Post-Fukushima Report: Concern over Plutonium and Uranium being deposited and re-concentrating far away — Isotopes transfer to land via sea spray, aerosols, flooding — Human exposure by inhalation, food, contact

Published: December 27th, 2013 at 9:12 am ET


House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee (pdf), Volume II Additional written evidence, Sixth Report of Session 2012–13:

Recommendations for post event marine monitoring programmes

[…] At Fukushima the monitoring authorities chose to focus on those isotopes (iodine and Caesium) [and] failed to investigate the presence, concentration and radiological significance of “hot” particles of reactor fuel, used fuel from cooling ponds and/or pieces of reactor of cooling pond structure released into coolant and ECW [Emergency Cooling Water] flows as a result of explosion, meltdown, containment breach, washout of coolant and through flow of ECW.

[…] Such a programme should identify near, mid and far field end fate deposition environments (seabed and inter tidal fine sediment deposits) where very long lived, non-soluble isotopes of Plutonium, Americium, Uranium and Curium might be expected to deposit out and re-concentrate relative to ambient water column concentrations.

[…] scientifically attested work […] has demonstrated the ability of several isotopes […] to re-concentrate in marine micro layers, marine sea sprays and marine aerosols and hence to transfer from the sea to the land [with] potential human exposure via inhalation, contact etc.

[…] such isotopes […] have been shown to transfer from the sea to the land (via sea spray, aerosols, flooding) and to contaminate terrestrial foodstuffs and thus enter terrestrial dietary chains.

[…] radioactivity deposited in inter tidal sedimentary environments has been shown to be susceptible to re-suspension (in drying conditions) and blowing ashore adsorbed to fine sediment particles to contaminate house dust and perhaps terrestrial foodstuffs […]

See also: [intlink id=”nuclear-expert-fukushima-melted-fuel-is-migrating-out-of-containment-it-will-end-up-on-coastline-in-fine-particles-and-gets-blown-into-neighborhoods-health-harm-from-this-fuel-to-last-for-thous” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

And: [intlink id=”nuclear-expert-melted-fuel-is-exiting-fukushima-site-its-being-dispersed-to-humans-a-long-way-from-plant-situation-is-beyond-mans-control-audio” type=”post”]Nuclear Expert: Melted fuel is exiting Fukushima site — Very effective way of it being dispersed to humans far away from plant[/intlink]

Published: December 27th, 2013 at 9:12 am ET


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148 comments to Post-Fukushima Report: Concern over Plutonium and Uranium being deposited and re-concentrating far away — Isotopes transfer to land via sea spray, aerosols, flooding — Human exposure by inhalation, food, contact

  • Edward Edward

    I feel confident our honest, hardworking american government has our best interest regarding this trainwreck …. NOT! I remember reading years ago that when america is done taking foreign oil from other countries and uses it's own that it is the decline of oil in the world. Well, here we are, america is now boasting 99% oil production, the downward spiral begins. Greed and corruption is ruining the planet …. and most people don't seem to care.

    • eyefidelity

      “Respect for the vulnerability of human beings is a necessary part of telling the truth. Because no truth will be wrested from a callous vision or callous handling.”

      – Anaïs Nin

      We don’t get no respect from our government. Most of us are too absorbed with media distractions and / or religion to demand it. Maintaining the status quo is the only thing that matters; the status quo is utterly unsustainable.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Oh, you can trust the U.S. Government, just ask an Indian…..

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      "..when america is done taking foreign oil from other countries"

      Our current military presence in the Mid East would imply otherwise.

      There is nothing to stop oil companies from doing "whatever it takes" to extract cheap domestic oil. Key to that statement is that the oil is considered, "cheap" because they are being allowed to do whatever they please regardless of the negative effect on The Commons, without repercussion. BP's treatment of the public and the Gulf itself were like a test run that showed corporations that it's open season on public resources.

    • Yoichi Shimatsu on 6th Jan 2014 presented some gut wrenching material on what USA is really not doing and doing…it's very disturbing data…and Japan has been silenced of course by their new laws and more laws to follow ….all while they still have the energy to go out and slaughter the whales and dolphins…
      i'm not gonna do business with japanese products…china makes everything anyway….they're no saints…and we're the biggest killers on earth of humans i think….

      Shimatsu's transcript which saves a lot of time…

  • deaddolphins simonhhh

    This enenews is easily the most important website on the planet…most other alternate sites are crammed full of "distractions"…they don't realize or are oblivious to the "fact" FUKU is doing incredible damage now and will ultimately reek horrendous damage for 1000's of years…put differently a slow moving extinction event globally….

    • Grampybone Grampybone

      The house of commons science on climate change committee seems to have an understanding of how the particles concentrated in water can transfer. To think that the people who should have been most outraged by this are just starting to make statements on the nature of the disaster is making my head spin. The daughters of alpha particle decay are reacting in the ocean currents in phenomenon the house of commons has not entirely expressed yet. I look forward to how they phrase their careful statements about this issue.

  • Sickputer

    SP: The babbling of pro-nuke, hormesis-loving UK nucleorats like Brian Catt in their published document is beyond even the typical Big Brother lunatic ravings!

