent questions is:
    "who wants the human race to survive?"

    (The above is out of order, the most important is the suffering of mankind.)

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Angela, if we stay on this current Nuclear Technology course..none of us will survive. 🙁

      • Angela_R

        I'm not for it, obewan at all. Just that mind drifted recently onto 'what was their logic' (not mine)…
        why the concentration of space exploration and..

  • WavyGravy unobtanium

    CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, NPR, CBC and HuffPo are all proud affiliates in the Ministry of Propaganda.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      The people are being lied to at every turn.
      So sad..

      • rakingmuck

        I have to say Rose, I do my part as much as one human can, to put out the truth. Other than here where the truth is known, most people do not want to hear it. That is what is sad to me. I tell friends in Los Angeles this past weekend that are eating shrimp from the Pacific about the danger, all of them highly educated – some even academics and they say to me "I could die crossing the street." Which scenario is more sad: knowing and denying or not knowing at all? I think it is the latter so my efforts at trying to convince people who know and deny stopped this weekend. Their choice to die faster is theirs to make and a waste of my time.

        • We Not They Finally

          They don't want to give up their lifestyles, their standing in the world, their income, and the like. They could give up shrimp, that's the easy part, but the rest is unthinkable to them.

          Unfortunately, life might very well be doing it FOR them.

          If you are still in touch with them, maybe just say, o.k., you could lose your life tomorrow, you or the person next to you. Something like a "Negative Lotto," where you hope that you are NOT picked. But what if your home, your income, your titles, your creature comforts were gone? If you talk to them again, just hit them where the live.

          Oh, my God — frighten those poor insulated people? Yes, good idea! It's coming for them anyway.

          • So they would willingly cross the street, stepping right in front of a Mack truck going 100 MPH?

            Cross the street is one thing, committing suicide by eating radiated food is another.

            But then again, maybe they DO want to commit suicide that way…

            Joke around with them, lead them down the path another step, walk with them two miles if need be..

            • Another idea…

              Ask them in a joking way of course, if you can get permission to write a 5 million dollar life insurance policy on them, before they 'step in front of that Mack truck'?

    • hogy


      Add PBS to the list of media perps.
      They cut the planned show of a documentary on the Koch Bros. because the Kochs are one of their biggest underwriters.
      Don't drink Koch, er Coke.

  • name999 name999

    i don[t really understand what is happening here, why is it posted here?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Nice. Reality. I wonder if CNN will make it BREAKING NEWS!

    Thanks Admin…

  • Kashiko Kashiko

    A little off topic but worth looking at;

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Not off topic, but this line is bullshit and not one mention of Nuclear Radiation Contamination. 🙁

      "This is partly because a shift in lifestyles is causing an increase in incidence, and partly because clinical advances to combat the disease are not reaching women living in these regions."

    • razzz razzz

      If you ever watched old black and white Hollywood films, everyone is smoking, constantly. What were the cancers rates back then? The WHO is suddenly worried about rising cancer rates, why now? Smoking, eating, lifestyles are killing us via cancers?

      Sticky tobacco leaves have an affinity to collect whatever is in the air like heavy metals (radioactive or not) and good at uptaking poison elements from the ground and fertilizer used. The Japanese smoke like chimneys but cancer rates were low there. Not anymore as Daiichi fallout coats the their farmlands, cancers rates will go through the roof.

      With the WHO, it is misdirection and a blame game away from the nuclear industry. All part of the nuclear agenda. Cancers were almost unheard of until man began splitting atoms. Now if you have a cancer, it is treated with some type of nuclear medicine. Seems to be a money making vicious circle off human suffering.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks would be correct!

      • tsfw tsfw

        ): Razz does that mean sticky weed leaves do the same? Please say no. Please please please please please …

      • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

        If I may, cancer was not unheard of before humans started splitting the atom: one of the first well-documented uses of natural radium, once isolated, was for treating cancer because it was so prevalent. An entire industry surrounding that use rose and fell over perhaps 30 years before we intentionally created the first reactor pile (the dangers were finally recognized by the masses after the radium dial painters plight became public knowledge).

        • We Not They Finally

          That's what Marie Curie died of — radium poisoning. Her hands were all gnarled before she went.

          But radiation so lowers physical resistance, that every toxin becomes more dangerous.

      • DrCarl DrCarl

        Razz would be PARTIALLY correct. The WHO not suddenly worried about anything … they have a continuing and growing interest in promoting/enabling Big Pharma and Big Corp, and are "in bed" with the PTB, governments, the FDA, USDA, CDC, Monstanto, the NRC, ETC.

