Gov’t Report: Fukushima released up to 181 Quadrillion Bq of cesium, Chernobyl was 105 Quadrillion — Radioactive material to flow from Japan “for years to come” — Fukushima radionuclides have now spread “throughout N. Pacific”

Published: May 20th, 2014 at 9:43 am ET


California Coastal Commission (State of Calif. Natural Resources Agency), Apr. 30, 2014:

  • “[It’s] important to understand that the Fukushima release consisted of multiple radionuclides with distinct modes of release, chemical properties, radioactive half-lives, and behavior in the environment, all of which influence the potential for environmental harm. […] cesium-134 and cesium-137 were also released in significant quantities and pose greater potential risks to human and ecosystem health due to their reactivity, mobility in the environment, and biological availability.”
  • “River runoff and groundwater discharge from contaminated areas, along with seafloor sediments off of Fukushima, are expected to supply relatively small but continuing doses of radioactivity to the North Pacific for years to come […] in the three years since the accident, Fukushima-derived radionuclides have spread throughout the North Pacific.”
  • “The total input of 137Cs to the North Pacific from Fukushima are poorly constrained, with estimates ranging from 14 – 90 PBq [90 petabecquerels, i.e. 90 quadrillion becquerels].”
  • “~76 PBq  [of cesium-137 due to global fallout from nuclear weapons testing was] still present in the North Pacific in 2011 […] in the worst case the Fukushima disaster […] may initially have tripled the total amount of radioactive cesium in the North Pacific.”
  • Researchers estimate up to 181 PBq of cesium has already been released during the Fukushima disaster (90 PBq of 134Cs + 91 PBq of 137Cs)

According to the National Research Council — Committee on an Assessment of CDC Radiation Studies: “35 PBq of Cs-134 and 70 PBq of Cs-137″ were released during Chernobyl disaster.

  • Chernobyl = 105 PBq of Cesium-134, -137
  • Fukushima = Up to 181 PBq of Cesium-134, -137 (releases ongoing “for years to come”)

View the Coastal Commission’s chart showing release amounts for 20 Fukushima radionuclides

Published: May 20th, 2014 at 9:43 am ET


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203 comments to Gov’t Report: Fukushima released up to 181 Quadrillion Bq of cesium, Chernobyl was 105 Quadrillion — Radioactive material to flow from Japan “for years to come” — Fukushima radionuclides have now spread “throughout N. Pacific”

  • hbjon hbjon

    After we're finished counting the disintegrating atoms, we can quantify the amount of uranium atoms that currently exist in a spent fuel core.

    We can multiply that number by how many cores that were being stored at the Fukushima complex. Add that number to the amount of uranium atoms that were in the fresh fuel cores. Considering the half-life and spontaneous fission rates, we average out the potential energy production of uncontained fuel over the next 100 years.

    Assuming there is no ongoing fission, the energy production should diminish over time, but manifest itself by energizing matter that had to stop the imperceptible particles as they repel away from the decaying atom. And yes, photons are a particle too.

    It is a difficult (but possible) task to quantify the disintegrating atoms, but one must add many unknown variables to the equation. It's much like counting the dead fishes in the ocean, bugs on the ground, or cells in the body.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      How many disintegrating atoms, known as 'radiation', in several thousand tons of enriched uranium and plutonium, all in the ocean or jetstream circling the Earth?

      Good question.

      • TEPCO – where are those three (or more) melted through coriums?

        After Chernobyl, a whole team of nuclear scientists risked their lives and many sacrificed them by climbing through hot fuel rods to find where the coriums went.

        No nuclear scientists have been assigned to find the coriums at Fukushima, or have they?

  • jec jec

    And the other Fukushima radioactive isotopes? I have to remember the deaths of the hermit crabs in our aquarium when my daughter sat next to them during the three week period post radiation therapy. Those little critters are very sensitive to radiation to say the least. They curled up in their shells almost immediately, and after a day or so, just died. She was home after the three days in hospital for radiation therapy–but had to stay away (5 feet or so) from everyone for a couple weeks. Maybe the dose is safe for humans, but not for sea life types. Just saying the ocean sea life is at high risk, and they are dying…

    • OldFool

      IF the old German computer simulation of water leaching from a reactor meltdown near the Rhine River was correct (No reason to doubt it so far), then the cumulative Sr-90 radiation exposure from water leaching will be 100 times greater than that from the Cs-137. (They only compared them in terms of drinking water and did not consider the difference in bio-magnification factors, but nobody else is doing that either). But these recent papers are still based on the initial Sr-90 releases, which were relatively tiny in the beginning phase (but now rapidly increasing).
      The bottom line – these recent papers are based on the tiny early Sr-90 measurements and they probably vastly understate the astronomical danger that is now just starting to result from the Sr-90. Over the next 130+ years, the situation should escalate very badly from the Sr-90, though many people will die from the Cs-137 too.

      • OldFool

        The bio-concentration factor (increase in concentration over background level concentration in river water) in fish muscle of fish that eat other fish is quite surprisingly in the same range – 3000 for Cs-137 and 3400 for Sr-90. Fish bone bio-concentration factor for Sr-90 has been reported to be 63,000.
        For Sr-90, Table 6-2 for the Savannah River site is of interest in –
        For Cs-137, see

        In summary (if river water and ocean water turn out to be the same) – the bio-concentration factors for both Cs-137 and Sr-90 are about the same, so the difference in danger of fish meat will be mostly determined by their relative cumulative concentrations in the ocean over the next 130+ years.

        • Doesn't the relative high availability of Sr-90 in the Fukushima environment, considered along with the Sr-90 bio-concentration factor of 63,000 suggest that the various species of fish will experience life threatening bone fractures and bone marrow diseases? If so, this would threaten the viability of all fish populations. The accumulation of cesium in their muscle tissue seems a secondary concern.

          • OldFool

            If the fish live long enough, the Sr-90 bio-concentration in their bones should cause some serious bone diseases. But in any case, IF the Sr-90 is bio-concentrated by a factor of ~3400 over seawater concentration even in the muscle tissue, and IF the Cs-137 is bio-concentrated by a factor of ~3000 over seawater concentration, then this really makes eating fish look somewhat risky for anybody or any animal, especially when all the other apex animals on top of the fish predator pyramid started showing signs of radiation sickness starting back in late 2011. But life will get bleaker over the next 130+ years as the ocean concentrations of Sr-90 and Cs-137 increase year by year.

    • So true.. it does not take much to kill the oceans, but the corps are pretending that the oceans can take unlimited amounts of garbage, chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, and 1,200 man made radioactive elements forever without any effect.


      The oceans are dying and the planet is losing an estimated 200 species a day, permanently..

      It may be many more than that, but no one is studying the specifics of the losses and for the most part, it is being covered up almost as well as the nuclear industry is covering up the dangers of radiation.

  • sistahawk

    c137- worst for little children (and everything else that starts it's live ) , and i don`t wanna know in whatelse the rest of this brew of radioparticles mix up in the end..and than the sience stands there and have a play with numbers..seems like bad karma for us all. cancer will be just a normal thing in the future..

  • 4 years 2 come…how 'bout 4 ever….

    3 coriums on the run…

    all meltdowns r melt thrus b'cause temp of ur
    finnish former nuclear scientist discusses chernobyl,
    a real take in what happens in any meltdown
    industry lies fermenting from beginning….
    a mountain of lies…

  • Nick

    "The FDA is still unsure of the specific cause for the reported illnesses and deaths, but most cases reportedly occurred after the pets had eaten chicken, duck or sweet potato jerky treats imported from China"


    • cooterboy

      Nick, There has been a misguided mind set of the Chinese manufactures that they believe Melamine can be fed to animals to increase the protein level of cattle feed and then decided to include dog/cat food. In 2007 thousands of pets, worldwide, were killed by them using Melamine in pet food. A link below may help.