    My experience includes seven years as a Radiation Protection Physicist at the RPS and NRPB. I have no concerns regarding the safe management of radiation in the UK, having done it for a job for seven years as well as seven years in medical imaging at EMI and GE. Further I am now aware of the science on low level radiation hazards, which is not what the now obsolete regulations assumed decades ago. We are naturally radioactive and live on a radioactive planet, eat radioactive bananas and nuts and absorb more radiation voluntarily for medical purpose than any other single source. The clear result of the research since the LNT hypothesis was suggested before low level data was tested and used to set “safe” levels without any corroborating evidence IS that there is a clear threshold at a high level relative to current limits, probably a hormetic dose level below which we get more cancer. It’s to do with the effectiveness of the immune system to deal with the 10,000 mutant cells we naturally produce per day. No one will die from radiation related illness at Fukushima, where primary containment worked as designed and Iodine was issued to the population as necessary as a largely preventative measure. "

    SP: Ends with a recommendation of Bernie Cohen. Blah!

  • Mack Mack

    Wonder if the “Energy and Climate Change Committee” is aware that:

    >> “Nuclear Energy Causes Global Warming”

    >> Nuclear power plants release carbon dioxide/CO2
    “Carbon-14 is principally formed in the moderator system and is released as carbon dioxide."

    >> Nuclear power plants release up to 9 times more CO2 than Solar, Water, or Wind Power

    >> It’s Renewable Energy that lowers carbon dioxide emissions:

    "Renewable-energy capacity in the U.S. almost doubled from 2009 to 2012, helping reduce the nation’s carbon-dioxide emissions last year to the lowest since 1994, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report."

    >> Renewable Energy can power the world:

    Download and read "CARBON-FREE AND NUCLEAR-FREE: A ROADMAP FOR U.S.ENERGYPOLICY" by Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D.

  • rogerthat

    ''the most important website on the planet''. Spot on, well done one and all. This is by far the biggest story since the second world war, and one of these fine days several billion people around the world are going to wake up to a most unpleasant reality. Truly scary.

    • Sickputer

      It's the biggest story in recorded human history. Small minded naked apes will never grasp that concept. We recognize the global threat is upon us.

      There will be only pre-1945 old-timer fond remembrances of BR (Before Radiation) and then the 2011 AF (After Fukushima). Throw in the pesticides, GMO, and chemical trash produced by other toxic industries and we see that in the last 200 years man has succeeded in fouling virtually every square acre on earth.

      A small segment of the world's population soiled the earth and destroyed the ecosystem. Life for carbon forms will never be the same. All the great civilizations and technology can't repair the fatal poisoning of our planet.

      We have met the enemy and he is us. —Pogo

  • Socrates

    The nuclear industry has trillions of dollars invested in their poisonous technology and investments, including inventories of plutonium and uranium. They have every intention of selling their inventories and technologies despite the ultimate destruction of life on the planet and our DNA.

    The "defense" industry promotes this, too. Even space exploration uses plutonium. Medical applications and manufacturing applications use this technology.

    Yet, there are so many avenues of ingestion and adsorption into the human population and the biosphere.

    It is said that the Queen owned the mineral rights of the UK. That produced wealth and power, just as the cannon foundries at Manchester produced the weapons for the imperialism of the Empire.

    This technology will be and is the opening of the Seventh Seal. A bad Fellini film…

    • Socrates

      Ingmar Bergmann not Felini..

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Hi Socrates , yes i heard that she ( the queen) is the person with the most "uranium rights" or something on this planet…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Every person who receives medical radiation treatments passes that radiation on into the environment which perpetuates. That radiation is released through bodily processes and is recycled into other persons through rain, soil absorption, then to the food and water. The so-called background radiation is increasing exponentially from additions throughout the entire fuel cycle.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        Hi anne, I figured that the "medical radiation" being applied so liberally to increasing numbers of patient/victims must keep things "warm" for those who they live with and those "downstream" from the commode,etc. When all of the Fuku-Ichi's occurring and that have occurred (whether we were informed of the release events or not)are added to the small portion of our atmosphere that supports life & which we must wallow in is considered-the cumulative effect HAS to be enormous(?)!! 😐 TPTB never waste a perfectly useful mega-disaster and probably dance with glee at the prospect of retiree's,welfare cases and the unemployed dying off before they can ever collect the pensions & entitlement funds they saw siphoned from their paychecks thinking that they'd be okay when they got older or injured & became a burden for the thieves in office they supported with their votes & tax dollars loyally during their "useful" years of working for the same scuzzy corporations & special-interest groups who own the govt. and poison the people & environment while "fixing" the economy & overpopulation. If their intent is also to lower the quality of life & willingness to go on or even give in to natural human survival instinct-then they've achieved their goals in the case of myself & some of my now-sickened & dying loved ones as I feel my life force draining from my body & force myself to get up & face yet another shitty day… 🙁 It's all FUKuD-up…take care anne.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          TY, Johnny Blade. I am sorry for all you are suffering and for the suffering of your family. They say that the sewage sludge being used on organic gardens is radioactive. I don't know if that is true or not. I don't know if sewage sludge is used on organic farms anyway.

          My daughter had radiation treatments [against my advice], but I told her that she had to make her own decision as she was the one who would have to live with the consequences. At the moment she is cancer free.

          Studies show that radiation treatments can cause cancer that can no longer be treated. I consider myself fortunate that my cancer was so far advanced that they did not recommend radiation treatment. Education is so painful. I feel like it is the blind leading the blind sometimes.

          Thank you for posting on this website.