        Cancer rates may or may not have increased, I have not analyzed/verified that personally. What has DRASTICALLY improved is detection and reporting. Also problematic is Man's increased role in messing with nature.

        Tobacco (like sunflowers and mushrooms) uptake radioactive isotopes especially if fertilized with mineral phosphates. I recommend washing your cigarettes before smoking them – lol? At least smoke organic.

        Of course there is more money to be made in managing diseases like cancer than curing them. There are cheap and effective CURES like those found at "cancer tutor dot calm" (not my site and it has no ads).

        Further, comparing cancer rates between Asians and Caucasians can be misleading without considering a big list of factors. For instance, who east miso? Do you know about the laundry list of miracles associated with daily intake of miso? Look it up. (Avoid ALL non-fermented soy products.)

        Coronary Heart Disease
        Breast & other cancers
        Radiation sickness
        Cardio- & Cerebrovascular disease 
        Liver cirrhosis
        Peptic ulcers
        Chronic pain

        Splitting atoms sure is an expensive way to boil water.

        • hogy

          to Dr Carl:

          Thanks for the cancer tutor .com link.

          Do safflowers also uptake radio isotopes? S
          Why I ask: Safflower oil is one of the better cooking oils (cheaper, even if organic, better nutritionally than sunfower) but then olive oil is the best.

        • charlie3

          Carl, can you name a good miso that does not come from Japan – I want to consume miso, but I don't want any fukushima in my miso.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      When i read the breatcancer rising i wonder if this is also related to bio-accumulation of PCB's in human breastmilk.
      I readed somewhere that it has become the most toxic food PCB-wise.
      Cant be good..combined with nuclear and all other pollutants..

  • Angela_R

    name999, you ask "Why is it posted here?" Why not?

    To be blunt it has taken the scientific world some time to understand that final interview of Carl Sagan; which has already been posted by a regular contributor, I think Ann…it is taking even longer for the political sphere

    apparently plutonium has other uses, the chinese are currently using it to power a battery that has just landed on the moon.

    • justasweetgurl

      "apparently plutonium has other uses, the chinese are currently using it to power a battery that has just landed on the moon."

      So we have just contaminated another world with the deadly stuff then? Aren't we a great, thoughtful and compassionate species.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Just so you know, it is more than the moon we have put plutonium on.

      The Mars rover Curiosity is powered by a Pu238 battery.
      The Pu238 decays, producing heat.
      That heat is used to warn part of a device that is cold on the
      non-Pu side to produce electricity.

      The Mars Viking Landers (late 1970s) also used radioisotope power systems to operate.

      The Cassini deep space probe used a radioisotope power system
      and created a bit of a controversy when it did a close fly-by of Earth back in 1999 for a gravity assist speed boost to then head for Saturn. Some worried about the "what if" it gets off course
      and burns up in the Earth's atmosphere.

      So this plutonium issue has been going on for some time now.
      Just not much about it in the MSM other than to sugar coat it.
      Think Church Lady on SNL…."How conveeeeeenient!".

      • Angela_R

        I don't know enough, I just wondered whether they were insane.

        Let's see, some desire money, then they wish for control, but ultimately when confronted by reality, nature's survival instinct takes over..well, that's how I see it.

      • Cisco Cisco

        Oops, you forgot to mention a plutonium powered heart pacemaker.
        That's one for the record books. WTF!

      • charlie3

        Space is already highly radioactive – the ideal would be to send all our poisonous waste into space.

        "Radiation comes from many sources. Light from the sun produces a range of wavelengths from long-wave infrared to short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV). Background radiation in space is composed of high-energy X-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays, which all can play havoc with the cells in our bodies. Since such ionizing radiation easily penetrates spacecraft walls and spacesuits, astronauts today must limit their time in space. But being in outer space for even a short time greatly increases the odds of developing cancer…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      It was Heart who posted that. I followed to the youtube, and it cut out right after what Carl Sagan spoke. I would have like to have heard what pro-nuclear Charlie Rose said after Carl Sagan.y7

  • razzz razzz

    Media is important as a selling tool, keeps a majority of the masses uninformed and distracted with misinformation an with a catchy tune or catchy phrase thrown in. If it comes from the government, it must be true.

    Citizens don't seem to care unless it affects their livelihood, recreation or outright health.