      This is in no way to diminish the fact that radiation is not causation.


      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        As I recall, the melamine was added in order to fool the chemistry of the actual protein test,versus any intent to increase protein content.

        The idea was to trick th test in to offering false positive on the protein test, in essence, cheating.

        The story in the link supports my memory of the issue.

        • Except for the fact that this same melamine drinks and food stuff is sold in China, it would look like a coordinated campaign to win a war against the USA, through poisoned milk and food.

          Just poison the whole population; then walk in and take over.

          Not a shot needs to be fired.

          There are many ways to a win a war without violence.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        cooterboy, glad you are up on this melamine scandal and they only checked the nitrogen content and the higher nitrogen reading made the product more expensive. Like the way they tried to limit it to just animals, but many of the bags made it into the human food supply too. Mislabeled..shhhh,,don;t tell anyone though.. 🙁

        Always follow the money.. 🙂

  • Nick

    FD-NPP has absolutely hosed the Pacific with it's toxins.

    The nuclearspinsters are going to get shriller and shriller.

    The CLAXON of climate change will ring LOUDER and LOUDER as the nuclearats trumpet nuclear energy as the earth's savior.

    Strange times.

  • Checkmate

    I am surprised that the government and Tepco didn't figure this out completely and say the release is till under the amount released from Chernobyl. Here's how that works: divide 181 Quadrillon by 4 plants = 45.25 Quadrillon only- compared to 105 Quadrillon from the one Chernobyl plant. And still under the Chernobyl release…(sic).
    Oh, but then again somebody may do the math wrong and multiply the 105 Quadrillon by 4. God forbid, and that would equal 420 Quadrillon from 4 meltdowns…The real fact…Take that in your pipe and smoke it Abe and Tepco.

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    It's a shell game.
    Notice the past tense?
    Ask yourself.
    Is it "containED"

  • weeman

    The BBC today is reporting from a Japanese paper that 90 percent of the workers at the plant fled the site at the height of the crisis.
    Fight or flight, how many we're senior management and engineers that could have made a difference in the scope of the accident?
    Many bad decisions were made that day and mass confusion was the order of the day and in my mind the more heads you have the better chance of making logical decisions.
    This is a crime if you are senior management or engineer and should be brought to task over this?

    • J.

      If you have a link kindly include it. Thanks in advance.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      As an engineer who has studied this Fuku sort of stuff for many years,
      I am compelled to offer the assessment that the melt downs/throughs were far beyond the ability of any one to do anything related to mitigating any of the catastrophe.

      Once the pipes for system cooling sheared in the quake, it was game over.

      Never mind the plumbing at the bottom of the RPVs.

      Also, I will make the case that there had been little if any "training" for an emergency like a quake as large as 3/11 was.

      Think about it…TEPCO had one stretcher for all of Daichi.
      That was well documented back in mid 2011.

      Look at how many people in and out of the nuclear industry drank the KoolAid about safety systems and automated shut down and super low probabilities of failure or accidents.

      They turned NPP safety in to a fundamentalist religion.
      And plenty of powerful/influential people still cling to the latter.

      As for the crime side of it, that needs to include all investors along with GE and Hitachi and the rest.

      As for "more heads", that would not have had any effect on improving any "chance of making logical decisions".

      Once the pipes sheared, the human element was removed from influencing any sort of outcome.

      Just my take on it.

  • This is the total source term of cesium as calculated by Nuke Pro

    Bq Bq/M3 Half Life Years Name
    9.23E+18 Cs134 13.99 2 Cesium
    9.60E+18 Cs137 14.55 30 Cesium

    1.883 E+19 (add 19 zeros)

    A quadrillion is E+15, so 181E+15, or 1.81E+17

    Division = .0096

    So they are saying that less than 1% got out of Fuku.

    I would say they are lying by a factor of 10 to 50. Think about #3 blowing up, and 1, and 2, and 4. And the continual releases.

    Cesium is highly soluble in water, Strontium less so.

  • Sol Man

    Energy (material for Pu pit mfgr.) too cheap to meter in a blood- money fractional reserve banking world money system. The system design was given to the death schemers long ago.

  • Save Lake Huron
    Canada is planning to put a massive nuke waste site 1/4 mile from lake Huron, in limestone….sure glad limestone is so stable, LOL, <sarc> puke

    • weeman

      Cando reactors that the Canadian government oversees, are a rudimentary reactor from the infancy of fission and release vast amounts of trillium into the water and many accidents have occurred and realeased, especially into the great lakes, the drinking water for 100,s of million of people and into the bargin they have outlasted their servable life span and they continue to renew the licence and extending it, they also have no way to check the piping that runs through reactor, due to the high levels of radiation.
      Fresh water will be the most sought after natural resource in future and they are playing with a major source.
      Pure dead brilliant.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Wee man correction for those that might not know any better
        vast amounts of trillium
        Trillium is a pant
        Titrium is what he meant , it would be wonderful if rads were plants wouldn't it ?

      • PaciFistic PaciFistic

        …..weeman…..that's 'CANDU,' as in << Canada has a 'can-do' government when it comes to wrecking the environment >>.

    • PaciFistic PaciFistic

      ….stock…that's to kill off the lampreys and Asian carp.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Isn't it time that we shut down the entire Nuclear Power Industry?

    How can any civil authority in their right minds allow these Nuclear people to operate here on planet Earth.

    There has not been one positive from the application of this technology. 🙁

  • I imagine the levels are much higher then that. If they are giving you numbers then you should expect to multiply them by 10 at least.

    Has anyone noticed that there are more reports coming out recently from MSM and Japan/TEPCO themselves? I know that there was an article on here a short while ago where they reported a big spike in the levels in the water off the coast of Fukushima and now this. I think (well I know in my heart anyway) that it is much much worse then they are saying and it is getting to a point where they can't hide it anymore. People are starting to wake up and question why so much marine life is dropping dead and why cancer rates are spiking etc… I feel they are realizing that they need to slowly and gradually (as to not incite mass panic)inform the public of the dangers and exactly how fucked our planet is because of this.

    • This too:


      Fukushima Workers Fled Plant After Accident Despite Orders
      By MARTIN FACKLERMAY 20, 2014

      "TOKYO — At the most dire moment of the Fukushima nuclear crisis three years ago, hundreds of panicked employees abandoned the damaged plant despite being ordered to remain on hand for last-ditch efforts to regain control of its runaway reactors, according to a previously undisclosed record of the accident that was reported Tuesday by a major Japanese newspaper.

      The newspaper, The Asahi Shimbun, said that the incident was described by Masao Yoshida, the manager of the Fukushima Daiichi plant at the time of the accident, in a series of interviews conducted by government investigators several months after the March 2011 disaster. The newspaper said it had obtained a copy of a 400-page transcript of the interviews, which had been referred to in government accounts of the accident but had never been released in its entirety."

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The Nuclear Industry has always lied to get their way and for any Civil approvals. The common laymen are clueless to the dangers of such technology applications and are bought off by those that spread the graft money by the bucket loads to those that make such civil decisions. This is the worst type and kind of science where the scientific goal outweighs the dignity of not only human life but also any biological life that is sacrificed along the way. We must learn to do better and we can do better but grownups that actually care have to come to the big table.