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            Thank YOU anne, You've been here in the trenches even as the 1st reactors were exploding in Fuku-Ichi on 311! If there was an award issued for those who've contributed to ENEnews and our mutual cause you would surely be a contender among the top 3 ENEWSER's for your selfless efforts to inform the sleepwalking masses & give them a place to "wake up" & receive useful information & encourage the public to learn about 311 & come to their senses & the logical conclusions that you already have. THANKS AGAIN for always being here for us! In closing it doesn't feel right or natural to me these days when I wish others a "Happy New Year",etc.-but I'm making an exception for you & all my friends & acquaintances from the ENE group. Happy Holidays & Best Wishes to you & yours and to ALL of my ENEWSER pals! 🙂 TTYall next year! 😉

  • ftlt

    Finally, someone mentioned sea sprays and marine aerosols…

    Hello??? … Is anyone listening???

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I read that everyone is in danger who is 1000 miles from the West Coast is in danger. I looked it up. I am 850 miles inland from San Francisco and 950 miles inland from Los Angeles, CA. But then everyone is also in danger from all the nuclear waste and all the nuclear power plants and all the uranium mines and all the uranium mills.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        The EPA is no longer publishing the gamma readings for Colorado Springs, CO since Dec. 11.

      • Socrates

        And when they transport it and waste from it, there are further accidental spills and releases….

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        I now have bronchitis again and may stop breathing any minute. Carry on the good fight.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Anne, wishing you speedy recovery. Some people report success with nebulized ionic/colloidal silver which is easy to make.

        • bo bo

          Me too. Please take good care of yourself. My thoughts are with you.

          • bo bo


            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              TY, guys. I boil a pot of spring water and breathe the vapors. And take vitamin C.

              I just got upset at questionit who said I was saying that no one should ever take potassium iodide.

              The nuclear industry doesn't care anything about the truth.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                I have posted numerous times the failure of the Soviets to have their citizens take potassium iodide after Chernobyl. The US also failed to have anyone besides the officers on the USS Reagan take potassium iodide. Even if you don't get thyroid cancer, you will have hypothyroidism from radiation exposure and your immune system will be thereby weakened for any other ailment. Most of the hot particles are from transuranic elements that are of course all completely man-made and do not exist in nature and are created everyone day by nuclear power plants and nuclear waste.

                The assault on the nervous system by radiation is also lethal.

                • artika rama

                  anne ,hi I didnt know nervous system was so sensitive to radiation ,, i just learned it recently it was a big surprise for me . I thought nervous system and musculoskeletal syst. were the most resistant tissues .
                  Thanks .
                  Get well soon .

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    I didn't know it either. I just posted something on the general discussion forum recently. It seems logical that radiation would destroy any living system. I don't think any physical systems necessary for life can possibly be immune to radiation.

                    I find it very sad that the nuclear physicists and medical doctors who have warned against and been vehemently opposed to nuclear energy and weapons have been ignored by many in our society. Why ignore those with the most knowledge, experience, and wisdom?

                    • artika rama

                      Anne , well i knew that rapidly developing cells ,, like endothellium of GI tract cells or glands ; embryonic cells ; gonad cells were more sensitive with their high mitosis rates and turn over eand so on , but neurons ? the most stable cells in our body ?? thats like the shock of my life ,,
                      I first heard it on a blog site and i thought it was a misunderstanding , but obviously it isnt ,, i need to look into this ,, very interesting
                      Thanks for great info
                      Get well soon .

                    • artika rama

                      anne , take vitamin c , lots of tea ,, they say it s over in 7 days if you DONT consult a doctor and in one week if you DO ,,

                • Yes, it is the RULE and the NORM to not hand out KI tablets after a nuclear accident and also not warn people about high radiation levels.

                  Fukushima was no exception to this rule.

                  Only the FUKU hospital staff took KI tablets.

                  And one small town that disobeyed orders from both medical and govt. experts.

              • bo bo

                When I had bronchitis my chinese accupuncturist suggested to boil potatoes and leave them boiling, so the vitamin c and other healing properties are inhaled along with the vapors.

                • bo bo

                  And lots of root vegetables, especially carrots are good for lungs

                • artika rama

                  Bo Hmmmm that is not a standard therapy lets say ,, the amount you are taking in with the steam would be insignificant ,, besides vitamin c is heat sensitive ,starts breaking down when it s boiled , why boil it ,, why not just have fresh fruits ,, Tastes better too right 🙂

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  I just had for lunch boiled potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes, and on top after it was on my plate was raw, uncooked sprouted green peas. (plus dulse, cilantro, and Himalayan salt). I am going to have a grapefruit for dessert.

                  Thanks for your advice.

              • zogerke zogerke

                Blessings of clear breathing. Perhaps throw in some organic eucalyptus or sage or even mullein into the steaming pot, may break up congestion…

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              bo, waxman2001, TruckerDave, artika rama, zogerke, unincredulous, DisasterInterpretationDissorder
              I can't thank everyone enough. My lungs have been practically clear all day long. I wouldn't have believed it possible.

              bo, I boiled carrorts and breathed the vapors.

              waxman2001, I used the green garlic shoots from my green house, and on my millet, after it was on my plate, I added a heaping tablespoon each of turmeric and thyme (a natural antibiotic), and this morning I had some lemon and raw, unfiltered, organic honey.

              artika rama, I ate 2 grapefruits and 2,000 mg vitamin C.

              unincredulous, I had green shoots of garlic from my greenhouse and I found a whole lot of garlic capsules in my cupboard and took about 6 of them. I had a long walk outdoors today and used thyme (unheated & uncooked) on my food–a natural antibiotic)

              I will try the onion snips i the vapor tonight. I have lots growing in my greenhouse.

              zogerke, I will try the sage and mullein as soon as I find them buried somewhere in my closet pantry.