    • rakingmuck

      Razz,I am ashamed to say I have worked in media my whole life. Perhaps there is some redemption in distributing this academic report. If you (and all else here) are familiar with the term Existential Risk the report below identifies the horrific truth about the effect Fukushima and nuclear energy has had and will continue to have, if allowed by Government. For those not familiar with the term it is a relatively new way scientists are looking at humanity through the lens of EXTINCTION RISKS which this paper makes absolutely clear Fukushima is and why.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        “…nuclear power belongs to a particular class of risks whereby high socio-technical complexity and institutional failures, in other words possible social deficiencies, are inherent (Perrow, 1999a; Turner, 1994)….
        Fukushima arguably further proved the inadequacy of risk governance as a relevant framework to understand and prevent what Bostrom called “existential risks” to humanity(2013:15): anthropogenic dangers that threaten the very survival of the human species.”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Bostrom, N., (2013). Existential Risk Prevention as Global Priority.
          GlobalPolicy. 4 (1). Pp. 15-31.

          “…I believe that if we destroy mankind, as we now can, this outcome will be much worse than most people think. Compare three outcomes:

          (1) Peace.
          (2) A nuclear war that kills 99% of the world's existing population.
          (3) A nuclear war that kills 100%….
          “Even if we use the most conservative of these estimates, which entirely ignores the possibility of space colonization and software minds, we find that the expected loss of an existential catastrophe is greater than the value of 1016 human lives. This implies that the expected value of reducing existential risk by a mere one millionth of one percentage point is at least a hundred times the value of a million human lives. The more technologically comprehensive estimate of 1054 human-brain-emulation subjective life-years (or 1052 lives of ordinary length) makes the same point even more starkly. Even if we give this allegedly lower bound on the cumulative output potential of a technologically mature civilization a mere 1% chance of being correct, we find that the expected value of reducing existential risk by a mere one billionth of one billionth of one percentage point is worth a hundred billion times as much as a billion human lives….”

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          "[…] Fukushima arguably further proved the inadequacy of risk governance as a relevant framework to understand and prevent what Bostrom called “existential risks” to humanity(2013:15): anthropogenic dangers that threaten the very survival of the human species.”

          What that means: People can't be trusted with nuclear power.

          Don't trust any news organization that acts like you don't have to doubt that they will perfectly report the truth or protect you. Check it out:

          • rakingmuck

            There are primarily four scientists whose work on Existential Risk rises above the others. Bostrom has risen to the top of the pack because this is his main priority. The link I posted above presents his entire theory is a relatively easy way to understand. One of the big take aways for me was not just that people cannot be trusted with nuclear power due to anthropogenic dangers but that entire civilizations many not have risen above this phase and have all gone extinct because of it.

            One of the tenants of Existential Risk is that BANG risks are transgeneraltional, meaning crosses generations and wipes out or extincts all. Until recently nuclear energy was in a different classification of risk. It was only partial extinction and that may still be the case. In either way we are still talking extinction period.

            On a personal note, something similar to this theory came to me in a dream about 5 years ago. I dismissed it until I came across this paper. In the dream we were all living in what Bostrom calls a "simulation". Maybe that's true.

        • rakingmuck

          I was just going to put up a link to Bostrom's original paper on Existential Risk: Scenarios for Human Extinction and there you were. Here it is:

          • No way to contact him, via any of his website stuff, no way to comment or give feedback… just top down, one way…

            Lots and lots of research… covers many bases, but not all of them. He ignores Carrington Event and nuclear plants for example.

      • razzz razzz

        rakingmuck: Yeah, trying to decipher the inner workings of man's brain is an exercise in futility. Also makes for a long dissertation. The address pretty much says it all.

        "Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results" does not even apply to the nuclear industry when the deadly results are already known and proven…they are just ignored and replaced with a greed goal. Then to attain the goal, it becomes a socialist and criminal operation where not even a private venture could profit from nuclear power generation, has to forced upon people (taxpayers) via a (military) governmental (deadly) agenda.

        It is interesting that current wars are only fought on lands that lack nuclear power. So the rush to build nuke plants by governments is a strategy to prevent outright attacks since nuclear fallout is deadly and well known to spread over the entire earth. Who in their right mind would want to call a bluff ending in a nuclear winter lasting centuries? (Don't answer that)

        I am surprise San Onofre was shutdown even not being a rational decision but a monetary one.

        Tell your family, friends and people about the nuclear industry, once they hear or read the words (arguments) they have to come to grips with it, like it or not, now or later, censorship involved or not.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Thanks for the links. From the article in Surfermag:

      For Keito Matsuoka, a Japanese surfer from the town of Sendai, the news of the ongoing problems at the reactor have forced him to lose faith in his government’s ability to handle the situation. “I don’t know what to believe anymore. There are so many conflicting reports from the government. One day you’ll hear that the radiation levels are low, and the next you hear about the recent spike we had. The town where I’m originally from, Sendai, is located near Fukushima. And even though the government says that it’s safe to go in the area, I don’t trust them. I can’t surf my home break more than a few times every month because I’m scared of the radiation.”