    This Nuclear Industry is untrustworthy and not worthy of anymore support by any civil authority and that would be any government found operating on this world. 🙁

    Shut them down..shut them all down via International Law and do this now..since we are running out of time.. 🙁

    • If you're near New Mexico and haven't had enough Fukey dust today – be aware – the "clean" and "green" machine is slithering around your area:

      "New Mexico says nuke waste containers could present ["imminent and substantial"] radiation threat"

      Jeri Clausing, The Associated Press
      Published Tuesday, May 20, 2014 9:29AM EDT
      ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Los Alamos National Laboratory packed 57 barrels of nuclear waste with a type of kitty litter believed to have caused a radiation leak at the federal government's troubled nuclear waste dump, posing a potentially "imminent" and "substantial" threat to public health and the environment, New Mexico officials said Monday.

      State Environment Department Secretary Ryan Flynn issued a formal order giving the lab two days to submit a plan for securing the waste containers, many of which are likely stored outdoors on the lab's northern New Mexico campus or at a temporary site in west Texas."

      • At least they have admitted this.

      • We Not They Finally

        Weren't they required by law to NOT ship liquid waste to WIPP at all? The whole kitty litter fiasco was never supposed to happen because there was never supposed to be liquid waste!!

        What other (painfully inadequate, at that) laws were violated? Even the DOE report condemned how WIPP was being run.

        We are SO leaving New Mexico. We've been north of WIPP in Albuquerque and supposedly not even in the wind path from WIPP, but the ongoing [inexplicable] fatigue alone since this happened has been ridiculous. We sleep longer hours and are less rested pretty much every day of the week. Not sticking around to see what happens next.

  • sistahawk

    > save lake huron < stock , something to think about – when did the first witheees showed up in canada , north -south-america..i mean it's not so long ago – back then if you wanted to overlive – you had to have RESPECT FOR NATURE- the white people that invaded and killed they worked very hard to destroy everything around…stupid white man..seems now it's coming back in our face- may some of us think where to run..

    • PaciFistic PaciFistic

      …..there's already lots of cancer in and around that area in southern Ontario from industrial pollution originating in the US states immediately south and west of Lake Erie, from places like Detroit and in Ohio.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    this paper by the california coastal commission states that in all cases, the radionuclides were detected at levels many times below those of naturally occurring radioactive isotopes and hundreds of times lower than the U.S. FDA’s “intervention levels”. Moreover, the detectable contamination appears to have been short-lived.

    This totally undermines public concern for the largest nuclear catastrophe in history which is destroying the entire ecosystem. Werent there reports that showed milk was several times the government limit? Arent there an alarming number of multi species decimations occurring since Fukushima? In Europe they even advised against eating foods more susceptible to contamination.

    These authors and UC Berkeley should be paraded as lying and incompetent. Civilization appears to consist of a few psychopathic leaders, an endless cadre of enabling, lying educators and engineers and a public who are emotionally blocked from seeing the truth. Pathetic

    • weegokiburi weegokiburi

      That avitar is disturbingly weird.

      • PaciFistic PaciFistic

        ….."That avitar is disturbingly weird." because it's TEPCO-like, ask

        • PaciFistic PaciFistic

          …..perhaps due to "code unscrambling"?

          (btw, CodeShutdown, there's a response to your final questioning in that "CNN 'Problems from hell…'" article)

    • GQR2

      CSD,These authors should be investigated and charged on behalf of the public at large, for conflict of interest and collusion.
      Where does their grant money come from? Where does their paycheck come from. These are not experts anymore,they forfeit the trust previously offered to experts. These are paid Nuclear Whores. Shame on the California University System is a big pit of government schemes, enlisted for the Death Cult Lawrence (lying) Livermore. Educated liars and death pushers for a buck.

      • We Not They Finally

        That's par for the course, shamefully. Even the prior heads of the DOE, Steven Chu and Steven Kunin, were employees of BP, not the American people.

        And what did the current of DOE, Ernest Moniz, have to say when he visited Japan? That we must protect nuclear plants against….. terrorists? What is TEPCO? "The good guys"? They're wantonly, randomly, massively killing off their own Japanese people. How much more terrorizing could that be?

    • norbu norbu

      Code you are morphing…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Umm.. can a four unit release only 76 quadrillion becquerels more than a single unit release?

  • bo bo

    Has anyone experienced this: you try to make people aware of fukushima, and people stop you from explaining the details – 'yes yes, and there's also global warming, situation in Ukraine, boko haram… I don't need to remind me… there are plenty of things to worry about… (then chomps away at his/her lunch – a tuna sandwich )

    Is it my imagination or self centeredness that makes me think this is the most important issue of our time ? I often get told (or implied) that my self centeredness makes me focused on this one subject.

    This past weekend it was a mother of a 3 yr old, reprimanding me of my 'odd eating habits' – 'you're japanese! You should be eating fish! Fish is good for you !' As she served spoonfuls of salmon to her daughter.

    Sorry, I know these stories are a dime a dozen on enenews, but I just had to vent.
    Bleah 🙁

    • Socrates

      How do you expect to grow up big and strong without fish? Bo, I hear this all the time myself. I became a vegan to get them off my back. Meat is bad for you, in fact. So are eggs and dairy. By being vegan, I answer no questions. I look 20 years younger than my age.

      • norbu norbu

        thank you bo, yes that happens often, Socrates I am with you, for me Tia chi, Qi gong, Kung Fu and a shit load of Ginseng everyday, being Vegan vegetarian is a good thing.

        • Socrates

          I eat California produce. There must be much deposition of radionuclides. Meat and fish have other contaminates besides radiation. Chickens are fed fish meal. A little bit every day adds up after several years. Ginseng, Kung Fu, etc. are great for body and mind.

    • The individual experiences we have are one of the things that make this site interesting for me.

      IMO – The sociological mass psychology is like nothing else in history.

      My observation:
      The Strawberry Girl…

      I was in the doctors office waiting room back in April 2014 and there was a 4 year old girl telling her mommy about the strawberries she ate that they were 'mootated' and some looked like they had a nose.
      (central California)

      I found it interesting that a 4 year old even understood what a MUTATED STRAWBERRY was. She then went on to say how she ate ALL of the 'funny' mutated ones, most of them were that way she said.

      I did not mention Fukushima, I kept it to myself that day. I am sometimes torn about when to bring up the subject. Especially with someone I don't know. 🙁

      The number of mutated strawberries seems to be more the norm this year. In the past two years they were able to hide the mutated ones at the bottom of the basket. Not any more.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      bo, bet you didnt expect life to turn out this way

      Funny though, just when you think you are going to tell someone the way it is…and you hear the words coming out that the world is being destroyed by rogue nuclear meltdowns…its shocking, and one falters. You feel either completely ignored or on stage exposed

      • bo bo

        Code I feel like that should be my facebook profile pic

        • GQR2

          Code you nailed it.(again,some folks do have a way with words,more than a few around here for sure. Love to read these comments.

          That picture is intense. "You either feel completely ignored or on the stage exposed. wow yeah. Then there is the push back of normalcy bias and all the rationals as to why its not that bad or just in credulousness to the point of abandonment. People do not want to meet Gozira <—Godzilla with a Japanese accent up close and personal.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Bo move this around would you ….sorry if it's been posted before it's new however

      (25 April 2014) FUKUSHIMA SIMPLIFIED ((Warning: GRAPHIC)) – YouTube

      This is what we send to those that need awareness , I just found it and it's good , not sure it's from someone that comes here , if so thank you

      One of the best in my eyes so far …..

      Sent from my F-iPad

  • Socrates


    I recommend three books:

    1491; New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, Second Edition, Charles C. Mann, Vantage Books, 2011.

    1493; Uncovering the New World Columbus Created, Charles C. Mann, Alfred A. Knoff, New York, 2011.

    Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy from 1453 to the Present, Brendan Simms, Basic Books, 2013.

    The environmental and biological impacts on North America against the backdrop of events in Europe are explained in detail.