              TruckerDave, I have many Mugo Pines and Austrian Pines and Pinon Pines in my yard (mostly they are in double pots) and will try the tea. I didn't plant the White Pine because they have had some trouble with these in my area.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          I know what you're going through. My wife is severely asthmatic & has been intubated at least 6 times in our 22 +yrs together and lately I've had her 02 machine running for 4 days while giving her nebulizer treatments every 3 hours or so. Our 22 yr. old daughter is suffering respiratory distress with her asthma as well?!! I'm not at all "enthusiastic" regarding the upcoming "round #2" of chemo,surgery & radiation treatments( 🙁 ) about to begin in Jan-Feb even though she's so run-down & sick even before the nightmarish regimen of cancer treatments is set to begin! How can so many people not concern themselves with the many obvious changes in our atmosphere & environment have become so damned obvious to anyone who wasn't born yesterday??!! I remember when I used to look forward to the "cleansing" Spring rains that would wash away the grubby,urban grime that deposits on the snow & everything else. Now the rain/snow is the "filthy pollutant" that I avoid when possible and usually take samples of to run under the geiger counter & is ALWAYS at least 2x what is present in the air,usually much higher though! I've also noted that the sky(even at night?!)has been loaded with neatly "plowed" lines of chemtrails as far as the eye can see just before my wife & everyone I know with breathing problems becomes worse(?)! I'll probably be following the ambulance carrying my wife to the ER when I get home today. 😐 I hope you feel better soon anne.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            I'm sorry Johnny B. I hope your wife is all right and doesn't need to go to the hospital.

            I have an asthma inhaler but I think I am better off without it. The last time I had bronchitis I was determined not to use it. I stopped breathing 4 or 6 times, and had to work very had to get the air going back in and out of my lungs. But I was successful and I think I was better off in the long run. I have a very narrow bronchial passage and stuff gets stuck there. It was my allergy doctor who told me to breathe in the vapor from a boiling pot of water. The air is very dry here in the winter when it comes in and is heated up. I used to run a vaporizer, but I don't like it very much. I wasn't sick yesterday at all and I don't feel sick today at all. I am resting and reading a murder mystery. I probably got to mad at the shills and need to breathe deeply and practice meditation when reading their posts.

            Last winter was the first time I tried spring water. It was much better than tap water. I still have the water I boiled my lunch in. But some of the vegetables weren't organic. I might be breathing in pesticides, so I will boil organic carrots for dinner.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Open a door and get some fresh air, if it's not too cold. Call a doctor and get some antibiotics. I once had it so bad, I could not move for three days. Someone took me to the hospital, and anti biotics worked. Short of that, have a garlic sandwich. I have done it before and it is very unpleasant, but chop up garlic or grate it , heat butter and garlic on stovetop, make a spread on toast. About 3 tablespoons. Its rough, but chase it down with milk. Probably saved me. Don't take aspirin (NSAIDS) at same days as garlic, or willow bark, I found out it may cause bleeding. I'm not a doctor, this at your own risk, but it is my solution to avoid doctors and anti biotics.

          If you are allergic to garlic or something, of course, disregard.

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            P.S. You will smell like garlic to those around you for at least 2 days, shower or not.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            TY, unincredulous. I don't take aspirin, antibiotics, or any medicine anymore at all. I might have some green garlic shoots in my garden. I will try that. I don't eat any dairy at all. That's probably how I got sick in the first place. I ate some scolloped potatoes at my daughter's house on Christmas. Dairy causes mucus. My daughter didn't feel well. Maybe she was coming down with something.

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              anne , add a bit of fresh onion snipes to the vapor to desinfect , the same thing that make the eye blurry , kills bacteria in the lungs..i think ..from experience also..

      • Here's the Pacifca Beach, CA video again.
        {San Fanscisco)

        Now over 79,000 views.

        Anybody else notice?
        No bird sounds or visible birds for the entire 7 minutes while walking the beach.

        Sometimes the obvious can go unnoticed. Seemed weird! 

        “You can observe a lot just by watching.”
        ― Yogi Berra

        • 79,000 plus people have watched this video.

          Whether they choose to believe it or not.


        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Everyone there should get a protest sign, with a radiation reading taken on that location on each sign. Take the picture and then get the hell out of there. 3X background level is government action time, isn't it? Send pics to local paper, letters to the editor, governor, to the EPA, to POTUS.

          3X background on the beach, the starfish are toast, and there is no connection? Seems unlikely.

          Seems like the politicians melted before the starfish.

        • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

          Hey Chas – So I just got off the phone with the California dept of Health just now. Not one person in their office could answer my question. My question was "what is the normal radiation background levels for the State of California, and what is the current alert level standard"?…. Really? Finally they transferred me to someones extension and I had to leave a voice mail. How do they ever expect for anything to get done with such incompetency at the state and federal levels? Action should have been taken years ago, yet most folk have no clue. Sure thats part of the nucleocrat plan….. We never had a chance…………..

      • norbu norbu

        Hi anne I hope you feel better. can you give a link for: "I read that everyone is in danger who is 1000 miles from the West Coast is in danger." please. thank you have a good day.

      • At the very least 3 miles inland, from studies done around Sellafield. Plutonium went that far.

        But other studies show it can go 300 miles inland.