      End of quote.

      It's amazing. Because he is scared, Keito won't surf in Sendei "more than a few times EVERY month. It really is on to see it from his perspective. Because I am scared, I would not play in my backyard, if it was in Sendai. I guess it's all relative to your perspective. Reminds me of the movie where these German Nazis lived near a concentration camp, and everyone was getting a bit worried about the smell (bodies burning in ovens) The little family's daddy worked there. He knew what was going on, but he wouldn't tell his family. Then one day his little boy crawled through the fence at the camp. I forget if they threw him in the oven, or not.

      He only played there "a few times every month."

    • Ana Ana

      Thank you for the links. I had no idea the Brits had dumped 500 pounds of Plutonium into the Irish Sea (and other types of zoomies as well). I am staggered. I am also amused that one of the links is to the Ventura (Californa) newspaper. Ventura is next to the Santa Susana reactor which melted down and is not mentioned at all in the newspaper.
      Ana in Sacramento

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    These people are all very sick organizations, for they know not what they do.. 🙁

    • Fall out man!

      I'm sure they don't appreciate the full reality of the evil their lies do Obewan, but at the same time, they know they are liars. That may sound harsh, but recently the NY Times (and I notice some local large papers near me) have shut down comments on key propaganda articles, or even shut down comments altogether (perhaps all their articles are propaganda?) Its a recent global trend. Popular "Science" magazine for example has shut down all comments. Its very obvious they did this because their lies could be pointed out in the comments section. I know many Enenewsers have set many other publications straight with the facts using a simple comment.

      This link points out some of the latest comment bans, and has some outrageous quotes from the editor of Popular Science. They absolutely know they are lying, and that is what they are paid to do.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Yes, we saw it all sneak into all the online comment sections via facebook etc. sign in requirements for posting and then we started to see heavy moderation on all comments proffered. We have a problem that is growing worse by the day and it is surely a hidden agenda that none of us here will like when it is all said and done.

        Oppression can be the only end result from such enacted laws and institutional behaviors. The truth has always been an illusion spinning inside the corridors of our brains. Life is actually a very simple concept and does not need to be this complicated and/or this dangerous. When other people determine what is acceptable or not, without your permission, that is when the truth must be hidden at all costs from those that are then taken advantage of.

        Mankind has great potential and promise and we simply have allowed other people to control our world and these people have made many mistakes along the way and Nuclear Power Generation is by far the worse mistake they have made and it's all very sad that we have polluted our environment to the point that we humans now think that cancer is norma, all of this

        Correct this as other species on this planet are now disappearing and going extinct in record numbers.

        The people in charge have made a huge mistake and they need to correct as quickly as possible… ending all Nuclear Technology on this Planet's surface.

        Correct this mistake as soon as possible since the numbers do not lie..

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Typos not done by me..but by someone else…out there! 🙁

          "Mankind has great potential and promise and we simply have allowed other people to control our world and these people have made many mistakes along the way and Nuclear Power Generation is by far the worse mistake they have made and it's all very sad that we have polluted our environment to the point that we humans now think that cancer is normal, all of this as other species on this planet are now disappearing and going extinct in record numbers."

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          These publications are run by very rich and powerful men. The power gained from controlling these publications is why they own them in the first place.

          They cannot fathom their readers as having any valuable opinions. Makes me think they should just get out of the business; for what is the purpose of multimedia communications? Communication is a two way street, so to speak. If their readers opinions are not valued, what is the value of informing them? They should just close up shop. OHOHOOHHO we can't do that, we lose all our power and stuff. Boo hoo hooo BWAAAAAAAAAA

    • Angela_R

      Digressing, off topic, how about we meet Philip
      Who was the robotic scientist that exclaimed: "It is not if they take over, it is when!"

      Check out

      Then think of the poor 'being' trapped in THIS:

      Well, Carl Sagan warned, as no doubt have many scientists since

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      Oh, they know. Unfortunately, they respect money and power over all else. Sadly, that's often by choice at the top levels and by circumstance and conditioning further down the corporate food chain (ie work for not-immediately-provable-evil-company vs. feed, clothe and house family).

  • lam335 lam335

    "A corporate stakeholder is that which can affect or be affected by the actions of the business as a whole. … [Stanford Research Institute] defined stakeholders as "those groups without whose support the organization would cease to exist." …The term has been broadened to include anyone who has an interest in a matter….