    Columbus did not find a sparsely settled land. Running water, immaculately clean streets and specialized plant breeding processes were created by Aztecs and Mayans. Past Native cultures created the Amazon forest, for example.

    We live with the consequences of colonization. It is not all good.

    Europeans kept down populations with wars. Only with the potatoes and corn could they re-populate. Then they needed further colonial expansion. And so it goes….

    Globalization is better understood by examining these histories with an emphasis on the biological effects as well as economic and cultural.

    • weegokiburi weegokiburi

      Don't forget North America
      Friends of the circle.
      Upstate NY

      • weegokiburi weegokiburi

        Had the pleasure of enjoying powwow with Joe Bruchak story telling and invited drums.

        • weegokiburi weegokiburi

          My spelling probably sucks.

          • weegokiburi weegokiburi

            Long time ago

          • GQR2

            you are soo not alone in the spelling dept. If that's even the case as you're spelling seems A-OK to me.(but then that is me, so have no fears. With me around, one would think English was my second language but oh well at least your transgressions in that dept will never show! 🙂

    • Cisco Cisco

      Good Socrates. And, for a primer about why we are where we are, a must read for Americans is, "A Peoples' History Of the United States" by Howard Zinn.

      If you've ever wondered why things are so effed-up here in the US, Zinn's book will enlighten you.

      • Cisco Cisco

        oops…"A People's' History Of the United States" by Howard Zinn.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Yes the peoples history of the United States , gave the one to my daughter at twelve . It's been revised too . Seen him speak a few times . The chapter on the guards switching sides is my favorite ,the coming revolt of the guards should cheer us all up .

      • Socrates

        People's History by Howard Zinn gives an objective history. The sugar trade, cotton, tobacco and slavery with irradication of Native Americans in the Southeastern United States was the reality. We are told that a bunch of people wanted to come here to pray because they couldn't pray enough in Europe. Second-born sons inherited nothing. Many avoided prison and hanging by becoming indentured servants. Georgia was a penal colony. "All men were created equal," was a slogan to separate from England. The Constitution used different language to continue to allow slavery and sexism.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    The fuel load of Reactors1-3 contained an estimated 690 Quadrillion Bq of Cesium, alone.

    This does not include whatever releases happened at Reactor4.
    This does not include all the other nuclides that have been set free upon the world from Fukushima.
    All 690 Quadrillion Bq of cesium is now in nature.
    All 690 Quadrillion Bq of cesium has been released.
    TEPCO has captured very little of this cesium, mostly disolved in cooling water, and held in leaky storage tanks.
    Almost none of the corium has been recovered or contained.
    None of this cesium can be considered to be in containment of any kind.
    Nuclear debris are washed constantly by groundwater, much of which flows into the Pacific Ocean.
    It may take time, but all 690 Quadrillion Bq of cesium will spread out and contaminate Planet Earth.
    IMO, the numbers given above are woefully low. 😉

  • sistahawk

    SOCRATES..but you know what's funny (sarc.) when my boy's where still in school we had real battles at home because of all the s..t they fed, with they learn there and when you tried to tell how it really was ,they do not believe you (..but the teacher said something totally different..)they think you lie..i do know what you are talking about ,SOCRATES , but bad news- allmost nobody believes the truth..(for example many americans believe that the reason for the VIETNAM WAR was because the vietnamese invaded america…

    • Socrates

      I could not understand the Korean War let alone Vietnam. We had duck-and-cover drills in second grade. I was raised in Nevada during above-ground testing. They came to my high school to recruit for the Air Force, showing us how cool Napalm and Agent Orange were. There was still "separate but equal" with "whites only" drinking fountains until the 60s in the South.

      As a child, I went to reservations with my father who did medical work. The whole world is crazy, as we can see from Fukushima alone. I remember the first Disneyland programs on a small black and white TV set. Americans are glued to the tube and do not want to see reality.

      Zorba the Greek said, "Boss, why do you want to open people's eyes, it only makes them unhappy?"

      Practicing acceptance has some benefits when you cannot change things. But you still have a duty to try to save mankind from its own follies.

      The evil is globalized now. There is no alternative (TINA). There are about 10 Hitler programs every day on TV. American Oligarchs must secretly envy the absolute power wielded by Hitler. Why so many programs while imitating the methods. Nice to externalize "evil." Hard to see it in ourselves….but we know it is there. The Banality of Evil by Eric Fromm points this out but misses present day evil in ourselves. Hitler held no monopoly on evil. A system too can be evil, especially one based on money as the highest good. We need better values, not more dogma.


        great thoughts, Socrates. Your closing words pretty much nailed it. It's all about objectifying the very thing that's taken over this world. The incessant anti-Nazi propaganda is obviously being used to condition the masses into thinking National Socialism was the true personification of evil.

        I recall an Amnesty report that was released in the mid-nineties which stated that as many as fifty-million civilians have been murdered-off, throughout the world, since the end of WWII. If those figures are true, that war's conclusion was but prelude to more of the same old thing…

      • zogerke zogerke

        socrates, you often speak my mind, and you did in that post.

      • PaciFistic PaciFistic

        …..Socrates…."hard to see it in ourselves" is due to the unconscious diverting mechanism called 'projection.'

        As you say "The whole world is crazy…" and that's how I saw it, starting out in my teens. Near the end of my teens I added a slight twist of 'absurdity.' And things out there never got any better, just worse.

        This is the logical outcome of beings who started operating on the basis of duality, that we are separate from reality.

        In other words, the world is crazy but not me. But that wall of separation is created by the erection of one's own self-identity. When attachment to that identity is done away with, that wall crumbles, and one is left with a different view, notwithstanding the world may still be on its way to hell.

        I wouldn't say the world can be saved from its own follies, though situations and people may be helped. Collapse and extinction, or a condition close to that is on its way; it's just a matter of time.


          cutting-edge thoughts, PaciFistic. Appreciate such exploration…

          • PaciFistic PaciFistic

            …..appreciate your appreciating "such exploration," and your appreciation indicates you have taken more than one 'step' in this direction.

            Enough steps and one is steeped in what has then become immersion…and there is no way out, no retracing one's steps!

      • J.

        "I could not understand the Korean War let alone Vietnam."

        John Prine: 'We lost Davy in the Korean War/ Still don't know what for/ Don't matter any more. . . '

        Millions of Americans share that sentiment about Korea and Vietnam and on and on and on . . .

  • razzz razzz

    As of 5/9/14 TEPCO has now removed 880 fuel assemblies of out 1533.

    Notice when it comes to decommissioning entire reactors like at Unit 4 even though the reactor had its stainless steel shroud replaced while its core was empty (temporary placed in its SFP), the reactor core is about as decontaminated as it can get for that procedure and still must hold water for shielding any remaining radioactivity acquired over the years of operation. Emptying the fuel pool there doesn't mean that the reactor 4 core can be immediately dismantled and removed. It is still to hot to deal with if you remove the shielding water. And it didn't meltdown like 1 thru 3.

    You'd think Unit 4 could be isolated from 1,2 and 3 and be treated differently but all the units are connected via underground tunnels that are radioactive or still holding radioactive water and materials. When TEPCO talks about building a perimeter around the blown units, Unit 4 is always included.

    When and if they ever do finally get around to removing any of the Units at Daiichi, they will only be cutup into pieces, placed inside shielded containers then shipped to be safely stored somewhere else. Never really goes away just shuffled around to different places.