    • articles and studies about this on AGRP

    • Radiation In Ocean Mist And Spray Can Travel Inland Up to 300 Kilometers; via @AGreenRoad

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    No ocean was spared, so what does that say? No place is un-touchable from this out of control monster & no one is trying to stop the source at Fukushima. Because they can't, these is no Nureg for this, they forgot to write that chapter! Now the numbers they say that will die is so low it's sickening. These people need to be jailed for crimes against all life on earth, but they own the governments & courts. There will have to be world wide movement against these momsters, if we live long enough to make it happen!

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    " radioactivity … susceptible to re-suspension.. contaminate house dust and perhaps terrestrial foodstuffs"

    reminds me of when I was five years old, squeezing a bottle of graphite lubricant. I didnt see anything coming out until the black fallout hit the floor. Then whatever I tried to clean it with became black, and all I could do was smear it around the environment. No way to put it back in the bottle!

    But we were assured the chances of a child spraying graphite lubricant on the kitchen floor was nearly impossible….

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    heres a question for scientists; whats more important? killing the entire web of sea life, or contaminating human foodstuffs? Mans my-opic eye has fallen out, leaving him blind, yet curiously still an egotist

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Is that a real choice anymore?

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        anne and others here prove the value of a loving heart

      • wxman2001

        Anne, there are natural substances with antiobiotic qualities. Try powdered olive leaf or its more concentrated extract oleurin (capsules available at natural food stores), pressed (or minced) 2 cloves of garlic in warm milk, colloidal silver (ingested in good water or inhaled via a nebulizor) and take turmeric capsules (the main spice in curry) as it has very good anti-inflamatory properties, and may ease the bronchial tightening. raw honey also has antiobiotic qualities.
        Turmeric as also been shown to be effective against some forms of cancer, and may be the most under-rated medicinal food in the western world, but is regarded as a potent food medicine in much of the eastern world.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I've been eating raw, unfiltered organic honey. Also I will sprinkle organic thyme turmeric on my food. I don't have any money, so have to stick to what I have at home. I also have some immune boosting herbs.

          • TruckerDave TruckerDave

            Here's another one for you and stay away from Justin Timberlake.
            Pine needles are probably not the first thing you think of when you hear the word tea. But its been around for ages. The tea has a pleasant smell and taste.
            Children seem to love it because of its tanginess. Pine needles are rich in Vitamin C and also bring relief to conditions such as heart disease, varicose veins, fatigue, kidney aliments, sclerosis. Pine needle tea also gives you better eyesight.
            This is the perfect tea to drink during the winter months. And,
            Before you go picking the needles off of a tree you should do a little research first. The type of tree ideal for pine tea is the White Pine.
            The smaller needles tend to be sweeter but its not that much of a difference. You need to wash the needles thoroughly before making the tea. Run water over them until they are clean then put the needles in a tea pot.
            How To Prepare Pine Tea
            1) Cut the needles (leaves) into small pieces
            2) Place one cup of the small needles in a pan.
            3) Pour 3 quarts of water into pan.
            4) Let the tea steep for about two hours (until the water turns brownish in color).
            When you make tea, you want the water “HOT” but not boiling. You need to experiment with the amount of needles required and how much water is added to obtain an acceptable taste. This tea is not the best tasting but has many health benefits.
            5) Let the tea steep for about two hours (until the water turns brownish in color).
            According to the National…

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              I had pine needle tea..on a artic survival class in Sweden 20 years ago..minus 53 degree Celsius..frozen toe at the first day..class over lol..
              But the tea was perfect in the toendra watching polar light..

              • midwestern midwestern

                Yikes, as I remember, pine and other coniferous trees very readily absorb radioactive cesium…please double check before start making a brew…

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                TY, DisasterInterpretationDissorder. The onion really works. I bought a bag today and boiled it in my vapor. First time I can tell how clean the air is for a few days now.

                • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                  Heya thats good news anne , thanks for the feedback , i came up the idea from an old grand-grandmother saying that a half onion under the pillow kept the lungs healthy .. the first seconds are the most rich vapors iirc , but its diffucult to breath in without coughing..
                  The sweet spot is that amount that you can breath in deep without coughing but still feel it tingle aka desinfecting 😉

    • artika rama

      Codeshutdown i guess in the end everything will be contaminated so we will both kill the sea life and contaminate the food chain .

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Artika rama…the irony that made me ask the rhetorical question is that many scientists seem to focus on whether or not there will be human exposure, as if the fallout is a non issue if it stays in the ocean. There is no way to poison the earth and not be poisoned!

    • eyefidelity

      Guy McPherson (professor emeritus, U of AZ) has identified 29 climate changing feedback loops; he hopes that it doesn't get SO bad that earth can sustain NO life… he doesn’t consider the hundreds of nuclear power plants and who knows how many weapons and research reactors which need constant maintenance lest they melt down…. it rather reminds me of that Gary Larson FAR SIDE cartoon of the extra-terrestrials observing multiple mushroom clouds on Earth and saying OOOHHH!!!

  • Daisy207

    Anne, get some olive leaf extract and mix it with emergen-C – the powdered drink stuff – cause it tastes awful. Use three droppers full every 6 hours the first day with the drink – more if you feel you need it – it won't hurt you. It worked in two days with my last bout of bronchitis – which I get often because I have asthma from an auto-immune disease (hyper IgE) – and have to get injections of xolair every two weeks. As for the MSM ever getting up to speed on the severity of the situation at FUKU – its my opinion that everyone is on their own – educate and protect yourself – and get out of areas that are immediately dangerous – i.e., the whole west coast of the US and Canada – hand the key to your house back to the town hall, blow off the mortgage and move. Though I would not recommend Florida – I don't know what the story is with Miami but the NETC readings are consistently too high for my taste.