    Types of stakeholders

    Any action taken by any organization or any group might affect those people who are linked with them in the private sector. For examples these are parents, children, customers, owners, employees, associates, partners, contractors, and suppliers, people that are related or located nearby.

    Primary Stakeholders – usually internal stakeholders, are those that engage in economic transactions with the business. (For example stockholders, customers, suppliers, creditors, and employees)

    Secondary Stakeholders – usually external stakeholders, are those who – although they do not engage in direct economic exchange with the business – are affected by or can affect its actions. (For example the general public, communities, activist groups, business support groups, and the media)"

    … Post, Preston, Sachs (2002), use the following definition …: "The stakeholders … are the individuals and constituencies that contribute, either voluntarily or involuntarily, to its wealth-creating capacity and activities, and that are therefore its potential beneficiaries and/or risk bearers."


    • lam335 lam335

      According to some of these definitions, we all seem to be "secondary stakeholders" of the NRC. We are all affected by and bear the risk of its activities and decisions … whether we want to or not.

      The problem is that so many media outlets seem more like "primary" stakeholders insofar as their parent companies hold significant financial interests in the nuclear power industry as well.

      • lam335 lam335

        from April 2011:

        "With nuclear powerhouse General Electric as co-owner of NBC, it's not surprising that GE's CEO Jeffery Immelt and CFO Keith Sherin both sit as directors on the network's board. But it's not the only network whose board has nuclear energy connections: ABC's directors include a representative from Halliburton as well as from Edison Mission Energy. Not to be outdone, CBS, a former subsidiary of the energy giant Westinghouse, seats three board members from the nuclear energy industry's Southern Company, NSTAR and Consolidated Edison."

        • zogerke zogerke

          Speaking of coned, consolidated Edison companies of New York, I relay this story:
          A mid level environmental safety manager there attended a meeting to discuss the future of gas and energy generation in the NYC region. This was about 2003. This was a closed meeting with high level utility department heads. When mid level manager inquired of green, solar, alternative initiatives and their chance of being developed, here was the answer:
          "Our entire capital infrastructure of pipes, steam and gas distribution and electrical grid equipment is our wealth. We will not invest in technology that will make our capital investment outdated. We invest no more than two percent of profit into anything alternative, and that is mostly to keep ahead of competitors. We will not serve our stakeholders well if we do anything other than build profit on the energy infrastructure we have, and we will continue to generate profit with what we have developed and put in place. ".
          Mid level manager was treated as though a little bit stupid for even asking the naive question.

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            There is another kind of profit that their stakeholders could reap, if management did not have this inside the box thinking. With the present model, the stakeholders do not reap renewable energy, a clean environment, and eventually lower energy bills. They must keep their feet on their neighbors' throats, to pay their own bills. Because they have invested in jackboots, and jackboots are their infrastructure. We call this civilization?

  • retali8 retali8

    ….i was wondering why me and several other members got shot down in the early days of the Fuku crisis when posting on HuffPost… now we know why, so many shills and people paid for nuclear industry there…. the truth MUST be hidden 🙁 they tried so hard in the best interests of there pay checks.

    • Angela_R

      retail8, you state "the truth MUST be hidden…"

      Most likely those here will have encountered a similar query to the following: "if a train was travelling, carrying two hundred passengers and you know you could save them by switching tracks that would only kill two, would you pull that lever and sacrifice the two?"

      In attempting to follow the logic of the 'echelon', I have wondered whether there might be something we are not seeing; like perhaps, that the earth is thought to be already doomed?

      Let's suppose that 'the powers that be, here on earth' have attempted to devise a way to save some.

      • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

        That ethical test has an interesting sub-feature:
        By design you don't know who those two people are.

        Would your stance chance if the two people were say, the heads of GE and TEPCO?

        What about if they were Ghandi and Jesus?

        What if there are more than 200 people on that train, something more like some fair percentage of the population of the Earth, or the number of people whose health was/will be negatively impacted by Fukushima-Daiichi?

        • Angela_R

          Hi Crash, "That ethical test has an interesting sub-feature: By design you don't know who those two people are"
          I have heard others.
          I didn't answer the first time. Recently, in a discussion with my daughter, I said I thought it was a method of pre-programming. She explained that even in her field, such matters were raised. I gave my answer.

          I am not God, I would not pull the lever, for then I would be involved in the death of two people. I don't make life and death decisions; it is to be hoped that the individuals to be effected are given the change to make a decision and can.

    • SS4U SS4U

      come to think of it, my comments re: fuk on the were censored. they were subj. to "moderators" approval, then never appeared.