    (Based on "The Inquisition" from Mel Brooks' "Short History of the World Part I")

    Irradiation, let's begin
    Irradiation, look out sin
    We have a mission to promote the nukes (nuke ja nuke ja nuke ja nukes)
    We're gonna teach you wrong from right
    We're gonna help you see the light
    And make an offer that you can't refuse (that you just can't refuse nukes)

    Confess (confess, confess)
    Don't be boring
    Say yes (say yes, say yes)
    Don't be dull

    A fact you're ignoring:
    it's better to lose your skullcap than your skull

    Irradiation, what a show
    Irradiation, here we go
    We know you're wishing
    That it'd go away
    But radiation's here and it's here to stay
    Irradiation, oh boy
    Irradiation, what a joy
    Irradiation, oy oy

    I was sitting in a temple
    I was minding my own business
    I was searching for a lovely Corium mass
    Then some DOE guys plunge in,
    and they throw me in a dungeon, and they shove a red hot fuel rod up my ass

    Is that considerate?
    Is that polite?
    And not a tube of Preparation H in sight

    I'm sitting, plicking chickens
    and I'm looking through the pickings
    and suddenly these guys bring down the walls
    Of the Building with The fuel pool and they grabbed some of the Cesium
    and they're now producing nasty bucky balls

    Oy, the agony
    Ooh, the shame
    To kill the North Pacific for a game

    Irradiation, what a show
    Irradiation, here we go
    We know you're wishing
    That it'd go away
    But the radiation's here…

    • and it's here to –

      – Hey, Torquemada, whaddaya say?
      I just got back from the auto-da-fé
      Auto-da-fé, what's an auto-da-fé?
      It's what you oughtn't to do but you do anyway

      Skit skat voodely vat tootin de day

      Will you convert?
      No, no, no, no
      Will you confess?
      No, no, no, no
      Will you revert?
      No, no, no, no
      Will you say yes?
      No, no, no, no

      Now I ask in a nice way, I said pretty please, I bent their ears,
      now I'll work on their knees!

      Hey, Torquemada, walk this way
      We got a little game that you might wanna play
      So pull that handle, try your luck
      Who knows, Torq, you might win a buck!

      Put it in the car (in the car x2)

      How we doing? Any converts today?
      Not a one, nay, nay, nay
      We've flattened their fingers
      We gave them blue pills
      Nothing is working
      Send in the shills !

      Irradiation, what a show
      Irradiation, here we go
      We know you're wishing
      That it'd go away
      So, c'mon you criticists of nukes
      We got big news for all of yous
      You better change your point of views today
      'Cause the radiation's here and it's here to stay

      (P.S. see for the original)

  • I was also thinking lately: all that fallout gives "Kentucky Fried Chicken" a whole new meaning !

  • Ontological Ontological

    The entire inventory burned. The core or R3 detonated into the atmosphere. Removing fuel …LOL

  • antipodes

    A pair of Mallard ducks cross the road in front of me while driving, I slow to a stop, the drake [male] is normal, his mate with a strikingly long [1 foot at least] and lumpy neck. My first observance of mutation here in southern Appalachia. Fukushima related?/ My guess is.

  • sistahawk

    SOCRATES ,again,just a quick note : look at OPERATION PAPERCLIP ,the WW2 was over when america invited ca. 1600 highranking sientists from germany to work on the stolen informations ( witch the americans did not understand ) many of these guys were on lists for conviction because of there past as warcriminals , and all of a sudden they were known as brilliant sientists of the US..haha..made it possible to fly to the moon in time ..and uhh… to put these damn plants in place..

  • nuknomore nuknomore

    We are at a point, a place now in human history. Thanks to humans. That all life will either endure through much suffering and sorrow. Or will slowly die out through suffering and sorrow.
    Either way DNA has been altered, and we have no idea what the future brings.We can imagine, but its something out of a horror show. And we don't get to get up and switch it off if it gets to be too much to see.
    I guess we must wait and hope that science catches up with man's stupidity. 🙁
    If I see this wrong , if there is another answer.Someone please post it.

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Sorry to break in here kevin blanch on you tube is saying unit 4has exploded plz take precautions , it's spreading all over our social media . Anyone following this. I'm on the east coast how long would this take to get over here if so ? In time for the holiday weekend , everyone outside doing plantings cook out ..holy sheep shit if this is true

  • Nick


    At this point it doesn't matter what went kablooey, boom or poof. Plenty of wayward atoms have entered into the biosphere.

    Remember the facts:

    Unit #1 Boom!

    Unit #2 Whoooomphff!

    Unit #3 KaBOOM!

    Unit #4 actually the scariest of all since the reactor innards were in the spent fuel pool and we know that the unit did not exactly survive 3/11/11 intact.

    Add it all up and guess what? Game over.

    So don't hold on to your dreams, live 'em.

  • We Not They Finally

    Where is the mention of CUMULATIVE and ONGOING and ESCALATING and UNCONTAINED? And that they have mentioned ONE radionuclide only?

    Not to mention the zeroes that routinely have to be added to any so-called estimates.

    Not impressed. To the so-called experts: Get a lie detector along with your Geiger counter.

  • Bay Area Guy 2

    ZeroHedge is reporting a fire at reactor 4. Also a YouTube video of the supposed fire

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Go over to webcam section for more info as folks are on it attempting to figure out what's going on …it does not look good but fire has not been confirmed .. Better safe than sorry , it's also being reported that we should be on alert on the west coast for something and there are reports of low flying craft monitoring air more than usual now there . So go on over rakingmack is reporting rad levels over there in japan as rising …

      • Sol Man

        We should be getting real time information from the satellites that must be getting the readings as they happen. Where is the information from far out at sea before it gets close to the coast?


          you must be dreaming, Sol Man, you're back on your home world. These nitwits refuse to provide established land-based monitoring data to anyone. Why would you think they'd even put remote sensing capabilities into play? I'll bet your sexy alien dreams are even more fantastic…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh..gee arm ..with a pair of channel locks at the end…

    "Cole said there are a lot of limitations to designing the robotic arm they needed.

    “We can’t do anything about the facility, so the size of the facility, it sounds like a small issue, but the arm has to actually go through the doorway, so the height of that doorway is a huge restriction on us for how big the machine can be.”

    Add to that, the fact that the building is still radioactive. Workers can get into the floor above the containment area, but only for 10 minutes before they have to get back out. Below in the containment area water continues to leak. It’s flooded and it’s highly radioactive.

    “So there’s some heat. There’s lots of water, so we have to think about corrosion. There’s lots of sea water in the facility. There are some of those harsh facilities and it’s dark.”

    The arm has to be anchored in that floor above, then reach down through a small hole in the floor and telescope out.
    "The other is a super powerful squirt gun".

    For what else ..grouting.

    Loveland Company Helps Japan With Robot Design For Fukushima Cleanup
    May 20 2014

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      PS..An arm with channel locks and interchangeable squirt gun.. okey dokey.
      The squirt gun might help with the 'kitty litter'.
      No wait..wrong disaster.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "“So there’s some heat.'

    From why ..pray tell.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      I was thinking ..about the high tuition at CSU School of Mines.

  • rogerthat

    Beats me. if five tonnes of the Chernobyl reactor core was released into the atmosphere, and 500 tonnes (give or take a few hundred tonnes, but who's counting?) of Fukushima reactor cores and spent fuel pools was released into the atmosphere, how do they come up with these cockamamie figures? At a glance, Fukushima's total releases of radiation into the atmosphere should be 50 to 100 times higher than Chernobyl. Now people can fiddle with these figures as much as they like, it simply doesnt add up.
    From Wikipedia: ''Four hundred times more radioactive material was released from Chernobyl than by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.''
    So what's the multiplier for Fukushima? The same size as Chernobyl? Ten times bigger? Fifty times bigger? 100 times bigger?

    And we haven't even talked about releases into the pacific ocean yet.