  • hbjon hbjon

    As a species, one of the first higher level abilities we'll lose is our understanding of language and the ability to communicate. Grunting, moaning, and heavy breathing not too far off. They tried and succeeded to destroy our beautiful planet. Let's hear it for the evil bastards. Boooooooooo!

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      "Grunting, moaning, and heavy breathing not too far off"

      You mean that those will replace speech, soon? Or do you mean we will lose the ability to grunt, moan, and breath soon?

      Grunting, moaning and heavy breathing have become my normal habits. That, and staying alone. Conversations with people through speaking has generally withered.

      My Christmas conversation: Me: "I am going to be sending you some iodine pills soon, just in case! Merry Christmas." Relative: "You really need to be more positive." Me: "Grunting, moaning, and heavy breathing."

      My work conversation: (Most of my co-workers are Mexican or other People who don't speak English well enough for me to understand.)

      "Hey, you hear we are all going to die from the Japanese nuclear accident?"Co worker: "Ahhhh. Yes. " (Co worker soon gets DUI conviction.)

      When will they make a grunting, moaning, breathing translation website? <INVESTOR ALERT!!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh.. a diversion..a distraction..
    Sex sells…
    Front page Huffington Post

    Military Sex Assault Reports Surge..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS..It should say..

    Military Sexual Assaults Surge.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Manyin my church all told me "you got cancer because you did not eat your cancer reducing veggies" judgment call for one, and I am mainly Vegan. I have tried too many times to tell these sheeple, "if there is radionuclides in the veggies, they no longer have a positive cancer benefit." They act like I have no clue. I am a PHD, I even told off the Bishop, and when he finally looked a bit scared, he asked me how I know. I told him to look it up. Cruel yes, but these people all care about nothing but money, and their children being educated by institutions that only teach propaganda, and rob you for hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition. These people are really stupid! It is frustrating sometimes to deal with people that do not even know what a radionuclide is, that think THEY are so brilliant! I feel they act like I got skull cancer deliberately. One of the rarest types, one in a million BTW. I watch as they brag about running 30 miles in the streets of this filthy desert city! They are sucking in hot particles 10x faster than everyone else, and I will tell you good people of ENE, they look to have aged 2 decades in just 3 years some of them!

    • bo bo

      The runners really get me too. I signed out of facebook a while ago but when I used to see facebook updates about morning jogs in california#lifeisbeautiful # westcoastlife…

      I just have no words… probably the main reason I signed off facebook
      #fukushimaishere #nobodywantstohearit

      • Tim42

        I gave up running a long time ago. After I broke my Tibia into five pieces after a fall. One thing in particular, any one exercising a lot outdoors fails to do. Is watch their urine, and/or saliva pH levels, especially in a warm climates where one sweats a lot.

        Low urine pH levels are really hard on runner's kidney's. Uric acid and calcium oxalate stones become the norm. Kidney stones == kidney damage, and early aging. I learned that lesson almost too late, (renal shutdown).

        The answer is to alkalize for less then 10 cents a day, pH test strips (target is a pH level of 7.3, but let is swing back and forth +-1 pH), a coupe of OZ of Apple cider vinegar w baking soda titrated to neutralize acid, add some KCl(no salt) to offset the extra sodium.

        P.S. Do not consume Vinegar directly, it will leach the calcium out of your teeth. Neutralize it first, it will not taste sour, just a bit salty, mix it with your favorite drink. For me that's a quart of ice tea.

        Wayy cheaper than a 20K$ visit to a hospital for a lithotripsy treatment every year or so..

    • pure water

      Hi, Ontological@, may be your problem came exactly from the vegetables. I`ve read just recently that people in former USSR cut the upper part of root vegetables, for carrots – 1,5 sm at the top.Half of the radionuclides from vegetables goes out in the broth if you boil them, so they recommend to change the water after the first 10 min, if you need broth.About leafy ones things are better known – wash with lot of water, soak in baking soda/clay solution, but under a heavy fallout, better do not eat them. Fast developing and very aggressive cancers were one of Chernobyl`s "gifts".
      After the wars in Yugoslavia,people started to make plastic roofs over their vegetable beds.The "experts" explained that depleted uranium is absolutely harmless, but the rain just burned their vegetables.

      • Ontological Ontological

        @pure water. It was a fuel flea from being out walking around a S NV medical center, awaiting my wife on a warm, windy late spring day. That was aprox. 90 days after R3 exploded/detonated, so it was in May of 2011. It was a tiny black "snowflake" to begin. By the end of 2012 it was 20+ mm & nearly 4th stage. The invasion had worked quickly down to the lower jaw bone. They removed the bad areas of skull, employing immunofluorescence technology and used my fibula bone to rebuild jaw/sinus. Was very scary.
        Not expecting to live long, but been 11 months so far. Been very careful all my life to live healthy and consume organic/vegan foods.

        • pure water

          Dear Ontological@, I hope your body manages to cope.Nature is a strong thing – outside and inside of us.Have you seen these people:

          May be some of the things they say can help you.
          Hot particles in the air are very difficult to avoid.Mucous is not so bad from this point of view – it takes out what is not wanted from the air pathways.
          You have suffered a lot, but at least no one can blame and intimidate you, as this has been done with one of my friends.I really hated people who made her feel guilty!

  • pure water

    Balkans: Depleted Uranium in NATO Bombs Remains Deadly:
    There are some statistical data in this video from medical registers. It was made comaratively soon after the war and gives a clue what to expect from uranium in short term.