      I am "baffled " <not> the shills are everywhere

  • tsfw tsfw

    Because they have showed so much concern for the veterans' well being. I couldn't help but think that this sort of drug could be used to keep everyone calm…you know where I'm going with this …

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      With the present track record of vaccinations, I certainly wouldn't advise anyone to take any kind of vaccination at all. Radiation and drugs seem to be the cause of all the mass shootings.

      • tsfw tsfw

        Years ago I read that many of the teens in these school shootings were on some form of SSRI. Psychologists were speaking out about it on talk shows and then it suddenly went quiet. And then years later we learn that these drugs actually increased suicide idealization risk in teens. So sad how many lives are ruined while big pharma gets away with murder. When my son was in the 3rd grade, his teacher was trying to convince me that he was ADHD and needed meds. A TEACHER was DXing my child. I don't think so! He won't sit still, distracting the other students from learning etc etc.. So I asked her what she did about it and it wasn't much. I knew I wasn't dealing with anyone very assertive so a few days later I went to the school and without telling anyone, watched the class and it didn't take 5 minutes to see that she should have been teaching older students. She had no control of the class and carried on teaching as the chaos ensued without attempting to put an end to the nonsense. My hat goes off to all teachers out there and with 39 students in her class, I don't think I could do it either. But no way am I about to drug my child to make other people's lives easier. I refused and the teacher referred the issue to the principal who clearly defended the teacher and not the young mother. So I put my son in another school and the teachers there said they read the reports from his old school and didn't believe they were describing the same child. This acceptance of…

        • tsfw tsfw

          drugging our children is ridiculous and criminal. And teachers have no right at all calling parents into a room with dx'es they have no damn business making in the first place. She is lucky I was in a good mood that day.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Mass sea life die offs, and China bans U.S. West Coast shellfish.

  • Angela_R

    "you know where I'm going with this…" I think so 🙂

    Stress can be necessary. The 'fight of flight' human response works for mankind's survival. Calming, may not be advisable. However, post traumatic shock syndrome is a dreadful experience, which can be ongoing or reoccurring.

  • tarpus
    and this was just the 50's…

    I knew where Arianna gots all her monies from 🙂 And Murdoch and Turner, Zuckerburg on the other spectrum. Presstitute bastards will say anything for a dollar even if it's a radioactive dollar…

  • tsfw tsfw

    You would have to force feed me all sorts of other drugs, to get me to willingly take that drug.

  • Nick

    Ever notice how "environmental" stories are presented?

    In simple terms.

    Example: … "Today we are going to look at plastic bags. Plastic bags kill fish when they get into the ocean. Your local community leaders are working hard to enact a ban on single-use plastic bags."

    The listener/viewer gets the guilt message and actually ponders bags.

    But talk about Fukushima? Too complex to report on.

    …Next environmental topic….let's see we did the bag thing, maybe we can get folks worked up over woodstove smoke? Yeah that's it. I'll start my copy
    tonight for editors looksee in the morning"……

  • midwestern midwestern

    And so it comes to light.
    In the early days after March 11th, I wondered why "keeping them honest" Anderson Cooper and others were no where near the ongoing Fukushima global crisis. Our conclusions affirmed here.
    "Keeping them honestly silent" is closer to the truth.
    In the same way that "Atoms for Peace" is more about "Atoms for RIP".

  • LOL, DUH, of course, you all have heard it before….."keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

  • And for Huffpost….can someone teach that woman English!

    Sheesh….now if you want to counteract their daily propaganda, you have to give them your cell phone number. so all your comments can be collected by NSA and attributed to an individual, even if you have a "fake" Facebook persona.

    Nice work Huff

  • mungo mungo

    more bribery and corruption..

    TEPCO to cut power bills, restart nuclear plant

    Tokyo Electric Power Company is drawing up a business plan to cut electricity rates by restarting all the reactors at a nuclear power plant in central Japan.

    TEPCO raised the rates to cover its losses after the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in 2011. The increases averaged about 8.5 percent for households, and 17 percent for businesses.

    But the plan TEPCO is drawing up includes reactivating all seven reactors at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant in Niigata Prefecture over the next several years. The utility wants to show that it will be able to reduce electricity bills through the full-scale resumption of operations. All nuclear reactors at the plant are now offline.

    TEPCO also plans to slash fuel costs by replacing old thermal power plants with more efficient facilities.

    Industry sources say the utility could lower electricity rates in stages if it can realize the resumption. They say the rate cuts would total about 10 billion dollars a year in 10 years.