    • Sickputer

      The Fukushima NPP radiation releases can't be fairly compared to A-bombs because of the multitude of additional radioisotopes from a nuclear plant.

      But to help lay people visualize some sense of the danger it is probably conservative to say they have had air releases equivalent to several thousand Hiroshima type bombs. An average of 1 to 2 every day and no end in sight. On big days like last night…maybe a dozen Hiroshimas.

      Also consider the ocean releases…far worse. The level of ocean poisoning is gargantuan.

      All in all when the smoke hopefully slows down in 20 years…it will tally 80 to 100 times more releases than Chernobyl. Setting records every day…until a bigger nuclear megaplex blows up. Many of us young and old may not see 2034.

    • razzz razzz

      TEPCO is probably off by 1/2 of the initial releases as they tried to guesstimate, their monitors and sensors couldn't register that high. So double everything they said back in the beginning.

      Chernobyl burned for 10 days so it released more fallout to begin with. On a running total or cumulative amounts, Daiichi will or has take(n) the prize for the most radiation ever released. With all the melted and spent fuel rods involved it is a huge ongoing dirty bomb release that can't be stopped.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    How the nuclear industry may unintentionally obliterate humankind
    May 20 2014

    "In an amazing example of newspeak pseudo-science, The Economist in its May 3rd edition claimed that the 3,000 square kilometre total exclusion zone around the exploded Chernobyl reactor provides "an example of (natural) selection responding to human action that was most definitely unintentional: the explosion and fire at a nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, Ukraine, 28 years ago". The Economist uses a study by a group of scientists headed by professor Timothy Mousseau of the US asking why birds and other animals living around Chernobyl have a better survival rate than animals and birds around Fukushima, to argue that animals "seem to have evolved to deal with the threat, just as Darwin would have predicted".

    Hold on. Did Darwin ever talk about nuclear reactors — more precisely exploded or melted down reactors? Concerning his evolution theory, major evolution in just 28 years would be pushing it, but The Economist would like us to believe that we are living in a Nuclear Age, so miracles can happen.

    McKillop labeled such proclamations as "paid-for junk science" that has become "weaponized" and now poses a direct threat to humans.


      couple things, Heart. Not enough data's been forthcoming from Fukushima, to do any credible caparison with Chernobyl's aftermath. It's also likely that any increases in wildlife within the Chernobyl region are likely due to its having been abandoned by humans. Regardless ones take on the evolutionary issue, it's premature to attempt timeline comparisons of 3 versus 28 years. Obvious who ever is producing such analysis, knows zero about science…

    • Sickputer

      Thanks Heart…love his quote:

      "Incredibly, many politicians, economists and even hard-core environmental priests, still love nuclear power. It's a strange kind of love, or a Strangelove to be precise," he writes"

      SP: Strangelove indeed. Where is the next Peter Sellers to make us laugh again amidst all the grim reports from Japan, Hanford, and WIPP?

      “My mom's a mad scientist. It's a lot like being a regular scientist, except without worrying about legal or moral limitations, and it's a common profession among the scientifically inclined super villain.”

      ― Chelsea M. Campbell, The Rise of Renegade X

  • Yahu-Yochanan

    I work with truth not bullshit. 1 plus 1 equals two.

    Three atomic radiation meltdowns, versus one partial meltdown; equals these figures.


    Anyone who consumes produce from the sea is a moron possessed by demons. Where is the core? Well durr; the greater proportion is swimming round in the sea.

    Corporations don't walk, breath air, eat food or have humanity. Financial entities that only worship money. They couldn't give a shit if you lived or died. They corrupt humanity into worshiping them, turning people into anti-humane devils. They have gone out to rob and steal the wealth of the planet and avoid their taxation obligations to society. Their plan is a world war three to cover up their crime.

    When I saw the sea turn black off Japan years before it occurred, no one would listen. They called me a fraud as they continued to throw rubbish on earth's face, too proud to pick it up! They worshipped my husband saying that they loved him as they stabbed him in the back. Seek your reward corporations, for the time is at hand and the ark transmitter is now blocking your primitive frequency technologies of 100 years knowledge.

    Wake up time, anyone for fish?

    The great tribulation brought to you by Toshiba Westinghouse, General Electric Hitachi, corporation boot lickers, devil governments and the liars Legion of Satan.

    Have a nice day.


      seems, Yahu-Yochanan, you're having a bad day…

    • BillyB BillyB

      Utterly deluded. Compare the radiation from Fukushima with natural radiation.
      181 Quadrillion Becquerels from Fukushima
      16000000000 Quadrillion Becquerels naturally in the ocean
      Mt Fuji is 628km3.
      Mt Fuji is granite.
      Granite is 1.25 Bcg/g
      The density of granite is 2.7gm/cc
      Mt Fuji contains 628 x 10000 x 10000 x 10000 x 2.7 x 1.25 Bcq. Thus Mt Fuji contains 2000 Quadrillion Becquerels.
      The radiation released at Fukushima or Chernobyl is a drop in a bucket.
      There is no more chance of a radiation-caused mass die off in the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima that there is of a hypoxia-caused mass die off in the Pacific Ocean from beachgoers farting Hydrogen Sulphide.
      On the other hand, there is a definite chance of a global-warming-caused mass die off in the Pacific Ocean and elsewhere from fossil fuels.
      It's the coal-fired power stations that need to be turned off.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        BillyB, do you suggest that Mt Fuji is some 11 times more hazardous than Fukushima? Since Mt Fuji radiation didnt destroy Japan even with hundreds of thousands of years exposure, it would seem by your logic that there is no need to contain nuclear waste or spend vast resources and human lives to build a sarcophagus over Chernobyl. State your point clearly. Do you believe the exclusion zones around Fukushima and Chernobyl are senseless then…since people could live next to Mt Fuji, which is 11 times more radioactive than Fukushima? Where would you prefer to live; next to Mt Fuji, or next to Chernobyl NPP? Be direct

        • BillyB BillyB

          You do the maths. If my figures are wrong, I'll be glad to apologise. The total radiation in the sea or Mt Fuji are given as indicators that the radiation once it's dispersed isn't really a problem. That doesn't mean that there aren't local areas where it's elevated enough to be of concern.
          Recently in Morwell in Victoria, a town wasn't evacuated after a coal mine fire, although the Carbon Monoxide, soot & radiation may well have added up to a higher risk than Fukushima.

          There are areas around Fukushima and Chernobyl which probably didn't need to be evacuated.
          People should be given information, and in the large grey zone, make there own decision. If radiation had gone up to 2x or 10x background, I wouldn't evacuate. I might at 50x and probably would at 100x.
          They could also be told that at Ramsar in Iran, background radiation is equal to 10mGy per year, which is equal to the dose received by the 2000 worst effected people in Chernobyl.
          People in Ramsar do not appear to have more cancer than usual.
          And when people say one gigalitre or whatever of highly radioactive water, what is meant, is it 1000x background or 100000x, and they should be told that this will be dispersed to 1/1000000 of background if it gets into the ocean.
          It's not necessary to spend vast resources and human lives to build a sarcophagus over Chernobyl and they didn't, but it is necessary to be careful with…

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Interesting concepts as most Russians are now dying in their 60's and 31,750,000 Japanese citizens are slotted to die directly from cancer in the near future out of a current population of 128,000,000. 🙁

            These Japanese cancer death numbers are projected to increase to over 55,000,000+ deaths after the year 2030. If you have not paid attention the entire human genome is in the process of being scrambled by errant radioactive spewing isotopes being released all over the planet. 🙁

            Such talk about the safe release of these Manmade Nuclear Radiation false energy signatures all over this planet is pure folly as is your talk about background radiation readings. One is sequestered and natural and one is not and adding anything unnatural will harm any biological life subjected to it. This is fact..