  • Mack Mack

    From the "House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee" document (linked above by Enenews) —->


    "All the nuclear “problems” have technological solutions less costly than alternative energy solutions that literally aren’t."


  • pkjn

    December 26, 2013 Save Kids Japan

    Dear citizens of the world, especially those from Asia, please get angry at Prime Minister Abe!
    In August 2013, even after 44 Fukushima children found to have thyroid cancer, Prime Minister Abe said, "There have never been and will never be any health hazards caused by Fukushima." (Now 59)
    Prime Minister Abe is a person who do not hesitate to lie.

    Even after Fukushima accident, Prime Minister Abe, who has been totally ignoring the increased thyroid cancer among Fukushima kids, is trying to restart nuclear power all over Japan where the active seismic era has been underway.
    If this regime continues, it will not be a surprise if another Fukushima-like accident took place, which could become a lethal weapon both to Japan and to the world.

    Though the Japanese policies are totally nonsense, backed by the mass media and so on, true voices of the conscious citizens' have been totally suppressed.
    Citizens of the world, please do raise voices against Prime Minister Abe before it becomes too late.
    Please do not let Japan become the perpetrator to the world once again.

  • humptydumpty humptydumpty

    Don't ya just love that nuke-speak, like "end fate deposition environments"? That would actually be you and me and all the other living creatures, not "seabed and inter tidal fine sediment". What is it with physical science that teaches one to value processes above life?

  • akaniva

    FYI – NZ Government Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring report for 2011 was released in May 2013, see here

    The key point was that no fission products were detected except for CS-137 which is an historic artifact at a rate of around 0.5Bq/kg in cow's milk.

    "Atmospheric radioactivity
    No significant concentrations of artificial radionuclides were detected by gamma-
    spectroscopic analysis of air filters collected daily from each monitoring station
    during 2011."

    "Any artificial radioactivity continued to be at levels that are below detection thresholds
    in many cases and significantly below levels that would give rise to health
    concerns. In particular, no radioactive contamination from the Fukushima Daiichi
    nuclear accident was observed in the New Zealand environment. No significant change in the radioactivity status of the environment occurred in 2011."

  • Fred

    POST Fukushima? Are you crazy?@!
    (expletives deleted)

  • pkjn

    130 ‘radioactive’ Japanese cars banned from entering Russia
    January 05, 2014 Russia Today

    More than 130 used cars from Japan were denied access to Russia last year as consumer watchdog agency remains concerned about the contaminated water leaks at Japan’s Fukushima plant.
    Strict control of all cargo, arriving from Japan, will continue in 2014 as well.
    “In 2013, Russia has banned 165 batches of contaminated goods from entering the country. There were mainly used cars – 132, and spare parts for vehicles – 33,” the statement said.

    Leakage of radiation-contaminated water has been the major threat to population and environment of Japan and neighboring states from the very beginning of the crisis at the Fukushima plant, situated just 250 kilometers from Tokyo.
    However, Tokyo Electric did NOT acknowledge that contaminated water was escaping from the Fukushima plant into the ocean, and that it was unable to stop the leaks, until July 2013.

  • Visionary Visionary

    Hi everyone from Enenews, I am very grateful to be able to bring you this information. I have THE SOLUTION for you. I have found a new way to PURGE HEAVY METALS LIKE URANIUM from the body and PROTECT our kids – I myself have a 4 year old and this gave me such hope and joy to discover. Check this out… There is a product called "ZEOLITE". It is an ingestible heavy metal detox and pH balancer. It has NO SIDE EFFECTS and it works. This powder will clean the toxic metals from your body. Please, for yourself, get it if you want to survive this.


    it also destroys VIRUS's ability to infect you (video)

    Created when volcanic lava meets seawater, "Zeolite" has a hollow soccer-ball shape with a negative charge. It attracts the positively charged toxic heavy metals, trapping them inside. The body cant process it so it is expelled and therefore transports the metals out.
    It is the answer to purging your body from Uranium and all other toxic metals. I have to share this so I could save all of our lives. I decided to distribute this now, and so if you click my link above ( ) that's all I request back for bringing you this amazing product. I'm confident it will save you from this mess we are in…

    • Sickputer

      It helps prevent radioactive poison from staying in the body, but "purge" may be too much of a stretch.
      Nice idea for a sideline business, but for a first post your advertising of a supplement we have discussed for nearly 3 years is inappropriate.

      Go spam your FB friends (you probably already have).

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Harming the planet, we don't want it in production.

  • pkjn

    Tokyo Electric lied about danger level at Fukushima- US Marine poisoned by radiation
    16 January, 2014 Voice of Russia

    False hopes based on the fact that Tokyo Electric misrepresented the whole Fukushima disaster saying that United States ship is safe which sadly gives United States ship this false sense of security that United States ship is in a safe operating zone.
    United States ship effectively went through a radioactive plume that was released by Tokyo Electric.

    United States Ship Marines are dealing with diseases such as tumors or testicular cancer or leukemia.
    Radiation affects everybody differently based on their genetic makeup. Some people may never see a symptom; other people may see symptoms sooner. Some people may see symptoms 20 years later, just like in the Chernobyl disaster when folks developed cancer 20 years later.