    TEPCO plans to finalize the business program by the end of the year.
    Dec. 16, 2013 – Updated 12:13 UTC

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      Almost makes you wonder what else those TEPCO plants are used for, and why they *must* be brought back online ASAP now that Fukushima-Daiichi is out of commission. My first guess was I suppose naive, along the lines of medical isotopes. The second and third were far more cynical and revolve around different fuel mixtures, etc..

  • Entergy is a Slumlord and Palisades is Leaking Into Lake Michigan and a long list of violations
    This from a Nuke Worker…….
    Desperation is no excuse for shitting where you live.
    And the violations have continued since this was written

  • NRC Soups up Another Old Boiling Water Clunker, Stop the Madness
    Just 6 months after a major error during maintenance that caused a massive water drop in the reactor, and thus an emergency shutdown. XCEL energy instead convinces the NRC that what they need instead of a trip to the woodshed, is to soup up this old 1970 clunker. NRC agreed to let them burn hotter and heavier to increase their profits.
    Xcel promised costs of around $100M for the uprate Soup Up….and instead it was $267M over budget. Which the rate payers will have to suck up all the costs for.

    Monticello is a Boiling Water Design, the worst design, the one that is destroying the Islands of Japan via Fukushima.

  • weeman

    What do you expect people you are a threat to the two percent and their lifestyle, you did not think they would give up without a fight did you, every trick in the book is on the table, I suggest we hit back in a similar manner.

  • name999 name999

    oh, geez, didn't read this closely enough last night…there are unfortunately many pro-nuclear people believing in this "NuClear" technology that they claim is much safer smaller sized technology. CNN, Huffington Post, Michael Moore…no good news in all this…

  • Shaker1

    Can one truly be surprised at this report? I've lost 'friends' over the use of social media. They little understand the part they play in their own oppression. Nor do they understand that it really doesn't have to be the way it is. One has to get away from the binary thinking that pervades the culture, from religions to the language, the idea of heroes without the accompanying tragedy that is their premise without exception, the thought that the simple is apparent dichotomy which is either A or B when in reality the choices would exhaust the alphabet in a comprehensive list. One's personal power for change in most situations may only be non-cooperation, but its power shouldn't be dismissed out of hand. The smallest stone in a river affects the water's flow. Enough small stones, and one can change its course.

  • Speedy

    Fox news reports—

    Shouldn't this be on the nightly news….every night….untill it sinks in..

  • We Not They Finally

    Arianna Huffington needs to pull out of whatever crap deal she made with AOL, if this is what's behind this for Huffington Post. If she has any of that vaunted "integrity." IF.

    • ftlt

      Arianna is an opportunist of the first order..

      A money and power first bitch – if she was a man she'd be a money first asshole HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA

    • mairs mairs

      She doesn't own it anymore. And remember she was a staunch Gingrich, "Contract With America", religious Right Wing supporter before she went "liberal". Whether you are on one political side or the other, how can you trust someone who has gone all out for diametrically opposed viewpoints. It's about money.

  • We Not They Finally

    If these "external stakeholders" really want to be morally guilty of supporting the likes of "Pandora's Promise," then I'll tell you what:

    They can draw lots and send one rep to stand in front of (I believe it is) reactor no. 2. After they die in 20 minutes, the widow (or widower) can plead with the rest of them over the wanton reckless murder of humans, not to mention animal and plant species.

    Then if the rest still want to stand with genocide of all the species of the Earth, they can draw lots again, and so on.

    Then if they still don't "get it," they truly deserve anything that THEY get. It's just that WE DON'T. Signed, Rep for the poor starfish and everything/everyone else you think it is fine to kill as "the cost of doing business."

  • Occupant Occupant

    Liberals ought to be forced to drink their nuclear Kool-aid

  • SophieQ

    Please tell me that this doesn't come as a surprise to You. Just listening to NPR shows how propaganda is dished out on every subject. That's why it is called National Propaganda Radio.

  • name999 name999

    whether it is liberal or conservative media it is all pretty bad…I have gotten so used to that, when I listen to news programs I just look for the bits of truth, the real news that leaks through somehow. As I have mentioned in another post, I was heartened by getting some honest news reports earlier this year on Hanford Nuclear Reservation here in WA State, but all that has literally updated with the big lies…everything is OK after all folks, new studies show…no worries…and now no news.
    I am a bit surprised about Michael Moore though. I guess not so much that big news outlets are taking $ from NRC and others. These people who create the nuclear industry used for military or utility, this is where the big bucks are and that is what rules most everywhere. I have gotten so used to this that it doesn't surprise me in general…feels like there is no way to get past the dead end we are facing…Enenews is one resource I trust for truthful reports…grateful…