            Please present one report based on scientific research that supports any contention that Nuclear Radiation Contamination is good for biological life exposed to it. 🙂

            Humans are to be considered biological life.. 🙂

            • BillyB BillyB

              I think this is gobblygook.
              Nonetheless, if it's true you should be able to give references.
              Life expectancy in Ukraine, Belarus & Russia seems to be about 64 in men & 76 in women. Most Russians I know think it's the vodka.
              Infant mortality has declined in Ukraine, Russia & Belarus since Chernobyl and is continuing to decline. This is presumably due to better obstetric care. It didn't change measurably due to Chernobyl.
              55,000,000 deaths in Japan? Did 55,000,000 die after Hiroshima? The majority lived until 80.
              You are like a child scared of the dark. You don't understand it and you imagine monsters that simply don't exist.
              The idea that there is any difference between natural & manmade radiation is complete bunkum. When your cell is struck by a beta ray or gamma ray, how does it know where it came from? Gee K40 is natural so I won't be effected by the 1.33MeV of energy. This Sr90 is manmade and so the 0.55MeV is dangerous.
              I think you need to go back to school – Primary school – I learnt this difference in year 9 or 10.

              • zogerke zogerke

                I think your posts, the content of your posts, are gobbledygook. All your arguments were made my SocRef before you. Every one. I am so tired of them.

                • TooExpensiveToMatter

                  "your [BillyB's] posts… are gobbledygook'

                  You got that right.

                  The guy actually seems to believe that the total radiation emitted by the rock tied up in the giant massif that is Mt. Fuji is somehow relevant to gauging the danger posed by small hot particles (cesium, strontium, etc) released by Fukushima.

                  If he does actually believe his own gobbledygook, he's not only a fool but also an idiot.

                  It's not even worth engaging with these sorts because they "snow" people with utterly meaningless "calculations" and even if they get the calculations right (checking BillyB's math is a waste of time) they usually are not bright enough to know what the calculations mean (or if they mean anything)

                  Trolls are best ignored.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Well looks like I am not allowed to respond Billy! 🙁

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Please present your peer reviewed resaerch paper..I am waiting. 🙂

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  oops..your peer reviewed "research" paper..I am waiting. 🙂

                  • bo bo

                    I agree Obe

                    'People in Ramsar do not appear to have more cancer than usual.'

                    He insists on others' statement backed up by facts ( which I couldn't agree more with ) but then goes off all Monet by the lilly pond with his own statements LOL

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      You may agree with the propaganda, but it is not scientifically accurate. Please look at all the scientific papers already archived in our forum on effects of low dose radiation. It also includes studies on high dose radiation.

                      The trick and deception of the nuclear industry used for 70 years already is to compare two highly radioactive areas and say one of these has less cancer. What some studies of Ramsar show is that the people in Ramsar have less lung cancer (just one kind of cancer) than those living near the nearby nuclear weapons production plant.

                    • TooExpensiveToMatter

                      "going all Monet by the lilly pond"

                      If you will allow me to add to your great simile" "…in his later years, when he was going blind."

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      The only thing the Ramsar studies show is that if your breathe in more plutonium, you will get more lung cancer.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      I mean the studies cited by the nuclear industry.

                      The accurate and analytically correct scientific studies on Ramsar show that they have more cancer, more genetic instability, more infertility, and the women get breast cancer 10 years earlier than women in the West.

                      All the population centers where radiation readings are higher have more children with Downs Syndrome which is actually caused by radiation, not the age of the mother.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                It worked out pretty good for all these people and their off spring, huh… 🙁

              • Mad_Scientists Mad_Scientists

                BillyB claims that infant mortality "didn't change measurably due to Chernobyl" ?

                Now that's "gobblygook"

                Here are the facts:

                >>> BRITAIN

                “Chernobyl disaster linked to higher rate of infant mortality in Britain”

                >>> NORWAY AND ITALY
                “In Norway, there was an increase of spontaneous abortions for pregnancies conceived during the first 3 months after the Chernobyl accident [4]. Likewise, a 7.2% decrease of birth rate in February 1987 was found in Italy”
                Ulstein M, Jensen TS, Irgens LM, Lie RT, Sivertsen E. Outcome of pregnancy in one Norwegian county 3 years prior to and 3 years subsequent to the Chernobyl accident. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 1990;69(4):277-80. 5. Bertollini R, Di Lallo D, Mastroiacovo P, Perucci CA. Reduction of births in Italy after the Chernobyl accident. Scand J Work Environ Health. 1990 Apr;16(2):96-101

                >>> WEST GERMANY

                “…striking deviation from the model in areas with greatest radioactive fallout”

              • I call BS. There are a million "missing" girl babies from the statistics in Chernobyl area.


              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Billy, I have given all the reference material many times and all you have to do is read the archives.. 🙂 Catch up!

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            There are different kinds of radiation. And internal emitters are much worse than external emitters. And man-made radiation is much worse. And the people in Ramsar do have more cancer and genetic instability and infertility. The women get breast cancer 10 years earlier than women in the West. Genetic instability means more debilitating mutations and more stillborns. And are nuclear reactors and a nuclear weapons production plant in and near Ramsar and they also received huge doses of continual radiation from Chernobyl and and other nuclear accidents and nuclear waste and uranium weapons tests and current usage.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            billy sez "It's not necessary to spend vast resources and human lives to build a sarcophagus over Chernobyl and they didn't" Billy, all your little arguments have been covered before…whats the point? I guess it helps new readers to see the hollowness of pro nuke lies and foolishness…

            The Chernobyl disaster has been called ‚the biggest socio-economic catastrophe of peacetime history


            Ravaged by disease, birth defects and congenital disorders caused by their radioactive environment, the people of Belarus, Western Russian and Ukraine are too poor to afford even basic medical treatments.


            A gigantic containment shield a $2 billion internationally funded construction project, the largest moveable structure ever constructed – was due to be placed over the leaking reactor by the end of next year. But cost overuns and political tension plague the project


      • zogerke zogerke

        Oh look everyone. Look what is back in many forms right here right now. Lookie. This and the weird saudi spam links. No coincidence. I guess the fire the other night in reactor four means that the PTB need to once again dissuade and disinform to divert attentiuon away from how bad it is. IcrOffer get out your walking boots and wheatpaste…I will leave my Inspector on more and start reporting again. When the trolls come back out i know the shiite is hitting the fan and they are here to distract distract distract. I have seen this on this board so many tomes before, i am so tired of bananas.

        • TooExpensiveToMatter

          Cyberspace: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the smearship Disenterprise. Its ongoing mission: to explore strange new blogs, to snuff out new facts and new conversations, to boldly go where no troll has gone before: TrollTrek

      • Nemo Me Impune Lacessit Stax

        BillyB yes you are utterly deluded- a typical nuketard apologist.

  • rogerthat

    … not to mention that there's no earthly reason to trust the current Wikipedia summary of Chernobyl.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Fukushima operator suspends water decontamination system

    The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant said Tuesday it had again suspended a trouble-plagued system used to clean radiation-tainted water, AFP reports. Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) put its Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) on standby mode after it found processed water was cloudy instead of clear.

    Higher-than-usual levels of calcium were believed to be the cause, but why the levels had become elevated was not known, a TEPCO spokesman said.

    ALPS has three lines – one of which has already been stopped for the same problem while the third is not functioning properly.

    It is unknown when the company will switch the system back on.

    I wonder if they told the ocean dumping guy to stop dumping into the ocean?

    • Alps is a joke, when it fails, we get strontium release, the worst.

      • TooExpensiveToMatter

        But grasshopper,

        If it never worked to begin with, can it actually fail?