  • pkjn

    875 trillion Bq of Tritium contained in total contaminated water / Over 60 times much as safety limit
    January 18th, 2014 Fukushima Diary
    The total volume of Tritium contained in the stocked contaminated water is 875 trillion Bq. Tokyo Electric submitted the data to Tritium task force of Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

    Currently 400,000 m3 of contaminated water is stocked in the tanks. 817 trillion Bq of Tritium is contained in the tanks.
    Additionally contaminated water is also stocked in reactor buildings etc.. The part of contaminated water outside of the tanks contain 58 trillion Bq of Tritium.

    Tritium is NOT going to be filtered.
    This is 60 times much as the annual safety limit of 4 reactors to discharge to the sea. This means, Tokyo Electric would take over 60 years to resolve the current water problem even if Tokyo Electric chooses to discharge Tritium to the sea. In reality, the volume of contaminated water is increasing by over 400 m3 per day.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      pkjn: if people would do the math surrounding all the issues, just with Fukushima, they'd see what an untenable and totally farcical situation this is. Which makes it all the more serious. So, what can they do? As you pointed out they can't adhere to current safety protocols. And the water situation is not stable. I predict, after Tepco spins off a subsidiary to handle Fukushima, this subsidiary is going to walk away from the plant and file bankruptcy.

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    Visionary: Snake Oil salesman.

    Some vision: Make a buck

    (Also: Not welcomed on this board.)

    Cheers! 4WARND.

  • jec jec

    TBS 1 and 4 webcams, 05252014 23:43 JST time. Usual glows over Reactors 3 and 4 from webcam 1, and on webcam 4, a new look/brightness to Reactor 3. Not enough to call a light, or event, but a heightened amount of color at base of Reactor 3. Futabagun webcam shows a lot of light from the Fukushima buildings..from the north to WAY south of the plant. Part of the central glow is greenish. Thats a lot of light going on there which is not seen from the filtered webcams. But no major looking changes since the past event on May 21st–time will tell on that when TEPCO gives exact details of what might have caused the red rolling glow balls of XXXXXX going from the back or side of Reactor 4 towards Reactor 3, then subsiding after several minutes. Wonder if it could have been a gas explosion…ALPS plastic hoses do come to mind. Whatever..something occurred, and frankly, anything like that is dangerous. This might(probably did) have caused the raised radiation levels seen on the radiation monitoring network in the areas nearby, and over Tokyo (in the direction of the onshore coming winds.).

  • jec jec

    TBS Webcam 1, 21:00 JST time. Lots of foggy emissions from the area of Reactors 3 and 4 seen. Likely a webday on TBS Webcam 4. Keep watch on Fukushima webcams today.

    • jec jec

      Some emissions/steam coming from behind Reactor 2 building on TBS Webcam 1. TBS webcam 4 shows haze and blue colored pixels or emissions, just alot of particles coming off the buildings–as usual. But with the emissions seen on webcam 1, likely we will see webs soon. Futabagun webcam shows a LOT of lights highlight the entire horizon into the sky. This view is long distance towards Fukushima Nuclear Plant, horizon is lighted up north and south of plant as well. Webcams at the plant are definitely filtering down the 'glow.' Just documenting.

  • jec jec

    JNN webcam shows yellow emissions/fog today:

    JNN will not be up much longer I bet.

    And TBS Webcam 1 shows alot of foggy emissions in blue and yellow hues.
    Plus see a faint orange color of something near the green area, base of R3. Its seems to show up off and on as you watch the webcam 1.

    Of minor issue I guess, as TEPCO has not even mentioned the orange glows of May 21. Glad I am not working there…!!

  • jec jec

    06012014 05:50 JST time TBS webcam 4 , there is a new feature , a red triangle (looks like a sail on a boat) over the Common Fuel Pool, near Reactor 1. Different and new, could it be a crane glowing? Curious, and have the image saved.

  • jec jec

    Could the start of the "ice wall?" You are right, TEPCO certainly would not have a monitoring device for radiation there. Now if it was a device to charge the workers for treats or water..THEN they would be paying (HA) attention.

    The red sail or web was on TBS webcam 4 for a while in the morning of June 1st. Gone shortly after. Have image if someone wants to see it. Otherwise I save, label and archive by date for later use.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Here it is:

    Tepco to start building frozen water underground wall tomorrow (6/2/2014) / 1.5 km, 30m deep, 1550 pipes

    Let's see disturb the already failing geology approx. 88 feet.
    And the building of it isn't going to affect the groundwater levels?
    TEPCO dreams on.

  • jec jec

    Futabagun Webcam is offline or the URL(s) have changed. TBS 1 and 4 look 'sick normal,' and JNN TBS wide view is looking very dim. So could be something they dont want us to see….like traffic. Anyone see anything on the other traffic cams? Maybe hauling things for the 'ice dam.' I liked Futabagun because we could see the lights and the plant vents–lots of light!

  • jec jec

    At about 08102014 03:49 JST time..a large triangular white and blue web suddenly formed about the midpoint of the vent stack, electric!!! TBS 4(south), then after the blue rays and webs..
    smoke from Reactor 2/vent stack and Reactor 4

    I tried to get the rays..they are just a flash at that time. Waiting for a replay to be posted. If anyone is capturing TBS 4, look at that time frame for a few minutes.

    • jec jec

      Watching from Futabagun, saw a bright pulse of light from the Fukushima plant area(04:19 JST time)..up into the sky, a narrow bright beam. No clue what that was. Went to TBS webcam 4, its showing those plasma or ionized radiation or webs again (04:22 08102014 JST time webcam 4 south)..and emissions from several areas. Not good to add water to the mess with Halong, which should be impacting this area with winds and seas and rain.

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