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Reading the comments it struck me that we need to write on the subway walls. By that I mean, we need to write our concerns & facts wherever & whenever, even when an article is about something completely different on any news source. We cannot let them stop us ..becasue if 1 place prevents comments, find another that allows them. And write, share comments on any article you find about anything. Get the message out. The article does not need to be about nuclear, radiation or even energy for us to comment about nuclear or radiation. We must decide when & where we talk about it.

    pssst please stop capitalizing nuclear & please stop using TPTB…lets not give them the title of powers that be…We need to stop giving them powers over us. And I stand as a concerned citizen & not an activist. That word is now used as a weapon or a put down. So I refuse to use it for myself or others. The same as I seldom use the word governments, federal etc. Instead I use us citizens (not consumers) or taxpayers. Bring it back to us when talking to others..

    I now do is to talk to people about starting small gardens, use solar when they can, support small local business etc. etc. I remind them that there are many small changes we can make to control our lives & futures. I refuse to give up as I believe that some will survive & children need to learn NOW how to do things differently. I also remind them to take supplements & to watch more carefully what they buy & what they eat.

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      Another thought on writing on the subway walls…I had in mind a permanent place where we can put info, either ways to protect yourself or About the dangers of radiation..I know no actual writing on subway walls but where else can we make a permanent mark? Any ideas? It is meant to take away the power of media & others have over the spread of info.

      I also agree that nuclear is but a small piece of the puzzle & that until we control OUR governments & control how OUR money is spent & have more control on hiring & firing & decision making, nothing will change. We need to also need to stop having 1 person, be it a president, prime minister, king or queen who can change any laws or regulations that the people have put in place without our approval first.

      As long as things remain the same nothing will change.

  • Lady M

    Keeping in mind that the #1 thing that drives action is money — one thing we can do is to engage the food industry in helping to disseminate information that the news media won't. I got this idea from the fact that, back when the Gulf oil spill occurred, for weeks the food stores I shop at had signs in the deli stating "Our shrimp are NOT from the Gulf!" Imagine supermarkets everywhere with signs saying "Our fish are NOT from the Pacific!" and "Our beef is NOT from Japan!" Whoa! Great conversation-starters among the customers and the servers, right? True, the Gulf issue had media coverage. But if enough concerned folks like us, acting as regular customers, take the initiative to ask to speak with the managers of our usual stores and restaurants, and ask them about the origins of their fish and beef, and tell them why we are asking, and maybe have some urls to give them where they can learn more, it certainly will generate some important conversations about Fukushima radiation among these folks and their professional food buyers; it could help generate food industry demand for food testing; and it might even result in that conversation-sparking signage. The food industry can't afford to have consumers afraid to buy their products. If certain products are potentially dangerous, and if the store and restaurant owners can be made to believe customers are AWARE of this fact, then they will need to either keep these products out of their establishments or label them.

  • razzz razzz

    "We have no government, armed with power, capable of contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." – John Adams

    Politicians and monopolies are way ahead of you. Fallout in the air, turn off the monitors. Request the origin of your products, make labeling vague. Pass a citizen's initiative, have a judge overturn it. Death by cancers rising, change the legal definition of cancer. Profits to companies, losses to taxpayers (by law). Aside from the typical propaganda, outright lying and stripping parental education rights away (dumb down the kids) to further agendas.

    Probably the money angle is most effective if you can pull it off as a way to protest. Still difficult trying to pry a Starbucks coffee out of a patrons hand. Supporting local politicians that have the same mindset as you (if you can find one) and hope if elected they don't become corrupted to the cause. Educating those around you is most rewarding aspect but takes a generation or two (25 years each) to come to fruition, only if you can create a majority.

    The most basic approach is to first take care of and educate yourself.

  • name999 name999

    …then what? great comment however, but lost…what to do now…i,m educated but everything seems to be coming apart…anyway…seems i am not winning on this. Still so sad for the starfish…sea lions, whales, herring, salmon…more…us

    • razzz razzz

      First and foremost, take care of yourself and try to maintain a certain quality in life. Knowing what you know now might help you avoid some of the pratfalls you used to succumb to. If you think decision making is complicated now, wait until you might get sick enough where you have to rely on suggestions of supposed well meaning doctors and friends. Difficult to think clearly when you are ill or suffering.

  • name999 name999

    yes…wise words…

  • We can go inside and make a difference within ourselves. That ONE power we do have.

    The power within can radiate out and affect others without any words being spoken and no laws being passed… it is called consciousness.

    It is so well hidden, that most people spend their whole lives seeking it, but never finding it, outside, in money, titles, positions, locations, association, etc..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