        • I think it did work for days or weeks, LOL

          • TooExpensiveToMatter

            Well then, grasshopper (you insolent little insect), "which days? in which weeks?"

            and BTW, after you're done answering that, when you can take the radioactive pebble from my thyroid, it is time to leave.

            • I prefer to be called weedhopper, lol

              • TooExpensiveToMatter

                and I prefer to be called weedwhacker

                …and Lard knows there be a lot of weeds in these here parts.

                The weeds are scratchy, dense and deep (itchy too)
                But I have promises to keep
                And weeds to whack before I sleep
                And weeds to whack before I sleep

                Just hope I don't run out of string.

  • SadieDog

    Ddeejjaa Vvuu, again. Fukushima waste water system down…

    • SadieDog

      "The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant suggests it will take some time before all 3 lines of a wastewater treatment system can resume operations."

  • maybesomeday

    The KEZI reporter was incorrect when he stated all monitoring reports show minimal detectable activity (MDA) since the meltdowns. The source he refers to ( shows the rainwater sample collected on March 23, 2011 in Portland at 196.2 picocuries per liter of I-131–which converts to 7.259 Bq per liter (1 pCi/L is equal to .037 Bq/L). Check the Rain Water Data Archive 2011 (PDF format). I was surprised to discover there was any radiation testing done at all.

  • GuyGadois

    The the physical structure of bone is my special area of interest, I will offer my view of the Sr90 matter.

    This is why we have scientists, climate change scientists to tell us about climate change, nuclear scientists to tell us about nuclear, & smart people like James Hansen to bind it all together.

    Strontium decays twice, it's been suggested, that maybe there is an additive effect. From the point of view of a bone anatomy specialist, it's impossible.

    Sr is deposited in bone because of chemical similarities to Calcium. The structural part of bone is a mixture of protein and Hydroxylapatite. The chemical formula is Ca6(PO4)6(OH)2. If there is Strontium in the environment, some of the Sr will deposit & you will have SrCa9(PO4)6(OH)2.

    Xsection of bony structure here: –

    As you can see, most of the structure is the extracellular matrix (ie outside the cell). This is where the Ca & the Sr deposit. You can think of it like a cheap chololate-chip cookie, where the cells are the chocolate chips, & the Ca skeleton is the rest of the structure.

    Radioactive K or radioactive Mg would be a much bigger problem, they are both about 90% intracellular (ie in the chocolate chips) and rather closer to the DNA. But Ca & Sr are 99% extracellular, and in bone, the vast majority will be separated from the DNA by dozens of neighbours spicules of hydroxylapatite, a cell membrane, the…

    • Angela_R

      but Guy they claim to have this:
      "ON01210.Na (Ex-RAD) mitigates radiation damage through activation of the AKT pathway…….

      An explanation can be found here:

      I wonder why is it not in use, what are the complications?

    • Sr does not deposit uniformly in bone, and Sr is known to be a massive cause of bone cancer.

      Your statement that
      "Strontium decays twice, it's been suggested, that maybe there is an additive effect. From the point of view of a bone anatomy specialist, it's impossible."

      Is just weird. Of course the double blast from the same region is very important, you say it's impossible, I say it is inevitable. Your little picture does nothing to further your cause. Its fluff.

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        SR-90 does decay twice.

        First to yttrium-90, which has a HIGHER beta energy than SR-90!

        Finally to zirconium-90, which is stable, but may not be what the body really wants or needs.

        • My comment is not about the decay twice thing, as my article clearly points out.

          My comment is about his assertation that the double blast is impossible to cause more damage.

          Just saying. This is close to calling a troll alert on that Guy

    • TooExpensiveToMatter

      The health effects of Sr are what they are.

      Health Effects of Strontium-90
      How can strontium-90 affect people's health?

      "Strontium-90 is chemically similar to calcium, and tends to deposit in bone and blood-forming tissue (bone marrow). Thus, strontium-90 is referred to as a "bone seeker." Internal exposure to Sr-90 is linked to bone cancer, cancer of the soft tissue near the bone, and leukemia."

      Risk of cancer increases with increased exposure to Sr-90. The risk depends on the concentration of Sr-90 in the environment, and on the exposure conditions." — from EPA

      Trying to minimize them by comparing them to something else is just ludicrous.

      Sure, I'm much more likely to die in a car accident than from Sr-90, but so what?

      You really gotta wonder about the people making these sorts of arguments because no one who has actually taken a microsecond to think could make them with any kind of sincerity.

      and the idea that there is "no additive effect" from a "double beta decay" is just dumb, particularly when the second decay happens soon after the first (Sr-90, halflife 28 yrs, decays to Y-90,which has a half life of just 64 hours)

      Of course there is an "additive effect" from a purely probabilistic standpoint. Two decays increase the probability of a negative impact on surrounding tissue over a single decay (other things being equal) and the overall impact may be worse than linear (simply additive)if second decay…

    • Nemo Me Impune Lacessit Stax

      GuySadois – that's a funny way to spell fercos,you obfuscator.

  • GuyGadois

    Thanks Angela,
    It's unclear what the point is. Presumably this could reduce damage by radiation from any cause.
    This seems to be a website where people have a quasi-religious view about the matter, and repeat everything that supports their position and ignore everything that doesn't.
    I want to encourage people to THINK. How much radiation is released? How does that compare with natural radiation. How much gets into the body? If so why?
    Maybe Chernobyl killed 4000 people and maybe it killed 1 million. So what has happened to life expectancy in that time in these countries?
    K40 is the lion's share of the natural radiation in the environment & most of the K40 is in the cell, close to the DNA. Radioisotopes in the hydroxylapatite like Sr90 (Nuclear reactor) or Ca48 (Natural) are mainly extracellular. C14 & H3 are both.
    Draw your own conclusion.
    learn a little bit of physics. try and understand the difference between alpha, beta and gamma rays, and understand what happens to the quarks during nuclear decay.
    If everyone began with an open mind and did this, we wouldn't have an argument

    • Angela_R

      sorry Guy, maybe I should have used an indicator for sarcasm when I mentioned ON1210.Na, not aimed at you, but at a system which has continued to be upbeat re health treatment.

      I actually did more chemistry, than physics.

    • TooExpensiveToMatter

      Perhaps you can explain how "understand[ing] what happens to the quarks during nuclear decay" is necessary or even relevant to understanding the health risks from radiation.

      "If everyone began with an open mind and did this, we wouldn't have an argument'

      Ever attended a scientific conference?

      No arguments there. Everyone sits around drinking coffee, eating donuts and agreeing on everything. 🙂

  • Mad_Scientists Mad_Scientists

    What’s so odd is how health physicists/nuclear physicists don’t seem to know the basic difference between the effects of Potassium-40 versus Strontium-90.

    Let’s let the U.S. EPA explain the difference between Potassium-40 versus Strontium-90.

    From the EPA:

    >> POTASSIUM-40

    “The human body is born with potassium-40 in its tissues and it is the most common radionuclide in human tissues and in food. We evolved in the presence of potassium-40 and our bodies have well-developed repair mechanisms to respond to its effects. The concentration of potassium-40 in the human body is constant and not affected by concentrations in the environment.”

    >> STRONTIUM-90

    “Strontium-90 is chemically similar to calcium, and tends to deposit in bone and blood-forming tissue (bone marrow). Thus, strontium-90 is referred to as a "bone seeker." Internal exposure to Sr-90 is linked to bone cancer, cancer of the soft tissue near the bone, and leukemia.
    Risk of cancer increases with increased exposure to Sr-90.”

  • Mad_Scientists Mad_Scientists

    This video beginning @ 6:00 gives a good visual of how they're dumping the radioactive water and where they're pumping it from:

  • documen